More Lies of the Hindus

I’m really starting to despise Hindus. They seem like they are some of the worst people on Earth. Once they quit telling so many damned lies, I might start liking them more.

Here is an excerpt from a recent appalling academic “conference” held at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Incredibly, this pseudoscience conference was sponsored by the Indic Studies Department at U Mass Dartmouth.

This is getting frightening. Anti-scientific Hindu fascists now hold great power over Indian culture. Increasingly, their views are widely accepted among overseas Hindus.

In the next 20-30 years, we will increasingly have to deal with the effects of Hindu fascism in India and among the diaspora. Indian “scholarship” in many academic realms, will decline to pitiful levels. And Indian academics outside will be increasingly infected with fascist and anti-scientific views, which means we must more and more look dubiously on Hindu academics in the West, denying them degrees, jobs and tenure when we uncover evidence of their fascist and anti-scientific beliefs.

The following is an excerpt from the conference:

Comprehensive population genetics data along with archeological and astronomical evidence presented at June 23-25, 2006 conference in Dartmouth, MA, overwhelmingly concluded that Indian civilization and its human population is indigenous.

In fact, the original people and culture within the Indian Subcontinent may even be a likely pool for the genetic, linguistic, and cultural origin of the most rest of the world, particularly Europe and Asia.

Leading evidences come from population genetics, which were presented by two leading researchers in the field, Dr. V. K. Kashyap, National Institute of Biologicals, India, and Dr. Peter Underhill of Stanford University in California. Their results generally contradict the notion Aryan invasion/migration theory for the origin of Indian civilization.

Underhill concluded “the spatial frequency distributions of both L1 frequency and variance levels show a spreading pattern emanating from India”, referring to a Y chromosome marker. He, however, put several caveats before interpreting genetic data, including “Y-ancestry may not always reflect the ancestry of the rest of the genome”

Dr. Kashyap, on the other hand, with the most comprehensive set of genetic data was quite emphatic in his assertion that there is “no clear genetic evidence for an intrusion of Indo-Aryan people into India, [and] establishment of caste system and gene flow.”

Michael Witzel, a Harvard linguist, who is known to lead the idea of Aryan invasion/migration/influx theory in more recent times, continued to question genetic evidence on the basis that it does not provide the time resolution to explain events that may have been involved in Aryan presence in India.

Dr. Kashyap’s reply was that even though the time resolution needs further work, the fact that there are clear and distinct differences in the gene pools of Indian population and those of Central Asian and European groups, the evidence nevertheless negates any Aryan invasion or migration into Indian Subcontinent.

Witzel though refused to present his own data and evidence for his theories despite being invited to do so was nevertheless present in the conference and raised many questions. Some of his commentaries questioning the credibility of scholars evoked sharp responses from other participants.

Rig Veda has been dated to 1,500 BC by those who use linguistics to claim its origin Aryans coming out of Central Asia and Europe. Archaeologist B.B. Lal and scientist and historian N.S. Rajaram disagreed with the position of linguists, in particular Witzel who claimed literary and linguistic evidence for the non-Indian origin of the Vedic civilization.

Dr. Narahari Achar, a physicist from University of Memphis clearly showed with astronomical analysis that the Mahabharata war in 3,067 BC, thus poking a major hole in the outside Aryan origin of Vedic people.

Interestingly, Witzel stated, for the first time to many in the audience, that he and his colleagues no longer subscribe to Aryan invasion theory.

Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Director, Center for Indic Studies at UMass Dartmouth, which organized the conference was appalled at the level of visceral feelings Witzel holds against some of the scholars in the field, but felt satisfied with the overall outcome of the conference.

“I am glad to see people who have been scholarly shooting at each other for about a decade are finally in one room, this is a progress”, said Singh.

The conference was able to bring together in one room for the first time experts from genetics, archeology, physics, linguistics, anthropology, history, and philosophy. A proceedings of the conference is expected to come out soon, detailing various arguments on the origin of Indian civilization.

The conference was sponsored by the Center for Indic Studies at UMass Dartmouth ( with co-sponsorship from Educator’s Society for the Heritage of India (

That “India” was a pool for the genetics of the world outside of Africa is quite dubious, as is the claim that humans moved outside of Africa to settle in India, where they developed culturally. Yes, Negritos moved out of Africa along the coast of the India Ocean. India was one of the stops along the way. The Negritos did not stop in India and develop culturally and then spread across the world. Negrito types only spread throughout Asia, not Europe or the Americas, and there is no evidence for a Negrito homeland in India.

