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Oil Hits $119 a Barrel

Crazy stuff.

Probably in response to the civil war in Libya and the blowing up of the refinery in Baiji, Iraq today by Al Qaeda.

There’s no way the price can stay that high without cooking the recovering world economy.

We are going to see more and more of these oil shocks in the future.


The growth of China. Every $ of GDP growth in China uses 2X as much energy as the same growth in the US. Cheap labor is very expensive energy wise and we are paying for that.

Refusal to deal with Climate Change. The world’s climate is getting increasingly volatile, and effects are being seen in harvests of basic stables. The price of wheat has risen 3X recently. This has hit 3rd World countries very hard and has probably done more to lead to the Arab revolutions than any other factor. A 3X increase in the prices of staples while elites wallow in billions is too bitter of a pill to swallow. These revolutions in turn are driving up the cost of oil.

Refusing to move off oil. We have trillions to bail out banksters, but not one red cent to move off oil. Nuts.

Refusal to allow bankrupt ultra-wealthy people to actually go bankrupt, like everyone else does when they make bad bets on this or that economic activity and eat all their savings. Who among the rest of us gets bailed out when we go bankrupt? Only the rich. Only the rich can go bankrupt all they want and get bailed out every time. These has left the ultra-rich with a tremendous amount of money to gamble away in the financial casinos. In particular, they are gambling on derivatives involving staples such as wheat and rice.

This has been one of the main factors driving up the costs of these staples. One would think that in a rational world, the ultra-rich would not be permitted to drive up the prices of basic human staple foods by gambling on them in the derivatives casinos of London.


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A Little Asian in All of Us

Repost from the old site.

Well not quite, but you get the picture.

I am going to write a post about Asian genes in non-Asians. Mostly or fully-Asian groups obviously occupy most of Asia. Even if we subtract Australoids from Asians, many Melanesians have some Asian in them, especially those in the east end of Indonesia> and along the coast of New Guinea. In this case, the Asian is Austronesian from Taiwan.

Papuans and Aborigines have little to no Asian mix. Polynesians are a highly controversial people who have usually been thought of as being 50% Melanesian and 50% Austronesian from Taiwan. However, there is a new paper out suggesting that they are a mostly-Austronesian people.

Micronesians are said to be the same. Previously, they were thought to be Polynesians mixed with Melanesians. Polynesia is thought to have been populated from Eastern Indonesia. Micronesia is thought to have been populated from around Fiji. Fijians are Melanesians with considerable Polynesian genes.

Obviously, mainland Asia is all Asian. Siberians are mostly Asian. The Yakut, for instance, are mostly Asian, but they do have 6% Caucasian in them.

A beautiful Yakut woman from the Sakha Republic competing for the Miss Russia 2007 contest. That’s basically the Yakut Republic. She should have only 6% Caucasian genes, but it seems like she has more than that.


The Caucasian comes from a group called the Sakas who conquered Siberia 1,500 years ago. The Mongolians are 86% Asian and 14% Caucasian.

A beautiful Buryat woman competing in the Miss Russia 2007 contest. Buryats are said to be quite close to Mongolians genetically, so she probably has about 14% Caucasian genes. Note the classic high Mongolian cheekbones. Korean women have this same feature, and they are recent immigrants from Mongolia in the past 4-5,000 years.


The Hui are in interesting group inside China, south of Mongolia, who are 93% Asian and 7% Caucasian. The Han have no Caucasian in them.

Going west of Burma, we run into trouble. In NE India, the people are mostly Asian. Going north to Nepal, you get an odd mix of all sorts of people, some mostly Asian but others more of an East Indian type.

A very interesting, yet unclassifiable, type in Nepal. Clearly there is an Asian component to this phenotype. There are some phenotypes that look something like this in SE Asia, especially hill tribes in Burma and Thailand. Come to think of it, doesn’t she look a bit like the Naga below?

Nagas of Northeast India. They cluster genetically with Tibetans. Some think that they are the leftovers of the original people of the region.

The mother of this Nepalese family looks pretty Caucasian, but I have a hard time classifying that phenotype. Something resembling that phenotype can be seen in some of the Kalash. There is also some of a North Indian-Punjabi component. The two daughters clearly have a strong Asian element, thought it does not much resemble other Asian types. The girl on the right looks a bit like a Filipina.

A very Asian type in, believe it or not, Nepal. Yes. This phenotype looks very Chinese and could be related to Tibetans. Nepalese are very difficult to classify genetically due to the divergence of types. Further, the peopling of Nepal is very poorly understood.

North Indians, possibly Punjabis. Many Punjabis look something like this. They have 10% Asian genes and it is often apparent, especially in the eyes.


Punjabis have about 10% Asian genes. You can sometimes see it in their eyes.

These beautiful young women are from Ladakh, on the border of China and India. As you can see, the Indians here are heavily Asian. The girl on the right looks very Korean. The other two are very difficult to classify, but the girl on the right left could almost be Mediterranean – Italian or Iberian, other than the eyes. Genetically probably close to Tibetans.


Heading into Pakistan, some Pakistanis appear somewhat Asian. The Kalash, whom we discussed in a previous post, often appear somewhat Asian.

A very interesting Kalash woman. The Kalash are so divergent that they form one of two splits in the Caucasian Race – Kalash and non-Kalash. No one quite knows much about them, but they seem to have come from the Caucasus. Their genes are radically divergent. Either they have experienced tremendous genetic drift or they are some of the most ancient Caucasians of all.

The very early proto-Caucasians may have looked something like this – they had heavy Asian admixture. This mixing of Black and Asian was taking place in the Caucasus region.

More Kalash. There are some very interesting types in this fascinating group. Both the woman and her daughter look Asian, the daughter more so. The woman seems to have an East Indian component.


Some Pashtuns look a little Asian, but many others just look pure Caucasian.

When we head north from this area, we start running into some heavy Asian-Caucasian mixes. This is the zone where these two great major races have seriously mixed. Heading East to Western China, we find the Uighurs, a group that is 61% Asian and 39% White. This Muslim group is heavily repressed by China and some have taken up arms against the state. I do support this secessionist movement.

