A Little Asian in All of Us

Repost from the old site.

Well not quite, but you get the picture.

I am going to write a post about Asian genes in non-Asians. Mostly or fully-Asian groups obviously occupy most of Asia. Even if we subtract Australoids from Asians, many Melanesians have some Asian in them, especially those in the east end of Indonesia> and along the coast of New Guinea. In this case, the Asian is Austronesian from Taiwan.

Papuans and Aborigines have little to no Asian mix. Polynesians are a highly controversial people who have usually been thought of as being 50% Melanesian and 50% Austronesian from Taiwan. However, there is a new paper out suggesting that they are a mostly-Austronesian people.

Micronesians are said to be the same. Previously, they were thought to be Polynesians mixed with Melanesians. Polynesia is thought to have been populated from Eastern Indonesia. Micronesia is thought to have been populated from around Fiji. Fijians are Melanesians with considerable Polynesian genes.

Obviously, mainland Asia is all Asian. Siberians are mostly Asian. The Yakut, for instance, are mostly Asian, but they do have 6% Caucasian in them.

A beautiful Yakut woman from the Sakha Republic competing for the Miss Russia 2007 contest. That’s basically the Yakut Republic. She should have only 6% Caucasian genes, but it seems like she has more than that.


The Caucasian comes from a group called the Sakas who conquered Siberia 1,500 years ago. The Mongolians are 86% Asian and 14% Caucasian.

A beautiful Buryat woman competing in the Miss Russia 2007 contest. Buryats are said to be quite close to Mongolians genetically, so she probably has about 14% Caucasian genes. Note the classic high Mongolian cheekbones. Korean women have this same feature, and they are recent immigrants from Mongolia in the past 4-5,000 years.


The Hui are in interesting group inside China, south of Mongolia, who are 93% Asian and 7% Caucasian. The Han have no Caucasian in them.

Going west of Burma, we run into trouble. In NE India, the people are mostly Asian. Going north to Nepal, you get an odd mix of all sorts of people, some mostly Asian but others more of an East Indian type.

A very interesting, yet unclassifiable, type in Nepal. Clearly there is an Asian component to this phenotype. There are some phenotypes that look something like this in SE Asia, especially hill tribes in Burma and Thailand. Come to think of it, doesn’t she look a bit like the Naga below?

Nagas of Northeast India. They cluster genetically with Tibetans. Some think that they are the leftovers of the original people of the region.

The mother of this Nepalese family looks pretty Caucasian, but I have a hard time classifying that phenotype. Something resembling that phenotype can be seen in some of the Kalash. There is also some of a North Indian-Punjabi component. The two daughters clearly have a strong Asian element, thought it does not much resemble other Asian types. The girl on the right looks a bit like a Filipina.

A very Asian type in, believe it or not, Nepal. Yes. This phenotype looks very Chinese and could be related to Tibetans. Nepalese are very difficult to classify genetically due to the divergence of types. Further, the peopling of Nepal is very poorly understood.

North Indians, possibly Punjabis. Many Punjabis look something like this. They have 10% Asian genes and it is often apparent, especially in the eyes.


Punjabis have about 10% Asian genes. You can sometimes see it in their eyes.

These beautiful young women are from Ladakh, on the border of China and India. As you can see, the Indians here are heavily Asian. The girl on the right looks very Korean. The other two are very difficult to classify, but the girl on the right left could almost be Mediterranean – Italian or Iberian, other than the eyes. Genetically probably close to Tibetans.


Heading into Pakistan, some Pakistanis appear somewhat Asian. The Kalash, whom we discussed in a previous post, often appear somewhat Asian.

A very interesting Kalash woman. The Kalash are so divergent that they form one of two splits in the Caucasian Race – Kalash and non-Kalash. No one quite knows much about them, but they seem to have come from the Caucasus. Their genes are radically divergent. Either they have experienced tremendous genetic drift or they are some of the most ancient Caucasians of all.

The very early proto-Caucasians may have looked something like this – they had heavy Asian admixture. This mixing of Black and Asian was taking place in the Caucasus region.

