Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage

One of the greatest Bigfoot videos ever, but few have heard of it. Here it is. Even if you don’t believe in Bigfoot, the footage is still amazing, and you ought to check it out. Shot in the Marble Mountains Wilderness in Trinity County of Northern California. The video incorrectly gives the location as the Central Sierras. Not the case.

The video was shot in the July, 2000. A Christian high school group called Campus Life organized a hike into the wilderness with 15 handicapped kids.

The kids were very quick to spot the Bigfoot on the ridge 1/2 mile away.

The group is hiking around and they come upon this extremely strange structure built of branches. The branches are large and have been broken in half by something very strong, not with a saw. The inside has matted down mass, excellent for sleeping or retiring. There are claw marks on surrounding trees. They crawl inside the shelter and are able to make it in.

I have seen videos of many of these structures and I am sure that they are made by Bigfoots. These are the “nests” that the Bigfoots make to hole up in during the day. Gorillas and chimps also make nests. Bigfoot nests have been discovered and reported on many occasions in the past 200 years in North America. Claw marks on trees are also often found in Bigfoot areas.

Nearby, there is what looks like a fireplace, but no one has ever made a fire there. These rock structures or piles of rocks are frequently reported in Bigfoot area. Their meaning is unknown.

At some point, one of the boys notices something on a ridge a full 1/2 mile away. They get out the video camera and start videotaping it. It is extremely tall and is not shaped like a man at all. It does not walk like a man, nor does it stand like one. It sways its hips in a strange way, and its method of locomotion is wrong for a man. The range of motion of its hips appears to be outside the human range.

It has a strange curved humpbacked structure about its upper back. It walks very fast, and goes down a 3 foot drop from a rock like it was nothing. Its body seems much too wide to be a man, and its arms are too long to be human arms. The position of its head on its shoulders is unlike that of a man – compare the Bigfoot’s head and shoulders to that of the man at 9:24 in the video.The shoulders appear to be about 4 feet wide – this is far outside the human range.

It appears to have cupped hands, and it may be possible to make out a coned head. It walks with both legs bent – its legs do not straighten out as it walks like a human’s do. This so-called “compliant gate” is almost or nearly impossible to fake. He also walks “like a tightrope walker” – this is called the “inline step,” and it is also difficult if not impossible to fake. Measurements have been made of the figure in the film – its chest is 56″ and its waist is 54″. Sure walks awfully fast and eloquently for an obese guy, eh?

Here is good background on the Christian group leader of disabled kids who shot the film – he could not possibly have hoaxed this video.

The Bigfoot comes down to point nearer to the humans and seems to be very angry. It seems to shake its fist at them. It moves back and forth in a very agitated way. It puts its hand to its head as if it was thinking. Then it puts both hands to its head in an expression of apparent anguish. Various emotions are revealed, including possibly despair, anguish, regret, disappointment and frustration.

The Bigfoot apparently noticed, at 1/2 mile away, that the humans had discovered its nest and it moved down the ridge and engaged in various displays of threat and anguish in response to their discovery.

The Bigfoot is very large. Measurements taken later show it is higher than an 8’3″ branch. That means it could well be 9-10 feet tall. I feel this is a male Bigfoot because of the elegant way its body looks. Male and female Bigfoots have distinctive appearances.

The group went back up to the ridge later to look for footprints, but there were none due to the rocky nature of the terrain.

Naysayers have used some software technique to imply that the “Bigfoot” is hoaxed and was wearing clothing. Others have said that the height measurement was incorrect and instead the Bigfoot was taller than a man. I am familiar with the Campus Life Christian group. They are as straight as can be. Campus Life hoaxed this video, on a hike with disabled kids to boot? They built the stick structure too? How did they do that? Those sticks broken by something strong and were not sawed. It would take a long time to build a fake nest like that. Forget it.

I do not believe this figure is wearing clothing. I do not believe it is as tall as a man – just look at the video and tell me that. It could very well have been 9-10 feet tall.


