Human-Bigfoot War, Oklahoma, 1855

Too weird.

The giants in the story appear to be Bigfoots.

Choctaw territory in Indian Territory was in SE Oklahoma, which is Ground Zero for Bigfoots in Oklahoma.

Interesting story. The Bigfoots (only referred to here as the giants) had been raiding human settlements in SE Oklahoma and Arkansas for some time, mostly stealing vegetables. They had also been stealing human children and apparently eating them. A Choctaw search party was organized, led by Joshua LeFlore.

This man actually existed. He was born in the Choctaw Nation in 1797 and died in Indian Territory in 1855. So apparently this story, if it is true, is from 1855. It must be later than 1838 because Indian Territory was only established in that year. It references Arkansas, and that state was let in in 1836. There was not yet a state of Oklahoma, not to come into being until 1907. So the story must have taken place from 1838-1907.

A hunting party tracks the Bigfoots down and finds a giant mound with the bodies of 19 human children the Bigfoots have been kidnapping and eating. The Bigfoots are covered in hair, and the bad smell of their shit and piss is everywhere. Most of the humans’ horses rear up and throw their riders, which is what horses do when they see Bigfoots.

The humans attack the Bigfoots, and LeFlore empties his revolver at one, but it’s useless. The Bigfoot kills LeFlore’s mount with a single blow and then tears off LeFlore’s head. The rest of the Indians open up with .50 caliber Sharp’s buffalo rifles (designed to drop a buffalo) on the beasts, from experience aiming at their heads, as this is the best way to kill them. Two Bigfoots drop. A Choctaw Indian hunts down LeFlore’s killer and finishes it off with a hunting knife. Then he decapitates it for good measure.

The Indians bury what’s left of the kids, then bury their leader, giving him a 21 gun salute. Then they make a bonfire and burn the Bigfoots on the fire. They ride home, heading for bad dreams, maybe lasting a lifetime.

Wild story! The giants certainly seem like Bigfoots. Many Indian tribes describe Bigfoots as highly aggressive, stealers of men, women, and even children. Young women were apparently taken for mates. Bigfoots would descend on Indian villages with whistles before raining rocks down on the Indians.

Many Western tribes describe areas of their territory that were totally off limits, and the Indians refused to go there, for these were the territories of the Bigfoots. These territories were full of game, but the Indians were so terrified that they avoided them like the plague. Why would Indians avoid a forage-rich area area due to creatures that don’t even exist?

Probably the Bigfoots were more aggressive against Indians because the Indians did not have good methods for killing them. Power comes from the barrel of a gun after all. Bigfoots are highly intelligent and appear to have a language. Our guns are very powerful, much more powerful than the Indians’ weapons. Bigfoots have probably learned to fear and respect us due to our weaponry, and that is why they are much more pacifistic than they were in the Indian era and even during the early era of White settlement of the West.

Most animals figure out who the apex predator is and leave it alone. In North America, humans are the apex predator par excellance. I would imagine that most animals figure this out at some point, or there is some race memory due to genetic selection. For instance, grizzly bears that are highly aggressive are rapidly killed by humans, and the surviving bears that pass on genes are the most passive and avoidant ones.

There is a precedent for stealing children. During times of famine in Africa, chimpanzees are known to raid human villages, steal human babies, and eat them.

Who knows if the story is true, but it sure is cool!

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104 responses to “Human-Bigfoot War, Oklahoma, 1855

  1. Amy

    Do Bigfoots ever typically engage in mound-building? There are earthen mounds throughout the eastern US–the oldest ones are older than the Amerindian peoples (up to 4,000 years old). The early colonists were under the impression some were built by another race altogether than the local natives. The “lost race myth” was supposedly dispelled when the remains inside the mounds were found to be identical to local Amerindian bones. Hmm. Sadly, most of the old mounds were plowed away by settlers.

    • There were “giants” found in some of those mounds, I believe. There would be one layer of giants, and then another layer of Indians.

    • Shawn O

      It wasn’t actually a mound in the original story, but was a mountain, albeit one of the smaller ones in that particular range. The Choctaws were armed with lesser rifles, also. They were part of a group called the Lighthorsemen, set up by the government after the Civil War to police the Indian Territory. They were not well supplied, but were allowed to keep any horses, weapons, etc. from fugitives that they caught or killed. They were also allowed to go outside of the territory to pursue criminals if necessary. Joshua LeFlore was the nephew of Mississippi Choctaw Chief Greenwood LeFlore. The event went down slightly different than this, but not enough to make a big difference.

      • Lewis L. Sparks

        The 50 caliber sharps carbine carried by the & Troopers who were part of the detail to train the lighthorsemen was under powered and short ranged. Sharps learned from the mistake thinning the chamber walls makes an inferior weapon. Capt. Johnson Joshua LaFlore was U’S’ Army assigned to train and lead the militia. He was killed on said date by unknown hostiles officially. The second Capt. Josh was born a few months later and went on to lead tribal police. Both are heroes of the Choctaw people.

