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How Many Bigfoots in North America?

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is an expert on Bigfoot. He is a professor of anthropology and anatomy with expertise in the foot anatomy of primates. He was a Bigfoot skeptic until he examined some footprints from the Blue Mountains in Oregon about 15 years ago. He was so shocked by what he saw that he became a believer.

He recently gave a presentation in which he estimated that there may be 500-750 Bigfoots in North America. I think this is not a bad estimate. My own estimate would be 1000.

500-750 would be enough for a reproductive population. There are only 300 wolverines in North America, and they reproduce.

Bigfoots are long-lived, living up to 35-40 years. They invest heavily in their young. The young live with the parents until they are 8-10 years old. They exist in small family units. Bigfoots are apex predators similar to grizzly bears. They have few if any known enemies other than man. Even Black bears are terrified of them.

Bigfoots are cautious, sure-footed and do not injure easily. Their proclivity to diseases is unknown. They are occasionally killed by cars and hunters, but that’s about it. A number were reportedly killed in the Mt. St. Helens eruption.

Since Bigfoots are long-lived, invest heavily in offspring and are infrequently killed, it stands to reason that a small population could subsist over a large area for a long period of time. After all, look how long Homo sapiens has existed on Earth. Nothing has killed us off yet either. Highly intelligent species which are apex predators can show great persistence.

Dr. John Bindernagel has a PhD in wildlife biology and is also a believer in Bigfoot. He recently saw one in Kentucky. He estimates that there are up to 4,000 Bigfoots in North America. There are problems with the larger estimate. If there were 4,000, would we not see them and encounter them more often?

Chris Noel, a sometimes gullible research who is an expert on so-called Bigfoot habitations, where individuals develop a close relationship with a group of Bigfoots, feels that there are up to 100,000 Bigfoots in North America. This strikes me as insane. That’s way too many. That’s one Bigfoot for every 10 Black bears. Can’t be. Daniel Perez has also said that there are 100,000 Bigfoots in North America.

Dr. Grover Krantz, the late famous anthropologist, estimated that there was 1 Bigfoot for every 1,000 Black bears. There are an incredible 1 million Black bears in North America. That gives us 1,000 Bigfoots, which was my estimate. However, Krantz also said that he thought there were 2,000 Bigfoots in the Pacific Northwest alone.

The Bigfoot Researchers Organization estimates that there are 2,000-6,000 Bigfoots in North America.

An estimate of 500-1,000 Bigfoots solves numerous problems, such as the fact that they are infrequently seen and have somehow avoided scientific discovery up until now. A Bigfoot is much smarter than any animal in the forest. They know all about traps and never get caught in them. They even avoid trail cameras for the most part, because the cameras give off a low frequency sound that humans can’t hear. However, I have seen two decent trail cam pictures of possible Bigfoots. There are quite a few purported trail cam photos of Bigfoots, but many of them are questionable.


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Wolverines In Oregon

Note: Repost from the old blog.

Separate posts on this blog deal extensively with wolverines in Washington, Idaho (here and here), Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, the Upper Midwest and New Mexico. There are also five separate posts on the wolverine in California.

This post was split off from an earlier post that got too large, California Wolverine Re-discovered After 86 Years. This particular post will deal with the question of wolverines in the state of Oregon.

It is true that there have been no proven occurrences of wolverines in Oregon since 1992, but there is considerable anecdotal evidence that they live there, including many sightings. Five wolverines have been collected since 1965, one live and four dead. That’s four more than have been collected in California.

Further, aerial surveys in recent years have found discovered what appear to be wolverine tracks, snow tunnels and in a few cases winter dens on the top of high Oregon peaks. No such findings have turned up in California, but no aerial surveys have yet been attempted either. All of this implies that the wolverine is in better shape in Oregon than in California.

The wolverine seems to be in best shape in Washington, then in Oregon, and finally in worst shape in California.

In Oregon, a wolverine was trapped in 1986 in Wheeler County, a wolverine was found dead on I-84 in Hood River County in 1990 and another was recovered as a partial skeleton in Grant County 1992.


