“Out of India” Idiots: More on Indo-European Genes

From Wikipedia:

The virtual absence of India-specific mtDNA haplogroups outside of India precludes a large scale population movement out of India.[75] Tracing a possible “out of India” migration therefore focuses on Y-chromosome haplogroups.The Y-chromosome haplogroup R2 is characterized by genetic marker M124, and is rarely found outside India, Pakistan, Iran, and southern Central Asia. Outside of southern Eurasia, M124 was found at an unusually high frequency of 0.440 among the Kurmanji of Georgia, but at a much lower frequency of only 0.080 among the Kurmanji of Turkmenistan.

The M124 frequency of 0.158 found among Chechens may be unrepresentative because it was derived from a sample size of only 19 Chechens. Outside of these populations and the Romani people, M124 is not found in Eastern Europe.

The spread of the Indo-European languages is associated with Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a1, which is identified with genetic marker M17. Kivisild et al. (2003) “suggests that southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup”. However, the Genographic Project conducted by the National Geographic Society states that M17 arose “in the region of present-day Ukraine or southern Russia.”

Geneticist and anthropologist Spencer Wells states that “The Aryans came from outside India. We actually have genetic evidence for that. Very clear genetic evidence from a marker that arose on the southern steppes of Russia and the Ukraine around 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. And it subsequently spread to the east and south through Central Asia reaching India.” M17 “shows that there was a massive genetic influx into India from the steppes within the past 10,000 years. Taken with the archaeological data, we can say that the old hypothesis of an invasion of people – not merely their language – from the steppe appears to be true.”

There you have it. I really don’t care if IE came out of India – I am quite happy that Northern Indians are related to me – but it’s just not true that IE came out of India.

It’s interesting that only nutty Indians seem to have bought into this particular idiot theory, but given its anti-White presumptions, one would expect that the entire non-White crowd susceptible to CRT anti-White crap would be susceptible to this at some point. Any anti-White theory holds possible weight with anti-White non-Whites (of whom there are 100’s of millions).

Yeah! Europeans came from India! D’oh!

Actually, some of the Europeans came from Kazakhstan. Is that any better? Oh no. Fuck the Kazakhs. They don’t have a huge nationalist movement based on inferiority and grievances to back them up. Europeans have to come from India! The great Bharat! The source of all human civilization, continuing to this very day, exemplified by that woman shitting on the sidewalk up ahead where you’re going to be walking.

Jai Hind! Glory to Bharat!



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32 responses to ““Out of India” Idiots: More on Indo-European Genes

  1. nazbol

    On this map, one can see that both R1a and R1b came directly from Kazakhstan/Siberia before entering Europe, and some of those folks moved south to India/Pakistan FROM Russia/Ukraine.

  2. Kazim

    M124 ancestor is R do i need to say more?

    Yet again your theory weights down over National Geographic Genealogy Project finds.

    Which is far more accurate and reliable than your Invasion theory.

    I’m not anti white and i could careless if Europeans were Indo Europeans or not but Indic Indians & Pakistanis we have far more claim to it than you do considering it originated in South Asia and they are part of our heritage that Europeans like to claim.

    R1a originated in South Asia and R1b originated in Western Asia and there is no doubt about it its proven and its done.

  3. Kazim

    R1a is found among earliest Indo European speakers and has origins in South Asia and on top of that its mainly found among South Asians and South Asian R1a1a is older than Eastern European R1a1a.

    “In 2009, several large studies of both old and new STR data concluded that while these two separate “poles of the expansion” are of similar age, South Asian R1a1a is apparently older than Eastern European R1a1a, suggesting that South Asia is the more likely locus of origin.”

    “An increasing number of studies have found South Asia to have the highest level of diversity of Y-STR haplotype variation within R1a1a. On this basis, while several studies have concluded that the data is consistent with South Asia as the likely original point of dispersal”

    Also about Y-chromosome haplogroup R2 [M124] that you are talking about originated in South Asia aswell and guess what? That is also found among Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans , Caucasus region to some extent.

  4. Dirty Bull

    Just why are Indians so obessesed with race and bloodlines?
    – and why do they insist on lying through their teeth to the point of ridiculousness?
    Aryan/Dravidian divide is avery touchy subject obviously, it seems like some people just cannot handle the truth of the matter (ie ‘white’ Aryans conquered and subjugated ‘black’ Dravidians who hence were deomoted to lower castes).