        • Shawn Osteen

          There was no Sharps carbine in this. A simple reading of the history of Sharps and the Lighthorsemen is enough to determine that, as well as the fact that there is no mention of it in the original story at all. I have researched this back, forth, up, down, and inside out. LeFlore was not regular army, but was a genuine member of the Lighthorsemen. They were not militia, but were an Indian police force formed by the Treaty of Doak’s Stand in 1820. All of this is easily available knowledge for anyone who wants to find it. The funniest part of this is seeing all the experts on this story coming out of the woodwork when this article is based on a story a friend of mine wrote and posted on the internet several years ago. Yes, he is a Choctaw, but he made up the characters and circumstances. He knew of an old story that he very loosely based it on, and any resemblance to real names or places are purely coincidental. It certainly has generated some interesting conversation…

    • ShawnO

      The Amerindians were here much earlier than 4,000 years ago. There is tons of evidence for their occupation from 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Clovis culture, previously thought to be the oldest Native American culture here, has positively been dated at older than 10,000 ybp at various sites across the U.S. Newly discovered sites on the East coast have been dated as much as 29,000 ybp.

      • Those very early sites are not that good. We don’t have any good human remains from those sites. The earliest human remains are dated 14,300 YBP from a cave in coastal Oregon.

        • ShawnO

          They’re actually very good. I just finished a class at Oregon State this past fall on the peopling of North America as part of an Anthropology degree. The work on those East Coast sites was done by Professor Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and Professor Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter. They examined evidence from 6 locations along the East Coast of North America, including Virginia and Maryland.

          Among the items are several stone tools that appear to be of European origin. Previous discoveries have been dismissed, being aged at around 15,000 years old (still older than Clovis), but far after the Solutrean culture that archaeologists were suggesting the artifacts came from. However, these newly discovered artifacts as well as recently dated original finds, place the age of the artifacts at 19,000 to 26,000 years old. Also, chemical analysis on a European-style flint knife found in Virginia in 1971 showed that it was made from flint that originated in France, in the time frame mentioned above.

          Obviously, people made these 19-26,000 year old tools, and they were likely the Solutreans.


          Keys, D. (2012, February 28). New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America. Retrieved October 11, 2012, from The Independent:

        • Ok that is very nice, but I would still like some human remains of some sort to go along with those tools.

        • ShawnO

          Wouldn’t we all like some human remains to go along with those old artifacts? However, humans obviously made them, and they have been accurately dated. We know the strata they are in is the same age of most of the tools (the axe from France is an exception, of course). Archaeologists and anthropologists are satisfied with obvious human artifacts in lieu of human remains. I’m not sure how many Europeans actually came over before the North Atlantic Ice Sheet melted, and I wonder how long they survived here. Did they intermarry with the Asians who migrated here across the Bearing Land Mass? Did they get wiped out by predators the likes of which they had never seen in Europe? The possibilities are endless. All we know is that their ancestors lived in Spain and Southern France 20-30,000+ years ago.

        • Dave Wilkins

          I saw a program last year where remains of mammoths were being discovered in North America that were around 40,000 years old that had large round stones around them. The explanation was that they were killed by men throwing boulders on them. Have you come across any of that type of information when it comes to even earlier inhabitants of north america? Just curious.

      • I believe there’s a possibility of up to 50,000 years with multiple human families coming from both east and west including the almost extinct Caucasiod group the Kennewick man, Polynesians, and possibly Aboriginals.

        • Shawn O

          Kennewick man (so named because the remains were found in Kennewick, WA) was not Caucasian. Anthropologists have completed examinations of the remains, have released a 600+ page book on their findings. Basically, he came from a nomadic culture of the Pacific Rim and got to North America following the coast/ice while hunting seals. There is nothing Caucasian about his remains, just as there is nothing Native American about them (that’s how the anthropologists won their case against the gov’t & NAGPRA in order to examine the remains rather than surrender them to be buried). There is a great story about it on the Smithsonian’s site (and many other sites):

    • Some complexes survived and won’t appear on most maps as protection by local Governments.

  2. Amy

    Oh cool! I remember reading somewhere that some 19th century scholars thought there had been a “superior race” of moundbuilders who were later wiped out. I wonder if there are any intact mounds left that include “giants”?

    Lots of skunk ape/mudwamp stories among the SE Amerindians.

    • They were finding “giant” skeletons all through the 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. Some of them are in university collections and I know that 2-3 are in the BLM museum collection in Nevada.

      I think it’s time we looked at those skeletons.

  3. Amy

    Now see, it makes no sense to me that no one would be all over that already. Genome sequencing has gotten a lot less expensive.

    • Thing is, no one believes in Bigfoot, so the skeletons and skulls just sit there.

      This only makes sense if Bigfoot is Homo. Homo but not human. Bigfoot is in the human line. So we have been finding Bigfoot skeletons and skulls all along, but we just think that they are human remains. People used to shoot them and even capture them alive, but they just thought they were “wild men.” No one ever thought they were anything separate from us.

      This is the key to the whole Bigfoot mystery. There is no giant ape running around in the woods. There is another type of man!

