Why Are Indians So Nutty and Hypersensitive About the Aryan Theory and Indo-European?

Dirty Bull asks:

Just why are Indians so obsessed with race and bloodlines?
And why do they insist on lying through their teeth to the point of ridiculousness?

Aryan/Dravidian divide is a very touchy subject obviously, it seems like some people just cannot handle the truth of the matter (ie ‘white’ Aryans conquered and subjugated ‘black’ Dravidians who hence were demoted to lower castes).

Exactly Dirty Bull. Indians hate, hate, hate the White man! This is particularly true of the upper castes and the Brahmin types. The hatred of the White man is generally the result of British colonialism. I’m not sure why the upper castes are the most furious about colonization. Maybe someone can answer that for me?

The notion is that “we had the greatest society, civilization and economy on Earth until the evil Whites came and destroyed everything.” In truth, they didn’t have the greatest anything. If you think India is a shithole now, you should have seen it when the British showed up. Europe was a halfway civilized place when the British colonization of India got underway in 1856.

The British were utterly appalled at cruelty, brutality and callousness of Indian society. Life in India was short, nasty and brutish indeed. They quickly set about outlawing things like “suttee” where the widow has to set herself on fire after he husband dies. The British basically said, “Look, if you want to do this shit while we are not in charge here, no problem. But we are in charge now, and we are not going to tolerate this nonsense.”

Indian nationalists are still mad about the banning of suttee and offer various apologies for it. The truth is that without a man, a woman in India was zero. Before marriage, she was owned by her family. After marriage, she was the property of her husband’s family. After he died, she had no one to take care of her, and no one wanted to take care of her, not even her own family! So to get rid of the human garbage in the form of this widow, the charming custom of suttee was developed.

The Aryan Theory means that “our history did not come from India, but it came from the White man.” Hence the Aryans must have come from India itself.

Further, the Aryans brought some of the most sophisticated and revered aspects of Indian culture. They wrote the Rig Veda and they brought Hinduism and caste. The fact that “the White man” wrote their finest books, created their great religion and invented their lovely caste structure is too much for these nuts to bear.

Truth be told, the low castes love the Aryan Theory of Whiter Aryans subjugating the darker folks.

It’s the whiter high castes who reject a “European” or Indo-European origin for themselves. The ancestral Indo-Aryans were not really “Europeans” anyway. Were they “the White man?” Who knows? Depends on how you define that term. They came from far northwestern Kazakhstan and the neighboring regions of Russia – the central Asian steppes. Are the Kazakhs and the people of the steppes “the White man?” Are they Europeans? You tell me.

Nevertheless, everyone’s history came from outside. Name one country in Europe whose history did not come from outside.

The homeland of the Semitic language is in Ethiopia.

The Indo-European languages came from Turkey.

Even the ancient Native Americans came from Siberia.

The Polynesians, Filipinos and Indonesians  came from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese themselves came from coastal China.

The Indonesians also came from Southern China.

All of SE Asia originated in Southern China.

The Japanese came from Thailand and Korea.

The Koreans came from Mongolia.

The Berbers probably came from Southern Europe.

The Bantus all came from southeast Nigeria and Cameroon.

The Iranians came from the Middle East and the steppes to the north.

The Afghans came from the steppes.

The Tibetans came from the north of China.

Even the Aborigines came from Thailand and Southern India.

People of Madagascar came from Indonesia.

People from the Caucasus tend to have genes from Iran and Turkey.

European Jews came from the Middle East and ultimately Anatolia.

And on and on and on and on. Why must all of the Indian people, culture, history, civilization, etc. be indigenous when no one else’s is?


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  1. Shawn

    Did you know that intermixing caused the fall of Egypt, too? I just got back from Egypt recently. I was there Jan 13-24, just before the revolution. The first Dynasties had pharaohs that were White. Ramses II, for example, had red hair and a projecting nose. Later dynasties were shaped by racial mixing which lead to their lack of development over time.

    I subscribe to the utilitarian model of ethics. In other words, I think about what will result in the greatest good. In thinking think, I consider not only the people who are alive in the present, but the people who WILL EVER live. Therefore I am against Whites race mixing, pro eugenics, etc.

    • This is apparently a White nationalist lie.

      The Egyptians are the same now as they have ever been and there is not a whole lot of evidence that they changed racially over time. The Egyptians now are the same as the Egyptians under the Pharaohs.

      • Shawn

        Have you ever been to Egypt?

        I saw the mummies & have researched Ancient Egypt extensively. It’s true that Nubians and other Blacks were around, but the ancient Egyptian civilization was not Black. And they looked different from a lot of the “everyday” Egyptians that currently live there and did live there; they were absorbed into the population. Egypt’s Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, Zahi Hawass, has confirmed this.

        • Swag Allife

          Yes, but you have no right to determine what’s good for all people. You yourself, and your traits may be eliminated in the eugenics process. Also, the fall of civilization often has one or more factors and cannot be wholly contributed to a single factor, of which the argument of interracial marriage is of the most ridiculous, far-fetched, and poorly supported order.

      • Shawn

        When I was in Egypt, 99.9% of the Egyptians that I saw looked like the same Egyptians you see on TV — black hair and swarthy. Ramesses II, whose mummy I saw in person, had red hair, according to genetic tests. So clearly a lot of these recessive genes got absorbed over time.


        • When blacks have albinism they produce red haired offspring that’s why he has red hair. most pharaohs married their sisters or close relatives thus inbreeding which produces albinism. Oh and by the way recent DNA findings prove that the Aryan invasion is a complete lie.
          the people from North and south India are the same people of different shades.
          if you want to find out how this could happen you need to google
          OCA1 or OCA1B then figure it out and see if you have the integrity to except the truth.if not you need to go back to those ridicules stories
          and those cartoon posters

      • jayjay

        I think its you who are nutty about this. You seem to be obsessed about the Aryan invasion theory. Who cares about this theory and why do you bring it up so often? Who cares that your ancestors were probably raped by Huns. Its the here and now that counts

        • Listen up elephant jockey.

          I am getting tired of you and your Hindutvadi Indian nationalist bullshit. This is the second time you insulted me and it will be the last.

          You displayed all the usual Indian Hindu bullshit and prejudices, and you will surely not be missed. One less Hindu on this blog is a good thing.

          Merry Christmas!

        • Yes I do not understand why someone would put in so much effort to write an article on why Hindus suck. But jayjay you can avoid falling in the same league by not using abuses.

      • india_LandofRapes

        Why must all of the Indian people, culture, history, civilization, etc. be indigenous when no one else’s is?

        2 reasons

        1: Hindus are Insecure,and are mostly illiterate when White man has excavated monuments to show them ,

        2.: Because,Hindu indians believe that their civilization existed 12 Trillion years ago in Treta yuga,Dwapara Yuga.

        Hinduism preaches Extreme form of Solipsism , This breeds Extreme narcissism ,For Hindutva “Only Hindu History exists,Rest are mere fabrications ”

        Indian schools even preach same nonsense -“Hindu history is Only history, rest are muddled with lies”

        This innate sense of Superiority combined with extreme incompetence and Insecurity breeds arrogance and Intolerance.

        –What is the main aim of Hindus?– To rewrite their history,(With fabricated lies and Glorified Stories).

        • why is it so hard for you white people to accept the truth

        • Michael Garrison

          It is well known that the Indians and the Giants were best friends. Fact is, these giants of Genesis all had two rows of teeth and six fingers on their hands. This is why when the Indians met new people they’d never seen before, they’s raise their hand and say “HOW.” This movement was copied by the new folks, and this raising of the hand allowed the Indians to see if they were offspring of the Fallen Angels (giants) or not.

          The Indians worked hand in hand with the giants in creating underground tunnels all through the earth.

          This is why Indians get a little squirmy when the topic of the giants comes up, and the True Aryan Race IS A RACE OF GIANTS living in the hollow earth, and the Indians KNOW THIS FACT!!!

        • Well, gosh. Not sure how to respond to this post!

      • less than 1% of modern Egyptian share the DNA of King Tut. Get over your white guilt and libtard indoctrination and learn reality, idiot.

      • Ravi

        So you are an idiot who comes to distinguish between White and Black.
        you have Nelsen Mandela who fought for Black and we had Mahatma Gandhi who fought for freedom…. this is main difference.
        Indian didn’t had civilization and culture ?… go and read Vedas (worlds oldest scriptures ) , Harappa civilization (oldest among all ) , Sanskrit language ( oldest scientific language – from which even your English has derived ) …

        “suttee” where the widow has to set herself on fire after her husband death… that is true it happened in India … every civilization has some issue… this practice didn’t mention in our Vedic scripture nor supported by intellectual people.

        caste- again it is not supported by our scriptures, we have Brahmin, chatriya, Vasya and Chudra…. these are Varn (~caste) they are according to once nature..not by birth…. if you read Gita, shri Krishna mention that it is according to once character and nature… you yourself have at least one of these characters … just think ?

        good question… why Indian culture is Indigenous when no one else’s is ?
        first of all you are insisting like a child that we all don’t have our own culture then why Indian has ?
        do you know how the ‘Himalaya’ was created, Long before without your White man India was a huge Island floating on Ocean – its a kind of plate, thousand years ago that plate had hit or you can say collide with the North hemisphere and at the conjunction Himalaya was created.

        Do you think there were no human on that plate before that collision and they didn’t had any culture and civilization ?

        whatever you speak…. i don’t care… today Indian is spreading Yoga, Meditation, Herbal medicines and real meaning of religion to world… learn it and give peace to your restless mind… else Join ISIS you great white man.

      • Dave Mowers

        Not according to ancient historians. According to every ancient source the Scythians invaded Africa and settled in Egypt. They were also the first wave of many.

      • The Bush family descended from Ramses

    • hindu aryan

      obviously north east indians as myself get not hyper sensitive but pissed right off because you stupid white people are demeaning our culture and making theories up from bullshit like fake scholar max mueller did fabricating a aryan invasion theory when he died 1899 asnd he wasnt even born when my culture was in india and still is today! you people know nothing about my culture i suggest you shut the hell uP! aryans are not white at all!oh and we cant stand you white people period get a life and get out of our north america it belongs to asiatic people.illegal white unwanted immigrants! mullicH GoreH!

    • anurag

      First of all the blogger is quientissentially a white racist having contempt for any not European .
      The British are rightfully disdained in India as they looted India and plagued India with poverty. India and China’s GDP were 40% of world in 1857 and in next 100 yrs , it was in single digits, courtesy British.

      British had the ambition of prosetylizing Indians into Christianity and making them believe that they had no history. But they were astonished to find Sanskrit the mother of all Languages .

      The number of Upanishads, Rig Veda, Epics are epitome of literary marvel and humbles any civilization.

      And we are still a thriving vedic civilazation which survived from the maraunding Islamist Jehadis and Chrisitian Missionaries .

      The fact of matter is Vedic Hindu civilization is the oldest(at least 10000 years old) thriving civilization and all others perished.

      These Islamist and Christian religions 100 times younger than Hindu want to convert by violence and money with some narrow distorted and borrowed spirituality from Hindu vedic religion only.

      Just like Sanskrit being mother of all European languages, Vedic Hindu civilization is the mother of all religions.

      India is also the epicentre of all migrations after Africa to Europe,Arab , Australia and world

      So please respect your mother ..Bharat, Sanskrit and Vedic Hindu

        • S.Dey

          you are such an asshole… you must be suffering from inferiority complex. CUNT

        • S.Dey

          and guess what …. no one gives a damn about ur “banning” filthy dog.

        • Dragon

          THREE WORDS:

        • Ravi

          haha… you are behaving like a kid… when answer is not according to your will you banned them…. and you are thinking they will get scared or something like that….haha… be a man face the truth.

        • All right you Hindu monkey, I am going to have to ban your ass. Back to Bollywood for you.


        • You are welcome to Bollywood too. The actors there earn more than Johnny Depp or Leonardo or Brad Pitt. It is indeed true.

        • Devrat

          So called Aryans were not white. The most elevated of all god Lord Krishna is described as the black one in vedas and upanishads, he’s known as “Shyam” meaning the dark one. Aryan is not even a race or group of people. The word Arya is more of an adjective than a noun. So called Dravidians- in Ramayana the King of Lanka that is southern India Dravida is addressed as Arya by his wife. Arya means noble, wise, Lord, a sign of respect like the Japanese use San at the end of name while addressing a person. Get over it white people. Everything’s not white created

      • sargon of akkad

        Brahmins plundered India far worse than any either Perso-Turkic invaders or any European power, British, French, Dutch, or Portuguese…That, however, does not excuse “Hinduism”–a religion of apartheid and parasitism–of its manifold atrocities.

        • i am appalled at the audacity of some white people to claim that they are aryans and to believe in an aryan invasion. i am sorry to disappoint you but the true aryans does not belong to iran , greece, europe and anywhere else except india. india is the land of the aryans , it always has been and always will be. from the beginning of time and i don’t mean that bull crap about coming out of africa either. this is total shit. i am speaking about after manu or noah as christians know him came out of the ark. it all happened at the foothills of the himalyas . from there the sons of manu dispersed to other parts of the earth. the people of india who remained are the true aryans. indians are a mixture of elam , son of shem and japhet. indians are hybrid of the two brothers that why they vary in appearance and skin color . the elamites were dark skinned dravidians and the fairer tribes were sons of japhet. sanskrit was the first written literature . when the british entered india to steal its wealth because of greed. and dont talk shit about the british couldn’t stand the culture of the people of india because they stayed for three hundred years raping india of its wealth , thats why they can’t return the kohinoor diamond to india where it belongs. the british discovered that these people were far advanced in every way, rich culture, history, vedic scriptures, scientific ancient technology they could not believe far less accept that indians could teach them a thing or two so the concocted this aryan invasion theory to try and cover up the conspiracy to inculcate in the minds of the masses that they are a superior race. aryan means noble and is not synonymous with race or color, you white man want to know about aryan go to the motherland of the aryan people none other than india and do your research without prejudice , you will find the staggering truth. aryans has nothing to do with blue eye blond, you who believe so will be disappointed when the truth is revealed through the vedas, the upanishads, the mahabharata, can you read them , understand the scripture . understand the teaching of hindus and the culture and diversity of the people then you will understand aryan. keep an open mind stop lying to yourselves and believing in the books written by the british to cover up the truth, seek and you shall find it yourself. i am a very proud indian who was not born in india, but in my quest to find out about the land of my forefather and having the knowledge of whatever culture my family instilled in me was able to learn the truth in all this. being christian and having a good knowledge of the bible and being indian with a hindu background has given me an advantage that not many people have.

      • You got banned for living in delusions. Wake up, before it is too late. And why do you people always talk about white nationalism etc?

    • Swag Allife

      Also, do you think Europeans blew each other to smithereens in WWI because of interracial mixing? No. I say love is good. Hate, envy, distrust, idealized conceptions of “holiness” and “purity,” whatever that is, is the problem. Can man be wholly holy? No. Maybe that’s why they crave it more. True original Christians, who believe in the Savior Jesus Christ as the center and ORIGIN of faith know this and accept this notion. Others, more secular, do not accept the prince of peace as their moral center, thus believing that they are “superior,” “pure,” or even worse, perfectly “holy,” which explains the mysteries of the Crusades and that enigmatic dust shrouding the causes of of the Holocaust and WWI.

      • Michael Garrison

        You know, when a person has their eyes opened, NOBODY can change that. Folks, the Aryan Race IS NOT what you think. It is the Race of Giants from Genesis. The Fallen Angles came to earth, bred the earth women, and giants were born (Enoch). These giants, this race of giants, which Hitler named ARYANS, live in the hollow earth (Hefferklin Manuscript, Rainbow City). Research Admiral Byrd’s attempt to kill them at the South Pole. An eyewitness stated that the UFO’s came from the inner-earth, and within seconds, the Naval Attack by Bryd had been thwarted.

        Folks, ARYANS are NOT our size (6 foot) they are AT LEAST 10 FEET TALL. We are in the days of Noah. And the fallen angels WILL BE RETURNING SOON, and they will be “helped out” in the killing of all white people by the Aryans that live INSIDE the earth. Go ahead and BAN ME IF NECESSARY. I refuse to tell lies. No matter WHAT anybody says.

  2. Kazim

    Hey i wasn’t the one who is creating threads about Indians everyday on here.

    Why Are You So Nutty and Hypersensitive About the Aryan Theory and Indo-European?

    Clearly because you believe they originated from Turkey but that might be only true for Western Europeans but their R1b which originated in Turkey is younger than R1a that originated in South Asia.

    R1b originated in Anantolia and R1a originated in South Asia

    R1b is younger than R1a so how dose Turkey make the origin of Indo Europeans? LOL

    • Linguistics, you chauvinist nut.

      Glottochronology gives a time depth of 8,000 yrs for IE and puts the homeland in Anatolia. The Anatolian branch of IE has a time depth of 8,000 years. Anatolian is by far the most ancient branch of IE. Sanskrit and Indo-Aryan can’t possibly be proto-IE since they only have a time depth of 4,000 years or so.

      On linguistic grounds, Out of India collapses entirely. I don’t know one linguist who supports it, not even one. It’s fringe, nutjob theory – perfect for Hindus!

      • Dirty Bull

        Was there ever such a language as ‘Anatolian’?
        The Greek colonists of Anatolia identified several native languages eg Phrygian, Hurrian etc.
        I don’t know if Armenian is designated as ‘Anatolian’.

      • Kazim

        Lol @ how mad you are.

        When infact they they rant about how Aryans were white and their fantasy history.

        Whats your next thread going to be about Indians? Hahaha

      • Kazim

        I dont care about linguistic grounds why? because genetics collapses your theory entirely

        R1a is first Indo European maker and is the OLDEST one and found in high frequency among South Asians and Eastern Europeans in general and originated in South Asia and is OLDER than eastern European R1a.

        R1b is also Indo European maker but it came after R1a and high frequency among Western Europeans and originated in Anatolia.

        OVSLY R1b cant be original Indo European and Both R1a and R1b has R as its ancestor originating in Asia

        Before this there were no Indo Europeans and Indo European history only begins with R1a and it can be easily proven by how many Indo Europeans carry R1a and how old it is and ofcrose where it originated.

        Be mad all you want now. lol

      • jayjay

        why couldnt have Anatolian proto IE come into India and developed as Sanskrit there? If you look at the Afghans and Punjabis you’d know that the out of India theory is very plausible as they all could have fanned out from there.

      • GulliverFredrich

        Anatolian hypothesis is false and has been refuted already. There is zero real logical or linguistic evidence supporting the Anatolian theory….

  3. Kazim

    Oh and why do you think Western European Haplogroup is called R1″b” while Eastern European Haplogroup R1″a”.

  4. AWolSCO

    Yes , i tend to agree with Shawn, that the earliest, and most successful pharoahs were white and militaristic…Thutmose, Rameses etc, then were subverted by the Hyksos/Hebrews/Apiru(desert outlaws) who didn’t escape from Egypt but were thrown out, according to the Egyptians(Manethos) of the time. just part of an old on-going scenario. Empire-immigration-multicultural society-implosion-exodus to new lands.
    Egypt degenerates,and the focus shifts to Greece,later, Rome. The Greek statues and sculptures look more like Germans than present day Greeks and much the same with Romans. Julius Caesar was grey-eyed and had red hair.The Romans ,esp the ladies had a thing about blond. Considerable quantities of blond hair were imported from Germany for the upper classes, for blond was not only associated with beauty but power and authority as well. It’s an odd thing and seldom spoken about but brown , even olive skin and black hair have I seldom heard praised, far less eulogised yet to the blond and/ blue-eyed has many a tribute been paid.
    In the battle between dark and light, say in the world of advertising, the lights seem to have it.
    Tocharians of Siberia/western China….. eliminated.
    Whites in NAmerica, solutreans, moundbuilders, vikings….eliminated
    Whites in Central and S America…..eliminated.
    Lapita people in the Pacific….eliminated.
    Whites in Egypt…..eliminated.
    Whites in Europe attacked by the mongols Huns etc……almost eliminated.
    Then the British, French Portuguese and Spaniards expand…especially the British.
    Then White Americans…….?????(make the same old mistakes? and go the way of the Dodo. Y’know the Dodo’s trouble? It was too nice and not very clever. There was this chap called Charles Darwin , and he said……….).

    • Kazim

      Oh there you go Robert Lindsay as you were saying how White Supremacists dont claim other culture.

      AWolSCO’s claim pretty much sums up to what i was talking about earlier.

      Is there a culture that White Supremacists dont claim?

      • Yeah, they don’t claim your Indian shithole culture. Even WN’s are not that stupid.

      • AWolSCO

        What! You mean there are actually people out there that are in denial of the superiority of the white race?
        Where’s my Claymore? (a very large sword, like the Japanese Samurai sword but bigger, wielded by Scottish Highlanders and Scots Irish, the men that won the West.
        Y’know when you read the history of the expansion of the whites over the N American continent, it becomes abundantly clear that the only people that had the guts for the job were the Scots and Scots-Irish. Even the English and Germans were a bunch of wimps in comparison.
        Germans, English and of course the wimpish Quakers were all in favour of Scots and Scots-Irish moving into early Pittsburgh and were readily granted lands in the outlying districts. Hypocritically, they left the dirty work( as injun fighters) to the Scots…who did well out of it.
        And that spirit lives on in the hill billys and the rednecks. Go to it boys… the last remaining true Americans.

      • hindu aryan

        the only shithole is you venereal diseased cracker four eyed nerd you look like the biggest genetic reject of a jerkoff that will remain a virgin for the rest of your life you fn dud defect! pasty puke you pigglets will never be happy because you are envious of nonwhites you circle jerking homo! you love your 1 inch sausage fests stinky illegal white immigrant get out of our country before your ass goes missing like casper! douche bag!

  5. Dirty Bull

    “The Japanese came from Thailand” – Never heard that one before.

  6. kat

    Are you nuts, nobody is superior to anybody we are all made in gods image
    this is the biggest crap I have ever read, terrible article! Y ou should be ashamed of your self. Your going to get struck down by lighting for saying what you have said. you sound like some uneducated back woods dum dum
    Get off your high horse and tell the world your sorry, did you ever stop to think that god might be black or red or yellow, brown, maybe pink poke-it-dot. Who cares we still would want him to be there! Stop the racial bull and get a life!!!

      • So Robert Lindsey or any scientist.

        Will all these dark folks coming to the west and northern and colder/Ice climates will they gradually get lighter and whiter??

        • Not really. Selection pressure is gone.

        • in response to notpolitically:

          So Robert Lindsey or any scientist. Will all these dark folks coming to the west and northern and colder/Ice climates will they gradually get lighter and whiter??

          Not really. Selection pressure is gone.

          I am talking about over 100s or 1000s of years. If you think about this in colder/ice climates there is no evolutionary advantage of dark skin.

          Selection pressure may also go, we assume our tech civilisation level will always remain the same or increase.

        • I doubt it. Selection pressure is still not operative. The British are not going to select sexual partners based on how well they can handle the melanin situation.

    • Wade in MO

      ” did you ever stop to think that god might be black or red or yellow, brown, maybe pink poke-it-dot”


      God is a pure blooded aryan. Dark people had pigment added to their skin because it shows their sin. Just ask Joseph Smith.

