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The Patterson – Gimlin Bigfoot Footage

The Holy Grail of Bigfoot tapes. For a variety of reasons, this clinches the argument over whether or not Bigfoot exists.

In 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin left Yakima, Washington and went to Willow Creek, California. They were both cowboys and worked seasonally. Patterson had been hunting Bigfoot for a long time; in fact, he was more or less a fulltime Bigfoot hunter for half the year. He had also written a book about Bigfoot. Despite all of that, he was just a cowboy, and he was not a particularly educated man.

Patterson brought Gimlin along because he wanted the best horseman he could find, and Gimlin is one of the finest cowboys out there. They went to Willow Creek because many Bigfoot tracks had been seen in the area recently as logging roads were opening up, so they figured it was a good place to look. These tracks were first noted in 1958 by Jerry Crews, a road worker.

The family of a recently deceased man named Ray Wallace has claimed that he created the Bigfoot myth by walking around in the woods wearing wooden shoes. The family has produced the shoes. However, the tracks left by his wooden feet do not match at all to the many known Bigfoot prints on many variables.

On October 20, they went to Bluff Creek, California, near the border between Humbolt and Del Norte Counties. They were riding along a trail along Bluff Creek when they came to an uprooted tree stump as large as a room in a house. As they moved past it, they looked down in the creek bed. There had been huge storms in the spring and much of the tree cover around the stream was washed away. In order to get to the creek, animals had to move across the open creekbed to get to the water.

Both men saw the Bigfoot at once. Patterson’s “unspookable” horse spooked and flipped him off of it. Patterson struggled to pull himself from under the horse, which had fallen tot he ground, then to get his camera out of his bag. He then began running across the creekbed pursuing the Bigfoot. He got about 15-20 seconds of the finest footage anyone has ever made of a female Bigfoot, 24 feet of 16mm film with a 16mm Kodak camera.

People went back the next day and made classic Bigfoot casts of the footprints in the soil. Bigfoot footprints have been found all over and many casts have been made. They share common abnormalities that would make them hard to fake. They lack an arch, and have a bone present that is not in a human foot. There are several other ways that they are different.

Mathematical calculations based on the prints showed that “Patty” weighed 550 pounds and that she was 7 feet 6 1/2 inches tall. The prints were 14.5 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Since that time, several people have all come forward with different stories that they wore a monkey suit for the footage. Each person has a different story and some even have the suits. Some keep dragging out new suits every year, trying to make them better and better, since in general, they look nothing like the footage.

Hollywood filmmakers have said it would be difficult or impossible to make a suit like that and that probably no human could be trained to walk the way Patty walks, or if so, only with extensive training. Patty displays a completely non-human method of locomotion would be difficult, if not impossible, for a human to imitate.

Note in the footage where Patty turns to look at the camera. Note how she turns her whole upper body around, including her shoulders, not just her head. A human generally only turns their head, but apes turn their upper body around, since they can’t turn just their head. Who would have thought of that?

Note the hairy breasts. Even apes do not have hair breasts.

Movement of thigh muscles can be seen as Patty runs. This movement is perfect, exactly the way a huge thigh would move. The muscle would not be visible under a costume.

Patty has a hernia on her left thigh. A hernia would not be visible under a costume.

Notice the absolutely natural way that Patty walks in a manner of locomotion that is utterly nonhuman.

Notice how long her arms are compared to the rest of the body.

Patty’s knee operates at a completely different angle when walking than a normal human knee does – it is not fully extended. This may be an adaptation to supporting a great deal of weight.

Patty has huge shoulders, calculated at 34 inches wide. The average man has shoulders 25 inches wide. A wide shouldered man is 28-29 inches. Humans with shoulders over 30 inches are nearly unheard of. Even Andre the Giant’s specs do not match Patty’s.

In 1998, the BBC paid special effects people to make a perfect Patty costume, then had an actor run along to imitate Patty. The documentary was billed as destroying the Patterson footage once and for all. The effort failed completely. To this day, no one, not even the finest Hollywood special effects designers, has been able to use an actor and a monkey suit to recreate this footage. Keep in mind that 43 years ago, special effects was still in its infancy and it is orders of magnitude better now than it was then.