The homeland of the Asians is in northern Vietnam. That homeland goes back 53,000 YBP. The Japanese and northern Chinese people also have very ancient pedigrees, going back similar lengths of time.

Japan was populated out of Thailand originally.

SE Asia was populated most recently out of Southern China.

Indonesians came out of Southern China 15,000 YBP.

Amerindians came out of Siberia 13,000 YBP and sooner.

Iranians came out of Central Asia, not India.

The Dravidians may have come from the Middle East 18,000 YBP, not the other way around.

The Berbers are more or less indigenous to North Africa.

The origin of the Arabs is unknown and may be very ancient.

Europeans came out of Southern Russia. Before that, it is not known where they came from, bu 12,000 YBP, the European population derived from the Middle East. Europeans may also have derived from Berbers.

Afghans have an origin in Central Asia.

The people of the Stans have an origin from Central Asia and then later from China.

Koreans come from Mongolia.

Filipinos come from Southern China as Negritos, then later from Taiwan.

There is little to no evidence that Europeans or most Asians derive from India, at least not in recent times. Going back a very long time, it is hard to say.

In short, it increasingly appears that few, if any, modern populations derive from India. However, in the early history of the Caucasians from 20,000-40,000 YBP, there were movements back and forth between the major Caucasian homelands of North Africa, the Middle East and India. The Aborigines appear to be derived in part from southern Indians. An ancient group of Thais called Senoi appear to be related to Veddas of India, however, the Senoi came from southern China 5,000 YBP.

The notion that India is the center of human language is preposterous. However, the Austroasiatic languages of SE Asia seem to be Indian derived. Dravidian languages came from outside India, as did Indo-Aryan languages.

India as a center of world culture is a rather bizarre claim to make, although there may have been an early agricultural culture there, and many domesticated plants and animals may have spread out from there.

B.B. Lal’s position is fringe in archeology.

N.S. Rajaram is an engineer who is widely regarded as crack and a kook.

It is true that at the moment there is no hard evidence of an Aryan intrusion into India, however, this does not discount the theory, which has long been proven on linguistic grounds.

Astronomical evidence from the Vedas is virtually worthless, especially when it is contradicted by mounds of other evidence.


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53 responses to “More Lies of the Hindus

  1. Wade in MO

    “Iranians came out of Central Asia, not India”

    You’re making a big mistake here Robert. You’re equating a people with a language. The language of the iranians may have come from central asia, but there were people and even civilization there before then. The indo-aryans conquered a previously existing civilization called Elam when they migrated off the steppe. Many suspect the language of Elam was of the Dravidian family.

    Also, even if the indo-european languages came out of southern Russia, it doesn’t mean europeans did. People were in europe before then, but spoke other languages. For example, neither Basque nor Etruscan are IE. Pictish may not have been IE. I think that the Vinca culture of the Balkans was not IE either. The people who spoke these languages are the ancestors of modern europeans though, along with the invaders..

  2. Wade in MO

    Robert, do you think it is possible that the only thing that migrated down was the indo-aryan family of languages and not any physical population? Is it possible that the people could be of the ancient stock and just shifted languages? For example, after the greek conquest, Greek was popular in the area until the arrival of islam. However, no trace of gene markers common in Greece has been found in northwestern india. We know there have been other superstate/tibal federations that have come from the north before. Is it possible the the early indo-aryan speakers formed such a state type entity that was able to shift the languages of an already civiliazed area without leaving a big biological trace?

    If posted this before, but it worth posting again because the woman says something interesting about the controversy:

  3. Dota-Player

    That looks like Romila Thapar, distinguished Indian historial and acedemic and the bane of Hindutva. I’ll check the video out later, but first, a game of dota.

    From what I understand, she rejects the Aryan migration theory too, however it would be worth hearing her out nonetheless.

    • She does not reject the Aryan Migration Theory.

      • jayjay

        Bob In one of your articles you showed Afghan Caucasians and you said that they claim that they formed the base of the Caucasian population worldwide. You did not refute this in the article. If the Aryan invasion theory is correct, then the Aryans would have migrated out of Ukraine in many directions at once. Iran India West. What particular evidence is there for Aryan Invasion theory? Aryans could have evovled in Central Asian and then moved out too.One way is to track and trace folkore and mythology.
        Do the Northern Caucasians have any stories connecting them to Central Asia or vice versa? if not both arguments may be tenous
        You might find this informative: An idol of Lord Vishnu was found in Russia. You of course can do further research and validate the story.source.

