Asians Are Black?

Are Asians really Black people?

This video seems to imply that they are. I thought Asians and Blacks were two different races? I’m confused now.

Are these what you call chiggers? Or maybe these are really confused Asians who are pretending to be Black people?

Also, check out the part where the Asian wigger scores the hot Black chick in the bathroom or wherever. How does an Asian guy get a hot Black babe by pretending to be a Black person? Fuck that, Black girls aren’t that stupid. They would see through that right away. Does that seem right? That’s not even physically possible, is it? I mean in the realm of non-fiction. So maybe this story is just made up after all then.


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21 responses to “Asians Are Black?

  1. tulio

    I dunno. All I do know is I need to find a party like this.

  2. Wade in MO

    “Asian wigger ”

    That term makes no sense. I think the term you’re looking for is ‘changsta’.

  3. Dota-Player

    We’re different races allright. I can’t see the video as I’m at work and its blocked, but consult the study conducted by Deluca in the late 1990s. South Asians in particular are 3 times furthur away from Blacks than they are from Italians according to the good doctor.

  4. tulio

    Random fact, many Chinese guys that built the railroads in America married black women. They weren’t allowed to marry white women because of segregation. So I guess there is a limited precedent for Asian guys getting together with black women.

  5. Hacienda

    Snoop Dogg makes this song.

  6. Lots of Japanese-Americans like R&B/Funk & basketball.

  7. ee

    i think what is meant by “are asians black” is that they could be the same genetically as some races south of the sahara although i highly doubt it.

  8. How are they acting black? I’m black and I don’t act like that.

  9. U guy are dum Asian were black until albinos invaded the land with their wickedness

  10. White people I mean albinos are the only race that are lost and don’t know wher them come from they have no culture

  11. Yang

    I am Asian. I think I might be more black than white. I act like negative just like blacks do and tendency to wear colorful clothings. Blacks are always around me and whites avoid me. They would rather be with filthy Hispanics than me!! White people are optimistic and I am fucking opposite like blacks. Hating life and thinking death etc. I was with white people and I just can’t figure it out what to do jut like black kid

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