An unnamed lake at the end of an unnamed trail in the Wallowa Mountains in far northeast Oregon. This is definitely a Great Basin Range. On April 2 and April 13, 2011, two wolverines were spotted on trail cams here in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. In addition, tracks were found. This was the first positive proof of wolverines in Oregon in 19 years.

Early March surveys by airplane in 1997-98 (video of the aerial surveys with awesome footage of a live wolverine and tracks in winter in Washington) found 12 sets of tracks, 2 snow tunnels and one possible wolverine den on the Mount Thielsen Wilderness and two sets of tracks on the Rogue/Umpqua Divide Wilderness, both on the Umpqua National Forest.

The elevations in the Mount Thielsen Wilderness were 7,000-7,200 feet.



On March 8, 1997, state and federal biologists found three sets of possible wolverine tracks on 7,000 foot+ ridgelines north of Mt. Thielsen in the Mt. Thielsen Wilderness on the Umpqua National Forest. One set of tracks included a possible wolverine den. On the same day, researchers noted possible wolverine tracks at the head of Devil’s Canyon on nearly Mt. Bailey (8,375 feet).

Mt. Thielsen is a 9,182 foot peak. On March 20, 1998, a federal biologist spotted eight sets of possible wolverine tracks and two possible wolverine snow tunnels in this wilderness area.


The spectacular sweeping and dense forests of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness. On March 10-11, 1998, state and federal biologists spotted two possible sets of wolverine tracks here.


In 1998 in more March surveys, more tracks were found at 8,000 feet on Mt. McLoughlin and on Devil’s Peak in the Sky Lakes Wilderness in the Winema and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests, and more were seen in 1998 at Fuller Lake in the Boulder Creek Wilderness.


On March 20, 1998, state and federal wildlife biologists spotted possible wolverine tracks at 8,000 feet on the north side of Mt. McLoughlin, shown here. The mountain rises to 9,495 feet. This peak is west of Upper Klamath Lake, north of Mount Shasta in California and south of Crater Lake.


Devil’s Peak (7,300 feet) in the Sky Lakes Wilderness south of Crater Lake National Park. Possible wolverine tracks were seen by an aerial crew here on March 20, 1998. Note the ugly clearcuts in the background. This is why I oppose clearcutting so much. It’s totally devastating to a forest to cut it like that.


Wolverine tracks were photographed on the side of a Jeep near Silverton, Oregon in Marion County. The sighting occurred in October 15, 2009. The photo was shown to a zoologist, Charles Clapsaddle, who identified them as wolverine prints. Sightings occur occasionally in the next county to the south, Linn County, in the foothills of the Cascades.


Steens Mountain in far southeast Oregon. Hikers resting in a streambed saw a wolverine through their binoculars from 1/3 of a mile away on an overhanging hill. They watched him for a number of minutes. He seemed to be digging. In addition, a wolverine was trapped and released here in 1973. This is high desert, but note the road-killed wolverine above in similar high desert territory at the Dalles.

The area used to be full of lakes and was very lush and productive. Various California Indian tribes like the Miwok, Yokuts and Ohlone probably originated here over 5,000 years ago during the wet weather.

They then moved down the Oregon-California border to Lake Tahoe, where they crossed into the Delta. From there, they probably split to become the Ohlone, Miwok and Yokuts. These three language groups do seem to be related, but the degree of their relatedness is not known. Some say they are all just under Penutian, with no special relationship amongst them.

Strawberry Lake in the Blue Mountains in the Strawberry Lake Wilderness Area. Wolverines were seen on two separate occasions on the Wenaha Unit in the Blue Mountains, one in 2006 and another in 1991. A timber wolf was also seen here, probably a wanderer from Idaho. Another Great Basin Range in Eastern Oregon.


A spectacular shot of the Boulder Creek Wilderness in Oregon. Photo taken by T. A. Klingenberg. On March 10-11, 1998, surveyors found possible wolverine tracks here.