    • Kazim

      Because White Supremacists are trying to make it seem like they created South Asian civilization when infact they dint and even the Genetics back up our claim now.

      I dont care about Aryan/Dravidian theory simply because its just as relevant as Non-Indo-Eruopean speakers of Europe like Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Basque, Georgians, Maltese etc

      Why is it none of White Supremacist ever talk of Invading these group of people in Europe but some how obsessed with racial idoligy of some foreign race conquering some countries in Asia. There wouldn’t be so much of obsession over “Aryan” If it wasn’t for Nazi conspiracy theory in 1930-40’s.

      Vedic people never considered themselves white simply because they weren’t none of the Hindu gods are described to look White they all have black eyes and black hair and skin color ranging from Black to Yellow to White to Blue to Green to Red, these gods are mythical and never existed.

      Just read Vedic/Sanskrit Literature and Drama none of these people are described to be “White” as you guys claim.

      • Your genetics doesn’t back up shit, and it does not negate any Aryan Migration Theory. Your precious gene arose in North India 18,000 fuckin years ago, long, long before IE even existed.

        Try again, your genetics stuff is worthless.

        Anyway, White Supremacists don’t say Whites created Indian culture. I know these people very well. 99% of them consider all Indians to be non-White scum and they never talk about the Aryan Migration theory or any of that. There have been conquests all over the world, and many conquests in Europe too. No White person cares much about any of that history.

        • Kazim

          “Your precious gene arose in North India 18,000 fuckin years ago, long, long before IE even existed.”

          The fact that its found among Indo European speakers at high frequency than Non-Indo-European speakers and has originated in South Asia is enough to prove the Aryan Invasion theory is false and Indo Europeans origins in South Asia.

          There are no Haplogroup that originated for past 10,000 years if you can try finding a Haplogroup that is about 2500 years old then you can prove your “Invasion Theory” They dint magically appear on face of the planet with their own Haplogroup young as 2500 year old. Lol

          “Try again, your genetics stuff is worthless.”

          Its not my Genetic study its from National Geographic Genealogy Project.

          “Anyway, White Supremacists don’t say Whites created Indian culture. I know these people very well. 99% of them consider all Indians to be non-White scum and they never talk about the Aryan Migration theory or any of that. There have been conquests all over the world, and many conquests in Europe too. No White person cares much about any of that history.”

          Thats not what White Supremacists websites claim just like Dirty Bull just claimed Aryans were “White” and Dravidians were “Black” and that i am lying even after all the Genetic study that is out there to prove that these Indo Europeans Originated in South Asian Himalayan region.

          I know they dont consider Non Europeans to be white but the fact that they believe that original Indo – Europeans were white is ridiculous enough.

  5. Dirty Bull

    The Sanskrit word for ‘caste’ is varna which means ‘color’.
    That’s evidence enough.