        • That might have happened say 35,000 YBP back at the start of the Caucasian race, but the Caucasians back then looked nothing at all like those today.

          Yes they moved out from Southern Russia in various directions – to India and Iran and West. But Aryans are not synonymous with Caucasians. They are just the latest model. There were Caucasians before there were Aryans. Anyway, there are types that are even further derived than Aryans no doubt.

  4. Dota-Player

    “”Is it possible that the people could be of the ancient stock and just shifted languages? “””

    How do you account then for the genetic divide between Indian caucazoids and Austroloids? Given that archeological evidence has revealed the Harrapans to be Dravidian, where did the caucazoids come from? How did the language suddenly transform from the dravidian script to sanskrit? where was the transition? In Iran, we can see the transition from Avestan to Sasanid Pahlavi and then finally to Farsi. We don’t see that in India. The mystery of my ancestors has plagued me for years, I’d love to figure this one out before I die.

    • Wade in MO

      “How do you account then for the genetic divide between Indian caucazoids and Austroloids? Given that archeological evidence has revealed the Harrapans to be Dravidian, where did the caucazoids come from?”

      Can you prove that the caucasiods came at the same time as the indo-aryan languages? If there had been earlier caucasiod migration then they could have either acquired the Dravidian languages or they could have taken a part in creating them. I think it is kind of hard to peg a language to a race. Especially when the area is so close to the central asian steppe, which is the site of much racial and cultural mixing and has been since time imemorial. For example, many people would see turkic as being a language associated with yellow people. This holds some water because every turkic speaking country has a sizeable mongoloid genetic element. However, that could also occur it the language was spawned from communties of caucasoid/mongoloid mixes. For example descriptions of the Kirghiz in the past are different that what the Kirghiz look like now.

      “The early Kirghiz of the upper Yenesei River, who appear in seventh-century Chinese sources ase pale, blond, and green eyed, later migrated westward, tangled with the Kalmuks, and acquired predominantly Mongoloid features. The Kirghiz became “oriental”, in short, by migrating westward.” Cater Vaughn Findlay, The Turks in World History

      So he says their appearance changed towards a more mongoloid one after centuries of interbreeding, but it can be asked, how did they get to look like caucasoid in the first place? It seems unlikely that caucasoids would have originated the language becuase the Yakuts are another turkic speaking people and they only have a minute amount of caucasoid genes compared to the rest of the Turkic world. Maybe they had more extreme interbreeding? I don’t really know. My point is is that pinning a racial phenotype to a language is a tricky business if possible at all.

      ” In Iran, we can see the transition from Avestan to Sasanid Pahlavi and then finally to Farsi.”

      There’s a major problem with this statement. You’re starting off iranian linguistic history with Avestan, an indo-european language. In reality, Iranian history starts with the Kingdom of Elam before the indo-european invaders. The Elamite language is not Ind0-European. Some say it is and isolate. Some say it is afro-asiatic. Most interestingly for this thread, some say it is dravidian. Either way it is not genetically realted to avestan or any other IE language.

      ” How did the language suddenly transform from the dravidian script to sanskrit?”

      I can’t explain that. All I can say is that scripts are often changed with political movements. For example, in the 20th century the Soviet Union was changing all kinds of scripts. Turkic languages that had once been written in arabic script were rewritten using cyrillic. So was Tajik. So Tajik is in cyrillic and Persian/Dari are in Arabic script. Moldovan is written in cyrillic and Romanian in latin letters despite the fact that they the same language. Language moderniztion happened after political movements in China and Turkey. Turkey itself is interestin in this regard. The anatolian turkish language has been written in arabic, greek, and armenian scripts in the past.When the greeks conquered northern south asia the greek alphabet was used for the bactian language.

      This alphabet change may be as a result of that as well.

      I’m not claiming expert knowledge here. I just trying to grapple with some alternatives to the narrative of a biological invasion.

  5. Harry S

    I know it’s not what you’re getting at, but I find a lot of Indians to be completely unaware of how appalling their grammar is.