Uighurs. A most interesting group of people from West China. This area has clearly seen a tremendous amount of Caucasian-Asian mixing for a long time now. It is in this region that burial tombs have been unearthed that revealed Caucasian mummies, some with red hair.

Of course, this drove White nationalist insane people even more insane. China was an ancient White homeland! Except the “Whites” were probably some Iranian or Caucasus types that these idiots have excised from their precious White race. At any rate, a few Caucasian bodies here and there does not a homeland make. There were and are plenty of Asians running around this region too. Truth is that Iranian types from the steppes have been invading this region for ages.

Tocharian, perhaps one of the earliest forms of Indo-European, may have been spoken on these windy steppes 8,000 years ago. The Uighurs are 61% Asian and 39% Caucasian. Their movement for liberation has been heavily repressed by the Chinese. Some have been radicalized and have moved down into Afghanistan and the Pakistan tribal areas to work with the local Taliban, but in general, Islam in this region is quite moderate and reasonable.

It’s questionable whether or not China even has much of a claim to this land. The girl on the right has a very interesting phenotype. She looks quite Caucasian, but that Caucasian look is actually specific to the Caucasus. I look at her and think “Dagestani”. White-Chinese hapas in the US often look something like this also.


Heading West, Uzbeks in Uzbekistan are clearly a very mixed race people – they are 59% Asian and 41% Caucasian.

An Uzbek man with a turban. A syncretic form of Islam was popular here, but due to religious repression, some Uzbeks have turned to radical Islam. The group is called the IMU. They were defeated in Uzbekistan and the remnants moved to Afghanistan to link up with the Taliban. After the Taliban were defeated, many moved into the tribal areas where many IMU fighters married local women. They form a significant component of the Pakistani Taliban who are fighting in the tribal areas right now.

A young Uzbek man. This man looks very Caucasian, other than the slight Asian eyes. The outfit would not be out of place in Afghanistan.

An Uzbek woman. As you can see, at 41%, the Caucasian element is very high in Uzbeks. The phenotype is difficult to place, but the Caucasian element could resemble a Greek, a Georgian or possibly an Iranian.


Heading further West, the Kazakhs are strangely even more Asian: they are 70% Asian and 30% Caucasian.

Heading back towards China, we come to the Altai, a region where Mongolia, China and Russia all come together. This is thought to be the region from which the Amerindians came from. These people are best categorized as Northern Turkics and they all speak a Turkic language.

Some people here are very mixed (figures here): The Shor are 51% Caucasian and 49% Asian, the Altai themselves are 53% Asian and 47% Caucasian, the Khakass are 72% Asian and 28% Caucasian, the Sojots are 81% Asian and 19% Caucasian and the famous throat-singers, the Tuvans, are 89% Asian and 11% Caucasian.

These people are best thought of as members of a subrace known as the Uralic Race, even though they speak Turkic tongues. The Uralics generally speak languages related to Finnish.

Anthropologically, the Uralics are mysterious. We do not really know much about them or where they came from, but they are the subject of endless speculation, especially by Finnish researchers, who are fascinated by the question. For instance, the proto-Uralics were said to be neither Asians nor Caucasians. Ok, fine, so what were they?

Moving into Europe, we continue to encounter Asian genes. The Turks have a very large component of Asian genes, such that it is difficult to characterize them as Asian or Caucasian. I put them into Caucasian more on appearance than on anything else.

A Turkish Cypriot woman who seems to have a bit of an Asian phenotype. She also looks somewhat Slavic. Slavic phenotypes are very common in Turkey but most Turks do not wish to admit it due to age-old hostility between the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Slavic regions around it.


Heading north into Russia, it has long been known that Russians are part Asian. One can often note an Asiatic component in Russians. I had a Russian girlfriend once named Natasha who lived in the Bay Area. She had some slight Asiatic phenotypical traits.

A beautiful Russian woman. Unless I am hallucinating, I think I see some Asian eyes on her. She may also have the sparse and straighter body hair that some Russian women have. This is a classic Russian Slavic phenotype.


In the part of Russia called Novgorod Oblast, the Russians are 3% Asian and 7% Finn. The Oblast is in the western part of Russia near Latvia, Estonia, St Petersburg and Leningrad. Heading into Europe now, we are surprised to find that Czechs are 3% Asian.

Although Yugoslavians are Slavs just like Czechs, I am not aware of the amount of Asian genes in them, if any. Some say that Yugoslavs, especially Serbs, look very Mediterranean, but I am not so sure. I am not sure which part of Yugoslavia these young women are from, but they are wearing traditional costumes.

What amazed me was how similar these women looked in phenotype. Granted, they’ve all curled up their hair the same way and they are wearing the same costumes, but if you look closely at the first five women from the left, tell me I’m hallucinating when I see a common phenotype in their facial appearance. Anyone else see it?

That the Hungarians are part-Asian has long been noted. I am not sure about the exact numbers though.

Hungarians dressed in traditional costumes. Their Asian component is not large, but may be on the order of 7% or so. The Asian element comes from the Magyars, the original Hungarian tribe that was formed in the Caucasian-Asian melting pot or the Ural Mountains 3,000 years ago.


Both the Finns and Estonians are thought to have Asian genes and the Lapps surely do, but I believe they only have 7% Asian genes.

It often doesn’t take much Asian genes to affect the phenotype. One of the first things you notice is a sparseness of body hair and tendency of body hair to be more straight than kinky. Also, even at low gene levels, you often start seeing a bit of an epicathal fold in the eyes.


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Race, Gender and Masculinity/Femininity

Repost from the old site.

Steve Sailer got pilloried for saying what I will repeat and elaborate on below, but I really do think that he was onto something.

Truth is, men want a woman who is somewhat more feminine and women want a man who is somewhat more masculine.

White men think a lot of White women are bitches (too masculine), so they go for Asian women, who are relatively more feminine. White men avoid Black women, as they are even more masculine that White women.

A lot of White women think White guys are wimps, so they go for Black guys who are more masculine. An Asian guy is even more feminine than a White guy, so forget that.