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32 responses to “Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage

  1. Amy

    Not all autistic people think in pictures. Some are good at math and seeing patterns. My son (more autistic than an aspie but still “high functioning”) memorizes lists of facts and is a verbal thinker (he began to read and write before age 2). He asks LOTS of questions–this week’s included: Which countries allow gay marriage and which don’t? Do cats have lymph nodes? Can children get cancer? How old were you when Atari games came out? What’s bigger, a blue whale or the world’s biggest pipe organ?
    He found this video fascinating (he’s now 8 years old). He kept remarking that the Bigfoot had a “hair growth disorder” (referring to hair on its body).

  2. The disabled Christian hoaxers now?

    I don’t believe it. The guy ran the local Campus Life group. He didn’t care anything about Bigfoot and I think he gave the footage away. Even after the footage became well known, he still didn’t care anything about Bigfoot.

    Bigfoots have sharp fingernails on their hands. We often find claw marks on trees where they are.

    The story is the videographer went off for a hike on his own after they set up camp, found the weird site, went back and got the kids, then started filming.

    • There is always the possibility this is a prank by an unrelated 3rd party. What better group to pull such a thing on than this?

      I’m curious why the towering bigfoot creatures are so timid. Evolutionarily, wouldn’t their physiology make them a bit more aggressive?

      • They seem to have evolved by hiding. Hiding from humans, to the extreme. Not sure why. Maybe we used to kill them a lot.

      • Yeah, I’m sure they wouldn’t be the first reclusive but physically powerful species. I still find it difficult to believe there has never been a human casualty of Bigfoot aggression however. I suppose the same could be said of wolves. Mythologically, wolves are vicious, dangerous beasts, yet as far as I know, they’ve never attacked a human.

        Has Bigfoot ever been implicated in livestock slaughter?

        • Don V

          Actually there have been several supposed attacks by these creatures on humans and most of them have been reported as bear attacks to cover them up. Although most bear attacks don’t involve people having their heads torn off and thrown 40 yds. Or finding victims with their heads turned completely backwards. (This is a normal way they kill their prey)

    • Gabe Garrison

      Robert, None of the people in the video except Dustin “I say we bag him” could be considered retarded or even slow. I know these people personally.

  3. In your favor, there are a lot of people who say this is a hoax. I don’t believe them.

    The Campus Life guy and his retarded kids built that shelter? How? With their hands? How did they break all those bows? It would take a long time to build that shelter and how would you break those bows?

    • He didn’t start talking about Bigfoot before one turned up.

      Many or most of the good videos that are coming out these days are from people who are going out with cameras looking for Bigfoot.

      Patterson et al were running around the NW with a camera looking for Bigfoot for a long time. They were following sightings. There had been many sightings in the Bluff Creek area before they went there, so that is why they chose that spot. The P-G film is unimpeachable. It would have been impossible for P-G to fake that film and the many footprints that were photographed and cast in the next days. The footprints were examined by 3rd parties too.

    • Bigfoot is not a monkey. Bigfoot is a man, a human. That’s the problem. That’s why he always looks like a guy in a monkey suit. That’s why his hair and scat comes back as human or resembling human. That’s why the initial DNA testing is coming human or near-human. I think that’s why skeletons and skulls have just been reburied or sent to universities and tucked away. I think his skull and skeleton looks pretty human too.

      Bigfoot is a man, in the Homo line.

    • Let’s think about this. The Christian guy and his retarded kids created that fake shelter? How the Hell could they do that?

      I don’t regard it as a hoax because the videographer had no interest in Bigfoot before or after the tape. He didn’t sell it to my knowledge. Researchers found out about it years later through a 3rd party who mentioned it. Then they contacted the videographer who gave the footage to the BFRO. Even then, he had no interest in Bigfoot or the footage. People talked to him about it later and he acted like he didn’t care. He was only into the kids. That’s what he was all about. He died recently.

      No one has come forward and said this was a hoax. Hoaxers typically come forward and admit it over time in our experience.

