The Smallpox-infected Blankets

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Oh, how the American Indians love this story! I’ve heard it endlessly.

Did you know that the US gave these evil blankets to Indians all over the country, even here in California? Or Hudson Bay traders gave them to Indians in Canada? That those blankets wiped out “generations” of Indians? That the US gave them out to reservation Indians in the 1800’s? That Puritans gave out the blankets to Massachusetts Indians?

Neither did I.

Ward Churchill said the US Army gave Indians them diseased blankets. He lied, and he should have known better.

It’s always nice to track down a myth, or is it really a myth?

So let’s track it down.

Turns out, Americans never gave smallpox blankets to any Indians anywhere at anytime. Not the government, not the Army, not anyone. So we are absolved on that one. The incident in question occurred in 1763, before there even was a USA, before there even were Americans. And American colonists (pre-Americans) didn’t do it either. It was the British that done the deed, and the one man who is always accused of doing it never even did it.

Further, it was in the midst of a horrible and genocidal war (on both sides) called Pontiac’s Rebellion, which occurred around the Great Lakes area during this time.

This was really a followup to the French and Indian War, with which the rebellion is often incorrectly associated. In the aftermath of that war, the area which had been ruled by the French was now ruled by the British. And the Indians, far from reflexively hating every White man around, had previously adjusted well to French rule and were angry about now being ruled by the British.

The Indians hated the deal they were getting from the British, who were treating the Indians very poorly. There were only a few colonial settlers around at this time.

The Indian goal in the war was to get the French back so they could live under French rule rather than British rule. Towards the end of the war, they may have even wanted freedom.

But freedom for Indians was never going to work out, at least in the short term, because they were stupid. Stupid? Yes, which is why in the mid-1700’s, when the civilized world was starting to get themselves a country or something like a country (monarchical empires), no way could the American Indians have made one.

Why? Because they were so stupid that they had endless deadly blood feuds with most of the surrounding tribes such that they spent way more time fighting and killing each other than they did the White man. Any country they would have gotten would have fallen immediately into mad civil war, with no adults around to sort it out and send one to one room and another to the other.

If you ever find any of those old adolescent novels about the settling of the pre-US Upper Midwest and Appalachia (forget the name), they are a great read. I spent my early adolescence at the library reading those books.

It’s interesting that in the mid-1700’s, these Indians were well-supplied with firearms. They didn’t invent any firearms, but they were smart enough to figure out their great value as weapons quickly, and they even got to the point where they were expert gunsmiths – experts at stocks, barrels and even gunpowder and pellets.

The Whites were selling and giving the Indians good quantities of muskets, pellets and gunpowder in this part of the colonial US at this time, but the stupid Indians were mostly using the firearms to kill their Indian enemies rather than to fight the Whites. This situation went on for decades in the US and seriously hampered the Indians’ anti-colonial wars of national liberation against the White invaders.

In Pontiac’s War, they added firearms to knives, hatchets (not a bad weapon), bow and arrow, flaming bow and arrow and even rocks and clubs. They ingeniously sawed off their muskets into sawed-off shotgun-type muskets so they could hide them under their blankets.

The Indians were horrible and vicious in the course of this war, and the British were too. But it was the British who were really getting pounded. Whole forts were being overwhelmed by 300-strong Indian armies, and after the storming, the Indians would kill everyone in the place, soldiers, women, kids, anyone.

The Indians were raiding towns, settlements and schools and killing every White they could find. These were some of the most hard-ass Indians in the history of the Indian Wars. Further, the Indians actually made an alliance of many tribes living in the area during this war, which is incredible, since the Indians usually hated their neighbors so much they would not even ally with them to fight the Whites.

In the course of the Pontiac Rebellion, a famous British general named Lord Jeffrey Amherst wrote a letter to his subordinate among the besieged British troops in one of the forts suggesting that they give the Indians smallpox-infected blankets. Turns out that this had already been done by that very subordinate. Simeon Ecuyer, the Swiss-born British officer in command of Fort Pitt, was the man who did it.

Although we do not know how the plan worked out, modern medicine suggests that it could not possibly have succeeded. Smallpox dies in several minutes outside of the human body. So obviously if those blankets had smallpox germs in them, they were dead smallpox germs. Dead smallpox germs don’t transmit smallpox.

