Do Apes Eat Meat?

Not really. Chimps do, but chimps are the closest of all of the apes to humans.

The Hominid line is often to thought to be Homo only. Not so. Hominids include chimps (2 species), gorillas (2 species) and orangutans. Beyond  that, they’re all a bunch of monkeys, including gibbons, who straddle the monkey-ape line. Which apes are closest to humans? Chimps. After that, gorillas. Then possibly orangutans.

However, none of these are in the Homo line. The Homo line at present includes only humans, and I would argue Bigfoots, yetis, etc.

All non-human apes are basically vegetarians. Chimps are mostly vegetarian, but they will eat meat once in a while. Gorillas are completely vegetarian. So are orangutans.

An interesting thing is the occipital ridge. That is the coned head on the top of a gorilla’s head. The occipital and nuccal ridge develops in order to support very strong jaw muscles. It’s not easy to eat plants all day long. You need strong jaw muscles. Try eating trees and bushes all day and you will see what I mean. Gorillas chomp plants all day, so the occipital ridge of coned head developed to support very strong jaw muscles.

2.4 million years ago, humans split from other apes and lost the occipital crest. This made it harder to eat plants all day and required better foraging skills. At this time, humans or Homo started eating a lot more meat and a lot less plants. The occipital ridge was lost because believe it or not, it’s easier to eat meat than it is to eat plants all day. The loss of the occipital ridge created increased space for brain development, as the occipital ridge takes up space where the brain should be with pure bone.

Humans were required to become better hunters, that it, to eat meat. In return, they lost their occipital crest, could not chomp bushes all day so well, and in return, gained brain size. Trade-off.

Some Homo continued to have a pronounced occipital crest, especially the Homo Erectus from Java, which has many folks wondering if it is even Homo or if it instead a “missing link” between Homo and the non-Homo hominids.

It’s not so easy to eat raw meat, hence, Homo developed fire. But leave that for another post.

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12 responses to “Do Apes Eat Meat?

  1. tulio

    Apes are mostly vegetarians I think because they are not naturally well-suited to hunting prey. They will eat easy to catch insects like ants and such. I think it comes down to primates not being particularly swift runners. Man only eats more meat because we are able to devise tools that allow us to catch it. If we took all technology away, even primitive technology like spears and traps, we’d hardly ever eat meat because we’d have a hell of a time catching it.

  2. Equalist

    Meat eating and hunting gave impetus to exploitation of men by women. The long development of human child, mother tied and father hunting far away led to evolution of control mechanisms to keep the man coming back and provide useful goods and services to his woman or women. And only women who were able to control men survived, and their babies.
    (Women control men with touching emotions, sex, babies and “Indians v. Indians” technique ie using men against men; before, she pointed her finger at a villager, now she calls police.)

  3. Fred Cline

    What would be the evolutionary-adaptive cause of a plant-eating creature losing the occipital ridge?

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  5. tyrone

    what a bunch of crap you wrote there. some facts, some things you just pulled out of your ass. worthless nonsense. fruit must be really hard for you to chew, right? no. actually not.

  6. Late to add this, but there is good evidence that gorillas probably do eat meat and there are videos of orangs eating meat.

  7. Sonjia Brown

    Chimpanzees eat meat, I saw a programme once where they killed another weaker chimp and ate it, Deep Throat I think it was called! ; )

  8. Teresa

    This is not technically true, there are not documentaries that have followed great apes for extended periods and find that they will eat many insects (pounds of them). Chimps and Orangutans both have been videotaped killinf and eating other apes. and gorillas, chimps and orangs have all be taped eating birds eggs. They have also proven that in captivity, where it is easier for them to trap and kill, they will eat meat.

  9. Johnny Lynn

    Just watching 2001 A Space Odyssey. Kubrick got it wrong.

  10. Jason Y

    Well, of course they do, silly. :lol: African Americans eat chitlins all the time.

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