    • The place is a wilderness area. Explain to me how mechanical means are going to break those branches like that, or even more strange, how the videographer and the retarded kids are going to break the branches.

    • The videographer just died of cancer. Many people came to his funeral. He seems to have been of high moral caliber and there were no moral complaints or arrests in his history.

  4. In the realm of non-mythical, un-contacted people usually stay that way because they are very aggressive.. like the Sentinelese:

    Bigfoots are not people. They are hominids. Big difference. Gorillas and orangutans hide to the max. Recently in Africa a huge population of 125,000 gorillas were just discovered. They didn’t even find any of the gorillas. They just found nests and estimated population size from that. They are that hard to find. In Sumatra, a new population of orangutans were just found. It’s size is estimated at 1,000. It was previously unknown to man.

  5. There have reportedly been a number of people killed by Bigfoots. And injured. The Bigfooters don’t like to talk about that. Keep in mind that 50 different Indian tribes had Bigfoot stories and they all pretty much line up very well. The Indians often said that Bigfoots sometimes kill people.

    The most recent case I can think was in the Owens Valley in the 1970’s. A Bigfoot came into a BLM campground, overturned trash containers and killed several people. A hunter who got into the area was detained for hours and questioned. The whole area was sealed off by authorities and no one was allowed in. Looks like another coverup, but I wonder what they told the relatives of the dead. A woman hit a Bigfoot with her car back East and was killed recently. The Bigfoot also died. Once again, authorities sealed off the area and apparently got rid of the Bigfoot.

    We have a number of historical cases of humans being killed by Bigfoots. One famous one is the Bauman Case. Teddy Roosevelt wrote about it in a book.

    Yes Bigfoots kill livestock. Mostly chickens but sometimes pigs. In other parts of the world, they are said to kill sheep. I don’t know about killing cows.

    • Here are 29 different tribes in the West that all had Bigfoot stories. To the Indians, if you asked them in the early days, Bigfoot was just another animal in the woods. Or a special tribe of Indians. Bigfoots were not in the category of mythology. They were just animals or other Indians who lived in the woods.

  6. The initial DNA testing which reveals human or near human has not been published. It has come from investigations of the Orang Pendek Bigfoot in Sumatra, which will probably be discovered soon, and from investigations of the Pangoche Hand Yeti hand in Nepal. Both came back “near human but not human.” The results have not been published in peer review, correct.

    Bigfoot hair cannot be analyzed for DNA because it lacks a root or medulla. We have a huge amount of Bigfoot hair. Bigfoot feces have been analyzed, and always come back “human.” They cannot be analyzed for DNA unless they are steaming fresh.

    There is an effort underway to sequence Bigfoot DNA. They have Bigfoot hair, tissue, blood and bone (femur). The project just got funding and has been underway for some time now. They plan to publish in a peer reviewed journal, correct. Preliminary results indicate that Bigfoot is in the human line, he is Homo. Bigfoot is said to be partway between humans and Neanderthals.

    It ill be a problem publishing in peer reviewed journals. Meldrum has submitted many times to journals but he is usually rejected outright, on the grounds that Bigfoot does not exist and therefore is not a subject of science. So this is going to be a real problem.

    • Look up Meldrum. He has a hard time getting his stuff published. Granted it’s not hardcore evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, but still his still is still rejected all the time on the grounds that the thing does not exist.

      Bigfoot skulls and skeletons surely exist in government museums and university collections. A Bigfoot skull was found in CA in 1965 and turned in to the university of California. They said it was “human” and threw it in with their human collection.

      The skull of a 1/4 Bigfoot (human-Bigfoot crossbreed) has been dug up in Abkhazia. The result was that it was “human” although certain measurements were outside of the known human range. His name was Kwit and his grandma, Zana, was a Bigfoot. After all, Bigfoots can and do breed with humans.

    • Remember Homo Florensis? How they kept saying that they were humans with genetic abnormalities? That’s because the skulls look so human. Same thing is going on with Bigfoot.