  6. Fenric

    This conference wasn’t held at Dartmouth, but at UMass Dartmouth- a crappy 9,000 student satellite branch. But it’s probably only a matter of time before we start hearing this bullshit at ivy league schools, too.

  7. P33

    Rob, I recommend you to review yourself first. All of your shits here are lot more facist than scientific. Don’t blame on Hindu, at least average Hindi is way smarter than you moron. Know yourself first, jerk.

    • Thx for your contribution, but you won’t be around here anymore, as you’re banned.

    • Average Hindu is way smarter than I am.


      • neelam

        the problem with white skinned people is that they think everything was created by them but they forget when they were living an uncivilized life india was far far advance than them in all spheres , and mentally we were superadvanced race and aryans are us we hindu, we the far advance race called dravians who invented sanskrit language to hid some inventions and discoveries from the general masses and the upper class people called themselves aryans.
        the basic problem with you people is them you want to attach all good things with yourselves even you people changed your christ’s skin and hair color , from dark to white and blonde , you people are so much obssed with your “white” thing.

  8. you say that you despise the hindus. so i am assuming that the religion is the problem. would these people be better off without religion and becoming atheists? i think there is great potential for the indian people and perhaps hinduism is holding them back. also what are some of the differences between hindu indians, and muslim indians? other than the obvious religious differences. are muslim indians more harmonious?

    • atheistseparatist

      No, both are nutty. It is just that the hindu fascists are more crazy and pose a much more serious threat. If you want to know just how dangerous these ppl are I would recommend that you read up on this highly unpleasant man called Narendra Modi. He was responsible for one of the worst religious riot since independence.(probably a future prime minister too)

      Most of these fascist folks go under the umbrella group called RSS, with VHP being the most radical subgroup.
      (see this link:

      It is in nobody’s interest to continue hinduism or hindu culture. The cause of cultural and mental rot among so many.

      Anti-hindu atheist living in india

      To the author: Thanks for not being pc. Keep up the good work 🙂
      To the fascists: I am eating beef using idols as knife and fork 😡

      • atheistseparatist

        and oh btw if you want to know just how rabid this religion is, just read ‘manusmriti’.
        If you are a fast reader you cd do it in a single sitting

      • Thank you my good friend! And thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home here.

        • mahavir bharat

          atheistseparatist & Lindsay, your Radical thoughts match. Such ugly Abusive language. God save the world from rotten mentality and bitterness u have. No doubt, Indo-Aryan Migration theory is as much false as Lindsay & atheistseparatist are God loving Himanity loving People. Thanks for proving my point brothers, I always new Indo-Aryan Migration Theory is just a political creation, meant to dominate Hindus & Hindustan. I dont pray for ur bad, but pray that God bless u with some Wisdom.

    • Hinduism is more of a socio-political system of control than a linear religious faith. There are a lot of Hindutva fascists who profess atheism or otherwise have no religious leanings. So I don’t think atheism alone would solve the problems with Hinduism. A Mao style cultural revolution is probably the only treatment for this disease.

      Muslim Indians are religious conservatives, like their Hindu counterparts which makes them somewhat nutty and socially out-of-place for non-Muslims. However, violent radicalism isn’t mainstream, unlike their Hindutva counterparts. In parts of India where there is a looming threat to life and property because of Hindutva aggression, Muslims tend to ghettoise and develop a defensive attitude. Apart from that, there is no out-and-out hatred for ‘infidels’ that one would witness in the Arabic world.

      Glad to see you here, atheistseparatist. I generally don’t go about insulting Hindu iconography in real life, given how nutty and extremist these people are, so I admire your guts. I did have beef instated as a part of the cusine at my alma mater and I believe it is still on.

      • Dota

        Hindutva is simply Hindu revivalism via caste. It intends to recreate the glories of a bygone age and is inherently reactionary. As an ideology it has nothing constructive or positive to offer society, it’s a mirror image of Wahabism.

        • Why do you call it Hindu revivalism via caste as opposed to Hindu revivalism per se? Can you explain?

        • Dota

          Caste is key. No Hindu revivalism is complete without it. As I mentioned before, if you look at the structure of the RSS (Hindutva’s mother organization) it mirrors the caste structure with the Brahmins in leadership positions and the lower caste peasants as foot soldiers. Even during the vicious Gujarat riots, the actual rioters who were engaged in the raping and killing were all from the Peasant Patel caste. The Brahmins do not get their hands dirty.

