Beware of HBD

A mixed race person in the comments has an opinion on HBD:

I’ve become more receptive to the HBD position lately. The idea of innate racial differences certainly troubles me in some respects, but it’s intriguing to think that ancestral origins affect your personality and behavior in a fundamental way.

I agree that with him that HBD is interesting intellectually, but let’s not fool ourselves about this stuff.

The whole problem with HBD is that 95% of the people involved in it are on the Right, typically the extremely hard Right. In a word, they are reactionaries. Left or liberal HBD types nearly do not even exist. As HBD grows, all it does is feed the Right. Sure, there is truth in it, but it’s a disaster for us on the Left, because everyone that gets into HBD is on the Right, and HBD seems to drive the Right forward. So there is nothing in HBD for those of us on the Left. It may as well not even exist.

Those on the Right are using HBD to play into their reactionary agenda. The purpose it to shout that niggers ain’t got no brains, and the reason niggers act like niggers is due to their genes. Therefore, niggers are hopeless, and all social spending on them, including trying to educate them, it utterly useless.

Since HBD “proves” that niggers are no good, worthless, stupid and evil, and nothing can change that, there are only a few sensible things that follow from that: Whites need to be separated from the niggers. And since it’s proven that niggers are biologically inferior workers, the only thing it’s reasonable to do is to legalize discrimination against these proven inferiors.

Most HBD is directed at Blacks, and the whole movement bristles with contempt for them.

To some extent, Hispanics and other Browns – the beaners – are tossed in with the niggers.

Even if HBD true, there’s nothing in it for Blacks. In fact, it’s one of the most Black-hostile movements out there. It’s possible to have a liberal or Left take on HBD, but people, especially White Americans, are not rational or mature enough to do that, so as belief in HBD grows, it will only feed the Right and raise the possibility of increased racism towards Blacks, possibly even de jure racism.

The big lie is that HBD proponents are only interested in the truth and only interested in uncovering uncomfortable scientific facts. But that’s a great, big, huge, gigantic lie.

All, or almost all, of these HBD punks have an agenda, and it’s an ugly one. They are almost all using HBD to drive their reactionary rightwing agenda here in the US. Most of them are driven by extreme hatred of Blacks and to a lesser extent Browns and not by some dispassionate search for the truth. They are using HBD to try to slash or eliminate social spending in the US (after all, all social spending goes to niggers and beaners, and no Whites use these programs).

They are also using HBD to drive White nationalism and White separatism and lesser forms of that, like bringing back legalized discrimination against non-Whites, particularly Blacks.

HBD is frankly intellectual warfare against Blacks in particular and to a lesser extent Browns. Blacks and Browns ought to be extremely wary of this stuff.


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37 responses to “Beware of HBD

  1. “Intellectual warfare.”

    You nailed it man.

    I think I’d rather be hated by a 250-pound beer-guzzling, pick-up-driving, Confederate flag-waving bubba than some socially-deprived STEM geek quant.

  2. Aaron

    I agree with everything Robert says (with the normative evaluation reversed), except for one place where I think he’s wrong: “It’s possible to have a liberal or Left take on HBD, but people, especially White Americans are not rational or mature enough to do that….” If in the future there will be overwhelmingly convincing scientific evidence of the hereditarian position, which is quite possible, then the liberals and leftists will have no choice but to develop a leftist take on HBD, and they will do so. William Saletan started moving in that direction a couple years ago with an article in Slate.

    On this issue, science and ideology are secondary to group interests (though of course group interests are partly defined by ideology). Pro-white people will continue to embrace HBD as they do now, and anti-white people (including many whites) will come up with reasons why the biology either is irrelevant or is an even stronger reason for stronger racial and gender preferences. I think Robert is underestimating how easily ideology can be adapted to new facts in order to serve group interests.

