Why Do White Americans Hate Workers and Unions?

Tulio says that in the 1950’s Whites were only progressive on taxation policy. Well, possibly. But we also had Social Security and welfare, correct? There were no movements to get rid of SS and welfare to my knowledge. There was no screaming and ranting and sheer seething hatred of “Big Government.” 1950’s Whites liked the government. My mother has told me so.

We also had an extremely vibrant union and labor movement in the 1950’s. Now US Whites are insane. It seems like they hate White workers, and they hate labor unions. All over the world, most workers support other workers and labor unions. What’s wrong with working class and middle class Whites? Why do they hate workers (themselves) and unions so much, unlike any other workers on Earth as best as I can tell?

White workers are the only workers on Earth who hate their own class and people and hate unions.

What’s it all about?


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65 responses to “Why Do White Americans Hate Workers and Unions?

  1. there are a host of labour laws that exist today that didn’t exist 50 years ago that call into question the purpose of certain unions. those who tend to love unions love the intrinsic protectionism more than caring about quality of work environment and workers rights. in toronto at least, unions hold the city hostage at their caprice and because of the canadian zeal for public over private programs there is no choice for the larger public and the city always caves into union demands even if they are completely unreasonable.

    we’ve had numerous sanitation worker strikes, ferry worker strikes (there was literally no way to get on to the island), and worst of all ttc (public transit) strikes over the past several years. it’s tiresome, and they are guaranteed the most job safety and relatively high incomes versus those in the average field. resultantly, the quality of these services have gone down with no incentive to sustain themselves.

    again, labour laws tend to do a good job all on their own. at least in canada, and in new zealand – which is a whole other example.

    • sorry, i just realized the post made repeated mention to ‘U.S.’ whites. i have no idea what american labour laws are like, but presumably horrible.

  2. Matt

    Part of the problem is that somehow workers–esp. organized workers–have been framed as a “special interest group” when in fact they are us. So when the typical white, right wing American damns unions, he doesn’t realize he is helping to saw off the limb he is sitting on. Somehow, at the same time, the average American lemming has become convinced that the stock market–in reality the province of the criminal owner class–represents “us,” and rejoices when stocks go up because some corporate cutthroats throw American workers into the street.

  3. Wade in MO

    White americans are extremely confused in some areas. I realized this a few months ago when I was driving and saw a guy in a pickup truck with a McCain bumper sticker on one side of his back window and one that said “Proud to be Union” on the other side.

    • This was probably a young White guy, right? I see this mindset all the time, except around here, there’s no such thing as “proud to be union.” Everyone around here hates unions. Sometimes I ask workers in stores if they are in a union, and they get a look of terror on their face and say no and try to change the subject real fast.

      • Wade in MO

        “Sometimes I ask workers in stores if they are in a union, and they get a look of terror on their face and say no and try to change the subject real fast.”

        Well, if there is an anti-union climate and the boss here’s his workers talking about unions, theat could mean bad things for them.

    • Cyrus

      I see this all the time, everyday.

      I know some religious Jewish folks who are die-hard Bush style Republicans. They were recently “shocked” by all the anti-abortion legislation the Republicans are putting forth across the board at the state level?

      I mean, what the fuck?

      • Gay State Girl

        Most of the ultra Orthodox jews don’t care about the social conservative issues. You’ll never see Orthos protesting abortion or same sex marriage. If they do care they don’t show it because they have bigger fish to fry. They have a lot of children and just don’t have the time.

        • Wade in MO

          “They have a lot of children and just don’t have the time.”

          Too bad Sarah Palin doesn’t have the same problem. I guess she doesn’t spend time with her children. Maybe that’s why they’re always getting knocked up.

        • Cyrus

          I figured as much. I think these folks vote with one thing in mind only, and that is the interest of Israel. Hence, their shock at other aspects of American conservatism that might affect their lives.

          Sort of like certain Middle Easterners/Muslims I know, who are die-hard Republicans, for one reason or another. One day the get a taste of the underlying foundation of racism form the right, and they actually act shocked…

  4. may i pose a general question in regards to the prevalence of unions and what american labour laws are like? in canada, if you work in a certain industry it is mandatory to join a union. moreover, public over private industry plays a large role. does america have similar policies in regards to mandatory union-joining?

    • Cyrus

      Simple answer. No. This is not enforced by the government as law. Certainly not at the federal level.

      Some older unions still in existence at older companies, such as sections within Boeing for example, require certain hires to join a union. Same with some states and state agencies. This is not something involving the government, and usually an old deal between the union and management.

      That is fading fast here in the U.S.

    • Cyrus

      I might add, that is why Canada is civilized, and the U.S is not. You guys actually care about your own people.