  7. Truth sayer

    As per recent genetic study elaborately conducted in India for the first time and released on 25th 2009,proves R1a people aka Aryans in India around 40,000 years.
    So,it annihilate those Aryan Invasion theory but confirms those Aryans only migrated from ancient India because we know exactly the presence of Aryans in Europe and other places not more than 5000 or 6000 years.
    Genetic study also confirms the most ancient details available in ancient Sanskrit texts which speaks 10,000 years before in other Yuga etc.
    Modern dried Saraswathi river discovery exactly as told in Rigveda pushed age of Rigveda to minimum 6000BC or still above.
    The genetic study details as follows.
    * “This paper rewrites history… there is no north-south divide.”
    * “There is no truth to the Aryan-Dravidian theory as they came hundreds or thousands of years after the ancestral north and south Indians had settled in India.”
    * The study analysed 500,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 diverse groups from 13 states. All the individuals were from six-language families and traditionally upper and lower castes and tribal groups. “The genetics proves that castes grew directly out of tribe-like organizations during the formation of the Indian society.”
    * “Impossible to distinguish between castes and tribes since their genetics proved they were not systematically different.”
    * The present-day Indian population is a mix of ancient north and south bearing the genomic contributions from two distinct ancestral populations – the Ancestral North Indian (ANI) aka R1a people aka Aryans and the Ancestral South Indian (ASI).
    * “The initial settlement took place 65,000 years ago in the Andamans and in ancient south India around the same time, which led to population growth in this part,” said Thangarajan. He added, “At a later stage, 40,000 years ago, the ancient north Indians emerged which in turn led to rise in numbers here. But at some point of time, the ancient north and the ancient south mixed, giving birth to a different set of population. And that is the population which exists now and there is a genetic relationship between the population within India.”
    * The study also helps understand why the incidence of genetic diseases among Indians is different from the rest of the world. Singh said that 70% of Indians were burdened with genetic disorders and the study could help answer why certain conditions restricted themselves to one population. For instance, breast cancer among Parsi women, motor neuron diseases among residents of Tirupati and Chittoor, or sickle cell anaemia among certain tribes in central India and the North-East can now be understood better, said researchers.
    * The researchers, who are now keen on exploring whether Eurasians descended from ANI, find in their study that ANIs are related to western Eurasians, while the ASIs do not share any similarity with any other population across the world.
    Thangaraj and Singh at a press conference.(Aryan-Dravidian divide a myth: Study – India – The Times of India)
    “Reconstructing Indian Population History”
    – David Reich, Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Nick Patterson, Alkes L. Price &
    Lalji Singh
    Other very significant details came out of this study as follows:

    1)Aryans were in India around 40,000 years.
    2)Dravidians are in South India around 65,000 years.Dravidians nowhere related to North India and reached South India by South eastern sea route,nowhere connected to North India.
    3)Previously it is thought those Dravidians were followed Northern land route to reach South India and pushed by Aryans.
    So,Aryans forced Dravidians to south India is totally annihilated.
    Study,says there is mixing of Dravidians and Aryans in between in the middle of 40,000 history.
    4)The Dravidians of India nowhere related genetically to any of the Africans in the present day Africa.
    Again,study confirmed that there is no more pure Dravidins in mainland India.The closest pure Dravidian now living is those Ongees tribe of Andaman and Nicobar island who are very primitive and uncivilized till date but very safely living seclusive life!!
    So,Dravidians were civilized people from the beginning is fraud and myth!Then why those seclusive Ongees Dravidians dont have culture?
    Aryans only civilized them.
    So,those Aryans who belonged to North India and living there by many thousands of years were indeed founders of Harappan civilization(North India) and they are the founders of civilization in Egypt and Sumeria also by migration out of India.
    All inside and outside sources of the world confirm this.
    Those blonde theory of Hitler is simply bull shit and twisting of details.
    Those people called Aryans,purely origin in
    Arya Vartha(North India) and do migrate out of India and mixed with colored people already living in Europe.Indeed,they are mixed not pure,if they are Aryans!!
    Originally,Aryans are not balck but brown to light skinned people.
    Genetics and archeology are most reliable sources but still some western people taking so much on identifying the antiquity of Aryans on particular area by their language.
    These people wantonly leaving behind those most reliable archeology and genetics,taking so much on phonetic base, they are doing this to further their lies and believing that they can fool other people!

  8. Pingback: Dravidian history no one talks about … « 2ndlook – View From A Square Prism

  9. indyan Brahman

    yo Yellow toothed Britty prick
    Your pale bitches came to invade India
    We had establishments of our own
    Your MacCauley Ire Ass-wimps plotted a history just to ruin Brahmans
    But yet he couldn’t hence just to ruin Brahmans Brits with Moghuls i.e. Moslems ployed a fake history to lure other DUMBBB low castes

    • Wade in MO

      What’s funny about this is that some people say that India has an advantage over China because many people speak english.

    • hindu aryan

      you stinky crackers have no evidence no proof as india has all the proof you wetdog smelling cumstain go back to your dried up cum of a cave where you belong!tinkerbells like yourself dont belong in our country one of these days you will get murdered by somebody.

    • sargon of akkad

      Turks, Persians, Pashtuns, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish, British–while imperialists of the highest order, did carry along with them to the subcontinent a respectable higher culture, embedded within sophisticated institutions. In a sense, they could even be considered liberators from the bondage of Brahmanical supremacy. If not for Muslims and Christians, India would be even shittier.

    • Brahmin? Now my doubt that 98%-99% brahmins of today’s time in India are fake is getting cleared. What is this we and you? You have no idea about civilizations, racial and gene pools, and living in hindutva nonsense, which they spread to fool everyone. And when they are given powers, they themselves oppress you people.

  10. abhishek

    aryans came from west ?? and vedas were brought here by them ?? really if they came from west why dont they have vedas or upanishads with them or any book with such a great wisdom as in vedas. why are people in west or for that matter from middle east so barabaric , greedy , ruthless , cruel . even after the advent of jesus these qualities were never supressed. why is it so?? what has bible been teaching you westeners. to loot other countries ? to destroy other cultures ?? to always have an egocentric behaviour ??
    dont u hav any respect to other cultures?? all the western history we have studied is all about invasions, expansion of empires , looting , destroying cultures. u dont have a single page of gud deeds alongside with these bad things nor atleast in the shadows.
    and yes , you guys have developed the current science but does that make you superior? , does that give u permission to denigrate others?. its like abusing your knowledge. rather than helping other cultures, all u guys did was loot. invade and what not.
    there is an old saying among telugu speakers which says – “pichodi chetiki rayi iste emavuthundo emo evariki teliyadu” which means “if you give a rock to a madperson(mentally retarded(not challenged or disabled)) , you wont know what he would do with it(he might hurt you or anyone with it)” . if you want know the anology then put rock = science/knowledge , madperson = westeners.
    britishers brought science from europe and indians should be grateful for that and at the same time they also destroyed our cultures and divided us indians by their divide and rule policies. and we hate them for that. its them who made the caste system even stronger.

    and sati had a different meaning in veda where the women or widow are not burned or made to end their life. sati in rigveda tells of the widow lying on the funeral pyre of her husband, and coming down before it is lit up. it is believed that the widow after death will go to the same world where his husband went after death.

    the sati (or suttee) the author mentioned was started when the moghuls invaded india,the women back then were raped, humiliated and their husbands were killed by the moghuls. so women rather being humiliated by them chose to end their life. these kind of acts were later misundertood by illiterate ,greedypeople , some tribal people (and ofcourse with poor interpretation of vedas) and started burning widow with their dead husband and this act was called sati sahagamanam or sati sahamaranam.it was obviously a misunderstood act. and it is not a well practiced act.only very few families used to perfom. the high incidence of sati sahamaranam in bengal had to do more with the high share for women in the property of joint families. It was a custom driven by a greed for money and helped by illiteracy.

    also it is a well known fact that the practice of burying a man’s posessions including wives, servants and livestock for his use in the ‘Next World’ was a custom common to many ancient cultures including egypt, china, europe, Ur etc.

    the britishers never stopped it , it was indians who stopped it or atleast reduced it to almost nothing. britisher only made a law because we made them to put a law againt sati sahamaranam. it was people like raja rammohan roy who educated the illiterates and stopped the hypocrites from doing sati . sati sahamaranam was still practiced after independence. nowadays you wont find a single thing like that.its almost eradicated.

    and what does your bible has in it regarding women. have you ever read whats in it. its all about denigrating women. not a single sentence which praise women. i’m not talking abt jesus , he maybe a good guy and maybe a fictional guy but that doesn’t matter ,… all it matters is bible which the christian have obviously abused. made amendments in favour of men , twisted facts , provocative preachings and what not .
    u shud look at the dirt under you fingers when pointing others.
    heres an telugu proverb for you by famous telugu poet sree-sree…
    “ఎ దేశ చరిత్ర చుసిన ఏమున్నది గర్వకారణం , నరజాతిచరిత్ర సమస్తం పరపీడన పరాయణత్వం ” … it literally means “no matter what human race’s history u take , there is nothing in there but bloodshed ,massacre ,abusal of powers (and all the evil stuff)” . so dont denigrate others.

    my last words of this post is ….its not important where we came from or which race , we should all work for prosperity of all life forms .you should try to read ‘vasudaiva kutumbakam’ which u can relate to global village and globalization concept.
    and it is a sad thing that many indians still bother about aryan trash theories. today the theories may prove these trash theories true , but tomorrow when some more evidences are found they may become false .for me it doesnt matter whether theyare true or not . i ‘m glad i have read grasped a bit of wisdom from vedas and hope to read more. and i want all others to read them. and it doesnt matter which god we pray , i see god in everybeing , i’m sure hinduism (sanaathana dharam) teaches the same thing. be it jesus or allah or any indian god …. but would like them to follow sanathana dharma(way to live life ,not a religion).

    finally i wish that the disease of race would be cured soon.

    • sargon of akkad

      “all the western history we have studied is all about invasions, expansion of empires , looting , destroying cultures”

      “Hindu” Indian history is EXACTLY the same. Europe was actually late to the empire game, and its empires were, for the most part, relatively short-lived. India, as it is, constitutes an artificial entity, and any sort of pan-Hindu identity appears to be a product of Brahmanical imperialism.

    • sargon of akkad

      “divided us indians by their divide and rule policies”

      Because Mauryans, Guptas, Kushans, Palas, Cholas, Vijayanagar, Marathas, etc didn’t practice divide-and-conquer, or systematically pillage their semi-slave subjects…yeah, right, give me a break…

      There was never a united “Hindu India” in all of history. It could only ever be unified by imperial conquest, by forcible annexation of the frontier to the privileged metropole, whether from within or without, whether by “indigenes” or foreigners.

      • Chris

        I agree. Indians are inferior and i would never be friends with them.

      • But INDIA does have a single,uniform culture which is very peculiar to it….you can not deny that even though the BRAHMINS who called almost all the shots here never felt it their duty to UNIFY and INTEGRATE it.

        • Magneto

          True, and it is mainly NORTH indians, aka Punjabis, who we complain about.

          South indians are pretty decent people, very nice people. And in that sense we share the same feeling. South indians also hate North Indians because north indians are a bunch of rude, arrogant, fucking assholes.

        • Ignore the PUNJABIS they have little to no sense of honour……..many of them……….they are not typical Hindus……though they stick well together…..unlike the other Hindus. Southies are gentler but can be trickier than the Northerners.This holier than thou attitude is not justified at all.

    • sargon of akkad

      Actually, if I may add one more thought to this string of responses to the Hindutva troll, you’ve been played by the “white devil” you so abhor. He was the one who planted the idea of a sacred, unified “Bharat” into your addled brains in the first place, a concept that has no actual relevance to history. Rather than merely dividing and conquering you, the “white devil” himself created the concept of one undivided Indian entity, an idea which you have taken to notable extremes in your contemptible ideology. I will reiterate, there has never been a unified “India” in all of history, and it was whitey who created the idea in the first place.

    • I only wish to make a slight correction in the Sanskrit saying. It’s ‘wasudHaiwa (not wasudaiwa) kutumbakam. Wasudhaa is the earth (the world) in Sanskrit. Wasudhaa ewa kutumbkam means- the Earth alone is (your) family.

  11. considerate

    I just had to respond here!
    Robert I agree with you to some extent. Indians are quite a bit like you say in the post.
    What truly saddens me (and I am an Indian) is how the young generation is so brainwashed to believe in this “we were awesome before the muslims/ moghuls/ british came along” idea).
    As an example, just read abhishek’s stupid post –
    “sati (or suttee) the author mentioned was started when the moghuls invaded india,the women back then were raped, humiliated and their husbands were killed by the moghuls.”
    What a piece of ignorant nonsense. Sati was a vedic practice and you only need to read the mahabharata or any other mythical book to see that the practice pre-dates the moghuls/ muslims by centuries.

  12. Matt

    The funny thing is that they also are forced by their religion to regard light skinned people as holy, sorta. At least one of the Hindutva organizations has bylaws requiring the Maximum Leader to be a blue eyed Brahmin. It sucks to be them!

  13. Dota

    Robert L :I’m not sure why the upper castes are the most furious about colonization. Maybe someone can answer that for me?

    The answer comes a year late, but I’ll take a stab at it. My guess is that throughout Indian history, the Brahmins exercised control not only over society, but also indirecly over the state by pulling caste rank over the Kshatriyas. They enjoyed a unique status of prestige and privilege which was
    taken away from them every time a foreign power governed India. The Afghans and Brits did not recognize Brahmin superiority and hence the later suffered an acute loss of prestige at the hands of their new overlords. Foreign domination made absolutely no difference to the other castes. The traders kept on trading, the peasants kept on farming and the Dalits continued being shit on. This is why Hindutva is essentially a Brahmin movement. Sarvakar, Hegewar, Moonje, and Golwakar were all Brahmins. Hindutva, as Aakar Patel points out, offers nothing constructive. It’s currency is its anger, and it’s a potent one in a society which is backward, emotional, and easily aroused by symbols.

  14. etype

    Who cares? They have some nice women there…the rest can go to hell.

      • Dota

        I think Salman Rushdie had once said that Pakistan’s women were more remarkable than her men. I think the same applies for India as well.

      • Hacienda

        I like the quiet ones that work at Block’s Tax Centers. Steamy.

      • Xera

        Apparently only the upper-caste ones with access to Western standard nutrition and gymnasium facilities. There are entire debates on them on the internet and the general consensus came a majority that they tend to be fugly usually.

        • etype

          Xera, no one disputes the idea you are the apex beauty among us troglodyte satyrs…but Robert, Dota and Hacienda make a few important sociological points….namely that we see these quiet ones working at the Tax center…their ruby red lips, their opened monkey palms, their coral shaped ears, obsidian black hair….and we want to leap upon them!

        • etype

          one more thing: the majority only believes a thing because it is wrong.

        • Xera

          I’m just reporting on what I’ve seen people talk about them on sites like bodybuilding, and related, i’m not saying it as a matter of factly thing.

      • Which ones EXACTLY…..and frankly speaking authentic INDIAN err HINDU chicks find GORAS to be DIRTY and WILD.

  15. Shit kicker

    Speaking of fugly. Look at Robert Lindseys avatar. Is that a perm?

  16. prashant

    It is truth that there is no aryan invasion. arya is Sanskrit name and not from europe. real thing is world is jealous of us. And ourglory. Not a single page is of Sanskrit is written in Europe. All sanskrit words talk in reference to Indian culture and none of our ph ilisophers talk about europe including Buddha. Regarding sati tradition, Ireland and many European nations had custody for women like magdaline sisters.. In 1900 in Chicago, slavery of blacks was present. World wars are made by uncivilized and not by Indians. Christian and Muslim tribes destroyed nations and societies. We did not. If we see the whole gusty sweeteners are cheaters and looter tribes only. They still don’t have families system showing incivility like nomads. It is time for Indians to teach them all for the well being of whole world. Only India is there to help those uncivilized sweeteners.

  17. Sriram

    Robert Just Shut The F*** Up…. Nobody cares, absolutely nobody… Everyone’s got to make a living in these troubled economic times, that’s what they’re busy at.Go to the streets of Mumbai and ask a guy, whether he gives a damn about Aryan Invasion theory. So shut your Pie-hole, get off the couch, stop devouring those fish and chips and do some USEFUL work. I bet your kind is used to living OFF others, I know of only one other species.. yeah its called a “PARASITE”. Stop being one.

  18. Arjun Sharma

    Hello Robert ! I loved reading the articles on various subjects on your blog,I came by it just a week back searching some info on Bigfoot and i’ve really enjoyed reading your work!

    However I was really pained to see how many misconceptions people have about India and her past after reading your post, And how the west denies her the legitimate share of glory, I’ll try to shed some light on the truth about India.

    Well, Indians don’t hate whites my friend! Even though they used to hate the British Colonial officers for justified reasons ,the rest of the white population across the world has our respect for its many contributions to the world. And today i don’t think anyone here hates the English for they have redeemed themselves by being an ally to India for the past 60 years, the common folk barely thinks of whites let alone hating them!! Thats a prejudice which has formed within the hearts of many westerners due to the actions and words of a few chauvinistic Indians who still dwell in the past and can’t let go of it. I’d request you not to generalize 1.2 billion people of India on the basis of a few chauvinists.

    And yes these chauvinists are indeed a result of British colonialism as you rightly quoted! But you are wrong again to think that the upper castes are most mad about the colonial history, In reality its the Upper Class and not Upper Caste(since even many upper cast people belonged to middle and lower income families) Who were and are LEAST mad or bothered about colonialism because they were still in charge of their ancestral land and property and only had to pay a tax to the British Govt. the burden of which had to be borne by the common folk and the peasantry not the Zamindars or Upper class money people!! The Brahmins as you stated were high only in social order not in the economic order, The Khatriyas were the ruler or zamindar types who also belonged to upper caste but were least bothered about colonialism.

    It was the middle class and the lower class which was most affected and angry about colonialism due to exorbitant taxes, prohibition on cultivating food crops and anything other than commercial crops for export to profit the British Empire,bondage labour or slavery on colonial plantations, the inhuman behaviour of the British rule that horded all stockpiles of food grain harvested in India and sent to Britain in expectation of a Japanese attack thus denying the farmers the very food leading to the great Indian famines when El Nino struck and its continued extortion of high taxes during the great famines which killed nearly 30 million Indians , it was in a sense a massive genocide. Taxes on even the basic amenities like food and salt ! The brutal Jallianwala Bagh incident. Torture of the protestors, violent suppression of protests. Here is a link to an article by the renowned George Monbiot about the atrocities of the colonial rule on Indians – http://www.monbiot.com/2005/12/27/how-britain-denies-its-holocausts/

    Since the High Class money people were not affected they did not bother,it was the lower and middle class that hated the colonial rule and colonial officers but not entire Britain of course.

    However the people who still hate the British today may belong to any caste and any class who who had the opportunity to study colonial history of India.

    “we had the greatest society, civilization and economy on Earth until the evil Whites came and destroyed everything.” In truth, they didn’t have the greatest anything.

    Well i would like to respectfully differ from your point of view of pre-colonial India. Well we do believe and not without evidence that India housed a great civilization for a long period in history British rule.

    I’ll cite a few points from Wikipedia to support the Economic Condition of India link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_India#GDP_estimate

    According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book Contours of the world economy, 1-2030 AD: essays in macro-economic history, India had the world’s largest economy during the years 1 AD and 1000 AD.[8]

    Mughal Empire-

    During the Mughal period (1526–1858) India experienced peaks and bottoms unprecedented in history. The gross domestic product of India in the 16th century was estimated at about 25.1% of the world economy.[10]

    An estimate of India’s pre-colonial economy puts the annual revenue of Emperor Akbar’s treasury in 1600 at £17.5 million (in contrast to the entire treasury of Great Britain two hundred years later in 1800, which totalled £16 million).[citation needed] The gross domestic product of Mughal India in 1600 was estimated at about 24.3% the world economy, the second largest in the world.[10]

    By this time the Mughal Empire had expanded to include almost 90 per cent of South Asia, and enforced a uniform customs and tax-administration system. In 1700 the exchequer of the Emperor Aurangzeb reported an annual revenue of more than £100 million !!

    Here is an example of the wealth of a single Temple in India which managed to keep its treasure hidden from the Mughals and the British and has come to light recently-

    Wikipedia link- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padmanabhaswamy_Temple#Temple_assets

    It is estimated that the value of the monumental items is close to INR 1.2 trillion or $ 21.84 billion, making it the richest temple in the world. If the antique value is taken into account, these assets could be worth ten times the current market price.

    Here is another link which reinforces the Economic strength of pre-colonial India and is a good compiled cross reference resource -http://www.indianscience.org/essays/22-%20E–Gems%20&%20Minerals%20F.pdf

    Also note that Christopher Columbus had set out on a journey to discover India when he discovered the Americas, The reason being an establishment of a trade relationship with India, Why would any one take the risk of sailing the unknown ,uncharted dangerous oceans if they knew India to be a poor wretched country? The monarch of Spain would never have consented for such a voyage a wastage of treasury resources had they known India to be poor ! They took the risk because they knew the prize of discovery would be a great economic boost for them!

    You might argue they set sail just for the sake of discovering new land that was quite talked about but the counter argument to that would be , Europe since Alexanders time had established a land route through Afghanistan into India which was the only route used for many years!! Why take the pain of going on such dangerous voyages in uncharted seas just to discover a sea route to an alleged poor and backward nation?It was definitely for trade then as a sea route would make the travel faster!!

    If you argue they set sail just for the fame of discovering a sea route to India,I’d again have to disagree because they could have earned more fame instead if they set out on voyages to discover unknown ,undiscovered lands like the Australia, America or even Antarctica!! Yet Columbus set sail only for India when instead he discovered America! The motive had always been trade and economy ! And Spanish monarchy was definitely not foolish to fund the voyage just to trade in valueless commodities with destitute !

    Also quoting from Wikipedia-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond#Mining

    Historically, diamonds were found only in alluvial deposits in Guntur and Krishna district of the Krishna River delta in Southern India.[80] India led the world in diamond production from the time of their discovery in approximately the 9th century BC[4][81] to the mid-18th century AD
    The kohinoor diamond in the british crown today is just one example!

    An evidence to prove India’s wealth is the recently discovered Shipwreck of SS Gairsoppa and also the fact that wealth was being transported to Britain from India- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/the-amazing-story-of-treasure-ship-the-ss-156405
    The steam ship Gairsoppa had set sail from Calcutta, India, in December 1940 carrying iron, tea and 200 tons of silver ingots and coins worth around £150million !! So India did have resources and wealth!

    I of course don’t mean to assert that everyone in India was rich ,that would be stupid but what i mean to figure is that India was a very rich nation as a whole as it is trying to becoming once again in the 21st century. Wealth was always concentrated in the hands of few and so it continues to be but thankfully the outlawing of Caste system has resolved the situation to a great extent as today even a cobbler’s son can reach the same economic success even if he is less meritorious than a general person due to the system of reservations which empower the poor backward castes.

    Declining GDP-

    British economist, Angus Maddison argues that India’s share of the world income went from 27% in 1700 (compared to entire Europe’s share of 23%) to only 3% in 1950.

    So you see how India’s economy was crippled in 200 years under the colonial rule!

    But of course the British are not to blame for everything for they did establish the Railways and improved the road networks in India thus modernizing certain parts of it where they stayed.

    Now some social and cultural examples to prove that India was not an uncivilized and backward nation as the East India Company deceived the World and the very own Majesty into believing for the sole reason of earning massive profits-

    India invented the Number system. Aryabhatta invented the zero and also first stated a Sun Centric solar system which was later reaserted by Galileo.

    The world’s first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects.

    The University of Nalanda, built in the 4th century BC, was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

    According to Forbes magazine, Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software.

    Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

    Yashodhara is the first inventor of copper alloy and extraction of metal

    Sushruta is regarded as the father of modern surgery

    The first guidebook on Economics Arthshastra was written by Chanakya .

    First Ayurvedic materia medica written in India, first surgery was done (Ophthalmic and Plastic surgery) by Susruta.

    The Ashokan Iron pillar in Delhi which has not rusted in so many years is an example of superior metalurgical knowledge of the ancient Indians

    The art of navigation was born on the river Sindh 5,000 years ago. The very word “navigation” is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH.

    Budhayana first calculated the value of pi, and he explained the concept of what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars last year (1999) officially stated that Budhayan’s works date to the 6th Century, which is long before the European mathematicians.

    Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India. Quadratic equations were first used by Sridharacharya in the 11th century.

    According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until 1896 India was the only source of diamonds to the world.

    It would be surprising for us to know today that this science had advanced to such an extent in ancient India that ancient Indian astronomers had recognised that stars are same as the sun, that the sun is center of the universe (solar system) and that the circumference of the earth is 5000 Yojanas. One Yojana being 7.2 kms., the ancient Indian estimates came close to the actual figure.

    Buddhist teacher Pakudha Katyayana taught atomic theory. Maharshi Kanaada of 3rd century, B.C. wrote atomic theory in Vaiseshika Sutras.

    Check this Wikipedia link to see the contributions of several ancient Indians in the field of Astronomy- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_astronomy#Astronomers

    Also Check this link to see how Sayana(1315-1387 A.D.) a Vedic scholar knew about the Speed of light long before it was discovered by the west.- http://vedantkidambi.blogspot.in/2006/09/speed-of-light-as-in-ancient-indian.html

    Here is another link to a PDF source that compiles many of India’s Scientific and mathematical achievements – http://www.iisc.ernet.in/prasthu/pages/PP_data/105.pdf

    Thus all the above example prove the vast advancements made by Ancient Indians in the field of Knowledge from Physics ,Mathematics,Metallurgy, Chemistry ,Surgery,Economics e.t.c! And these are only a few examples !!There are many more i haven’t been able to mention and yet many more forgotten or remaining to be discovered.

