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I found that this site, for the support of the involuntarily celibate, to be fascinating. We recently had a commenter on the site state that he was 40 and has never had luck with women. Another said that he was 30 and was still a virgin (whatever that means). I would to give complete support to both of these guys and any others in that boat. Most single guys go through periods, often long ones, when they are not having any sex. I certainly have. So most single guys are involuntarily celibate for some time or other.

In reality, the site is really is not about incels which is what most single guys are at one point or another, but is more about male virgins. Worse than merely being virginal, it appears that many of them have had no sexual or romantic experience at all in any way whatsoever.

We get to the quandary of what exactly is a virgin. A guy who runs through his teen years making out with dozens of girls but never sticks his dick in one is hardly what we are talking about here. Any genital sex at all, oral, manual, anal or intercourse, ought to qualify as loss of virginity. The intercourse cult has got to go.

There are also women on the board. Many single women go through periods, often long ones, of celibacy, but for most of them, it seems more voluntary than it is with the guys. Women seem to be able to do celibacy better than most guys anyway.

There are quite a few fascinating threads on the site, and I can’t stop reading it.

Lots of people are assumed to be virgins or sexually inexperienced. I was asked that as a young man, when I had had lots of sex under my belt. But if I was going through an incel period or they had never seen me with a women, the assumption was automatically that I was some kind of a virgin. I was always a rather shy and quiet introverted type too, so that just adds fuel to the fire. People always assume introverts never get laid.

I even get asked that at this late date. Some moron friend of mine asked me a few years ago if I was a virgin, if I’d ever had a date or if I’d ever had a girlfriend. Weird, with my experience. But lately I’m usually not seen with a woman, so all of my wild past evaporates into thin air. People only know what they see anyway.


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  1. Shawn

    There was a blog called 50 yr old virgin. The guy took it down though.

  2. DC

    there is another great incel blog

    our society treats incel men as paraiahs who are at the bottom of the social caste system. Even gays are treated with much more respect. Incel men are constantly mocked in the media even look at movies like American Pie and MTV’s new show Skins were teanage virgins are mocked as loosers. Think about how over 25 male virgins feel.

    I noticed on the show “To catch a predator” there were several adult virgin incel characters further mocking incel men as potential sexual predetors.

    • Lee Jones

      There is a medication called cyproterone acetate that reduces libido by reducing the testosterone level. Before taking it, I was angry and not even my siblings wanted to be around me. Then after taking it, I was a lot calmer — no longer feeling that the women have all the advantages.

      Cyproterone acetate is now sold under several brand names.

      On other incel forums, they deliete my posts related to this.
      Also, it is not prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration, which means that it is not available in the USA. But I live close to the Mexican border.

      I hope that some group of incels gets together and writes letters to the President and to the head of the FDA. Maybe we can effect a change here.

  3. Anyone ever heard of hookers?
    The is a fucked up world but like water, it eventually finds it own level. If there’s a demand, it’s for sale. Illegalities are just technicalities. I suspect “celibate” is a code word for lonely. Hookers won’t cure your longing for love and companionship, but they can fill other voids.

    • A hooker is still a woman & it is women that i fear. so no chance there then.

      • A man who fears women is a woman’s best friend.

        Dude, they are human. In fact, they are less so. Women are carnal and floundering. Ignore them. Hookers are paid to deal with men as antagonistic business partners, they will never laugh at you until you pay.

    • Blah blah

      Here’s a tip- if you don’t understand anything about a problem then keep your mouth shut about it.

    • Nunyabizz

      Uh-huh. And WHERE are the male hookers for female celibates? They are practically non-existent, because the few male hookers out there are GAY. Men are only willing to sell themselves to other men.

      • Big G

        I’ve seen the most hideous women (their choice) get laid. If we are talking about companionship then you must be at least physically attractive. That would require some effort. the problem is 98 percent of the women overweight is self induced. If you are overweight the vibe you give to men is ” I’m Lazy”. Men don’t want a women that never leaves the couch. Sorry its evolutionary. Period. If your weightless girlfriends are getting dates then you know what you have to do. Your ability to control your weight reflects on your mental state as well. We can’t change a man’s million year old selection process any more than we can change a woman’s exchanging sex for resources needed.(million year old) Working within those parameters is all we can do. There is no such thing as a celbit woman. period. Show me a women with fake breasts and a little waist and i’ll show you a cum dumpster. I’ll show you a man of any looks but broke and i’ll show you a celbit.

