Why Has No Bigfoot Ever Been Shot?

The question that never ends about Bigfoot is, Where is the body?

Answer, we have already had a number of dead Bigfoots, mostly killed by humans, often by being shot. Numerous Bigfoots have been shot and killed in the past century alone. In all old or foreign cases, the bodies were simply buried of left in the woods. In general, people did not know what they had shot.

A number of Bigfoots were shot in the Pacific Northwest in the 1800’s. Back then, people thought Bigfoots were “wild men” or a wild tribe of Indians. This was in the pre-scientific era, and most did not understand the differences betwween the various types of Homo sapiens, and Bigfoot is surely a type of Homo sapiens. People just thought they were some kind of weird wild people, and they buried them like you bury any human.

Four Bigfoots were killed in China in ~25 years. One was eaten, the rest buried. In China, the Bigfoots are believed to be “wild men.” Once again, they are seen as humans, so when killed, they are buried just like people are.

A Bigfoot, Zana, lived with humans in Abkhazia in the late 1800’s and birthed some children with human men. There was a search for her grave recently, but it’s not known if it was ever found. Her grandson’s skull was dug up and was judged to be “human,” but he was only 1/4 Bigfoot. However, some aspects of his skull were very primitive, and certain measurements were completely outside of the known human range.

Keep in mind it is hard to say what a Homo sapiens sapiens skull actually is. For instance, the Mongo Lake modern humans in Australia from 20,000 are further from humans than Neanderthal skulls are, and have many Homo erectus features. Modern Aborigines retain many of these Erectus-like features.

In the US and Canada, the Bigfoots killed have been abandoned in the woods or buried by the shooters. In three cases I am aware of, the bodies were buried or abandoned because the hunters feared they were going to be prosecuted for homicide.

In one case, one was preserved on ice and taken on a travelling show around 1967-1968 before it was replaced by a wax model. This Bigfoot was shot dead in northern Minnesota in 1960 and then kept on ice for nine years. The owner was terrified of the legal implications, including his Air Force job and pension. He was also very frightened of being prosecuted for homicide or illegally transporting a corpse. Moving corpses around is illegal in most states. On advice of his attorney, he replaced it with a precise wax replica.

However, first it was shown to two prominent scientists who said it was a real body with the smell of putrefying flesh. The hairs and many other features were normal and could not have been glued on or faked. The scientists stayed with the body for three days and sketched it. A report of the incident was written up in a scientific journal in Brussels. The researchers described it as Homo Pongides, or a relict Neanderthal. The general feeling was that the body was one of a Neanderthal. Actually, it was a Bigfoot. This is the tale of the Minnesota Iceman.

Many Bigfoots, “rock-apes,” were killed in Laos and Vietnam during the Vietnam War by both sides. In addition, Bigfoots killed humans on both sides during the war. The Bigfoots there are violent and dangerous and often attack and kill humans. The humans in the area are said to hunt the Bigfoots and even eat them for food. This may be why the Bigfoots are so violent. The war seems to have driven the SE Asian Bigfoots nearly or totally extinct.

A number of apparent Bigfoot skeletons have been found, often thought to be Indian bones, albeit the bones of “giants.”

Back East, mostly in the 1800’s, many skeletons of “the giants” were found and documented, often in Indian mounds. In some cases, there was a layer of giants and then a layer of Indians below or above. This was a pre-scientific era, so the giants were just thought to an unknown extinct Indian tribe.

After all, humans come in all forms. We have tiny Pygmies, and we have Shaq O’Neill and Andre the Giant. They’re all human. As late as the 1920’s, there were major wars over evolution in the US. Recall the Clarence Darrow monkey trial. 50% of Americans are still so stupid that they don’t believe in evolution. In the 1800’s and even into the 1900’s, any human like skeleton, no matter how odd, was assumed to simply be a skeleton of a human.

Keep in mind: Bigfoot skeletons and skulls probably look quite human.

The Nevada BLM is apparently in possession of a few intact Bigfoot skeletons of “giant Indians” from Lovelock Cave, Nevada and a dry lake.

The local Paiutes say that when they showed up in Nevada, a tribe of giants was residing in the area. The giants had boats for the lakes and had mastered arrows and arrowheads. The giants frequently attacked the humans, killed them, took them back to their caves and ate them.

A war broke out between the humans the giants. The giants were cornered in Lovelock Cave. One broke out and was hit with arrows, but it ran off anyway. The rest were cornered in the cave. The Indians threw bushes in and set them on fire. All of the giants were killed in the fire and the giants were gone from the region.