      • atheistseparatist

        I get your point about atheist hindus (veer savarkar being a good example). Which is why it isn’t just enough to get rid of hinduism but also all and any cultural affiliation with it.

        However, I would like to disagree with your take on radical islam. I was in Jaipur Litfest this year and I don’t think that they sabotaged the event ‘just’ because they felt repressed. Few years ago, in another separate event, a muslim mob chopped off the hands of a christian teacher because he depicted mohammed in bad light.
        I don’t even need to mention how they treat women (On this one hindus aren’t great either. Ever heard of ‘Sati’?)

        On the second point, any form of maoism is highly unlikely to yield any positive long lasting results. If anything, it will only provide hindu nationalists with yet another scapegoat to blame for their miseries (They already blame leftists, secularists and muslims). This will only help increase their support base.

        • Hacienda

          “On the second point, any form of maoism is highly unlikely to yield any positive long lasting results. ”

          Smart man. Asians need to “get game”. I’ll take one Jeremy Lin over 100 Kim Jong Euns. Even though Lin is a sappy Christian.

        • The Jaipur one was rather unfortunate. There appears to be a revival of Wahhabism in India, which I talked about in a previous comment (and is a fodder for a future post in my blog). Perhaps the effect of Saudi petro-dollars or a reactionary Muslim victim complex. It is more pervasives in ghettoised Muslim populations in Hindu dominated societies though. Among Assamese Muslims, such radicalism are pretty much non-existent even when they are very conservative.
          I believe, like Hinduism, Islam has to go. It pretty much destroyed the Arabic world, which is a social mess in spite of its oil rich wealth cover.

        • phatimabibi

          Oh come on Hacienda, K-pop sucks.
          My kids don’t even like it.
          However, the gaming channels from Korea rock!

      • Hacienda

        “Hinduism is more of a socio-political system of control than a linear religious faith.”.

        What are the native religions of NE India? How popular is Kpop and K-dramas there?

        • atheistseparatist

          NE india has significant christian population (except the state of assam). I have no idea about their musical tastes but they sure aren’t into slayer.

        • @ Hacienda
          As atheistseparatist said, it is largely Christian. Sikkim is Buddhist I think, and Assam is a mix of Hindu/Muslim/Animist/Christian populations. With the exception of Naga nationalism, religions don’t have a major pull anywhere in NE India. Its culture >>> religion. K-pop is unfortunately, pervasive in NE India, since the Korean cultural invasion of mid-2000s.

          I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, when NE Indian men were more traditional. We played boxing and football, learnt chopping beef and pork with our daos, how to have outdoor sticky rice with meat/fish barbeques, hunting for migratory birds with our air guns, listening to rock/metal music, playing guitars and that sort of stuff. Now I see effeminate skinny men with squiggly hairstyles who listen to music sung by high school girls and probably can’t arm wrestle my girlfriend. And they are (gasp!) scoring well in Maths, a subject that was the bane of my schooling.

          The women are equally degraded. The girls of my era were classic NE women – feminine and strong with beautiful looks and interesting personalities. Now I see a lot of girls are like J-pop/K-pop idols – airheaded mess who shriek and giggle way too much. Huge turnoff.

          Really Hacienda, is that what Korean men and women are really like or is this a Korean conspiracy to nerdify our world?

        • Dota

          AI, if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? I had initially thought you were in your late 30s or early 40s.

        • Hacienda

          “Really Hacienda, is that what Korean men and women are really like or is this a Korean conspiracy to nerdify our world?”

          I hope so. If getting good at Math is an aftereffect of Kpop.

          I do like the Korean youth scene. Very “moshida”. Which doesn’t translate to English. It means “fresh/cool”. Kpop doesn’t translate well either, except as dance and style. If you understood Korean, it would really have a double impact. The lyrics are just right on, on point on note, as well integrated as the song and dance. Whenever you see translated lyrics of Kpop, be aware that the translation is always awful and reduces the impact of the song. So it’s impressive that Kpop has been able to overcome that and still get popular. But not much competition given the strange broken crap that’s on the current Billboard.

        • @ Dota
          Drifting through quarter life crisis. I didn’t know I sounded that old. What age group are you in, if I may ask?

          @ Hacienda
          I agree, K-pop is fresh and unique and has a far better style quotient that the copycat crap Indian media comes out with. However, it is still a little bit ‘d~kar’ to me, to use a Khasi term. Loosely translated as ‘sappy and unfamiliar’. As I said, I grew up in a different era and before K-pop could kick in, I was pretty much kicked out of home.