In addition to the apparent scientific impossibility of disease transmission, there is no evidence that any Indians got sick from the blankets, not that they could have anyway. The two Delaware chiefs who personally received the blankets were in good health later. The smallpox epidemic that was sweeping the attacking Indians during this war started before the incident. The Indians themselves said that they were getting smallpox by attacking settler villages infected with smallpox and then bringing it back to their villages.

So, it’s certain that one British commander (British – not even an American, mind you), and not even the one usually accused, did give Indians what he mistakenly thought were smallpox-infected blankets in the course of a war that was genocidal on both sides.

Keep in mind that the men who did this were in their forts, cut off from all supplies and reinforcements, facing an army of genocidal Indians who were more numerous and better armed than they were, Indians who were given to killing all defenders whether they surrendered or not.

If a fort was overwhelmed, all Whites would be immediately killed, except for a few who were taken prisoner by the Indians so they could take them back to the Indian villages to have some fun with them. The fun consisted of slowly torturing the men to death over a 1-2 day period while the women and children watched, laughed and mocked the helpless captives.  So, these guys were facing, if not certain death, something pretty close to that.

And no one knows if any Indians at all died from the smallpox blankets (and modern science apparently says no one could have died anyway). I say the plan probably didn’t even work and almost certainly didn’t kill any of the targeted Indians, much less 50% of them. Yes, the myth says that Amherst’s germ warfare blankets killed 50% of the attacking Indians!

Another example of a big fat myth/legend/historical incident, that, once you cut it open – well, there’s nothing much there.

The tactics in this war were downright terrifying. At one point the city of Detroit itself was surrounded and besieged for weeks on end.

Pontiac was a master tactician, and the history of the war is full of all sorts of evil acts of deception. Fake peace treaties and fake peace delegations. Devious Indian women working as undercover spies for both sides. Indian mistresses tipping off their White lovers to Indian attacks. And the converse, Indian undercover female agents, disguised as workers in the forts, secretly letting the Indians in to massacre the Whites, and Indian mistresses deviously leading their White officer-lovers and the soldiers under them to their deaths.

It took forever for the British to resupply the forts, and many reinforcement missions were ambushed and annihilated by Pontiac’s men. It was not a good time to be White in the Great Lakes region, no sir.

At the end of the day, no one won the war, neither the Indians nor the British.

The Indians had foolishly allowed themselves to become dependent on the fickle Whites for gunpowder and pellets, which the Indians quickly ran out of when the Whites wisely quit supplying them during the hostilities.

Lesson: don’t buy your war supplies from the enemy. When war breaks out, he’ll cut you off.

A little-known aspect of US colonial history.

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    • Nikki


      • lynn BIsson

        Am an old white gal, but native Canadian in my heart! Have cheered for the native Americans, US and Canadian since I was young… It’s a sad commentary on our nations that idiots such as the one who wrote this rant exist!

      • doug

        anyone with more than a public indoctrination education knows the “small pox blankets” were a myth.

      • Stormy

        Whoa, Custer….I don’t think writing is your strong suit. You might wanna find a more suitable hobby like shutting the fuck up and keeping your lame ignorant ass opinions to yourself.

      • Philip Schipsi

        Wow! Aren’t you hateful. What’s the problem? Late welfare check?

      • I hope you didn’t smear your war paint with that rant but the thinking of the Native American did not go beyond than wiping out the other guy’s sacred hoop. Family feud and no allies is what subjugated the Native American Tribes. In other words their stupidity and arrogance is what got them


        Dear Nikki,
        I am the daughter of an Irishman and believe what you say. They also did heinous things to Catholics in Britain from around 1520 until they entirely suppressed the religion until the early 1820’s. In addition they took Irish trees to make their ships so that the hillsides are bare in many places. However, I’m suspicious about premeditated smallpox infection. Read about the village of Eyam in Derbyshire, England. Some bad news and now some very good news derives from the Great Plague deaths that occurred there in the sixteenth century. Here is some of the story from PBS:
        The plague arrived in this village from London by way of a bolt of cloth. It smelled damp so the tailor spread it out in his warm kitchen – thus letting the fleas out. Not having rats to feed on they turned on humans. The family and their employees were wiped out very quickly. I wonder how they know, definitively, that it was smallpox that killed Native Americans?Bubonic plague also causes ulcerative skin lesions. Small pox is an airborne virus.
        The good news out of Eyam, is that survivors are resistant to HIV. This seems to explain the higher mortality among people of African descent who do not have the immunity. Read also, the heroic story of Stephen Crohn who did not get AIDS, though he reportedly, engaged in high risk behavior