No one has been able to prove that this footage is a fake. The worst one can say about it is that it is a mystery.

Patterson died of cancer in 1972. Gimlin is still alive, but he never made a dime off the footage. Both men were of high moral caliber, which cannot be said of the numerous fakers who all said they worse the costume that day.

Here a Hollywood animator says that the footage obviously shows and unknown animal, and that footage could not possibly be faked with a  costume and actor via modern techniques.

I am a CG animator by profession. As part of my craft I have an intuitive sense of natural human movement. I animate human characters for games.

When I view the Patterson-Gimlin film, I see a mode of movement that is not human, but humanlike. The arm swing and movement of the shouler girdles are clearly that of a truly massive frame. The musculature of the creature is very thick, but not restrictive to the range of motion in the shoulder joints.

In the trapezius muscle group, the diamond shaped set of muscles that anchor the shoulders, nape of the neck and upper thoracic vertebrae, the contraction of these thick muscle sheets is visible. In the cadence of the walk, and the amount of bobbing up and down, the presence of great and compact body mass is evident.

Also the creatures knee, not reaching full extension, is certainly an adaptation to supporting great weight. A fully extended knee has poor resistance to twisting forces. In conclusion, the reality of the film subject as an uncatalogued animal is self evident.

It simply cannot be a costume, the boundaries of the human form do not even fit within the form of the creature. Furthermore, the mass of the creature is so great and carried with such poise, a man could not even be trained to carry such great weight or walk bearing weight in such a fashion.

The muscle masses, if they had been padding, would have been static and restrictive. The presence of visible muscle contraction, the freedom of movement, the cadence of the walk, all fully support the claim that the footage documents a living hominid outside of the genus of man.


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Possible Bigfoot Sighting in Central Oregon

Excellent clip of what appears to be a Bigfoot on the McKenzie River in Central Oregon. It would be better to say that it may be a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot appears for only a few seconds, but the behavior is very Bigfoot-like.

The video was shot by fly fishermen on the river and uploaded to Youtube. Apparently it was only two years later that viewers on Youtube noticed that apparent Bigfoot in the video and reported it, because the people who shot the video had no idea that there was Bigfoot in it. And at the time, the people in the boats did not see the Bigfoot either. They were probably too focused on the rapids that they were riding. Bigfoots are often seen near rivers.

A researcher for the Bigfoot Sightings Research Organization has analyzed the film and went to the site. He concluded that the figure is about 6 feet tall and is most probably a human male.

The Bigfoot can be seen from about 1:35 to 1:48 in the video if you look very closely at the bank to the far left.

As you might have guessed, yes I do believe in Bigfoot.


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Woman Stays Pregnant for 46 Years

Too weird.

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The Beaumont Children

This is one of the most famous unsolved crimes in Australia, or possibly in the world. Three young children went to the beach in Australia one day, met a tall, blond haired man who they seemed to be friends with, played with him a while, then walked away with him and off the face of the Earth. To this day it is unsolved.

The link will provide you with all you need to know about the case. The three children were all brothers and sisters, two older girls and their little brother. They went to the beach in the morning. While there, they met a tall, blond haired man about 35-39 years old. They seemed to know him and played with him for a while. Then he dressed them and all four walked away from the beach. They were last seen buying a meat pie with money that the man must have given them.

The suspect in the Beaumont children case in 1966 and the Adelaide Oval case in 1973. The same man almost certainly committed both crimes, and he has never been caught. He is probably not one of the known suspects. Now he would be 78 years old, or he has already died. The children are surely dead.

There were several descriptions of the man, and they all matched up. A postman saw the children in the afternoon walking along, but we now think that he saw them in the morning instead.

A woman said that a man and three small children moved into a house on her street that night. A young boy tried to run away down the street, but the man chased after him, grabbed him roughly and took him to the house.

The oldest girl was very shy and no one understands why she let the man dress her at the beach. The children were cautious and the thinking now is that they made friends with the man.

