Who Is Ruining America?

Wade writes:

Teenapers attack the U City/St. Louis Loop.Don’t worry Robert, I’m sure that they’re “progressive”….progressively ruining what is left of St. Louis.

At least they don’t support rightwing economics.

I can live with idiots like this. I can’t live with rightwing Whites, sorry. Rightwing Whites are orders of magnitude worse than the most niggerish ghetto Blacks around. At least ghetto Blacks can be avoided. Rightwing Whites can’t be avoided. They’re going to try to kill me and mine no matter where we move or live in this American shithole.

This is a common fallacy among Whites that Wade is displaying here:

Niggers are ruining America.

I spent some time over at Chimpout checking it out a while back. I spent a few days falling out of my chair at all the nigger jokes, and I actually like Black people. It’s just that funny, to make a non-racist nearly laugh himself to death for a few days running. But then the site started to bother me. Beneath the laughs there was a viciousness, a meanness, a savage hatred for Blacks. And that’s not really funny. It’s actually disturbing, and it made me wince while I read it.

Then I started reading more, to try to find out where these folks are coming from politically. After a few days it hit me: Their basic worldview is “niggers are ruining America.” I thought about that for a bit. Are Blacks really ruining America? It can’t possibly be true. No matter what trouble Blacks cause, and they cause tons of trouble, at 13% of the population they can’t possibly be wrecking the country. The notion that they are is preposterous, ridiculous, asinine.

Then I thought about American Renaissance. Same worldview: Niggers are ruining America, except they throw in illegals are ruining America, or, really beaners are ruining America, as a variation.

And that’s ridiculous too. Hispanics are definitely problematic, not nearly so troublesome as Blacks but still not such a good thing. And they’re increasing. But are they ruining the country? Is this place turning into Lima, Bogota, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Mexico City? Please.

These are the biggest lies on the face of the Earth.

Blacks, even ghetto Blacks, are not ruining America. They’ve been here for 300 years, and they haven’t wrecked the place yet. When are they going to start?

Nor are Hispanics ruining America. Even the illegals are not ruining America.

Who is ruining America?


White people are destroying America.

White people ruined the economy.

White people attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. Whites run up huge military spending. Whites created two corporatist political parties. Whites have been hollowing out the economy for 30 years running now. Whites have allowed our infrastructure to collapse. Whites have decimated state services in the US, an ongoing project. Whites have declared war on the environment for 30 years now. It’s Whites who hate women and have declared war on American women.

Whites deliberately ran up this huge deficit as an excuse to destroy the safety net and the state as a whole. It’s Whites who invented and implemented Reaganomics and Friedmanomics, the neoliberalism that is now smashing the US like a wrecking ball. It will be Whites that kill our elderly by destroying Social Security and Medicare.

See all those homeless on the streets of the US? Whites created them. In 1979, there were maybe 500 homeless in the US. By deliberately ending state subsidies for SRO housing, in a few years, there were 500,000 homeless in America.

Whites created global warming, and it’s Whites who defiantly won’t lift a single finger to stop it. Whatever damage done to the planet by global warming will be mostly the fault of Whites in the US.


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128 responses to “Who Is Ruining America?

  1. Hacienda

    White overstretch. Too much space relative to population. And a population which is shrinking. Too much reliance on force multipliers- automated answering services, drone killers, satellite spying, traffic cameras, see through technologies, robot soldiers, mutual funds, debt credit, credit agencies, nationwide (nay international) criminal databases, consumer behaviour tracking. Just the whole lousy life killing panoply of white dominance. It’s coming to an end. It why the US has a black President. Blacks don’t do this shit. Even better, they are incapable of doing this shit.

    • I really enjoyed this comment.

    • Wade in MO

      I agree with this post, except where you criticize criminal databases. I have to say I favor those, at least for those who commit more serious crimes.

      ” It why the US has a black President. Blacks don’t do this shit. Even better, they are incapable of doing this shit”

      And yet it has continued under his leadership, more often than not with his help. Robert seems to forget his anti-Obama rants of just a few months ago.

      • Hacienda

        “And yet it has continued under his leadership,”

        Hey. Another thing whites like is symbolism. Obama is a symbol of blackness. Didn’t say he’d actually do anything about white excesses.

        But he’s only the first. Black culture expresses itself on America like coffee. It occurs drip by drip. It’s inevitable, people like it, and it gets into the bloodstream. Like it or not.

        • Wade in MO

          “Hey. Another thing whites like is symbolism. Obama is a symbol of blackness. Didn’t say he’d actually do anything about white excesses”

          And yet you decided to bring him up. That’s your problem, not mine.

        • Hacienda

          “That’s your problem, not mine.”

          Not really. The world always contains it’s own solution. White demographics tends to be the best solution to what ails whitey. Black power or dead stop, is the converse or flip side coin to decreasing white numbers. Bi-polar in a ship to anchor kind of way. We know what the ship looks like, it’s the anchor that’s being created.

    • Wakeup America

      You are correct in the fact that if Blacks were in charge we would be hundreds of years behind in technology. Dominance would be determined by brute strength and cunning skill sets. Even if African Americans were given an entire country like the US with all of its resources, I doubt they would accomplish anything to close to what European Immigrants have in a mere 300 years. I hope that all you idiots that believe in equal rights know that once America collapses, all the white immigrants will go back to their country, while the confused and mixed races kill each other off. I don’t believe that races should have ever been mixed because I believe in survival of the fittest. Judge me, hate me, praise me, nothing will change the fact that the great empire of ROME (America) is coming to an end because of many factors such as pussy and sell out leaders. This country has become full of scared and no action type of people. Especially whites, I am ashamed that none of you stand up for what you believe in. We are watching our country burn to the ground and can’t do anything about it or speak out without someone pulling a race card.

    • Dave Mowers

      I got some bad news for you….
      Read ancient history because Caucasians have only gotten better since ancient times. We did a whole lotta killing to get our number down to where they are today; of our own people.

      “Whites” are genocidal and long before we go; earth will go down with us if history is a measure for the future of mankind.

  2. Shawn

    Robert you are trolling your own blog.

    • Who me?


      Fun isn’t it?

      Look at how pissed off all the Whites are getting LOL. All you guys think Whites are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Think again.

      • Leah

        Wheat bread is better for you anyway.

      • Ito

        The thing that really gets me is that the most anti-White people
        are White. Get some pride ! All of us other races have it. Yet
        here you are condemning and hating your ancestors. In my
        culture that is what a disrespectful ingrate with no honor does.

  3. Wade in MO

    Yet another ridiculous post.

    ” At least ghetto Blacks can be avoided”

    Maybe if you’re rich or you live in a small town in California.

    “They’ve been here for 300 years, and they haven’t wrecked the place yet. ”

    I’m not going to say that they’ve wrecked the whole country, but their actions in Detroit, North St. Louis, East St. Louis, Newark, Cleveland, etc definitely deserve attention. However, I notice that none of those places is in California. Other than Oakland, South Central Los Angeles (until recently), and a small bunch in Seattle, where are there large concentrations of such blacks. Unlike you, I’ve lived around large amounts of blacks my whole life. I wouldn’t say I hate them, but that doesn’t me I’m thrilled about them either. Many blacks are good. Some live on my street, but a much larger proportion of them do this kind of awful destructive shit. I honestly don’t understand it. I don’t think most white people do. People go out of their way to be nice to these people. They don’t catch near the shit from white people that other whites do. There is some interracial bullying and such, but largely it is intraracial. White people, especially if there are only a small number of blacks, will often leave blacks alone in this regard. Some will even join up with blacks and attack other whites, but a black joining a white to attack a black is unheard of. The really have no reason to do this kind of shit, yet people like you will excuse them ad naseum.