      • Thanks for the clarification. But, as I mentioned, Canada’s fondness for public programs, decent labour laws AND iron-clad union culture has generally had an adverse affect on quality of services. A few protections are sufficient, not the whole trifecta.

        • Wade in MO

          I think they should get rid of the decent labor laws and replace them with new ones based on labor laws from the Antebellum South.
          Slavery FTW!!!

        • Cyrus

          Is it, though? Look at the U.S, and see what the alternative looks like…

  5. Cyrus

    Simple. The average American is dumber than dogshit, and indeed very proud of that fact.

    • Wade in MO

      I second that. The last place my dad worked actually voted out their union. The plant was closed soon after and only 2 of the guys in the whole plant (managers) got jobs other places. Idiots.

      • Wade in MO

        I meant other places within the company.

      • Cyrus

        Not the first time I’ve heard that.

        Take about self-inflicted rape.

      • David Ellis

        As though the union could have prevented the company going out of business. In fact, they were probably the reason.

        • Wade in MO

          I didn’t go out of business. They just closed the plant and fired everyone. The company is still in operation and not doing bad from what I understand.

        • Cyrus

          I might add Wade, that the company is also not paying taxes, I’d bet. Outsource American jobs, increase the profit, don’t pay a dime to the government.

  6. Wade in MO

    “There was no screaming and ranting and sheer seething hatred of “Big Government.” 1950′s Whites liked the government. My mother has told me so.”

    It is an irony that the president who presided for most of the 1950s was a republican and presided over a massive “Big Government” project: the creation of the interstate highway system.

    In reality Eisenhower was a far leftist and this was his version of the Nazi liberal Autobahn.

    Eisenhower also didn’t like the military-industrial complex.

    • nazbol

      That was hilarious. American conservatards have got to be one of the most retarded, pathetic political species in the world. PC racial egalitarians are also high up on the “shit-for-brains” scale.

  7. jack

    Jewish sex slave kingpin and Kazak Oligarch Alexander Mashkevich wants to create a 24 pro Zionist news channel because apparently western and especially US media is not pro Zionist enough.

    “Alexander Mashkevich, an Israeli tycoon from Central Asia, announced his intention to launch by 2012 an around-the-clock world satellite news channel offering a Zionist take on current events. He plans to submit his project to President Shimon Peres in the near future.

    He hit the headlines in September 2010 when he was arrested along with other personalities while partying on the Savarona, the yacht that formerly belonged to Kemal Atatürk. Alexander Mashkevich is suspected by the Turkish police of being part of an international women trafficking ring, headed by Taufik “David” Arif. He is believed to have hosted and ensconced in his hotels young Russia and Ukrainian girls who were bought and imported by Arif.
    Mr. Mashkevich paid 300 000 dollars to rent the yacht for 9 days for the fun and games of his customers. During the raid, the girls that were freed by the police were between 13 and 14 years of age.”


    Geez I wonder why despite being caught red handed he was never arrested and charged.

    Nothing to with the topic of the article of this post but it is so absurd and shows the extent of Jewish power I had to post it.

    Jews seem to dominate historically and contemporary the sex slave industry in Eastern Europe.

    In 2000 there was a multi-national Jewish snuff film ring uncovered in Italy which the police there would not touch were Jewish gangsters would rape and murder Russian children on camera and sell it to paedophiles and fellow Jews around the world.

    • Cyrus

      Not a pig fan of the Jews, eh?

      • johnUK


        They are essentially the white version of Muslims with there terrorism and organised crime, inbreeding, racism, slavery, paedophilia and supremacist that’s why the US is pro Muslim in its foreign policy so they can create a NWO.

        • Gay State Girl

          I would advise you to check your spelling before you post.

        • johnUK

          @Gay State Girl

          I write my comments in Word 2007 and use the spell checker first before posting comments.

          I thought I used the spell checker before posting my reply to Cyrus.

          Here are the corrections: their, organized, pedophilia and supremacism.

        • Gay State Girl

          “there terrorism” should read “their terrorism.” Be extra careful with homophones.

        • Cyrus


        • jack

          @Gay State Girl

          “there terrorism” should read “their terrorism.”

          Yes I listed that as one of my corrections.


          Like Jesus I am just spreading the truth.

          Pastor Jones spreading the truth but not the whole truth.

    • Gay State Girl

      That would be counterproductive at best. I’m just sick of hearing about Israel period. I cringe when I think hear about the lobby.

  8. David Ellis

    Public employee unions are unnecessary since those employees work for the government, and the government is only working for the common good.

    But seriously, if the voters vote for someone who wants to deal with the unsustainable public employee pensions, what goal do the unions have besides thwarting the voters’ will? It’s anti-democratic.