More Kalash. There are some very interesting types in this fascinating group. Both the woman and her daughter look Asian, the daughter more so. The woman seems to have an East Indian component.


Some Pashtuns look a little Asian, but many others just look pure Caucasian.

When we head north from this area, we start running into some heavy Asian-Caucasian mixes. This is the zone where these two great major races have seriously mixed. Heading East to Western China, we find the Uighurs, a group that is 61% Asian and 39% White. This Muslim group is heavily repressed by China and some have taken up arms against the state. I do support this secessionist movement.

Uighurs. A most interesting group of people from West China. This area has clearly seen a tremendous amount of Caucasian-Asian mixing for a long time now. It is in this region that burial tombs have been unearthed that revealed Caucasian mummies, some with red hair.

Of course, this drove White nationalist insane people even more insane. China was an ancient White homeland! Except the “Whites” were probably some Iranian or Caucasus types that these idiots have excised from their precious White race. At any rate, a few Caucasian bodies here and there does not a homeland make. There were and are plenty of Asians running around this region too. Truth is that Iranian types from the steppes have been invading this region for ages.

Tocharian, perhaps one of the earliest forms of Indo-European, may have been spoken on these windy steppes 8,000 years ago. The Uighurs are 61% Asian and 39% Caucasian. Their movement for liberation has been heavily repressed by the Chinese. Some have been radicalized and have moved down into Afghanistan and the Pakistan tribal areas to work with the local Taliban, but in general, Islam in this region is quite moderate and reasonable.

It’s questionable whether or not China even has much of a claim to this land. The girl on the right has a very interesting phenotype. She looks quite Caucasian, but that Caucasian look is actually specific to the Caucasus. I look at her and think “Dagestani”. White-Chinese hapas in the US often look something like this also.


Heading West, Uzbeks in Uzbekistan are clearly a very mixed race people – they are 59% Asian and 41% Caucasian.

An Uzbek man with a turban. A syncretic form of Islam was popular here, but due to religious repression, some Uzbeks have turned to radical Islam. The group is called the IMU. They were defeated in Uzbekistan and the remnants moved to Afghanistan to link up with the Taliban. After the Taliban were defeated, many moved into the tribal areas where many IMU fighters married local women. They form a significant component of the Pakistani Taliban who are fighting in the tribal areas right now.

A young Uzbek man. This man looks very Caucasian, other than the slight Asian eyes. The outfit would not be out of place in Afghanistan.

An Uzbek woman. As you can see, at 41%, the Caucasian element is very high in Uzbeks. The phenotype is difficult to place, but the Caucasian element could resemble a Greek, a Georgian or possibly an Iranian.


Heading further West, the Kazakhs are strangely even more Asian: they are 70% Asian and 30% Caucasian.

Heading back towards China, we come to the Altai, a region where Mongolia, China and Russia all come together. This is thought to be the region from which the Amerindians came from. These people are best categorized as Northern Turkics and they all speak a Turkic language.

Some people here are very mixed (figures here): The Shor are 51% Caucasian and 49% Asian, the Altai themselves are 53% Asian and 47% Caucasian, the Khakass are 72% Asian and 28% Caucasian, the Sojots are 81% Asian and 19% Caucasian and the famous throat-singers, the Tuvans, are 89% Asian and 11% Caucasian.

These people are best thought of as members of a subrace known as the Uralic Race, even though they speak Turkic tongues. The Uralics generally speak languages related to Finnish.

Anthropologically, the Uralics are mysterious. We do not really know much about them or where they came from, but they are the subject of endless speculation, especially by Finnish researchers, who are fascinated by the question. For instance, the proto-Uralics were said to be neither Asians nor Caucasians. Ok, fine, so what were they?

Moving into Europe, we continue to encounter Asian genes. The Turks have a very large component of Asian genes, such that it is difficult to characterize them as Asian or Caucasian. I put them into Caucasian more on appearance than on anything else.