There was an unverified sighting of a wolverine on the Umpqua Trail near Roseberg, Oregon in 2001 along the Jessie Wright Trail Segment in the Umpqua National Forest.


The North Umpqua Trail on the Umpqua National Forest. There was an unverified sighting of a wolverine here in 2001 in Jessie Wright segment of the trail in the Boulder Creek Wilderness.

In 1996, a wolverine was seen on a trail leading down from a peak near Olallie Lake on the Mount Hood National Forest.

In 1993, a wolverine was spotted during summer on Road 100 in the Rogue River National Forest north or Rancheria Road.


This is a recent photo of the area along Cobleigh Road in Butte Falls, Oregon. In summer 1993, there was an unverified sighting of a wolverine on Road 100 in the Rogue River NF, which is about 6 miles northwest of here. This is in the same general area as the sighting around Prospect, Oregon, in the Rogue River Gorge.

In Autumn 1992, a wolverine was seen on Dead Indian Road near Lily Glen.

This is Dead Indian Road in the Umpqua National Forest. There was an unverified wolverine sighting seen here in Autumn 1992 near the Lily Glen Equestrian Area, an historical site that preserves one of the area’s first settlements.

In October 1990, a hunter saw a wolverine at Mill Creek six miles north of Prospect in the Rogue River NF.

Mill Creek Falls north of Prospect, Oregon in the Rogue River Gorge. There was an unverified wolverine sighting on Mill Creek in October 1990. An elk hunter saw one at his camp 6 miles north of Prospect.

Wolverine tracks have been seen on the Diamond Lakes Ranger District of the Umpqua.

A wolverine was seen south of La Pine in northern Klamath County in the 1990’s.

Tracks were confirmed on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in the northeastern part of Oregon in the 1990’s, and during the same period, possible wolverine sign was detected on the Malheur, Deschutes, Rogue, and Fremont National Forests. In addition, wolverine tracks were seen at Snow Bunny Snow Park on the Mount Hood National Forest in 1990.

There was an incredible finding west of the Dalles at Rowena on the Colombia River in 1990 when a wolverine was run over by a car. This area is hot, dry Great Basin steppe and is far from any wilderness area. This goes to show that wolverines live in many locales in the West, including the high, dry Great Basin plateaus and mountains.

The Dalles near Rowena Gorge. It’s hard to believe that wolverines live in such hot and dry terrain, but apparently they do. A wolverine was killed by a car here on Highway 84 in 1990.

In the late 1970’s, local newspapers carried multiple reports of wolverine sightings around Chemult on the Umpqua National Forest.

In 1965, a wolverine was shot on Three-Fingered Jack Mountain in the Oregon Cascades. This was the first confirmed report since 1912.

Three-Fingered-Jack Mountain in the Oregon Cascades, where a wolverine was shot by a hunter in 1965, the first verified report of a wolverine since 1912. At the time, the wolverine was thought to be extinct in the state.


Since then, wolverines have been reported from the Cascades, as noted above, and in addition in northeastern Oregon in the Blue Mountains, the Wallowas, and even on Steens Mountain in the far southeast of the state.

There have also been sightings recently near Pullman in southeastern Oregon near the Idaho border.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife feels that wolverines occur or are suspected to occur in the following counties: Baker, Clackamas, Crook, Deschutes, Douglas, Grant, Harney, Hood River, Jackson, Jefferson, Klamath, Lake, Lane, Linn, Malheur, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Wasco and Wheeler.


Biodiversity Legal Foundation, Predator Conservation Alliance, Defenders of Wildlife, Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, and Superior Wilderness Action Network. 2000. Petition for a Rule to List the wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus) as Threatened or Endangered under the Endangered Species Act within the Contiguous United States. Submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service on July 11, 2000.

Predator Conservation Alliance. 2001. Predator Conservation Alliance’s Literature Summary – Draft – January 24, 2001 – Draft Conservation Status and Needs of the Wolverine (Gulo gulo).