    • arjen

      lol,. a typical white person response a culture based on the view that white must be superior classes everyone else as inferior..lol….amazing how a white guy with no real culture in india, has no knowledge of indian culture, history, traditions, other than what hes read to confirm that the great indian empires and civilsiations somehow where connected with white people. lol… Krishna is a dark skinned god, not white, color in india does not refert to skin but to color of actions, you stupid white fool, white being the color of god, hence at funerals all indians wear white, but europeans wear black …Its so obv that their is no white homeland, its obs that the oldest sites for human civlisation are in india, it was the indians who left india that became the europeans, and central asian. White people with looting of empires of old have not only tried to SCRIPT the history of the past aswell as the plunder of each nation.. This is the ideolology of a ROTTEN shallow people, thats why a group of white guys, raised in tablian christian docrtine shipped over to india and they THINK THEY ARE THE ONES TO SCRIPT INDIAN HISTORY ..why ??…because indain history is far greater than the greeks the romans and the europeans, and hence to claim your stake the whites came up with the aryan theory..lol…Go to any place in europe their is no aryan culture present no vedic culture present, read the bible and it has verses from the rig vedaa, these white people want PEOPLE TO leave their own logic and sense and want others to believe that a barbaric tribe from nowhere land came aka europe and overtook india the greatest and most powerful land on earth..lol….M17 R1A1 all originate in india, india ganges plain has the an equal claim to be the first to create agriculture, the ideology of veda are only present in india, the destruction of the supposed aryan theory that caste was imposed by the aryans has been compeltely shattered, more and more evidence supports the indian who have no NEED TO CONFIRM THEIR IDENTITY, BUT WHEN A FORIENG TALIBAN STYLE ATTACK ON INDIAN CULTURE IS BEING LAUNCHED BY A group of white people who have no interest in indian politics or history, or its soceity are INVESTING TIME AND MONEY IN AN ATTEMPT TO PUSH LIES AS TRUTHS TO THE POINT ITS BECOEMS A REALITY..in the face of evidence. Europeans where from north indians, the vedas name no name for india as india itself, the vedas reject any forieng homeland for themselvs, archeologicly speakimng their is no evidence what so ever for any invasion, (but with every new evidence that breaks the old theory down, whites havea long history in denial and deceity, they create a new theory which is so loose and absurd that when an indian makes claim along those same lines but acutally has a greater claim in it they riducule it..lmaoo….In the end its this the white world robbd and pilaaged the world, the roman empire is what most europeans hold onto, a slave empire, that was destined to fail, the greeks where inferior to indiane intellect though, thats why the numebring system was formualted in india, history confirms india’s postion as one the most powerful, hence when the british landed in india, within 200years it went from the richest land on earth to the poorest, and the uk went from the poorest to the richeest, and with that trade of wealth, the whites wanted to create a faslse history that can now match the carpets and curtains, so jsut as they scripted indian history to make them the creators, today Indians must revers the damage done by nazi christian taliban mindset that was craeted with the bloodshed of millions of indian and the plunder of trillions of dollars.India is returnin back to its roots of greatness.and europe with all its slave trade monies running out, is realising why asia has always been tha land of the first and greatest civlisations. And with that india will break free from the slave chain of a people that have not only corrupted world soceityes but have the araogance to think that they created the asian empires, when europe itself is contains nothing but secenrios. Theory about this about that, a theory about how white europeans wher the first in the ameicans, or about how white eruopeans have a duty to enslave the black negroes, or a theory on how the pyramids where buillt by white people not colooured, or about how white people are supereior than others., or about how white people created world civilisation but history shows something completely different. one day the DHARMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA WILL RETURN and then we will shove every single genetic code down your throat…..in the vedas its states tribes from india where sent out , yet the same white people europeans) overlook such matters and then in stead use selected passages to confirm their postions..what a joke,,,…!!lol

      • carlos

        “one day the DHARMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA WILL RETURN and then we will shove every single genetic code down your throat…..in the vedas its states tribes from india where sent out…” (arjen’s highly emotional rant)

        to other parts of india?

    • Wrong. Varna means “tribe”, it does not mean “colour”. Context is everything. There are no references to colour in any of the ancient indian sanskrit texts that directly talk about varna, such as the Bhagavad Gita. Don’t impose your silly worldviews onto everything.

    • raj sher

      In the west white collar worker does not mean white person and blue collar worker does not mean black person. It is based on your profession and status. Similarly varna is based on profession and status rather than race. White for brahmin red for kshatriya yellow for vaishiya and black for shudra or working class. A high caste person could loose his caste and become shudra. If caste was based on race this wouldnt happen.

  6. arjen

    caste has been proven to be a system of governane that predates ANY ARYAN CLAIM…its native to india…another BLAST FROM EVIDENCE PAST that destroyed the HITLER white mentality, they deafeated hitler only becaose similar white hitlers wanted it so. It was no fight for freedom its was a fight between word oppressors….Just look at europe today , it cannot cope with immigrants…if it where not for the fac the european governments allow such immigration shows how shallow white society is, with such loose roots, YOU NEED IMMIGRATION to generate wealth for your european culture. Their is a reason why india and china has the largest populations……THEY HAVE BEEN HERE THE LONGEST WITH CIVLISATIONS that just didint crumble. Hence india holds ONTO ITS VEDIC ROOTS,,,,whereas europe converrted to christniaty rejects any NOTION OF VEDIC CULTURE and today they wanna stake a claim having realise that the roots of european take them back to india, so europeans take the location and move it upwards to central asia, russia…just enough distance to be with white people and just within enough distance of india the coloured race…GENIUS.

  7. Mukthar

    I dont have to do with aryan stock.I am south indian and Dravidian.I am proud of it.