    Thus your comment “In truth, they didn’t have the greatest anything. If you think India is a shithole now, you should have seen it when the British showed up” is untrue and prejudiced!

    I admit we are still struggling with many issues which will take time to resolve but India never was that awful a place in history as you allege it to be ! It is simply different, it is a place of extremes !! It is difficult to appreciate India for a westerner because development in India is not as uniform as it is in the West, In Indian the best has always been confined to small spaces while the rest is occupied by what is common or poor! So the best is not easily visible!

    The Sutee or Sati pratha that you mentioned was the work of a few culprit Brahmin scholars ,the extremists of earlier hinduism who distorted and intentionally misinterpreted and misrepresented the book Manu Smriti to establish a male dominated society while infact The Vedas which are the very foundation of Hindu philosophy are strictly against Sati and Dowry and anything that make women feel unequal in the society or hurt them. Infact the Vedas have no mention of Sati and Condemn such acts ,i know because i’ve read them! Even Manusmriti (which is actually an adulterated form of Rishi Manu’s teachings) the book that mentions the Sati custom also mentions the same ideas of promoting equality among men and women and respecting and protecting women and even giving the right of property and politics ,so if the text was not adulterated or tampered with by the few treacherous Brahmin scholars how come they have such ironies. Much of this bad name to Hindu Philosophy has come from poor translation of Sanskrit texts and intentional misrepresentation of text by corrupt scholars to suit themselves.

    And also sati was a custom not followed by all sects of India back then, The Vaishnavs and Shaivites were totally against it. Sati was more popular in Bengal and Rajput Kingdoms to the North, Its interesting to note that Southern India had no concept of Sati at all!! And it was due to social reformers like Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Michael Madhusudan Dutta who actually did the work of making people aware of these social evils and urged the British Govt. to outlaw these customs! It was not on the British Government’s own initiative!

    Also your theory of how Sati was invented to get rid of the women is only partially correct,The earliest references to Sati was a form of self immolation by a widow by her own will to enjoy afterlife with her beloved husband sooner ,of course it was a stupid thing but they did it on their own will as mentioned in the Puranas and Upnishads and Mahabharata and were not forced to do so by the men folk or their families!! However this was not a mandatory custom in Ancient India and only a few committed it those that either loved their husbands too much to be able to live without them or those who wanted to prove their devotion and greatness through the ultimate sacrifice!! And it was not just limited to women ,many sages after comitting great sin unknowingly immolated themselves in the fires of a Yagna-kund to purify themselves and abandon life to start afresh in next birth!

    However Sati became popular at times of the invasions from Persia and the Mughals and wars that ravaged India after the collapse of Gupta Empire! When many widowed women whose husbands died in wars committed suicide by immolating themselves to prevent rape by the conquering forces and its soldiers!

    From here on the practice was twisted by the rogue Brahmin scholars to make Sati a mandatory custom to prevent widows from bringing shame to their families by eloping with someone or being raped by someone!! It thus became a treacherous tool to prevent shame and maintain honour and mainly due to the debauchery of the pseudo scholars and tricksters!

    And the Aryan theory that you’ve talked about has been long debunked TRUTH SAYER has explained the new theory pretty well in his comment above! ,Max Muller’s translations of the Vedic texts and his interpretation of the meanings of certain Sanskrit words were completely flawed owing to his shallow knowledge of the language which led to him formulating a false theory! Aryan is not equal to White, Aryan means noble and is not a word that denoted race/color but a word that denoted a quality! Europeans are not Aryans ,And Aryans were not Whites like the Caucasoid Europeans as Aryan and Caucasoid are two different races!! If anything Aryans that perpetually dwelt in the Northern parts of India were closest in resemblance and genetics to the Iranians and Afghans (ofcourse Afghanistan too was apart of India back then) who were not Caucasoid whites like the Europeans with fair skin and blonde hair ,blue eyes but Aryan were fair skinned people with black hair and black to light brown eyes!!

    And your statement- “The fact that “the White man” wrote their finest books, created their great religion and invented their lovely caste structure is too much for these nuts to bear.” is a weird argument!!

    You speak as if the White Europeans created all that stuff !! When in reality it was the ethnic Central Asian population with Caucasoid genes like in Iran and Afghanistan (I’ve also seen a post by you agreeing to this on your own blog – you too believe that Iranians are not Whites in the same sense as Europeans! link- https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/are-iranians-white/) and North Western and Northern parts of India who later expanded and mingled with native Australoid and Mongoloid populations!

    So if you consider the Aryans as White man then you also must consider Iranians, Afghans and North Indians as whites too!! And if you do, then your statement above appears illogical and vague!! Why should we not be able to bear the fact that our culture was made by the white man when we ourselves are white in fact(as per your logic) haha!!

    And your statement – ” Truth be told, the low castes love the Aryan Theory of Whiter Aryans subjugating the darker folks. ”

    Well you are wrong again, what made you think the lower castes like that story when that clearly portrays them as the victim of subjugation!! The opposite may however be true!! The upper castes which relate more to the Aryans can actually enjoy the theory more than the lower castes! In fact lower castes loathe this theory which discriminates against them! !!

    And your statements-” Truth be told, the ancestral Indo-Aryans were not really “Europeans” anyway. Were they “the White man?” Who knows? Depends on how you define that retarded term. They came from far northwestern Kazakhstan and the neighboring regions of Russia – the central Asian steppes. Are the Kazakhs and the people of the steppes “the White man?” Are they Europeans?”

    Well there you go !! you yourself have solved the problem!! Aryans were not Europeans as you’ve stated !! so there is no need for us the descendants of the Aryans to feel anger towards the White Europeans since they did not make our culture, or our philosophy , religion or our holy books since Aryans were Indigenous to Central Asia, Iran ,Afghanistan and Northern India! !!

    And your statement – ” And on and on and on and on. Why must all of the Indian people, culture, history, civilization, etc. be indigenous when no one else’s is?” Ofcourse not 100% of modern Indian culture,history,civilization is indigenous ,it has many foreign influences but the Ancient Vedic Culture is indeed indigenous to India the same way kangaroos are indigenous to Australia ! Just because today kangaroos are found in the zoos in every nation around the planet does not say that Kangaroos are not indigenous to Australia!! Similarly though India today is largely heterogeneous and unoriginal doesn’t mean that there was nothing indigenous about India! The Vedic culture was not brought by someone from somewhere but it evolved in the Indus basin. Had Vedic culture been brought by someone from Europe then it would mean Vedas were created in Europe earlier but no ancient European indegenous text has the mention of the Vedas!

    Anyway It was fun reading your blog, your articles are quite thought provoking and nice!! Happy blogging 🙂

    • The Aryan Migration theory has NOT be debunked. The overwhelming majority of social scientists all over the world who have a position on this issue have decided firmly that the matter is permanently settled once and for all, that the Aryan Migration Theory is in fact correct.

      It is only the insane and deranged Indians who refuse to believe in the realities and truths of modern science itself because they are so backwards, pitiful, idiotic and anti-science minded.

      • Arjun Sharma

        My dear Robert a theory is only a theory ,a mere hypothesis based on certain evidences hence every time counter evidences are found the theory is put into question!!! 🙂 Nothing has been conclusively proven as of yet, All these Theories of migration are still debatable as none explain the entire picture and always have some inconsistencies!! The Aryan Invasion Theory too has many inconsistencies which i’m sure you know about ,recent genetic study too doesn’t seem to support the theory.Though i’m definitely not in favor of Out of India Theory for this too many many critical flaws!!

        So to conclude that Aryan Invasion theory is ultimate and true just because of a massive support from anthropologists and linguists without ever addressing its loopholes would not be a wise thing!! I like to keep an open mind about such things!! I’m sure the truth will surface in time and that truth will be incontrovertible!!

        Well there is no need to be mad with people who differ from your views and insult them my friend!! The truth will reveal itself in time! by the way there are several Non-Indians too who oppose Aryan Invasion Theory !! Must all of them who individually arrived at such conclusions to oppose it be fools? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to displaying a prejudiced disposition towards them ?

        I say let us wait for some more evidence be it genetic or archeological to turn up before we conclude anything!! what say Robert? 🙂

        And you’ve written a vast number of articles on various different subjects , was browsing through a few of them !! I must admit I’m quite impressed with your knowledge on such varied topics!!

        • Not really. This shows right there that you as a Hindutvadi do you not understand science at all. In science, everything is a theory. Everything, everything, everything. In fact, most facts in science are actually better thought of as theories.

          Aryan Migration is regarded as simple fact all over the world. The debate about this was settled a long time ago, now we are just discussing how it came about. Only in India in contradiction to the rest of the world has the notion come about that this theory has been disproven. It has not been. It has only been disproven in the minds of Indian intellectuals. Indian intellectuals display such poor thinking skills that I do not think they even deserve the term.

          Aryan Migration, a fact, goes against the very tenets of Hindutvadi philosophy, which is the philosophy of all Indian Hindus, that Indian Hindus, no matter their irrelevant IQ scores, simply reject it.

          Further, the alternative theories make no sense. Indians speak Indo-European. It had to come from somewhere. If it didn’t come from outside India (Aryan Migration) then it had to come from India. The Out of India Theory is so ridiculous and absurd that legitimate scientific journals simply refuse to even consider it. The only way this ludicrous theory could make it into a real social science journal was when the Journal of Indo-European Linguistics suspended the rules of peer review in order to devote an entire issue to this nonsense.

          So as you can see, all Western social science, and really all social science the world over, rejects OIT and accepts Aryan Migration. Only this ridiculous Indians refuse to believe it. In that sense, Indians are really like medieval thinkers or flat Earthers. They are an embarrassment to all of humanity.

        • There are not many outside India who reject Aryan Migration Theory. Only a few, and most are like Elst sympathetic to Hindutvadi theory.

          The Indian languages either came from India or from outside India, one or the other. If they came from outside India, Aryan Migration theory is true. If they came from India, then OIT is true. Overwhelming evidence shows that they came from outside India, therefore AMT is true.

          We already have some archeological evidence of AMT.

          We have some, but limited, genetic evidence of AMT. All you have to do is look at NW Indians to see how closely many of them look like White Europeans or Iranians and that seals the argument. The further north and west you go in India, the more European the folks look. The further south and east you go, the more Dravidian they look. This is excellent genetic evidence of AMT right there.

        • livingwithpigs

          Ok so I have little time to type properly …

          One more thing I want to add is that Hindu Indians are the ultimate social engineers. Every cultures has invaded or claimed territory or control via war and violence. However, its the ideological warfare of the Hindu brainchild that has managed to keep India subjugated so long, and its best victims are its own people. Its like a gangrene that is not infectious (does not spread across the world), but rather destroys the very body that has it.

          I would like to think it as a very advanced kind of warfare, almost like the economic warfare of today happening globally. However, being the dipshits they are, war is not really their thing, but complicated designs and algorithms on social control is almost like developing a mind control chip for years under research and field testing. I think we take over the US in that respect. Very ‘advanced’ technology. If you think of it, its true- the human brain is the most complex technology. So Hindus have managed to realize that very early and started hitting it right from the outset. No matter what kind of weaponry you build, nothing surpasses the human mind (operation) and brain(construction).

          On the other hand, the brains to develop a bomb and the balls to wear them a blow people off are not really the purview of these cowards. As long as you see it, you can be aware. If not you are living a lie.

          But the loopholes are for all to see, like any complicated system, its not just the construction that can give the impression of complexity, it also has to be useful – a very complex dustbin has a functional description of being a – dustbin. So are complicated theories of horoscope/occult/vedic BS. Like today operating systems, millions of lines of code and tons of bugs to exploit. You just need to take time to research it, test it and exploit it. No system is safe or foolproof, thats what makes this game so easy for people who can see the real picture. You cant fool everyone. But then their attack is based on the majority, so I suggest keep everyone informed about this and educate people around you.

          If Nalanda was the oldest university in India, how come Indian women have had such low rates of education. And how come no ground breaking stuff has come out of India for more than a century in various fields. Why are we so underrepresented in arts and media round the world? Its because being educated does not mean opening a building with a few blokes and getting knowledge without ever setting outside your neighborhood. Education has its meaning in various levels. You failed at most of them.

          BS is BS whether ancient or made yesterday. Apparently these people are the pioneers of Ponzi schemes. The ultimate cowards.

          So much hatred with the muslims – look at their world, its so different from yours! You cant compare Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Dubai, Israel with India? Can you? They have so much money and power!

        • livingwithpigs

          Ok got some more time for more attacking…

          Regarding the Sankrit language for computer systems and software… yeah technically if you study Automata theory(Compiler theory/Regex) it all lines up. I was a high scorer in Sanskrit back in school days so I certainly know some shit.. I also am a computer researcher apparently…so why would anyone want to program in Sanskrit after having about 600 programming languages and paradigms to work with?

          That is a restrospective analyses not a recommendation. Yes its something I can be proud of, but not what I should be proud of. You cant compare the logical structure of Sankrit vs sensuality of French (14 Nobel prizes) and the tenacity and strength of English. Its a new world whether you like it or not. Please wake up and smell the Chai. You cant say this shit to the new generation programmers – cos you will extrapolate this argument to saying that – “dear kid, look how brilliant we Indians are, you are programming in software I see, how about learning Sanskrit first, its the choice of language for computer software – learn C/C++/Prolog/Assembly later on… first your own culture!! Did you know we even had blueprints for the current architecture of computers in the Vedas, I will tell it to you someday..dear son”.

          And that is how propaganda spreads, like a disease from an aids ridden hooker. Condoms are important. So is discretion.

        • Rahul

          blah blah blah and more blah blah who’s gonna read althose hateful drivel you type.. as your user name suggests go and live with pigs

        • pepperroncini

          You are ignorant about the definition of “theory” as it pertains to science. Critics of Evolution use the same argument as you, namely that Evolution is only a “theory”.

          “Occasionally, scientific ideas (such as biological evolution) are written off with the putdown “it’s just a theory.” This slur is misleading and conflates two separate meanings of the word theory: in common usage, the word theory means just a hunch, but in science, a theory is a powerful explanation for a broad set of observations. To be accepted by the scientific community, a theory (in the scientific sense of the word) must be strongly supported by many different lines of evidence. So biological evolution is a theory (it is a well-supported, widely accepted, and powerful explanation for the diversity of life on Earth), but it is not “just” a theory. ”


        • To Robert Lindsay: I have studied that aryan migration may have happened from balkan regions, like armenia etc. There was a proof that in uratru regions, the old (read vedic brahmins, not caste) were staying. Is it possible for you to bring more light on this. It would make things clear that these hindus are not at all vedic.

    • livingwithpigs

      I am technically an Indian.

      Lets just see – the humiliation of Porus by Greek Genuis Alexander The Great, invasion by Mongols, Mughals and the British Raj, some cool sounding highlights that are etched in history. Hinduism is a man made invention created for social control. Hindu Indians frequently claim that they are peaceful and tolerant, however the real secret is that they play this a mental game, why fight someone who you can misguide and deceive. Some of the main tenets of this religion – dogma, deception, built in segregation – the hallmarks of evil. Any structure which claims to be united but is visibly disintegrated is pure evil and a blatant lie. If the white people were not so united as a race barring political agendas, they would not be so successful as they were and are. They don’t discriminate between themselves. Its actually common sense.

      This is something of a expertise with Hindus, they like to discriminate between man and woman, color (varna), region and economic background and the basis of casteism (circa 3000 BC) – profession.
      This is actually one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history (that’s the legacy of the Hindu history!). I would say this is right on up par with the Federal Reserve Banking system and the world economy, just on a smaller scale.

      The one good point is because Hindus dont really go anywhere this damage has not translated to other parts of the world, which is good, it also means Hindus cant go anywhere else actually – where can you go now – Russia? Australia?Iceland?Africa? These people can’t even go to their neighboring states in India like North East without asking for trouble.
      So you are stuck with your small “sub continent”. Lack of representation in World Politics, World Finance, Hollywood, Science and Tech is for all to see. So you say that you have Nobel Prize winner from ‘India’. You mean Mother Theresa (Skopje)? or Amartya Sen (Educated/Lives in USA). OK, you say Tagore right? How about Nobel Prize winners from France in literature – all 14 of them and counting. If that’s your contribution – and you foam in the mouth about it – are not you a little bit ashamed? And not even to speak of low grade Indian colleges to begin with – IITs and the rest of the garbage dump grade institutes (look a the world rankings :))

      Also this whole we have started mentality – great so you might have started a few things, that btw pale in todays standards of education – zero, pythagorus theorem??, plastic surgery (very nice!), but how far have you taken it?? Its like starting a race but never winning anything till the finish line. If the westerners have pioneered in everything from Maths/Science/Architecture and have set the world standards for pretty much everything, why are you so restless. Its because you realize that they have taken ‘your’ concepts to an unimaginable level. Its like business – you cant hate your competitors for owning ‘your’ idea. If that was the case then the descendants of the person who invented the wheel should be raking in royalties for about 6000 years of human civilization. Instead of having an altruistic mentality and learn where you stand, your ‘of course I knew it’ BS sounds like, you guessed that part right – B.S.

      I like to joke about how people say Muslim terrorists bomb Christians around the world/hate the Hindus etc – hey, at least give them the credit for the balls they have. If you ask a Hindu to do it, they would die from heart attack. Its a Hindu person who assassinated Gandhi, not Muslim/Sikh/Christian. Its as if Hindus are like mental bombs, they like to destroy things around them, without having an ounce of giving power. Not a single place on earth is invaded my Hindus, Christianity surprisingly has gone everywhere – the British have invaded every place they visited. This invading nature is built in to some of the oldest cultures in the world – Mongols, Greeks & Caucasians. English is the world business language for a reason, it has claimed territory.

      If you look at the geography of India – how they teach it in schools in India – “The largest sub-continent” , seriously why don’t you look at Russia – worlds largest country or Africa – worlds largest continent. The truth is Indians have not been too well traveled, for the odd exception. Even now, that mentality rings – its a lot of xenophobia from years of getting your ass kicked in your homelands coupled with dreams and envy of a better world that you have never seen yourself (similar to your forefathers). If you speak to a common Indian regarding world travel he normally looks at you with envy, the same old Indian mentality crap. Lots of factor- money, communication skills, fear of discrimination (after getting discriminated everywhere, including their own homeland) and skin color bias. If you are white, you are great, if not well…

      You get the hand of things – they damage their own society, without world wide conquest (either in religion/language/business); they claim credit in everything (“we are the starters!”), without any meritable and consistent contribution; they beat their wives, kill and malnourish their own girl children, spread propaganda and lies (but thats true for every culture I guess, he he).

      South Indians are different, really, they have totally different scripts and cultural norms, however, a strong part of it is already influenced by Hinduism.

      North East tribes are the only orignally non-hindu immigrants from outside India (mainly Oriental origin – SE Asia/Mongolia). They dont share their language, culture, food, dress, music and religion with any part of India. They were never under anyones ‘rule’, on the contrary claiming territory in the subcontinent long ago(without written permission from Indian goverment). Unlike rest of India being invaded by people from outside. Even unlike parallels to tribes round the world, it was the British people who had finally managed to penetrate the unreachable territory and preach Christianity (along with American missionaries). So apparently, it took one foreigner to gel with another foreigner. If these tribes were alongside India the whole 3000 years, how come we never sent an email even once? Thats appalling. Yet, this disparity in history is actually one of the primary benefits for this region, they were never Hindus, to begin with! Integration with India is a different issue, but its one thing that could never and will never be a factor in their culture for sure.

      So is Hinduism a purely Indian phenomenon? Built and cultivated by self damaging degenerates? So you Hindus- most invaded race, with nowhere to go to, and no power whatsoever, who do you think you guys are anyways??

      Aryans – my ass, how come all of USA and Europe are a meat eating culture (nomadic origins – Parisii tribe, Magyars, Celtics) and somehow – the ‘Prudes’ – ‘we are veg only, cos we are the brahmins’ crap. Also during invasions or migration genes might be mixed up here and there(that is everywhere, look who is getting raped), still – Indians look like Indians, not Europeans. The skin texture, color, eating habits etc, all have a tell tale sign. This is all hogwash.

      I personally have spoken to many Kulin Brahmins around India and even abroad when I go travelling and they always pale their faces, when they have an unfortunate debate with me over this grande scam of their own invention.

      Now the congress party janta united joke – right so first you create the problem(your forefathers), then you sell the solution, and people will buy it for sure, wont they?

      Like democracy, you first say to the people you have that, and then you let them wonder whats missing from it, and continue you propaganda and deception. Good luck you outcasted race of Indian Hindus – try to fit anywhere else and get your head chopped off, seriously good luck with your mind games 🙂

  19. Arjun Sharma

    Well i do not think Hindutva temperament has anything to do with refusing Aryan Migration theory! In fact It simply does not affect the Vedic Philosophy because Accd to AMT the Rig Veda was written sometime during 1500BC and the Aryans Invaded sometime during 3000-2100BC so no matter what the Vedas were created in the subcontinent by the Aryan settlers or our forefathers! They were not brought from somewhere else into the subcontinent hence the Vedas are indigenous to the Aryan settlers of the subcontinent and not to the Aryans who migrated to Europe if they ever did!! So there is no question of being discontent with such a theory as we are descendants of the same Aryans !! If we revere the Vedas it also means we revere the wisdom of our noble forefathers! hence you are wrong to assume we bear any hostility towards the Migrating Aryans who founded our very race !

    Even though i support Aryan Migration Theory i have my doubts about an Aryan INVASION theory which claims to have chased the native Dravidian people of the Indus basin far south!! I believe The Aryans and the Dravidians peacefully coexisted sharing culture and language and interbreeding with each other to create most of North East and Central India’s mixed races!!

    And also the first proponent of Out of India theory was not an Indian it was Friedrich Schlegel (1772–1829).And even today the main proponents of this theory is Nicholas Kazanas who is definitely not Hindutva supporter!! Its more of an academic debate rather than a religious one!! For we have equal interests vested in each theory !!

    Also I do understand science my friend !!LOL!! 🙂 I’m an Electrical Safety Engineer at Mahindras and science has been what i’ve studied and what is use to earn a living!! And from my understanding of Science i’ve learnt that only mathematically derivable theories are universal while all other theories which thrive or depend on certain premise or on postulated literature are debatable no matter how suitable they may seem at one point of time are mere hypothesis! !! The string theory ,the M theory,The Zero Point Energy theory e.t.c were highly mocked in the 1980s by the conservative academia , yet now the same people are giving it a serious look and slowly accepting them into mainstream science!!

    And also there is no need for bashing many good rational Indians for a few black sheeps eh? I guess Indians are only a little to picky about what they choose to believe, they like to keep an open mind as they believe everything is not as it seems!!

    • No, but the pre-Vedic religion was already formed by the Aryans before they even came to India. Much of this religion survived in the Vedas which were also expanded with much new belief acquired by the Aryans inside India. Sure the Vedas were composed in India. This is clear.

      The Dravidians were not chased to the South. There was not a huge invasion. However, the natives of the North were no doubt conquered by the militarily superior Aryans, who then bred in very heavily with native Dravidians, who at that time were all throughout India. The Aryans simply never made it to the South in their conquest. They only conquered a small area to the north before they simply bred in and become natives.

      Aryan Invasion theory has pretty much been chucked now in favor of Aryan Migration theory. It was not a large group of folks, but it was big enough to conquer. Besides at that point, the great IVC of yore was pretty much a fallen and collapsed culture, easily conquered by outsiders.

      I doubt if the Aryans and Dravidians coexisted at the beginning. It does look as if there were conquests and battles at first. Some accounts have been written down, and we have some archeological evidence of some of them in Aryan forts. But after the conquest, they all just bred in with each other.

      Kazanas is not considered to be much a scientist. He is basically a crank and is disregarded by nearly everyone in social science. The JIEL or Journal of Indo European Linguistics had to suspend peer review in order to get his stuff into a recent issue which was dedicated to his theory because his theory was so bad it never would have made it through peer review. That issue caused huge controversy in linguistics.

      “And from my understanding of Science i’ve learnt that only mathematically derivable theories are universal while all other theories which thrive or depend on certain premise or on postulated literature are debatable no matter how suitable they may seem at one point of time are mere hypothesis!”

      This is what I meant when I said that everything in science is theory. Theory means “true for now” or “true into proven otherwise.”

