“New York Baby” Bigfoot Footage

Great footage of a baby Bigfoot and climbing a tree in New York. Its parent lifts it up in the tree and then it plays up there for a while. The footage was shot in 1996 by Doug Pridgen in New York state. The nearest town is Poughkeepsie. It takes place at Lembo Lake between Modena and Ardonia near the Catskill Mountains.

The people had no idea of the animals in the background until afterwards when they were transferring the footage onto VHS.

According to prominent primatalogists, the figure in the video is either an exceptionally large gibbon, a small chimpanzee or an unclassified primate species. The possibility exists that someone released an ape into the surroundings. However, this is unlikely, as few people keep apes as pets and it’s illegal to do so in most states.

There are many reports of baby Bigfoots climbing trees. Apparently they are typically quadripedal until they are three or four years old when they start to walk upright. At this stage, they have been seen many times in trees. Young Bigfoots are vulnerable to predators, so it’s logical that they should be arboreal when young to protect themselves. There is an adult Bigfoot to the right lifting the baby Bigfoot into the tree, but you can’t see it very well.

This Bigfoot footage is quite famous now.

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