  4. Raskolnikov

    Rob the Incel forum is a feminist, misandrist PC hellhole. Just read their FAQ and judge for yourself. Any criticism of women or even suggesting that looks play a role in dating preferences is grounds for a ban. I’d strongly recommend you to try the Love-shy forum instead which is the main place for incels online.

  5. I wrote this at my own blog but I wanted to make sure you read this:

    I would suggest against using the incel forums as your reference point for incel. They really aren’t about dealing with incel. Instead they’re almost a cult that enforces leftism in a very stalinist fashion. They’re obsessed with kissing the asses of the supposed incel women on that forum to the point where newcomers get deleted a lot for not realizing they have offended the PC police there. In fact newcomers have had their accounts deleted seemingly at random for reasons that can not be figured out. Often time the deletions happen right before they would get access to the hidden forums. The Love Shy Forums have threads detailing the leftist PC police that operate there.

    The Incel Forums also have a history of problematic behavior. The current Incel Forum is at least the third iteration of the Incel Forums. Every couple of years it breaks down due to problems and a new set of forums get created. The last time this happened the administration got mad at what would become the clique that runs the current Incel Forum. According to the clique running the Incel Forum, they will tell you the Administrator of the previous forums suddenly went insane for no reason. I doubt this was the case. Given the fact that the clique running the current Incel forum is nothing but leftist PC police, the administrator of the previous Incel Forum was probably on to something.

    It’s also telling that the administrator who setup the current Incel Forum two years ago hasn’t been seen on the Incel Forum for months, probably well over a year.

    For dealing with these issues, the Love Shy Forums are way better. They have their problems but it’s not run by a cult of leftist PC police. It’s also based on a concept called “love shyness” which is basically incel but beyond that I’m not sure how to define it. One of its problems is that the idea of “love shyness” was created by Dr. Gilmartin who was basically a quack. His research was questionable (to put in mildly) and his book takes astrology seriously claiming its relevant to incel. The other side of that is that its probably the only academic research done on incel. The Love Shy Forums despite the name are more about general incel than Dr. Gilmartin’s theories, and it’s better than the Incel Forums because of the lack of leftist PC police.

    • Bella

      Thank you so much! I didn’t go insane. I want nothing whatsoever to do with most of that group, save for a few who knew what it was like to be an admin. there.

  6. JulianusII

    I’m a bit wary of online support. For years I was on a forum for depressives/suicidals and I think people often we just made each other worse and encouraged one another to wallow and be even more self destructive.

    • tulio

      I agree. Sitting around airing your frustrations in a cyber circle jerk may feel cathartic, but it will solve nothing in the end. I think it’s good to read about your condition just to provide some knowledge and context and help you figure out how you got there, but at a certain point you have turn off the computer and get out in the real world and work on your social skills. There’s no other way around it.

  7. Brian

    Forget that forum that you link to. Any positive action oriented advice to men gets immediately attacked. Since I could not say anything useful I started talking back to the moderators who said “we don’t want your fucking opinion here” and banned me. Yes, that is an exact quote. They have some kind of agenda, but don’t say what it is, and I don’t even want to know.

    the answer is spend far more time outside talking to strangers than you do inside on the internet. A funny thing to say on the internet, I don’t always follow it, but it is the rock bottom truth of the matter. I don’t even believe in internet dating like I used to, since it does not develop real world social skills.

  8. lol

    Yes, join the love-shy forum…and be prepared for the same crap they accuse the incel forum of.

  9. Nope

    “the clique running the current Incel forum is nothing but leftist PC police”


    “Just read their FAQ and judge for yourself”


  10. Johnny

    I agree with everything written above. The incel forums are pro-female, anti-male BS. The clique runs everything and if you say ANYTHING that opposes their views you’re in for a ban. There is no room for debate; you have to pedal the company policy. They won’t accept that there’s any difference between men and women, any suggestion of differences results in a ban

    It’s ridiculous

    • Nunyabizz

      Oh God, please, shut the fuck up. Why the fuck is it that any time an asshole man is being sexist, and a woman merely sticks up for her gender, the asshole man accuses her of being, as you put it, “anti-male”? Women have put up with men’s evil bullshit for CENTURIES, and as soon as we ask for a modicum of respect, you treat us even worse. How come you don’t treat black people this way? They were your slaves for centuries as well, and fought for freedom and equality, and you gave it to them. Yet you continue to treat women like shit, and then you think you have the right to have sex with them?

