Women Hate Guys Who Don’t Get Any

Women and girls really can’t stand a guy who is not getting any or who doesn’t have a woman.

I can’t even count the number of times women said things like this to me, along the lines of, “You don’t have a girlfriend, you loser,” or “You aren’t getting any are you, chump?” or “You probably can’t get it up or get it off, huh?” or “When was the last time you got laid LOL?”

Mostly they said this in an oblique rather than open way. Even some of my female friends were rather rude about matters when they did not see me with a woman by my side very often. And this was back when I had a pretty good record with females.

When I was 23, by which time I’d already dated maybe 100 females, new friends were asking me if I’d ever had a girlfriend or if I was a virgin! What the Hell. Granted this was 30 years ago, when everyone was supposed to be getting laid constantly. If you weren’t, it was like there was something seriously wrong with you.

One thing I found out pretty quickly was that saying that I wasn’t dating anyone or didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment didn’t seem to work very well.

One would think, hot, sexy guy that I was, that women for miles around would perk up their ears to that sound like dogs to a whistle. One would think that cool guys would fall all over themselves to introduce me to hot chicks.

Instead, the usual response was like, “You don’t have a chick, huh? Loser. Well, I certainly won’t help you get one,” or “Well, I’m sure not going to go out with you then LOL.”

Most of this was when I was a younger guy, but I still get it every now and then. In particular, I would not answer questions like that if I were you unless you have an excellent factual response to it. Lately, if a woman asks me contemptuously, “When was the last time you got laid?” I generally say, “None of your goddamned business, bitch.” Then I start calling them lots of names and tell them to shut the fuck up.

After a while, I adopted the line of, “I don’t talk about my sex life.” And just let them guess. Maybe I’m getting it all the time. Maybe I slept with 50 women this year. Maybe I haven’t been laid in 20 years. Who knows! That actually seemed to work better than admitting you were girlfriendless. Back then, girlfriendlessness was a bad thing. It was almost like if I admitted I was not dating anyone, then any woman who heard that wold lose all interest in me.

Now that I’m older, things have loosened up a bit. A lot of older single people of both sexes aren’t getting much (or any at all), so it’s no big deal if you’re not getting any either. But when I was a young man, things were nasty.

All you guys out there, if you’re not getting any, have never gotten any, are going through dry spells, or don’t have a lot of sexual experience, I would advise you to STFU about it around women. Granted, there are some women who will take you up on your plight. That’s called a “mercy fuck.” But most women don’t do mercy fucks.

Just act coy, say, “I don’t discuss my sex life,” or lie about your sex life, or say, “None of your goddamned business.” You an also say, “I am just dating a couple of/few women here and there, nothing serious.” The last one is probably the best one of all.

There was even a time, as a young man, when I had a very long dry spell, over one year. I later told some girlfriends about it, and they had looks of utter contempt and disgust on their faces. They hated me for not getting laid!

I really don’t understand this mindset among women, unless females are just Cavewoman. If you’re a Cavewoman, you all want the Man With the Golden Sperm, the guy who’s getting all the other cavewomen. Everyone wants a shot at him. They’ll line up outside his cave and take numbers just to fuck him and walk out the cave door with big satisfied grins on their faces. If every other woman wants him, then so do I!

The unlucky caveman who hasn’t gotten any for a while isn’t likely to get any either. He’s an object of scorn, derision and contempt. If no other woman wants him, then I certainly don’t either!

I’m tempted to say that women are simply evil for being like this, but maybe they can’t help it.

Gay men aren’t like this.

Gay men don’t care how much ass you get or if you’re a gay virgin. If you’re a gay virgin, a lot of gay men would be quite happy to break you in.

Men in general are not like this.

Although there is some derision towards guys who don’t any, it’s not that widespread, and a lot of guys, me included, have tremendous sympathy for guys who aren’t getting any no matter what their lack of experience is. Women don’t put out that easily. All males know this. Getting a female into bed is not an easy task for any male, even the players. And even the players have dry spells, often very long ones. We understand. We sympathize.