The children were never seen again.

Many theories have sprung up, including some that say they are still alive.

A man said he lived next door to them in the 1960’s after they were kidnapped. Police interviewed him.

A few years back, children from a family claimed that their pedophile father had killed the children along with his pedophile gang which included prominent members of society. The children were taken to a car, shown the open trunk where the dead children were, and told that this is what would happen to them if they talked. Police said the story was credible, but nothing more was heard.

Letters supposedly written by the children came to the parents after they were gone, but all were pranks.

A Dutch psychic was called in and he claimed the kids were buried under a warehouse. Much later, the warehouse was excavated and nothing was found.

There are several main suspects:

Bevan Spencer von Einem

A very strange guy, a sadistic homosexual accountant who is associated with the extremely bizarre Family Murders which occurred much later. He is in prison after being convicted of the savage murder of a young man. However, Einem only killed boys aged 15-25 if he did the rest of the Family Murders (which he did), so the age is wrong. Also, von Einem would have had to kill three kids in 1966, stop killing for 13 years, then start killing again, but this time kill young men.

Von Einem was only 20 years old at the time, so he is the wrong age. However, he was already prematurely grey at age 20, and he was known to die his hair blond. In addition, he was recently identified from an old photo as among a crowd who was watching searchers look for the Beaumont children.

According to a 3rd party, von Einem confessed to killing the Beaumont children and also to the Adelaide Oval abduction. He said he did surgery on the kids, “connected them up,” but one had died, so he killed the others and threw their bodies off a dam into a reservoir. The dam area and reservoir were searched, but nothing was found. But this witness is not very reliable, and psychos are always confessing to crimes that they did not do.

I don’t believe he did this crime. He’s the wrong age, and the victim profile is wrong.

Arthur Stanley Brown

Yet another one and a very interesting case. In 1999, he was tried for the murder of a young girl, but the case was dismissed because he was too senile to stand trial. The case against him was very good. He died three years later. A married man who worked as a carpenter, he was also a child molester for many years. Victims continue to come forward. He also supposedly confessed to friends that he had killed the Beaumont children. The media speculates that he is the killer, but he’s dead now.

He seems to be the wrong age. He was 54 years old at the time of the Beaumont children case. He does resemble the Identikit description, and 25 years after the Adelaide Oval disappearance, a witness picked him out as the man she had seen before. But she was looking at a picture of him as an 86 year old man. At the time of the Adelaide Oval case, he would have been 61 years old. The Adelaide Oval suspect was said to be in his early 40’s. I do not believe that he did this crime.

James Ryan O’Neill

Convicted of the murder of a 9 year old boy in 1975. A skilled sociopath, he was interviewed over three years by a retired detective who eventually came to believe that O’Neill is the perpetrator of the Beaumont children case. The media continues to propagate this line. O’Neill was only 17 years old in 1966, so he is the wrong age. I also do not feel that he looks like the Identikit of the suspect. I do not believe that O’Neill did this crime.

Derek Percy

Derek Percy is one of Australia’s most famous criminals. A sadistic pedophile, he was convicted of the horrible murder of a 12 year old girl. The crime was so savage and crazy that the jury was convinced that only an insane person could have done it, so he was found criminally insane. Others later said he was psychotic or schizophrenic. He’s not crazy at all. He’s simply a sociopath. Authorities have said that he will never be released. He seems to be also implicated in the murders of a few other children around this time.

He places himself right at the crime scene on that day but says he can’t recall if he did the crime or not. But Percy places himself near the scene of every crime they question him about, and he always lies and says he doesn’t recall if he committed the crime or not. Maps have been found in his possession of the scene of the Beaumont crime, with the area circled in felt marker. Percy would have been only 16 years old at the time, and it’s thought that the perpetrator would have needed a car. Percy could not yet drive.