      • Big G

        I think somebody needs some batteries for her vibrator. I would never have sex with you . you are incapable of even the smallest conversation needed to fix any of the world’s real problems. Before you start thinking you don’t need a man remember without us your in the stone age. As smart as you think you are it means nothing when the lights go out. Men and woman are different until you realize that then you will continue to be relegated to the group not wanted to produce the next generation. your out. And your spirit should be locked up as you rage serves nobody.

  11. Jason

    Hello! I am a 41 year old virgin, and I was just “banned” from the incel sight you mentioned in your post. When they banned me, I was called a “loser” by one of their administrators.

    Why was I banned? I did not fall into “goose-stepping” (yes I used a Facist term) and sqawking EXACTLY what they defined “incel” as. First and foremost, in their “FAQS” section, they acknowledge that “incel tends to affect more men”
    Yet, the suggestions, the cures….all up to you. Your incel (if you are a straight man) must be caused by something you did. If you are gay or a woman, it’s of course “different reasons” that they just cannot help their incel.
    They have strict posting guidlines, all newbies who even DARE suggest that part of this “incel” situation they are in has caused them some depression or pain need to man up. They refer you to “faqs” page and tell you what incel isn’t. Where is their research? Where are the references to the journals?
    The page is for women, gay men (if you are a woman or gay man, you will be welcomed with TONS of support), and straight incel men who accept that the reason why they are single is because THEY did something wrong. They are bad men who need to fix themselves on all levels

    • Siajei

      Jason, if you are reading this, then please visit the “Incel Support Forum Forum” which is at this address:

      This is not my forum, not my business, but I would like to ask you to post a “hello” or whatever there, so that we can discuss this. I would really appreciate it if you did so.

    • Hussyfan

      I agree with what you are saying. You’re not a loser because you find it hard to seduce women.

      I guess it all comes down to how you define love. Someone with a decent salary should be able to afford plenty cheap pussy, but many men just don’t “feel good” about paying for it. And I admit that there is something disturbing about the idea of paying for love. I was an incel until my 30th birthday, which is when I went to Mexico and got laid cheaply. Felt guilty about it for a few years, but eventually I lost that guilt. Every time I payed for it, I felt better.

      At first, I just couldn’t believe that prostitutes could be good lovers. No way. “They just do it for the money and they are are thieves to boot”, I used to think. I couldn’t have been more wrong in hindsight. Whores are sacred, especially the younger ones. You won’t find more pleasant and nice women in the world. They will care about you and make sure you thoroughly enjoy the experience. And in the Third world, lot’s of women who aren’t prostitutes will become one for an hour if you pay them fairly.

      I’ve traveled the world not to admire old statues or temples, but to fuck exotic women. And I’ve gotten so much pussy I still can’t believe it.

      Now it’s got to the point that I basically worship prostitutes and laugh at so-called love between non-paying partners. I mean women don’t marry men who are broke, even if they look good or have a great character. If you’re dirt poor, you won’t get a girlfriend even if you look like Brad Pitt.

      • Siajei

        I don’t think most people, considering facts, would be ok with being in the position of having to consider whether their salary or anything like that “affords” them “pussy”. I actually think that finding it hard to seduce women does indeed make you the “loser” in life, because of what’s known as “sexual selection” and “intrasexual competition”.

        The reason that men don’t “feel good” about paying for it is that it is seen as consciously giving up and admitting defeat in life, and that is the disturbing part. A lot of people will interpret your lack of sex as a result of some defect that you have or of some kind of inadequacy of yours, and there is no way around this. People can be very cruel, especially when you are in a competition, which you are in, even if you don’t recognize it.

        I am not going to start with trying to define the words that you mentioned. You won’t have me do that. I understand that prostitutes can be “good”, in any sense of the word “good”, at what they do, and “sacred” and whatever, but the fact remains: you have to pay for it. No payment = no sex, and this implies that whatever it is that is good and wanted, you aren’t it. So, “incel” is not something you normally want to be known as.