    I will not comment specifically on any more of this nonsense except to say that you completely ignore the role your favorite group of people play in most of the things you list.

    • Wade in MO

      I’m making an exception to my last paragraph.

      “Whites who defiantly won’t lift a single finger to stop it. Whatever damage done to the planet by global warming will be mostly the fault of Whites in the US.”

  4. Wakjob

    Whites also invented radio, modern medicine, TV, air travel, space travel, transistors, communications satelittes, the PC, software, the internet, and just about everything else. You need to get rid of your liberal white guilt Robert, it’s killing this country. Let’s see if you like the world better when China is running it.

    • I thank my people very much for all these wonderful inventions which enrich countries instead of destroying them. Now tell your White friends to quit voting Republican.

      Let’s look at this from another POV.

      Radio, modern medicine, TV, air travel, space travel, transistors, communications satellites, the PC, software, the internet, etc. These things are all very nice. But how do they keep me alive and help me survive. US Whites are trying to destroy the lives and kill me, my friends and my family. I can’t very well use any of this fancy shit if I’m dead or living on the street, right?

      Fuck American Whites. American Whites are shit. Give me a Black, Hispanic, American Indian or Asian any day. White Americans are just shitty, bottom line.

      • Jared Taylor Wore Blackface.

        Bob, you can always put your money where your mouth is and retire down Mexico way.Just turn left at the next pile of human heads, and say hello to the coyote and his huddled masses passing the other way.

      • Mark

        “Radio, modern medicine, TV, air travel, space travel, transistors, communications satellites, the PC, software, the internet, etc. These things are all very nice. But how do they keep me alive and help me survive.”

        Well, I think it’s fairly obvious how *modern medicine* helps people survive.

        • White Americans want to deny me their precious modern medicine. That could very well kill me. What good is their precious modern medicine if these White dogs deny it to us. They want to deny it to me and most members of my family. I suppose my one brother could buy his own, but the rest of us cannot.

          Once again, what use is that precious White medicine if US White dogs deny it to tens of millions of Americans? It’s totally useless. Innovations are only useful if people have access to them. If not, they are worth fuck all.

      • though its true that the given inventions were invented by Whites, some of them were those where there was a non-White along with his white colleagues in the R&D. so the credit entirely doesnt go to the Whites

      • Jordan

        Lots of Jewish people were involved with Space Travel aka Nasa, not just “Whites”, and in these days many Asians and Indians are contributing as well. Its very ignorant for you to say such thing. Chinese are probably the most innovating and technologically advanced people there has been, not to mention the Maya, Aztec, and Egyptians. Also Whites aren’t dumb either, they are smart, but they are very manipulative and a lot of the social problems we have today with minorities is because whites made it hard for them to become educated, to start a business, to give them equal opportunity, so they resorted to crime and poverty. It all goes back to the end of slavery where whites wanted to make life a nightmare for blacks. Blacks do have their faults indeed, and are very irresponsible but don’t turn a blind eyes of the Whites sinful acts.

    • Xera

      Weren’t those things built upon centuries of trade, exploration, innovations initiated by Mediterraneans and Middle Eastern people (brown people)?

      • NonKoolAidDrinker

        Mediterraneans (Southern Europeans and Levantines) aren’t “brown people” they’re white. There’s no way an Italian is in the same “brown” category as a Dravidian.

        • Luis Arroyo

          Er…yes they are. The Main historic divisions of the Caucasian race……

          *Nordic (common blondes blue eyes)
          *Alpines( common central europans/ Light to dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Square ish broad faces with a transition to north asian in Eastern Russia as one nears China.) In eastern Europe, Alpines and Nordics are mixed as the “slavics”
          *Mediterranean White (common Hispanic Complexion,Mestizo or not, inherited from Spaniards. Also includes most Italian Americans, Greeks, some Welsh ans Southern Irish. Populates Southwestern Europe, all the way east to Northern India’s olive tanned Aryans.

          Unlike Nordics and Alpines with their consistent white rosy, white pale, or white creamy or ocasional “red Nordic”, Mediterraneans vary from sallow in the Portuguese Azores, to the olive and tanned Puerto Ricans and Sicilians, to the medium tanned North Africans and Arabic peoples, who are olive complexioned, but suntan to brown in summer.
          Most “non hispanic white Americans” are Nordic and Alpine mixtures. During the 19th century many writers like Madison Grant, published books warning of White extinction and the fall of European Civilization in America. In his book, “the passing of the great race” he argued that South Europeans should be banned from America. He was among those that argued that The “original Mediterranean whites” were extinct. Absorbed by surrounding Arabs, Africans, and Indians.
          White immigration to the US was historically limited to Northwest Europe, for Nordics and Alpines. They have never trusted the “racial purity” of Mediterranean peoples. In fact the US killed all European Immigration in 1924, with the guota origins act. Too many “undesirables” (Italians from sicily were considered brown unassimilables,as well as Poles, Russians and all Slavs. These were banned because these Europeans bordered Asia and might infect Americas genepool with “asian Blood” in a dose of “yellow peril”)-

          Dravidians are not caucasian, they seem a mix of African and ancient Australian aboriginal related peoples.

        • Dravidians are indeed Caucasian or more properly Caucasian-Australoid mix. They have no African in them whatsoever.

    • Apocalypse

      whites didnt build nothing you colonial idiots stole this land made it into crap you ran a debt you cant handle you people are responsible for the global debt crisis that is creating recessions around the globe , you dont belong here you are illegal unwanted immigrants,you start wars you cant handle you made enemies with every country and looted off them you introduced racism capitalism classism and now the pndulum swings back in retaliation you are all of the sudden the victim expecting sympathy you people lack empathy everyone wants you whites dead!and its true you people are leeching off the government.as immigrants have to have a working permit or study permit so theres no way they are leeching anything you people are a joke and everyones laughing at you even the eastern european countries as well asia as you are no match for them . those inventions you so call say you made was with whos materials and whos education/ i believe india was the first university in the world2800 years ago in700 bc eTakshashila university located north west region india was the start of surgery1200 years before isaac newton was bhaskaracharya for laws of gravity.100 bc e was indias decimal system,there wouldnt be computers internet without indias numeric system of number zero or else counting wouldnt be possible .seems like whites want to take credit for stuff that wouldnt exist without certain inventions education and communications haaaa nice try with whites built anything you people are FAIL!

      • WOW it’s not surprising reading all the STORMFRONT members chiming in here. @mark manning is typical of your right wing LILY WHITE internet warrior! I hate to break it to you, but caucasians aren’t as smart as you envision them to be, see stealing technology and taking credit for it doesn’t count when some of you caucasians go on your nonsensical rants about WHITE superiority!

      • It’s really sad reading all these poorly uneducated WHITE people posting their FUX NEWS talking points! Bigotry and racism is mental illness and obviously it infected the vast majority of caucasians here?

  5. Aaron

    Even to the extent that “niggers,” Hispanics, etc. are ruining America, it’s wrong to call it a black/Hispanic/etc. problem. There is no black problem in America, only a white problem. Similarly no Hispanic problem, no Jewish problem, no Muslim problem – only white problems. If a politically dominant majority decides to allow problems to exist because it’s too wussy (secularized Calvinist) to solve them, then the problems are a problem with that majority.

    I understand that Robert’s life is harmed much more by whites than by blacks or Hispanics. It might be different if he had a family and was living in a black neighborhood instead of a Mexican (?) neighborhood. Blacks aren’t a problem for upper-middle class whites – usually known simply as “whites” – because these whites have the money to buy de facto segregation. Working-class and poor whites – I mean, if there were such things, though we’ve never heard of them – don’t always have the money to pay for black-free neighborhoods, so “the niggers” really do make their lives miserable. Again, this is a white problem, not a black problem. I’d guess it’s the same for Hispanics, mutatis mutandis, but I don’t really know about that.