Black women like Black men, since both are masculine. They think White guys are wimpy, and Asians are out of the question.

Black men want a woman who is more feminine, so they go for White women. Asians would be nice, but they are probably out of reach.

Asian women want a guy who is more masculine, so they go for a White guy. A Black guy is probably so overmasculine that he seems scary.

The losers in this game are Black women and Asian men, at least in the US. The above only applies to the US. In Asia, Asian men seem just fine because there are no White men to compare them too. In societies with few Blacks, White men may seem just fine to most White women. In Black societies, Black men come to appreciate Black women as there is no one to compare to.

There is actually some good evidence that all of the above is occurring. I am involved in a Yahoo group about romance fraud on the web. This group is swarming with White women who are hooking up with Black men. There is also good evidence that large numbers of Asian women are going for White guys.

Asian men are also extremely sexist (as their cultures dictate) so many Asian women think a White guy is going to treat them better.

Black men have told me that Black women think White guys are wimps, and my not-so-great experience dating Black women (Hopefully not to be repeated!) tells me the same thing. Black women are also the most cynical, manipulative and materialistic women I ever dated, but I’ve only dated a few.

I actually never considered Asian guys wimpy or feminine at all, since they have cultivated a culture of extreme sexism, contempt for homosexuality, and respect for classic masculine and male norms.

However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that many Asian women in the US are finding many Asian guys to be feminine (they are saying this because they now compare Asian men with White men, whereas in Asia there are only Asian men, so Asian guys seem fine). Asian men do lack body hair, etc. and probably have lower testosterone.

You can go to Asian nationalist sites in the US that are swarming with furious young single Asian men ranting about so many of their women dating White guys. They are also cultivating an image of masculinity, with lots of posts about Asian athletes and famous Asian warriors. They seem to want to date White women as a way to get even, or even get some period, so there are lots of posts about Asian guys and White women.

There also seems to be a tendency that the female goes for the more masculine guy, and then he treats her like crap. For instance, we have tons of stories of White women going for Black guys due to their being more masculine, and then the guy just refuses to work and lives off the woman, cheats on her and treats her like crap. She puts up with it because she wants a masculine man so badly.

We are also hearing of many Asian female – White male relationships where the same thing is going on – the White male refuses to work and just lives off the woman, cheats on her and treats her like crap. She puts up with it once again because she wants to be with a masculine man so much she will tolerate being mistreated.

It even works within races. I’m White, and since high school, I have been hearing nice guys wail about how women and girls won’t fuck them and even treat them like crap and how the biggest assholes who treat women like total shit have women coming out their ears. Women say they want a nice guy, but then they get with one, and his niceness seems wimpy to them, so they go for a more masculine guy who treats her poorly.

Obviously, there are a lot of folks for whom this stuff doesn’t apply, but I think that Sailer has hit on something here.


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Death to the H-1B Program

Repost from the old site.

90% of all computer jobs in the US are going to H-1B visa holders. To understand what an H-1B visa is, check out the essential Zazona website.

There is need for few, if any, H-1B jobs in the US.

We are allowing around 200,000-350,000 H-1B’s into the US every year, mostly from India to work in computers, but also in many other fields, such as school psychologist, long-haul truck driver and just about every job you could possibly imagine. Some of the jobs that have been filled via guest worker programs are

  • Accountants
  • Administrators
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Software Programmers
  • Computer Scientists
  • Any type of Engineer and Technician you could imagine
  • Research Associates
  • Scientists
  • Lawyers
  • Tax Analysts
  • Teachers
  • College Professors
  • Postdocs
  • Fellows
  • Sports Instructors
  • Physiologists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Med-Techs
  • Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Surgical and Dental Assistants
  • Fashion Models
  • Secretaries
  • Clerks
  • Architects
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Youth Counselors
  • Day Care Workers
  • Cashiers


This whole program and all of its various evil twins are about cheap labor and nothing else. There is no shortage of workers in any capacity in America.

Since 1990, the laws of economics have been overturned in the US. This coincides with the introduction of the H-1B program and its babies. Formerly, businesses hired when business was good and laid off when business was bad. In economics, that is called “normal”.

H-1B turned that upside down and introduced something called “churning”. This is where profitable businesses both massively fire and massively hire workers with no relationship at all to their profits.

This is what happens:

Suppose business at company A is going like gangbusters. Paradoxically, the company is laying off huge numbers of workers. At the same time, they are hiring huge numbers of workers to replace them.

What’s the catch? All of the fired workers are Americans. All of the hired workers are H-1B’s, mostly from India. This is churning, and it has been going on the US for 17 years now. Both parties support the H-1B madness to the absolute hilt!

Need to import agricultural and blue collar workers? Just get an H-2B or H-2A visa for them.

Need to import workers for your educational or government enterprise? Just get a J-1 visa for them.

Feel like importing Canadians or Mexicans for anything whatsoever? No problem, just get a TN (NAFTA) visa for them.

People wonder why those of us on the Left hated NAFTA and have opposed all of its attempted children. This is one excellent reason.
The fact that NAFTA caused a lowering of wages and a loss of jobs in the US, Canada and Mexico is yet another. It harmed workers and consumers in all three countries. The only people making out like bandits were businesses, in particular large businesses.

The Indian H-1B’s are all brought here on visas that are stipulated as “non-immigrant visas”. If they are not immigrants, what are they then? They are “guest workers”, that’s what they are!

The H-1B visa program quota fills up rapidly every year, leaving the US computer corporation liars screaming in paroxysms at Congress to raise the quota due to the “desperate job shortage”. But there is no desperate worker shortage in that field. There are more than enough Americans to fill every single one of these jobs. No one calls the liars on it. Not one newspaper or magazine, not one politician.

In the past 6 years, an incredible 2 million of America’s finest, our best and brightest, with years of education under their belts and the debts to show for it, have been tossed out on the streets like so much trash, replaced by inferior scabs from India.

I have heard stories like the one below before. Typically, the way H-1B works in a US computer corporation is this:

At first a few Indians are brought in. American workers are made, in abject humiliation, to train their replacements. This is akin to forcing a man to help his executioners prepare themselves for his own execution.