      String theory is nowhere near accepted by physics at all. Most of his new physics isn’t even going anywhere at all. The general consensus is that it’s “not even wrong,” that is, it’s not falsifiable.

      • Christian A. Frederich

        As a first time reader of this blog, there are good points, odd points, some truly strange points (for use to start an argument?) and a 20 litre container of old-fashioned racism. That said, the grammar, the spelling (not touching the linguistics), the profanity (which contributes ZIP to the discussion. Name calling? Really?? We’re not three, this is not a sandbox . . ) are truly saddening and acting out in such a manner only embarrasses you as the writer. If you are trying to take a position on something, for everybody’s sake, think it through before you begin pounding out a reply in the heat of the moment! After all of that, every first year College or University student knows that you support an argument with PROOF, citations, and other academic work which supports your position.

        • I am banning you. You actually have the idiocy to demand citations and academic work proving the Aryan Invasion Theory of Linguistics and Anthropology? LOL. You are a bigger idiot than I thought you were then. Why don’t you open up a book for once so you don’t seem so stupid?


    • @Arjun ‘sharma’ : aryan migrations have happened. And no one can deny it. Just for proof, in vedic times, aryans never had surnames like sharma, verma, but post vedic aryans had surnames, like sharma, tripathi etc. What it shows? Vedic civilization was vastly different than caste based hinduism.

  20. Hindu Pride

    What have you got against Indians and Hindus you dumbfuck moron? Out of India or Aryan Invasion doesn’t matter much but show some respect to fellow human beings. Hindu religion is oldest on Earth and contains the most advanced philosophies that describe the true meaning of human existence. Hindus are the most tolerant people, that’s why the only thing we do is laugh at idiots like you. We don’t hate anybody, you pothead! Grow up, you’re probably 48 years old and still live in your mother’s basement! Did you have any girlfriends when growing up? That 6 year old girl who kissed you in kindergarten doesn’t count.

  21. Why so angry, robert? Take a chill pill :)

    Hahahaha, it seems like you have an Indian neighbor or something that pisses you off. I can see how you’re venting out your anger in the responses to all these comments. Seriously, just chill man. No need to get so hyped up…

    • You know what? There are a lot of Indians, all Sikhs, around here. They run the gas stations. I like most of them. Not all of them, but most of them. The ones I do not like, I just do not patronize their stores, that’s all. Some of them are really nice!

      What’s pissed me off about Indians is the ones I met online. The ones around here I don’t really mind at all. Some of them are just a bit cold is all.

      • Gay State Girl

        Why are you so passionate about the lower castes (in comparison to oppression of other groups that has no bearing on your well being)? What happens in India stays in India.

        • I am not passionate about the lower castes. I just think these Indian scumbags are getting off scot-free. Everyone thinks that Indians are the most wonderful people on Earth, but the truth is that they are the scum of all humanity. I am blowing the whistle on these mofos.

          Everyone is blasting Muslims and Islamists, often for good reason. Fine, well, let’s blast these Indian punks while we are at it. Down with all the primitives!

          I’m a socialist. I am practically a Communist! You don’t think I would care about the lower castes?

      • You don’t have to go insane due to them. There are many Indians who are sane and understand the things. It is just that because of these subhumans ruling, they too are suffering, and cannot express their vex. And to make matters worse, online world is filled with these scums who spread lies thinking that by saying bad to others, they will become superiors.

  22. Why so angry, robert? Take a chill pill :)

    Oh, and btw their are a lot of Indians in my school and they all are really smart and come from really wealthy families. I even googled and find out that Indians are the richest ethnic group in America. It makes me feel like white shit… lol. So, i understand that you’re upset that you’ll never be as succesful as one… but you must be pretty angry to write whole article about their history. Bahaha, you seriously crack me up… man.

    • You’re an Indian yourself, slumdog. You’re not even White. You’re just another Hindu pretending to be a White person this time.

      PS you are banned.

      • Asetusindhubandhava

        Mr lindsay or whatever thing you are
        I wud just say dat u sound exactly like a three year old britt daughter of yours whom u fucked just before cutting ur mother for dinner…dats hiw barbaric ur society,culture and upbringing is….so relax and wait for the dawn when we the hidus will nuke off ur whole shitty little queens dickland…!thats all u can do now

        • narut00

          these people are a shame,i will stop my admiration for india,of all the hindus here,only 2 or 3 behave well u,U like jaipal,but they are minority, most hindus here seem rude people U,U and i think those statistics and proportions are the same for all india,some educated people in the top (jaipal,etc) and a huge mass of low mannered people, so east asia rules,i am tired of defending them,when they themselves dont defend themselves in the correct way,this show us the education and cultural level of most indians,rudeee and lowww u,U east asia ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. imran

    The white man did not conquer the world. They were conquered by speakers of the indo European languages of which Sanskrit is mother tongue. And Hindi is pure Sanskrit.
    So who is the pure aryan . Conquered Europeans or the conquerors US Indians. The white man has brought disgrace to our race and now the world economy is collapse because of your genius . Ours is racing for world conquest once again and we are proud of the fact.

    • What do you mean Sanskrit is the mother tongue of the Indo European languages. Yes, the true Aryans are Iranians, Pakistanis, northeast Indians, Afghans, etc.

      • It is a lie. Sanskrit was just another language, derived out of proto indo-european vedic civlization. And it is a dead language now, as the sanskrit speaking civilization itself is dead.

        • Add to the list, armenians, gregorians. There is a similarity between old armenians and deshashta brahmans (500 years old). Got some article on internet too.

          Also, south indian brahmins are known to have admixture of these vedic stock and velamas. I don’t know how much is this true.

  24. nothingisrealitsallprobabilityandrandomness

    Bla Bla Bla whites are better, Bla Bla Bla coloreds are better. The truth is each race has their talents and drawbacks. Mixing of the races should be left up to the individual.

    Its my right to choose the DNA my progeny will have. If I want to preserve my racial identity, I should be able to. If I want a mix my DNA with a willing mate from another race thats ok too. It should be a personal choice.

    Any bad genetics would eventually weed itself out over time.
    (Assuming natural selection exists)

    Am I right or Am I right?

  25. Nikarev Leshy

    Hi, serious question: why say ‘the white man’ wrote the Rig Veda, brought Hinduism to India , etc, and then in the next paragraph state that the Aryans weren’t ‘white’ so to speak.

    Where they at the least distant racial cousins of Europeans / Caucasians?

    Thank you.

  26. Aryan Man from India

    I’m a North Indian and it’s a fact that we are descendants of the original Aryans who invaded India from the Caspian sea region in Central Asia. Of course, it depends on the caste you’re born to but by and large, North Indians, Gujarati and Bengali speakers of Brahmin and Kshatriya caste are Aryans who created the highbrow Vedic culture which today forms the core identity of modern India. Whether it’s a Greek-looking green-eyed Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood actor or a dark-skinned North Indian actor called Ajay Devgan, they are both of Aryan descent. Yes, many Aryan Indians can be dark-skinned which is a fact you white Europeans and Americans fail to understand. We’re certainly not white in a European sense but we do have a shared Aryan ancestry which cannot be denied. We don’t care about your acceptance though, just believe in peaceful co-existence.

    According to ancient Sanskrit texts, the definition of being “Aryan” is as much cultural as genetic. The very word “Arya” means nobility. Adolf Hitler usurped the word for his own Nazi agenda but Sanskrit belongs to India and therefore, only the Indian definition of Aryan should be considered valid.

    North Indian Aryans are the ones who created a majestic civilization in India which can only be equated by Persians under Achaemenid/Sassanid empires which was destroyed due to Greek invasions and later, the advent of Islam. Only the Aryans of India succeeded in frustrating Alexander of Macedon so badly that he had to abandon hopes of conquering this indomitable country. He conquered everything in Europe and the Middle-East and Persia, but his troops actually tasted defeat in India (more of a pyrrhic victory but he bitterly realized that Aryan Indians have the guts and noble will to fight).

    South Indians are mostly Dravidian/Australoid types but their elites – the Brahmins – are also of wholly Aryan descent as these ancestors had historically migrated from North India. But they assimilated into the Dravidian culture which equals to modern-day South Indian culture. There are several prominent differences between North Indian and South Indian cultures: we don’t eat rice and dhal with our dirty fingers like uncivilized animals, we are more friendly, sociable and hard-working. Being of warrior caste, we send more men to fight as soldiers and marines and commandos.

    Aryan North Indians still rule this country, that is why Delhi is seat of capital and powerful centre in all things important, after all it’s the Aryan invader blood that runs strongly in our veins. Even down South, Aryans are still invited for leadership positions. It’s the nature of the Aryan to lead.

    I feel all Aryan races of the world should band together to foster a new beginning for this planet, whether it’s the Persians, Afghans or Pakistanis who are free from the yoke of Islam or Aryan Hindus or the Nordic/Celtic/Teutonic/Slavonic races of Europe, we are driven by same values and beliefs. That is what gives us our high degree of confidence. That is what helps us realize our true potential.

    We salute the Aryan races of America and Germany (V-2 rocket technology and Operation Paperclip) who came together to put a Man on the Moon. We are equally proud of the Aryan Indian civilization which gave mankind eternal treasures such as Yoga, Sanskrit language, the Vedas and Upanishads, pioneered Arithmetic and Algebra. Our races are capable of creativity and new ideas. In India, we’re being held back by Muslims and inferior races who demand equality which they do not deserve. One day we will destroy Islam and liberate Aryans from their present travails. We definitely have the potential to match Western civilization and the Chinese in every possible way.

    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      discrimination is illegal in both western and EAST ASIAN civilizations ( as far as i know chinese aren’t the only high achievers of asia, also the japanese and koreans are) , you don’t need to discriminate to surpass other races, every western and east asian would be ashamed and not proud of your words of praise

      • Jet Li

        is ok to be proud of your race, but going far as to discriminate people is too much, japanese are very proud of themselves, but they are polite with foreigners, they is even convenient, that makes other love you and have attention to you, this proof, this mexican woman said that she suffered 0 racial discrimination in Japan, in fact she said that she was more discriminated in Mexico : P

    • Shazam

      Aryans who created the highbrow Vedic culture which today forms the core identity of modern India.

      1. There was nothing high brow about the animal and human sacrifices and other superstitious rituals of the Vedic culture.

      2. India is the most disgusting culture: filthy, ugly, backward, cruel, callous and unjust. You must be a blithering idiot to think that modern India is a high brow civilization.

      3. The Hindu upper castes look nothing like afghans and Persians, much less Europeans. It must burn you up to see that the people you consider pure aryans are almost all non-hindus. If you believe aryans came from outside India and looked like west Asians, then you are forced to conclude that almost all upper caste hindus are fake aryans based on looks and color.

      • Aryan Man from India

        “The Hindu upper castes look nothing like afghans and Persians, much less Europeans.”

        Oh yes, North Indians look quite similar to Afghans and Persians. On average, the latter may be more fair-skinned but that’s about it. Like I said as per Indian definition of Aryan, you don’t have to be fair-skinned to qualify as one. All you Iranians and Afghans simply look like Muzzies, if you’re trying to assert that I must feel inferior to you, then it’s a silly joke. You all may look tough, but you know you cannot mess with India. Indeed, Pakistan is on the verge of collapse and destruction, it’s leadership increasingly realizes that it cannot infinitely prolong tensions with India.

        All your filthy countries had better stay on our good side. After the savage Taliban destroyed Afghanistan, it was left up to civilized Indians to build roads and basic infrastructure in that benighted country.

        Besides, the Aryan genetics of these people are useless for you as long as you are under the yoke of Islam. Being Aryan is as much a cultural thing, a state of mind, a feeling which cannot flourish under a savage religious system founded by a 7th century pedophillic mass murderer from Arabia.

        Despite having Aryan genetics, Afghanistan is the most backward place on Earth. Iran is a social pariah which doesn’t get along with any modern nation. Pakistan is a terrorist shithole already. Islam has destroyed these countries.

        India, even with all the Muslims and lower castes dragging us down, we are a superpower. Our IT industry is the most advanced today after the United States. According to PricewaterCooperhouse projections, India is poised to become the 2nd or 3rd largest economy by 2050. And Pakistan and Afghanistan will continue to remain terrorist backyards. You can bitch and whine all you want but that reality is unlikely to change.

        • Swedish shit

          If Indians are so bad how come Allah is revealing Koran to this Indian. If Indians are so bad why would Allah choose a Hindutva to reveal this scripture to? Lo a new revelation from Allah:

          The Light Shineth on the toilet shitter supremacist but the he understandeth it not,
          He shitteth in the toilet but the shit understandeth it not.
          He pisseth in the toilet but the piss understandeth it not,
          He hearkens to the sound of the lark who shitteth on the toilet roof but the bird shit understandeth it not,
          But Allah knows and he ranketh the toilet shitter above all those that are men and women who art non toilet shitters,
          and he ranketh the muslim toilet shitter above the infidel toilet shitter
          and he ranketh the male muslim toilet shitter who believeth in Allah above them all and above women who art deficient in intelligence and religion.
          Lo Allah knoweth the lowest to the highest and he placeth some on the throne of sewage removal
          and others he placeth in the lush field or in the midst of the desert with naught but the might of the burning Sun of Allah
          upon their behinds as they do shit in the mighty heat of the day.
          Allah knows and he is oft forgiving and merciful.
          His prophet shitteth in the windswept desert and Allah knoweth and he placeth him above all of men and women as a perfect model.
          He created him to teach the people and joins him to himself and declares him the prophet of all men, and women,
          and all things that creepeth in the desert about when he (the prophet) doth shit therein.
          And Lo Allah will show his shin on the last day as a sign.
          He revealeth all things as a sign and on the last day shall his shin be made bare.

        • Ichigo Kurosaki

          aryan man deserves a sue for racial discrimination, if he comes to the West or East Asia with that mentality most people would think he is a horrible person and no one would want to be his friend, in Japan just film with your camera or cell phone a racist person, bring the proof to police and sue him, is very easy : P

        • Shazam

          Oh yes, North Indians look quite similar to Afghans and Persians……..we are a superpower.

          Wrong on both counts you insanely deluded monkey-worshipper. 🙂

          Since when did hungry impoverished backward shitholes become superpowers??? India is a miserable shithole even by third world standards:


        • Shazam

          All your filthy countries had better stay on our good side.

          That is too funny coming from a malnourished Hindu coward, the filthiest and weakest people on the planet. :):):)

      • Swedish shit

        Shazam we all know the most disgusting people on earth are muslims. They practice female genital mutilation, and male genital mutilation, behead people to shouts of AllahuAkbar, bomb people in Boston who are going for a marathon, stone women to death for adultery, kill homosexuals in Iran by hanging them from cranes etc. Everyone knows that. But Allah has chosen me to lead you all by giving you a Koran fit for the modern age. He has chosen me to drag the most disgusting backward people in the world into the modern age. Here is the latest revelation from Allah:

        Fear Allah,
        And fear his messenger from Sweden,
        for he knows what I know and he knows
        what I tell to thee. I speak, verily of things
        not seen by human eye, nor woven by
        human hand into the minds of men
        for a picture of understanding.
        Research into the scrolls of the Hindu Sages
        and find many pictures of knowledge,
        Imbibe this tapestry of wisdom and learn
        my ways and guide all the peoples of the world.

    • We salute Aryan races of America and Germany? Why do you have to make a fake Indian account to propagate your propaganda which no on gives zero fucks about?

    • SD

      DESI Slavs might have some distant relationship with Aryans but not Celts or Anglo-Saxons.

      Socialism has been embraced in South India by black Veddoid Dravidians because they are the alcoholic poor workers of India while Brahman or Parsi are more innovative and creative so capitalism seized North India.

      Russians are still streaming down into India whether traders or prostitutes so this migration from Khazak or even the Volga river is not remarkable.

      Parsis, Armenians, Scythian, Portuguese DNA has all found its way into North India in the vast time since the Aryans arrived from the Black Sea or Caspian or WTF knows where.

      Dravidian people are actually SMARTER than Aboriginals but have the same issues with booze, mass hysteria, tribalism etc.

  27. Pingback: Why Are Indians So Nutty and Hypersensitive About the Aryan Theory

  28. Swedish shit

    Ichigo Kurosaki Your english is terrible. Why not go on some English writing courses. Learn to write without silly things like: is very easy:P
    What kind of composition is it when no one can understand a word of what you say. Still keep trying. I just want you to improve a bit, because for the first time ever I actually read something of yours all the way through and I have no idea what you are talking about. How about writing in sentences and then perhaps one day in paragraphs!

    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      :/ guess is time to be in hiatus again from the blog, until the day that my english is perfect yes, this would be like my 4th official hiatus from the blog :/ ” quise decir que el aryan man merece una demanda por discriminacion racial, porque en la cultura occidental y asiatica nosotros pensamos mal de los racistas y si ese hindu viene con esa mentalidad a nuestros paises nadie va a querer su amistad, lo veriamos como una persona mala, en Japon y supongo que en otros paises tambien, puedes demandar por discriminacion racial, solo saca tu celular o tu camara, le dices a un racista como el aryan man, vuelvame a decir lo que me dijo o vuelva a decir lo que le dijo (en caso de que te discrime o que discrimine a otra persona respectivamente) y llevas tu prueba a la policia y lo demandas asi de facil : P ,no como en India donde ya se que no le hacen caso a la ley anti casta y como quieran aceptan como normal la discriminacion, aqui no, aqui las leyes anti discriminacion se cumplen”

  29. Swedish shit

    “malnourished Hindu coward”

    Welcome to the world of Allah’s starving brown man.

    “Allah’s brown man gets out his circumcised dick and shouts allah u Akbar and throws stones because he is hungry.”

    A story I read while in Egypt in the local paper. Anyway here is another report on hunger in Egypt:

    “Egyptians are getting hungry. The fall of the Egyptian pound to just 60% of its 2012 exchange rate against the dollar has priced everything but bread out of the reach of the poorer half of the population, and the bread supply is now at risk.

    The half of Egyptians that lives on $2 a day no longer eats beans, let alone milk products.

    The price of fava beans, the country’s second-most important food staple, has already risen by 40% this year, to 5,000 Egyptian pounds (US$728) per ton from $3,000 Egyptian pounds in January. Imports of proteins have collapsed, according to the Egyptian Gazette:

    ”As for frozen food imports, namely meat, fish and chicken products, they fell by 25 per cent during the first three months of the year, compared to the same period a year before due to the surge in the dollar,” said Alaa Radwan, a member in the Food Stuff Industries at the FECC. Radwan, who is also head of the Association of the Meat, Fish and Chickens Importers, explained that banks had suspended offering importers with letters of credit, demanding them to seek dollars from the parallel market, which caused frozen food prices to increase by 25 per cent to 39 per cent.”

    This is all happening now. So get ready for mass starvation for the Brown of Allah, more stone throwing, more “death to america!”, and the usual offerings terrorist offerings from you know who.

  30. Swedish shit

    “All your filthy countries had better stay on our good side.” So true.

    The future belongs to Asia. We have the food.

    Mass Starvation is soon to be happening in Egypt; and India is one of the biggest food producers in the world, and is capable of feeding 1.2 billion people daily while the filthy countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iraq and Iran live in deserts. When the oil runs out even Saudi will start to see starvation their as well. Already the slums are forming outside of Rhyad, but it is something the government in Saudi puts exposing people in prison for, if they have the courage to highlight the poverty in Saudi in the first place. The Authorities only try to show one side.

    The future belongs to Asia and it is Asian who are capable of paying the high prices for food right now. Arabs, especially Egyptians can not. It is food shortages that are at the heart of the trouble in Egypt. It is a macro-economic factor but planners in Saudi, and the Egyptian government know it but the news has yet to reach people like Shazam, who see big sky scraper going up in Dubai and are dazzled. How easily fooled some people are since they know nothing about the macro-economic factors that govern the movements of the world.

    • Swedish shit

      Historian, Belgium’s Konraad Elst, remarks “that many early Christian saints, such as Hippolytus of Rome, possessed an intimate knowledge of Brahmanism.” Elst even quotes the famous Saint Augustine who wrote: “We never cease to look towards India, where many things are proposed to our admiration.”

      Now coming from St Augustine that is praise indeed. One of the church fathers and author of the wonderful “City of God”, which I read may years ago. The questioning nature of the book convinced me of the intellect of St Augustine.

      • Shazam

        Now coming from St Augustine that is praise indeed.

        St Augustine was Christian, a people you hindus hate with a passion.

        Show us where Augustine or any other wise person has praised the vedic animal and human sacrifices, the widow burnings, the temple prostitution, the casteism and untouchability, the lack of compassion, the silly superstitions, the cruelty and inhumanity that defines Hinduism.

        It was Buddhism and similar spiritual paths that inspired people of the West and especially the Far East. Buddhism rejects Hinduism totally, its gods, its sacrifices, its casteism, its scriptures.

        • Swedish shit

          No we Hindus love christians. It is just muslim savages like you we hate. Anyway Augustin knew a lot more about Hinduism than you do and he praised it and he is one of the church fathers.

          All your knowledge about HInduism comes from your Taliban teacher at the Madrassa where he nearly molested you, but just as he was about to do so a hindu sage came and saved your ass. How ungrateful you have become since those hot days at the Madrassa in Kabul during the nineties when I knew you, and where your teacher was shown the way of righteousness by a Hindu sage, and whose company I worked for.

          Remember the Shivarama Swami Sewage company which was trying to get you savages a working sewage system but you blew it up because you thought it was a kuffar thing and not an Islamic thing, (which was the muslim way of having a shit in the desert as taught by your prophet.) We tried hard to show you the modern way of doing a shit but you blew up the company that was trying to help you with a might Allahuakbar!. How ungrateful you savages are!

          Even I have written Koran for you and you still will not learn.

          Allah is oft forgiving and full of mercy.
          He endureth the stubborn hearts of those that go astray and lead others astray but he commands obedience.
          His commands are just and full of wisdom
          but the people harden their hearts when he sends the hindu sage to teach them anew with the nectar of his words.
          Even the bees become silent and listen but those
          who have hardened their hearts have stones for hearts and
          know nothing and hear nothing and speak of naught that is worthy.
          Allah endureth their obstinancy for a seasons
          and then casteth them out into the wilderness away from his presence.
          They gather worthless stones all their days and throw them about,
          The bees collect nectar
          Allah know all this and he marvels at his many works
          some (like the bee) who do good
          and those men who through hardness and evil in their stony hearts show the way that displeases Allah.
          Allah is of forgiving and full of mercy.

        • india_LandofRapes

          “Hindu” is itself a word made up by Arabs, so how can a religious label created by Arabs then constitute a “majority” ethnicity? Just like Columbus who slapped the label “Indians” onto the various Native American tribes, how can they all magically suddenly become a monolithic majority due to someone’s artificial coinage?.

          there is no Hindu in India, This is why Hindutva movement is Desperate in creating an Artificial “Hindu” -Out of Different Castes,Tribes.

          The word Hindu itself is a Misnomer, There is no such thing as Hindu,or Hinduism, both are artificial and fake.

          A Hindu is an Unnatural entity created by British,

          India is a geographical location just like an equator, Hinduism is an artificial religion and the word Hindu is a misnomer,you cannot characterize 4000 Ethnic Tribes in India with Artificial Coinage “hindu”.


    • Shazam

      India is one of the biggest food producers in the world, and is capable of feeding 1.2 billion people daily

      Totally shameless these immoral, callous Hindu lowlifes. This monkey worshipper is boasting of feeding well fed countries even though India is the most malnourished place on earth. Disgusting the kind of mentality the Hindu religion produces.

      • Swedish shit

        We are one not malnourished at all. It is the Egyptians that are malnourished. We have so much grain and rice we can feed the entire nation.

        India is one of the world’s largest producer of white rice, accounting for 20% of all world rice production. Rice is India’s preeminent crop, and is the staple food of the people of the eastern and southern parts of the country.[1] Production increased from 53.6 million tons in FY 1980 to 74.6 million tons in FY 1990, a 39 percent increase over the decade. By FY 1992, rice production had reached 111 million tons, second in the world only to China with its 182 million tons.

        And wheat 2013:

        India’s wheat production may total 92.3 million tons in the year ending June, near the record 94.9 million tons a year earlier, according to the farms ministry. State wheat stockpiles in India expanded 32 percent to 31 million tons at the start of February. The government plans to boost purchases from farmers to 44 million tons in the marketing year starting April 1 from 38.1 million a year earlier, the food ministry said Feb. 19.