  8. Mukthar

    Dravidians were present in central asia before aryans invaded .We can still see dravidian words being used by brahui people of central asia while dravidian people are mainly present in south india nearly 4000 miles away

    • Wade in MO

      “Dravidians were present in central asia before aryans invaded .We can still see dravidian words being used by brahui people of central asia while dravidian people are mainly present in south india nearly 4000 miles away”

      The Brahui migrated to Afghanistan/Pakistan much later on.

  9. Krish

    Ok. Take a Dravidian language, say Telugu. Now tell me what words are similar between the two languages.

  10. DK

    The Aryan Invasion Theory was an oversimplified and convenient way of explaining how geographically separate languages could have such similarities. It is at least incorrect and at best an overgeneralization of population movements.

    India was at the crossroads of trade and was invaded by most ancient powers. Indians are the descendants of multiple races. There were no true “Aryans” or “indo-Europeans.” No Aryans showed up in any of these places one fine day and just “took over.” There were Indo-European languages and Indo-Aryan languages within this family of languages. There is no evidence that the genetic markers we discuss are “attached” to particular languages.(Keep in mind that English is spoken by descendants of the English, Germans, Italians, Africans, Asians, Native Americans,and Latinos, etc BUT it would be quite incorrect to say that the Africans, and Latinos were in America and invaded by the English and try to make any conclusions on the relationship between white, black and latino Americans and the British by comparing genetic markers or the lack thereof. Because we have a written history of post Mayflower america we can draw rational conclusions and make proper connections. We do not have any history of preVedic India – we have only conclusions drawn from some genetic markers, pottery of various types, language similarities and the drive of archeologists to make data fit the hypothesis in a series of tautologies. Max Mueller (the father of the Aryan Invasion theory) recanted his assertion of the equivalence of the linguistic categorization of “Indo-European” with the relationship of the races who spoke these languages.

    In all likelihood there were many migrations of people from the Central Asian or Eastern European areas to Europe, Iran and the Indian subcontinent. AND there were migrations of people from other areas to and from these regions which is the history of people. This explains the genetic markers. These people may or may not have spoken the putative reconstructed “protoindoeuropean language.” Remember that there is no way to attach a genetic marker to the language or even the race of the individual.

    The Aryan-Dravidian schism is one created by the Indologists who wanted a simple way of classifying people. it was easy to do so based on language as the Indians were already doing that themselves. However, this is artificial as groups in India were endogamous within “jati” NOT even caste which was a classification which became stronger after the British read ancient Sanskrit texts and learned about “varna” which literally means “that which covers” which characterized the types of people in each caste by occupation and rights but NOT by color.

    Unfortunately this became a bone of contention as the British divide and conquer strategy and the need to assert eugenic theories and belief in the writings of Rudyard Kipling and his ilk created divisions and concepts of superiorority and inferiority in the enslaved Indian people.

    Some Indians are quite militant about this as they are pissed off about the lowest of the low nonbathing European scum Christian priests raping little boys and taking for themselves in the name of whichever European King they were commissioned as pirates for and Jesus Christ. The anal rape has stopped and the resources are gone so it is time for Indians to move on. It is also time for the proponents of the Aryan Invasion Theory to come up with new hypotheses and see where scientific data takes them as opposed to fitting the data to the theory.

    The scientific method is a great development. It is to be used here. Perhaps the data will ultimately show that some undiscovered nation long lost in history conquered all these nations that speak “Indo European” languages and unselfishly donated their semen to the women who ultimately became the ancestors of the Germans and the Bengalis and then came another rival race that came along and conquered these folks and generously donated their language to these people so it would be easier for masters to tell slaves what to do. Make any permutations and combinations of movements of people thereafter to make yourself happy!

    • The Aryan Migration Theory is simply fact. It is accepted the world over by all serious scholars. The only “people” who dispute this theory are worthless Indian dogs, and who cares about them!

      • It is not the same one. I swear, 95% of Hindu morons refuse to believe in this Aryan Migration thing. They hate that idea so much!

      • HAHA “worthless indian dogs”. And you really think you’re qualified to talk about race. Grow a brain, read about the M17 gene-flow instead of just nodding your head cuz some dork called Muller invented something. Actually, forget about reading. Someone like you would probably be happier joining your neonazi police force and do some black-hunting like the rest of you racists savage fucks.

  11. Bob

    People that proclaim out of India theory are plain ignorant. India has been the receiver of migrations as well as a threshold of new launches of received ones. Maybe out of India is correct for those going into Malaysia from South.