The opinion of most US tech workers is that these Indian tech workers are not very good. Most of them have been through a sleazy, corrupt 6-month program to get some “Masters of Computer Sciences Degree”. A 6-month degree, with no prerequisite, that costs a whole $40! A 3-week training course in India is dishonestly written up as 4 years of experience.

The Indian H-1B’s can’t cut it, so the Americans have to make up for them. Or the Indians start to wreck the shop with their incompetence, but the management could care less.

The Indian H-1B’s are almost all liars. They are some of the most dishonest people in this country. Show me an Indian H-1B, and I will show you a shameless, continuous, venal liar. Management knows they are lying all the time, but does not care.

Indian H-1B’s tell the US government and their employer that they have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and that they 4 years of experience. The government and the employer both know the H-1B is lying; it’s only a 6-month degree and he only had 3 weeks of experience, but neither cares.

An INS investigation of H-1B’s revealed outrageous levels of fraud – 47% of H-1B’s had faked credentials, experience or other essential facts. Most of the body shops are actually breaking the law via tax scams. This is one more way that American businesses cannot compete. Further, the body shops file the visa for one job and then resell the employee as contractors.

After a while, the management, for some reason, fires the American supervisor. An Indian supervisor is now brought in the supervise the American-Indian mixed workforce. The Indian supervisor, either acting on management’s order or through sheer ethnic chauvinism, begins to slowly fire all of the American workers.

He replaces them all with his Indian compatriots. Before they are terminated, each American is asked to train his Indian replacement. Most American workers training their replacements are shocked at how unqualified the Indian is for the job.

Whatever the motivations for this game, it smells like Indian ethnic warfare waged against non-Indian Americans through and through.

Indian H-1B’s, unlike most scabs, have a large public relations industry in back of them, flush with cash. This industry gets charged up every year, along with the computer corporation liars, to squawk about the hallucinatory worker shortage.

Further, the Indian H-1B’s themselves, being fairly intelligent, are known to pitch their case on the Net. Typically, the Indian liars say that any American who lost his job to an Indian scab is a “loser” who “could not cut it” and got fired to be replaced by his superior Indian replacement. He is urged to go out and hit the pavement in search of another job, no matter that 90% of them are reserved for foreign scabs.

The Indians below do not represent all Indians. The Indian H-1B scabs coming here are almost all Hindus from the upper castes. As such, they are the shock troops of the fascist Hindutva movement, since this movement appeals disproportionately to the upper castes.

These Indians either are part of the venal and wicked Indian ruling class, or they ally themselves with these parasites. At any rate, they see themselves as part of a racial and ethnic ruling class of India.

The Hindutva movement, like all ultranationalist rightwing movements, hates Western colonialism of their land. All India’s problems are blamed on India’s colonization by the British. In particular, Hinduism and especially the despicable caste system are upheld as the highest achievements of humanity1.

The movement is characterized by extreme hatred of Muslims and especially Muslim rule in India, which admittedly was not a picnic. The Hindutvas demand that Muslims apologize for the terror of their rule in India, but being Muslims, they never will, because Muslims never apologize for anything.

But the Hindutvas, like all ultranationalist fools, will never apologize for anything either. The hatred of the British, as you see below, extends to hatred of “the White man”, as these types refer to us.

When the British came to India, they were appalled at the sickening and backwards aspects of its “ancient and glorious” religion and culture.

They banned burning women on funeral pyres after their husbands’ death. They hated caste and campaigned against it. They pointed out the idiocy and backwardness of scientifically illiterate Indian “science”, demanded its removal from all Indian school texts and ordered that it be replaced by fact-based Western science.

They did impose English-language education, but that was more to kill the power of backwards Hindu religion infiltrating via language.

To the Dalits, the horribly persecuted dark-skinned “nigger” untouchables of South India, the British were a Godsend. To the Hindutvas, they were the worst thing that ever happened.

As you can see, and despite their colonial exploitation of India, the British did try to civilize the Indians. For this the Hindutvas will forever hate them.

The Hindutva scabs that currently infest out guest worker program are usually shockingly racist (by US White standard) towards our African Americans. About this, the US Left is utterly silent, because the only racism they care about is White racism. The Hindutvas have had lots of practice hating Blacks, with the centuries of ultra-Jim Crow the higher castes have been dealing out to their own Dalit “Blacks”.*

Sure, the Hindutvas call themselves Aryans. They even allied with Hitler during World War 2. In the 1930’s, the Nazis sent some of their fool racial scientists to India to research the early “Aryan” race. Except that Nazi Aryanism meant “German”. According to Nazi morons, Germanics were the original White people.

In truth, Whites probably came out of an 11,000 foot pass in the Pamir Mountains, Baroghil Pass, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, some 35,000 years ago, although this is highly controversial. One group went west to become the Caucasoids or Whites, another north and east to become the Mongoloids, or East Asians.

Baroghil Pass on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border – birthplace of the White Race? DNA studies suggest that a group left here 35,000 years ago. One group went east and became the Mongoloids or East Asians. Another went west to become the Caucasians or Whites.

To this day, there are many blond, blue-eyed natives in this area whose presence is pretty much unexplained. One group is called the Kalash. These pagans are said to be related to Alexander the Great’s army, but others say that connection is fanciful. They may go back much further than that.

A clearly 100% Caucasian Kalash woman from Pakistan, south of Chitral. Leftovers from Alexander the Great’s army, or remnants of the first Whites from antiquity?

One model of the origin of the East Asians and Whites shows both of them coming out the Middle East. I favor an alternate model that has them coming out of northern Pakistan. I also wonder what evidence there is for proto-Amerindians crossing the Pacific Ocean to come to America 13,000 years ago?

The hatred of “Whitey” seen in many Indians comes from ruling class, upper caste and ultra-racist Hindutvas. So, most Indians don’t really hate Whites at all, and Dalits may even love Whites – many Dalits loved the British. It’s more of an Indian ruling class hatred for the colonizer who shamed them and tried to take away their stupid, evil and insanely racist caste customs.