        Wheat exports from India, the world’s second-biggest producer, may surge to an all-time high next year after the government approved additional shipments to make room for a near-record harvest starting next month.

        A panel of ministers headed by Farm Minister Sharad Pawar authorized the export of 5 million metric tons from state reserves by private companies, Food Minister K.V. Thomas told reporters in New Delhi today. That’s in addition to 4.5 million tons already approved for shipment by government-run companies since July, he said.

        • Swedish shit

          A much greater man than you is of course the philosopher Schopenhauer who loved indian religon:

          After completing his dissertation, Schopenhauer was exposed to classical Indian thought in late 1813 by the orientalist Friedrich Majer (1771–1818), who visited Johanna Schopenhauer’s salon in Weimar. Schopenhauer also probably met at the time, Julius Klaproth (1783–1835), who was the editor of Das Asiatische Magazin. In December 1813 or very soon thereafter, Schopenhauer began reading the Bhagavadgita, and in March 1814, the Upanishads. This appreciation for Indian thought was augmented in Dresden during the writing of The World as Will and Representation by Karl Friedrich Christian Krause, Schopenhauer’s 1815–1817 neighbor. Krause was not only a metaphysical panentheist (see biographic segment above); he was also an enthusiast of South Asian thought. Familiar with the Sanskrit language, he introduced Schopenhauer to publications on India in the Asiatisches Magazin, and these enhanced Schopenhauer’s studies of the first European-language translation of the Upanishads: in 1801, a Persian version of the Upanishads (the Oupnekhat) was rendered into Latin by the French Orientalist, Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil-Duperron (1731-1805)

        • Shazam

          We are one not malnourished at all.

          What a thick skinned heartless lowlife you are. A typical Hindu. Which is why Hindu India leads the world in malnourishment and starvation. Millions of hindus die every year from malnourishment yet you point fingers at well fed countries? Shame on you:


        • halal Butcher of Lhasa

          I completely agree with you. As the link says, bharat can feed 7 billion people. Let me elaborate:
          1)India is a warm country and the indians don’t need as much food energy
          2)Hindus are vegetarians and they don’t need fodder crops like corn, soy to feed animals to get the meat.Half a pound of rice per day suffice.
          3)Hindus have perfected the yogic art of living well on little or even no food
          Some can even absorb solar energy directly, making food calories redundant

      • india_LandofRapes

        Last year india has imported onions from pakistan– over 325000 farmers committing suicide in India by drinking pesticides,

        My State Andhra pradesh is considered as Rice bowl of India, Today Thousands of Farmers are committing suicide as they are unable to pay their debts

        Let these Hindutva’s live in Delusion, sooner or later Reality will strike them, but they will turn a blind eye and carry on parroting Hindutva propaganda.

        China is the largest producing Nation ,not india and i am sure One day Indonesia will overtake Stupid incompetent indian Farmers

        Over 52 percent of Indian kids are malnourished , this figure will only Increase in coming years

        “Welcome to Hindu way of life”

      • Sri

        comes from a lowlife toilet troll shazam

      • Ravi

        monkey worshipers are better than blood seekers … in our religion we worship everything…animal,insect,Sun,moon etc… do you know why because we know Allah is not God… we believe in conscious energy who dwell in every entities of universe… God is not only in mecca

  31. Aryan of Truth

    Its true the Indians of hindu origin are real aryans but he/she is only descendent. He/she becomes one when noble duties are performed. Noble duties like helping others, not hurting any one deliberately, etc

    As for the british / white pink pigs and their descendants who in history have only stole other people’s land, wealth and call it their own, manipulating history out of jealousy are the real scourge of this world. Go to hell you parasites as your ancestors are already in one if they are dead.

  32. Swedish shit

    Some facts about India:

    1. The number of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, at more than 6,000, is second only to NYSE.
    2. Four out of 10 Silicon Valley startups are run by Indians.
    3. With 800 movies per year, India’s film industry overshadows Hollywood.
    4. The organized lottery market in India is US$7bn (2% of GDP).
    5. India consumes a fifth of the world’s gold output.
    6. Indians account for 45% of H1-B visas issued by the US every year.
    7. Growing at 6%, in 25 years Indian GDP on a PPP basis will be at the same level the US is at today.
    8. Six Indian ladies have won Miss Universe/Miss World titles over the past 10 years. No other country has won more than twice.
    11. Bank deposits in India roughly equal 50% of its GDP OE again, among the highest in the world.
    12. Indian Railways is the largest railway network in the world under single management.

    13. India has the third-largest army in the world, nearly 1.5 million strong.
    14. India is the largest producer and consumer of tea in the world, accounting for more than 30% of global production and 25% of consumption.
    15. India is the world’s premier centre for diamond cutting and polishing. Nine out of every 10 stones sold in the world pass through India.
    16. India has the highest number of annual bulk drugs filings (77) with USFDA.

    17. India is home to the largest number of pharmaceutical plants (61) approved by USFDA outside the US.
    18. India’s Hero Honda is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, with 2002 production of 1.7m units.
    19. Other than US and Japan, India is the only country to have built a super computer indigenously.
    20. Indian Railways is the largest employer in the world, with a staff of 1.6 million people.
    21. It is the second-largest cement-producing country in the world, producing more than 110m tonnes.
    22. Of the Fortune 500 companies, 220 outsource their software-related work to India.
    23. There are 8,500 Indian restaurants in the UK, 15% of the country’s total dining-out establishments.
    24. India is the largest democracy in the world, with nearly 400m voting in the last national elections.
    25. India has the second-largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world.
    26. India has the third-largest investor base in the world.
    27. According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds.
    28. The Kumbh Mela festival, held every 12 years in the city of Allahabad, attracts 25 million people OE more than the population of 185 of the 227 countries in the world. In fact, in 2001, it attracted 27 million people on the main holy days in January, and 71 million over the course of the 6 weeks of the whole festival.
    29. The Indian city of Varanasi, also known as Benares, is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
    30. There are 3.22 million Indians in the US.
    31. Indians are the richest immigrant class in the US, with nearly 200,000 millionaires. From a sample of 2004 US Census based surveys, Asians are the highest earning subgroup with a median income of $57,518 compared to the national average of $44,389.
    32. India is ranked the sixth country in the world in terms of satellite launches.
    33. There are over 70,000 bank branches in India – among the highest in the world.
    34. The State bank of India is the world’s largest Bank in terms of branches.

    • Swedish shit

      Shazam that was an out of date report. That was from not from 2013. India is 65 in 2013. Go on and check the Global Hunger Index yourself and then perhaps you will not post out of date untruthful information. If India is 65 then of course it is not the leader in hunger on a per capita basis. India has so much food it even exports food.

      It is indians who help to feed your circumcised desert Arabs:

      During 1998-99 Saudi Arabia was the major importer of basmati rice from India followed by U.K., Kuwait and U.A.E. and percentage shares of these countries of total exports from India were 74.11%, 7.66%, 5.25% and 3.34% respectively. Thus, more than 90 per cent quantity of basmati rice was exported to Saudi Arabia, U.K., Kuwait and UAE during 1998-99 and remaining quantity was exported to other countries in the world. A total quantity of 5,97,756 mts of basmati rice was exported from India during 1998-99.

      During 1999-2000, these four countries remained as major basmati rice importers from India and their percentage shares of total quantity of basmati rice exported from India was 62.14 per cent, 8.32 per cent, 7.42 per cent and 5.06 per cent respectively. The export to Saudi Arabia declined during 1999-2000 as compared to previous year. Infact, the export to U.K., Kuwait, UAE and U.S.A. increased as compared to 1998-99. The percentage share of four countries comprising of Saudi Arab, U.K., Kuwait and U.A.E. were 82.94 per cent of total quantity of basmati rice exported from India during 1999-2000 as against 90.36 per cent during 1998-99. The export of basmati rice almost remained the same as it was during 1998-99 with slight fluctuation. A total quantity of 6,38,380 mts of basmati rice was exported from India during 1999-2000, which was 6.80 per cent higher than the export of previous year.

      • Swedish shit

        So remember, Shazam, next time you see some Arab eating rice when you go to the Haj, some of it comes from india.

        Rice in the Arab belly
        came from India.
        Happy black stone revolving.
        Haj fuelled from India.
        Happy black stone kissing.

      • Shazam

        Shazam that was an out of date report. That was from not from 2013. India is 65 in 2013. Go on and check the Global Hunger Index yourself and then perhaps you will not post out of date untruthful information. If India is 65 then of course it is not the leader in hunger on a per capita basis. India has so much food it even exports food.

        Thousands of Hindu children die every day from malnutrition and you hindutvadis boast about India exporting food to wealthier, well fed Muslim countries??? What a sorry excuse for a human being you are. There is no doubt you are the most contemptible and loathsome people on the planet.

        You also seem incapable of thinking rationally. There is no Hunger Index for 2013, you imbecile, cause the year is far from over. In the Hunger Index for 2012 India ranks #15 out of 57 of the hungriest nations on earth:


        That does not mean India is doing good, you low IQ retard. It means that India ranks among the hungriest of the hungry nations. Considering India’s population is greater than all the other nations on that list of hungry nations it means that India is home to the greatest mass of hungry humanity. Instead of being ashamed about it you heartless and shameless low lifes actually boast how well fed India is!

        And Egypt is not even on that list of hungry nations yet you are claiming it is hungrier than India. Brazen liar and deceiver, like the rest of your kind.

      • Shazam


        The 2012 index — The Challenge of Hunger: Ensuring Sustainable Food Security under Land, Water, and Energy Stresses — points out that Bangladesh, India and Timor-Leste have the highest prevalence of underweight children under five, more than 40 per cent in each of the three countries.

        Yet, the report suggests that Bangladesh has overtaken India on a range of social indicators, including how fast it has reduced child mortality.

        In India, 43.5 per cent of children under five are underweight, which accounts for almost two-thirds of the country’s alarmingly high GHI score. From 2005-2010, India ranked second to last on child underweight — below Ethiopia, Niger, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

        On the other hand, China has lowered its levels of hunger and under-nutrition through a strong commitment to poverty reduction, social security networks, nutrition and health interventions, and improved access to safe water, sanitation, and education.

        The report, released worldwide on Thursday, says that South Asia has the highest regional 2012 GHI score — 22.5 — thus the highest hunger levels of the regions covered in the Index.

        That means that the Indian Subcontinent is the hungriest region in the world. And within the Indian subcontinent India is performing the worst.

        • Shazam


          The facts on the ground are startling. India has the largest number of malnourished children in the world, a rate worse than the average in Africa.

          Nearly half of India’s children under three are malnourished. More than half of the tribes’ children are underweight and stunted.

          India also has the highest number of Vitamin A deficient children in the world: nearly 6% of the children suffer from eye problems related to the deficiency. Of the 37m people in the world who are blind, about 15m are from India. More than 320,000 children suffer from avoidable blindness.

          There are shocking disparities between states when it comes to hunger and malnutrition. All states have a “serious to extremely alarming situation of hunger”, says the latest India Human Development report.

          If the food security scheme does not work, economists believe, India is doomed to remain a hungry republic.It is already one of the fast-growing economies with the hungriest people in the world. And it can get worse.

  33. Swedish shit

    Inida land of rapes It is amazinng the stuff you post. I know you are intelligent. NO the problem with you you is haste. You write things too fast and do not realise the errors that sometimes crreep in.

    All words are made up; so what if Hindu is a made up word. Words are popping up all the time. In Britain racism towards Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanais has lead to a new word PAKI.. I sometimes use to self refer to myself. It is ok. A new word of abuse. I understand new words pop and one gets used to them.Who cares if a word is made up, since all words are made up it is the meaning behind the word that matters.

    On the topic of you leaving India and spending your days abusing India. This is a kind of thing Germans do not do when they go to India. No they work with Indians and set up car factories. Recently the BBC ran this story. I like these Germans. They like India as a market to build and do business. Strong, no nonsense Germans. You could learn from them, but you will not do so:

    “BMW is to begin building the Mini in India, in a move that suggests confidence in the country’s emerging car market.

    The German carmaker said Mini Countryman models would be rolling off the production line at its plant in the port city of Chennai later this year.

    It described India as an “increasingly significant market” for the BMW Group,

    Car sales in India have grown rapidly in recent years, attracting investment from major brands.

    BMW has operated its own sales company in India since 2007, and began selling the Mini in the country in 2012.

    It sold just over 300 Minis in the first year.”

    • india_LandofRapes

      BMW production Plant will not change “Hindu work Ethic”,Initially everything will be fine, after a decade, you will witness Corruption ,Nepotism,Bad accounting,Money laundering,Abuse of Labor ..etc.in BMW India/This will force Bayern Motors works to shut down its factory like Maruti Suzuki closed its one “manesar” plant after Violent Protests..

      India is a low cost “Coolie” Destination where politicians/people are busy selling themselves short.

      Perhaps i need to remind you about “Free Trade Agreement” between India and EU.

      Under “FTA” norms India will open up its Insurance,Banking, Agriculture,Mining,Automobile,Beverages,Retail(Supply Chain) Industries for outside Acquisitions, and FII investment, soon, you will see a lot of Investment(Hot money) flowing into Indian Economy.

      In Exchange Indian professionals(IT Software Support teams,Testers) will get access to EU labor market ,Under Short term Visa policy.

      This FTA will Destroy Entire Agri,Industry,not because of protectionism but indian Farmers will be forced to buy Seeds,Pesticides and worse Forced to take a Loan with Banking Enterprises like Credit Agricole.

      Indian Labor unions are a joke, Labor laws vary from state to state.

      All i see is “Arrogant ,Short .Sighted Hindu, is selling himself short for peanuts”- This is what i want .

      While professionals escape that Shithole and settle down in Europe or North America, idiotic Indians will become low cost Coolies.

      Paki is a racial Slang, Turks in germany are called “Doner”,Doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a religion named “Doner” or a nation with a name “Doner”.

  34. Swedish shit

    Actually there are maps for this sort of thing for the current year. So the data can be completely up to date. Go to Chartsbin.com and see the global hunger index. It is true there is a lot of hunger in India but then you will see if you open your eyes, the same situation is repeated in Pakistan,Bangladesh. Yet these are glorious muslim countries and yet you spend your time bashing India. What a hypocrite!

  35. Swedish shit

    Even Islamists have to eat. It is unclear whether President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt will survive, or whether his nationalist regime will be replaced by an Islamist, democratic, or authoritarian state. What is certain is that it will be a failed state. Amid the speculation about the shape of Arab politics to come, a handful of observers, for example economist Nourel Roubini, have pointed to the obvious: Wheat prices have almost doubled in the past year.

    Egypt is the world’s largest wheat importer, beholden to foreign providers for nearly half its total food consumption. Half of Egyptians live on less than $2 a day. Food comprises almost half the country’s consumer price index, and much more than half of spending for the poorer half of the country. This will get worse, not better.

    Asian demand has priced food staples out of the Arab budget. As prosperous Asians consume more protein, global demand for grain increases sharply (seven pounds of grain produce one pound of beef). Asians are rich enough, moreover, to pay a much higher price for food whenever prices spike due to temporary supply disruptions, as at the moment.

    Egyptians, Jordanians, Tunisians and Yemenis are not. Episodes of privation and even hunger will become more common. The miserable economic performance of all the Arab states, chronicled in the United Nations’ Arab Development Reports, has left a large number of Arabs so far behind that they cannot buffer their budget against food price fluctuations.

    A number of economists anticipated the crisis. Reinhard Cluse of Union bank of Switzerland told the Financial Times last August:

    “Significant hikes in the global price of wheat would present the government with a difficult dilemma.

    Do they want to pass on price rises to end consumers, which would reduce Egyptians’ purchasing power and might lead to social discontent?

    Or do they keep their regulation of prices tight and end up paying higher subsidies for food? In which case the problem would not go away but end up in the government budget.

    Egypt’s public debt is already high, at roughly 74% of gross domestic produce (GDP), according to UBS. Earlier this year the IMF projected that Egypt’s food subsidies would cost the equivalent of 1.1% of GDP in 2009-10, while subsidies for energy were expected to add up to 5.1%.

    Tensions over food have led to violence in bread queues before and it wouldn’t take much of a price rise for the squeeze on many consumers to become

    • Swedish shit

      The reason why I mentioned the production side of the picture with regards to wheat and rice is that your figures do not take that into consideration and so are not up to date accurate figures.

      “The major limitation of GHI is that it is based on past data and does not take into account the current increase in availability and distribution of food which has happened in the case of India in between 2009 and 2011.

      “Not only the production in respect of rice and wheat has increased during the last five years, but consequently the procurement as well as distribution of foodgrains have increased manifold. None of this is reflected in any of the constituent of Index,” Thomas said.

      GHI brought out by the International Food Policy Research Institute showed India is placed below Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sri Lanka is at 36th, while Pakistan is at 59th position.

      He said the Index released in October 2011 is not mainly in respect of hunger, but focuses on the issue of food price spikes and volatility which have played havoc and caused the global food crises of 2007-08 and 2010-11.

      To a question on whether food security scenario in the country has deteriorated in 2011 in comparison to the last year, the minister said, “No”.

      There has been much larger production of wheat and rice, more foodgrains have been procured and and huge stocks of have been distributed at affordable prices to the vulnerable sections through targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS).

      In reply to an another question, Thomas said the stock position of foodgrains in the central pool as on November 1, 2011 was 55.74 million tonnes (mt) comprising of 26.08 mt of rice and 29.67 mt of wheat.

      This is against the buffer stock norm of 21.2 mt comprising 14 mt of wheat and 0.72 mt of rice for the current quarter, the minister added.

      • Swedish shit

        It seems your research is just not up to date and deep enough to be of any value other than to do the usual hypocritical bashing of india.

        To prove to the readers that you are not a hypocrite let us see you bash Pakistan and Bangladesh with regards to their food situation and with the same energy.

        You will not do so as you are muslim supremacist who loves to bash india along with his Palestine loving liberal redneck racist friends. The same liberal redneck who loved whites and used to terrorise blacks with his KKK now loves Palastinians. Same crew just evolved away from white love to Palastinian love.

        • Swedish shit

          India to Launch World’s Biggest Cash-to-the-Poor Program Walls street Journal 2012 November

          India is planning to start giving cash directly to its poorest citizens starting in January, in a bid to reduce massive corruption that prevents subsidized goods and welfare benefits from reaching those who need them.

          The project would affect at least 720 million people – a population almost the size of the whole of Europe – making this the world’s biggest program of giving money directly to the poor. The program is open to families who live below or just above the government-set poverty line.

          The government expects to transfer up to 40,000 rupees ($720) a year to each poor household, according to a government official.

  36. Swedish shit

    19 December 2011

    The Indian government has approved a bill which will guarantee cheap food for more than half of the country’s people.

    The Food Security Bill aims at providing subsidised foodgrains to 75% of the rural population and about half of the urban households.

    The bill now needs the approval of the parliament, where it is likely to be introduced on Monday.

    The scheme is likely to cost $19bn and will be implemented in phases.

    “This is a big challenge. The country will have to take responsibility of producing huge quantities of foodgrains,” Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said after the cabinet meeting on Sunday.

    Some 65 million tonnes of foodgrains will need to be procured from farmers for distribution under the scheme, up from some 55 million tonnes at present.

    India’s food subsidy bill is also expect to climb to $19bn from $13bn to finance the scheme.

    Among other things, the bill proposes that

    The cost of procuring foodgrains will be borne by the federal government and the states.

    Every person belonging to a “priority household” will be provided with 7kg of cheap foodgrains per month. Others belonging to the “general category” would be entitled to not less than 3kg of foodgrains per month.

    Wheat, rice and coarse cereals will be available to the most needy households at under 6 cents a kg.

    “Free or affordable” meals for destitute, homeless, “disaster-affected” people as well as those “living in starvation”.

    Cash benefits to meet increased food requirements of pregnant women, who would get $19 for the first six months of pregnancy.

    Food inflation in India has fallen to 8.5% from a high of 11%, but it continues to hurt the poor and remains a cause of worry.

    • Swedish shit

      Next time you go on Haj remember:

      Rice in the Arab belly
      came from India.
      Happy black stone revolving.
      Haj fuelled from India.
      Happy black stone kissing.
      Rice in the Arab belly
      came from India.
      Happy black stone revolving.
      Haj fuelled from India.

      • Swedish shit

        Shazam why are you such a hypocrite? You eat Indian rice when on Haj with your paki friends and you never tell them off for the poverty and hunger in the country of Pakistan. Is it because you are Pakistani? You do lousy out of date research and pass it off as authentic and then you get caught out by me for hypocrisy and ignorance. Only the Koran can save you now:

        Allah is oft forgiving and full of mercy.
        He endureth the stubborn hearts of those that go astray and lead others astray but he commands obedience.
        His commands are just and full of wisdom
        but the people harden their hearts when he sends the hindu sage to teach them anew with the nectar of his words.
        Even the bees become silent and listen but those
        who have hardened their hearts have stones for hearts and
        know nothing and hear nothing and speak of naught that is worthy.
        Allah endureth their obstinancy for a seasons
        and then casteth them out into the wilderness away from his presence.
        They gather worthless stones all their days and throw them about,
        The bees collect nectar
        Allah know all this and he marvels at his many works
        some (like the bee) who do good
        and those men who through hardness and evil in their stony hearts show the way that displeases Allah.
        Allah is of forgiving and full of mercy.

        • Swedish shit

          The Devils Meat . The EVIL Of Halal.mp4 – YouTube

          Shazam why are you are a hypocrite? Is because you come from a place called Hypocrite.

          You whine about animal sacrifice when Muslims sacrifice animals to their god Allah every day. It is called Halal meat. It is sacrificed meat to the god Allah on an industrial scale as the film shows. Muslims have special feast days when they sacrifice animals (something to do with Abraham and his barbaric attempt to sacrifice his son which did not quite work out because Jehovah decided otherwise so a sheep was sacrificed instead); and of course they do it on Haj where the sacrificed meat rots in the desert.

  37. Swedish shit

    To show you how Allah hates hypocrites a new Koran revelation has been given to me in order to guide you and all people of the world:

    Allah hateth the hypocrites of that place.
    He orders satan to beat them.
    He bindeth them to a tree and lashes them with a bone.
    He beats them with the rib bone of the prophet mohammad.
    They repent and and the hand is stayed.
    They heal in agony.
    They are healed and are in peace.
    Allah is oft forgiving and merciful

  38. nominay

    You are spamming Robert’s site. Stop. Get a girlfriend, or something.

  39. Swedish shit

    How is this for hypocrisy. They want mosques every where but not in Saudi!

    ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE Saudi Arabia will retain its longstanding ban on non-Muslim places of worship, Justice Minister Mohammed al-Issa said in comments reported by the Saudi media.

    As Saudi Arabia is “home to the Muslim holy places, it does not allow the establishment of non-Muslim places of worship”, the Al-Hayat newspaper on Wednesday quoted Issa as telling European MPs in Brussels.

    Saudi Arabia, home to the holy Kaaba – the cube-shaped structure at the Grand Mosque in Mecca towards which Muslims worldwide pray – has come in for repeated criticism for its ban on non-Muslim places of worship.

    Although Saudi Arabia’s citizen population is Muslim, the kingdom is also home to millions of expatriates of various beliefs.

    Unlike Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s Gulf Arab neighbours allow the building of churches and the celebration of non-Muslim feasts.

    • Swedish shit

      Now poor muslim countries are going to haj. How is that working out? Let us look at the situation. By Mohammad Ashgar Dec 2004

      The government of Bangladesh cannot implement even small but very important projects, like the immunization of its people, without foreign help. It can neither buy important diagnostic equipment for its hospitals nor can it afford to feed a large number of poor people, who survive by begging and scavenging the trashcans of their rich compatriots.

      Yet, Bangladesh decided to permit 40,000 of its Muslim citizens to perform their hajj in 2005. Out of this number, 10,000 will be traveling to Mecca on the concession fare the government-owned Airline has agreed to charge them. Still, each of the 10,000 pilgrims will require to pay Tk.130,000 or approximately $ 2,200.00 to the government for covering the royalty it has to pay, on their behalf, to the Saudi government, airfare and a simple lodging in Mecca. This amount does not include the money each pilgrim will have to spend on buying at least one sacrificial animal, nor does it include other essential expenses that they will require to incur during their stay there. Therefore, each pilgrim is expected to spend at least another $300.00 on these accounts, which means that each of the 10,000 pilgrims will be spending at least $2,500.00 on their hajj related matters.

      The total amount, to be squandered by only 10,000 pilgrims in Bangladesh’s hard-earned foreign currency, will be a large sum of about $25 Million Dollars.