      Bigfoot genome sequencing is going on as we speak. Previously, they did preliminary Bigfoot genetic work, and it all keeps coming back “human.” So they said it was all contaminated. The skeptics said they just had human hair, scat, etc. But the thing is, Bigfoot is a man. So of course he tests out “human.”

      Right now there is a huge project going on to sequence Bigfoot DNA for real. It is coming out that they are not human, but they are Homo. They are supposedly somewhere between us and Neandertal.

      This is the only way the Bigfoot story makes sense. The unknown ape running in the woods makes no sense. The “wild men” theory explains it all.

      • tom

        Bigfoot is a primate species, not human..

        • muleskynrman


        • Big G

          lots of human dna

        • bigfoot is of the human geno type not primate .several tests have been ,done,one on an oily face print that was left on the window of a mans pickup truck in the sierras.there were 4 men and they got so scared they left and came back in a few days to get the stuck pickup..on the way back in they encountered 4 trees in the road the last one was so big all the men could do was roll it out of the way not lift it.the sierras is the place to go if you want to get out in the field and find evidence but beware ..the bigfoot wars that went on in this area ,between them and the indians is legendary and the Bigfoot guard there territory very aggresivly..

        • ShawnO

          Mr. Hutchison,
          The “smear” residue from the Sanger Paranormal Group’s expedition did not yield any primate DNA (humans are primates), including humans. Dr. Sykes (the Sanger group sent the sample to him for analysis) only found the DNA from common animals, such as bear, wolf, coyote, etc. in the samples sent to him from North America. (Robert L., you may know some additional info in regard to the Sykes study samples; I only know what made the rounds on the usual blog and crypto-news sites.) This one was a bear. The expedition leader had a friend who was a police officer with experience in criminal forensics who identified the smear visually as a gorilla, or something similar. I have degrees in wildlife biology and anthropology, and have hunted all my life (including tracking and hunting bears with primitive archery equipment) and when I first saw the smears I immediately knew they were made by a bear, as was the footprint (which had also been stepped in by a boot, the treads of which were painfully obvious). A photo comparison was done with a similar smear from a polar bear on the window of a truck, with photos showing the polar bear actually making that smear, and the resulting mark was almost identical to the one on the window of the truck in the Sanger expedition.

        • Shawn O

          Humans are primates, therefore your comment is self-defeating

      • Inventor

        It has allready been proven by Dr Ketchum that Sasquatch is a hybrid species ( at least one) formed by human female progenitors and unknown male progenitors. If the male progenitor would have a setup of 46 chromosomes each matching the human corresponding chromosome in the basic gene setup, a hybrid could possibly be both viable and reproductive, even though the first generations may have a very low survival and reproductive rate, those that survive would show strong improvement for each generation that follows. This occurence would be possible also with a non homo progenitor, even a non ape, but probably not with a non primate one. As it happens, there are extant primates in the Americas ( in Colombia) that do have 46 chromosomes, and there may have been others. These present ones also happen to be nocturnal. Dr Sykes study was only looking at mt DNA and also did not take into account that Sasquatch hair is not bringing any DNA around. There is no DNA due to that the best part hairfollicle allways seems to be missing . This was a very limited study without appriciation for what have been learnt allready.

        • Hi Inventor, were you able to validate Ketchum’s study in any way? I understand you looked at her genetic results.

        • Inventor

          Hi Robert

          Well, I have no acces to the tools nowadays, so I can only validate what she has presented in her work. I have gone through those pages thorough enough many times over. Keeping to the actuall work,in my mind, the method and result sections are so totally stringent and relevant and no one have been capable to crack down on that part. Please note that even though the infamous Sharon Hill asked for Dr Sykes opinion on the ” Ketchum study”, he never said anything much about it. Especially, there is no one from the technology side ( not including silly juvenile post docs) that have said anyting bad about it. On the discussion sections, one have to appriciate that she is presenting a hypothesis as a way to try to explain what was found in those results.

          It is a big study by comparinson to many others deemed to prove a new species, but it is showing something much more significant, a species formed by severall hybridisation occurancies. I think this is the main issue here, and if Dr Ketchum would have been the least unserious, she would have tried to conceal or at least not speculate over this part of the findings.

          The Darwinian evolution theory does not include hybridisation events. I don’t know if Darwin himself ruled this out from his theory, but probably, this would have made it even harder to face for the society at that time.

        • Inventor

          Hello again Robert and others

          I will try to elaborate into the subject somewhat deeper without loosing you completely( if I have not lost you allready) . Everything anyone knows how to do and understand is easy for that person, and molecular biology is no different. I may have the benefit of having been the simple guy bringing the actual Tools, instruments and sometimes some methology

          Basically the tools for molecular biology includes different enzymes that will shop up or “glue” together DNA fragments at certain targeted places showing a certain code. Also small pretailored sequences of DNA, so called primers, That will fit on complementary targeted sections of the sample DNA. Some of these primers would be tagged to show fluorescens or whatever when the instrument wanst to see them. The primers used together with one other enzyme( DNA polymerase), some building materials and a thermocycler instrument, will then allow for multiplying the DNA starting with the targeted sequence a million times over. This way you would have a targeted starting material, but you can use severall primers and also choose your targeting based on the length of the primers- codes. This way you can decide wether to use a rifle or a shotgun when targeting.