        Because of the above, paying for sex is not something I think I should allow to make me feel “better and better”. If this was a prompt from you about getting used to this situation, then I am questioning your motivation for writing the above post.

        A person like me is interested in being treated properly in the place he is in and by the people he knows. I do not wish to have to travel across the globe for something that everybody around me, in this place, has normally.

        • Hussyfan

          “A person like me is interested in being treated properly in the place he is in and by the people he knows. I do not wish to have to travel across the globe for something that everybody around me, in this place, has normally.”

          You assume that all the men around you get a lot of sex, but that isn’t necessarily true. Inceldom is not very common, but there are very many men who barely ever have sex. Why else would pornography be so insanely popular that there are no men who haven’t see it? The porn industry is build on the sexual frustration of multitudes. Women want to get into relationships with alpha males who have a specific set of character traits has little to do with their intelligence or kindness. You have a choice between “marriage material’ and whores. If you want to get married, remember that there is nothing that prevents you wife from denying you sex or divorcing you, taking away much of your wealth and possibly your home.

          When civilization came along, women ceased being the ultimate arbitrator of which men were allowed to reproduce or not. Until about the 1970s, if you were a successful and responsible citizen, that gave you a blank check to get a young wife of your own social class. Being a failure, even if you were an attractive jerk, meant forgoing the possibility of sex. Now, I don’t see myself as having failed socially, given that I am wealthier than most Americans my age. You may think of me as a loser, but I don’t care about that.

          So civilization should give me access to young unpaid pussy. But it doesn’t, because feminism has restored the matriarchal sexual marketplace of prehistory. At that primitive epoch, sexual selection favored masculine traits like aggressiveness and brutality over intelligence and cooperation.

          Thank God for the Aristocracy of the Almighty Dollar! Without prostitution, I would have been forced by feminism to spend all of my life in humiliating celibacy. Now I don’t. I could get a wife from Mexico, India, or Vietnam if I wanted. During one of my stays in Morocco, I received a marriage proposal from a gorgeous hussy, but I refused. It’s just not worth it for me. If I get married, that could get me into more trouble than it is worth. I’m a sensitive dude and I would get deeply depressed if some woman ends up betraying my feelings. I trust those women to adroitly ride my cock, but I wouldn’t trust them as life-partners.

          Now, if you like loose women and want to learn “game” and pick-up-artistry, remember that the least hypocritical of those women work as prostitutes. They won’t try to deceive you into marrying them and then take your stuff away from you. They have every interest in making sure that you get off royally, and come back another day for more sex.

          None of the prostitutes I’ve been with knew that I had been an Incel until my 30th birthday. It’s just something I never tell to people, except anonymously. Just because I pay for it doesn’t mean that they hate me. Sure, they’re in love with my wallet, but I’m pretty sure that many of them liked me as a person. Many of them told me personal stories about their lives, which they wouldn’t have confided to a complete stranger.

          And I do believe that it is sacred for a young woman to completely give herself to me for just a few dollar bills. It feels like that, anyway.

      • Was Elliot Rodgers poor? Did he look like Brad Pitts?

    • Nunyabizz

      Bullshit. You were “beating a zombie horse,” as they put it. I remember you and your relentless whining over pointless subjects. You were gently warned countless times, and you completely ignored them because you were too self-absorbed in your own pity.

    • Hi –

      My name is Stephanie Lewis and I’m a casting director in NYC. I wanted to reach out because we are working with a major cable network on a new series about committed couples ages 35 and over who have yet to consummate their relationships.

      Each couple will have the opportunity to go on a weekend-long intimacy retreat with world renowned Christian relationship experts as they work together on their journeys. Whether you have chosen abstinence for spiritual, medical, or emotional reasons, we will work with two committed people who are interested in taking the next steps in their relationship. The goal of this retreat and the ultimate series is to build a strong foundation as each couple embarks on a new and exciting chapter. If you would like the chance to work with the best sexual therapists in the country to enhance your emotional and physical life with your partner, this opportunity is for you.