    • Wade in MO

      I hope this post was intended as a joke.

      • Aaron

        Sorry, no, I was serious. Whites could pretty much solve the black/Jew/Muslim/Hispanic/etc. problems in a humane way if they wanted to. That doesn’t mean eliminating disparities in crime, etc., but it means giving people the means to protect their own families from the problems. That’s what I mean by a solution.

        • Wade in MO

          ” Working-class and poor whites – I mean, if there were such things, though we’ve never heard of them ”

          That’s a bit of a ridiculous comment. My own family is on the lower portion of the middle class and I knew poor whites growing up.

          The other problem with so many of these post is the idea of a “white vote” or “white politics”. Whites are probably the only group in the United States that does not all vote heavily( 80%+) for one party or another in every US election. In a good election for the republicans they can expcet AT MOST 60-65 % of the white vote across the entire country…AT MOST. Compare that to the 90 -95 percent of blacks voting for the democrats. Asians and hispanics have shown some variability in the past, but I think they are just going to go 80%+ percent democratic if things continue on this trajectory. I frankly believe talking about the “white vote” is about as useless as talking about the “christian vote”.

          As for much of the rest of this, it just sounds like rich people. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about any of this. Robert talks about whites voting but then says every party with a chance of winning is corporate..so what’s the point?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Working-class and poor whites – I mean, if there were such things, though we’ve never heard of them

        I sincerely hope you’re joking. Otherwise, you’re a moron.

  6. Aaron

    Wade, were you by any chance raised in U. City?

    • Wade in MO

      Not far from it and I’ve been there a lot, especially around the loop area and the area where my dad grew up in. I’ve know some blacks from that area too. They didn’t seem to bad. Blacks have really gotten bad around here in the past 5-10 years. I’ve talked to a lot of people who are pissed off becuase they claim blacks are ruining the Galleria. They have already completely ruined Northwest Plaza. I seems to be city blacks that are the worst. Deseg kids from high school were horrible and driving in the city is bad enough but is worse when some motherfuckers go around stealing your registration tags.

      • Aaron

        Sad to hear. I have fond childhood memories of going to Northwest Plaza at Christmastime and seeing all the lights. You still saw only whites there back then, even when the neighborhood I lived in had become almost all black. No one had heard of Hispanics back then.

        I asked because I knew someone named Wade who actually did live in U. City as a child, but apparently that’s not you.

        Since for some reason there’s no Reply field to your other comment, I’ll reply here: Yes, I confess that I might have been joking about there not being any poor or working-class whites. Note that I ungrammatically dropped the subjunctive in the rest of the sentence. The rest of my comment was serious, though. I grew up lower-middle-class white in a sea of moved-up-from-the-ghetto blacks.

        • Wade in MO

          ” I have fond childhood memories of going to Northwest Plaza at Christmastime and seeing all the lights.”

          Northwest Plaza is totaly closed except a couple of stores that can be accessed from outside and a few offices in the tower. It is dieing a slow death. I knew for sure it was dead when I was there and black guys kept asking me if they smelled like weed. I remember Northwest Plaza during the nineties (especially the early and mid-nineties) and it was great place with an interesting fossil store. The last time I was in it there as an Indian who owned a kiosk who was in a screming match with a crowd of blacks girls becuase he was checking to see if their bills were counterfeit.

          “No one had heard of Hispanics back then.”

          They sure as hell have heard of them now, but I wouldn’t say that they’re a huge problem…yet. Me and my friends like to call St. Ann “Santa Anna”. The thrift store I like going ot when I was younger Now has spanish everywhere and a bunch of mexicans working there. What is funny is that their prices have increased considerably in the last half decade. There is a rut in my street where a mexican was drunk driving and some how managed to knock the tire off his him rim and sped around on the rim to escape a guy who’s car he had hit and was eventually caught in front of an elementary school not far from here. I’ve talked to a cop who complains that they constantly have to break up large fights at mexican functions. I suspect a lot of this comes from the fact that a lot of mexican immigrants come from rural areas and aren’t transitioning well. All of this might seem small, but I don’t want to be around when big shit goes down, but it appears that is the future of this area in many ways.

          What I always found odd is that the asian community at my high school had no chinese or japanese, but tons of vietnamese. It seems odd for Missouri.

          Do you still live in the St. Louis area?

  7. heg

    The jews and their useful non-jew zionist-communist idiots are ruining America!!!

    Marx wrote in his new year’s roundup of 1848 about “the Slavic riffraff,” which included Russians, Czechs, and Croats. These “retrograde” races had nothing left for them by fate except “the immediate task of perishing in the revolutionary world storm.” “The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress.” “Their very name will vanish.”

    Neither Marx nor Engels were concerned about the destruction of millions of people. The former wrote,

    A silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it de­stroys as an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages. Classes and races that are too weak to dominate the new conditions of existence will be defeated.

    In contrast, Hitler, who desired only the enslave­ment and not the destruction of these nations, was much more humane than Marx.

    Engels wrote in the same vein:

    The next world war will make whole reactionary peoples disappear from the face of the earth. This, too, is progress.

    Marx, the man who posed as a fighter for the prole­tariat, called this class of people “stupid boys, rogues, asses.


    Good find Marshall, thx 8o)


    Communism and Zionism is Talmud-Judaizm – Period – by Hoff

    When you tell people that Karl Marx was a jew, they will say like: -And so what? What does it matter if he was a jew? Most people don’t know the first thing about jews. To try argue here … well let’s talk to a wall. Then there are a few who know that Karl Marx was a jew and they will often tell you that Karl Marx was a selfhating jew. He wrote a piece bashing the jews big time.

    Point is, any wich way the Karl Marx was a jew argument don’t work. Let’s assume that Marx was sincere and truely wanted the best for all mankind. There was an attempted coup in Russia 1881and just who was leading this coup? The jews. lt was NOT russians who lead this coup – it was the jews. The Russian king put a stop to the coup and started to chase those who did it. Now comes the first wave of jews from Russia to America, crying “persecution”.

    ln the year 19o5 there is a new attempted coup in Russia and who is leading this coup? The jews. NOT russians – the jews.

    ln 1917 there was a new coup and this time the coup worked and the Russian king gave up. Who financed, planned and lead this coup? The jews did. Extremely rich jew bankers financed this coup. This can all be proven by jew only sources. Almost to the last man at all top positions after the coup was jews. This can all be proven by jew only sources.

    The most important body in the new Soviet state is the secret police. Control the secret police and you are the state. Take the politbureo or any other body in the state and they could to the last man be russians, because the ONLY body that has the last word is the secret police. Control the secret police and you are the Soviet state. The secret police was TOTALLY controlled by jews. NOT dominated, or influenced, but totally 100 percent controlled by jew. This can all be proven by jew only sources.

    lt can be proven by jew only sources that the jews was in total compleat control of the Soviet state. Given all the facts only a village idiot can deny that the jews was in lock, stock and barrel control of the Soviet state.

    lf jew communism really was about making the world a better place, why then killed the jews millons upon million russians? Because it was the jew who was totally responsible for all the killing in the name of jew communism.

    Who the jews killed was true russian patriots. They tried to protect their country from the jew invaders. Now, first the jews kills million upon millions and then the jews would hand over the control of the Soviet state to russian peasants so they could make the world a better place?

    Given all the facts only a village idiot can belive that the jews first would kill million of russians and then hand over the secret police to russian peasants. Many would have relatives killed by the jews. The jew would the hand over the all the guns and control of the secret police to the very same people the jews just killed?

    The truth is that the jews killed for their life. Had the russians patriots won, there would not been a single jew in all of Russia after that. Do you get it? Soviet was run lock, stock and barrel by jews – as jews. Anything else is the jews propaganda bullshit.