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Canadian Politics

Wade writes:

The NDP sounds like another limpwristed anti-white faggot fest.  It’s kind of ridiculous that you’ve gotten so weird that you now hate quasi-socialist Canadians for being too far right.  Do you think it may have something to do with diversity, or, more importantly, bitter sixties holdovers who keep whining at them because they didn’t carry through “the revolution” far enough?

Maybe the left would have more success if they stopped insisting on calling everything ‘rayciss’ and stop trying to overwhelm everyone living here with foreigners.  The true irony is that the more and more they have been successful in implementing their multiculturalist pro-immigration agenda, the more and more bitterly against them people have become.

Then they have the gall to talk about “extremists”. Were republicans this radically capitalist in the 1950s? Were white americans this radically capitalist at anytime before?

You are conflating US politics with Canadian politics. As I understand it, Canada is still overwhelmingly White. However, some of the big cities back east like Toronto have become quite multicultural. Nevertheless, this has not translated into any kind of politics yet either pro or anti-diversity. In other words, it’s simply not an issue.

The Canadian Left does not run around screaming “racist” all the time, because almost everyone is White, and Canada has few race problems. The Canadian Left is not about social issues like gay rights, minority rights or anti-White stuff. It’s pro-working class. The NDP is a socialist party.

The Conservative Party has become frighteningly rightwing. Canada was one of the only Western states to go rightwing 10 years ago. Harper’s vision of Canada is scaru indeed. If Canadians are electing these clowns, then they indeed are moving to the Right.

It’s hard to say what this crap is all about. The suburbs tend to vote Conservative, as in the US. In particular, the suburbs of Quebec and Toronto vote Conservative. This is just like US suburbs voting Republican. It’s probably more due to class than race.

The prairies are Conservative territory, where the Conservatives run as “rural populists” and campaign on issues like allowing people to destroy the environment as much as possible to get the oil out of the shale. They’re like a bunch of rednecks from Wyoming or Montana with socialized medicine. British Colombia is populist Left and has voted NDP for a long time. The prairies have also seen an upsurge in Christian fundamentalism. The prairies resent the urban elites back East and don’t want to sell them their oil for cheap. It’s a rural versus urban thing.

Wade has a serious problem. He tends to see too many issues through a cultural or racial lens.

In Canada, cultural Left and PC race stuff are just not on the radar. There is no debate about immigration. The country is very thinly populated. Everyone is White, and there are few racial fissures. In Canada, most politics boils down to class. Wade continuously replaces a class view of politics with a racial or cultural view of politics, in many cases erroneously. Bay Are Guy does the same thing.

These guys are looking at class society through racially tinged glasses, and they can’t see straight.


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Bigfoot DNA

Davey writes:

RL: ‘Bigfoot DNA is currently being sequenced.’

You’ve written that a few times. Sequenced by who? It takes a week at most to sequence DNA.

There is no DNA evidence at all.

Dr. Melba S. Ketchum is doing the work.

They had to work through a lot of samples, and they wanted to get everything right. It’s an unknown animal, so there is no reference against which to look at the DNA. Some of the samples were from known animals, so those had to be ruled out. Then she had to go through the rest of the samples to see if she could identify a pattern, all the while trying to rule out or keep at a minimum contamination.

It often takes a pretty long time to sequence DNA of unknown species. As I recall it took them years to figure out that Neandertal bred with humans. Nuclear DNA contains 3 million base pairs. Most DNA sequencing is quick and dirty and only looks at 300 or 1000 base pairs.

Ketchum is being extremely careful to do this right because of all the skeptics. She knows that the skeptics are going to be all over this, tearing it to pieces. In fact, they are already ripping her to shreds as we speak. Further, the skeptics have already announced that they will reject all of the DNA evidence.

In addition, Ketchum took her time to do this completely properly so it would pass peer review. Peer review is expected to be very tough because almost all scientists insist that there is no Bigfoot.

The work is done. Ketchum was a skeptic at first, however now she is a believer. She says she is 100% certain the Bigfoots exist as a valid species. She is also 100% certain that the work will withstand peer review.

The work has been done and it’s out for peer review right now, I believe.

The results have been linked that Bigfoots are in the Homo line, but are not human.