Excavactions later took place in Lovelock Cave, and under a large area of burned material, a giant skeleton 7-8 feet tall was discovered. It appears the Indian legend was true after all! Later two more 7-8 foot skeletons of the giants were found at the bottom of dry lake bed. These skeletons were all said to be “Indians,” and are now in possession of the Nevada BLM.

The local Paiutes said that when the first came to Yosemite Valley, a tribe of giants lived there. The Paiutes killed off the giants. Around 1880, a mummified giant woman was found at the base of Bridalveil Falls. During the Gold Rush, a miner found a skull deep underground in Calaveras County. He thought it was human, so he took it to a doctor, but the doctor said no human had an occipital ridge like that. The whereabouts of the skull and mummy are unknown.

J.R. Harrington examined a couple of Bigfoot skulls in Santa Barbara, California in the early 1920’s and thought they were some sort of bizarre and archaic “giant” Indians.

According to Grover Kranz, a Bigfoot skull was discovered in California in 1964 and was given to the University of California. They said it was “human” and threw it in their collection of human skulls.

I am almost certain that we already have Bigfoot skulls and skeletons in our possession in America in US university collections, catalogued as “human” remains.

There are reports recently of Bigfoots being shot and killed and others of Bigfoots killed in car accidents. In many cases, the authorities sealed off the area and took the bodies away, never to be seen again.

In Washington state in the early 1960’s, the body was actually lifted off by the proverbial black helicopter along with federal agents dressed in black.

After the Mount St. Helens eruption of 1980, helicopters airlifted many dead animals, including two dead Bigfoots, out of the area. The Bigfoots were found in a river canyon. They were lifted out with the rest of the animal carcasses to a makeshift landfill some miles away where all of the animals were buried. Once again, coverup.

In 1999, a Bigfoot was badly burned in a forest fire on Battle Mountain, Nevada. It was treated at the scene where a veterinarian and an MD (!) were both (!) called in, then it was taken off in an unmarked van so it would not be spotted to a university hospital in the Bay Area where it was studied and treated for a few days. Then it was released into the woods about 150 miles from where it was taken.

All personnel present were forced to sign affadavits testifying that they would not speak of what they saw on penalty of job loss, loss of government G-1, G-2, etc. status, and loss of government pension. One BLM firefighter spilled the beans anonymously to researchers, but he is still in hiding.

Bigfoots get shot all the time in the US.

Bigfoots have been shot or shot at ~20 times in the past decade alone. Most of the time, people just shoot at them, and no one knows what happens. Quite a few other times, the Bigfoots are hit, often with more than one bullet, but they just scream and run off. Sure, you can kill a Bigfoot with a gun, but it’s not so easy, and you will probably just make it mad.

It appears that some humans have been killed by Bigfoots in recent years, including multiple killings at a BLM campsite off Highway 395 in Inyo County.

All incidents describe a subsequent government coverup.


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6 responses to “Why Has No Bigfoot Ever Been Shot?

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  2. Maurice Cloud

    Like Jesus . . ? Cheers!

  3. Real woodsman

    This is all bullshit the animal or human or whatever this mystical creature might be if shot would be worth a fortune to the shooter. With today’s DNA science and research the mystery of Bigfoot would be solved once and for all. The simple facts are no real conclusive evidence exists today or has ever existed I dont call crappy videos of a tallman in a gorilla suit or mysterious tracks that go nowhere out in the open for any halfwit to find solid evidence. What you have heard or referenced dubiously is all flimsy and assuredly fictitious tales told over a tankard in some lonely godforsaken excuse for a bar

  4. Emotion Aside (Laurie Eugene)

    After seeing the recently popular show and doing some internet research, I do believe that there is a basis in fact for these creatures. I also believe that government cover-up would be necessary for it not to become common knowledge. Yet, I believe the government(s) cover-up many things to prevent mass hysteria and other abuses, not just because it wants to flaunt its power. Yet, to say that 50% of people are “so stupid they don’t believe in evolution” is on par with Romney’s recent gaff. I thought that the whole idea of evolution is that it took thousands of years for one type or species to evolve into another? How is it then, that we find intermediate levels co-existing with a supposedly more evolved species? I myself believe in creation and that the true “stupidity” of many views and ethics will be shown for what they are, but I’m still open-minded enough to consider that there are things I don’t know, particularly animal species. Let’s stick to the facts of this matter rather than becoming insulting to others.

  5. chad

    yeah the worlds only 3000yrs old and we were all put here by god but not muslums god or budists god or hindu gods it was a rightuos jewish god that only loves jews and americans WAKE UP YOU SPASTICS

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