          Well, using these tools above , you can shop up, decode. build together, amplify and so on. The newer types of instruments, methology and software allows for much faster processing and more specific targeting. Also there are other ways to amplfy.

          All this depend on that you can prepare the sample material, so that you will have in total at least a small number of copies of each part of the DNA from the sample. Preferably in as long fragments as possible. The quality will show if you amplify and then shop up the material with a certain set of shopping enzymes ( these enzymes originally come from bacteria fighting each other with shopping up the enemy DNA). These fragments you then transport from one end of a gelly to the other putting a
          dc voltage over it. If the fragment show up as very distinct bands in the gelly, you have achieved a very good quality without contamination.

          For human contamination, you can also check with Control samples from everyone involved with the sample of interrest and this way outrule the possibility of contamination from this source.

          If you would now read through the study (again?), you will find that the work is very thorough and stringent.

          One more interresting point is on the mitocondrial DNA, all samples was showing human mito DNA and from many different origins (different haplogroups). This proving a human maternal heritage from severall different Eves, But still, those different mt genomes have some mutational changes as compared to excisting human ones, indicating a split from sometime severall thousands of years back. So the argument that the mito DNA is proof of contamination, is complete bullshit!

  4. Dave M.

    ” They are supposedly somewhere between us and Neandertal.”-

    So this would indicate that interbreeding of sasquatch with humans would produce a viable off spring. Yuck!

    • Yes. I believe they are called Arabs.

    • tom

      impossible for humans and primates to produce offspring…

      • Big G

        however it is possible for anything in the genes homo to produce off spring.

      • Inventor

        The possibility of offspring between humans and certain other primates is not entirely out ruled, the neccesary circumstance would be at least that this primate would have 46 chromosomes. No extant Ape show a setup of 46 chromosomes, but there are other primates ( other than humans) that do, and there may also have been now extinct ones.

      • Humans ARE primates. I take it that you mean it is impossible for humans and living non-human primates to produce offspring (humans and Neanderthals, which are extinct near-human primates, produced offspring).

      • François Bousserez


    • Dad

      Truth be told, there is a story on the website Bigfoot Encounters about an actual capture and keeping of a female creature of this type in the 1880’s in the Caucus mountain area, Named Zana who bore children to her captor.

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  7. Justin

    I have the annoying feeling that we are going to be waiting and waiting for the results of the Erickson project … This outfit doesn’t have as strong a case as it envisioned is my guess – even through DNA Bigfoot is remaining elusive. But from what little can be gleaned strengthens my hunch all along that Bigfoot is a Homo Erectus subspecies.

    • I know quite a bit about this DNA stuff, but it doesn’t make any kind of sense. They’re coming back Homo sapiens! WTF?

      The best leak out of the Erickson Project I have heard so far is that BF is between Homo sapiens and Neandertal.

      I do not think it is Erectus, but I am not sure.

    • Shawn O

      Homo erectus is not a candidate for Sasquatch, as there is nothing we know of that they have in common other than a heavy brow ridge and low forehead. H. erectus did not have the sagittal crest (cone-head look) seen in BF, which incidentally is a common trait among non-human primates. Also, H. erectus averaged about 5’10” tall and about 150-180 lbs (, which is far short of the 7′-8′ tall 400-600 lbs range for BF.

  8. Some heidelbergs (Homo erectus) were giants over 7 feet tall. Neandertal was short and had a long head.
    Who knows? Bigfoot may just be a degenerate race of homo sapiens.

    • ShawnO

      Homo heidelbergensis is a a completely separate species than Homo erectus. There are two H. erectus sites in Europe, one in Georgia (which is technically on the borders of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe), and one in Spain, which is still somewhat “iffy”. The dates for these sites are both well over a million years old, with no further evidence for later existence of the species. H. heidelbergensis didn’t arise until over half a million years later. The latest info from skeletal reconstructions is that H. heidelbergensis males averaged 5’9″. Dr. Lee Burger of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa has discovered a small population of Hominins there that he considers H. heidelbergensis (mainly due to the age of the fossils) which, from calculations applied to the partial fossils he has obtained, he estimates were an average of 7+ feet tall. Even if his calculations are correct, this was an isolated population.

  9. enough research will show that the place where Joshua Le-Flore was killed is called Hontubby in English. in Choctaw it is pronounced Honto-ubi. it means looking for killers. the giants were big and hairy and stealing children. but they were WHITE. legend has it they were descendants from a race of degenerate Vikings. their presence in south-east Oklahoma dates back to the eleven-hundreds. check out the Heavener rune-stone state park in present-day Le-Flore county Oklahoma. this site is about thirty miles from where the battle took place.

    The Indian with the so-called inferior weapon was named me-ashen-ta-ubi it means “stands back and kills”. His weapon was a Model 1852 Sharps Rifle 0.52 caliber. he was the 1850s version of the Marine scout-sniper.

