Black IQ Estimates By State

From Audacious Epigone.

The figures are quite heartening, but I think that they are in error. Check them out yourself.

As you can see, the average score for Blacks in the US is 91.

AE goes on to give several reasons why this score is higher than the normal ~85 that we typically see. His first point is that the Black IQ may be increasing. It is, but probably only for Black children. His second point is that intermarriage is increasing. This is true, but there is probably not even mulattoization to account for rising scores. Flynn and Dickens discuss that in one of their papers. The other points he gives are not relevant.

His final point is that Blacks mature more early than Whites. This is most probably the reason for the rising scores, because the scores were done on Black 8th grade 13 year olds.

I do not think it is so true that Blacks mature earlier and therefore Black kids have higher scores. In Africa, both Black kids and adults score ~67, so there is no IQ advantage for Black children.

What I believe is happening in the West is that the super-stimulating environment of the West is jacking up the scores of Black kids. At age 5, Black kids have an IQ of 95. However, as they move into adulthood, it is possible that environmental effects on IQ wear off and genetic effects kick in.

The problem with this is that White kids in the US show no advantage in youth. The White youth IQ is 103 and the White adult IQ is 103.

So why would the environment artificially jack up the scores of Black kids but not White kids? It doesn’t seem to make any sense. If Blacks mature sooner and this is the reason for the higher scores in Black kids versus Black adults, then why doesn’t this effect take place in Africa?

At the end of the day, the elevated scores of Black youths, which have indeed been rising quite a bit in the West, which then crash back down to ~85 in adulthood, must be seen as yet another mystery.


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19 responses to “Black IQ Estimates By State

  1. D

    Maybe the environment never jacked it up. I’m thinking the IQ of a Black kid already starts at ~95, and shitty environmental effects drop it down, whereas the White kid starts at ~103 but because he has no shitty environmental effects to screw him up, it never drops.

    Otherwise, I have no idea.

  2. Eric Cartman

    I live in Georgia, and I don’t believe for a second that our local Negroes have an average IQ of 91.3. For one thing, that would make them smarter than the “Hispanics”(IQ: 87). Observation would indicate that the reverse is true.

    Furthermore, an IQ of 91 would make the American Negro only a couple points below the average Greek(93). A comparison of the accomplishments of the ethnic groups in question shows how unlikely this is.

    Hell, I even doubt the more accepted estimate of 85, since it is difficult to believe that Arabs(83-87) and Persians(84), two groups which I respect a great deal, and which have contributed much to civilization, are in the same IQ range as the African-American.

    Several months ago, I read two studies. One claimed that the average IQ of 85 for American Negroes had been an overestimate, and that the real IQ was around 78 or so. The other claimed that the Negroes here in Georgia, who evidently have significantly less Caucasoid admixture than Blacks in other areas of the country, have an IQ of only 71. These numbers seem quite likely to me.

    Oh, by the way, I don’t “hate” Negroes, so you can all keep that accusation to yourselves. Just because I have no personal animus towards them, however, doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend that they’re “the same as everyone else”.

    • Gay State Girl

      71 is slightly above the mentally retarded range. People with IQs of that range have difficulty with basic functions in life. I have difficulty believing that Blacks in America (or elsewhere) have that low an IQ.

    • D

      @Eric Cartman
      79-81 seems appropriate for the Black masses.

      Also, don’t tell me you’re the kind to make this mistake:

      “…two groups which I respect a great deal, and which have contributed much to civilization, are in the same IQ range as the African-American…”

      So, does evolution just STOP? The Arabs of today have the same IQ as the Arabs of yesteryear?

      Yeah, “science” lol.

      • This is preposterous. The Black IQ is 85. Or possibly ~87, which is what I think. If average Black IQ is ~86, how is then that the Black masses have IQ’s ~80.

        The problem is not so much that Black Americans are stupid. Their IQ’s are not all that low on a global scale. It is that they seem so much stupider and more fucked up than their IQ’s would predict. There is no reason on Earth that a population with an IQ of 85 should regularly produce disasters like Camden, Newark, Oakland, Richmond, East St. Louis, Detroit, etc.

        IMHO, Black Americans, for whatever reason, are extreme underachievers based on their IQ’s alone. Their IQ’s ought to be sufficient to create a reasonable society and not bombed out nightmare fall of the roman empire dystopias.