Percy was already a very strange young men. He carried a knife with him everywhere he went as a teenager, but in rural Australia at the time, this was common. As a teenager, he was spotted by other boys, who were hidden, at a watering hole. He was dressed in girls’ clothes and he was stabbing frenziedly at a pair of girl’s panties and yelling. Then he went down by the water and shit in the river. The boys repeated the story at school, but it was so weird that no one believe them.

As a teenager, he moved around a bit, but everywhere he went, women’s underwear tended to disappear. He may have also been a peeper. He was a cold and emotionless young man. He later went into the navy and was a sailor when he was arrested for the crime that locked him up.

It was recently found that he had a locker where he stored his possessions. Police searched it and found extensive fantasies and elaborate charts detailing his plans to abduct and murder more children. Police want his DNA to compare to other crimes, but he won’t give it up, and as he is not a criminal, just a mental patient, they can’t force him. He recently received a $200,000 Navy pension, sparking outrage across Australia.

The Adelaide Oval case took place seven years later. The suspect was almost surely the same man who took the Beaumont children. At the time of the Oval disappearance, Percy was in prison.

I do not believe that Derek Percy is the perpetrator in this case. He’s too young and he was in prison during the Oval case.

Adelaide Oval Case

Seven years later, there was an Aussie Rules match at a stadium called the Adelaide Oval. Two young girls went to the bathroom. Their parents never saw them again.

A ticket booth attendant said that a man tried to get the girls’ attention by telling them he was trying to rescue a cat trapped under a stand. This is how he got their attention. At some point, he apparently grabbed the younger girl and picked her up. A witness saw a man walking away carrying the younger girl, while the 11 year old was behind him, hitting him and kicking him.

The witness thought it was strange and watched them for about a minute. The man and the two girls were seen several more times in the blocks near the stadium. The older one was still struggling with the man and hitting him. One witness thought it was so odd that he almost called police, but then thought again. The father went looking for the girls, but it was too late.

The suspect was a man about 41-45 years old. He is a dead ringer for the suspect in the Beaumont case, and it is almost certain that the same man committed both crimes.

Von Einem and Arthur Brown are said to be strong suspects in the Adelaide Oval case. However, the ages seem to be wrong. The suspect was 41-45 years old. Von Einem was 27 years old, and Arthur Brown was 61 years old.

I do not believe that the suspect in the Beaumont case is any of the suspects listed above. It is someone else altogether.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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The Prevalence and Trends of White Racism in the US

Tulio asks some interesting questions about the prevalence of White racism in the US. My remarks will follow.

Question here, esp for the whites.1) How many whites do you think you think are genuinely racist? To simplify things, I’ll define racist as having a feeling of hatred or strong dislike for another race. I won’t get into the murkiness of say, race realists who don’t necessarily hate or who are self-aware enough to treat people respectfully as individuals while still holding group generalizations.

2) Do you think white racism is on the rise?

I’m asking this because it seems as though I’m seeing more and more white racism in blogs and forums. I remember a time you didn’t see much of this stuff. Back around 94 was when I first got on the internet. I used to frequently post to Usenet groups. Back then there were no blogs or web-based forums so Usenet was where you went for discussions. I used to post frequently in the African-American forums and it was a place for black people to discuss issues.

Everyone there was educated and civil. Sometime around the turn of the century, more and more white racist trolls started trickling in. Until it got to the point that there were more white racists on the  forum trolling than there were blacks until all the black got tired of it and just left. Last I remember, virtually all of the posts on the forum were from the same type of people you now would see at a site like Chimpout.

It seems like there is an explosion in HBD type blogs that are hell bent on proving black people are a lower form of life. Even things like celebrity blog site are full of racism. And it’s ALWAYS white people.

Youtube is probably the worst. Just about any video that has a black person in it in any way will be filled with racist comments unless the author of the video actively censors. I feel like the whole web is becoming like the Youtube comments section anywhere that race is brought up and comments are unmoderated.

So what is it that we are looking at here? Is this a broad cross-section of white America? Or is there a dedicated minority of extremely zealous white racial “activists” that just troll forums and Youtube all day? I’m sure you guys know the type of posters I’m referring to. How representative are they of white America in general in your opinions?