Why are women so evil about this? Why do they hate men who aren’t getting any or have never gotten any? I don’t get it.


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48 responses to “Women Hate Guys Who Don’t Get Any

  1. Nutcracker

    This is one of the most ignorant blogs I’ve ever come across.

    1) A number of women doing that to you does NOT= ALL WOMEN

    2) Your personal experience with this does NOT= ALL MEN

    3) I very seriously doubt that any of these women ever “hated” you because you were not getting laid. That’s like, the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Next blog you’ll be talking about how women love getting the shit beaten out of them.

  2. JulianusII

    I fear you’re right and frankly it even extends to female relatives. I have a sister who will make snide comments about my lack of success with women, I’ve even had my mother do it on occasion. Women dislike beta males and absolutely loathe Omegas such as myself.BTW I’ve been a depressive my whole life; I took ADs for a while but find them not very useful.

    • Thx for your comment and I am sorry for your plight for I have been there. I knew I was right about this, but I have been getting some snotty and snide remarks about this piece.

      Depression is very bad for men. I have a friend who is a depressive. He’s a normal guy, but I hate to say it, he’s 50 years old and never had sex! He’s also been a lifelong depressive. Women have utter contempt for his depression. They say things like, “I don’t want to take care of you!” He, OTOH, has become a woman-hater.

      • Alpha Unit

        Am I the only woman who’s never mocked a guy in this way? It seems pretty sadistic.

        If I were to do something like that to a guy, I’d probably already have something against him.

      • tulio

        Well, if a guy makes it to 30 without scoring some ass, it’s safe to say there’s something seriously wrong with him. I’ve heard once a guy hits 40 and hasn’t gotten any, he’s incurable and he’ll be a virgin for life unless he goes to a hooker.

        Speaking of which, I don’t know why someone wouldn’t just go to a sex tourist destination like Costa Rica, Thailand or Brazil and fuck beautiful, exotic women all day for $50 a pop if they haven’t gotten any ass in half a century. Makes no damn sense to me.

        • governmentcheese

          As a man 30+ who has never had sex, it’s that rejection eventually becomes internalized taking the form self-hatred. Paying for sex doesn’t cure it; it would make it worse.

        • I want to make it a point to support this guy 100% here. I support all the incels. I don’t care what their history is.

        • tulio

          Might not cure the hurt of not getting any on your own, but wouldn’t it be nice to know what a pussy actually feels like? Isn’t there part of you that just wants to satiate the curiosity no matter what? If you’re crossed the 30 line and haven’t experienced the pleasures of a woman’s body, paying for it may be the gateway and motivate you to go out and get it on your own.

        • DC

          thats an excellent point. There are a lot of these incel guys who actually make a decent middle class living. I can understand someone who is broke and incel being misserable but there are so many oppurtinuties around the world if you have several thousand to spare. Even that Sodini guy was alledged to have a net worth of $250K. So many lives could of been saved if he just boughht a plane ticket to Thailand or some other place.

        • tulio

          I had to do a search to see what “incel” meant. The wikipedia entry is fascinating.

      • Homer Simpson

        I’m such a sweet ,innocent, Mr. rogers type of male of PBS fame & also the stupidity of Gilligan from gilligan’s island. I’m so bad I am, I’m just no good enough to be even in the friend zone. I got beat upon by straight women in high school. I’m a good reason for eugenics, because i’m such an inferior type of person. Nice guys like me don’t deserve to exist.

  3. Jonathon Page

    It seems to me that you have fundamentaly mis-stated the nature of the problem. Julianus, on the other hand, has hit it right on the head. It’s not that girls don’t like guys who aren’t getting laid—they just don’t like losers, especially really depressed ones, and those are the ones who aren’t getting laid.

    It’s the same for guys—we don’t like going to bed with women who are not attractive, right?