      For more information and to talk to a casting director, please email

  12. Hindu Work Ethic

    I bet that site is full of desi dudes. I’m on my way to check it out now.

  13. Incelman

    I signed up for the Incel support over two months ago and I have yet to be approved by administrators. I emailed them after about one week of this and have not heard back. I have read much of the threads and FAQ and agree that it is a site operated with an agenda. Mostly the agenda is to encourage incel men to commit suicide and incel women and gays to adopt fascist control of the world. I would not be surprised if the site was run by fascist Femdom supremacists attempting to both take over the world and lock all incel man in male chastity belts forever.

    • Bhabiji

      “I signed up for the Incel support over two months ago and I have yet to be approved by administrators. I emailed them after about one week of this and have not heard back. I have read much of the threads and FAQ and agree that it is a site operated with an agenda. Mostly the agenda is to encourage incel men to commit suicide ”

      Probably why you haven’t heard back from them.

  14. Incel Support is mickey mouse site for people with severe problems and run by a couple of deranged women who make all the decisions. If you can’t even discuss why you don’t like fat women or why you have suicidal thoughts you know what kind of a site you’re on. This is the kind of a site I would gladly pull the plug out of as it is extremely harmful and will cause a suicide one day, if it already hasn’t.

    • I discovered Incel Support a while back but never joined. Just from visiting the site, I got the impression that it’s run by a bunch of feminists. It’s always the man’s fault if he’s incel, his standards are too high etc. It’s also my understanding that the male posters can’t state that incel men have it worse than incel women. Plus, the idea of a woman being incel just doesn’t making any sense. Besides the fact that women can get sex any time they want, they could just get married instead of pursuing a higher education and a career.

    • Nunyabizz

      Oh, and your female-bashing agenda isn’t at all harmful? I’ve seen your filthy, pathetic attempts to get laid! You’ve openly admitted to begging for sex from your own mother, and then accused both of your parents of child abuse simply because they refuse to cave in to your perverse demands! You condemn your parents over and over, calling them scum and wishing them a slow, painful death just because your mother refuses to commit the disgusting, heinous crime of incest with you, and your dad just because he won’t introduce you to available women (because apparently you’re too goddamn lazy to break the ice with them yourself).

      • I won’t reply to this. Too many incorrect statements to bother.

        • Take responsibility for your life

          Oh, and your female-bashing agenda isn’t at all harmful?
          -This is an accurate statement- female bashing is like 1/3 of your site. thats what your latest post is about.

          I’ve seen your filthy, pathetic attempts to get laid!- this is about another 1/3 of the site

          You’ve openly admitted to begging for sex from your own mother, and then accused both of your parents of child abuse simply because they refuse to cave in to your perverse demands!

          You condemn your parents over and over, calling them scum and wishing them a slow, painful death just because your mother refuses to commit the disgusting, heinous crime of incest with you, (I guess this might be incorrect because you object to the idea that incest is disgusting or heinous- which seriously you’re sick dude- though it is a crime in most places, probably your country too

          and your dad just because he won’t introduce you to available women (because apparently you’re too goddamn lazy to break the ice with them yourself). – see the first link where you attack you’re father for not asking coworkers/relatives for help, thought i guess you object to being called lazy cause you’ve gotten yourself rejected 50 times.

          You’re just a coward who runs away from criticism and can’t take it when people use your own words to point out how horribly flawed you are.

          But nope- the world is just liberal scum and I win all my debates!!!!

      • Big G

        Yea im feeling that your incapable of giving any man an erection. there is a time in any young mans life that you would probably be welcome but I feel you couldn’t even get an 18 year old erect. It’s not you ,I wouldn’t change a thing.

  15. Steve

    In my vocabulary, virgin means never had sexual intercourse. You can redefine it if you want but someone who has never had sexual intercourse still knows they haven’t had sex/sexual intercourse.* Hopefully, they will live in a culture that minimizes how much it bothers them to not have sex by 30 or whatever.

    I was in my early 20’s and by that point, it was really bothering me. I don’t know if it was cultural expectations or just pure unfulfilled horniness. It had never bothered me much before and then suddenly it did, a lot.

    That’s why I can sympathise with guys in that boat- it can cause emotional problems, melancholy and depression. That’s why I can also see the good side of cultures that sort it out for you and make sure most people pair off young, even if I’m not sure it is for the best overall.