        • narut00

          i dont understand why all those asians and even peruvians listen to k-pop ,its like instrumental music to a non korean speaker,i was fan cause i was seriously studyng korean, however in 2012 i stopped it; i listened seriously to kpop cause i really tried to learn the language and lyrics (and honestly it was a lot of work,i wasnt like a duty due to my huge interest,thats why i enjoyed it) however i cant being a fan now that i dont learn the whole language, u cant help but be indifferent, i dont believe most millions of asians even try to learn seriously korean like i did to listen to kpop, learn a language just cause some songs? why koreans dont try to sing in english? singing in english would even make easier to grow a western fanbase since it would have a bigger impact on the internet people who knew it by accident; anime appeal is different cause simple subtitles are the solution to a language barrier,also anime and manga have a bigger impact in the west and lots of japanese stuff are already dubbed or translated in english
          now i am only fan of Psy which is know by everyone and Girls generation,even if my interest in kpop waned,i couldnt forget about those girls awesome plus they will try to have success like psy with an english album this year

        • narut00

          i want with a big desire a bigger attention to asia and its culture in the west,i am not trying to be mean,but i dont see the big thing if east asian stuff conquer a bunch of devoloping southeast asian countries (philippines ,indonesia,vietnam) i am not impressed anymore if east asian stuff grow in developing latin america (peru,chile) to me the biggest achievement is the conquest of the hearts and minds of the west, kdramas are also ignored because they are mostly soap operas…the world is more fascinated with supernatural stuff,and japan have lots of action-supernatural franchises but animated ones;
          koreans now have the image of gangnam style; but they cant pressume about the range of kpop-kdramas as long as it isnt broadcasted nor dubbed in united states
          as far as i know,united states ignore most foreign stuff,you usually dont see foreign stuff dubbed and broadcasted or translated or distributed in america,the exception is japanese manga-anime
          in every american library i saw a big section of manga,i bought a volume of Naruto and Death Note there,and i saw a section for animes in the dvds,i saw one dvd of Soul eater dubbed in english! no korean drama no bollywood film achieve it yet! i guess is the lack of supernatural franchises in those countries

        • Brengunn


          Who cares about the lyrics in pop music? Most anglo-pop lyrics are inane and I’m sure Korean-pop lyrics are even worse. Just listen to the music.

          There are some Korean films that have made it big in the West, like the Vengeance trilogy with Old Boy and all. They were pretty good films.

          There’s another famous one about a female cyborg, I can’t quite recall the name of it though.

        • narut00

          i am aware that the priority in a song is if its CATCHY,i know ,but when i love a song,i want to sing it,and i am only able to sing it in a language i know,need to learn a language to sing a song i like? too much,better to like a song that i can sing easily,thats about
          about korean films,i know,sometimes some foreign films make it big in america like Crounching Tigger Hidden Dragon from china or the Slumdog Millionarie from india,but exceptions are forgotten,i dont see an obssesed loving and dedicated fanbase over those films like for Harry Potter or Twilight,i want a bigger impact in the popular culture
          with anime and manga the trend is alive,and i see a big fanbase :3

        • Brengunn

          Foreign language films will never be big news. The investment you have to give to a film with subtitles is too much for the average cinema goer. I mean, there are plenty of English language films that are too much for the average guy.

          I watched a bit of Naruto on youtube today. It was okay but not as good as one you posted a while back, I can’t remember the name of it.

          Here is a great cartoon from my boyhood. Still good today, too.

        • narut00

          -i like batman too
          -naruto have been dubbed due to its popularity,dont need to use subtitles and force your eyes
          -you are in the minority :3 hihihi most people i know are obssesed and addicted with Naruto,i enjoyed it since the begining, contemplate how people upload videos about it and the fans are passionate to discuss about it (when he talked about using the enviroment to fight,the names Shikamaru and Temari,those were the characters you saw some time ago)

  9. Andres Andrade

    Roberto, this is nevertheless ONE conference, no matter how stretched or even idiotic these hindocentric claims seem. There is a very curious distributions of the (in)famous R1A1A haplogroup (M17) which raises a serious question how the fuck so distant lands as central India and Eastern Europe feature the respective highest concentrations of this strong genetic markers with not a thing comparable in the plains in between or elsewhere. The most notable European country here is Poland (above 55% in few consistent studies, unmatched elsewhere outside of India or small areas in Central Asia.) Serious source on this, here:

  10. Andres Andrade

    Nothing? Underhill et al. is the basic paper in this topic. It sparkled like few truckloads of reaction, supports and polemics.