  3. E. Henry Thripshaw

    There is no historical contradiction between leftism and HBD-ism. Lots of left-wingers, from Marx to Margaret Sanger and plenty of folks in between, were HBD-aware (even though they didn’t use that term). Trying to whitewash this with the claim that they were “people of their time,” or whatever, is understandable but doesn’t change the fact that these beliefs went hand in hand with their general progressivism.

  4. LaFleur

    Good points from Aaron and E. Henry.

    HBD is frankly intellectual warfare against Blacks in particular and to a lesser extent Browns.

    True, just as whiteness studies is intellectual warfare against white people.

    As an aside, I bet the Tiger Mom believes in HBD.

    If in the future there will be overwhelmingly convincing scientific evidence of the hereditarian position, which is quite possible, then the liberals and leftists will have no choice but to develop a leftist take on HBD, and they will do so.

    I agree. Even today one hears the argument that the inability to create something as efficiently destructive as the nuclear bomb or the military-industrial complex is itself a sign of innate goodness.

    I think the jury is still out on HBD, but I laugh at people like Abagond and Tim Wise who claim to have debunked it. The fact that the “disparate impact” crowd is focused more on gaslighting whitey with “white privilege” propaganda than with teaching black and brown kids tells me they at least suspect that their “equity of results” dream is bullshit. Blank-slatism is unnecessary for socialism but does serve the purposes of neoliberal SWPL whiteys and vengeful CRT cranks.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is perfectly compatible with the hereditarian position. One’s IQ is not the measure of one’s dignity as a human being. Unfortunately, as Robert states above, the HBD crowd appears to consider IQ the principle measure of human worth.

    Pro-white people will continue to embrace HBD as they do now

    As BAG has mentioned, hereditarians often don’t give a rat’s ass about white people, particularly ones with IQs below 115 or so. It takes more than the IQ outliers to make a community. That’s my main issue with HBD enthusiasts: they tend to be Libertarian, me-first-fuck-you assholes slavering over the opportunity to justify exploitation of others.

    Additionally, Lynn’s national IQ estimates look far from conclusive to me. Many are taken from small sample sizes, or as in the case of Iran, simply estimated. Yet hereditarians cite his numbers like they’re immutable truth. Also, I believe Robert has written about data manipulation and other shenanigans by hereditarians.

    There’s a lot of psyops bullshit on both sides of this debate, and working class white people have no reason to trust the extremists on either side.

    • LaFleur

      Nope. Too busy.

      • Gay State Girl

        “Unfortunately, as Robert states above, the HBD crowd appears to consider IQ the principle measure of human worth.”

        HBD implies that only a certain set of skills can be favorable to another. In pre-industrial times, physical strength was considered more valuable than intelligence.

  5. gc

    You know what will cause the entire West to snap out of HBD denial? China will start producing citizens who have an average 250 IQ compared to the 100 IQ of the West. How? They’ve massively invested in genomics; over 90% of their scientists believe in eugenics; and they’re willing to abort “defective” fetuses.

    The scientific and technological differences this will produce will be so vast that the difference between Europe and unknown tribes in the Amazonian interior will become insignificant by comparison.

    The price to pay for this ignorance for so many years is that many Westerners will be so fearful of this palpable dominance that they will beg for the most insane form of fascism ever witnessed in order to close the gap.

  6. i hear what you’re saying, but by simply marginalizing HBD as a tool for a right-wing agenda and dismissing it defensively, as opposed to de-legitimizing it intellectually, it doesn’t allow people like myself (a “visible minority”, non-ideologue) from participating in it with good conscience. by encouraging its adoption on the left, or for non-partisans, it effectively defuses it as a purely right-wing interest.

    • Wade in MO

      ” it doesn’t allow people like myself (a “visible minority”, non-ideologue) from participating in it with good conscience”

      What kind of “visible minority” are you? From your avatar I’d guess either a megabush or a spicracker.

      • i don’t know what either of those *are*, but i have far-removed indian genetics, if that makes sense.