A Turkish Cypriot woman who seems to have a bit of an Asian phenotype. She also looks somewhat Slavic. Slavic phenotypes are very common in Turkey but most Turks do not wish to admit it due to age-old hostility between the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Slavic regions around it.


Heading north into Russia, it has long been known that Russians are part Asian. One can often note an Asiatic component in Russians. I had a Russian girlfriend once named Natasha who lived in the Bay Area. She had some slight Asiatic phenotypical traits.

A beautiful Russian woman. Unless I am hallucinating, I think I see some Asian eyes on her. She may also have the sparse and straighter body hair that some Russian women have. This is a classic Russian Slavic phenotype.


In the part of Russia called Novgorod Oblast, the Russians are 3% Asian and 7% Finn. The Oblast is in the western part of Russia near Latvia, Estonia, St Petersburg and Leningrad. Heading into Europe now, we are surprised to find that Czechs are 3% Asian.

Although Yugoslavians are Slavs just like Czechs, I am not aware of the amount of Asian genes in them, if any. Some say that Yugoslavs, especially Serbs, look very Mediterranean, but I am not so sure. I am not sure which part of Yugoslavia these young women are from, but they are wearing traditional costumes.

What amazed me was how similar these women looked in phenotype. Granted, they’ve all curled up their hair the same way and they are wearing the same costumes, but if you look closely at the first five women from the left, tell me I’m hallucinating when I see a common phenotype in their facial appearance. Anyone else see it?

That the Hungarians are part-Asian has long been noted. I am not sure about the exact numbers though.

Hungarians dressed in traditional costumes. Their Asian component is not large, but may be on the order of 7% or so. The Asian element comes from the Magyars, the original Hungarian tribe that was formed in the Caucasian-Asian melting pot or the Ural Mountains 3,000 years ago.


Both the Finns and Estonians are thought to have Asian genes and the Lapps surely do, but I believe they only have 7% Asian genes.

It often doesn’t take much Asian genes to affect the phenotype. One of the first things you notice is a sparseness of body hair and tendency of body hair to be more straight than kinky. Also, even at low gene levels, you often start seeing a bit of an epicathal fold in the eyes.


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32 responses to “A Little Asian in All of Us

  1. johnUK

    the Uighurs, a group that is 61% Asian and 39% White. This Muslim group is heavily repressed by China and some have taken up arms against the state. I do support this secessionist movement.


    I certainly do not support the “Al Qaeda” Turkic fascist Uighers.

    As for being “oppressed” I would take that with a grain of salt given the fact that they are financed and sponsored by the CIA/MI6 through NED and how with Turkish and German backing organised a pogrom and massacre against the Han Chinese back in 2009.

    A Turkish Cypriot woman who seems to have a bit of an Asian phenotype. She also looks somewhat Slavic. Slavic phenotypes are very common in Turkey but most Turks do not wish to admit it due to age-old hostility between the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Slavic regions around it.

    Yes the genocidal Turkish Ottoman fascists and there affiliated groups would raid and kidnap Russian and Ukrainian Slavic girls into the Ottoman sex slave industry so no doubt there would be ad-mixture in the Turkish gene pool and well as the policy of kidnapping children and converting them to Islam.

  2. tulio

    Fascinating. Those Asian women at the top are very beautiful. I’m starting to develop a taste for Asian women as of late, particularly SE Asian like Indonesian.

  3. AWolSCO

    I consider myself 100% indigenous to the British isles without the slightest trace of any Indian, black or chinese blood whatsoever…or at least in any meaningful quantity.
    The only time when my confidence in my undiluted aryanism was shaken, was when my commanding officer remarked(following an uncharacteristic spell of prolonged sunshine in the west of Scotland)”Y’know McGregor if this sun continues much longer, all your freckles are going to join up and you’re going to end up looking like a fucking Paki”
    True story. I was not amused

    • Huax

      Considering you’re British you’re probably heavily “Atlantoid” or “Vasconic”.

      the Uighurs, a group that is 61% Asian and 39% White. This Muslim group is heavily repressed by China and some have taken up arms against the state. I do support this secessionist movement.