        …Therefore, they also gave smallpox to people who already had smallpox in a way that it is impossible to give smallpox to people? Aren’t the actual, physically plausible atrocities enough? Your ludicrous mythical atrocity is so precious that someone who questions it should be killed and have their corpse mutilated?

      • snowisfun

        What I can’t understand is why Nikki wants to have sex with people she hates using F Word. Nikki must be smoking too many drugs-drug junkyism high amongst Injuns and Nikki is high on her peyote or other drugs. It would not surprise me if Nikki abuses children as American Indians have higher child abuse rates on reservations. But thoughts.

        I used repeat politically safe view ‘this land was taken from the American Indians’ but after thinking about it, I understood that the topic is more complicated & selectiveness in this critique. Yes, -Wars were used to get land from American Indians or Native Americans. But even many American Indians or Native Americans are not Native in that they got their land by wars against other Native Americans. Incidentally to say an American Indian tribe such as Cherokees own all of USA is like saying China owns all of Asia. But difference between Whites and American Indians is that Whites had better weapons & transportation. Honestly, American Indian tribes would have done the same thing if they had the same technology.

        If tribes such as the Aztecs had ships and guns, they would have conquered Africa, Europe & Asia. Aztecs conquered other Indian tribes in Mexico based on science and techonology known to them & Aztecs fighting for this. Incas conquered 20 other Native American tribes (2,500 miles in South America) in wars based on science and technology known to them & Incas willing to fight for it. Again American Indians used wars to get land when they wanted it & were proud winners but when they lost the lands by wars, they were sore losers.

        My critique are views of American Indian groups such as A.I.M. in that they have no problem when American Indians killed eachother for land during wars but only complain when American Indians lost their lands in wars. A.I.M. think it’s OK when American Indian tribes such as Aztecs got their land by wars against other tribe and Aztecs (to lesser extent Incas and Mayans) having human sacrifices, but complain about los conquistadores. Selective complaint view by A.I.M. is what I can not accept.

        I believe in democracy and oppose discrimination and support = chances for all ethnic groups. If an American Indian has talent to become an engineer, physicist, then they should get the job. If an American Indian commits a crime or is a crime victim, then there must be = justice. I oppose discrimination. I listen to broadcasts by an American Indian Christian woman Linda P. Harvey (part Cherokee) because what she says is right (I’m not Christian but I like what she says) and she has critiqued the political safeness on the part of American Indian groups.

        But complaining about what happened in the 1800s and blaming what happened in past for todays problems is dumb. Slavery’s wrong but I’m not going to complain about something which was abolished long ago. People who are drunkards and junkies got that way because they chose to get drunk, high. The American Indians who are drunkards, junkies are that way because they chose to get drunk, high and it’s dumb to blame the 1800s for what’s happening today is wrong. Anyhow, I’ve thought about this topic. Truth about American Indians and Europeans is that both sides used wars and there was greed on both sides. Yet American Indians groups such as A.I.M. only condemn when the Whites did it but think it’s OK when American Indians did it to eachother and I can’t accept that view. It also gets old and dull to hear American Indians or Native American groups like A.I.M. complain about how evil those Christians are, yet when they want jobs, they ask the White Christians they bash for jobs, to educate their kids and other things. American Indian groups must stop complaining. Finally, I am not White-I happen to be Indian (India not American Indian) but I think complaining about past gets dull and boring when dispute is over.

      • Fishman

        Thank You My Relatives DID DIE along with Custer MY Relatives were in the Carts of Zion (Ya Mormon, that ought to get a response) out of 323 Men, Women & Children only 114 survived the ones that perished died from the “Fever” and were Killed by Indians, the Indians
        (Of whom I Have Many Many friends) Were quite a different people back then, defending there land I would think ? of these atrocity’s the only ones that stick out are the killing of Women & Children Its a bit obvious that thru out History we have been a Warring People since the begging of time, No Matter What race we were and still are to this day, to harbor such HATE says a lot about YOU and that YOUR HATE goes’ Much farther then this Blog The Lakota People are an Incredible People I’m Very SORRY FOR YOUR HATE

      • Suckit

        Got news for you, cunt, dirty red-skinned savages were murdering, raping and enslaving long before the pale face got here.