        • Wade in MO

          megabush = middle easterner
          spicracker -> spic + cracker = white hispanic

          I guess India is still in the “big-bush-sphere”, but maybe not. As I understand, it is not in the “well-hung-sphere” like the arabs, so maybe it differs here too.

          How far removed? I can’t see it from your avatar picture. I was under the impression that even the lightest northern indians still had olive skin whereas you have very light skin.

  7. nazbol

    Even liberal SWPL whites start becoming visibly nervous and uncomfortable around large numbers of Negroes. Taht’s why they choose to live in lily-white, posh suburbs.

  8. wade in mo,

    my skin doesn’t photograph very dark (i saturated my avatar picture a bit to make it “darker”). to my knowledge, i’m entirely indian, but removed several times from the continent (i likely haven’t had blood relations on the sub-continent for 100+ years). there is a high likelihood of some european mixing in the shuffle, but it hasn’t been confirmed or denied, so i just act under the assumption i’m 100% indian genetically. people often inquire about my ethnicity. often european genes overwhelm indian ones when mixing occurs, so it would explain certain aspects of my appearance. (i used to post pictures of myself on an older blog, and it was sometimes hard to discern that i was a minority. again, partially because of the fact that my skin photographs lighter than it is.) my hair however, is naturally “black”, like it tends to be with any ethnic minority.

  9. Matt

    I was talking to my gym buddy who is a real, live evolutionary biologist and he says that biodiversity as a technical term makes no sense when referring to intraspecies dynamics, as in, say, the human species. I told him about “human biodiversity,” and he agreed that the term is probably just a way to claim the cachet(?) of science.

    In my view that doesn’t make them wrong–certainly not on every detail–but it does make me suspicious of their motives and epistemology.

    • Aaron

      I think Sailer’s decision in the 1990s to call his mailing list the “human biodiversity” (HBD) list was an ironic takeoff on the biodiversity fashion (rain forests, etc.) popular back then. The idea was that all these people celebrating the importance of genetic variation between species wouldn’t even acknowledge the importance of genetic variation between human populations. Since then the HBD label has come to be used non-ironically as kind of a synonym for race realism.

      The HBD list was (is) a closed, invitation-only list that includes respected scientists like anthropologist and population geneticist Harry Harpending, a member of the National Academy of Sciences. So I doubt that the name was “just a way to claim the cachet(?) of science.”

  10. Gay State Girl

    How do you feel about Genetic Modification? People will be able to design their babies.

      • Amy

        I suppose I like the idea of, say, choosing not to pass on a peanut allergy or the gene for Parkinson’s Disease, but I’m also imagining a generation of babies who all have whatever facial features are in fashion that year.

        • Gay State Girl

          Lindsay, I’ll appeal to you on a level you can relate to. This would increase class division because only rich people will be able to afford to rid their children of genetic diseases and possibly modify other aspects of their genetic makeup.

  11. obzer

    Typical Jewish habit, viewing all science through the lens of politics. I support HBD because I believe it to be the objective truth, based on research and my own experiences. If it is linked to my political stances its because those stances are derived from the objective scientific truth, not the other way around.

    You’re just another lying Jew who wants to prevent the truth from being known to the gentiles.

  12. Maciano

    I have to disagree somewhat Robert, at first HBD moved my to the right, but later on, it made me rethink. If people are sometimes born with a lack of talents, that would actually be an argument for welfare/social security and a guaranteed minimum wage.

    De facto it already works this way if you talk 101 with social workers. No matter how progressive or lefty they are, deep down they will always admit that homeless people will rarely reintegrate into society or that people with personality disorders can really be cured. In fact, they care about these people’s fates because nobody else does and these people can’t do it for themselves.

    There’s room for leftism in HBD, it just has to be harvested.

    • Maciano

      To elaborate: HBD is not just about race. It could very well be about all sorts of inborn differences that exist in humans within and between races, i.e. differences per individual.

  13. Not sure if this HBD exactly, but Left yes:

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