    • Your premise is that Bigfoot exists but there is a conspiracy afoot (haha!) to keep its existence under wraps. You laid out your arguments in another post. I’m not convinced. I don’t believe the confirmation of a hominid “Bigfoot” species would really have a major effect on the cultural psyche which is pretty numb to begin with in this day and age.

      • I know, I have a hard time with conspiracies too. But we have testimony from government officials such as Fish and Wildlife and the US military that the government thinks these things exist but doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet for some reason.

        Now why that is I have no idea. Like I said, I have a hard time with conspiracies too, but it does look like a government conspiracy to cover up Bigfoot. Why? I have no idea. I don’t understand government coverups. But there also seems to a be government coverup about the UFO’s. Why is that?

  7. haha. mermaids are part of folklore too.. do you believe in those?

    The Indians all just said it was real. Keep in mind, over 50 different tribes described this animal, with details of its ecology down to a T, and the descriptions across tribes and languages all line up perfectly. In the old days, all Indians believed it was just another animal in the woods and many had seen them or otherwise had experiences with them.

    It makes no sense that all of these different tribes, all speaking different languages and not really talking to each other, would all decide that this animal exists in the woods and would all describe its ecology to a T, with all accounts matching up. Makes no sense. Using Occam’s Razor, the best account of the evidence is that Bigfoot exists.

  8. There are a few suspicious things about this video, but then many things also in its favour.

    The compliant/inline gate of the creature, the huge height when compared to a BFRO investigator, the broken bows all testify to its authenticity.

    To the person who said that Christians already believe in myths and fantasy, I would say it must have been a Darwinist you were talking to who goes to church for Christmas and Easter. The myth of the mass gaps being crossed in the periodic table, abiogenesis, Big Dud theory etc are all fantastic fairy tales that the brothers Grim would be proud of.

    Sasquatch/Yeti/Yeren/Yowie/Skunk ape etc are not thought to be near-human by any serious researcher. They display all the behaviour of the great apes bar bi-pedalism – nest building, wood-knocking, stone-throwing, branch-pulling. These are animals, unusual and extremely secretive, but animals none the less.

  9. spencer

    ok for all you out there who think bigfoot does not exist, heres the thing there is enough eveidence to support the existance of bigfoot, but not enough to prove it. and i will support this by saying have you ever seen a dodo bird not likely but you know they exist right? but why you never saw one what some guy drew on a piece of paper of what they think the dodo bird would have looked like. oh but wait there are fossils. ok so its a couple bones is that a dodo or just some other bird. can you prove that a dodo bird is a dodo bird no we just say it is cause that what “science” said it is. but really some guy found a fossil and said duh im going to call this a dodo bird. so really im saying the only reason you think a dodo big exists is because some guy said it did. oh but big foot looks like a man so it must be a man. ignorance. have you ever seen a chimp walk on two legs looks pretty simular to a human. ok now the height? you can’t change trees you can make them shorter buy loping the top off but it you take it off the bottom it falls over. “oh well its just a guys on stilts”have you ever seen a pair of stilts with a joint built into them,?not likely. so with those to facts you can come up with,probable bigfoot existence. but the truth is all the morons i this world and yes im calling all you people morons,who are ignorant enough in there own supperiority as humans that nothing could possibly resemble an human well the me tell you something humans are the the supperior being on this earth we are a virus a plague if you will we go from place to place consume every natural resource and when thats gone we move to the next place name one creature on this planet that does that,i got one locusts, pests do a better job a conserveing natural resources then humans. wow i just said that get as mad at me as you want call me what ever you want a loser a hippie ive heard it all you will not offend me by anything you say so bring it on. but let me leave you with this i dare anyone of you reading this. for one week go out into the woods with nothing but the skin god gave you and survive. thats right go into the woods in your birthday suit no cell phone that you “cant live without” no starbucks omg the world going to end without starbucks and no food and no tools what so ever not even a pocket knife and then see how powerful you are. if you belive that you are the most powerful superior thing that walks this earth i dare you to prove that bigfoot is not real beyond a doubt. go ahead try i bet money that you cant there too much evidence supporting the this creaturs does exist. and the only reason there are doubts is because someone decided they wanted to be greedy and try to be famous by hoaxing other into beliveing he found for those of you who wish to make fn of me call me names so you can feel better as a person i thank you for you opinions of me and leave you with this prove to me that the dodo bird existed beyond a shadow of a doubt until then the dodo bird is just as real as you think big foot is.