In fairness to skeptics like Davey, Ketchum’s paper is still going through peer review and may never be accepted for publication. Even if it is accepted, her conclusions may not be correct. If it is accepted for publication, it is sure to ignite a firestorm of criticism.


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Great Article on the NDP in Canada

From Ian Welsh.

The NDP or New Democratic Party, is a Left political party in Canada. They have traditionally been a 3rd party behind the Conservatives and the Liberals.

The Conservatives are increasingly like the Republican Party in the US, and that is really frightening. They have a large base in the prairies, especially in Alberta. What is more frightening is that bonehead Christian fundamentalism is increasing in Canada, especially in the rural areas such as the prairies. The Liberal Party, which used to be a good party under Chretien and Trudeau, is increasingly lousy.

In recent years, the Left has won 60% of the vote, but since they split it 3 ways, Canada ended up with Conservative governments. The rightwing Premier, Harper, is a frightening man who seeks to turn his party into the Canadian version of the Republican Party. His vision of Canada is to make it more like America – rightwing, stupid, dysfunctional, backwards and barbaric. Lately, the emboldened Conservatives have gone after the labor movement full-bore.

The Liberals ran a big campaign saying that the Conservatives wanted to get rid of socialized medicine (very popular in Canada) but the public’s reaction seemed to be that the Liberals can’t be trusted with it either.

Quebec votes Left, but lately they have abandoned the Bloc Quebecois and favor of the NDP. The economy of Ontario is tied in with the US auto industry, so it is in ruins. The Conservatives make hay over this, while promising to do absolutely nothing about it, similar to the Republican Party runs attacking a bad economy and promoting measures that will make the economy even worse. The idiots in the Ontario suburbs, out of work and broke, vote rightwing. Sound like out and work and broke White Americans? Sure it does.

Alberta votes Conservative due the tar sands industry. Extraction of oil from these sands is an incredibly destructive matter, but Albertans are just rednecks and they don’t care. They just want the loot.

Many Canadians seem to looking towards the NDP, which is great. It’s possible that the next election could see the NDP and the Liberals governing in a coalition.


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Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China

Incredibly weird video from China. The footage is from Sichuan Province, China. Although it is all in Chinese, I am familiar with this story.

The boy’s mother said that she was kidnapped by a Yeren, the Chinese wildman or Bigfoot which probably does exist in China, and raped repeatedly, then abandoned. She went back to her village and gave birth to this son nine months later. He never learned to speak any language, but he did obtain passive language competence, that is, he could understand what was said to him. He died at age 33. I don’t know much else about the case.

Skeptics are insisting that he is microencephalic, but that could not be, as such persons are small in stature. I’m sure there has never been a microencephalic anywhere near this tall. They are also saying that his mother was ashamed of giving birth to a retarded kid, so she made up the story about being raped by a Yeren.

He does somewhat look like a Bigfoot-human crossbreed. His head and jaw look funny and somewhat ape-like. His arms seem to be extremely long. His head sits right on top of his shoulders, and he seems to have no neck. His shoulders are very wide.When he sits, he just plops his ass right down.

The American Indians of the NW said that Bigfoots would sometimes kidnap young women and take them away. The women would sometimes return later. At times they would be pregnant. The offspring were viable, but they were not quite right. Often they had very long, gangly arms. Some were so wild that they could never be tamed properly.

There have been 12 documented cases of human-yeti/Almas/Yeren breeding in the 20th century from Russia and China. I don’t have any more details on these cases.

There is a famous case from Abkhazia of an Almas named Zana who was captured, tamed, and subsequently bred with a local man and had four children by him.

One son was named Kwit. He was extremely strong; he could lift up a chair with a man sitting in it with his teeth! Kwit was normal, except he was extremely strong and had a very quick temper. He died, and his grave was excavated. His skull had some odd features, and aspects of it were outside the human range. Nevertheless, some experts pronounced it fully Homo sapiens. Kwit’s DNA has been tested, and it came back 100% Homo sapiens, which is odd once again. The grave of the mother, Zana, was never able to be located.