    Historically speaking, the giant humanoid “wild man” is traceable four to six thousand years back. If you study animal husbandry, you will find it is far more likely that these wild giants came from Men abusing females of another species such as Neanderthals rather then the other way around.

  10. Bill Batz

    these creatures still abduct , rape, and eat humans.Check all the missing persons in America’s National parks, The things are expert killers.

    • Midnight Owl

      I think being defenseless and completely vulnerable is not a prudent thing to do deep in the woods. I never go into these areas without some serious, but completely legal protection. This habit saved my life nearly two years ago when three feral Pit Bull dogs attacked me. There was no where to run, climb or hide. Without my large caliber handgun, I would have been nothing but their helpless chew toy….

    • The books are titled Missing: 411 by David Paulides.

    • Elaine

      Read this’Missing 411′ book, by David P. Very informational.
      Also, today, not all clans practice human cannibalism.
      Today, certain groups ARE interacting with the forest people…and they are regular people like you and I, not scientists.
      Our government knows the forest people exists, but will not confirm this for fear of panic….

  11. Midnight Owl

    A very interesting story with a number of logical comments. I have known for several years that the Forest People really do exist and they are masters at avoiding contact with us. They use cover and concealment to perfection, but the odds do catch up with them over time and several hundred credible witnesses will see them across the U.S. this year.

    Even after several close encounters, I don’t precisely know what they are, but they do possess a keen intellect and cognitive thinking. Something a dumb primate animal would not have. As far as being a threat, I have never felt in danger while they were close to me, but I do clearly sense they have the ability to be quite lethal if they so chose to. Not something I ever intend to aggravate for sure!

    Thank you for the interesting reading.

  12. bo Johnson

    I was camping june 2011 in the same area of Oklahoma where this indian/bigfoot battle took place and was almost killed by one of these beasts. This thing sneaked up on me from behind while I was setting in a lawn chair on a river bank . With seconds to spare,I jumped up and hit him with a beer bottle and flicked my flashlight on. When the light went on he ran away, but he didn’t run far. He ran up the creek bank and stopped in some dense growth. I threw several rocks back in the area and after not hearing any movement went back to the truck. About 5 minutes later this knocked down a large tree almost blocking our escape route. There are other details too numerous to mention about this incident, so I’ll try to make a long story short. I have went back to the area numerous times with an assault rifle looking for this bastard and discovered that there is not one, but actually a whole group and they are some nasty, evil MFs with intelligence. I was also followed by a ufo on 2 occasions while leaving the area and have concluded that these things are under the control of whoever is flying these craft. I have also discovered there are bigfoots bigger than what alot of people see. The one that tried to grab me was close to 20′ tall. I have concluded that these are genetically engineered soldiers that are under the control of someone from another world and all hell is gonna break loose someday. Once they build up a large enough population of these things an all out invasion of the earth will occurr and there’s no telling what we’re in for. I truly believe that they view us as a threat since we have nuclear weapons and now have the technology to travel in space and someday get to whatever planet(s) they live on. Our only hope is to put our faith in God and trust in him to protect us from what is on the horizon. Thanks for the website and the opportunity to share my encounters.

    • Nation

      That’s a interesting story man,we natives believe they’ve been here for centuries tho,I’ve seen one myself,& have info from a trusted source those ufos are a govt branch,

      • Bo Johnson and Nation are right i have been following stories for a long time now and these bigfoots do seem to coinside with ufo sightings in the area and our government knows exactly whats going on…

        • JiminAZ

          I correspond with a bigfoot researcher who, to my satisfaction, has addressed the ufo-bigfoot connection. He says that bigfoots are seriously intelligent and curious creature. He says that the presence of bigfoot around landed ufos is NOT that they’ve been landed by the objects. Rather, he says, the curious creatures gather around them.

    • Oh boy, someone’s off their meds. Uh-huh, yeah.

    • Shawn O

      What kind of beer was that you were drinking?….

      A good portion of the area where the story occurred is now submerged under the waters of Broken Bow Lake.

  13. BF,s are all tag,ed GTPS-44-M. delta find and tag them. sorry all but no cigar.

  14. check nepal, one is killing people, delta team is there looking.

  15. melody cline

    Liven in the Pacific NW, They are here, seen them since I was a kid. Heard them smelled them, and found many samples of foot prints, stool, hair, bending of trees and markers. Gov military knows they exsist, they have watched them on satilites since the 80’s with all the open land from logging Its not a big deal to me. I giggle when ppl say i dont believe in them. I had a pet cub bear when i was a kid so I wouldnt mistaken bear for BF. They are not Giants. For those mound builders? Those are very old. But I do know where 2 are and they are said to have 2 giants, the indians tried to keep them happy but they insisted to eat everything around and the locals were seeing that they couldnt keep their hunger feed. Plan to kill them as they slept after over feeding them with a big meal,, (thats how you kill a giant)

    Its all true, ppl just dont want to know, refuse to understand WE are on a borrowed planet! Giants now,, if you want to learn to fly hang gliders like i did,, you can go to Lookout Mountain GA,, go to Lookout Mountian Flight School and you will be taken out to the training field, 2 perfect mounds -one 60 feet and one 90 feet,, yes 2 giants graves, This came straight from the DOD so,, ppl get hip get wise,, and for god sake,,, BF were a slave race ETS left here by another race along time ago,, very long time ago,, humans are new kids on the block and think they own everything,, WE dont!!