    What really happened in Russia 1917 was that the jew made a coup and took over Russia. The jews stole the biggest country in the world. What the jews did next was that they turned Soviet-Russia into the jews priavate army, the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

    The official Soviet said right from the start that Soviet communism shall rule the world. But what nobody told you was that it was the jews going out for world conquest. The jews used 35, three-five percent of the Soviet GNP on the military. No other country in history have used 35 percent on an attack military. Because the whole Soviet army was made for attack – Not defence. The jew run Soviet send military and arms all over earth. And it was jew who started all these wars – NOT the russian people.

    Many russian barely had roof and food. For what reson would the russian people then use 35% of GNP on an attack army for world conquest? The russian people controlled the Soviet state and starved so they could conquer Congo in Africa? This don’ty make any sense, until you understand that it was NOT the russian people who controlled the Soviet state.

    The Cold War was a jew fraud. Take away the jews who áttacked the world from Moscow and there would never ever have been a jew fraud Cold War.

    Communism is jew Talmud-judaizm for jew world conquest. lf you are going to coquer the world you don’t start with taking over Congo and then try to invade Russia from there. You start by taking over the biggest country there is and then you take Congo from there. Communism was specifically designed for the jews to take over Russia.

    Jew zionism was specifically designed for the jews to take control of the 2nd biggest country – America.

    What really happened in Russia 1917 was that the jews started with killing the entire old russian elite and then the jews moved into their homes and by that the jew became the New Jew Elite who ruled Soviet. But there was only one problem to the jews, they had no idea of how to rule a state. Frankly, what the jews did was that they fuck’d up Russia so bad she could never recover. And the jew run Soviet state would have died in it’s infant had not the american people aided the jews in Soviet. American tax dollars was what made the jew run Soviet possible.

    First, the jews couldn’t do what they did in Russia in America, kill the entire american elite more or less over one night. And then the jews realised that they must keep the old elite so that they can run the state for the jews. lf the jews wanted to take control of the american state they must do it in some other ways. And here is where jew zionism comes in.

    Make no mistake about it! Zionism and Communism is EXACTLY the same thing – Talmud-Judaizm for jew world conquest!

    Today the year 2o11 the zionist jews are in total control of the American state. Soviet imperialism was in fact jew imperialism. American imperialism is in fact jew imperialism.

    l write his in Europe and l can say honestly that five years ago l had never heard a word about jew zionism, and l have followed politic and read all my life. At first l thought: -Am l stupid or something? Being interest in politic all my life and never heard a word about jew zionism? Today l know why l and all other people in Europe never hear or read a word about zionism. We don’t need to know about jew zionism – only the american people do.

    Most people in Europe don’t have a clue about jew zionism in America. And how the hell can we know about how and by whom really are in control of the American state when no jew-“media” say a word about jew zionism? l have read about AIPAC once in a physical paper. Most people in Europe have no clue whatsoever AIPAC is. Do you?

    Jew Zionism is jew communism US-version.

    AIPAC is the jew mafia that controls the american staté. AIPAC controls White House, senate and congress. lf you don’t know about jew zionism and AIPAC there are a few good places to start educating yourself:

    David Duke com

    lncogman net

    Real Jew News com

  8. heg

    Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.

    REPORT OF AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE American Jewish Year Book 5672 (Sept. 1911 to Sept. 1912) p. 308

  9. heg

    Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.

    REPORT OF AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE American Jewish Year Book 5672 (Sept. 1911 to Sept. 1912) p. 308


    American Jewish Year Books, Main page.


    • jack


      You post good historical links I myself have been trying to find links of the international campaign against the Tsar, reported genocides and massacre against Jews and international Jewish lead Marxist terrorist campaign against Russia. Sound familiar?

      I would advise you update your research and writing to more contemporary issues like who is the support network behind Bosnian and Chechen terrorism/separatism?

      I think you will be surprised.

      • heg

        heg @ jack:

        Hello jack. l’m here and will give you the info you want. Confirm you read this message by posting a reply here or at my blog: jeWise wordpress c-m

        Bookmark a page, press down Ctrl + D

  10. heg

    ln the 1850s or 1860s the russian tsar wanted to update Russia. To do that he asked the Rothschild jews for a loan. They said he could have the gold – lF any jew and in any number could immigrate to and settle anywhere the jews wanted in all of Russia.

    This is just the same as todays unlimited 3-world mass immigration.

    The only country that allowed the jews to come in an unlimited numbers and to settle anywhere they chose is America. And look what you got today,

    The tsar said no. And this is when the jews start to boycott Russia.

    What most people don’t know is that the tsar gave not only equal rights to the jews in the 1830s, but far more advantage to the jews. The jews was given the right to higher education for free. And the jews flooded all the faculties. The jews was some 35 percennt in law school in Russia in the 1850s.

    According to an article in Jewis Encyclopedia from 19o5 the jews had a very good life in Russia. Mind you, this jew encyclopeda was written fresh in memory.


    ln 1881 the jews killed the tsar. The new tsar wasn’t that happy about jews. What he did was to restrict the jews in education to their percentage of the population, top five percent in law school. According to the jews propaganda at the time this was now “persecution of the jews by the tsar”.

    This is now the first wave of “persecuted” jews came to America, 1881. The next wave comes in 19o5.

    You can read any statement from any jew from the 1850s to 1917 and they all have one thing in common – the hatred for the tsar. Any jew who had the remoteliest connection to Russia hated the tsar. lt was the Rothschild jews propaganda at work. Look at the Hate All White People propaganda today, lt’s the same Rothschild hate propaganda.

    The top jew mafia dog Jacob Schiff came toAmerica in 1880. He started AJC, Am Jew Committee. ln 1890s he swore that he would topple the russian king. The jews ALWAYS goes for the king. And the reason is simple, the king is the state.

    According to the entry Schiff, Jacob in Encyclopedia Judaica published in 1971 he lend 400 millions to Japan in 19o4. Take X35 and you get todays money.

    Japan wanted to be a superpower and to do that the japps must have a navy. And that is what the japps used the 400 millions to do,they built the best navy on earth. To expand the japps must take some Russia mainland and this is why the japps attacked tsar Russia in 19o4.

    You can read just about any “history” book and it will say The Russian-Japanes war 19o4-05. But that’s clueless BS. Simply because it was Japan that attacked Russia, not the other way around. Correct is The Japan-Russian war 19o4-o5.

    What the jew Jacob Schiff did was that he used Japan as his proxy war machine to attack the tsar. What’s good for Japan is good for the jew. This is the first time in history a white country is defeated by a non-white attacker.

    At the center of anythingg jew connected is the jew Jacob Schiff from 1880 to his death in 1920.

    Mandatory read on Jacob Schiff:


    For now,

  11. heg


    Japan wanted to be a superpower and to do that the japps must have a navy AND OIL. And that is what the japps used the 400 millions to do,they built the best navy on earth. To expand the japps must take some Russia mainland and this is why the japps attacked tsar Russia in 19o4.


    lf you want to rule the world you MUST rule the waves. GBs navy was coal. At this time comes oil Some 70 percent of earth is water and if you want to rule the world you MUST have the biggest navy there ever was in history. And there is no 2nd.

    The winner takes it all. To rule the waves you MUST have the biggest navy alive and you MUST have an armada of jet fight carriers. lf you want to conquer the world you MUST rule the waves and you MUST be able to take air superiority anywhere in the whole world at any time 24-7-365 days a year.

    This is the main reason the jews gave up the jew run Soviet in the 60s. Soviet could not built and maintain a carrier fleet. No good sweet water harbours and no cash to pay the bill. Only America can do that. America has sweet water east, south and west. And America have 18 carriers, 12 full size and 8 semi-carriers. No other country in the world is even close.

