Possible Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Bigfoot’s Existence

I do not think much of most conspiracy theory, but after studying Bigfoot for a while, I believe that the government is covering up the existence of this creature. If one is ever killed or found dead, I would not notify authorities first. I would notify Bigfoot organizations and researchers and try to get them to the area to cart the body off somewhere safe. Otherwise, you might notify the news media as a last resort. I have a sinking feeling that if you notify the cops or feds, you will near see or hear of the body again.

I believe that the government has been studying Bigfoots for some time now. We have quite a bit of evidence along those lines. Bigfoot researchers searching in known areas are always running across government researchers of various types. They never admit to what they are up to, but to me, it’s obvious. They’re studying Bigfoot!

The military seems to be quite aware of Bigfoot. There are many, many sightings at Fort Pierce, Washington near Tacoma. In one case, a Bigfoot was shot, and blood samples were taken. The soldier who shot him was debriefed by an Air Force doctor who had flown in to the base for that purpose. He knew all about Bigfoots and asked the soldier many strange questions. The soldier was then debriefed and ordered not to speak of the incident.

Edwards Air Base in the high desert of California has many sightings, though it seems an odd place for Bigfoot to be. Supposedly the Bigfoots know they will not be harmed on the base so they come there. All reports on Bigfoot at EAB are classified, all MP witnesses have asked to be anonymous.

MP’s started to report sightings to organizations in the 1970’s, at the same time as there were many sightings around Lancaster. One MP said that Bigfoots were regularly sighted at the base, but troops were under strict orders not to harm them. The order was just to “observe.” EAB has a huge underground tunnel structure, and the Bigfoots kept getting into them. The orders were the same, “Observe.”

The air force did not feel that the Bigfoots were dangerous, and the MP reported that officers felt that they were just some undiscovered animal. The MP said that the Air Force kept this stuff classified because they did not want to deal with the fuss about it, and the resulting Bigfoot hunters drifting onto the base. In addition, the public might feel that the base could not secure its perimeter.

Strangely enough, the MP also said that there was a great deal of UFO activity at the air base. The Air Forces was very interested in the UFO’s, and was quite worried about them. The MP even said that the Air Force referred to them as EBI’s, or extra biological entities. The Air Force was not worried about the Bigfoots in part because they felt there was no connection between the Bigfoots and the EBI’s.

Subsequent interviews with five other Edwards Air Base MP’s have confirmed the MP’s story in all ways. An interview with an MP in the 1990’s indicated that Bigfoots were continuing to use the base.

One Texas Fish and Wildlife official said that the on the record of view of Bigfoot was that they don’t exist. Off the record? Off the record, he said, “They’re out there, they’re all over the place, there are lots of them, and we can’t do a damn thing about it!”

Why would the government wish to coverup Bigfoot’s existence? I feel the government is going to cover this up until they can’t do so anymore. More on that in another post.

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40 responses to “Possible Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Bigfoot’s Existence

  1. K Eggers

    It’s pretty clear that there is a general attitude about Bigfoot to “keep it quiet” among cops and various agencies, but I am skeptical of a “conspiracy” per se, since we’re talking about coordinating a lot of different, and not exactly mutually friendly, local, state, and federal agencies. That said, there is a common attitude in the military – I’m speaking from personal experience – to not talk openly about things like Bigfoot (ditto on UFOs), since it’s “just not done.” Makes this interesting because a lot of cops, soldiers, etc, have seen the thing. If there is a conspiracy it’s more about protecting logging areas for profit.

    • Gerald Barnes

      that last sentence makes sense

      • Richard

        The same logging industry that the government didn’t care about at all when the endangered species act protected some owl and prevented them from logging in its natural habitat?

        Here’s a radical idea, there is no Bigfoot, no Loch Ness Monster, no brontosaurus in the Congo, no megalodon, and no chupacabra.. It’s all BS.

    • Karen Davis

      Well since I first started to read about them, in my teens, now I am 61. I have believed in Bigfoot, granted I’ve never seen one, but that makes no difference. I still believe. Because there are more things in heaven and earth than we will ever know. And if you will just think about if they are guardians of our planet, because God knows that we’ve done a piss pore job of it ourselves. I do not mean man power,I mean nature.

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  3. CA2011

    If the government has already confiscated numerous bodies, then why the need for ‘secretive government agency researchers’ in the woods?

    Civilian Bigfoot researchers are out to gather proof of their existence…hair, scat, audio/video, etc.

    If you’ve already got the bodies, what else could they be searching for out in the woods?

    And with the ‘always running into’ line…it would sound like there are an awful lot of government spooks out in the forests looking for…..what?

    • james richards

      of course to study thier behaviour in the natural environment

    • Red dragon

      They are systematically eliminating these creatures in hopes to stop their discovery to the mainstream world, thus preventing millions in revenue being lost. Not to mention panic. These covert teams have under estimated the task and are now way behind schedule. Upper officials are very concerned that these creatures may be impossible to eliminate as they are very cunning and learn quickly. ….i

  4. The government is designed so that mlitary and law enforcement agencies can validate their existence by “guarding” the general public from harmful knowledge.When a cluster fuck like the Air Force finds fringe artifacts like say bigfoot or Jesus they are compelled by their own percieved “manifest destiny” to keep this damaging knowledge from harming the public’s perfect Disneyesque world of consumerism.

  5. The gov-started in 1954 , opp-wisper.
    The key is dead bears with there lower jars missing.
    The male b-foots do this to show there strength.