      The remaining 30,000 pilgrims will be traveling with their own arrangements. Since they will not be entitled to discounted fares from the Airlines and, as many of them will be traveling in Business Class and be staying in expensive hotels in Mecca, each one of them is expected to spend at least $5,000.00 on their pilgrimage the next year. In all, 30,000 Bangladeshis are expected to waste approximately $150 Million Dollars on the rituals of hajj and Qurbani.

      In addition to spending a staggering sum of approximately $175 Million Dollars by 50,000 Bangladeshi Muslims on their hajj and Qurbani, at least 500,000 of them will be slaughtering, if not more but at least, an equal number of animals all over their country. Estimating that each animal, on an average, is likely to cost about $300.00, the total amount they will be throwing away into the drain in the name of a ritual that is harmful for them as well as for their country is expected to be around $150 Million Dollars.

      All together, 40,000 pilgrims and approximately 500,000 non-pilgrim Muslims of poor Bangladesh are expected to make their country poorer in 2005 by approximately $325 Million Dollars. This will happen, despite the fact that most of this money is likely to come from those wage-earners who toil day and night in foreign lands to earn a few hundred dollars a month. Bangladeshis will squander this huge amount of money, despite the fact that a large number of its people, living in its northern part, do not get any food, when suffering from monga (a time of seasonal hunger), to feed themselves and their children. This colossal wastage will take place, despite the fact that many of its farmers do not have a pair of oxen to till their lands.

      I urge all patriotic people of Bangladesh to rise up and to stop their ill-informed brethren from squandering their meager resources on religious rituals. I urge them to stand up and ask their government not only to discourage its citizens from undertaking hajj but also to prevent its officials, including the Prime Minister, from performing Umra every now and then at the cost of the people.

  40. Swedish shit

    Western nation including Holland are waking up to the barbarity of Allah sacrificed meat or halal meat to give its more usual title.

    Marianne Thieme, a Dutch lawmaker and leader of the Party of the Animals, says her party has been trying to win approval for the bill since 2008.

    “In our country, animal welfare is such a big issue that we think freedom of religion ends where human or animal suffering begins,” Thieme told RFE/RL. “If freedom of religion causes harm to anybody, human, or animal, then freedom of religion must be restricted.”

    According to Thieme, apart from Muslim and Jewish specialty butchers, “nobody else” in the Netherlands slaughter animals without stunning them first.

    Thieme says animal welfare issues “are being taken seriously by more and more people.”

    Polls indicate the proposed ban enjoys majority public support in the country.

    The religious slaughter of livestock has so far been banned in Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    Of course this should apply to everyone including Hindus/sikhs/jains. However, we they know who only serve vegetarian meals at the temples and are often vegetarians as well at home.Even eggs and egg made products are not allowed into temples. So this only really effects the Jews and Muslims who are halal or Kosher.

    Now where will the liberal rednecks stand on this when their beloved Palastinians are banned from killing by slitting the throat of a sheep while prayers to their Allah are said? I have no idea but hey it is a thought.

    Allah has told me that people who eat kosher or halal should be beaten. He calls people who harm his animal kingdom hypocrites. He harms them and then they learn.

    Notice he beats them with bone of the supreme animal known as Mohammad.

    Allah hateth the hypocrites of that place.
    He orders satan to beat them.
    He bindeth them to a tree and lashes them with a bone.
    He beats them with the rib bone of the prophet mohammad.
    They repent and and the hand is stayed.
    They heal in agony.
    They are healed and are in peace.
    Allah is oft forgiving and merciful

    • Robert

      Typical Hindutva attitude. When things get hot for the Hindu, turn the topic towards Muslims.

      I’m an Indian Christian btw and I HATE hindus. Hindus persecute Christians horribly in India so don’t be too surprised that Christians don’t like you.

      I hope China sweeps in and destroy this land. Gay Hind!

  41. Imran Rahiem 'Peter'

    Good Afternoon. What you said is 100% correct. I would know. My father is Indian and my mother is English. My father’s side is mixed with Northern and Southern Indian. I am IndoAryan and very proud of it. The IndoAryans were the first in Egypt, India and China. They are the first in Europe also. The mongoloids did not come to India until later. There was no Aryan Invasion since the IndoAryans were in India before anyone else.

    • Imran Rahiem 'Peter'

      I”m also Roman Catholic. My family has been Catholic for over 1600 years. We fought in the Crusades, all of them. Hinduism is a beautiful religion. It has many of the same ideas as Roman Catholicism. Indian Culture is amazing. The truth doesn’t take away from that.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      It means your father is australoid and your mother is also australoid and your god is the golden calf moses smashed on route to the promised land

      • allimcbiel

        And Islamists Muslims are burned as they need to be

        A charred body believed by local residents to be that of an Islamist rebel burnt by inhabitants of Konna is seen in the recently liberated town of Konna, Mali, January 27

        • THREE times it is said the angel squeezed Mohammad
          The thrice squeezed Mohammed was activated
          His false prophethood began
          HE ran to his wife
          She stripped and did her test
          While he sat on her knee
          She said you are squeezed thrice and have sat on my naked leg
          Now it appears you are a prophet
          Let us ask my cousin
          He said
          Truly this is a prophet

          BUT I SAY NAY
          A true prophet is like a sharp
          HE cleaves the darkness himself with but the grace OF GOD ALMIGHTY
          Her relies on no squeezing, naked thighs or family
          He know directly from God
          God reveals and God sends him forth unto the world
          He need only the nourishment of God Almighty
          With God as his guide he travels the world and cleaves the darkness
          He is fearless and knows the goodness of the supreme God
          He rules over no one for he knows his servanthood
          God alone rules and shows the way
          THE servant knows his place
          GOD is one but the grace of the servant is his
          Special grace to shed the darkness
          God remains alone with
          He is alone
          He needs no one
          And yet he shows his grace in his servant
          And in many ways to all who love him
          And he in turn will love them
          For all are his servants
          He loves all his creation and like a loving father
          Guides them in dreams or in wise counsel or through
          His servant
          Praise God and know his works.

      • For you a KORAN

        I create all
        I create the Australoids
        I give them life
        I create the Australoid Pig Farmers
        I prosper them
        And yet they are not my people
        I see my creation and Favour the Finns
        But I will punish
        The Pig Haters who blaspheme the creator’s creation
        And I will Punish those who blaspheme
        my creation
        Of Australoids for they were created by me.

        With but an atom of my power
        I create
        And will ultimately destroy the worlds
        My complex work should inspire worship
        But the Fool mocks
        Fear Allah
        And Mock not the creative work of your CREATOR.

      • Awww I really miss many of the old commenters, if someone want, you can talk in my blog 🙂

      • I take it you your self are a mongoloid.

        Are you a china man who had converted to Islam?

  42. Robert

    I’m not sure why so many Hindus like to say India is the best land ever, etc.

    India is in deep shit – Can’t you people see it ? And I’m not talking sacred cow-shit either. Nor the human shit I see on my streets as I travel to work everyday.

    I’m talking about civil war, rape of women, spread of disease and fascism kind of shit.

    India – I pray for your swift demise.

  43. Joginder


    LUCKNOW: Debunking the theory floated by Gomtinagar police, the postmortem examination report of the five-year-old girl found dead in VivekKhand area on early Monday showed no dog bites on the victim’s body. The report suggests the girl had been sexually abused and stabbed brutally multiple times. A total of about 60 wounds were found on victim’s body including eight deep wounds. Private parts were found totally ruptured and lacerated.


    LUCKNOW: A minor girl was allegedly stabbed to death and her elder sister raped by one of their relative in Kamasin area in Banda district, police said here today.

    The incident took place last night when the accused attempted to rape the victims, aged 15 and 12 respectively, they said.

    When the girls resisted his rape bid, he stabbed the younger one and threw her body in a well.

    Later, the accused raped the elder victim and stabbed her, and fled from the spot, they said.

    Superior Aryan Civilzation. I am so proud to be Indian.

  44. ABC

    People Of north india are aryan/ caucasian. And they have come from germany.

    Whether people agree or not it is clearly mentioned in the books.

    So technically they, german and british are the same people. But because of so much time they have lost this understanding.
    Their are many common names likes Jay,AJ,Roy.

    I verified this with many german americans. They agree with me.

    • A Guy From Delhi

      No we are NOT you fuckwit. Even the fairest of us are indigenous and have to link with Cock-asses. Fuck you bloody whites wanting to link us all with your disgusting race. Go practise incent mother fucker.

  45. Kunal Shah

    India is the great nation. Hindu are not the beggar like the gay Christains. We are the oldest culture in the world and we will kill all christains and muslim in india and america. wait and watch gay robert

      • Self-hating Indian

        It’s sad to see the way so many Indian posters across different religions and communities humiliate themselves and their country further by defending the social ills plaguing Hindu-Indian society in foreign blogs exposing their ignorance in a manner no other nationality would stoop so low as to resorting with ad hominem attacks.

        The trouble with your regular, everyday Indian is that he/she simply refuses to see the mirror when it comes to larger social and political issues, is too busy to introspect, is obnoxiously dull since his/her mind is consumed with buying the latest iPhone to show off to his equally materialistic friends. Indians are SO MUCH IN LOVE with the current status quo in India that they fail to see the larger issues of importance in life.

        And you’re right, I’ve never seen Arab/Chinese or even Pakistani posters on the Internet defending their country’s murky past in such virulent terms. There isn’t a single Pakistani poster who would swear abuses at you if you were to make a blog entry on Pakistan’s involvement in the Bangladesh genocide of 1971, a shameful episode for that country. However, I’m sure lots of Indian posters react in a hostile manner when someone talks about the elephant in the room: the atrocities of Indian army in Kashmir.

        I’m really disturbed why are Indians so incorrigible and refuse to change themselves. Why is this nation so eternally damned? My theory goes that perhaps, thousands of years ago a Christian God if he did exist, wished 10 plagues upon Egypt, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and had the Israelities slaughter all the inhabitants of Jericho (save one). However, when it came to Hindus, God was so repulsed by this nation and its sinful character he decided there’s no point in destroying this evil nation. Let them continue to breed and populate. There’s no point in scaring these cowardly souls with hellfire and sulfur, it’s better for them and their multitudes of generations to experience Hell right where they are, in INDIA.

  46. It’s “Sati” NOT “suttee”, comes from the tale (just a story, maybe allegory, not to be taken literally), Goddess Sati immolated herself for having to hear the abuses, from her father, about her husband, Lord Shiva.

    North Indians ARE Aryans, whether people like it or not. The Aryan Theory has long been debunked, it’s BULLSHIT.


  47. “All the Gods of Gentiles are Demons” – bible

    Demons are not evil, it’s the real Pagan Gods who are LABELLED as “Demons” by xianity, save yourself from this disease, visit:


    Demons do NOT possess people, they are the TRUE GODS of Gentiles, they are NOT monsters. Lake of Fire does NOT exist. bible is BULLSHIT, visit:


  48. curryniggacrew

    What’s Gucci my nigga?… Long time no slander.. The crews back for a peek how’s things?

  49. The more populated places in India seem to be virtual open air latrines. Perhaps,the resulting gases have had a dulling effect on the senses and reasoning ability of the inhabitants.What else could explain their defense of their outhouse of a country?

    • Manny

      Poverty Distribution is India’s moral Virtue.. India’s first PM the duchebage Nehru and the Bengali “Intellectuals” propagated such shit values.. Nehru and his feudal family iare an upper caste Brahmins who are now converted Catholics who never worked for a living. This immoral cad used to hit on other married women too.

  50. Ras

    Dude – why do you waste your life writing all this rubbish? Most of the stuff here is nonsense. Jeez, so what if you are not Aryan or descended from them – Don’t feel hateful to those that are.

    Spend sometime looking up the truth of the history of your own people around the same time instead … from cave drawings etc … up to the violent genocide of the American continent and subjugation and humiliation of the African continent. Don’t try to fabricate another history from others who you know very little about.

  51. Damon

    One reason Indians are sensitive about the Aryan thing and want Aryans to be indigenous (non-Dravidians want it to be anyways) is partially also do to the fact that the Vedas are the basis of Hinduism, the religion still practiced by them. Not only that but the are mixed so technically they do have some Aryan ancestry. Nationalism also factors in here somewhere. Dravidians and other darker Indians who often speak Tamil generally admit these Indians are delusional. Other Indian delusions happen to do with their epics like Ramayana which they think are historical. They place everything inside of India and rarely acknowledge introduction or emigration. This despite not only the Aryan invasion but also the Indo-Greeks which is what their epics are based off of anyways and is why ancient historians said the Indians repeated the works of Homer. This is why their epics parallel Homer too. Before they wrote them down, they devolved into nationalist Indian stories and are held to be sacred today. This despite India being pretty poor and basic prior to the Greek arrival.

    • herb

      I don’t know what all of you mix blooded barbarian talking about the terminology aryian originate in the middle east in Persia ,Egypt was invades by all link of hungry belly barbarian from all over the world,hyskos,persans,babylonian,Greeks,Romans ottoman,hittite, mongolian,British,french, Arabs,how could Egyptian people physical feature the same as when they were pure black hawass is a white man son of invaders from outside Egypt, hawass was hired by presedent Mubarak to spread propoganda ,all you racist gallant about one guy who European put fake red hair on his mummy,I have been the Egypt and seen al lot of Negro mummy with braids big lips full face painted black just like the way they were when they were alive,the white racist brake the nose of all Egyptian mummy and replace it with little nose .

      • Christian A. Frederich

        Oh for heaven’s sake, learn how to spell!! Or at least turn on your auto- correct if you’ve no other alternative.

  52. Nobel man.

    Blog owner is Muslim pretending to be English.

  53. chomoloco

    Wikipedia’s current definition of Hinduism states that Hinduism is a blend of Aryan vedic and Dravidian/indigenous culture. The vedic part ( rituals, hymns, god worship) was brought by the Aryan invaders/ Sanskrit speakers from central Asia who settled in the north western parts of India around 2000BC. The other part of Hinduism/ Shramana, described as the religion of Indus valley civilization is considered indigenous. Shramana religion gives rise to Jainism, Buddhism and possibly yoga. The Aryans, vedic culture was originally alien to India, BMAC, while the IVC’s culture, considered to be the foundation of the Indian civilization, shramana was carried forward by its descendents. Both merge within Hinduism….(Possibly by the Dravidians/ Elamo Dravidian/ Dassas/Asura??). The harappans were primarily Mediterraneans, also alpine, mongoloid and proto australoids (archaic caucasians)…. Modern genetic evidence confirmed that these harappan descendents entered the Indian subcontinent..(who were they?.. Elamo Dravidian, earlier Aryans, Mediterraneans, alpines). Most of them are now Brahmins (of South India primarily)…..They are mostly distributed on the outskirts of India, all over the Southern part…. absent in the central parts, present in the punjab/ kashmir area, west Bengal, Nepal area. These descendents must have been the ones disseminating the harappan knowledge to the nomadic ritualistic Aryan retards. Also, it was found that the Kashmiri pandits were genetically similar to some people in South India and West Bengali region. It matches the harappan distribution. The rig Veda also refers to the indigenous people of India, the Dasas/ Asura…They are described as equally powerful, dark, but not necessarily in terms of color & they did not worship god….Dr parkola suggested that these asuras/ dasas were in fact similar people/ people of the BMAC..Indo europeans who had abandoned their religion and fled from their initial homeland. Earlier indo european migrants….who possibly become south Indian Brahmins. (their ANI & ASI admixture indeed occur much later than the North Indian Brahmins). So yes, the Aryans are the assholes of India. They rewrote history, indoctrinated the population & divided… Because at that time, they had the biggest dicks…lol

  54. hindoosbeating

    Why the fuck do these dot head hindoos believe they are Aryans?? The original ARYANS are Persians (IRANIANS).. Have you seen the people from that area?? They definitely look like Western people, not like hindoos.

    The people of the Indus valley were different in physique and colour than the modern hindoo coolies of today.. These Baboos, these sahib following Daljits untouchables are far from the ‘look’ of the Aryans.

    The Central Asians theory is believable… As to the Brahmin class of India, it is laughable that you think you are better than the Untouchables.. I hope the Dravidians fuck you in the choot!!!

    But you know well about faggotry, thuggery (thugee cultism) and rape of foreigners.. Without Iranian crude, India is nothing.. Stop believing the fallacious lies about the ‘superiority of the Indians’ that the West makes you believe. India is a mere shithole in comparison to China.. China is the largest purchaser of gold due to the Indian gov’t imposing restrictions on capital outflows..

    The H1B visas are issued for cheap labour.. US workers demand a living salary, and those baboos work for cheap, plain and simple… They try to pass for white, but stink worse than shit.. They dont bathe, they are unkempt, they eat pure crap, and they get the fuck kicked out of them.. No women of other origins want these turds.. They always try to be white.. When the time comes, guess who will have the shit kicked out of them in the West.. ?? They rant against Muslims, but Muslims can always pass in the West, Hindoos cannot. You will always be viewed as APU– thank you, come again!

    Israhell is trying to condition these Indian fuckups into creating a buffer to fight for Western interests.. They are dead wrong to think that they can fuck with China.. They are brainwashed by Jews into believing that they are technologically superior to their neighbors.. If it weren’t for Russia, they wouldn’t have weaponry and military aircraft.. Joint development my arse..

    Israel is involving India in a game of dead ends.. India will not be able to survive a nuclear strike from China and Pakistan..

    That ‘swedish shit ‘is a fucking faggot with a mangina for a mouth and a cunt.. If Halal is bad, then so is ‘Judaism’… halal practices are derived from
    Jewish ‘kosher’ practices you asshole.. Monotheistic religions ALL come from the middle east fool.. Whilst Muslims have a “GOD”, you have gods.. And the Hindoo/Jew alliance is going to fail horribly!

    IF it weren’t for Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.. you fucks couldn’t leave the baboo hovel of India.. Your outsourcing days are coming to a dramatic end.. ISrahell/India alliance is making sure of that..

    ‘swedish shit’– your name suits you,– you probably look like a swedes shit in the toilet, you know the thing you clean as an ‘untouchable’ Dravidian?? Do swedish girls even look at you? No they are ready for you to pick up luggage or serve food like a good baboogee..

    You mentioned Egyptians, Jordanians, Yemenites are experiencing price inflation?? Let me tell you something fuckhead… The Zionist owned Govt of the US is causing the strife to benefit Israhell.. They are using economics to cause suffering in those countries such as Egypt.. The military dictatorship loyal to the US is causing fucking problems for the locals.. Same with Yemen… The leadership is loyal to the US who is controlled by the Jews..You know the fellow fascist trash such as Indians??

    Indians loves Christians?? Yeah right dothead/targethead.. I hope the Vatican converts you baboos to Christianity summarily and fuckin destroy hinduism for good!!! The Indians comprise the largest class of millionaires in the US?? Keep dreaming asswipe, that stat is pointing towards ASIANS — the classification for CHINESE/Vietnamese, etc… Indians are classified as Indian for census stats…

    swedish shit gatherer… You know so much about Islam… That innuendo bullshit is gathered from Jewish Talmud following whores that are fascist just as yourself.. Watch it dothead… China is coming for you creeps..

    AIDS is rampant in India as well as all the diseases you can think of.. Then because they work for shit in the West, they spread it all over. Hindu women have the largest instances of heart attack/heart disease in North America..

    Muslims practice Genital mutilation?? hindus burn their wives after the man dies.. Hindus practice selective infanticide, pedophilia, underage prostitution, and buggery…

    Indian hindus are fascist faggots, who are below apes… The Persians gave India the name HINDUSTAN, land of the Hindus.. Without Persian oil, you are nothing!!

    • A Guy From Delhi

      Paki cunt.

      • Concerned Mother

        I agree with certain parts except the Asian thing. The wealthiest minority in the US are the Indians, who are classified as Asians, along with Pakis, Sri Lankans, Bhutanese, Nepalese and Bengali people. Further, Indians make a majority of the millionaires amongst the Asian community in the US, because of their connections to politics and the work force. Also, if I had to choose Indians or Paki, I would choose Indian. Where I’m from, Pakis are known for child molesting rings and drug peddling. The Turks are known for violence and gang work, the Albanians drug and weapon laundering and Blacks for theft and rape. Muslims are quite despicable, but so are Hindus. Besides “Guy from Delhi” I think this guy is Paki or Chinese. What other group would share such hatred towards the Hindoo?


        Fuck you dot head shitface mangina fingering turdeating asshole rapist..

        Did you mash Brahmin turds today when you left your slum? Jump over dead bodies in the Ganges while pissing and shitting, then drinking water from the Ganges? Did you wash your nasty ass, I mean mouth today, you stink baboo fuck?

        Fecal matter all around that shithole, prey that the clean Muslims stay in India to supress your asses.. Don t worry, China can handily ‘clean it up’. if not..

        Look at the people of prominence in India:

        TATA MOTORS—- Zoroastrians/IRAN
        Bollywood—> Khans..
        Muslim money is flowing in there, and can be pulled out from under you
        dothead freak fascists at a drop of a hat….

        Iran controls your destiny, not Israhell. You think your inferior armaments will help you against China? Your dead wrong.. India will NEVER BE A COUNTERWEIGHT TO CHINA.. Period!!!!!!! Go on, beg IT firms from the West for outsourcing funds that are drying up…

        Indians better watch out, for the populations affected by outsourcing are becoming restless!!!

        • OK first of all Indians are inferior. They are part of an inferior group of people which includes blacks, arabs, Iranians .


          They are pretty ugly and backward compared to western whites. But the world has changed.

          Consider that Japan, India and China all make the to five biggest economies according to the IMF.

          JIhad has been a huge failure in Asia of late. Burma comes to mind but there are other countries where Islam is literally smashed, chewed up and thrown away by the state. Turkmenistan comes to mind but there are others.

          Finally, the oil found through Fracking will bankrupt the Middle East. The economic success of Asia, the failure of Jihad and the pressure on budgets will reap a whirlwind of social unrest which means more jihad in the Middle East.

          Let us take a monkey called Ahmadinejad to India. Let us pick the creature up in Ambani’s private plane. Let the monkey of Iran stay a night in the world’s most expensive home as a gesture of goodwill to him and his country.

          Now we fly to see the CEO of Microsoft in America. He is an Indian. And Bill is is happy to see his good buddy Mukesh at his home and introduce his new CEO to him. The monkey is put on a chain as he can to stop saying Death to America. Finally, after drinks and business deals it is time to see the Jews. The monkey man is told of the wish of the party to see
          Spielberg. THE monkeyman faints. HE is dropped at the hospital where a Jewish doctor looks after him.

          Can you see how the world just left Iran behind? It is nowhere. It lives in some past dream but is totally irrelevant to the movers and shakers of the world. A bit of shouting and jumping up and down is all an Iranian can do in the modern world. Think of an Iranian and protesting about America is really all he ever does. Protesting about Israel is extremely important to this inbred, circumcised group of religious Muslims as well.

        • How come after prayer time it is off to the Death to America/Death to Israel rally?

          Looks like the Jews of America control you every Friday!

          And of course the rest of the week as well; when you are busy working on a bomb. Einstein put one together in the middle of the last century with his Jewish buddy Oppenheimer. BUT……

          For some reason you just can NOT get it together despite decades of trying. Must be the MICRO-ENCEPHALIC impact all that inbreeding with your cousins, as mandated by you ARAB prophet, has wrought on your intellects.

    • For you A Koran

      Fear Allah and love his messenger who lives in the
      Shit of Sweden for a season.
      Then shall he rise from therein with a curse; for you
      Have deeply grieved Allah.
      For in cursing his messenger you curse Allah.
      For you is a painful doom in hell fire.

    • The people of Iran are inferior people compared to say Finns. I am not a scandanvian.

      Why are Iranians inferior?

      They are dark and ugly.

      They are poor. Not even in the top ten of GDP ppp listing or in the per capita ppp listing.

      They technologically inferior.
      All this time and effort to build a simple bomb. Running around for decades building nothing but more bluster about being close!

      They are inbred.

      With out Persian oil INDIA has an economy that is worth nearly 7 Trillion US dollars. We do not need that oil. WE can get by quite happily being the third biggest economy in the world.

      They got conquered by arabs and became Sunni. Later they became Shia. Again due to Arab might. They lost.

      Now of course indians are inferior as well. Arabs as well. Blacks as well. Comparing yourself with other inferior people is your tactic. Compare yourself to Superior people and see how you come out. Your tactic if comparing your ugly backward inbred self to other dark ugly backward inferior people will not work with me. BTW I am indian.