    The North Indian large part of lineage is from Middle East and then some from Central Asia. Civilization bloomed in Middle East in Mesopotamia. It spread to Anatolia and travels went into Siberia to Europe and Americas. Offshoot of thy I came down into Kashmir, Pakistan and into North India.

    One of the strongest consideration today is pointing towards an empire that ended abruptly in few years new settlements occurred sung same names, gods, chariots and agriculture. These were the Hittites of Anatolia. It is now better believed indo aryans were descendants of Hittites. Sure the genetic blends will happen but majorly this is the one.

    • John Nevere

      Wrong Bob, The northern part of India have genetic lineage from Southern Russia where the Aryans came from. In fact, they are descendants of Slavs from a study by geneticist Spencer Wells. The upper caste have European blood.

  12. Bob

    The biggest reason why Indians denounce aryan theory is because most of Indians were already settled in as indigenous and natives from the first direct Africa wave. Aryan theory states of invasions and defeat of local populace then subjugation by caste system, bringing of new gods, and pushing south the natives into south. Even today aryans to natives is like 1:1000. Thus its a desire or just easy to drown out aryan lineage after independence and freedom from caste.

    Rama, Porus, Kaurav and pandavs. Plus a large no of Indian kings show descendants from Hittites and aryans. Even today their prayers are to Agni, Surya, Vayu, Laxmi, Durga all Aryan gods. Indians can drown out aryan theory but will still keep praying to Aryan gods. The sad fact is, if you are praying to a god with deceit results won’t come that easy.

  13. Jason Y

    In Latin America, we saw the same thing going on (as in India). European invaders subjugated non-white people, forcing them into the lower classes. They also heavily bred with them, with the offspring also being in the lower classes.

    Nowadays, as in India, the upper classes are snooty, elitist bastards. They constantly downgrade darker people, not even allowing them on television!

    The lower classes (who make up most of the population) long to go to the USA, where opportunities are better, and they can be proud of their ethnic heritage. Wow, it must be a shock for them to see TV shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. But no, Will Smith isn’t a real negro though. 😆

  14. SHI

    Robert, it seems like my ancestors may have originated all the way back in Poland based on this study of M458 marker, and not Central Asian/Russian homelands. It has been quoted all over the web and conflicts with the general prevailing notion that Russia/Kazakhstan (Caspian Sea region) is the birthplace of Indo-European people.


    These are actually conflicting reports. Russia/Kazakhstan is quite far from Poland, the epicenter of R1a1. The Slavic connection with Indo-Europeans could be explained by a theoretical possibility that there may have been “different waves of migrants/invaders from the West”. Maybe a bunch of Polacks, high on vodka, decided to trek all the way east to create settlements in India. The actual distance between Poland and Northern India is only 3000 miles so there is a real possibility.

    R1a has been found in high frequency at both the eastern and western ends of its core range, for example in India and Tajikistan on the one hand, and Poland on the other. Throughout all of these regions, R1a is dominated by the R1a1a (R-M17 or R-M198) sub-clade.

    In South Asia R1a1a has often been observed with high frequency in a number of demographic groups. The main two subclades of R1a1a are R1a1a* and R1a1a7. R1a1a7 is positive for M458 an SNP that separate it from the rest of R1a1a. It is significant because M458 is a European marker and the epicentre is Poland. M458 marker is rare in India.

    In India, high percentage of this haplogroup is observed in West Bengal Brahmins (72%) (Yours truly 🙂 ) to the east, Konkanastha Brahmins (48%) [10] to the west, Khatris (67%)[2] in north and Iyenger Brahmins (31%) [10] of south. It has also been found in several South Indian Dravidian-speaking Adivasis including the Chenchu (26%) and the Valmikis of Andhra Pradesh and the Kallar of Tamil Nadu suggesting that M17 is widespread in Tribal Southern Indians.

    Besides these, studies show high percentages in regionally diverse groups such as Manipuris (50%)[2] to the extreme North East and in Punjab (47%) to the extreme North West.

    In Pakistan it is found at 71% among the Mohanna tribe in Sindh province to the south and 46% among the Baltis of Gilgit-Baltistan to the north.[2] While 13% of Sinhalese of Sri Lanka were found to be R1a1a (R-M17) positive.

    I feel so low right now. My ancestors were a bunch of damn drunken Polacks.

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