What’s the Poorest Town in the US?


They’re all Jews.



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5 responses to “What’s the Poorest Town in the US?

  1. Gay State Girl

    I can’t find the link but I believe you are referring to Kiryas Joel. I went to wedding there a few months ago. The men don’t work because they spend all day in Kolel, the women take care of the children, and the Bubbe’s and Zayde’s go out on the streets of Brooklyn and beg.

  2. heg

    The year is 1978 and this is how the jews invented the holohoax.

    “The Origins of Holocaustianity started by Jewish extremists and their Frank Collin hoax….”

  3. Dave M.

    I wish that I were born into their great and superior race and I really, really, wish that I were one of the town folk here! Good for them!

  4. heg

    The First Holocaust

    Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns
    with Holocaust Claims
    During and After World War One, 1914 to 1918. And guess what? SIX MILLION jews holohoaxed.

    Given all the facts only a village idiot can believe in the jews holohoax bullshit. The holohoax is nothing but jew bullshit.

    Documents from the jews own press:


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