I do not think there is any way under democracy to uproot India’s wicked caste system since it is so deeply entrenched. The only way is a complete revolution, possibly a Maoist one. As Indian capitalism kills at least 4 million Indians every year, I figure any system that kills a lot less than that is pretty much worth it.

For this reason, I support India’s Maoist revolutionaries, fanatics though they are. Killing 4 million people a year is already extreme. Perhaps that necessitates an extreme response.

The article below, written by Simon Jones, originally appeared on the NewsBlaze website. The article:

After responding recently to articles about the Indian invasion of America, I was finally encouraged to write an article about my experiences in the high-tech industry. Because of severance agreements, the names of my former company and former coworkers have been changed or omitted.

I am a computer programmer, and have been for 15 years. I worked for a company in California for 6 years, and I was the director of one of the R&D projects.

About a year ago, most of the other American employees and I were fired and replaced with people from India on H-1B and L-1 visas. The people from India were making only a fraction of what we Americans were making. I was making $110K a year; my replacement, $37K. The people under me were making about $75K; their replacements, about $29K.

To keep my severance pay, I was required to stay on for an additional six months (after the other Americans were fired) to train the replacements. This was probably the most humiliating experience of my life.

What I describe above is happening now every day.

Many of my friends in high-tech have also recently been fired and are being replaced with cheap imported labor from India or China. Microsoft says there is a “high-tech shortage,” which is a lie. Almost every American programmer I know is now unemployed and has been replaced by a cheap import. There is no “shortage.” Big business only wants more cheap labor.

But the story only gets better…

You would think that the Indians would be appreciative of being allowed to work in the United States, but this was very far from the case. Most of their conversations involved extreme hatred of America, Americans, and anyone of European descent.

Here are some examples of their daily conversations:

– Indians are the real “Aryans.” The Human Genome Project shows that Indians are closely related to Africans. Thus Indians and Africans are the real “Aryans.”

– All people of European descent (i.e. all whites) must be exterminated.

– Blond hair and blue eyes are inferior traits. By the year 2090, all people with blond hair and blue eyes will either be bred or executed out of existence.

– One day India will invade and take over. It is India’s destiny to rule over Whites.

– Christianity is a disease that can only be cured with a bullet.

– Although most of the Indians were Hindu, a few were Muslim, and they were quite openly fond of Bin Laden.

The Hindus, however, seemed to hate white Americans just as much as if not more than the Muslims. On this they could agree.

And then there is the story about Praveen.

Praveen, a Hindu from Northern India, was often very “touchy” with me and the other Americans. He was always shaking our hands and patting us on the backs. I noticed too that after touching me he often left “red marks” on my clothes, and on others’ clothes.

There was also a break room that only a few Americans frequented. (Indians never visited it.) And Praveen was always in there tampering with the coffee machine.

After seeing him one day pricking himself with a safety pin to make himself bleed, it all came together. He was trying to transmit his blood to others – either by direct contact or by putting it in the coffee machine.

I heard that he was HIV+ and was trying to transmit it to the Americans.

Praveen went back to India shortly after that, so no criminal action was able to be taken. But a few of the other Indians did transmit HIV to a couple of the American women – and seemed very proud of it.

Management of the company was informed of this, but they did very little to look into it. When I told our CEO that I suspected that the Indians were spreading HIV around the workers, he called me a “racist” and told me to be quiet.

I’m sure he was aware of what was going on – but simply did not care. Cheap labor is cheap labor, that that is the bottom line for big business.

The only loyalty of big business is profit, and they could care less about American workers, American values, or the well-being of the United States.

And what about the future of America?

Are we going to auction off every American job to low-paid imports until there are no good American jobs left? Are we going to let third-world hordes take over our high-tech sector until not a single American is left in any important position?

The only effective and patriotic way to stop this is by massive deportations of all the cheap labor from India and China. Otherwise, with the help of big business, we are well on our way to becoming a third-world country.

*My condemnation of Hindutva Indian ultra-racists is not coming from a White nationalist POV. Instead, it is coming from an anti-racist universalist POV that condemns all ethnic chauvinism and racism, including Black, Hispanic, Indian and Arab racism, to name a few.

It is no accident that the strongest allies of Hindutva are the quasi-fascist neoconservatives in the US and the Judeo-fascist criminals currently decamping in Palestine. Their discourse and abusive, obnoxious, belligerent and bullying mentality is much the same as Jewish radical nationalist Zionists.


1.The relationship of Hindutva to caste is very complex. Some of the movement’s leaders were against the persecution of the Dalits, but in India today, almost all upper caste Indians are strong supporters of, or at least apologists for, the caste system (my observation).

My personal experience with Indians in India who are even slightly sympathetic to Hindutva shows that almost all of them support caste-ism in one way or another.

Typically, they either deny that there is a caste problem in India (all the castes get on just fine), deny anti-Dalit violence, claim that the real problem is reverse discrimination by Dalits, that caste is not really a bad thing at all and in fact is what has made India great, that the Dalits are happy in their lot (cf: US Southerners notion that the slaves were happy in the fields), etc.

It goes without saying that the Indians in the story above are Hindutvas (note their Indian supremacism, their hatred of Whites and Christianity, etc.).

The experience of Americans working with Hindu immigrants is that almost all of them are from upper castes or the Indian middle and upper classes. Our experience has been that a huge number of these Indians are strong supporters of caste-ism, in fact, they have committed the serious crime of infecting America with their sickening system.

Our observation is that these same Indians in the US almost all hate US Blacks and at the same time hate the Dalits of India, whatever concessions Hindutva theory makes to anti-caste-ism. In India today, the upper castes who engage in massive anti-Dalit violence are often supporters of rightwing Hindutva movements.

Those wanting to allow more and more Indian Hindus to immigrate to the US need to consider how many of them are bringing their sickening and wicked caste ideology to our land.

I suggest a screening process for Indian immigrants to see to what extent they believe in caste. Those who show strong support for it should be banned from the US. Further, support for caste-ism could be a reason to deport Indian immigrants from the US. The US doesn’t need caste!

For more on the highly complex, and, as is typical for fascists, extremely dishonest Hindutva discourse on caste, see here, here and here. This article in particular is insightful.