The Almas are the most civilized of the Bigfoot types. They reside in the Caucasus and have long history of interactions with humans. They have long hair on their heads that extends down to the middle of their backs. The females have long, droopy breasts that are hairless. Their faces are more human and less apelike than the American Bigfoots. They sometimes use clothing which they steal from the local humans, and have even used tools such as clubs. For the most part, they reside in caves.

However, they are covered with hair. Russian investigators have long thought that Almas were relict Neandertals.

Bigfoot DNA is currently being sequenced. Results have come back “Homo, but not human.” If these yeti types really are in the human line, then possibly they could indeed breed with humans, but the results would be less than ideal from a human point of view.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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The Northern Spotted Owl

Interesting article from the Smithsonian Magazine on Northern Spotted Owls. They are being displaced, but not by man, primarily by Barred Owls, a competitor. This raises an interesting conundrum about what we should do about it.

But the Barred Owl invasion is being caused by man. Barred owls do better in the more open forest that is created by massive clearcutting, while Spotted Owls prefer closed canopy old growth. Others say the move west by Barred Owls was due to fire suppression which opened up more forests for them. Yet others say that it’s simply a natural range expansion.

The timber industry is in court litigating now, saying the Spotted Owl decline was caused by Barred Owls and not logging. But it was caused by both, and the logging may have created the more open conditions favored by the Barred Owl. Anyway, returning to massive logging will just reduce spotted owls even further. It’s not a solution.

It’s clear to me that Northern Spotted Owls qualify for uplisting from Threatened to Endangered. The USFWS has been deliberately starved for funds for decades now, first by Republican Bill Clinton, then by Republican George Bush and now by Republican Barack Obama. Barack Obama has a worse record on endangered species even than George Bush’s father, George Bush Sr.

Incidentally, the California Spotted Owl lives in this region, though I have never seen one. It desperately needs to be listed as at least Threatened, but it’s never going to happen, especially under Republican Barack Obama.

The Mexican Spotted Owl lives in the Southwest. It has been listed as Threatened. If I am not mistaken, it is continuing to decline.

DNC Democrats, the mainstream Dems since 1990, are characterized by a savage, vicious hatred for all environmental issues. They are corporate, rightwing Democrats. Bill Clinton was a nightmare on all things environmental, and Obama has been catastrophically worse than Clinton. I don’t understand Obama and why he’s so disastrous on the environment. If Obama is an environmentalist, he will lose to Republicans?

I don’t get it. During the latest wild budget slashing, the USFWS has been cut to the bone worse than ever, after 20 years of endless slashing by rightwing Democrats and rightwing Republicans. What is this “government’s too big” shit anyway? The state at all sorts of levels is seriously underfunded, if anything.

As an environmentalist, why should I support all this insane budget slashing shit? The budget slashing has been going on for 30 years now under rightwing Democrats and Republicans. One of the goals of it is to gut the state’s environmental protection ability. That’s part of the “government is too big” shit. Big Government protects the environment, and White shitheads don’t like that.

This really indicates to me that White Americans are the worst threat to the US environment of any people. White Americans have always been characterized by extreme hatred for the natural world and lust to destroy everything and kill every living thing, all to make a buck, because White Americans are greedheads who care only about money.

There was a brief period from about 1964-1980 when White Americans for some reason became environmentalists. Whites created the environmental movement and pushed through all of our great environmental legislation. Now they’ve turned their backs on all that and it’s just back to kill and destroy.

In fairness, I must say that all 3rd World non-Whites are totally disastrous on the environment too. Destroy everything, kill everything, that’s been the human motto from Day One. To some extent, hunter-gatherers are the exception, but once agriculture steps up, it’s kill kill kill destroy destroy destroy. Hunter-gatherers at least need to allow enough living things out there so they can eat and survive. Agriculturalists don’t.

Really, White Americans are backwards, reactionary, savage, primitive, uncivilized type people, similar to the barbarians of the 3rd World. They shame any proud White man.

The White man should be Civilized Man, guardian of nature.