A good survey recently found that 31% of US Whites could be said to have a high degree of racism against Blacks. That seems about right to me. The same survey also found that 34% of Blacks are quite racist against Whites. So Blacks are more racist against us than we are against them. Those figures seem accurate to me and do not surprise me in the least.

As far as whether White racism is increasing or not, I think it is continuing to decline. I think it has been slowly declining almost every year since the mid 1960’s. It’s been a long, slow crash. I realize it does not seem that way judging from what you see on the Net but realize that around 1994-1998, most people weren’t even on the Internet. People only started going on the Net in large numbers in the last ten years. Many Whites are probably still not on the Net! I know many Hispanics around me are not connected.

I think you are just seeing these types coming out of the woodwork. And things like the election of Obama have energized White racism and given it a big shot in the arm. Nevertheless, I believe that White racism in terms of numbers has been declining even since the election of Obama.

I don’t think I have ever met one White who used to be a non-racist or anti-racist but now hates Blacks. You hear about them from time to time, but I’ve never met one. It doesn’t seem to work that way. People go from racist to non-racist or anti-racist, but not really the other way around.

I’ve known some folks who saw their views of Blacks decline after mass exposure to them, including yours truly, but in the White world, these people, including me, would not be called anti-Black racists by other sane Whites. I get called nigger-lover more than anything by Whites.

You look around White World, and most Whites are simply not raving CRT anti-racist kooks. There are a few out there, mostly younger folks, but it’s not that common.

But you also don’t see a lot of strong anti-Black racism among Whites either, as it is quite proscribed around here. Most Whites, as they get older, get “mugged by reality” so to speak, and they do get somewhat cynical about Blacks, but White society does not consider that mindset to be racism. It’s just “the way we all think but we are too afraid to admit it.” Most Whites are kind of like how tulio described me earlier, “like the White guy next door.” They don’t exactly love Blacks, but they don’t exactly hate them earlier.

Further, more and more Blacks are moving into our family scenes. A nephew married a Black woman. She met my family and everyone was on very good behavior. She seemed a bit unsure about how we would react, but keep in mind that Whites around here are under strong pressure to be very nice to Blacks in such situations.

Later one of my Mom’s best friends started dating a Black man. This woman is in her 70’s. For a White woman from my Mom’s generation to date a Black is beyond the pale, but it’s going on now. My Mom is very happy for her. I’ve met him, he’s totally cool, and of course I was very nice to him.

Both of these Blacks were “Sidney Poitier” White Black types, but as you can see, Blacks are marrying into our families and moving into our friend circles.

Overt anti-Black racism is pretty seriously proscribed in the circles I run in, even with my Mom’s crowd in their 70’s. It’s simply not ok.


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Nigger Genes Ruined Portugal

So say the moron commenters on this article at American Renaissance.

That Portugal suffered some dysgenic effect due to allowing substantial Black genes into a White country has long been a trope of the worst of the White nationalists. This story was spread widely around the South during the Civil Rights era to warn of the dangers of breeding with Blacks.

True, Portugal has some problems. Just 28% of the Portuguese population between 25 and 64 has completed high school. The figure is 85% in Germany, 91% in the Czech Republic and 89% in the U.S. The government is just now mandating 12 years of school. As is, you can leave school at grade nine, and many do.

Portugal also has a serious debt crisis. It’s the poorest country in Western Europe, but that’s long been the case. Anyway, one country has to be poorest, right? Everyone can’t win the race.

Much is made of the Portuguese IQ. However, at 94, it seems high enough.

The “nigger genes” argument is particularly ugly, and is one reason that I regard WN’s as revolting human beings. Supposedly, Portugal imported some Black genes centuries ago during colonialism, I would assume particularly from Brazil.

There is a serious problem with this line. Portugal only has about 3% Black genes. It’s true that there is more in the South, where figures can range up to 6-7%. But that is still not very high. Surely allowing the ingress of 3% Black genes into a White population is not enough to destroy the country! That’s ridiculous.


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Black IQ Estimates By State

From Audacious Epigone.