    Figure 1. Geographic concentration of R1A1A. Basically – India, Central Asia and Eastern Europe

    more background:

    some tabloid version here:

    Basically: West Bengal brahmins and Poland as epicenters. How bizarre.

    • 1. The Aryan Migration is fact and that is how IE languages got to India. Indian language and Hindu religion culture (Vedas) comes from outside of India via the Aryans. All of this is proven beyond all doubt and there is no need to even discuss it anymore.

      2. IE does not originate in India, and the Out of India theory is garbage.

      3. The high rate in India is thought be due to a founder effect. High rate in East Europe is some sort of a Proto-Balto-Slavic IE incursion. Nothing really mysterious about any of this, and anyway, it does not refute the Aryan Migration theory, which what everyone is using the R1a1 bullshit to do.

  11. lord

    Most and Least honest cities of the world Revealed In ‘Lost Wallet’ Test

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    Zurich, Switzerland – Wallets returned: 4 out of 12.
    Madrid, Spain – Wallets returned: 2 out of 12.
    Lisbon, Portugal – Wallets returned: 1 out of 12.

  12. Mahavir Bharat

    Dear Robert,
    You Despise us, ok but we don’t despise you, its ok brother. Science is limited to knowledge and facts known, especially when it comes to ancient times. Science has lots of facts & knowledge, but not all. So lets focus on Present and ACTIONS.

    Jewish brothers didn’t face any (or little) antisemitism in Hindu Majority India.

    The Muslims are being massacred in there Homeland Arab (Syrian dead child on seashore, Jesus Christ). But Muslim terrorist* say Indian Muslims are in Good Condition.

    The most Hindu favoring party of India had made a Muslim President Abdul Kalam and a Christian George Fernandez its Defence Minister. We have Christian Chief Ministers (equivalent to US governors).

    When it comes to power, bravery, Patriotism and army Sikh Kuldeep Singh Chandipuri of 1971 war Indo-Pak war is our Hero.

    We Indians saved Bangladeshi (west Pakistan) Muslim sisters from systematic rape from there own army Pakistani army in 1971, with help of Russia, when US & Britain were backing Pak. And General Manekshaw, a Parsi is credited by Indians for his leadership in 1971 war. We had 90k pow in 1971, we didn’t kill any.

    To eradicate social evil of Untouchability & casteism, we took many initiatives, The constitution of India is Written by Dr. Ambedkar who was of lower caste but of high level of knowledge & intelligence & hence our founding father.

    Hindu majority India is a magical place, u cant imagine how much Jesus is respected by common Indians, we use word Khuda (Muslim for God) in our poems & rhymes often, Guru Govind Singh (1.25 lakh vs 1) is our Braveheart, often quoted for bravery.

    And there are so many other things about Hindu Majority India.

    At last, Knowledge is infinite, but not an ACTION. “Bangladesh is better than Iraq & even Pakistan, hail there people”.

    Before u speak, first find difference between Civilization & Barbarism, Liberty & our own Ruler, Giving Life & taking Life.

  13. mahavir bharat



    • Optimus Prime

      Hinduism deserves the contempt. Religion should be a catalyst to building a society. Religious values plays the anchor role.the values advocated by ur religion reflects quality in a society. Christianity produced the West.Hinduism produced India. India is a prime example of how religion can fuck up a country. No denying that hinduism is one of the reasons india remains a clusterfuck. Thanks to those high caste bragging Hindus.

      • K

        Dear optimus,

        India was just as rich/poor as other countries which had other religions, until 1700 A.D. It only started to fall behind after that. After india got independence, healthcare expanded faster than education (antibiotics work faster in saving a life than education does in convincing people to have less kids) leading to a sudden population explosion…far outstripping india’s abililty to provide jobs. Add to this, india was/is still being an agrarian country (in any agrarian country more kids is seen as a resource than a burden). This lead to more people having more kids and more poverty. Even then…an equally educated indian today has the same number of kids on average to a married equally educated westerner.

        India has a population of nearly 1.3 billion people. It takes time to bring so many people out of poverty.

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