  6. nick

    all of these theories about why they’re being covered up seem to be false in my opinion, the logging industry realisticly wouldn’t loose any money really, because the majority of bigfoot live in areas that loggers can’t even get to. the religion theory is flawed as well because they are so crazy that they will still come up with crap, think about it, how do you tell a fundementalist christian,muslim,jew, etc.. who has dedicated their whole life to religion, that all of the sudden its been proven wrong? they simply won’t exept it. The science thing does have grounds though. Science is so corrupted by reputation-fearing and ego’s and corporate sponsor corruption that anything that comes from them can’t really be trusted, bigfoot would screw with the evolutionist theory alot.

    I think the main reason the feds don’t want it to be realized is because one simple reason: governments NEVER admit to something being out of their control. WHY? because people would loose faith in the government ( not saying most already haven’t) and bigfoot, is obviously out of their control. they wont admit to there being giants out in the woods that are almost as smart as us, but at the same time, bigger than bears. people would freak at the idea of a race of living cavemen that can rip us to shreds but also think very similiar to us. MISSING 411 ANYONE? they obviously won’t tell anything about the missing people because it could lead to a discovery.

    • Thank you. Obviously these things have been discovered down through the years. Clearly Dyer’s Bigfoot was not the first one. That makes no sense at all.

    • Timbo

      How would these creatures be any more dangerous (physically) than a grizzly or polar bear? Yes, the idea that they have at least a semi-intelligence would probably make them more “creepy” to many people, but to those of us that frequent the wild lands regularly they wouldn’t pose any more of a threat than any other large predator. We, as humans, could, and would in my case, be able to handle nearly any number of them because we are armed to do so. I regularly carry a magnum class high powered rifle as well as a powerful sidearm which in either case would kill a bigfoot just as easily as a bear.

  7. nick

    also, you wrote about a texas fish and game official saying off record that they are real, how do you know about this? do you have a link, or did you simply hear him or something like that?

  8. nick

    Hey robert, do you think it would be safe to assume that most (if not all) wildlife officials would know about these things?

  9. nick

    Robert, ive been hearing about this “documentary” that rick dyer has and apperently has his bigfoot stored somewhere close to where i live (las vegas) and he wont show the body until a “contractual agreement ” is fulfilled. Is there any word when this is coming out? (Or at all). Because he said somewhere in april

  10. nick

    i recently read something online about a mathew johnson. He says that he was in the oregon caves and had 2 incidents about a cover up about bigfoot there. the first was in the caves with his wife. They had a park ranger come out to look at large tracks. the ranger sayed “this isn’t a bear track, its a sasquatch track”. “the park has taken a policy to not discuss these sightings publicly” his response to that is: ” why would they have an official policy to not talk about it? cover up? (however that simply sounds like they don’t talk about it because it would make them look like idiots for talking about it if you ask me). and another part. he had a conference about something in oregon with 150+ people. he talked about it for a while, but then said ” when bigfoot is officially proven, i dont think congress will be able to deal with the ramifications” then, congressman RON WYDEN of oregon came on and talked what he would do for the state, etc.. but then turned to johnson at the end and said infront of everyone ” i assure you when bigfoot is proven congress will be fully prepared to deal with the ramifications” and everyone in the audience gasped, whispered, etc.. (ron wyden is on the senate inteligence commitee, so it would make sense that he would know)

  11. nick

    if rick dyer is telling the truth,and he has it hidden somewhere in vegas like you (and him) are saying, i bet i know where it is. There is only one 100% safe place to keep a bigfoot body like that here in vegas, since i live their. That place is called:24/7 PRIVATE VAULTS. It has safety deposit boxes, but also has MASSIVE vaults. They are much larger than people, and can definently store an iceblock with a body inside it. It’s so secure because the only way you can access the vault is to scan the iris of someone eye. (ie ricks the only one who can get in if he really has a body)

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  13. josephanthony

    Dear Rick and all, the code for them is [weather clock]

  14. Bigfoot photos…the real ones cause havoc with the authorities. That is why there is a glut of kids in furry pajamas and adults in ill fitting suits, not to mention television show idiots with lights and cameras facing forward at night. While the real creatures follow BEHIND YOU !!, if you enter their domain! As a long time woods walker I find that ALL information about Bigfoot is non proven and usually recommends the EXACT things and methods to do that ensures you will see nothing! It sucks, but that’s just the way it is! E mail these so called researchers and tell them they aren’t fooling anyone anymore!! Including Moneyfaker! et al.The real Bigfoot are shy and not a threat to anyone unless you are a fish! That’s what they eat, not humans!

  15. Given that the discovery of Bigfoot would be second only to aliens in terms of significance, I would imagine that the government would keep it a secret and cover up, much like their protocol for aliens, given the secretive nature of the government.

    • big g

      The government’s first course of business in dealing with anything is coverup and keep secret until such time its is nessisary to break silence. Of course they have been studying . The freedom of information act is a joke.

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  18. David

    It is highly doubtful that a soldier on a military base shot a Sasquatch. As a current active duty soldier, I can say without doubt that soldiers do not walk around with loaded weapons. When we do have our weapons, we are only issued ammunition before qualification ranges and live fire exercises. Ammunition is then turned in immediately and accounted for. Military Police do however patrol bases with a 9 mm pistol but but would only discharge this small caliber weapon in self-defense or to save someone’s life. Bogus claim.

  19. I LOVED this Post. It’s so mind blowing.

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