  10. Gabe Garrison

    I knew Jim for 14 years, he would never have put together a hoax like this. It just was not feasible. Just listen to the video, you can tell by the commentary that it was all spontaneous. Jim was just joking about the form being bigfoot. It was later that people started going “Hmm, that figure is kind of tall and those arms are pretty long” If anyone has any questions I can answer most of them. Some of the people in the film are long time friends of mine. I also live very close to this area.


  11. You_are_ignorant

    So…You sir, (referring to the ignorant excuse for a human named Robert Lindsay), are a completely disrespectful man toward those with a chosen faith and children and people with disabled children. You are the sorriest excuse for a man I have seen. You are resorting to using such words that are actually immoral and just downright wrong. Now going to the topic of Campus Life. Their local community and it being a Christian youth group is amazing because it gives an outlet to those without any and those who seek help or guidance in some way or another are able to get them. Their group staff and leaders are respectful, extremely nice, and embrace anyone and everyone no matter the circumstances. You being so disrespectful to one of the leaders for having disabled children shows that not only are you a horrible person, but are also a small minded, slow witted, egocentric human with a Napoleonic complex and feels that he is a “bigger” person because he is correct in his own mind. For my final note, I don’t care if you are “right” about something, the use of such disrespectful and demeaning language against others is wrong and unneeded.
    Someone who really wishes you would open your mind and actually SEE what the world is like today and not live in you fantasy world where such language is “respected”.
    You are a prick.

  12. J. R. Smith

    I think that something is eating at some of us. If Bigfoot is up on the ridge in the Marble Mountain video then getting upset about it won’t matter. If that is not a bigfoot then getting upset about it won’t matter. Name calling over a video. Doesn’t matter. If we established that Bigfoot is real soon then they have a right to exsist don’t they. If they have killed humans in the past they aren’t alone. Humans kill just about everything including each other. If knowledge of the reality of Bigfoot makes you wan’t to live in harmony on this planet with them then I have respect for you. Because if they are real we have already been sharing the plannet with them. Why would this not be ok? I say it is. If you are upset by the possibility they are real then I just say you are not alone. Many would say to not stress. I say you are what and who you are and I understand. You have a right to your feelings. No one who cares for life wants to distroy it. But things happen. That’s the world we live in. Live your life.

  13. Neal Endacott

    It is obviously a hoax. A good one and very entertaining. I am sure the kids probably had nothing to do with it. The adults did it to entertain the kids. I remember my father doing all kinds of silly stuff to entertain me and other kids when we went camping. It does not mean he was not a person of high moral character. He probably never intended for anyone to take it seriously. How could anyone seriously consider it as the real thing?

    • I am quite sure that this is real. It has to be. Plus I have communicated with kids who knew the man who led the boys on the outing. He died just recently, about 15-20 years after this video was shot. He always maintained that it was real, and I believe him. Further, there is no way that that is a man up on top of that ridge.

    • No Neal it was not a Hoax. The whole video is real and unplanned. I was in Jim’s Youth Group for years and considered him a second father as did many, many young people who’s lives he’s steered in the right direction. As far as an explanation of the figure in the video; your guess is as good as mine. Man? maybe, but the dimensions are WAY off to be human in my opinion… Some very rare North American Ape type creature? Why not? After this video, it is plausible in my mind for sure.

      Gabe Garrison

  14. Justin

    Anyone who doesn’t think this is real doesn’t understand human anatomy.

  15. Very good video was able to tell a lot about it hats off to the person who took this video. The only thing I didn’t like about it was he used Matt Moneymakers name in the video cause he is a fake ass bitch and a joke.

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