    How many can say ,,I have learned to fly ON — Giants graves! it dont get better than that and it rocks,, so does flying anything with wings.

    ps dont tell anyone at the flight park,, i will see BIG trouble!–flyfastgirl^!^

    Reply about the militray maken Giants in to a DNA stripped warrior,, you better believe that too, its going down. Doesnt make me happy but its the reality we face!

    • aceofaustin

      I was in basic training at fort benning ga sand hill I do remember mounds in the woods I would go on day hikes to explore during basic training I found several areas on the base, one that stood out was on a live fire range I called it kings hill (king of the hill kids game) because there was a firing post at the top it was a perfect mound with stairs to the pill box on top

  16. Mr.E2ME

    this thread just gets better and better…

  17. My business is a dealer in Antique Weapons of the 1800’s. I am very skeptical of this story. During the year this story took place, Sharps made a model 1852 or 1853 carbines with a few rifles in 52 caliber. Those were state of the art weapons and it is doubtful such weapons would have been sold or given to Indians at that time frame. Also their weapons fired paper cartridges, which would be very difficult to supply to Indians or anyone else on the frontier during this period of time. During the 1850’s, Settlers going west sought out muzzle loading US M-1841 Rifles, (Mississippi Rifle) or other such muzzle loading rifles due to the fact powder, lead and caps could be easily obtained. These guns were surplus sold by the US Military. The paper cartridges need for a Sharps were only being supplied to the US Military. The prime buffalo hunting years did not start until after the Civil War, 1870-1879. The Sharps rifle that was famous during the Buffalo Hunting years is the Model 1874.

    Someone would not confuse a Sharps in the 1850’s with other weapons, because Sharps were breech loading and almost all other guns available in the year 1855 were muzzleloading. Also during the entire 1800’s trade guns being sold to natives were obsolete weapons. The US military did not want to be responsible for arming Indians to attack settlers.

    What I have stated above is fact, but from some of the comments, like the fellow who says Bigfoots are 20 feet tall and controlled by UFO’s. It seems this forum is not to big on wanting facts.

    • Shawn O

      Yep, that goes along with my post, which states that they were poorly armed. People always try to dress things up and make them appear more glamorous and “Hollywoodized” than they really are. The Choctaws, who were the Indians who went after the creatures, were part of the Lighthorsemen, which was a police/militia created under the Treaty of Doakes Stand in 1820. They were the law in the Indian Territory, and during the Civil War, they were given the charge of watching over the families of Confederate soldiers who had left to fight (many Choctaws fought alongside white Confederates too, as they supported state’s rights and the right of succession). At the Doak’s Stand treaty, the government agreed to budget $600/year to fund the Lighthorsemen. You can’t buy too many new, top of the line Sharps rifles when you have to spread that money over an entire militia. They did have the right to take weapons, horses, boots, etc. from any criminals or fugitives that they killed or captured. Most of the Lighthorsemen were armed with old muzzleloaders, shotguns, spears, bows, and tomahawks.

  18. Greg White

    Cool… shades of Stephen King’s Wolves of The Calla.

    Think about it: even if you believe the Patterson Gimlin footage depicts a sasquatch (and I might), no one can deny that there’s an awfully human aspect to the creature’s bearing. The story above dovetails nicely with the kind of being seen in that piece of evidence. The “beast” might look simian, but moves and acts (the very human get-the-hell-off-my-lawn-and-leave-me-alone looks over the shoulder) in a very human fashion, despite its compliant gait. With that in mind, it stands to reason that it would be capable of the crimes, behaviours and battles that modern man is. Having said that, I certainly appreciate the literary and mythological value here.

    Thing is… the anecdotes and reports that keep the left foot of this hopeful skeptic in the “believe territory” are the ones that recount a weird and unexpected fluidity and speed on the creature’s part. I recently watched an oral report, by way of Team Tazer, from Maine and the witnesses presented an incident that genuinely felt outside of what we see on beef jerky commercials and the being they saw isn’t one you would expect to happily co-pilot your spaceship.

    In short, stories old and new that bring to mind a lumbering giant just don’t feel right at a gut level, whether the creatures are benign or malevolent, while those that depict a skittish beast bearing a multi-generational case of PTSD, thanks to the efficient cruelty of human hands, does.

    Having said all of the above, keep the awesome stories and reportage coming, Robert!

  19. I find it a very interesting story, the comments interest me more!
    If people really want to know the true history of this world, they need to read the History of Urantia in the Urantia book, which can be found in full online…….it is even more interesting than this story or any bigfoot story, it will answer many questions for many people!

    In the first place, the Red Race came to North America 78,000 years ago across the Bering Straights….

