How Can I Tell If She Likes Me Or Not?

This is something you just have to work on and work and work on. It helps if you have a lot of experience with females. As I said, I’ve dated maybe 200 females over 35 years. After a while, you can pretty much figure out when a woman likes you or doesn’t like you, likes you but is only being friendly, or likes you in a sexual way. Once you’ve seen the sexual vibes over and over with hundreds of women, it’s as clear as air.

There are a lot of problems with this. First of all, you’re on your own. I often tell my guy friends, “Hey this chick at the ____ really likes me. She won’t stop looking at me.” The response is typically total nonsupport. “Who says she likes you? Chicks look at guys for a million reasons.” You need to ignore these people. For some reason, possibly competitiveness, guys rarely back up another guy. They always pour cold water on him.

Sure, a woman who looks at you could be doing so for 1000 reasons. But if she keeps staring at you and looking at you, it’s a pretty damn good sign. But you need to see how she looks at you. Sometimes women look at me like, “Damn you’re weird!” Other times they look at me with contempt or hatred. Both of these looks are pretty common. Just because she’s looking at you, doesn’t mean she likes you. She has to be looking at you in a certain way.

Guys who pour cold water on this stuff are ruining your game. Because you really need to figure out first if she likes you or not, then make your moves. Otherwise you will be constantly coming onto women who could not care less about you, and that’s totally lame, and women hate it. If she’s giving you “that look,” it’s not because she hates you or thinks you’re weird. Those looks are completely different.

It’s also important to categorize the women you run into on a regular basis. For instance, there are some women in this town who apparently despise me. I don’t know why. They are young women, and some of these young women around here hate me because I look at young chicks and try to talk to them. That really pisses them off! I have categorized these women as enemies, and I try not to have much to do with them. I’ve stopped looking at them, and I don’t talk to them. I give them the cold shoulder and act pretty hostile towards them.

There are some other young women in a store I go to a lot, which I won’t name. With one of them, I saw her get out of her car and go in to work. As I picked up my order, I pointed to her car and asked if that was her car. She freaked out and acted really weird. It took me a while to analyze that. I finally figured out that she thinks I’m stalking her by asking that question! WTF!

So that’s been noted in my index file, “Idiot woman thinks I’m a stalker!” I’m very careful how I deal with her now, she gets no tips, and I don’t talk to her. I try not to even look at her. She’s on the enemies list.

I don’t give a flying fuck why this chick thinks I’m a stalker. Fuck it, I can’t waste my time with that. That’s her problem.

One thing is it’s ok for women to be on the enemies list. Anyone can hate me, it’s a free country. I’m not going to hurt anyone on the list. But it’s nice to know both who your friends are who your enemies are. Women on the enemies list are simply avoided like the plague. If I keep on looking at them and talking to them, things will only get worse. I don’t trust these women, I’m suspicious of them, and want nothing to do with them. Quit while you’re ahead!

Another one at the same place is very beautiful. I was looking at her the other day. She noticed me doing this quite a few times, then looked pissed off. I figure that means, “Quit looking at me, dammit.” I made a mental note to either quit looking at this woman, or not look at her so much. I might start acting cold towards her too.

If you keep notes on women, their behavior, if and how it changes and for what possible reasons, you can deal with them a lot better, and you won’t fuck up so much.

One of the major ways guys fuck up is they keep hitting on women who want nothing to do with them or even hate them. It’s ridiculous. Figure out who the bitches are, and write them off. Don’t agonize over them. If she hates you, who cares why, right? It’s not important. Just zero her out of your life and don’t deal with her anymore. No more looking, no more talking, and act cold when you deal with her.

I wish I could tell you how you can tell when a woman is looking at you in a sexual way.

It’s important to divide up those who just like you for a friend from those who want something more. This is hard to do, but you can figure it out with time. Another way guys fuck up is that they think a friendly woman wants sex. Not necessarily so! Friendly means friendly. Sex means sex. Two different things altogether. Until proven otherwise, I would just assume a friendly woman is being friendly. Just let her be friendly, and see what comes of it.

I usually leave it up to the woman. If a friendly woman wants more, she lets you know.

One way is by touching you. Once a woman starts touching you, all bets are off. I don’t think women should touch men unless they want sex, because that’s generally what that means, and that’s how it should be treated. If she wants to just be friends, tell her to get her mitts off you!

With me, pretty quickly, if they want something more than friendship, one thing they do is start talking about sex. Once a woman starts talking about sex and making sexual remarks, that’s pretty much of a come-on. If women just want to be our friends, then they can quit talking about sex all the time in our presence. A woman talking about sex, and bringing it up out of the blue, is giving off a clear sexual signal that needs to be treated as such.

Sure there are idiot women who put their mitts all over you, talk about sex, call you baby, bla bla, and then say, “But I just want to be friends!” They need to be called out on this crap, told that they are teases and to knock it the fuck off!