      • Neegan Rule

        go back to your Vodka, you were fed lies your entire life.

      • Nikki, what about the colonists, men, women and children your native peoples killed? Your savage Indian ancestors are just as much if not more just like mine! Your warrior ancestors who gang raped, sodomized, beat, torchered and more! All after you watched the Indians kill and scalp the men and kill and scalp your children! Then you were taken back to the Indian villages and handed over to the chief or highest ranking Indian, the white woman was repeatedly violated by not only the high ranking Indian but prostituted out or traded for goods, and all while being raped by any indian man that desired you.

        On top of back breaking work and whippings with rawhide and rope unmercifully and hoping for death or to be saved! Most of the time the Indians would kill their captured at the first sign of trouble! The time of your capture your bruised, beaten, filthy, flea infested, brutalized in many different ways, starved, thirsty, mentally broken and psychologically disturbed by every Indian in the tribe! Even the old and children taunt, whip, ridicule and lash you with switches! Even their dogs would snarl, sneer and bite the white women captives!

        Your ancestors were no less evil as the white mans and I would argue even more so and at least my ancestors are making amends by paying your people ample compensation! Which by the way is enough, I think your people have been paid enough esp. when you look at reservations and what Indians have become! Even Indians themselves have spoken out about what the money the Government has given, has turned Indians into! What reparation has your people made to the white man, nothing! My grandfather was more than 50% Indian and his grandmother was a full Cherokee Indian, so call racism all you want, I care not!

      • NIKKI

        You’re Mongolians anyhow. From what I hear you wiped out some earlier race of paleoindian when the last wave of you came over from Siberia.

      • You people were losers, and you have no right to have a voice. Now go off and fade away; you savages aren’t useful in a modern world, which is why you lost.

    • yes

      Are you stupid? Or just act like it? This is like saying the holocaust never happened. Get a life. You are a racist, accept it.

    • John

      Zinn acquired his “data” on this matter from Churchill who distorted the facts and lied about this. Zinn may have just as well obtained his “facts” from a gas station bathroom wall. Read and be informed:–did-the-us-army-distribute-smallpox-blankets-to-indians?rgn=main;view=fulltext

  1. Ben

    “Oh man, how the American Indians love this story!”
    I didn’t really need to read past this to know that you’re a silly little man with more poop than brains in you. But I read the rest, and would love to know what your sources are.

  2. melissa

    why is it you ban anyone who questions your authority on such knowledge and where exactly you get your sources? i dont understand!

  3. Mark

    i think the biggest problem that “truth” faces in stories about indians is that movies can show everything whites ever did to indians (riding thru villages guns blazing, etc )… but if you were to show everything that indians did to whites you would have to get a triple x rating on your movie for graphic depictions of rape and torture of men, women, children and even infants. In movies they “get around” this by fading to black when the indian closes in on the defenceless white girl and the audience is left to their imaginations. Sadly only people who have diligently read about the indian wars can come close to imagining the actual level of horror inflicted on innocent whites. Given this it is no small wonder that people in general have a distorted view of the indian wars. I have read literally hundreds of books on the indian wars and i have no illusions about the savage barbarity perpetrated by the “noble red man”. If your readers would like to read just one book that would give them an unbiased and honest feel for what life was like i would recommend “Comanches: the destruction of a people” by T.R. Fehrenbach

    • samantha smith

      Are you serious? Hilter based genocide against the jews based on genocide committeed against native americans. Natives were protecting there home against invaders. Put I guess only the conquers get to tell there side of the story. Forced assimilation. My grandfather at the age of 7 was stole off the reservation and starved till he spoke english at a bordering school . My aunt was chained to a bed because she kept running away at a bordering school. Oh and sterilation was a regular practice on reservations. They would pay people, money and not tell them what they were doing. Read rex roads. you want to sit there and say we were worse whens the last time we stole someone kids or forced our culture/religion on you or sterilization. Oh and scalping was a regular practice with whites in California. They used to hang natives heads from trees. Take a native history class in college you will learn that. Fry bread for example came from whites trying to starve us on reservations. What about wounded knee women children killed and men kept in cages like dogs starving whiling white man threw bones at us. Really you want to talk. Know your facts.