        I don’t know why US Blacks fuck up so much. Perhaps it is after all biological. But if it is, it can’t possibly be situated in their IQ’s, which are high enough to create decent culture and prevent total societal collapse.

        This is why you guys insist that Blacks can’t possibly have IQ’s of 85. Because Blacks act so much damn stupider than they are.

        • Steve

          Great comment. North African IQ’s are 80-90 and they have produced very good levels of civilization and homicide rates the same as Europe. Some people look upon sub Saharan Africans as if they are simply too mentally deficient to produce anything more than poverty and slums. But its not really fair. Its very reasonable to expect SS African IQs to get into the 80-90 range with the Flynn effect in the future. In some SS African countries they are already around 80, even according to Lynn and V. Thus there appears to be no intelligence reason why SS Africans can’t produce and sustain decent civilization and fit within the normal IQ range of N. African and Eurasian civilizations. (Unless there is something I’m missing).

          There are already quite a lot of bits of SS Africa that would surprise you with how nice and modern it is. I think SS Africans will eventually get it together, even if it is with help, and move beyond the era of urban slums.

        • There is certainly nothing about the US-UK Black *IQ* that should prevent them from creating civilizations as good as the North Africans. Something makes them screw up, but it sure isn’t their cognitive capacity as measured by IQ scores. Black people mystify me.

        • Steve

          Robert, I’m not sure if there is anything to this but I’m knocking about this theory. If the genetic potential IQ of one population is greater than another but for environmental reasons their measured phenotype IQ is the same on average, there might still be a difference in what kind of society they can build for the following reason: the more well nourished and educated elite or upper classes of the society will reach closer to their genetic potential and so the society with the greater IQ potential may have more intelligent elites. What do you think?

  3. FG

    I’d be interested in seeing new data on “mulatto” IQ scores. I wonder if any are available.

  4. sexmachine

    Any 2011 -2012 pisa scores robert???

  5. Historia Nerd

    Eric Cartman I agree with you. But the better question is “why have the Arabs, Persians and Greeks fallen so far from the ancient counterparts?” I mean the Greeks and Arabs were once at the pinnacle of human success. But both have fallen so far 😦 It hurts me alot since I myself am Greek and seeing my people being compared to Blacks is quite insulting. I feel like these scores are created to push the Nordic agenda. They want to make Mediterranean people seem inferior 😦 What’s your thought Robert? Are Lynn and Rushton Nordicists?

    • I thought you were Greek.

      Greek IQ is not a problem. I think it is ~93. Perfectly adequate to create a modern civilization. Lynn and Rushton are not Nordicists IMHO.

      • Historia Nerd

        I am Greek, but feel as though 93 is too low 😦 A lot of Nordicists play down Greek achievement, which is quite frustrating. Oh I thought Rushton and Lynn were Nordicists. I apologize for that.

  6. Jason Y

    The black culture doesn’t encourage education. They’re not Asians with all the influence of Confucius. We can talk about genetics all we want, but what about cultural factors? Also, to be honest, in my public school there were plenty of parents, mostly white, who didn’t push their kids.

    • Steve

      Adopted Asians brought up by white parents have IQs in line with Asians in Asia or Asians brought up by Asian parents in the west (I think, not 100% sure but I think this is true). If that is the case, their high IQs have probably got nothing to do with Confucian values. The Confucian emphasis on education is an intelligent attitude and may be the product of a naturally intelligent population, rather than the other way around.

  7. Jason Y

    If IQ doesn’t cause black riots, then something else must be at work.

    • Allah's Leg in Koran 68;42

      Come on Jason Y we know that often white racism causes riots. However, to be fair this is not always the case.

      Rodney King was an innocent black man and a whole load of white cops came and beat him up. He said some of the greatest words ever:

      “Can’t we all just get along”

      Rodney, my brother, even though you had a tough time, these are some of the most beautiful and he heartful words of all time.

  8. The first house I owned was in an all black neighborhood. You can’t understand racism until you are the only white person in a black world. They had houses equal to mine when I moved in, but after three years when I moved out mine was like new, theirs were all worse.. They clearly had a lower IQ than the whites I worked with and knew as friends, but I have known many whites who also were not especially bright who had created very nice homes and lifestyles for themselves. Clearly there is more than IQ that creates a successful society. There needs to be a desire to excel to one’s limits, a trait that I noted as lacking in the black people who surrounded me at that first house.

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