Beast of Gum Hill Video

Nice video recorded in Gum Hill, which is in southwest Virginia in Appalachian Mountains.

Ignore the dangerous and evil wild animal destroying a poor innocent stream with his despicable ATV.

Focus instead on the gentle and decent cryptid that walks across the stream, retrieves an infant on the other side, puts it on his shoulder, and walks away. The community is divided on this video, and no one knows what to think of it. If it’s a hoax and a guy with a costume, it’s a damn good one. Notice how the animal in the ATV is focusing completely on its task of destroying the stream. If it was a hoax, it would have been looking ahead and anticipating the costume guy.

The cryptid is approximately 8 fucking feet tall! You can tell by comparing the size of the cryptid with the fat animal riding the ATV. Look at how fast it strides across that stream. The stream is ~45-60 feet across. The cryptid moves across the stream in only nine strides. That’s probably impossible for a human of any size.

If it’s a hoax, that must be Shaq O’Neill in a Gilly suit.

That’s the animal’s hillbilly female mate yelling, “What was that?” at the end.

Unfortunately, the cryptid in this vid is a “Blobsquatch.” Typical of so many Bigfoot videos.

Try this enhanced version instead.

One of the arguments for this thing being a hoax is that no Bigfoot would get anywhere near the wild animal and his mechanical beast that is wrecking the stream. However, it wanted to rescue its infant. Interesting that we now have three videos – Memorial Day, Freeman, and Gum Hill, in which Bigfoots put themselves in full view of humans to apparently rescue young ones and take them away. That would seem to be a good reason for a very shy creature to put itself in full view.

I regard this as a video of a real Bigfoot. The enhanced version is pretty amazing.


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2 responses to “Beast of Gum Hill Video

  1. Angie

    First of all, you need to do spell check on your hilarious posts. “CRYTID” As for trying to make this guys wife look stupid, I am from the south myself, and we don’t like being called “hillbilly” by shit eating nerds. As for you calling his ATV “Despicable” HAHAHA Dont hate!! You are just afraid to ever get on a motorcycle or ATV. Your blog was very cruel and ugly, and I hope a sasquatch hunts you down and feeds on your little pansy ass!!!!!!

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