I don’t usually initiate things too much with women. I let them lead and watch for signals. A woman who likes you sexually makes this known pretty damn fast, usually in the first hours of conversation. Now it’s time for you to make your moves on the chessboard.


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18 responses to “How Can I Tell If She Likes Me Or Not?

  1. Shawn

    Of the girls you copulated with what percent did you kiss by at least the end of the first date? (I am including the initial meet up through the first date.) I have a running theory I am seeking to test.

    • 100%. You have to kiss her on the first date. That’s all there is to it.

      • Shawn

        Thanks. That’s been my experience too. It’s all so weird. One problem I’ve found is, on dates, women are to pussy to alcoholic beverages. They usually want to go for coffee or go to some restaurant and get non-alcoholic beverages. This makes it tough because everything is 5x easier after a couple of drinks are in the system.

        All my dates have come from online matches lately so I am sure that is part of the problem; they are afraid to drink with someone they have never met.

        • John

          maybe I am just way too old fashioned but are we talking about a “hook up” here or are we talking about a true, genuine and lasting love? If it is the latter then the absolute WORST thing you can do is to kiss her on the first date.

      • nazbol

        Rob, I just ate dinner with and went to a bar with her, but it wasn’t explicitly thought of as a date. She said we should do this every weekend. No kissing. Some advice?

        • Shawn

          Your screwed. Try it once more and man up and go for it, but you missed the first date kiss, so you will probably never out your penis in her vagina. When you leave the bar offer your hand and say you will walk her to her car. When you are near her car go for the kiss.

        • nazbol

          Actually we live right next to each other, so we basically walked back together. I guess what I’m asking is, the next time we’re out drinking, do I verbally ask “You wanna fuck?” or do I do something to signal it? We’re basically gonna be living close to each other for a year. She even asked if I wanted to travel with her in the summer. My gut instincts tell me that I still have a chance. And since its long-term contact, should I be patient, like AUM suggested, or should I ask immediately the next time?

        • Wade in MO

          “do I verbally ask “You wanna fuck?” ”

          Drive up to the side of lake and stop the car. Get comfortable and try to get into a romantic situation. Then say to her “Suck me, beautiful.”

        • nazbol

          Since we’re going to go out drinking every Saturday night, when I should ask? I’m gonna be living close to her for a year.

        • Wade in MO

          ” when I should ask?”

          You should never say “suck me, beautiful” to her. That was a recreation of the scene from one of the most mind numbing movies of the late 90s early 2000s.

          I really don’t have a ton of experience in the area, but I don’t think girls like it when you come out and ask “Can I kiss you?” or “You wanna fuck?”. You should pay attention if she gives you any hints. If you think she is then proceed. I’d think that in the begining you should keep it simple. Maybe a first kiss and some light touching (after some time) and see if she responds. When I say light touching I mean in sensual yet non-sexual areas like the small of the back or the nape of the neck. I wouldn’t plunge into the breast, ass, or inner thighs until you’ve had some time together. Personally, I wouldn;t want a women who fucked me after one or two dates becasue I don’t like sluts. I know Robert likes sluts. If she’s a slut you should listen to Robert. Apparently he’s even got some girls to let him piss on them. If you are mistaken and she starts to look uncomfortable then pull back. Dont get mad at her or let it get awkward. (If you shoot into a “hot zone” real quick and you’ve misjudged it will be awkward.)

          My advice is to not be too pushy but also don’t be a pussy. Pay close attention to her reactions and adjust accordingly. I hate to be so vague, but every situation has it’s own specifics.

          Personally, I hope to reenter “the hunt” in the next few months after somewhat of a hiatus for the past couple years. I’m going to have to adjust to the game again myself.

        • nazbol

          What can I say to push her emotional/psychological buttons and sort of ease my way through rather than prematurely pushing through, making it potentially akward?

      • John

        VERY WRONG! I have had my share of experiences and if you are looking for a true and genuine, long lasting relationship then NOT kissing her on the first date is for sure the way to go. It shows her that you have a very real and genuine respect for her. No offense guys but I would feel a lot more confident to leave this up to the ladies out there to decide which one of us is right…ladies?

  2. Tao

    It’s hard to believe you’ve actually seen a real human vagina because you look like an absolute douche. Go ahead and ban me, faggot.

  3. Shawn

    The easiest way to get a girl to blow you — just a factoid — is when making out with her, even when first meeting her — just pull out the meat flute. Don’t say anything, or maybe just ask, after it’s been pulled out, do you like to give head? Simple as that.

  4. altoid

    wow. i thought this was a joke…then i realized it wasn’t.

    are you interested in long term relationships or just having sex? i hope it’s the latter because it sounds like you don’t take personality into account much more beyond the surface level.

    the best relationships i’ve ever had have been friendships that have turned into something more. never meant to be relationships, but became relationships later on down the road.

  5. i’m not sure if you’re familiar with this blog:, but it’s a great resource for female psychology, gender and relationship politics, and general anti-ideologue ranting. a lot of convergence with his ideas and your own. — interesting blog, by the way.

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