    And why do you think people think with the color of their skin, as collective masses? That, in itself, sounds like racist thinking to me.

    • Cyrus

      Public employee unions are unnecessary since those employees work for the government, and the government is only working for the common good.

      That doesn’t even make any sense. Talk about speaking in generalizations…

      • David Ellis

        It’s called irony. Don’t you believe the Gov’t is just there to help?

        In any case, the point of a union is to create monopoly power for the employees against their employer. The employer of public employees is (fanfare) the public. Hence, public employee unions are an institution to wrest power from the public and garner it for their employees. The public is their natural adversary.

        • Cyrus

          The point of a union is to protect the worker’s rights. Government workers are workers to, and no different in that regard.

          Your talking points sound like they were handed to you from the John Birch Society. Especially this bitter little line:

          Don’t you believe the Gov’t is just there to help?

          All you believe is that government exists to run a police state and bomb people overseas.

  9. Cyrus,

    Is it, though? Look at the U.S, and see what the alternative looks like…

    There is a median point. For example, having stringent labours laws (as New Zealand and Canada do), and allow unions in private industry not a monopolized public industry.

  10. heg

    All the unions was started by jews. The union is nothing but a jew scam. First the jews started the unions and got good cash. Next they made political demands. The unions are used by the jews to extort or even take over the company by jews. No jew company was or are boycotted by the unions. The unions are also the jews freemason for the (m)asses. All unions are nothing but jew run global mafia.

  11. David Ellis

    The reason some people (of whatever skin color) have a different take on Social Security now, is that everyone gets less out of it than they pay in, and we are in a condition now where we are running $100 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlements.

    • David, this is a socialist blog. No rightwing dogs are allowed to post here, or if they do, they need to keep their mouths shut. No advocacy of rightwing economics.

      No anti-union diatribes. No opposition to social spending. No advocating getting rid of the safety net. No referring to social spending as entitlements.

      You’re in violation and you’ve been warned. One more time and I ban you.

      • Cyrus

        It’s about time someone on the “left” took your stance. I am goddamn seek of hearing and seeing “their” point of view. Fuck them. They calls us traitors to are faces. They are the enemy, and I will never stop seeing them in that light. No middle ground.

        • Thx my friend. I am very angry at these people, to put it mildly. I don’t even want to talk to them anymore. I no longer speak to the rightwingers I know, and not too much to my rightwing relatives either. When I meet someone and find out they think this way, I try to cut it off with them. I’ve had it with these people.

          Now mind you, I allow my friends to have some rightwing stances. I have friends who oppose abortion, for instance. I know some who just hate immigrants, period, even legal ones. One can’t be too choosy.

        • *chic noir gives cyrus the terroist fist tap*

          Right on my man right on!

    • Cyrus

      we are in a condition now where we are running $100 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlements.

      Complete bullshit. $100 trillion dollars my ass. Sounds like we have a Rush Limbaugh fan in the house.

      Maybe if you morons would stop wasting all your money on stupid fucking wars and a global empire the puts out far more than it gets in, we might then have money for things like maintaining and building our infrastructure, healthcare for all, etc.

      The U.S is on the way down from it’s #1 spot this last half century, and it is solely because of traitorous assholes like David Ellis here.

      Clowns like this cheese dick were all for “outsourcing” since the mid-70’s. Funny…You really think America can continue to be a “superpower,” when nothing is made here? When every time an aircraft carrier battle group pulls out to sea, it does so on borrowed money?

  12. gc

    The main point of flooding the US with non-Caucasian immigrants was to break the back of the growing socialism of Americans. Stupid Jews and liberals pushed for it under different rationales (“Never again!” & “Racism is bad!”), but they are just the useful idiots of capitalists.

    The reason that socialism is so closely linked to homogeneous societies is that empathy extends to those whom people identify. Capitalists know that very well, and try to diversify and split up people as much as possible so that we remain atomized consumers. Their goal is to break all social bonds.

    Feminism, anti-racism, open borders, individualism, homosexuality, etc., etc., are all heavily financed by capitalists. You think they do it out of the goodness of their hearts?

    • Thx, this is an excellent comment. I wonder how true it is?

      • Cyrus

        I always found it ironic that for instance, all the cheap labor imported illegally from Mexico, outright benefited the backer’s of the, yet was passionately defended by the left.

    • Bay Area Guy

      The reason that socialism is so closely linked to homogeneous societies is that empathy extends to those whom people identify.


      I predict that was Europe becomes more racially diverse, it will move further and further to the right.

      Although as Robert pointed out, the BNP and other far rightists are more economically progressive than the far right here, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out over there.