As you might have guessed, I am an extreme environmentalist, almost an Earth First type. I support tree spiking, the whole nine yards.

More on spotted owls here.


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Rare and Cryptid Canines


Really cool site for dog lovers.

There are apparently scientists who do nothing but go around the world studying rare and cryptid species of dogs. What a great job!

It appears that most if not all of these cryptid dogs may exist in one form or another, either as new species or as subspecies or odd forms of existing species.

It’s incredible how many different kinds of dogs there are in the world. There are dog-cats or cat-dogs, either dogs that look like cats or cats that look like dogs. Some dogs are so hideous they look like they are from another planet.

The author is Polish and writes in English. His English is bad, but you can get through it ok.


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Bigfoot Evidence: The Impossible Is True

Pretty much exactly the same amount of evidence we require to determine the existence of any other hominid that we observe in the wild, for example gorillas, chimpanzees, or orangutans. In other words, repeatable and consistent observation as well obtaining of live specimens.

We have neither with any sort of Bigfoot or yeti-type creature, but only extremely sparse, non-repeatable, and non-verifiable types of evidence (3 seconds of video footage here, 2 seconds there (most all of which is obscured silhouette-like footage), maybe some tracks, inconclusive hair, etc.).

I find it extremely doubtful that on offshoot species of hominid has evolved some sort of ultra-intelligent human-avoiding mechanism whereby it leaves only the very sparsest evidence of its inhabitance, no verifiable hair, footprints, feces, etc., especially when you consider the level of human penetration in an area such as, say, Oregon.

If there were a self-sustaining population of hominids living in the forests of Oregon we would damn well know by now.* I think you are being extremely lax in your criteria for there being a high probability of Bigfoot’s existence an a hitherto undiscovered population of hominids.

The problem is that none of our video and photo evidence is ever going to be accepted. We have a lot of good photo and especially video evidence. Some videos last for 3-4 minutes. The P-G film should be conclusive evidence right there. Science is now accepting some new species without a type specimen – with only photo or video evidence. This will never be the case with Bigfoot (BF). Any photo or video evidence we come up with will always be rejected by skeptics. We will need to go beyond photo and video.

Skeptics reject all photo and film evidence and will continue to do so into the future. We will never get a “good enough” film for them.

We have a tremendous amount of hair and scat. The hair is not completely distinguishable from human hair. It lacks a medulla, and only 6% of human hair (fine blond hair) lacks a medulla. BF hair is coarse and dark. Skeptics reject all hair evidence.

We also have a ton of BF scat. It resembles human scat, but it is larger. Skeptics reject the scat evidence.

We have seen tens of thousands of BF footprints. They are unique and are different from any known species. Many have dermal ridges that are different from human and ape dermal ridges. Some also have sweat glands that we can see. They also have a midtarsal break that the human foot lacks.

One set of footprints, over 1000 prints in a very wild area, had clubfoot. I do not feel that the good footprint evidence was faked, nor could it have been faked. The depth of the P-G subject’s prints indicated a body weighing 540 pounds. Skeptics reject all footprint evidence.

We have a BF skull. It was given to UCLA, but they said it was a human Indian skull. It is now lost in storage. We uncovered a lot of huge skeletons in the East when the land was cleared for farming. They were all called “giant Indians” and reburied. 3 suspect BF skeletons are in the BLM Museum in Nevada, 2 from Lovelock Cave. Skeptics say that these bones either don’t exist or were all Indians.

In the past, a number of BF’s were killed or shot. People buried them because they thought BF’s were just “wild men.” In more recent days, hunters have shot them and left them in the woods or buried them for fear of being prosecuted for homicide. Skeptics reject this, as they reject all BF witness testimony. Which is funny, as eyewitness testimony is admissible in court and can send a man to his death in a homicide trial.

Recently, the injured or dead BF’s were taken away by state forces, sometimes under armed cover of the National Guard. Skeptics reject all of the body and bone evidence. BF’s carry off their dead from the scene and also bury their dead under huge boulders. This makes it hard to find bones. Skeptics reject the government coverup as conspiracy theory.