    Black Sea is like Lake Michigan, big but in a world wide navy context just ducks in water. And the jew run Soviet only had sweet water in the Black Sea and one half working carrier.

    This is why the communist jews gave up Soviet and joined the zionist jews in America.

  12. who+dares+wings


    “I would advise you update your research and writing to more contemporary issues like who is the support network behind Bosnian and Chechen terrorism/separatism?

    I think you will be surprised.”

    Don’t wait for heg/hoff’s info. Please post or link to what you’ve found out
    about this. I’m curious and can’t get any straight answers from anyone. Will Russia be a bulwark against the Hebrew hegemons, or is that just an Orthodox nationalist pipe dream?

    • jack

      I will post the links later which unsurprising are the exact same people who operated and supported Bosnian Muslims and the KLA like George Soros whose War Child “charity” was shutdown in Chechnya in 2001 was a weapons lobbyist for Bosnian Muslim terrorists.

      “War Child – the ‘charity’ (whose Dutch branch founder Mabel Wisse Smit,(employed by George Soros), went from being the lover of jailed Bosnian foreign minister Muhammed Sacirbey, to the wife of Prince Friso of Holland,) has announced they ‘have decided to stop all support to their partner organisation in Chechnya …euphemistically saying that they ‘could no longer guarantee the effective and controlled managing of War Child project activities’ .Translation: the money was ‘finding it’s way’ into the hands of terrorists.


      In fact the exact same propaganda used in the Bosnian war is used in Chechnya probably due to the fact that the same Jewish PR firm Rudder and Finn represents the Bosnian Muslims and the Chechens as well as the KLA.

      The operation itself is lead by the father of international terrorism Zbignew Brzezinski who he and his family clan are running operations on behalf of the British/Rothschild Empire so they can control the Eurasian energy sphere which future which they do by supporting Islamic separatism/terrorism in Eurasia.

      9/11 was part of the Bosnian-Chechen network which has a Chechen footprint all over it which runs through London just like Marxist Communism terrorist groups before it.

      I very brief overview which leaves a lot of information like Chechen banking connections, etc.
      This is what the controlled media does not tell you about 9/11.


      Will Russia be a bulwark against the Hebrew hegemons, or is that just an Orthodox nationalist pipe dream?

      If it is it sure as hell won’t be because of any assistance or alliance of any European nationalist groups or countries by fascist anti-Russian EU but a strategic, economic and cultural alliance with China.

  13. hoff2

    Mandatory video.

    “Talmudic Judaism Dr. William Pierce ”

  14. heg

    I would advise you update your research and writing to more contemporary issues like who is the support network behind Bosnian and Chechen terrorism/separatism? I think you will be surprised. -jack–

    As l said, if your going to conquer the world you start by taking over Russia and USA. And that is what l’m doing right now. Congo-Bosnia-Chechen l take later. l use the same strategy as the jews. The biggest first, the rest l take later.

    There is one single most important factor to understan any event, precent or past and that is to spot the jews first. Understand how the jews think and find the jew-factor first.

    There are two key factors to understand the last 200 years of history. Napoleon was a jew-whore and 200 years ago he tried to take Jerusalem and give to the jews. Napoleon and the jews. Mandatory read!


    He failed to take Jerusalem and after that he told the jews that all jews could come and live in France and that he would make Paris the New Jerusalem. Napoleon was the first king in history to grant the jews equal rights. Motto:
    Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)

    This is the jews egalitarian BS in three words. Ever since Napoleon France have been a jew run shithole. France at the time was a superpower and what did l tell you the jews want and does? The jews take control of the biggest states there are and turn them into the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest. And that is what the jews did with France. When Napoleon went out to conquer Russia it was to give Russia to the jews. The jews had tried to take over Russia for a century before they made it in 1917. Take out the jew-factor in Napoleon and what do you get? Jew propaganda BS. When was you told about Napoleon and the jews in school or on Talmud-Vision, TV? Do you get it jack?

    As l said, there are three key factors to understand the world and what really happened: 1 Get the jew-factor. 2 Soviet was run by jews – as jews 3 America since Dec 1911 is run lock, stock and barrel by the jews – as jews.

    The jew-factor in America works in three stage: ls it good for israel? 2 ls it good for the jews? 3 How much can we steal?

    You want to know what really happened in Bosnia? Was the jew run America pro or anti-Bosnia? Take the official stand on any country from the jews puppet in the White House and you get what is good for the jews. Take any country after 19111 and the official WH stance and you have spotted the jew.

    Serbia in the 90s was about nationalism. Kosovo was about nationalism. Why then bombed the jews proxy war machine USA the serbs back to the stooneage and then was the first country to recognize Kosovo as a nationalist country?

    Because Serbia was WHITE NATIONALISM big time. White nationalism is the jews biggest enemies. Accordingly the jews proxy war machine the US did the same as they did to Germany, bombed her to rubbles. lf big time WHITE nationalism would survive in Serbia it might spread to Germany. And next there will be gasovens in every railroad intersection in Europe. Another holohoax and we can’t have that do we?

    Kosovo is just like lsArealShitHole (israel). A safe haven for criminals, contraband and slave trafficing. Kosovo is small time nationalism and that is NOT a threat to the jews.

    First: Understand how the jew think and then spot the jew-factor, then go from there in any mess in any country at any time the last 200 years.

    • jack

      No Serbia or Yugoslavia was not targeted because it was a White nationalist state, which it was not, but because the Balkans holds future oil and gas pipeline routes that bypass Russia from the Caspian Basin to Europe.

      It was Germany the lead the campaign against the break-up of Yugoslavia by supporting the succession of Croatia and help arm Croats and Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs and letting Turkish intelligence recruit Turkish youths just like ISI recruited Pakistani Muslims to be trained and fight in Bosnia and Chechnya.

      All roads don’t always lead to Jerusalem.

  15. heg

    who is the support network behind Bosnian and Chechen terrorism/separatism? I think you will be surprised. -jack–
    No l won’t. Unless … lf there is no jew-factor. You jack tell me what the official JewSSA (America) stance was-is and you spotted the jew-factor.

  16. who+dares+wings

    Is Putin a puppet? Does the Russian security service(s) have Jews running it? Are Russia’s banks managed by Jews? Percentages are beside the point as we see with the control of the Anglo-America empire. Iceland is a perfect petri dish example of what happens when the Jewish minority does the thinking for a nation. Iceland’s Prime Minister Geir Haarde allowed the country to become an international Zionist banking center. He attended Brandeis university on a Wein scholarship (Brandeis is a school largely defined by its position as the only secular Jewish-sponsored university in the United States). They offered astronomical rates on CDs, and people transferred their money in. Then the Zionists took the money and the banks collapsed. Iceland’s First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff was an Israeli whose father is a Jewelry czar. Her grandfather Shlomo Moussaieff is one of the wealthiest real estate moguls in Jerusalem. Sholmo got his start robbing graves for jewelry. According to the post-war spin Iceland was Hitler’s ideal Aryan nation.

    • jack

      It was Iceland connection to the British/Rothschild banking sector that lead to Icelands bankrupty and problems just like Ireland and Spains future financial problems.

      British banks are threatening to sue Iceland.

    • heg

      Icland is to the world what a piss in the Mississippi river is.

      lceland is the Kosovo in the Atlantic.

  17. heg

    Jewish terrorism – timeline. MANDATORY READ!


  18. ray

    white america was doing just find for hundreds of years now the last 30 years or so since so many non whites have come to america and who are poor and dont give a shit and only want what they can get for free in america is the real problem. tens of millions mexicans come here have 3 or 4 babies and quess who pays for all that health care and food stamps for them black and white america. when the mexican babies are born here
    they get 100% social services. this cost the black and white born america billions a month in taxes.