    • Wade in MO

      Wasn’t “Bowling Alone” about this topic? I haven’t read it yeat but I should. I’ve thought something like this for a while.

    • If this is so, why hasn’t Europe always been socalist???

      • Wade in MO

        “If this is so, why hasn’t Europe always been socalist???”

        Because of the influence of da jooz. Da jooz were afraid America and Britain were going to turn Europe capitalist so they put Hitler into power because he was a socialist and Nazism is a left wing philosophy. Later on the Bolsheviks freed the East Germans from nazi jewish enslavement. Unfortunately western and southern germany were controlled the America, Britian, and France….who are all controlled by the jews too. The soviet union was controlled by da jooz to. WWII was just a psyops operation.

        The media is now covering up the fact that a secret cabal has overtaken the Israeli government and now Israel is controlled by the jews. The jews have subverted Israel by taking over the entertainment and banking industires and poisoning them in the interest of the jews.

        The reason yoiu haven’t heard anything is because Robert Lindsay is a jew.

        Heg is a jew too. And he’s black.
        Here’s a picture of Heg:

        Here is a picture of Gay State Girl:

        You’re probably a jew too.


    • Dota-Player

      Good comment, however here’s a curve ball: Feminists, gay rights activists, multiculturalists etc all claim allegiance to the left and even to Marxism. The Left even champions their causes. Its a classic Orwellian scenario where one can’t tell the pigs from the Humans.

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  14. Chris Schultz

    We’re worried about unions, yet what I see here is a resurgence of Naziism, or perhaps Jew-phobia. Forget race. It doesn’t matter. Those who focus on race are intent on creating divisions that divert attention from the real problem. It’s not the color of skin, it’s the color of money. The haves versus the have nots. America’s biggest advantage is its biggest weakness. People born in poverty can elevate themselves to the top of the financial foodchain. I know of a few of these people. They are rare, exceptional and they have compelling stories. Every one would like to be like these success stories. Alas, most of us won’t make it. But that desire and almost insane competitiveness drives workers apart as they plot and scheme for their own little nirvanas at the expense of their neighbors. it seems to hit white Americans hardest because from the beginning of this country, it was white Americans who benefited from the upward mobility. But I believe it afflicts ALL American workers to some extent. And if we’re all going to be rich, why associate with a bunch of Union losers who are planning to retire from their same old job 30 years down the road? No health insurance? No problem. In 10 years I’ll be a mulitimillionaire and buy my own damn doctor. Or so the thinking goes. With a national psychosis that runs so deep, I see no cure. The Republic is doomed to be torn apart by the growing wealth and power of the Haves and the increasingly frustrated ambitions of the Have Nots. What you’re seeing now in the U.S. is the end game, as the power elite consolidates its power through the Republican Party and subjugates the remaining 99.5 percent to their interpretation of democracy and the Constitution.
    The 1950s and early 1960s were an aberration created by World War II. Most of the old-line union members were former military men, hardened by the Depression and war, who were used to cooperating to get a job done regardless if they liked or even respected the man next to him. We are now returning to a political like that of the 1890-1910s, in which management is able to create artificial divisions in the labor movement and to separate middle class working folk from each other based on their race, their financial fortunes and whether they work in either the public or private sector. Perhaps the saddest thing I’ve seen is hardworking middle class construction workers, foundry workers, truck drivers and police and fire personnel in my home state of Wisconsin applaud while our right wing governor forces the state government and school districts to shed tens of thousands of middle class government jobs. They applaud while the power elite grows the ranks of the unemployed and powerless, and shrink their numbers to nearly nothing. Unbelievable. Anyone who thinks American style democracy can survive this kind of systemic onslaught it blind or insane.

  15. shawn

    I am not a fan of unions. Either private or public. Yes unions served a purpose 100 years ago but now its all about greed. They want wages that don’t fit the skill set and don’t get me started on productivity.

  16. Stevek

    Originally,(From sometime in the 1800’s to the early 70’s) a number of workers had a good work ethic, a good team spirit and often rather poor working conditions. The pay was sometimes poor and there was often little management concern with safety or number of work hours a week, as well as the impact on family time and sometimes little or no pension for many years of service. These were conditions that had to change and mostly did change. There are still quite a number of laws that protect the rights of workers and allow them to have unions-although there may be some occasional attempts by management to try to get around this. But on the whole they have to follow the law. I’d say a negative trend in the last 20-30 years is that there is frequently an attitude from workers that they want to drink up all the benefits gravy possible from the management while frequently having a poor ethic about work and do a mediocre job too-or sometimes a lousy job. Yes, we absolutely need to make more(or most?) stuff in this country and value workers, but the workers must ALWAYS value their performance as highly as they do pay and benefits. I agree that sometimes

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