    By the way, I don’t like it that you banned Nutcracker just cause he/she wrote something you don’t like. That seems very petty to me. It’s worthy of a paranoiod dictator. How can you progress intellectually if you write out anything that goes against your preconceived notions of what’s right and wrong?

  4. tulio

    “I’m tempted to say that women are simply evil for being like this, but maybe they can’t help it. Gay men aren’t like this. Gay men don’t care how much ass you get or if you’re a gay virgin. They’ll be quite happy to break you in.”

    Hmm, hadn’t quite thought of this angle. I’m sure gay men will find a partner even more attractive he hasn’t slept with many men or hasn’t in a long time. I’d imagine that with lesbians, they would not berate a woman that hasn’t been with another woman in a long time. But this may just mean that gays have become more open-minded due to having to put up with the hostilities of living in a homophobic society.

    • DC

      That is what is so fucked up about American Social Conservatives. They pic on gays who are like 2% of the population non stop but they won’t adress the sorry state of American women,

  5. iouu

    women are much more susceptible to peer pressure when it comes to choosing mates, so for them, whether other women like you is important. the tales of attracting more women with a wedding ring on are true. also, men who are seen with women are more attractive to female observers.

    • Jason Y

      A person could be some broing conformist like all the other men. However, where is the pride? Also, some can’t conform cause thier body is odd.

  6. Dano

    Even in HS I saw the powerful attracting effect of having a GF.
    It was dramatic and eye-opening.
    I don’t think paying for it would be therapeutic. A guy who’s a virgin late in life probably wants a woman to want him. He probably needs the validation.
    I’m a firm believer that there’s a girl for every guy. People are complex, and basically compassionate. Any girl or guy can meet someone that clicks.
    I don’t ascribe to the idea that a guy who’s a virgin at 50 has something wrong with him. I’ve known several 40 and 50 yr olds that were straight and handsome and fun to be around but were unwilling virgins.
    I can’t explain it.

  7. sono

    Women don’t “hate”, the guys who are not getting any ,or have never gotten any. They are just very suspicious of them, or feel sorry for them.
    Or both.

  8. Mara

    I don’t think most women are like this. Perhaps you have made them mad and this is how they retaliate. I’m sorry they hurt your feelings, but you need to quit playing the victim and figure out what you are doing to make women so angry.

  9. Your tale is just so bizarre. I have never once in my 53 years had one female friend, acquaintance or relative ask me about my sex life. What kind of women do you hang out with?

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  11. To be honest I think as a man, having women who desire you gives you happiness…I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and paying for sex doesn’t help

  12. Jason Y

    Some males can’t stand incels. They kid them about being homosexual, or maybe they really think incels are gay.

    Probably female family members hate incels, cause the whole “family thing” requires dating and marriage. Women love to talk about family life (gossip and whatnot). In addition, they probably think “staying away from women” is some form of cowardice.

    • Incels get a lot of abuse. I haven’t been studly my whole life. Bachelor life is feast or famine for most guys. So I have had really wild player periods along with some pretty pitiful dry spells. I won’t discuss length, but they lasted at least one year and possibly longer. These were periods when most women wouldn’t give me the time of day for whatever reason.

      Fortunately I have a history that a lot of people know about, so I get a break. If they see me without a woman for a while, they don’t care due to history. They figure I will have a new woman around soon enough. I have ever had more than a few people, men and women, after I tell them how I lived my life, say that at this point it doesn’t even matter if I ever get laid again because I have done so well in previous periods. Basically they said you can never get it again and die happy.

      But the true incel must be a truly painful experience and yes they are regarded with contempt by most people.