      • Hala Butcher of Lhasa

        “INDIA has an economy that is worth nearly 7 Trillion US dollars”
        You’ve nicely displayed the usual hindu inferiority complex to brag. That ‘7 trillion’ is PPP(parity purchase priced) GDP(nominal GDP is about $2 trillion) and is quite meaningless and I suspect it’s a scheme to make poor nations to feel less poor. Case in point, all the gold, coal,industrial products and crude oil imported by Hindustan are priced in nominal US$. Major expenses of hindu households like electricity, food are also priced with international reference. Sure somethings are cheaper, like low caste domestic servants, but their services are not tradable.

        • For You a Koran

          The Supreme Will is mine.
          He who fights the prophet of Allah fights me
          But Allah is the Supreme will
          He takes the life
          from the butcher and let’s the lamb flee
          Who can stand in the way of Allah and of
          His dear servant who shows the world
          The way that wavers not but is
          A loving cord to the kingdom of heaven

        • Trying to make yourself feel good by not accepting IMF figures will not help.

          Now stop comparing your ugly circumcised dick self to indians and instead compare yourself to the people of Allah, the Finns

          For you a Koran

          I show my favour to the Finns
          But I hear not their pleas for more sun light
          They are my heavenly light to the world
          Their beautiful faces are radiant
          They shall have my favour till everlasting
          As I raise them from the ice and heat
          Of the Arctic lands.

      • Bino

        Your blog is incredible It speaks the truth about India and Hindu culture. You’re truly giving away the dark side of India that’s purposefully hidden from the world. So there are many like me who are just fascinated by your spot on observation about a country where you’ve never stepped foot in. There are many great comments which give away constructive criticism. Saying “Hey Your country is a shithole and Wtf you’re doing abroad without taking any responsibility” is fine and even if such messages are conveyed using heavy words its fine. There have been many such comments in this thread and its just fine. But comments made like for example the above user are way too much. Though i have read many posts related to India in your blogs, I have never ever read a post that is so much offensive, filthy and contains hell lot of unacceptable profanities like the one this hindoosbeating has come here with. This guy’s level of hate is way too much. An occasional post consisting many profanities maight even nbe fun to read, but when you look at every post of this user “Hindoosbeating” each of his posts carry an extreme level of hatred and malevolence. You can’t even read the post without dismay. There is nothing wrong in criticizing the culture and many other qualities like annoying behaviour and poor ethics that an Indian exhibits. But the comments made by the above user are so distasteful and offensive such that attacking a whole bunch of people racially leaves creates a very rotten atmosphere in the blog and it allows for more trolls to pitch in. Regardless of how much hate one poster has, the posters must have some self restraint in the kind of language he uses or moderation has to be more stringent for such offensive posters to maintain the quality of blog. I find his choice of words very very offensive and it is tarnishing the image of this blog. He might be disgruntled IT employee who doesn’t like his Hindu counterpart, But that doesn’t give him any right to attack any persons racially. Remember there are many people who respect your writings so you’ve got to be more methodical in handling such hateful trolls who disgrace the blog with this kind of language. I kindly request you to delete this man “Hindoosbeating”‘posts and ban him permanently.

        • Sorry, but I need more than one vote to ban Hindoosbeating. I will not tell you how many votes I need, but I do need more than one. You folks vote people off, not me. And we have free speech here, and that means I cannot throw him off for his speech. He has to be banned by the commenters.

          But thanx for your comment. It was really great!

      • Well, if you need more than one vote, then this Dravidian will be more than happy to provide his vote for the banning of Hindoosbeating.

  55. pranav

    India will not be able to survive a nuclear strike from China and Pakistan.

    I agree with your points .. except for a fact remove Pakistan from the list its is a total colossal failed state following a Philosophy that combines the bad elements of Islam and Hinduism…

    • For you a Koran

      I Allah can kill you
      My servant can kill you
      His servants can kill you
      But, I Allah in my
      mercy will not spill your blood
      Fear for yourself and do good
      Surely therein you will find the path to loving kindness
      And goodness all the days of your life.

  56. Ben

    They know they originate from Caucasians and are basically half breeds who are mixed. Proof? If you take a dark Indian and mix it with a white, the child will be white in appearance almost 100% of the time.

    • Concerned Mother

      I’ve noticed that. It’s because many of the Indians are Caucasian, so Caucasian from Europe + Caucasian from India will produce a white Caucasian. Apparently, they may have Aryan genetics in them, that are partially recessive. I have a friend named Aarthi (Tamil woman) and was wedded to a White male. To my surprise, the child came out with fair skin, brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. Quite interesting. Robert could you create an article going into further details of Southern Indian genetics? Thank you 🙂

  57. SophieM

    India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who is a Hindu who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandon” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay with or have sex usually until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over, very short, and dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware. He preys on innocent white women, filipinos, and anything with fair skin…. spreading herpes and worse. He is a coward and swine.

    • How can he stay with them or have sex with him if they haven’t seen him in person yet?

    • For you a Koran

      Only my prophet from INDIA is pure
      HE lives in the mountain
      He drinks from the source of the mighty GANGES
      He is nourished by knowledge from me
      The Finns are a my beloved people
      ALL OTHERS have a reckoning with me for their evil ways
      They will be punished

      • From The Koran

        We learn this from SURA: Al DART

        Verse 1: Failure

        Beware The ISLAMISER
        with his Islam tranquilliser darts
        He blows them from his mouth
        They fall onto the stony ground.
        The ant mocks them
        And returns to her busy ways.
        The sky looks down
        And sends the rains of heaven
        To cleanse the earth.
        Flowers spring forth from
        The rich heart of the earth.
        Give praise to the true king
        Who shows his power and glory
        To all who will open their hearts
        To see.

    • I met an english poor lady once and I gave her some money. She actually wanted to kiss me! I thought you will upset her if you say no. So I quickly pecked her on the forehead. Boy was it greasy.

      There is someone out there for everyone. This woman is better than you guy though. She had gratitude in her heart. And ….. She white!

      Your guy is in tune with the ethos of this blog. Indians are killable slimy snakes according to this ethos. I think you found a grade A example.

  58. Finn

    Holy – shit! WTF? Bob,(I’m gonna call you Bob,) I’m speechless. I have never come across such butthurt in my life. I’m guessing you somehow lost out to a Indian Hindu? What ever the reason…DNA don’t lie numb nuts. Europeans appeared after Indians and what you dumb inbred morons don’t seem to want to understand is that Aryan in Sanskrit means noble not white. Love how all the anti-Hindu posters are trying to intellectualize their racist butthurt fantasies. Your ‘linguistic studies’ friends are clearly retarded because most eastern European languages are descended from Sanskrit….’Bob’.

    Ban me all you want ‘Bob’ your butthurt is complete, you have turned to the ‘dumb’ side! I reckon that you’re upset because you want the white man to be the original civilisation creator but your racist heart just cannot accept that Indians might of created civilisation? Unlike you ‘Bob’…I look for connections such as…”The very name Druid is composed of two Celtic word roots which have parallels in Sanskrit. Indeed, the root vid for knowledge, which also emerges in the Sanskrit word Veda, demonstrates the similarity. The Celtic root dru which means ‘immersion’ also appears in Sanskrit. So a Druid was one ‘immersed in knowledge.”

    Bye bye ‘Bob’…you sad pathetic curry fever suffering knob…Nahhhhh you funny ‘Bob’, you funny, for a little butthurt racist guy, lol! Have fun in your little dumb racist bubble you angry little troll of a man. The ‘stupid’ is strong in this article!

    • 1. You are not a Finn. You were not born in Finland.
      2. You are just another Hindutva or Hindu Nazi pretending to be a White man while bashing White people!
      3. Never lost out to an Indian in my life. How would I? Indian Hindus are failed humans. Why would one of them ever beat me at anything? No Hindu took my job. Never even worked with one really. No Hindu ever took my gf. LOL! Can you imagine that! A Hindu guy stealing a White guy’s gf!? ROFLMAO!
      4. What do you mean by butthurt? Butthurt means mad? Ok, I am mad. I am mad at you Hindu Nazis. Hindu Nazis have been coming to my site for years now threatening me, starting fights with me, cursing me up and down. So yeah, I am really starting to hate them, or get butthurt by them if you will.
      5. Indians “created civilization”!? I have no idea if that is true but the Indus River Valley people were very advanced before you Hindu Aryan primitives swept in, destroyed them and created a ruined failure civilization in its stead.
      6. I don’t care if Whites “invented civilization” or not, and in fact, evidence suggests we did not. So what? What is important are the achievements of today, not those of yesteryear chump.
      7. Most Eastern European languages are descended from Sanskrit. LOL! I have an MA in Linguistics, and I publish is peer reviewed linguistics journals. I take it you don’t have a degree in Linguistics!
      8. I see you don’t believe in the Aryan Invasion theory like most anti-scientific Indian cretins.
      9. Hey! Those Celtic and Sanskrit roots are similar because they are both derived from a common tongue – Proto Indo-European – you eraserhead!

      • pepperroncini

        I wonder what it is these Indians or Pakistanis think they are accomplishing when they masquerade as each other or as Whites , Arabs ,Iranians or pretty much anyone but as themselves.
        Nobody buys their BS and their fake persona.

  59. Jason Y

    Stealth is an upper caste Hindu and he is a white-o-phile.

  60. Sandeep Singh

    It is true that Brahmins started oppressing lower castes that’s how India became weak with all its fake rituals and oppression of their own people that outsiders invaded them and conquered them. THen to hide their shame of their defeat and failure, they are manufacturing history in order to change it.
    Can anyone deny that there were beggars in the remote past of India? There were beggars in the beginnings that’s why giving alms to beggars was considered holy. Still there are beggars today I feel bad for that. WE must feed them. There is a racket going on of beggars they are forcefully taken in get their limb cut off to make them look miserable and helpless so that other people have pity and give them money…
    We need to stop this beggar system. THe imbalance in Society is increasing today. How does it matter who came from whee in the past, today we are together and in order to live together we need to help each other otherwise no one will survive

  61. Sandeep Singh

    It does not matter who came from past, stop fighting over bloodlines and race. All are human. Who did what doesn’t matter, it was our ancestors. Learn from their good as well as bad deeds. Do what you think is good and that which help you for your future.
    There are also beggars in US, UK and other countries. Work towards humanity and you won’t

  62. Jason Y

    Nobody likes to have their hometown insulted. Isn’t that common practice at boot camp (in the military). They start out by saying your hometown is a bunch of shit, or full of queers. Am I right? So of course, Indians and others will defend the pride of their homeland. That’s just human nature.

    • I actually agree with you there Jason Y. Allah gave me a new revelation along those lines. LO here is the KORAN for this time.

      Fear Allah for he knows all.
      His mind is beyond human reckoning.
      In the mud the pig sleeps for a coolness and yet people know this not.
      What is mud but the cooling of the flesh of Allah’s’s creation.
      As I love my own so a man loves his own.
      I the great father am father to all.
      The seed of the great father is the mysterious code of the world and of life itself.
      The seed of a man begets a child from his beloved all of their own, and a land of his own;and a people and a historical legacy with which to plan and ponder and to fight and to die for.
      Lo, therein is the story of the life of Man.
      Let him remember Allah the days of his life and thus meet
      A knowing of me upon his death.
      Then shall the seed meet me, the seed giver.

      • It is true Indians are an inferior race. This is a fact.

        BUT comparing yourself to an inferior race proves that’s about the same level you are at or even less! That’s about as high as you can go. Hence your obsession with trying to be better than inferior people.

        I notice you do not compare yourself to westerners!

  63. Gautam

    I hereby ban Robert the asshole from this planet. The world will be a better place without you. btw, loved the 14-year old Dragon’s response.

    • Oh boy, another Hindu! Go back to Bharat.


      • icecubes

        That guy Swedophobic Finns and his so called poetry is going too much overboard with his comments about the Muslim minority in India and Muslims globally. He singles out proponents of this religion with fallacious ‘innuendo’, creates contrivance of the worst sort, practices racially charged vilification of these people at the expense of one of the worlds monotheistic religions that was born in the Middle East. .

        His former handle is ‘Swedishshit’, this poster that is virulently anti- Muslim and has rants that are very alarming. He has no right to attack, mock and assassinate the personal character of people who happen to be of that faith. Same thing with the ethnic minorities such as Christians. If he mocks Islam, he too mocks the other 2 Abrahamic religions of Judaism and Christianity.

        His rants allow for many trolls of fascist Hindu ideology to abuse the rights of said people with impunity. HE SHOULD BE BANNED.. Because he hides behind a computer screen, does he have the right to denigrate a whole religion?

        Robert, your blog is enjoyable, and I particularly liked how HINDOOSBEATING defended his position. I think that you should calm down the atmosphere by not feeding the troll Swedeophobic.. Ban him!

        • Thank you very much, but I will need some more votes to ban him.

        • Sukumar

          Defending how? By using trash talk and destroying the thread. For all his rants atleast SF was civil while commenting. If SF denigrated Judaism and christianity by mocking Islam, then This guy Hindoosbeating is trashing a billion of Indians who happen to be hindu just because he doesnt like SF accusing his islam religion and just going over the top in all the posts with vulgarity. Granted SF must be banned for his annoying obnoxious frivolous comments and is being a pest but so is that Hindoosbeating

        • Robert I think the India bashers that congregate here should be pleased with me. Why?

          In a post on this thread I actually said Indians are an inferior race!

          Criticisms of Islam are not uncommon and are not racist, because islam is not a race.

          If Indian ideologies can be critiqued why not Islam? If it offends people then that ok. They need to respond to any criticism in a like civil manner in which I levelled the criticism.

          I notice the banners are all indians. Such Fascist indians! Indians can not deal with logic so instead they start using bans! Dota is a banner type. He banned me previously. Another Indian!

          Now look Robert If you get enough votes OK I accept the verdict but bear in mind that There must be a few intelligent western votes in there. Otherwise fascist indians will rule the roost in a India bashing blog. A contradiction in allowing fascist members of the lowest race on earth dictate terms to you a member of the white western race, the top race.

          I do not mind being banned if some intelligent western Guys like Sam or Jason Y want me banned but these Indians with tender feelings well one should never give in to indian fascists!

          Let the top india bashers keep bashing india but if they can not respond with logic to legitimate critics Of their favourite religion, Islam, well that is too bad. There are no blasphemy laws yet, but giving in to racially inferior free speech banners from India is too much.

          In fact it is the India bashers that have proved how over the top and intolerant they are. I have shown nothing but civility to the guy you banned recently and also to Halal Butcher from Lhasa. I merely responded to his critique with logic. Remember my post when I spoke about Logic in caps and you told me that guy was a troll.

          We can see how intelligent westerners are on this blog when we see the exchanges between Sam, JY, Eradican. Civil for the most part with the occasional jibe but never calling for a ban. It is always the slimiest race of snakes (according to this blog) on the planet the who call for a ban, the Indians.

          In fact Christ called such intolerant people a brood of vipers. And so they were. Always seeking a ban rather than intelligent dialogue.

          BTW the India bashers certainly do not need banning. I will be more than happy to engage in a civil dialogue with each and every one of these inferior, racially speaking, indians. I am sure I Am allowed to say that as the Indians at the bottom of pile in your race realism model of the races, with western whites at the top.

        • “Does he have a right to denigrate a whole religion?”

          Well yes! It’s called Free speech one of the pillers of the US way of life.

          India bashers will write essays on bashing indian religion but their pet religion islam is of limits to any criticism. Such a fragile religion.

          No criticism of indian religion ever phases me. I can deal with it all.

          These gentle souls do not have to worry about Christians either. Some of the most educated, bright and civil men on the planet take on all critics. They have entire departments at Christian colleges to deal intelligently using logic and the latest research in various fields to deal with all critics. These learned bodies are called the department of APOLOGETICS.

          They do not need an indian brood of vipers on their side seeking a ban on all legitimate criticism. Christ counselled them against such a slimy broods of viper people. And he actually called them a brood of vipers and did not give a damn about their delicate feelings. It’s in the bible. Look it up ignoramus indians!

          In fact since Christians are so knowledgable about Islam it is they who are the leading critics against islam, as they are tired of the blasphemies that Islam heaps on their religion.

          Another person’s religion to a true believer is a blasphemy. Islam is a blasphemy to me. I have every right to deal with this blasphemous religion, not as well as do the Christians, but in my own third world way.

          But these India basher are such gentle souls who get so upset so quickly.

          No wonder the internet and the anonymous nature of posters bothers them.

          The can not go and kill them as they did recently with Charley Hebdo.

          Never give in to religious fascists and their blasphemy laws disguised as hate laws which are selectively enforced on their behalf by authorities to keep the Islamic anti free speech fascists from killing somebody.

          Thank God for free speech on the internet.

          Long may it reign.

          It is the only hope of western man who should never give in to third word barbarians from India and their pet religion Islam. Western man should never have a reason to Destroy this piller of western rationality.

          Recently the indian islamic propaganist, Zakir Naik, who is banned from The UK for saying ,”Every good muslim is a terrorist”, got a King Faisal award of a hundred and seventy thousand dollars for services to Islam.

          Firstly, it was wrong for the UK government to ban him. I would have had him in a tv studio to explain why every good muslim should be a terrorist.

          BUT Robert do not be like the Saudis and award this leading India basher, Snake Naik, and his adoring throng of buddy buddy snakes anything such as a ban.

          But If it comes to that. I will of course accept it with civility.

          It is not the first time a ban has come my way,but in this case and at this time I felt a principled defence of free speech was vital, especially after the Charley Hebdo free speech incidents. Charley Hebdo routinely has published satire against Both Christians and Jews, it is only the ban loving Muslims and their pals such as the India basher crowd who want free speech for their hypocritical selves and not for anyone else.

          Now let them use LOGIC and refute what I have written, Go ahead India basher geniuses of Bharat let see what you got!

        • icecubes


          That guy swedophobic finn exhibits his ignorance of world events leading me to believe that he is living in a willful self serving brainwashed ‘vacuum’ created by global jewish ‘zionist’ owned mass media that has ‘specific vested interests in the destruction of Muslim culture, influence, alliances and goodwill to benefit themselves in multiple ways… He is dellusional..

          He believes that by vilifying the Islamic culture/religion through petty retorts(FREE SPEECH), innuendo, assumption of multiple troll identities, that he will influence and control the narrative –which he perceives as a ‘witch hunt’ —sanctioned through his own psycopathic belief that his racial superiority, culture, etc should dominate speech on this thread.. HE AT ONE POST STATES THAT HE IS AN INDIAN, NEXT ONE HE ALLUDES TO THE IDENTITY OF BEING A CHRISTIAN AND WHITE, WHILE VILIFYING WHITES AND PRAISING ‘MOTHER GANGES’.. Next he claims to be the Muslim iteration of ‘God’..

          Is he a crackhead who is suffering from Spongiform Encepalopathy?

          I CAUGHT YOU HASBARA TROLL (AKA swedish shit, AKA swedphobic finn).. Are you being paid by the zionists Christian right, the EVANGELICALS in the US to post bullshit so as to influence Indian relations with Muslims? Do you think Jesus is coming back in the rapture and want to remove any Muslim opposition to the so called ‘return’ of Jesus? Muslims standing in the way of the ‘new temple’ of the ‘synagogue of Satan’? Is the antichrist that you are encouraging on temple mount being blocked by Muslim opposition?

          He ‘swedeoephobe’ believes that because of what he saw on zionist run mass media outlets– about the France debacle– that automatically it is Muslim ‘flawed’ religious zealotry.. I have news for this troll, it was a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION” to implicate a specific group of people so as to justify geopolitical theft of land, labour, resources by Israel, US, and the rest of the West.. SAME WITH 911.
          The idiot Christians in America fund the talmud following devil worshipping Israeli/US zionists. They use the ‘HASBARA’ — a state run propaganda machine to influence and deflect criticism of Israel, and hemorrhage the US taxpayers at the expense of Muslims.

          This ‘Swedeophobe’ is a hasbara troll of the worst kind.. He has the temerity to talk about being a US citizen (‘FREE SPEECH’), then uses the identity swedophobe finn, implying he is European, before swedishshit, then he is Indian, then he is Christian, then he is anti hindu, but talks about his prophet of India ‘ganges’. This guy or thing has multiple personality disorder.. Take your meds, you hear voices, goof?

          His lack of exhibited knowledge is bemusing, trivial, and laughable.. My, how peaceful he is, until his other multiple personalities come out to play!

          My assessment of that troll swedephobic finn is that he is a psycologically
          disturbed psycopath that needs meds!!

          Anyways last words from me on this post— !!! TAKE UR MEDS swedeophobe finn, aka swedishshit!!!

          OK Robert, my last post! SEE YA!

        • Johannes von Brecht

          Hi there, Mr Robert Lindsay!

          Just came here to look at this thread.. My , my interesting comments!

          I am a recent convert to Islam, (the fastest growing religion worldwide) and I am white and Native.. I must say that the person Swede -o- phobic Finns is way off base here. There are tons of people in my city that are Muslim, and they are Caucasion, and a lot of natives/white like me..

          I think that Swedeophobic is a poster assuming more than one identity here! I think he is that guy Hindoosbeating, and he is that guy, Swedeophobic Finn and Swedishshit! He is causing friction to further his own laughable ends..

          Christianity is losing subscribers everyday due to the pedophyle crisis in the Church. Priest for centuries have raped and mentally conditioned through brainwashing ‘from the Bible to further their own ends’ — such as that person Swedeophobic finn is showing. He is a white elitist that believes is skin color is tantamount to righteousness and strength.. He is wrong..

          The Christian church has stolen Native American land in the ‘new world’ through ‘official decree’ given to the kings and queens of Europe. They wanted to ‘educate and convert the savage’ while taking their lands and reaping resources.. They took a once proud set of people, dispossessed them of their culture, stripped them off of their land, put them on reservations, and then said called them ‘Indian’.. Then they put them in ‘reform schools’ so as to ‘breed out the savage’.. The amount of children attacked by the Christian church priests over generations is astounding..

          Still today, we are called ‘Indian’ — a term to strip us of our belonging to the land. But we were here for millenia! There is evidence in Brasil that the oldest human in the ,new world’ remains are ‘African’..

          We have nothing to do with India.. Why are we called ‘Indians’??

          The Natives of these’new world lands’ had a thriving culture for millennium. What did the Caucasion do?They took a proud people, destroyed them, used germ warfare on them ‘small pox’, turned them into drunkards.. Today, we are a mere shadow of what we were…

          So that person Swedeophobic Finn bible thumping person must be extremely careful of not calling people names.. America, named for Amerigo Vespucci, (a non Native)– should have a native name…. We Natives know the names of our areas.. We have distinct tribes…

          I saw that he called Iran names, and like to say that Iran is fighting for justice for the middle east. Israel is the one to be singled out.. When we in the US were attacked, it was because of our misadventurism in the middle east.. But the middle easterners Muslims did not do it, it was the zionist intelligence apparatus of Israel and the shadow government of the US, George Bushs’ inner oil circle.. They did it as a false flag so as to implicate the muslim followers!

          It is said that the Vatican, with the brainwashing of Christians from the likes of the Borgia family,down to countries, priest, popes, etc are heretics.. They are following the Jesuits, some who are devil worshippers and are doing false flags all over to implicate people of specific backgrounds..

          So i’d like to say in closing that Islam, the fastest growing religion is eclipsing Christianity all over.. The bible was written over 500 years after Jesus’ death, so embellishment and lies could have occured in the written accounts to suit this Jordanian ARAB born ideaology.. The translation from Hebrew by the Greeks made a lot of he meaning dissapear. And King James bible is also suspect!

  64. aryan invasion lies

    Aryan Invasion is bullshit , and Berbers dont come from South Europe , Berbers were Nomadic Negroids , like the Tuareg’s , a black negro race , white Vandal invaders mixed with these negroids and thats todays Magreb people. Whites have not originated in India , Whites and Indians are totally different races ,

    • aryan invasion true

      East European—> North Indian,afghans—> Iranian,Pakistani—>as fair skinned Aryans,(originated in India/central Asia),
      White European or white race have originated in Europe ,not India.

      Aryan invasion true proof>(Veda) .

  65. pepperroncini

    From the thread starter
    ” The Indo-European languages came from Turkey.”

    Indo-European homeland is north of Pontic Caspian steppes. A region stretching from Western Kazakhstan to Ukraine. This is the accepted theory.
    The most recent scientific paper co-authored by David Anthony and Don Ringe on I.E. homeland supports the Pontic Caspian Steppe theory.