      They are not oppressed, and they are not natives to Xinjiang. They should get the fuck out and go back to Siberia if they don’t like the land they invaded and committed genocide in.

      Sorry Robert, but this statement is utterly fucking stupid and I can point you through Xinjiang’s history if you want.

  4. Ahmad Idham

    Xinjiang is certainly a Turkic-speaking region which with Tibet considers itself to be a region under occupation. Undoubtedly, the Uighurs are the indigenous group of this region, not the Han Chinese, much like Tibetans in Tibet and Mongols in Inner Mongolia.

    The struggle for freedom in Xinjiang has nothing to do with religion – it has to do with the desire to be free from what the Uighurs rightly consider a foreign occupation, a situation exarcebated by oppression and repression.

    Anyone who suggest that the Uighurs had invaded Xinjiang and then perpetrated genocide against the “native” Han Chinese already living there OR had outside backing to murder Han Chinese without provocations are sadly out of touch with reality.

    The history of the Uighurs fighting against Chinese rule is long but not as long as they have been living in Xinjiang.

  5. Wade in MO

    “The Asian element comes from the Magyars, a Mongol group that raided into Europe long ago and settled in the region of Hungary”

    Um…..NO. They Magyars were not mongol in the slightest. The literally came centuries before the mongols were even heard of in eastern europe. They were probably mixed to a degree when they came to europe. I’d bet money they looked their linguistic cousins, the finnic peoples, do today. Neither by race, culture, or history were the Magyars mongols. Hell, they were even conquered by the mongols for a period.

  6. The Uighurs haven’t been in “New Turkestan” for that long. There were peoplem, but not Han Chinese, in New Turkestan before they got there. So, I don’t see as how the Uighurs are “native”. But I also don’t see as how the Chinese have any right to rule “New Turkestan”.

  7. maddda

    and what about polish? you write about russians, czech, they “around” poland, what about poland?

  8. des

    Hey Robert, make a “A Little White in All of Us” would you? By white, I mean Caucasian, not just European white.

  9. andy

    only a stupid ignorant moron like the one who wrote this article, would take something as complex as human genetics which have taken thousands of years to evolve and still evolve as we speak, and simplify them with silly American centric terms like white, black, asian (the meaning of Asian in America) and mix it all here and there and come up with some percentages and claim it to be the truth!!!

  10. Roland

    Yea, I have to agree with Andy to some extent (be it a lot less bluntly). Genetics is a very complex science that most in the medical profession do not even thoroughly understand. Although it is interesting to see the different percentages of Asian and Caucasian, I would like to add that doesn’t quite make any significant difference in appearance (as you’re trying to connect the two). In America, the concept of race is often stigmatized and associated with discrimination, so we tend to dismiss it. But this does not make it any less factual. For example, the Finns are overwhelmingly Scandinavian, even though technically only Norway, Denmark and Sweden are considered part of Scandinavia. Finland was part of the Swedish empire for many years, and many migrants from northwest Russia and the Baltics have settled there. If you go to Estonia or Finland, although their language is in the Finno-Uralic languages group, this has no reflection on their genetic makeup or appearance. Consider an European who learns Mandarin…..does this make him ethnically Chinese? Languages can not always tell you someones ethnicity. Consider Indians (India) who speak English…..does this make them Anglo-Saxons? Also, back on the race thing, each European ethnic group is essentially its own tribe or race. Be it Magyar, Russian, Pole, Sorbian, Kashubian, Swede, Latvian etc. I like to use the example of terriers that have 15% bulldog genes. They have 15% bulldog genes, yet look like the little toy dogs Paris Hilton would carry around in her purse. Just because they have bulldog genes does not make them connected in appearance or temperament in any shape or form to bulldogs. They are simply, their own unique breed and race. Attempting to connect them to bulldogs because we know they share common genes only misleads and confuses. Same applies to all the groups you’ve mentioned above. Remember genetics is a very complex science, hard to understand, that will not be properly understood for centuries to come. There is no clear cut and dry technique for explaining a race group such as: ___% Asian and ___% Caucasian and Wala!, here is your race.