      • Peter

        OK, so you are (a) writing in English and (b) using the internet. Are you a product of “forced assimilation” then?

        Hitler did not “base” the Holocaust on the battles between Europeans and Native Indians. All you are trying to do here is give your grievance a bit of a “celebrity” status.

        So the Native Indians were a sweet people who never did any harm to anyone? They were just innocent victims? I doubt it. Your main grievance in your email seems to relate to attempts to asssimilate Indians into the mainstream culture. OK, you have a point but that doesn’t support all your melodrama. All sorts of things have happened in educational environments to all sorts of people, not just Indians.

        And, actually, all sorts of things happen in life. Plenty of those evil White people who you seem to hate so much have died in wars, in factories, in gulags etc etc. That’s just life. We need to try and ameliorate things in the future but nothing is made easier by people like you with some sort of grievance (you are probably just projecting your sad and failed life onto everyone else by pushing your excuses as historical grievances) pushing all their perceived problems all over the place. In short, get a life and get over yourself…

        • samantha smith

          Wow you really are racist. Are you educated at all?? What is your degree in?? What are your sources?? This seems like option rather then factual information. I have a Bachelor degree in science and I need two more classes to have a Bachelor degree in art major history. I’m starting my master program in the january. I’ll be interning at the saginaw chippewa tribe. I get my per capita from our casino. I have money and I’m educated but thats not the point. When things like genocide occur there needs to be justice served to the victims. The ICC gives justice when genocide occurs in other countries. Every other country is held responsible for there crimes against humanity So why shouldn’t American be held to those standards And yes hitler did base what he did to Jews on what American did to Native Americans. Have you taken Holocaust class in college?? Your comment freedom was never going to work out because natives were to stupid?? Really?? It’s seems like natives were doing fine before European contact. Also what kind of a civilized world thinks it’s okay to steal someone elses home dictate there lives and believes in things like manifest destiny, slavery, segregation, forced assimilation and Genocide. Real civilized.

        • Peter

          You are clearly an uneducated idiot. Why do you call me a “racist”? There is nothing I said in my post that implied that I think one “race” is better than another. What does it matter what “degree” I have? So I don’t have a degree in grievance studies (I have various postgraduate qualifications in useful and serious subjects). So what. You ask me what my “sources” are but then proceed to cite no sources of your own.

          When did I say natives were “stupid”. I didn’t. You are not even capable of reading a short comment and critically analysing it. Whatever you are pushing, it isn’t “education”.

        • samantha smith

          Also I don’t hate white people at all. My boyfriend for the last 7years is white. My Little/big from my sorority are white. But I’m also a tribal member. My family lives on a reservation and yes I’m living between two worlds native world/white world.

        • Peter

          OK fine I have no problem with any of that. No problem at all and I personally wish you well. But I do have a problem with people living in the past rather than in the present and also with an insistence upon stirring up nastiness. There is a nasty self-righteous and almost puritan aspect of this approach to life that I really dislike (and it is an approach which has previously allowed people to force their opinion and ideologies onto other people in the name of progress). I also feel that much of this nastiness is personal projection – rather than dealing with their own problems people project problems into abstractions and into (supposed) historical grievances. That’s my own take on this matter (and such similar).

        • samantha smith

          I’m obviously not uneducated I have 1 BA and I’ll have another BA in May. While working on my masters. So what are these various postgraduate qualifications?? You did not answer the question. Who are your sources?? If you want to talk crap you need to back it up. You don’t know me and you made the bad assumption in thinking you new me. You made a bad assumption in thinking I hate white people that I have a sad/miserable life. You are definitely racist if you lack compassion for groups that have experienced forced assimilation, slavery, segregation, genocide. You don’t bounce back from that your identity is gone, your religion, culture, language. Just because several groups of people have experience this throughout history doesn’t make it any less wrong.