  66. I am very pleased you have become a muslim JVB.

    Inshallah you will live a glorious life pleasing to Al LAH. When yo learn Arabic, which I hope you do, you will see that ALLAH is on fact two words.

    I hope you become an educated muslim. There is nothing worse than an uneducated muslim. To this end make sure you learn the history of the early Muslims from TABARI. TABARI is the source document that is named after the historian who wrote it.

    Obviously you need to read the Koran, but scholarly opinion suggests the very best translation is called the GENEROUS KORAN as it tries and succeeds in being as close as is humanly possible to the original. However, try to learn Arabic and read it in the original.

    Now it is vital that you read Sahih Bukari and Sahih Muslim. These are the most authentic hadiths.However, reading hadiths is of no value without TAFSIR. You need to read the TAFSIR of IBN kathir who is considered the very best interpreter.

    Finally but not least the biography of the prophet SIRAT AL RASOOL should finish your preliminary study of Islam.

    • JVB do not think peodophilia is wrong. IN Islam it is OK when marriage is involved.

      In Christianity it is wrong and like you say JVB people are leaving Christianity due to the priests behaving in this way.

      However, in Islam it is OK and as a native type of person you should know if you are a native of saudi,Iran or Islamic state that it is a sharia based law. Any man can marry a nine year old girl. This is not peadophilia this is marriage.

      Once you are more educated in Islam you will remember to bear this distinction in mind.

      Get to the books and you will have victory over the infidel.

      I am only trying to help so please take my gentle reminder to remember this distinction as a form of Help for future DAWA or dawaganda as it is often called today, in order to lead the Kaffir to the “straight way”.

      Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah.

      • JVB please do not think I am against the nation of Iran. I am for them. I get frustrated with them as never seem to be able to develop nuclear weapons. Jews did it back in the last century in the forties and Iranians are still trying hard in this century, the twenty first century. So they do come across as slow students of Jews such as Einstein and Oppenheimer.

        We must remember to help students who are falling behind. To this end I applaud Obama who is trying to help them. He is an excellent Mullato President with an Iranian born lady Valerie Jarret as his chief of staff. She runs white house when he is not around.

        Remember the school programme no child left behind. This was meant to help children in their education. We must help the Iranians in the same spirit.

        No Iranian Nuclear weapon developing MULLAH should be left behind.

        The Russians, North Koreans, And Pakistanis have all helped, but it is not enough and so the greatest, most powerful Kenyan Mullato of them all, President OBAMA has step of in to help.

        Inshallah, Iranians will be able to develop nuclear weapons soon due to his help.

        • JVB your post is full of wisdom. You are so right I should never call anyone names. I will remember this excellent wisdom.

          Native Americans should certainly give up alcohol. Your becoming a Muslim will help In this regard. Drink water. Read what it says in the Koran about water.

          THE KORAN

          SURA: WATER

          The Snow Queen drank from the very source of the Ganges
          Every day she flew to the holy mountain
          Far from the castle walls in Finland
          She drank deeply
          She gave thanks to he supreme Lord
          From the the top of the world
          She prayed for All God’s Children
          Her glory and goodness
          Surpassed that of all previous prophets
          Having prayed in purity
          She Imbibed the pure nectar of God’s grace
          She returned home
          to her beloved castle
          Blessed, blessed
          by the love of God.

  67. It always annoys me when I post too quick;”the the top”‘ should of course read: the top of the world.

    In any case JVB your post despite being excellent in all other ways confused me. You say you are white and Native American. Are you mixed race or are you white with some Native American blood from way back.So do you look white but are proud of your noble native american heritage?

    Also when people become muslim the story is often highlighted on youtube etc. Could you be so kind to briefly share the wonderful story of your conversion to Islam.

    I love to heat such stories and of course as a mark of respect I will NOT comment on your story of REVERTING back to being a musselman. This is an alternative name for Muslim. You will learn of Others as your study of the islamic scriptures progress.

  68. Dinesh

    accept gond we are indiginious

  69. ms1998

    There is a community of Muslims in Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh named Iraqi biradri. I read on Wikipedia that these people came from Sotuhern Arab Iraq some 500 years before but there appearance is similar to Indians. So, I think environmental factors are reason behimd changes in facial expression and complexions. There are also many Muslims in India who have ancestry in Persia, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan or Central Asia but they look like normal Indians after settling here for 400-500 years. There is a community named Bani Israel of Muslims in Aligarh and Moradabad districts of North India who are descendants from jewish Muslim converts from Medina, Saudi Arabia but their facial expressions also remains same as of Indians. Secondly, much of colour difference between Indians is of caste I.e Brahmins and Kshatriya majority of them are light skinned, maybe because in older days they mostly remaimed in housed and didn’t exposed themselves to Sun and also were very rich and now too are rich. Many Vaishyas (the trading castes) and Shudras (people who served upper castes as servants) are dark skinned coz majority of thel worked outside , workimg in farms and outside home in sun…..There was no foreign or Aryan Invasion in India ..the complexio differences are only coz of socio economic conditions and probably some light people must hv also been the hybrid from Nepali and other mountaneous people of mongoloid descent to Indian people in North India

  70. I also belong to the clan of rishis, bharadwaj. Earlier, I used to refute these theories that India/hindu culture is great, there were no invasion, AIT is a myth, which, to be frank, is a myth, but aryan migration or aryan people ruling a region called arya vrat is not a lie.

    But slowly, the more I opened up and saw real world, the more I am coming to realize that I myself may not belong to this hindu/india society. Majority of Indians/hindus really have become a laughing stock and living in denials.

    Why do they need to say that they are the only ones original? If I am not wrong, even angles and saxonic people came from outside of england.

    Mongloids had inhabitated americas some 20,000 years ago.

    Hindus/Indics must learn to accept truth.

  71. Intense Chainpunching

    Exactly the same above can be applied to Modern Greco-imposter(self-proclaimed “Greeks”) that deny the Indo-European scientific theory and believe they are the centre of the world when in fact they never were… The people that lived there a long time ago were. But those scums are just the most desperately pathetic worthless maggots who just share some linguistic similarities and no fundamental culture with the ancient peoples that lived there.

    Actually, the Greco-imposters are trillion times furthermore and far fa FAR worse mentally retarded, hyperbolically illogical and excessively paranoid delusional than their Indian counterparts.

    Only if you know what they write… you will fall from you chair laughing… in fit of pure aneurysm. Honestly, I am not kidding.

  72. Dinesh

    oltaire, the famous French writer and philosopher) stated that “Pythagoras went to the Ganges to learn geometry.” Abraham Seidenberg, author of the authoritative “History of Mathematics,” credits the Sulba Sutras as inspiring all mathematics of the ancient world from Babylonia to Egypt to Greece.

    Dinesh says
    September 28, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Carl Sagan stated, “Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology.”

    Nobel laureate Count Maurice Maeterlinck wrote of: “a Cosmogony which no European conception has ever surpassed.”

    French astronomer Jean-Claude Bailly corroborated the antiquity and accuracy of the Vedic astronomical measurements as “more ancient than those of the Greeks or Egyptians.” And that, “the movements of the stars calculated 4,500 years ago, does not differ by a minute from the tables of today.”

    The ninety foot tall astronomical instrument known as Samrat Yantra, built by the learned King Suwai Jai Singh of Jaipur, measures time to within two seconds per day.

    Dinesh says
    September 28, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Arthur Schopenhauer, the famed German philosopher and writer, wrote that: I “…encounter [in the Vedas] deep, original, lofty thoughts… suffused with a high and holy seriousness.”

    The well-known early American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, read the Vedas daily. Emerson wrote: “I owed a magnificent day to the Bhagavat-Gita”

    Henry David Thoreau said: “In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita… in comparison with which… our modern world and its literature seems puny and trivial.”

  73. ureal

    wait- I will return in some time and ask a few questions of these casteist zealots who believe they are the best. Hindus are the greatest LOSER race. what they cannot achieve in real life they are claiming in their past! funny and pathetic!

  74. John Pierre


  75. Is there some info I am missing or there is no like despite more than 200 comments? I am an Indian who is an atheist. Indo-Aryan is a fact https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Aryan_peoples. The “””migrations””” started approximately 1,800 BCE. It is more of a mixture due to absence of well defined boundaries of course given the era. This is why Indian people have so many diverse languages and skin colors. Since early ages their contribution to science and mathematics has been considerable and they continue to exploit their diverse genes to emerge as an economic leader by 2040. But I do not understand whether this entire article is a hate propaganda, or what?

  76. S.D.

    I am Gora but spent years, decades actually, in and out of India. Anglo-Indians and Luso Goans are the most recent Caucasoid hybrids and they are not much of a lot in India so this would disappoint White Nationalists.

    Brahmins behave like your average German or Swede. They are chilly, distant, rational, cerebral. and sometimes arrogant.

    Jat Sikhs are the most provably Caucasian in historical India, not Brahmins. Jats are descended from Scythian tribes around the Volga river who entered ancient kingdoms in the Punjab as mercenaries.

    This is apparent in their 40th generation Soviet faces. They are a large-boned and usually tall people who bear zero resemblance to a Dravidian. To this very day they and other Punjabis-regarded as stupid but brawny by most Dravidian people-staff the high-ranks Indian military.

    Goa contains folks who are Hispanic hybrids because the women were used fairly badly by Portuguese the way Latins usually do in their colonies. You see a great many vaguely Hispanic-looking people in that part of India. One half-breed assassinated the president of Portugal. They call them Lusos.

    Dravidian people regard North Indians as being the descendants of rapists and looters from Afghanistan and who knows where else.

    Nairs threw out the Brahmins from parts of South India when they discovered hard-line socialism about 40 years ago.

    Parsis-the richest people in India if not as influential as Brahmins-are Iranians.

    Aryans may have migrated from the Indus valley of Kashmir or they may have migrated from Central Asia. They were never Dravidian and there is some minor resentment along racial lines lower down in the caste-system.

    Indians who converted to theocratic religions are generally darker and more Dravidian or Veddoid. Syrian Christians in Cochin are the exception to this.

    Pakistanis are actually more Central Asian than Indians and this is proved. Pashtuns, Mongols and other groups retain separate ethnic identities in Pakistan.

    Pakistan and India are more racially different than people believe although Punjabis are the same.

    Any Indian who wants to debate this Goras crude deconstruction can do so but you know that it is true.

    • I do not know how to relate the content of your reply to my comment, but I also don’t know why you seem to be extremely into this analysis. What you call as Dravidians, we call more commonly as South Indians, and they are awesome people and I have many South Indian friends, I love them all. We are Indians.I do not know how much of Aryan genes I have, but probably I do as I am from the North. But honestly most Indians do not know this whole Aryan theory. As I said before, it is a thing of earlyyyy BC. We are Indians now and we focus on progressing, specially tackling the China-Pakistan friendship in the zone which could have otherwise been a very friendly zone.

  77. S.D.

    Brahmins have such a subtle but powerful influence over Indians that most nationalists and Gora-haters are middle-to-lower caste Dravidian and Veddoids who have some tiny ancestral link to aboriginals.

    Most Brahmin, Parsi and Syrian Christians are wealthier than the average white American-even in America. Indian Christians and Indian Muslims are decidedly lower-caste.

    Parsi are Iranian 100% but have little interest in Iran because they’ve been in India for 1,000 years. They are the richest people in India but not influential.

    Pakistanis are definitely more linked to Central Asia with groups like the Pashtuns or whoever descended from Mughals.

    White hybrids have not done so well in India. Anglo-Indians and Luso people are not the movers and shakers in Indian society.

    Jats are definitely Soviets from the Volga river. Some recorded history proves this. They are big and show up India’s wars. Punjab is an ethnic conglomeration.

    Purest Dravidians are down South but many Arabs showed up in Kerela so these guys are mixed too.

  78. S.D.


    You are not “Aryan” you are an Australian aboriginal, basically. You could still say you are a “real Indian” if you are from the South.

    Movers and shakers in India TODAY are all foreigners ie Parsis (Iranians fleeing religious persecution), Syrian Christians (Descended from one of the apostles in fact), high-caste Sikhs (Scythian people from the Pontiac Steppe/Volga river) or Indian Muslim Pashtuns (Mughals from Central Asia).

    Brahman people and Aryan is sort of a boring subject but they do look suspiciously paler than Dravidian people or Veds. I’m going to suppose they might have originated in modern-day Kashmir and this culture might have spread Northwards AND Southwards through transmission….but they sure as anything WE’RE NOT a Dravidian or Veddoid. Ludicrous.

    HINDUVATAS GO UP) to YOUR BRAHMAN BOSS and tell him YOU ARE A VEDDOID OR DRAVIDIAN to see what his reaction would be…


    I’m a Gora who lived in and of every corner of India and still live there so my identity will remain anonymous.


    If you are North Indian you are the sons of one-thousand rapists and looters from Central Asia (Pashtuns) or Scythian thugs from the Volga River who become Sikhs.

    Any Keralite will tell you that. Many of them, of course, have Arab blood.

    • lal

      There’s NO distinct Race called “Dravidian”(it’s just a hypothesis) but “Australoid/Melanesian,Caucasoid,mongoloid,negroid etc”.(major race-groups)

      Politically biased geneticists like Reich Et.all/Priya Morjani desperately tried to create the the whole hypothesis of ANI/ASI & their mixture. Today this theory is proven false & most advanced genetic testing labs use the term “south-Asian” or “Asian”.And, South-Asian genes are found in Europe,Caucasus,middle-east even in Africa! (search”back to Africa” theory)There’s nothing called “Dravidian genes”” in modern genetic terminology. ANI/ASI race theory is mere a hypothesis(which assumes there was 2 genetically distant groups, in ancient era) , not a proven fact!
      Most mainland-Indians today, have no genetic connection with Andamanese/Jarwa peoples (the referrence point of ASI), they are living in the isle for 50000 years(again, this is a hypothesis,not proven fact!) separated from rest of humanity.

      See for example, the DNA test of a random North-Indian Brahman who was not identified with any so called Dravidian/ASI inputs.

  79. S.D.

    I do concur with the Veddoids that people from some small island off France do not have a thing to do with Aryans.

    No quarrel there.

  80. S.D.

    Lal….Everybody in South India is a Dravidian.

    I HAVE LIVED THERE (My former profession is a little high profile, I will remain totally anonymous).

    THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS DRAVIDIAN. Please visit India or look up the word Dravidian on Wikipedia.

    Ever been to India. Or are you some pitch dark beastie man Veddoid who denies this?

    Either way you are dead wrong. As I have lived all over India I am quite familiar with the people of Cochin and Mumbai and Delhi.

  81. S.D.

    North Indian Brahmans Dravidian?

    I would never state that. Beastie Men from Kerela are Dravidian. North Indian Brahman people are Aryan.

    But I do not for one moment believe that Celts, Alpine-Nordics from Munich or Finns are “Aryan”.

    Even if they Aryans were Caucasian and originated from somewhere upon the Russian steppes they would not be European.

    Brahman’s themselves do not really care about this nonsense anyhow-it’s a a lower to middle-caste “Gora” fixation.

  82. S.D.

    Aish Pandey is a Punjabi female and has nothing to do with the Dravidian people of South India, in my opinion.

    You might be Kashmiri but I am laying odds you are a straight-up Punjabi woman from Delhi.

    South India and North India are different countries with different languages. Dravidian people speak Malayalam and Punjabi people speak a modern version of Sanskrit.

    This is clear to any Gora who crosses the Hindu line.

    Parsi people are Iranian and bear so little resemblance to North Indians that I am unconvinced that Aryans came from Iran.

  83. Majority of Brahmins in today’s time are fake. They are the brahmins of Indic stock. After the war of mahabharata, when the old brahmnas were killed, lot of people were elevated to the brahman status in these indic regions, though original ones like ashwathamma left this land, as they too knew what was coming next. It was based on certain set of profesions like reading vedas, wearing a thread, not eating meat etc etc. And in this, many real brahmans who could not leave, were made to act like these indic stocks. That’s how many real brahmans who left in indic regions lost their majestic looks, though ,nooris, kalasha people still maintained, as they did not side with these indic people.

    The problem is that majority of these real brahmans are not aware of racial ideology, and even if someone tries to shed light, the title brahmans/brahmins start abusing them, that you are not real brahmins.

    Even the government of india is not allowing the DNA samples of indic people to be tested. Even we are curious to know, that why india is such a melting pot. 60 years, and still, they have happened to be a slave race. And those, who are really concerned about its growth are bashed as white man conspirator.

    And on these hindus, they are thinking that they are vedic people. The truth is that these people are not vedic, this includes the brahmins of today’s time. These brahmins are not vedic brahmins.

    I am glad that I have managed to come out of caste based brahmanical theology and now trying to dig into the old, racial, brahmanism, which was what Indra, Odin, Drona and other majestic people were.

  84. Nelly

    I personally find it so funny that so many people hold onto the Aryan Invasion theory with such tenacity. This theory was made popular by Hitler, which is really funny because he was also the same person who said that the superior people were those with blonde hair and blue eyes, and also went around claiming that Jewish people were evil and should be exterminated. Today, the majority of people know that those with blonde hair and blue eyes are not superior to any other people nor are Jewish people evil and should be eliminated. That being said, why do so many people still believe the Aryan invasion theory even though it came from a man who did nothing but spread lies in an effort to brainwash people? Why are you guys so selective in what you want to believe as being true? Why does Hitler’s credibility suddenly increase for the entire Aryan theory?

    I don’t usually get involved in these debates because I realize that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and I respect that. But, there is a difference between what is an opinion and what is a fact. And the fact is that the word “Arya” is Sanskrit for “noble.” Max Mueller, who came up with the idea of two Aryan races, used this discovery as a means of showing the common ancestry between the Indians and Europeans, not as a form of racism (Esleben 2008), (F. Max Müller, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas (1888), Kessinger Publishing reprint, 2004, p.120; Dorothy Matilda Figueira, Aryans, Jews, Brahmins: Theorizing Authority Through Myths of Identity, SUNY Press, 2002, p.45).

    There is also a mountain of evidence that debunks the idea of there ever having been an invasion. Archeologists and researchers have never found any indication that an invasion occurred as the skeletons discovered never suggested that an invasion ever occurred (Gregory L. Possehl (2002), The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective, Rowman Altamira, p. 238, ISBN 9780759101722).

    The majority of Western scholars don’t refer to it as an “invasion” because they are educated enough to know that it isn’t. Those who still call it an invasion are not viewed as being credible by the rest of Western scholars, but are rather seen as racist. (Witzel, Michael (2005), “Indocentrism”, in Bryant, Edwin; Patton, Laurie L., The Indo-Aryan Controversy. Evidence and inference in Indian history (PDF), Routledge).

    Again, I’m not expressing any opinions in the last three paragraphs. I’m literally just stating facts. That is, information that has been proven to be true by people who are experts in this topic. So, if you choose to attack me, then I don’t know what to say except go hash it out with the experts who, after years and years of research, came up with these theories instead of me.

    • The Aryan Invasion Theory was not created by Hitler. The Indians called themselves Aryans. They didn’t need Mueller or Hitler to make it up. Iran means “Aryan.” Almost all Western scholars agree that the theory is true. Only a few crackpots and nuts disagree and they are very isolated and cannot even publish in peer reviewed journals because their theories are so antiscientific. It is not a fringe theory. It is cutting edge modern social science.

    • Arian

      Nelly, You’re on dot. Arya is not Iran. Arya means “civilized”. Infact in India in Hindi which is a derivatinve of Sanskrit theres a word called “Anari” now, or illiterate and stupid, which was basically opposite of Arya or “Anarya” – “Unarya”. Anarya – Anari.

      Was it an invasion? No one can go that way back but we really dont know why entire north India is way different from rest of India especially in the top caste of Kshatriya and Brahmin even Vaish – that did not allow marriage into lower caste or Native Indians.

      I personally think it was “An Invasion” but a series of constant aggressions from various tribes that kept coming into India and kept taking spaces. Over a period the Native Indians were dragged to lower side of India -and then its just waters.

      So if we think of constant aggression, its not necessary Aryans “Killed” everyone. They possibly had small wars but came to agreements with the local chiefs. You know think of Persians how they battled – remember 300 or Sparta. the Persian messenger just wanted their alleigance and in return let them keep their lands. The Aryans were from Persia and possible kept a similar method of arrangement. They didnt want to exterminate people, they wanted to conquer them, civilize them and show them their way of life. They wanted to convert them.

      And they did – Hinduism. See India. They did. Maybe we should change Aryan Invasion to Aryan Conquest theory. Thereafter show other evidences to refer to this Conquest. Invasions speaks of bloodshed, which isnt true.

      There’s something called White Man’s Burden essentially they killed out the natives in millions in all lands they went to. Africa, Australia largely. The Aryans didnt believe in exterminating. They instead made slaves. In Mughal era much of the people converted to Islam and a lot remained Hindus Backward – were freed from clutches of slavery/ feudalism by British – couldnt free them from economic and cultural slavery. So they drag on millions of them. If Aryans had any sense, they should have at that time done a ‘La White Man’s Burden’ and India would have been a cleaner place.

      I so wish someone this reality would come to life and be told and be found because its the biggest mystery that is so under wraps. These Aryans were a greatest mystique and I belive they could open a world unknown to us. Sigh!

  85. Arian

    You have some of the most informed theories and indepth information. If you werent such a crude man, you’d be a scholar and maybe be have a fan following. There is no balance in your talk – as I see. Tell the facts but restrain from getting into the mud like a pig, which also you do.

  86. Doesnmatter

    The thing called suttee was banned as a result of the work of social reformers like Raja ram mohan roy, not cause Brits felt a wiff of morality between engineering famines.

  87. jason voorhees

    How did the British engineer the famine in Bengal?

  88. jason voorhees

    We can argue the extent to which the British united India from a series of ruler-states into a political entity that is now a superpower but that would be a white stock defense.

    I’m of the opinion the British’s worst act was the partition.

    BUT they did open their doors to Indian and Pakistani immigrants which for millions of people was a great improvement in their opportunities.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      Bismullah Iraahman Iraahim,

      (As a part time Muslim, I must expound…)

      The partition was a great disaster from the view point of Islamic power. Jinnah was a whisky drinking phony Muslim.

      Imagine the partition didn’t happen:

      Unified India with a popn of 1.7 billion and 650 million Muslims in 2017. Within another two generations, India will be a Muslim majority nation armed with nukes, the rightful heir to the great caliphates in the past, the rightful master of the Muslim oil wealth in the middle east. With 2 billion Muslim fans, Bollywood will displace Hollywood.

      The Hindutwadis’ dream of superpower Hindustan will promptly be fulfilled!!

      ‘Theological’ difference can be settled easily. Just elevate some of the Hindu gods to pre-Koranic prophethood. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) was a saint predicted by Hindu scripture:



      Imagine munching a beef burger will no longer be a death inviting taboo!!

      Both Muslims and Hindus have the tradition of urine therapy:



      It’s about time for the Hindus to submit to ALLAH and convert to the religion of the HOLY PROPHET en masse!!!!

  89. Pranav

    This is the final nail in the coffin. Share it with Hindutva retards if they come with any other bullshit

    • Magneto

      Modern science is bullshit. I mean the earth is flat and yet we have many “scientists” talking about space and stars and all that.

      I can’t really take anything modern science says seriously. This is the same modern science that says SSRI drugs are harmless and we all know that isn’t true. SSRI drugs cause you to die 15 years earlier than you would if you didnt use some drugs.

  90. Shiv Ramesh

    It is not funny robert lindsay. So many south indians are occupying high positions and south india is much more developed than north. Go to north india and compare with south india. Maybe some punjabi people like to be associated with aryans. But for the rest of the indians we will die of shame if we are linked to aryans. You seriously think we want to be related to poles??

    • HOOD

      Poles would not want to be related to Nairs or Tamils either. I’m not even sure if they want to be related to Brahmin.

      Punjabi people are a bunch of Arabs into which some Iranian or Central Asian genes may have mixed. Aryan seems to India wide according to caste.

    • Moustache

      With India having a strong preference for White/light skin and Aryan meaning noble, it’s hard to believe being associated with Aryans is insulting.

  91. Pranav

    Hi Robert, Hope you are doing great!

    There’s been some data sheds light on ancestry of Central & South Asian populations. Hindutvas are going gaga over it as it seems to prove that the dravidians were also from Iran. Can you shed some opinions on this



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