    Humans did evolve from animals, but the story is not exactly as you learn in schools…….lol

    Andon and Fonta were the first two humans, they were twins, they were born in what is now known as Afghanistan….very interesting huh! NOT Africa!

    The colored races of man all came from one family in India 500,000 years ago, called the Sangit family, there were 15 children, representing the colored races of man…..Red,Yellow,Blue,Orange,Green and Indigo……..the Orange and the Green had “giants” in their race, some 9 ft tall or more, they ARE the Moundbuilders! and they are extinct with traces of their lines living in the African races of current times……..

    The pure line of the Red Race is the North American Red Man…….Chinese are the Yellow and the White Race is the remnants of the Blue Race, the Indigo Race is the Black Race………

    Now…….as for Bigfoot…….if you read about the history of the Dawn animals you just might find some answers to your questions”)

    Oh and Adam and Eve are real also, they are the Violet Race, they came here 38,000 years ago from our Systems Capitol Jerusem they were 8 ft tall, blond hair and blue eyes (all colored eyes come from them) The North American Red Man and some Africans……….have NO Adamic blood……now doesn’t that just open up a whole new can of worms……….lol……….let me know:)

    • Doctor Jeffery McDonald

      While you have some of the basic story, there are some glaring errors. Andon and Fonta were, of course, both male by gender, Under the Pa Pino dictate, Fonta took to adorning himself as a female, and even took many female mannerisms. The scroll images of Andon having sexual intercourse with Fonta are true to the extent that such sexual congress did take place, but the details off this misguided coupling were simply ignored.

      It is this tradition that the bigfoot, or forest creatures, emulate now. In their cultural passdown, they have associated the act as one of pleasure to humans. The reports of Smith, Shea and Hoeyboer all substantiate that during the act of intercourse with humans, the male bigfoot is known to grunt the syllabic guttural word Fonta at the moment of climax.

      The Sangit, or more precisely, the Gupta Sangit, were indeed a foster race. The spectra of the rainbow being found in their familial structures, this has led to the adaptation of the Rainbow Flag, or the Banner of Fonta. Many of the bigfoot, when observing this flag, become sexually aroused and seek immediate sexual gratification either with a human or through independent means. The so-called “wood knock” sounds are made during an act of self pleasure using either a stout tree bough or even a rock. This action is well documented in the video captured by Doctor Lucius Guardian in 1994, with audio, of the surly beast he called Bulli.

      Lastly, the Sangit use of the vimana should not be excluded from your description. The vimana employed by the Black Race was designated as Kurish Shivapanti, or a travel vehicle for the forest people, These vimana were of inferior design, particularly the “long blue sky wagon” of the Uplands, that was reportedly marked with the mysterious lettering OUCH.

      Thank You.

  20. Contemporaneously with the birth of these Primates twins, another couple — a peculiarly retarded male and female of the mid-mammal tribe, a couple that were both mentally and physically inferior — also gave birth to twins. These twins, one male and one female, were indifferent to conquest; they were concerned only with obtaining food and, since they would not eat flesh, soon lost all interest in seeking prey. These retarded twins became the founders of the modern simian tribes. Their descendants sought the warmer southern regions with their mild climates and an abundance of tropical fruits, where they have continued much as of that day except for those branches which mated with the earlier types of gibbons and apes and have greatly deteriorated in consequence.

    (706.3) 62:3.12 And so it may be readily seen that man and the ape are related only in that they sprang from the mid-mammals, a tribe in which there occurred the contemporaneous birth and subsequent segregation of two pairs of twins: the inferior pair destined to produce the modern types of monkey, baboon, chimpanzee, and gorilla; the superior pair destined to continue the line of ascent which evolved into man himself.

  21. Dad

    Just would like to say, I once read a story about another war fought between sasquatch and humans. What website it came from I can’t remember, maybe you can find it. As the story goes when the first white settlers went in to what is known as Corpus Cristie Texas the native americans would not venture there because this also was the most fertile and rich part of land in the area. The bigfoot had it and the settlers wanted it so therefore there was a war there also. Only because of the superior weaponry did the settlers prevail. I believe this was in the 1830’s, not quite sure.

  22. Kennith

    In 1983 a Friend of mine was chased by a bigfoot just north of Red Oak. I was fall night and it paced , played with him for a mile before entering ayard light lit area. Would not have believed but I know the guy and he told me first hand. He was not the same after the encounter , he would not go camping , hunt or go into woods by himself for nothing ever after.







    • Mr Heath

      You’re the only one on the right track, check out a book called “Us and Them” a new theory of human evolution based on the concept of Neandertal sexual predation of humans and cannibalism. It took us thousands of years to out-evolve them. We are essentially their prey, they are the ultimate hunters., and we have been living with this for tens of thousands of years. These stories are in every culture, the frieze on the Parthenon in Athens depicts early greek hunters’ war with the Centaurs, half man half beasts that had kidnapped their women, the birth of western civilization was only possible after their extermination. If we knew what was good for us we would eliminate them as a species.