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Asian Crime Rates: A Lesson in Mathematics

Repost from the old site.

Since most folks are downright illiterate when it comes to math, it’s time for a little math lesson. One type of factoid that seems to continually ensnare Americans is the “Y number of people are killed by X type of people per year”, game.

It stands to reason that if all of X people group is locked up or kicked out of the country, Y # of the people’s lives will be saved. I am no fan at all of illegal immigration, but I do not like fake arguments either. A fave argument of the anti-illegal crowd is this (scroll down to see the comment):

Every year over 9000 (three times the number killed on 9/11) Americans are killed by invading Hispanic illegals (primarily Mexicans). This is also far more Americans killed on American soil than have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the start of the invasions.I’m not aware of any Americans killed in America every year by Iraqis or Afghanis, are you?

So I ask you, which of the countries I’ve mentioned above is America’s greatest enemy and responsible for the greatest numbers of American civilian deaths? I’m talking women and children as well as men.

As you can see, this argument sounds pretty powerful, and it may well be true, I have no idea, though the figures seem awfully high to me. How can 12-20 million illegals possibly kill 9,000 Americans per year? That is 25 Americans killed by illegals every single day here. Don’t you think this would be all over the papers?

But there is a way that all such articles are potentially red herrings. For instance, suppose that we could prove that Asian-Americans and Asian immigrants, legal and illegal, are responsible for X number of crimes or X number of homicides per year. The argument would say that if these Asians did not live in the US, those lives would be saved or those crimes would not have occurred.

And this much is true. But in all cases, someone else would have been killed or victimized instead. The truth is that the crime rate in the US would actually increase if all Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans were deported. The lives of some murder victims would be saved, but even more would be murdered as a result of the deportation.

Some would be saved from being crime victims, but even more other people would be victimized in their stead.

You are sitting here thinking, how does this make any sense at all? Well, it has to do with averages. Asians in the US have a crime rate that is fully more than 4 times lower than the White crime rate, which itself is already quite low.

Therefore, as the percentage of population that is Asian increases, the US crime rate will decrease, even if the increased population creates new victims as a consequence of sheer numbers. As the percentage of the US population that is Asian decreases, the US crime rate will increase, even with fewer people in the country.

Because what we are looking at here are not individual crime cases, but instead we are looking at crime rates as a whole. And this is really the only thing that you should concern yourself with if you are worried about becoming a crime victim.

The 4 times lower crime rate applies to all US Asians, who make up about 3% of the population. It even includes Filipinos, who make up 1% of the US population.

This is interesting because some consider Filipinos to be a crime-prone race compared to the rest of Asians. Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are well-known for looking down on Filipinos as not being real Asians. Phrases like the “niggers of Asia” are even tossed around. In Japan, there are signs outside establishments saying, “No Filipinos Allowed”*.

This despite the fact that there are many Koreans in the Philippines studying English.

Or that Chinese, 2% of the Philippines population, control an incredible 70% of the wealth in the nation. Indonesia has similar obscene figures for their tiny Chinese population. No wonder there are periodic pogroms against the Chinese in Philippines and Indonesia. There was a similar situation in Vietnam with the overseas Chinese, as they are known, and consequently many Vietnamese do not like Chinese much at all.

The low Asian crime rate also includes US Filipino, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian and Hmong street gangs, the bane of US anti-immigrant groups. Apparently the crime rates of these gangs are dramatically offset by the extremely low crime rates of older members of these groups who are not in gangs.

So, the slow displacement of US Whites by Asian immigrants, while not pleasant for US Whites in many ways, will actually make the US a safer place to live, all other things being equal.

*Warning: Racist website.


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More Nordicist and White Nationalist Insanity

We have a Nordicist in our comments section, posting on the thread about racial decline in Egypt.

According to most of these guys, race-mixing, in and of itself and independent of the stocks being mixed, causing automatic degeneration of any populations subjected to such mixing. This is obvious nonsense. In a region where a lesser stock exists, mixing via invasion or migration with a better stock with improve the overall quality of the stock. Race mixing can go either way depending on the stocks being mixed.

Ask any animal or plant breeder if mixing stocks causing automatic and immediate degeneration of the stocks involved. All animal husbandry and agriculture is based on “race-mixing” of various stocks to produce this or that breed.

Examples are given of “mongrelized” stocks such as in North Africa, the Arab World, Central Asia and South Asia. First of all, there’s not a lot of evidence that these stocks are any more mongrelized than anybody else, and there’s no evidence that race mixing caused any kind of stock decline over the years. Hell, it may well have improved matters. As I said, mixing can go one one way or the other. Were North Africans, Arabs and Central and South Asians really so superior before they got racially mixed? The evidence for this is about zero.

This commenter also pointed out some other White nationalist and Nordicist lies.

One is the age-old lie that ancient Greeks and Romans were Nordic Whites and that the declines of these empires occurred slowly over time as they got mixed with more and more “niggerish” (mixed with Black, Arab and Berber) genes. There’s little to no evidence for this. The ancient Romans were just Italians. The present day Italians are descendants of the Romans. The ancient Greeks were just Greeks. Present day Greeks are the descendants of the ancients.

Whether or not racial decline occurred in Egypt or not is up for grabs. Ancient Egypt was about 9% Black genetically. Modern Egyptians are about 20% Black. Between the time of ancient Egypt and modern Egypt, the Black % has about doubled. There are zero anthropologists who suggest that race mixing caused the decline of Egyptian Empire.

Further, ancient Egyptians were not really European Whites. They were Arabids and Berberids, the same “niggerish” stocks that supposedly caused the collapse of Rome and Greece!

The Egyptian Empire started in 3150 BC and lasted until 60 BC. Decline began to set in around 600 BC or so, about 80% of the way through the history of the empire. It progressed during the time of Alexander in 300 BC and by the time the Romans conquered, the Empire was on its last legs.

The same commenter says that North America used to be populated by Whites called Solutreans 20,000 YBP. There is zero evidence that these “Whites” in Europe ever made it to North America, and anyway, no one knows if Europeans of 20,000 YBP looked like Whites. Europeans of 30,000 YBP looked more like the Amerindians of the Washington State coast than any other race.