    I first made out with someone when I was 12 and on other ocassions in my teens though and had my fair share of interest from females. In fact, I missed several great opportunities. If I had a son, I’d prefer him to take his opportunities and get it done early than do what I did. I’ll take him down the whorehouse on his 15th birthday (lol joke).

    I don’t think I could really call myself involuntarily celibate before then though. I would have had to try in order to qualify as that. I really didn’t ask anyone on a date or anything. I just went along, keeping myself to myself as far as dating was concerned.

    *maybe another word for not had sexual intercourse would be invented if virgin is made more general.

    • Nunyabizz

      But if you had a daughter, I bet you wouldn’t offer to hire her a male hooker, would you? I know you were only joking, but why is it so damn important for a guy to get laid, but not a woman? Women have sex drives too, and we deserve “initiation into adulthood” just as much as men do.

      • Big G

        there is a reason dumbass. young men and young women are different period. You can’t rape a young man. He will never have nightmares because a female teacher touched him with her mouth. Hell its part of ever 15 year old boys daily routine in fantasy land. Nobody has a problem with it except the boys mom. because, just like you ,they don’t understand that a release in juvenile boys is natural and necessary.

  16. One Mung Bean

    I wish I had never been a member of this site.

  17. Love Shack Baby!

    I’m a 28 year old male virgin. There are so many negative psychological effects to being an incel, but I have to say the worst one for me is anger. Why am I not good enough for women? Why have I not experienced a full life (the time I will never get back)? What kind of cruel joke is it that I should want women so, so badly – and yet they are repelled by me?

    I have no standards. I would have sex with a morbidly obese woman, but even they don’t want me.

    I hate women. HATE them. I can’t control that, and I am not a sexist. I just have a visceral hatred of women.

    I lay awake at night grinding my teeth, wishing to inflict pain on others, especially women. I’m in therapy but it doesn’t help. I have one female friend but she is completely sexually disinterested in me – which is especially frustrating because she is very promiscuous!

    My plan is to become a big enough sociopath that I can manipulate women into sleeping with me, at which time I can hate-fuck them to my heart’s content.

    • Hussyfan

      What kind of therapy are you in? One on one with a psychologist/psychiatrist or group therapy? I was depressed in my mid twenties, mainly because I couldn’t get a girlfriend, and I spend about a year in a mental hospital. I attended many group therapy sessions. I enjoyed the discussions and learned a bit about human nature, but I didn’t benefit in the least. The female therapist was very uncomfortable about issues relating to sexuality. Anything related to sexuality was of-limits because it “might be offensive” to some patients. It’s not as if I tried to discuss racy subjects like masturbation or voyeurism. I just brought up involuntary celibacy one time, and she didn’t accept it. She chided me for bringing it up, telling me that such obsessions had no place in therapy.

      At the time, I actually thought she was right and apologized. I now regret doing so, of course. I’m convinced that severe sexual frustration, as in protracted inceldom, often leads to serious mental illnesses, especially in persons predisposed to such problems.

      • The inceldom itself does not lead to any mental illness of any kind whatsoever. However, the way that the incel is treated by others due to his incel status may indeed lead to mental illness. Also the individual’s expectations of himself not being met may lead to problems. IOW, the guy thinks he ought to be getting sex or women, and he’s not getting any at all so he feels like a failure or whatever. But the incel itself I am convinced does nothing whatsoever to mental health in any way.

        • Humbert

          Surely it would make a man feel unsatisfied with his life since he’s failing to carry out his biological imperative to reproduce, no?

        • Personally I never felt any biological need to reproduce, so inceldom never did me any harm that way. I have been been incel, it is true. In spite of my prodigious sexual history, I have been incel for days, weeks, months and even years (years meaning more than one year). I won’t go into any more details on that one. Mostly what was driving me crazy was the feeling like I was a total loser and a failure for not having sex. I was dating during this time too, just not getting any actual sexual intercourse per se (so it depends on how you define incel). I was doing stuff like kissing, making out, petting, that sort of thing. So does that count as incel or not? Does incel mean no sexual intercourse per se or no sexual activity period of any way, shape or form? I mean if you go a couple of years without intercourse per se but there is some kissing, petting and whatnot in there, is that incel or not?