Over 170 quick and dirty DNA tests have been done of BF hair and scat. It all comes back “human.” The samples were all rejected as either human or contaminated. I don’t believe that all samples were contaminated. Skeptics reject all present DNA evidence as “human.”

Now there is a DNA study ongoing using suspect BF hair, scat, bones, teeth, tissue, blood and saliva. The results showed “both human and animal qualities.” They also showed “Homo but not human.” They are also said to show that BF is between human and Neandertal. The DNA work is done and it out for peer review. The author is confident that it was pass and get published. Skeptics have already announced that they will reject the new DNA data.

At this point, it is obvious that we will need a body, alive or dead. Bones, skulls or skeletons won’t cut it. BF skulls and skeletons look superficially like those of humans. We will run into the Flores Man Problem, where the strange bones were rejected as a new Homo and instead called “humans with genetic defects.” I am sure that we will run into the “humans with genetic defects” argument with any BF skulls or bones.

Skeptics are already using the “human with genetic defects” argument in the case of Zana, a yeti who was tamed and lived with humans in the late 1800’s in Abkhazia. The skull of her son, Kwit, a 1/2 human, 1/2 yeti, has been unearthed and studied. They say Zana was retarded and had a disorder that made hair over all her body.

So it looks like we will need a type specimen. Since BF seems so human, the debate rages on the morality of killing one. I suspect it would take a fulltime government team of 10 up to 5 years to catch or kill a BF. Another reason we don’t have a body in the modern era is that science and state refuse to study BF, as they say it does not exist. Therefore, no state money to go find a type specimen. Catch-22. Skeptics reject this argument as “conspiracy theory against scientists.”

I find it extremely doubtful that on offshoot species of hominid has evolved some sort of ultra-intelligent human-avoiding mechanism whereby it leaves only the very sparsest evidence of its inhabitance, no verifiable hair, footprints, feces, etc., especially when you consider the level of human penetration in an area such as, say, Oregon. If there were a self-sustaining population of hominids living in the forests of Oregon we would damn well know by now.*

This is the “it’s impossible” argument by logic. I agree that BF does not make sense. There are days when I am a skeptic myself. I look at the P-G film and say, “No way does this thing exist.”

But in the case of BF, I am afraid that the impossible is true.


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More Nonsense About “White Genocide”

An insane person in the comments who came from this lunatic asylum writes:

So let’s get this straight Robert,you are telling us that if Saddam Hussein had flooded the Kurdish villages with imported non-Kurds and ordered the Kurds to “assimilate” with those non-Kurds he could have waited a few decades, demographically exterminating those Kurds, and he would not have been guilty of committing genocide? That is what you are saying, is it not Robert?

This is done the world over, and it doesn’t extinct the group. It just wipes out their culture due to assimilation. The Kurds would not go extinct. They would just get semi flooded out by the new people, but Kurds won’t marry the new people, so their numbers won’t decline. It could be cultural genocide, but that goes on constantly, and no one goes to the Hague over it, not yet anyway.

No one cares much about genetic “extinction” of various “pure” ethnic groups via voluntary intermarriage. Only lunatics like you guys. Races are not stable entities. They are changing all the time. It’s been that way all down through time.

So there have been constant “genocides” of this or that race all down through human history via intermarriage and mixing their “pure” genotype with this, that and the other. No anthropologists or human rights minded folks cares one whit about this. No one has ever called this genocide, except for insane people. Like you guys, for instance.

The same crazy person writes:

Would you call a policy of non-black mass immigration and “assimilation” for all black countries and ONLY black countries a program of genocide against black people? Would you call a policy of non-Oriental mass immigration and “assimilation” for all Oriental countries and ONLY Oriental countries a program of genocide against Oriental peoples?

No and no. But it would depend on why it was done. There have been efforts to “breed out” various “pure” races in the past via flooding with immigration and encouraging intermarriage, but no one cares much about it, except that it had a racist ideology. See the “Whitening” project in Brazil for instance.


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