Supposedly, Asiatics in the form of Amerindians came across the Bering Strait and genocided the Whites of North America. This theory has interesting implications. It implies that North America is White land, not Indian land, and that Indians are not the natives and that they have no right to be here, completely the obverse of the standard narrative of Indians as natives and Whites as invaders and usurpers.

This commenter also holds that the ancient Polynesians were Whites called “the Lapita people.” Later on, the Polynesians “sea-niggers” showed up and genocided the ancient Whites. This theory appears to be utter nonsense. The Lapita came from Taiwan and were some of the greatest mariners who ever lived. They became the Filipinos, Indonesians, Polynesians, Micronesians and Melanesians.

The story of the racial decline of Portugal has been discussed previously on this site. First of all, we need to realize that most WN’s are Nordicists who think that Southern Europeans are non-Whites because they are Whites who have mixed with “niggerish” types like Blacks, Berbers and Arabs.

The notion is that Portugal was once a great White country = Nordic country. This follows from the north of Portugal, Lusitania, having Celtic roots. Over time, the niggerish genes moved in, and Portugal declined.

But the timeline is all messed up. The Black genes probably came in during the Roman Empire and not later. The Arab and Berber genes came in during the Arab conquest of Iberia, but this was before Portugal was a great power, not after. After Portugal became a great power, there were few to no Berber, Arab or Black genes added to the stock. The decline of Portugal followed logically from the decline of all colonial European powers, and race had nothing to do with it.


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Racial Decline Did Not Cause the Decline of Egypt

Shawn, a White nationalist, says:

Did you know that intermixing caused the fall of Egypt, too? I just got back from Egypt recently. I was there Jan 13-24, just before the revolution. The first Dynasties had pharaohs that were White. Ramses II, for example, had red hair and a projecting nose. Later dynasties were shaped by racial mixing which lead to their lack of development over time.

This is probably one of the ugliest White nationalist lies out there. It holds that “race-mixing” of Whites with non-Whites (Blacks) caused the decline of the Egyptian empire. There’s apparently nothing to it. The ancient Egyptians were not “Whites,” they were just Egyptians.

The genes of the ancient Egyptians look remarkably similar to the genes of modern Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians were said to be about 91% Caucasian and 9% Black, and modern Egyptians are approximately the same. Nubians of the South are Blacker, but that was always a separate kingdom anyway.

There is no evidence for long, slow decline of the Pharaohs. The Empire did spectacularly well for millenia. At the very end, things started to go downhill, but shortly before, they had been ruled by some very White Greek peoples in the form of Macedonians. As the empire was falling apart, its decrepit nature allowed it to be invaded by Blacks from Nubia, and there were some Black rulers of the declining empire there at the end. The invading Blacks did not cause the collapse of the empire either, another common WN line, instead, they were symptomatic of it’s collapse, which was indigenous and not related to invasions.

Sure, ancient Egyptians looked a bit different from modern ones, but they were not exactly “Whites.” They were olive-skinned Arabid-Berberid types.

Racial and genetic continuity from ancient times to the present among Egyptians is a constant theme in such research; it’s not even controversial anymore. I guess WN’s never got the memo.

WN’s also have some other lies about “race-mixing.” Supposedly, race mixing caused the ruin of India. There are lighter people in the North, probably recent immigrants, and darker Dravidian types in the South. Yes, they have mixed together, but there’s no evidence that such mixing caused racial degeneration of the people there. Keep in mind that mixing could just as easily raise the quality of a stock as lower it. Ask any animal breeder.

Another lie concerns Portugal. Supposedly, Portugal was a great White country for many centuries and a major colonial power. At some point, they done important some niggers, and the niggers bred in with the wonderful Lusitanians and degenerated them. What followed was the degeneration of Portugal’s status as a great power.

First of all, Portuguese only have about 4% Black genes. That’s not enough to do much to the stock racially good or bad. Second, those genes go back to a very long time ago, probably to the time of the Moorish invasion in the 700’s. Third, there’s no evidence that Portugal’s relative decline as a colonial power was caused by race.

Most colonial powers declined after time. Spain handed the ball England after the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Britain ruled the high seas until they were supplanted as a power by the Nazis military, in particular, their Air Force. Empires rise and fall as regularly as the sun does. That’s not news to anyone.



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The Origins of R1a1 Clade and Indo-European

An Out of India theory for the Indo-European languages arose in the 19th Century, but cold water was quickly poured on it, as archeology and linguistics does not support it in the slightest. Recently however, Out of India nuts, most of whom, other than the Indian archeologist Lal, are Indian nationalist and Hindutva ideologues, have focused on genetics.

In particular, they have focused on the R1a1 marker. Recent studies, in particular this paper, have suggested an Indian origin for R1a1. It is true that R1a1 is a marker for Indo-European. However, the time depth for the origin of R1a1 is about 18,000 years. It originated in an area bounded by southern Siberia near Omsk in the north and southern Pakistan in the south. This area includes Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Southern Russia. It may also include northern India.

The linked paper states that R1a1 arose in the Central Asian steppes and South Asia 18,000 YBP. That is far earlier than the earliest time depth for Indo-European, which is ~8,000 years old and has its homeland probably in Anatolia, certainly not in India.

R1a1 arose in the Central-South Asian region long ago. At some point, some of them moved out to the region of Southern Russia where the Kurgan Culture took hold. There was probably a back movement of these folks south to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Stans and India in the form of Indo-Aryan speakers about 3,500 years ago.

The homeland of the Indo-Aryan speakers is in far northwest Kazakhstan and neighboring regions of Russia near the far southeast end of the Urals and is dated to 4,500-5,000 YBP.

It is probably from this region that the R1a1 found in the Slavic regions originated.

The new genetic evidence is completely in accord for southern Russian homeland for IE and adds no weight whatsoever to the Out of India theory, since the clade originated far before I-E even existed in the pre-IE era.