    • The majority of people on food stamps are Whites. The majority of people on welfare are Whites. When you attack these programs as you do, you are attacking your poor and working class White brothers and sisters. Why do that? I support working class, low income and poor Whites! These are my people! I support my people!

  19. D

    Wait wat. I just read this from Wade.

    ” “At least ghetto Blacks can be avoided”

    Maybe if you’re rich or you live in a small town in California.”

    HUH WUH?

    Dude. I live in South Central. Unless you go OUT OF YOUR WAY to run into gangsters and their ilk, it’s not that hard to avoid annoying ghetto Blacks and similar minorities. You’ll run into a few of them from time to time, but the rest are RELATIVELY well-mannered.

    On the other hand, I’m not White. I can definitely see Whites getting more harrasment than I do soooo….

  20. DC

    America sucks ass because of all this fucked up Salad Tossing!

  21. Wakjob Dunfor

    Bob you seem to forget Reaganomics gave us 2 decades of prosperity. It was Clinton and his globalization that dismantled Reaganomics and led to this mess.

    • You can’t advocate rightwing economics on here. It’s against the comments rules. This is a socialist blog, remember?

      Under Reagan, the whole bottom 80% of the population lost money.

    • Justin

      I’ve looked you up, man. You’re a very rich Cali transplant. You’ve done well for yourself over the last couple decades. Now make sure not to look at that homeless person you just stepped over.

  22. Chris Smith

    All easily verifiable

    Though only about 13% of the U.S. population, Blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60% of all murders in the U.S.

    Blacks adopted into middle-class White families had IQs averaging 89.4, just slightly above the average of 88 for Blacks of the North Central U.S. region from which they originated. This was 9 IQ points below the average of the adopted Black/White hybrids (98.5) in the same families, 16 points below the adopted Whites (105.6), and 20 points below the White biological offspring (109.4).

    Black males are twice as likely than white males to have MAOA-L which has been linked to crime, violence and aggression in scores of studies. Black males are also 13.5 times more likely to have a rare version of the gene associated with extreme violence and extreme aggression.

    Welfare by race 38% white / 37% black. But, blacks make up only about 13% of the U.S. population. While there are more whites on welfare than blacks, the percentage of the black population on welfare is greater than the percentage of the white population on welfare.

    One in three food stamp households is headed by an African American. More than a third of food stamp benefits are issued to African-Americans.(According to Census data, African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population.)

    Asians score higher on tests of mental ability than do Whites, both within the U.S.A. and in Asia, whereas Africans and Caribbeans score lower. Asians populations in East Asia and North America typically have mean IQs falling between 101 to 111. White populations in Europe, South Africa, Australasia, and North America have mean IQs of from 85 to 115, with an overall mean of 100. Black populations living south of the Sahara, in the Caribbean, in Britain,and in North America, average IQs of from 70 to 90.

    Speed of decision making (reaction time) in 9 to 12-year olds, in which children decide which of several lights stands out from others,shows that the racial differences in mental ability are not restricted to paper and pencil tests. All children can perform the task in less than one second, but more intelligent children, as measured by traditional IQ tests, perform the task faster than less intelligent children. Asian children from Hong Kong and Japan were faster on average in decision time (controlling for movement time) than were White children from Britain and Ireland, who in turn were faster than Black children from South Africa. Using the same decision time tasks, the same racial ordering in California school children.

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), has confirmed the White/Black difference. The preponderance of evidence from studies using different techniques, conducted by different researchers, on different samples, confirms the conclusion that the brains of Asians and their descendants average about 17 cm3 (1 in3) larger than those of Europeans and their descendants whose brains average about 80 cm3 (5 in3) larger than those of Africans and their descendants.

    Black\White IQ differences have been demonstrated repeatedly by every test ever conducted by every branch of the U.S. Military, every state,county, and local school board, the U.S. Dept. of Education, etc.

    With an average I.Q. of 85, only 16% of Blacks score over 100, while half the White population does. The Negro overlap of White median I.Q.’s ranges from 10 to 25 percent, equality would require 50 percent.

    The U.S. government’s PACE examination, given to 100,000 university graduates who are prospective professional or administrative civil-service employees each year, is passed with a score of 70 or above by 58% of the whites who take it but by only 12% of the Blacks. Among top scorers the difference between Negro and White performance is even more striking: 16% of the white applicants make scores of 90 or above, while only one-fifth of one percent of a Black applicants score as high as 90–a White/Black success ration of 80/1.

  23. Chris Smith

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    -Winston Churchill


  24. DIRTY

    all them extra stupid dirty jezzers shouting out loud again .

    you DOG is dead god damm you .

    the letter T is the fools symbol

  25. sean

    nothing more pathetic than a self hating white man
    you believe that all countries should be multicultural right?
    then why is it that mainly white nations are the ones swallowing this poison?
    the black population of south africa murdered all the white farmers and kicked the whites out of power but we are supposed to let immigrants into our countries despite them kicking us out of theirs?

    China survived as a nation because they built walls to keep foreigners out and Japan has a very strong Oriental Nationalist policy toward immigration
    These great asian nations are the way they are because everyone is the same
    they share the same culture and customs and have a desire to help each other out
    there are no racists and racial groups or animosity because there are no racial differences
    everyone cares about each other and everyone works together

    now compare that to america and nations like england and germany
    there are hate groups and there are racial differences despite the MSM and Government denying it
    no matter what you do there will always be people against difference. you cannot defeat racism because it is a natural human response to anything foreign
    Although you can attempt to indoctrinate the youth into believing that we are all the same and should love all races and mix with them
    but the youth will always notice unfair behavior and racial favoritism
    if you look at the way the races even SEPARATE THEMSELVES you will notice difference towards each other
    there are black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods even some hispanic neighborhoods
    with the occasional blacks and whites living in opposite neighborhoods but among the general concensus they choose to be among their own kind
    and there are even black only colleges the message they are implying is that they want segregation despite them fighting it.

    Im sorry i disagree with your views on race but you seem to believe that everyone can live in a utopia where the issue of race doesn’t exist to me this just sounds like pure fantasy

    If you even look at racial statistics you tend to notice the behaviors exhibited by different races
    blacks are the largest prison group followed by hispanics then whites then asians
    blacks represent 51% of the murders committed despite only being 13% of the population
    blacks commit 90% of interracial crimes that the MSM tries to hide they even disproportionally report crimes that show a white perpetrator and a black victim
    Most of what you know is liberal propaganda and you sound like a liberal’s parrot when you speak
    emotional racial propaganda floods the MSM it is probably the liberals biggest tool to indoctrinate the young whites
    even in school young whites are forced to have lessons on tolerance and multiculturalism among other political beliefs swinging leftist when they are only in their early teens
    the brain is still far from being fully developed so when children are being shown units on slavery and the holocaust it can greatly affect their ideology on racial issues it is even a form of classical conditioning brainwashing because the children are rewarded for believing in this diversity liberal political agenda while the “RACIST” students are punished for merely using their survival instincts
    Do you understand the concept of “White Guilt” because i think that is the source of you xenophilic beliefs
    why is it that countries that we openly support such as israel live in a one race society
    they are in the process of committing genocide against the palestinian natives yet we approve of it.
    the israeli’s want everything but multiculturalism and diversity but we still support it while white countries still let foreigners in who have no intention of being diverse with white people

    so your pretty much saying the white race should become more diverse and not the other races right?
    because why shouldn’t the other one race nations let white people in so that they could become more “RACIALLY DIVERSE”
    The minorities are like a nation within a nation who’s interest only extends to their own benefits
    while whites attempt to throw enough money around to please all these minorities we are only hurting the growth of our own country and race
    Im guessing you are also a proponent of affirmative action right?
    where this country makes it harder for asians and whites to find jobs but makes it easier for black and hispanics right?
    now the companies will hire lower scoring blacks and hispanics in order to promote diversity but hurt productivity
    Of all the ills of diversity the worst one is the way it hurts productivity
    the liberal policies do not make everything fair and equal they choose to make things easier for some and harder for others it’s their own form of racial discrimination towards whites and asians
    i guess they believe asians work too hard so should be punished by the great enlightened liberal task force

    at the university of Wisconsin you have a 576x chance of being accepted if you are black than white or asian students who have the same grades and test scores
    just alittle more affirmative action reverse discrimination for ya