      • LJB

        I definitely agree with most of what you said. I am 59 years old and lost my virginity when I was 38 and it was only by luck so I married the woman only because I knew it was never going to happen again. My Marriage only lasted for 10 years and I have been an incel for about 15 years now. I have been depressed most of my life or maybe all of it. My involuntary virginity destroyed my life. I tried to kill myself when I was 27 and I couldn’t get laid even though this pretty girl that I worked with wanted to have sex with me. I had social anxiety and phobias against women, sex, intimacy, public speaking or anything that made me the center of attention. When I was a teenager I ran away from women who were sexually aggressive toward me. Later I just froze like a deer in the headlight. A friend once told me that getting type 1 diabetes during puberty could’ve been the cause. After attempting suicide I checked myself into a mental health facility for about 10 weeks. I got psychotherapy sexual therapy even a surrogate to help me with my fears of women. But I still could not have sex with her. I have tried prostitutes but could not get an erection until I left the place. I had a pretty good job made a comfortable living but could not go back to work and concentrate since the woman who I failed to have sex with was working there as well. The only bright spot in my life was when my son was born when I was 40 years old.

      • Jason Y

        In a traditional society a man would just get married, even a less slick one with no player game. However, as far as being some players, most guys don’t have the knack.

  13. Homer Simpson

    I’m such a sweet ,innocent, Mr. rogers type of male of PBS fame & also the stupidity of Gilligan from gilligan’s island. I’m so bad I am, I’m just no good enough to be even in the friend zone. I got beat upon by straight women in high school. I’m a good reason for eugenics, because i’m such an inferior type of person. Nice guys like me don’t deserve to exist.

    • Jason Y

      Why do you keep supporting harsh cruel racism when it doesn’t benefit yourself? What a hypocrite to support shaming of incels, the fat etc.. and the murder of the disabled etc.. Could the Nazi thing be some weird self hatred?

    • Jason Y

      Whoever ever said evolutionary theory should always favor jock types of guys or motorcycle gang guys? Those guys have the self confidence and body, but there is no brain matter.

  14. drronnie

    But actually what surprises me is that women who reject the beta and omega men do actually get even more pissed of when these men travel to other countries and get plenty of sex there.

    • Jason Y

      Same with the guys, who will make fun of such men or nerds, whatever you want to call them. The jealousy meter shoots thru the roof.

  15. Jason Y

    A lot of girls discriminate against the very skinny, short or fat. Even if such men attempted to meet girls, they’d get humiliated. How much is actually a shy personality, or did the shy personality come from being so called “ugly”?

  16. Jason Y

    What about fat women who don’t get any? There in the same boat as the incels. They may go years with no sex.

    • Fat women can get laid anytime they want to, like most any woman. There are always plenty of guys out there who will have sex with a fatty.

      • If a man is overweight women tell him he is ugly and has to lose weight whereas when a fit man refuses to date a fat woman its called fatshaming and misoginy

        • Jason Y

          I doubt if that’s true US culture, though it’s not true for many other cultures, looks down on fat, short, or skinny people regardless of gender.

      • Jason Y

        I’m thinking a lot of these so called old age virgins are guys who want sex, but refuse to date a BBW (big beautiful woman).

  17. Jason Y

    In Northeast Asia tall women have a tough time dating cause the chauvanist men won’t date women taller than they are. That’s sort of cool cause that leaves them open to foreigners in a pretty racist society.

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  19. RockT

    Well, if ladies hate guys that don’t get any, then they should give them some- then maybe they’ll like them, lol!

  20. Loser88

    I’m 29 no job, no girlfriend and still a vir***.
    I dare anyone in the same position to not feel the least bit suicidal or massively depressed.
    My problem is I tend to fall into nice guy syndrome and ultimately get friendzoned.

    All I will say is, there is more to life than getting laid or having love.
    If there is one positive at least from my perspective, it’s that the internet fills the void with porn.
    After all why the hell bother anymore with rejection after rejection when I can have my pick online?
    I can’t be the only one as sad as it is to say, who feels the internet is an absolute lifesaver in this regard.
    Best wishes to other incels out there, as living like this really is HELL.
    I find acceptance is the key.
    I’ve come to terms with the fact I may never experience sex or a loving relationship and to be honest I have started to care less and less as each year has passed by.
    Life is a gift, love is a curse, sometimes it’s hard to decide which is worse.

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