  11. Jenna

    An interesting phenotype from Yugoslavia http://www.globalheadlines.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Jelena-Jankovic.jpg tennis player, Jelena Jankovic.

  12. Ledir

    You are a brainless mistake of nature, what can I say? Being from Russia and speaking Russian, doesn’t make one an Ethnic (Slavonic) Russian. The example of that ugly looking mixed Asian IS NOT A TYPICAL SLAVONIC LOOK, you uneducated plebeian swine. No real Russian can have any asian genes and consider themselves as an ethnic Russian, but you didn’t know that because you are too retarded to know the difference between ethnicity and citizenship, you primitive pile of feces.
    Don’t take my word for it if you don’t believe me, go look up the DNA haplogroups of ethnic Russians on google and you will see for yourself that they have no asian genes at all. Though, you should have checked that before writing such an imbecilic and mentally autistic piece of trash.
    Get educated, swine, you disgust me with your nonsensical gibberish.

  13. tony

    i think you are right in the main. russians are indeed mixed. and ofcourse as you move south and east mix starts getting pronounced. but one observation i will like to make is that russians are mixed with two types of asians. one the mongoloid and the other west asian. something like the arabs or turkish. also east baltic sub group is itself closer to the mongoloid look than any other white sub group. they may not have the epithelial fold but the eyes are set in a very straight plane just like the mongoloids. so it is very very difficult to say what russians are mixed with and to what percentage. the slavic white population i read somewhere are the proto caucasoids or something like that. they may be the one race from which both whites and mongoloids came about.

  14. Iñaki

    Please make an article called “A Little White In All of Us” please! 🙂

  15. Robert

    The Magyars are NOT a Mongol group. They are a Finn group and speak a language that sounds identical to Finnish and Estonian.

  16. coward

    Please make an article called a little white in all of us

  17. Ken

    So, which one of these mutt chink groups would I fit into? Or between.

    Do i lean more towards NE Asian or white? Maybe coward thinks i look Korean, LOL!

  18. Real White Nationalist

    What’s the average amount of Mongoloid DNA in Slavic Russians? Is it more than the Lapps, or Finns?

  19. 1) http://alllooksame.com/exam_room.php

    2) Clearly this is a sign that Asian men know exactly what they’re doing, contrary to popular stereotypical belief. My theory is this: if there are more than a billion Chinese people in the world, if there are more than a billion Indian people in the world… Asian guys have it going on.

    Personally, there’s nothing sexier to me than a hot Asian guy going direct:


    I’ve noticed in a lot of the comments a bit of anti-Asian bias (“mutt,” “chink,” “ugly”). Personally, I think this is just sour grapes when presented with the evidence that there are clearly plenty of our ancestors who enjoyed an Asian guy.

  20. ella bella

    Woww. Im Uzbek. We are not 60 % asian. Yes we have people who looks slightly more asian but majority of Uzbeks are 60% European and 40% or less asian. Where Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan people are heavily asian looking like 70 or 80 % asian look. Ps when Uzbeks mix with western Europeans kids come out purely European with beautiful features.

    • WA

      I just can’t stand those extremely abusive ugly Asian bullies taking away almost everything beautiful that originally belong to White Europeans.

  21. why don’t u accept the fact white fugly fat people that Asiatic/Asian people ruled u raped u slavded u beautiful as you slim as you don’t be jealous if the Asian empire is larger than your empire

  22. Silvia

    I’m Italian from the southern east side of Italy and just my eyes look like “oriental”. I wonder if in my genes there’s a little bit of Asia.

  23. This article is interesting. I ended up reading the entire page just because I was curious how some Russians do look so much like Chinese than Caucasian. On the other hand, I am always mistaken as Chinese though I am a Filipino with Caucasian and Malay stock. For some reason, the Chinese gene found its way into me but I could hardly trace the source in the family tree.

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