The figures are quite heartening, but I think that they are in error. Check them out yourself.

As you can see, the average score for Blacks in the US is 91.

AE goes on to give several reasons why this score is higher than the normal ~85 that we typically see. His first point is that the Black IQ may be increasing. It is, but probably only for Black children. His second point is that intermarriage is increasing. This is true, but there is probably not even mulattoization to account for rising scores. Flynn and Dickens discuss that in one of their papers. The other points he gives are not relevant.

His final point is that Blacks mature more early than Whites. This is most probably the reason for the rising scores, because the scores were done on Black 8th grade 13 year olds.

I do not think it is so true that Blacks mature earlier and therefore Black kids have higher scores. In Africa, both Black kids and adults score ~67, so there is no IQ advantage for Black children.

What I believe is happening in the West is that the super-stimulating environment of the West is jacking up the scores of Black kids. At age 5, Black kids have an IQ of 95. However, as they move into adulthood, it is possible that environmental effects on IQ wear off and genetic effects kick in.

The problem with this is that White kids in the US show no advantage in youth. The White youth IQ is 103 and the White adult IQ is 103.

So why would the environment artificially jack up the scores of Black kids but not White kids? It doesn’t seem to make any sense. If Blacks mature sooner and this is the reason for the higher scores in Black kids versus Black adults, then why doesn’t this effect take place in Africa?

At the end of the day, the elevated scores of Black youths, which have indeed been rising quite a bit in the West, which then crash back down to ~85 in adulthood, must be seen as yet another mystery.


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Latest From Fukushima

Things still do not look good at Fukushima where the nuclear reactor crisis is underway.

Reports of radioactivity at 10 million times normal were thankfully erroneous.


However, Unit 3 now has a large crack in it through which either water or steam or both, both radioactive, are leaking.

On March 25, black smoke was billowing out of Unit 3, which contains MOX, a mix of uranium and plutonium. This forced an evacuation of all four reactors that they are working on.

It appears that there is no alternative but to reconnect the cooling system and get it working again. That’s the only way to cool down the reactor. Just pouring water on the reactors is not going to work. It’s like pouring water on lava. However, it may be quite difficult to hook up the cooling system again, because it may be seriously damaged.

Neutron beams have been seen 13 times since the initial disaster. These are very mysterious, but the implication is that plutonium and uranium may be being released.

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The Whites of Asia

From the Pastmist site. It’s in French, but you can muddle through.

A truly amazing site with a wealth of photos showing very European looking natives from all around the Central and South Asia region.

Areas covered include Afghanistan, Tajikistan, northern Pakistan, northern India, Iran, Kurdistan and Xinjiang.

Peoples covered include Uzbeks, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Iranians, Kurds, Indians, Pashtuns, Chitralis, Nuristanis, Burusho, Kalash and Uighurs.

It’s quite clear to me that these are by and large the remains of the ancient Indo-Europeans. Most are probably related to the Indo-Aryans, but the Uighurs are probably related to the Tocharians. The Tocharians later received an infusion of Mongoloid genes, the result of which is the mixed people you see today.

Most people in Kazakhstan and Kirghistan probably looked like this until 1300 YBP when Mongolian hordes moved through, bringing Asiatic genes and Turkic languages.

The Burusho complicate the IE-European look theory, as they speak a non-IE language that is not related to any other language. However, languages related to Burushaski were probably widely spoken in the region before the Indo-Aryans moved through. So how did the Burusho get so White looking? It’s a mystery.


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Pasta With Clam Sauce

Here is a nice little recipe that is very easy to cook.

2 quarts water
1 16 oz can pasta clam sauce
6 oz dry pasta
1/2 onion
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp basil or pesto
1 1/2 tsp clam juice
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp oregano

Boil water in a pan. Add pasta and return to boil. Boil for 10 minutes, then drain.

Add olive oil to pan. Chop onion. Cook onion until translucent. Turn stove to medium. Add can of pasta clam sauce. Add basil, clam juice, lemon juice and oregano. When it starts to boil, turn down to low. Serve over pasta.


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