Mirabal et al. 2009. “Y-Chromosome distribution within the geolinguistic landscape of northwestern Russia”, European Journal of Human Genetics 17: 1260–1273


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Why Are Indians So Nutty and Hypersensitive About the Aryan Theory and Indo-European?

Dirty Bull asks:

Just why are Indians so obsessed with race and bloodlines?
And why do they insist on lying through their teeth to the point of ridiculousness?

Aryan/Dravidian divide is a very touchy subject obviously, it seems like some people just cannot handle the truth of the matter (ie ‘white’ Aryans conquered and subjugated ‘black’ Dravidians who hence were demoted to lower castes).

Exactly Dirty Bull. Indians hate, hate, hate the White man! This is particularly true of the upper castes and the Brahmin types. The hatred of the White man is generally the result of British colonialism. I’m not sure why the upper castes are the most furious about colonization. Maybe someone can answer that for me?

The notion is that “we had the greatest society, civilization and economy on Earth until the evil Whites came and destroyed everything.” In truth, they didn’t have the greatest anything. If you think India is a shithole now, you should have seen it when the British showed up. Europe was a halfway civilized place when the British colonization of India got underway in 1856.

The British were utterly appalled at cruelty, brutality and callousness of Indian society. Life in India was short, nasty and brutish indeed. They quickly set about outlawing things like “suttee” where the widow has to set herself on fire after he husband dies. The British basically said, “Look, if you want to do this shit while we are not in charge here, no problem. But we are in charge now, and we are not going to tolerate this nonsense.”

Indian nationalists are still mad about the banning of suttee and offer various apologies for it. The truth is that without a man, a woman in India was zero. Before marriage, she was owned by her family. After marriage, she was the property of her husband’s family. After he died, she had no one to take care of her, and no one wanted to take care of her, not even her own family! So to get rid of the human garbage in the form of this widow, the charming custom of suttee was developed.

The Aryan Theory means that “our history did not come from India, but it came from the White man.” Hence the Aryans must have come from India itself.

Further, the Aryans brought some of the most sophisticated and revered aspects of Indian culture. They wrote the Rig Veda and they brought Hinduism and caste. The fact that “the White man” wrote their finest books, created their great religion and invented their lovely caste structure is too much for these nuts to bear.

Truth be told, the low castes love the Aryan Theory of Whiter Aryans subjugating the darker folks.

It’s the whiter high castes who reject a “European” or Indo-European origin for themselves. The ancestral Indo-Aryans were not really “Europeans” anyway. Were they “the White man?” Who knows? Depends on how you define that term. They came from far northwestern Kazakhstan and the neighboring regions of Russia – the central Asian steppes. Are the Kazakhs and the people of the steppes “the White man?” Are they Europeans? You tell me.

Nevertheless, everyone’s history came from outside. Name one country in Europe whose history did not come from outside.

The homeland of the Semitic language is in Ethiopia.

The Indo-European languages came from Turkey.

Even the ancient Native Americans came from Siberia.

The Polynesians, Filipinos and Indonesians  came from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese themselves came from coastal China.

The Indonesians also came from Southern China.

All of SE Asia originated in Southern China.

The Japanese came from Thailand and Korea.

The Koreans came from Mongolia.

The Berbers probably came from Southern Europe.

The Bantus all came from southeast Nigeria and Cameroon.

The Iranians came from the Middle East and the steppes to the north.

The Afghans came from the steppes.

The Tibetans came from the north of China.

Even the Aborigines came from Thailand and Southern India.

People of Madagascar came from Indonesia.

People from the Caucasus tend to have genes from Iran and Turkey.

European Jews came from the Middle East and ultimately Anatolia.

And on and on and on and on. Why must all of the Indian people, culture, history, civilization, etc. be indigenous when no one else’s is?


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“Out of India” Idiots: More on Indo-European Genes

From Wikipedia:

The virtual absence of India-specific mtDNA haplogroups outside of India precludes a large scale population movement out of India.[75] Tracing a possible “out of India” migration therefore focuses on Y-chromosome haplogroups.The Y-chromosome haplogroup R2 is characterized by genetic marker M124, and is rarely found outside India, Pakistan, Iran, and southern Central Asia. Outside of southern Eurasia, M124 was found at an unusually high frequency of 0.440 among the Kurmanji of Georgia, but at a much lower frequency of only 0.080 among the Kurmanji of Turkmenistan.

The M124 frequency of 0.158 found among Chechens may be unrepresentative because it was derived from a sample size of only 19 Chechens. Outside of these populations and the Romani people, M124 is not found in Eastern Europe.

The spread of the Indo-European languages is associated with Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a1, which is identified with genetic marker M17. Kivisild et al. (2003) “suggests that southern and western Asia might be the source of this haplogroup”. However, the Genographic Project conducted by the National Geographic Society states that M17 arose “in the region of present-day Ukraine or southern Russia.”

Geneticist and anthropologist Spencer Wells states that “The Aryans came from outside India. We actually have genetic evidence for that. Very clear genetic evidence from a marker that arose on the southern steppes of Russia and the Ukraine around 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. And it subsequently spread to the east and south through Central Asia reaching India.” M17 “shows that there was a massive genetic influx into India from the steppes within the past 10,000 years. Taken with the archaeological data, we can say that the old hypothesis of an invasion of people – not merely their language – from the steppe appears to be true.”

There you have it. I really don’t care if IE came out of India – I am quite happy that Northern Indians are related to me – but it’s just not true that IE came out of India.

It’s interesting that only nutty Indians seem to have bought into this particular idiot theory, but given its anti-White presumptions, one would expect that the entire non-White crowd susceptible to CRT anti-White crap would be susceptible to this at some point. Any anti-White theory holds possible weight with anti-White non-Whites (of whom there are 100’s of millions).

Yeah! Europeans came from India! D’oh!

Actually, some of the Europeans came from Kazakhstan. Is that any better? Oh no. Fuck the Kazakhs. They don’t have a huge nationalist movement based on inferiority and grievances to back them up. Europeans have to come from India! The great Bharat! The source of all human civilization, continuing to this very day, exemplified by that woman shitting on the sidewalk up ahead where you’re going to be walking.

Jai Hind! Glory to Bharat!



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