          Can someone define incel for me?

        • Brengunn

          I was doing stuff like kissing, making out, petting, that sort of thing.

          I don’t understand? Why never close the deal, when the deal is there to be done?

          I suffered my fair share of drug and alcohol induced impotence and on a couple of occasions a bout of nerves, but bar a one night stand that goes wrong, I’ll close the deal.

        • Why not close the deal? Well, they won’t always let you, that’s why! This was 30 years ago. Maybe things are different now. Maybe half the girls and women I dated would not have sex with me. A lot of them hold on that.

        • Brengunn

          I can’t make up my mind whether that sounds more palatable than pure incel. I think it would drive me completely cuckoo. Women, aye!

    • Brengunn

      I am not a sexist. I just have a visceral hatred of women.

      Pure comedy gold!!

    • Nunyabizz

      Um, yeah, you ARE sexist, because you just said you hate all women. You are judging ALL of us by what a FEW of us have done. In the real world, people don’t simply throw themselves at each other when they are interested. Many women may have been interested in you, even total strangers may have thought you were attractive, but society’s unwritten rules dictate that you don’t just walk up to someone and tell them you want to have sex with them and ask for their phone number.

      FYI, I am turning 33 in less than a month, and I have STILL never had a single boyfriend in my entire life, which means that yes, I have never had sex either. I may not be skinny and gorgeous, but I have seen fatter, uglier women than me with boyfriends and husbands. Some days I curse all men because of my pain, but I personally know some men who are kind and compassionate and awesome, and I know their girlfriends/wives are so lucky to have them. I may blame men for my loneliness, but I know that they are not ALL to blame.

    • Nunyabizz

      Please explain to me how it is possible to hate all women, yet NOT be sexist? The entire definition of “sexist” is that you view women unfavorably, whether you view them as inferior or despicable.

      Also, if you hate women so much, WHY do you want to have sex with them at all? I assume you’ve got two perfectly functional hands, so just jack off. Or go fuck a dog or some other animal. Or go gay. Or buy a sex doll. Fucking women even though you hate them is like eating nothing but (insert least favorite food here) to satisfy your hunger even though there are plenty of food options to choose from.

      You have no right to hate women while simultaneously wanting to have sex with them. Unless you’re willing to pay a prostitute. BTW what if you found a woman who loves you more than anyone else in the world and has nothing but the utmost respect for you? Are you still going to hate her, and blame all of your anger and pain on her? Do you hate your mother, grandmother, aunts and sisters just because they’re women too?

      You have no idea how vulnerable women make themselves when they have sex with a man. Men are generally stronger and capable of rape and inflicting horrible pain, and sorry, but men DO have a million-mile-long track record of beating and raping and degrading and controlling women. You have NO idea what we have to put up with! You treat us like sex objects, slaves, animals, etc. THAT is why women are not so quick to throw themselves at men. We have to be very careful who we choose to be with. Not to mention a lot of us can’t even give ourselves away because men are too judgmental of our appearance.

      • Big G

        Show me a large breasted , small waisted women and i’ll show you a cum dumpster. Even when I was a prostitute I still had to produce an erection. you have some things to fix about yourself as any woman can get laid. loose the weight (you know this) use the anger to exercise your way to being thinner. you don’t even have to be large chested. Men a programmed evolutionary speaking. you think there is something else going on. mental illness is doing the same thing expecting a different result. you can’t change men. you have a rage that stems from your unhappiness about your appearance. your intelligent right. CHANGE YOUR FUCKING APEARANCE. TAKE A HAPPINESS PILL>. Just excesising relieves the stress that drives your rage. Go for a walk. get out to fresh air and make your body feel as though your back into nature and some young man will throw you on your back and let nature take its course. I don’t know how big you are but your probably only 6 months from a different life. Have you set long term goals. can you set long term goals. I recognize your rage and I’ve never seen you. Men are not attracted to rage.

    • You talk about having no standards; and women’s rejection causes you pain. What if I told you that cyproterone acetate can relieve this pain?

  18. At 67 tears of age & still a virgin i now no longer feel the need for a constant companion (set in my ways) like when i was young. I just wish i had the courage to visit massage parlours now & then but my phobia wont let me. So to fellow incels i say try & do something about it b/4 you get to my age.