    • prioris

      As I recall, an investigation of those missing near the highway concluded it was a serial killer who they identified and arrested. They found evidence linking him to many of those missing. Bigfoots will have a spectrum of personalities. They are just like humans.

  24. Robert, Good stuff. Long road to go, international.
    Yours, Bill

  25. didyousee

    Bigfoot is actually the offspring of fallen angels and human women.

  26. They are the remnants of the Giants of antiquity!!!! Nothing more ..nothing less Period!!!!!

  27. Pingback: Woman reports Bigfoot sighting in Saybrook Township

  28. Angel

    I believe that it is bigfoot in the story above. None of my friends believe in bigfoor, but I do.
    – Angel

  29. mickey

    This sound very Mormonish….but could be true. Reading the dead sea scrolls, Genesis, and Book of Jasher document fallen angles mixing with the daughters of men creating an offspring of Giants. I found parts of the Book of Mormon clearly indicate a wars between the Lamanites, Jaradites, and Nephites and references ” men of large stature” and “mighty men”

  30. Lots of great stuff here. I live for more information on Bigfoot in north America. I saw some sort of hairy primate in Vietnam that was close up and almost shot it until I realized it wasn’t carrying a weapon and was only interested in walking away from me. It was only about 5 1/2 foot tall though.

  31. Those are the rock apes. Why don’t you tell us more about this encounter, where it happened, when, etc?

  32. There is a difference between giants and bigfoot you know, in native american mythology. They arn’t the same thing. So for you to jump to the conclusion that because they were talking about giants that it must mean that it was bigfoot is a pretty big assumption.
    Even in Eskimo mythology we know the difference between giants and bigfoot, the hairy man and the giants or tunnit.
    Giants were more associated with eating humans then the bigfoot.

  33. Robert,
    I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of David Paulides and his “Missing 411” books about people going missing under very strange circumstances in America’s parks. I’ve often wondered of at least some of those were Bigfoot kidnapping. Thoughts?

    • I have two of his books and I have read a lot of both of those books, and I am still not sure what to think about all of that.

      • Yea. It is some very weird, crazy shit. Hard to figure out. Much as the reports of BF being seen near UFOs. I once asked my cousin, who was very high up in the biggest intelligence service in the U.S. (I don’t like typing the 3 letters) about the whole “ET” question. He stated and I quote; “the universe is a thousand times stranger than you can ever imagine”. I concur.

  34. Ariel

    I’m very curious & believe a lot of things similar to this

  35. Jm8

    “There is a precedent for stealing children. During times of famine in Africa, chimpanzees are known to raid human villages, steal human babies and eat them.”

    The same has been said about the orang pendek of south east Asia (possible relict Homo Floresiensis); that they stole and ate babies. I wonder why Sasquatches didn’t steal and eat adults(or if they did), since the strength between Adult sasquatch and adult human would not be too much less than Adult sasquatch-human child. (Even chimps/bononos are much stonger than humans.). Perhaps the average (Indian) human adult’s weapon proficiency was more risk than it was worth (for most satquatches).

  36. Donald Hill

    Total bullshit. The sasquatche do existe. But they have no reason to eat human babies. They hunt wildlife such as deer and bear. Unfortunately, they are (the males) not very gentalmenly. They do abduct and rape women. Oh well, maybe the women like such a brute, 1000 lbs and a huge cock

  37. dennis mickelson

    Having seen something 10 ft. tall or more moving at the speed of superman just before take off covered with long red hair like something from prehistoric times and yes looking powerful enough to rip your head off, changed my mind about being in the wrong place at the right time.Watch your girlfrieind! Whistling sounds?yea, unexplained rock placements,yea glowing eyes at night,skunk smell and even being approached from behind to turn and nothing there.Just do not want to end up dinner for some hungry squatch!Am trying to show respect.Yea, you can live here to,I don,t mind.Just don’t be trying to blow my mind.Cannabilism,why not? we eat other creatures.Do we need protection? Yes, I do believe we do.Be it from a different source? I believe so.

  38. Footman

    A few facts missing here. La Flores and his men were Indian constables who were well obliged to bring and end to the child kidnappings. They were not merely a hunting party. A posse is more accurate. The ineffectual revolver fire from La Flores himself due to his Colt Paterson revolver. The 36 caliber was never meant to be an adequate weapon against large beasts whatever they may be. But this did not end his fight he gave good account of himself with his sword. A second bigfoot flanked him and took off his head. The Choctaw that avenged his death his brother it is said, ran down a wounded bigfoot and removed its head with his bowie knife. With a war whoop he held its severed head aloft. Must have been a rare sight to behold. Brave men probably as well armed as an nearby white settler i think.

  39. I really believe this story …you can’t make this stuff up and I would love to see someone make a movie of this historic event yes it’s terrible but it shouldn’t be forgotten either and the only other movie besides the black and white one about the abonimal snowman which was entertaining is a movie that I’m proud to own and have in my collection is called EXISTS and I have seen some movies that are just plain bad but EXISTS was actually done pretty well so give it a chance and check it out but I would love to see this event brought to the big screen.

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