    But you the expert on white nationists and how stupid they are can agree to this for me right?
    every race on this planet can have their own countries which discriminate against all other races but their own majority race
    except for whites
    according to you whites shouldn’t have their own nations they should only have diverse nations despite all other races owning countries and continents the white race should have only multicultural societies where they indoctrinate everyone to race mix

    what don’t you get about Multiculturalism and diversity. It’s all liberal babble bullshit that never has or never will work successfully.
    The oriental and european civilizations thrived because of their one race policies. They created the modern world before all this immigration multicultural bullshit came about.
    what is wrong with japanese culture?
    why do you want them to accept other cultures and assimilate into a hellhole like the rest of the planet?
    what was ever wrong with white culture that made them accept immigrants and people of color into their nation?
    diversity has ruined america and it’s ruining europe
    the immigrants are breeding faster and are wiping out the native white populations.
    interracial crime is perpetrated by blacks!
    they make up 51% of the murder rate
    and 91% of interracial crime
    the immigrants don’t assimilate into our society they bring their society into our countries
    they live in their own separate neighborhoods
    the only thing diversity does is ruin the natives and their culture
    look what diversity did to the American Indian Natives?
    it has never done a single good thing in history!
    In fact oriental nations have thrived because they don’t let foreigners in!
    china put up a great wall and japan protected it’s naval boundaries to grow into the thriving oriental nations they are today
    Diversity is flawed because the people behave as if they are all parts of separate groups instead of a single group
    that’s why all the european nations are failing
    because you have nations within nations only benefitting themselves instead of the whole group
    and the people of color are mixing and outbreeding the native white population
    soon these countries will be a thing of the past because of their outrageous race policies
    the japanese know this and don’t want it happening to them
    soon white people will be a thing of the past due to multiculturalism indoctrinating and destroying what’s left of the white race
    but what is wrong with the white race anyway to need multiculturalism?
    if we need to be more “diverse” then you are implying that there is a problem with white society
    yet if you look at african and south american nations they are far from the diverse nations of europe
    in europe you have all different kinds of civilizations created by whites who have different diverse civilizations
    but in africa you have none of this just warring tribes
    is that what you want the world to become?

    im half white half oriental and im going to go join the oriental race because white people are just a bunch of fucking pathetic liberal self hating lemmings
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    move to cameroon or the congo and try to befriend the local nigger population
    see how well that goes for your pathetic self hating white ass
    or your just a jew than i don’t even care what the fuck you have to say
    actually your probably just a jew pretending to be white
    false flag attacks your kind is known for it

    • Xera

      if you are even a half-oriental, then you are a fucking chink & chigger not a great white chink. You better be careful about stating China & Japan building great civilizations because a lot of it was copied or built upon the ideas of other “civilizations”. There is complete harmony in those countries? Don’t make me laugh me now you stupid chink, are we forgetting how your chink relatives couldn’t even form a proper cohesive empire in that landmass for thousands of years? Or how the upper Japanese classes fought among themselves primitively while sucking the rest of your fellow Japs dry? Great civilization and complete harmony? Don’t make me laugh now. You are not a true white but just pretending to be one, now go back to being pathetic & chinky you chink. BTW your chink people are also forming their own “sub-societies” within America and are doing the same thing as the Hispanics & blacks. So much for chinks and Japes being civilized and being in complete “harmony”, they also need whitey to survive.

  26. sean

    how are hispanics and blacks helping the white race
    because i can name hundreds of reasons why they are hurting it

  27. God

    You’re incredible. I have never read anything this lame in my life. You are just as filthy as the “niggers” ruining this country.

  28. Jerome

    Where do you call home Bob?

  29. WmarkW

    What’s ruining America?
    The left’s denial that there are any differences in ability correlated with demographic characteristics; and the related belief that the superior achievements of white males constitute prima facie evidence that “privilege” and “barriers” are the reason.

    By themselves, blacks OR Hispanics OR feminists couldn’t ruin America. But as a unified voting bloc (what I call the diversity coalition) they combine demands for the protections a minority needs, with the having the electoral power of a majority to vote themselves money. To them, minority education gaps and incarceration rates are proof that society doesn’t value them; and the 23% wage gap (due almost entirely to women’s work aptitudes and preferences) is proof that legacy domination of the workplace by men is keeping women marginalized. White society OWES them a generous welfare state, and education and employment preferences, without them having any obligation to make society better in return.

    The right wing today consists entirely of white males and their wives. Some of them are there because of the religious right, a pro-military outlook, or because they’re small business owners trying to keep wage costs down. Others could be turned into moderates, if they didn’t think the left wing consisted 90% of group identity politics.

  30. Hey stupid ass, for your information Zionist Jews are ruining America!!!
    They PASS for WHITE by the way( which they are NOT) and therefore we get blamed for everything these children of Satan do. Niggers DO cause the majority of crime, thus the domino effect takes place. I doubt you will be able to figure that out since you’re obviously very ignorant of how Zionist Satanic Jews are trashing America. For your information, the most effective weapon the bastards have is the MEDIA; and they OWN about 90% of it!!

  31. sean

    Your a F****** retard! Its not a race that is ruining our country, its the Democrats! For instense your black Democratic preseident hasn’t met Job council in almost 6 months. Thats pretty big when unemployment is going off the charts. Also, under his command in the past 6 month the Countries annual spending has been doubled! oh one more thing the only reason he got office was out of sympathy according to the numbers 95% of black males, and 96% of Black females voted for him in his 2008 election. So you are meaning to tell me that almost every black citizen who voted supported everything Obama stood for??!!! Highly doubt it!! The only reason he won was because he , in their mind, was one of them! Whites don’t ruin this country they are the one who built this country made it free for all you people!! They were afraid of the idea of a democracy but knew that what everyone wanted. They were afraid because in those days democracy meant ” Let the mob have control.” Because people no matter what ,are always going to conflict no matter the race. Thats why this country is falling apart because ignorant, proud people are to stuborn to put the right person in control because he/ she are not the same color as them. So when voting this year dont look at race but look at their intent. Our countries life depends on it!!

  32. Dota

    I don’t see what gives you the right to speak for Desi women as you can’t even speak an Indian language and have likely never set foot on Indian soil. Why are pretending to be something you’re not anyway? Are you that starved for an identity?

    • Dota

      Here bitch, start here: अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए

      The keeper of ‘Hindu gyaan’ needs to start with the Sanskrit alphabet.

  33. NonKoolAidDrinker

    Luis Arroyo

    August 19, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    Er…yes they are. The Main historic divisions of the Caucasian race……

    *Nordic (common blondes blue eyes)
    *Alpines( common central europans/ Light to dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Square ish broad faces…Blah, blah, blah


  34. Fat Daddy jack

    Look, as much as it bothers me, one must only look at the facts. If the facts don’t do it for you, just use reason. Blacks can’t be blamed. They simply can’t help it. Like a pig you dress up in a little tux and put cologne under his little legs, he just waddles back to the mud where he is happiest…he can’t help it, after all he’s just a pig. Blacks can’t help it or be blamed…they have the greatest excuse of any other race… they’re black. They vote 99% democratic. That’s stupid beyond words….even hispanics are around 65-35. Conservative christians are maybe 55-45. No one, I mean no one votes 99%, that’s 100% self defeating. Actually that’s statistically impossible. So what explains it. As great of an oratotor someone like Rushs Limbaugh is, he still annoys half America. Ghandi couldn’t get 99% to agree with him, for that matter Jesus couldn’t get a majority to follow him. So how do you explain it. Simple…blacks don’t get led by their leaders. Their leaders “TEACH” them. The difference is this….if someone wanted you to get all the seals at the zoo to learn how to play basket ball you would have a professional “teach’ them. that’s what you do to animals. You teach them. that’s how you can get 99% success. Humans are led not taught. THere’s the answer. Blacks are sub-human. Animals. Althoiugh i like many of them, as i would a cat or dog. but let’s face it, they are a sub-human form led strictly on emotions. Please don’t take this as racist, YOu know i say it out of love.