    • Being the Virgin that I am at 69 is the fact that my what really gets to me is the fact I have a young niece aged 45 who deliberately walks past the boy school ( 14/15 year olds in a pair of really tight trousers everyday with bulging cameltoe on show. Naturally the boys drool over this it’s driving me mental I will probably die a virgin……no wonder there are more sex crimes among the young…….PLUS IM JEALOUS………..Ror pryer.

  19. Female Incel

    Perused the incel forum. Seemed a hostile, insensitive, blame yourself type of place that offered NO support whatsoever. And I’m a female. Seeking therapy. I can understand why any male incels would not want to be a part of it, and neither do I.

    I just found a new therapist after five years with the previous one that helped in other areas of insecurity, but not this one. I am 43 and have reached the point where I realize that if this is all there is for me, and I will be alone, it’s not really worth going on. I am not antisocial, in fact, I have always formed close friendships with men and work successfully in a male-dominated field. But there is no love in my life, and the anxiety this produces is crippling. The isolation from intimacy and lifelong repeated experience of unrequited love creates a level of pain and emptiness that becomes intolerable. I realized that if all hope is lost and love and sex and connection on an intimate level is not in the cards for me, I don’t want to be here. For me, there is nothing worth living for.

    And no, I am not ugly. But yes, my self esteem is unmeasurably low. I grew up in an abusive household with a mentally ill mother and absent father. I learned to put up a front and keep secrets to hid what was going on, hence my ability to work and socialize well. I compartmentalized my life.

    To the men who suffer with this, my heart goes out to you. I know how painful it is for me and the tremendous amount of shame I feel about it. The added social pressures of what “a man” should be like and have experienced must make it doubly difficult.

    My solution – actually, my last resort – was to seek out a therapist who works with sex workers and people who have sexual dysfunction. Because in my case, I realized that was what I have – a sexual dysfunction. Many women with low self esteem go left where I have gone right – they sleep with MANY people in order to try to fill the emptiness. I went to the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

    What is most difficult is the lack of understanding by those who don’t experience this. It’s unimaginable. So we incels are dismissed with a venom and judgement that is given to sex offenders, and without the sympathy or attempt at understanding that is often offered to alcoholics and drug addicts.

    It’s hell. I live in an agonizing, torturous hell. And the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that things will change one day.

  20. John

    Robert you should check out wizardchan, it’s a very active anonymous image board for virgin males.

    The rules and definitions for some of the lingo on the site.

  21. Jake

    Well put..Robert…I have dates..last one was 19 years ago..never had a follow up.
    Iam 51…I have never sex… But iam not that picky…there are types of women thst dont give me the motivation..for example certain social places I have attempted like

    • Jake

      Like evening classes,and interest groups
      I.e places..where you supposed to meet women.Internet dating is crap…My problem is having a role to elevate my esteem.

  22. roy pryer

    Pĺease try anđ help me

  23. Roy Pryer.

    is there anywhere on the net you can write an open letter i am 69 & stilla virgin close to suicide cause of lack of relief i am also impotent cause of the antidepressants they give me……can anyone please help me with advice Roy Pryer.

  24. Roy Pryer

    i will tell you what gets up my rectum…..These blokes who whine & cry about not getting any sex for a fortnight……..try 69 years son.

  25. volcel autist & proud

    The blog known formerly as the Omega Virgin Revolt, or The Black Pill, is a pro-ultra-leftist, anti-American, anti-conservative, disingenuous pile of shit full of bitter, resentful, xenophobic, self-hating, mostly Canuckistani & Brit-tard ass wipes who display ZERO tolerance for anyone who in ANY way doesn’t 1000% adhere to their narrow, tunnel-visioned version of reality.

    Besides hating who I’ve already mentioned, they also love to shaming people on the autism spectrum, for why I have no clue(what the fuck did WE do?). They love to ignore(or belittle) any & all advice about accepting celibacy or thinking outside the sexual sphere, which could massively improve their lots in life. I’ve reported them to WordPress several times about all the hate & outright bigotry they spew, but to no avail(WordPress thinks instead that I’d rather waste my time starting a blog to complain about them; I won’t give them that satisfaction).

    Fuck them.

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