Guys: Do You Like Your Women Hairy or Shaved?


Based on the article above, please comment.

I thought the general argument was that Asian women are a lot less hairy than White women?

I don’t get it.


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15 responses to “Guys: Do You Like Your Women Hairy or Shaved?

  1. person

    Her hair seems to have a brownish color. She probably comes from one of the rare or unknown Marcrohaplogroup K derivative lineages that exist in Asia.

    I’ve dated Asian girls ranging Cambodian girls, Vietnamese to Han Chinese. The Cambodian girls I’ve dated have been quite a bit more hairy (down there) than the Chinese girls. They also need to shave their legs quite often while Chinese girls do not. I’ve also noticed South East Asian girls need to wear deodorant (musky smell) while the Chinese girls don’t.

  2. Gay State Girl

    “I thought the general argument was that Asian women are a lot less hairy than White women?”

    I can attest that that is completely false. With Indian women anyway.

    • Cyrus

      Well, Indians ain’t really Asian. 🙂

      • Dota-Player

        lol wtf? ^

        • Wade in MO

          “lol wtf? ”

          When americans say asian they generally mean oriental or mongoloid peoples*.

          *Central asians are different. Some are confused because many of them are mixed race partial mongoloids, but most americans just don’t know they exist. In the mind of most americans the Caspian Sea could stretch all the way to the chinese border and nothing would be different.

        • Cyrus

          Like Wade said. In American lingo, Asian equals East Asian, i.e “oriental.” That goes for East Asians speaking amongst themselves as well. Indians are, well…Indian. To the average white redneck American, everyone from Morocco to Bangladesh is the “same.” No nuance needed.

          Sorry to break it to you, “Dota.”

  3. Harry S

    Preferences aside, I would have hard time trusting any man who was disgusted by women who don’t shave below.

    • tulio

      Women don’t need to shave clean(though I prefer it), but they need to at least trim. A woman having a big unkempt, hippy looking bush is disgusting. Especially if the hair is intruding up the crack of her ass. I remember once being at the beach with a group of people. One girl was a friend of a friend. She was wearing a bikini and though attractive, apparently new nothing of grooming down below. When sat down with her legs bended up, you could see all this hair protruding out the side of the bikini showing she had a complete fur burger and hair ass crack. I was disgusted.

    • governmentcheese

      It’s irrelevant to me–unless they expect me to go down. In that case, they need to shave.

  4. Cyrus

    I like a nice little landing strip, now and then…Just to make sure the curtains match the drapes and all that jazz.

  5. I created a Website about 3 years ago partially devoted to the topic of Hairy Asian Women, as well as Asian Women in their 80s and 90s… From what I’ve seen, Japanese women seem to have the most profuse public hair, while Chinese women appear to be more strong in the Hairy Armpit department. We also have a few Hairy Legged ladies on the Website as well.

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