  35. Educator of Fools

    Ignorant delusional ideologues! Projectile vomiting your liberal Obamarrhea into the faces of decent americans who want nothing more than to have these unenlightened brethren experience the joy of achievement thru work. Instead of expecting those of us who work hard for what we have to give it to them. Stolen from us by a regime determined to “redistribute wealth” by taking what they are not entitled to and buying the votes of the undeserving by bribing them with it.

    • Look, you’re banned. This is a socialist blog. We don’t tolerate rightwing ideologues on here.

      • indian born beggars

        Degenerate indian immigrants have wrecked silicon valley , they are root cause of all the filth .

        American upper class adopted indian caste system where 90 percent of americans will live a miserable life ,with all distractions

        While 10 percent upper class will enjoy all the benefits .

        This is what happens when you import denegerate indians into your nation,

        Look no where else than edison NJ with largest indian parasite concentration

        There is only one hope to USA -KKK, you must wage a war on Indian denegerates

  36. Enjoy your genetic recessive trait while it lasts you white scum bags.

  37. Simon

    Robert Lindsay and Hacienda (God bless his 65 IQ dumbass..haha) need to get back to work..the drivethrough is backed up

  38. Fuck off

    I cannot believe, I have wasted my time reading this shit. I have to confess I am alot dummer now,thanks alot , fucktard. I mean fucking retard ……..see damn i am getting stupid. I have to leave before i get as stupid as you. niwgo ahead and say……..you are banned…….. Who gives a shot.


    visit Detroit a while. yep blacks have destroyed the USA.

  40. Joe Azar

    Wow, what a bunch of ignorance being displayed here. Racism, my friends, is ignorant — no matter which way it goes.

    The problem is not if you are black, white, or brown. The problem is who you are inside — what you do. I know, looking past a persons skin color and place of origin is a radical idea.

    If we can all agree to that, maybe we can begin to actually address some of the issues that are ruining America. Such as large groups of people with an entitlement mentality. These people want to suck as much as they can out of the system with no thought to future impacts or building a better America. Or people who want to come live in America but not become Americans, not learn the language, not adopt and contribute to our culture. Such people are doomed to be pawns of whatever politician can stroke their ears in their native language. Worse, they are doomed to be taken advantage of by greedy people who know they have nowhere else to turn.

    People who do not take responsibility for their children’s education or even their social interactions are a problem. Blame the system all you want, but the parents drive education. The parents keep their kids out of gangs. The parents teach morality and social responsibility.

    The are but a few of the issues, and they are not racial issues. Sure, some people groups seem to have certain problems more heavily concentrated. So what? Lets work on the issues without the ugly politics of racism. And more than that, let’s not allow fear of being called a racist deter us from resolving the real problems.

    • WmarkW

      It’s not just the entitlement mentality per se that’s ruining America, but particularly the entitlement mentality of demographic identity politics. Believing everyone has the same right to society’s economies of scale to get over tough individual times (unemployment compensation, food stamps, Medicare) makes sense.

      The problems arise when groups decide they deserve more than they’re getting, due to who they are. An off-shoot of the belief that whites can’t see racism, is the belief that the appropriate steps to improve the lot of blacks must be the ones blacks prefer. If whites think blacks need more traditional families, better focus on education, and self-discipline to avoid crime and drugs; that’s because they can’t understand racism the way blacks do, who prefer government interventions and preferences in education and employment.

      As I said a year ago above, blacks couldn’t implement this politically by themselves if they weren’t allied with Hispanics and feminists making analogous demands. (Like the wage gap shows we need more invasive Fair Pay Acts, not that the gaps result from skill, working condition, and work/life balance differences between the sexes.) “Democracies perish when the people realize they can vote themselves money.” When there’s an electoral majority that believes society owes them economic parity for who they are and not what they do, it’ll be a one-way spiral to death.

  41. Diaz

    I grew up in India and I’m telling you – Indian Hindus are a HUGE threat to western democracy and values. Beware these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I remember Hindus eagerly queuing up to go to the US, only to return and bitch about what a degenerate country it was. F*****g hypocrites. I don’t understand why Whites aren’t keeping a closer watch on these pagan bastards.

    • Rahul

      Diaz, hey did you forget regardless of that much hatred you have against the majority still you were able to carry your lazy ass all these years in our country. if you hate any other religion in a country where that religion a majority would they allow you the post the garbage nor do you think they would allow your stray rotten ass to stay in their country?

  42. Eduardo

    I live in San Salvador, El Salvador and this robert lindsay lohan is what defines white trash, remind me of the whites making rich the blacks at the nba, they have no respect for their white counterparts and only have irresponsible sex with those empty-heads white girls. ONe of the few things that i like of this country is the real lack of these type n. they can only sing or do sports, that’s not going to make this world better.

  43. Whites created every thing from the car you black scumbags steal to the radios you play your jungle ” music” on!!!! 95% of blacks are animals and if the white man did not support there no good asses they would be dead all ready. Blacks are 17% of Americas population but 59% of prisons 57% of wall faire food stamps and free housing. It’s there actions that get them to 4 times more likely to do crime , not Finnish school not work not support there kids. Blacks are no good for any thing. No more supporting your useless asses!!!!! Blanks should kiss the asses of every white person you meet. Because with out the white man blacks would be dead or in jungle of Afferica being chases by animals. There is no country run by Blacks that is susessfull. America included!!!! Blacks only Destroy. They still use slavery as EXCUSSES for they actions! Bull shit!!! All blacks should support them self and there family or die. It’s how the world works. When more people are on government pay roll then are working In privet sector – then what??? Tax money pays your lazy criminal ass. You can do crime you can work. Non whites will destroy America for sure. But by doing that they will die all so!

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  46. MissNancy

    Look at any mall that went of out business in the US. The blacks would shoplift and rob customers in the parking lots, then the mall would close because customers didn’t feel safe. The Hickory Hollow Mall in the Nashville, TN area and the Pontiac Mall in Pontiac, MI are just two of many examples why blacks ruin everything!

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  49. marc

    biggest bullshit I ever heard!! Blacks make up 85% of the inmate population because they kill, sell drugs, and steal!! Illegal immigrants steal our jobs, manage to collect welfare, and our tax dollars pay for their future criminal babies to be born..Its not all blacks, but these lazy ghetto ones who want to collect welfare and sell drugs because they are too lazy to work are everywhere…Dont dare call me a racist, because you are blaming white people for destroying this country!! And guess what? war is a huge waste of money, butwe spend about 500 billion a year on WELFARE mostly to blacks and hispanics who load up the shopping carts with steaks and shrimp, then just swipe the access card..Meanwhile, they have new cars, free cellphones, and enough money for hair extensions!! Cant wait until Obama is finished ruining our country!!! Worst president ever..He badmouthed bush for giving us 9 trillion in debt..Obama more than doubled it..

  50. mark wayne manning

    Niggers and obama.Criminals and animals at heart.Good and Truth will win in the end.Something niggers and Obama and liberals no nothing about.

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