        • Peter

          I’ve said everything I want to say. I’ll leave you to wallow in your (perceived) grievances…

        • the better Peter

          “And, actually, all sorts of things happen in life. Plenty of those evil White people who you seem to hate so much have died in wars, in factories, in gulags etc etc. That’s just life.” No thats not “just” life , Peter you sound like a fucking Zionist.

        • Normandie Kent

          Your in native america so start speaking an indigenous language, you bitch and moan because mexicans come here and dont learn english. Most of them do by the way, your people are to stupid to learn a languge. The internet is world wide, so one nation cannot take credit. You sure as hell didnt invent it! But if it bugs you so much you retard, take every thing you invented and get the fuck out of native america. But leave every you created with the raw materials that came within native america. Beleive me we were doing just fine for tens of thousands of years before your diseased ancestors crawled sick and diseased out of your death ships begging for help from the natives, and yes I said native, because thats what we are native and indigenous to this land. Because if we are not, neither are europeans native to europe, or Asians native to asia. White americans are jealous of native americans because deep down inside they know they do not belong anywhere not even europe wants their sorry ass’s because they bitch and moan about everything. They know they are the most hated people and country in the world, Ask yourselves why one day .But everybody love us native americans, shit even most whites want to be us, ask any honkey and the will tell you their great grand ma and pa were cherohonkees! Like I said before, get your bags packed and get the fuck out! Then I wont have to speak your god ugly gutteral english language. You are about as dumb as a box of rocks. Nobody ask your ancestors to bring it here in the first place, let alone bully small children into learning it, then ban them from speaking their own. And talking about drunks, white children at college age are the biggest drug and alcohol abusers ever. And if you think its stops the day they graduate then your as stupid as you sound. Because if your daughters dont end up raped, dead, or pregnant they will rarely graduate. Same with your sons, if they dont end up a rapist in prison, they will end up on drugs and alcohol dropped out of school. What excuse do your brats have? Mommy and Daddy didnt bye them a IPhone 6 when the were in the 4th grade. You people are disgusting and your kids are useless. What do you expect I guess when daddy is fondling his little girl and mommy looks the otherway. Sick really, where does your perversion come from daddy?!

      • doug

        “Hilter based genocide against the jews based on genocide committed against native americans”
        No, he didn’t. Hatred of the Jew existed long before the “discovery” of America. There were no trains full of Indians being taken to the ovens.

    • solomon

      for one they were on indian land its a fact tht the whites wer the aggresor because we have such a small indian population now the whites killed alot of people in name of democracy for example iraq had over a million people killed at white man hands or by his savage orders

      • Whiskey and disease killed far more Indians than the white man’s bullets.

      • D. Gackey

        95% on the Natives in North America were wiped out by a lethal plague before the first European colonists arrived. The ones left afterwards were basically etching out a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic existence, minus the death cars and the bondage gear.
        Knock off the racist ranting, you anglophobic bigot.

    • Oh wow they were barbaric to the poor white folks and they were just invading their land and killing there people and cutting down their forest to build boats. Shame on those nasty Indians, they were just mean.

      • Booboo

        This is the standard answer from todays generation of history-illiterates. Who
        Plays blanegames and virtuesignals. Boo hoo. Yet they fail to grasp that every race and every people does both horrible and magnificent and benevolent things. Nothing is black/white man.. and the true perpetrators of evil are in every demographic and ethnicity. King solomon stated something in the lines og man rules man with injustice

    • if you get a chance,rent or buy burt lancaster’s “ulzana’s raid”it’s being
      released again in june.outstanding.

    • MARK

      Apparently the earliest Native inhabitants of North America were completely wiped out by the 2nd or 3rd wave of Mongolians who arrived from Siberia thousands of years after the first.

      So various intruders wiping out earlier people on the North American continent did not begin with whites.

  4. RockyRacoon

    There were no innocent whites. Regardless of the domestic situation and the natives did have a federation and a government it was called the Six Nations and that is how they settled their differences in most cases in fact Canadian Federalism is based on this model. The fact remains, this was and is their land whether we want to admit it or not. In my opiniion they do not charge enough rent. We are getting off cheap and should not complain.

  5. Jody Dark Eagle Breedlove

    Are you actually calling my folks STUPID Lindsay?And are you really an intelligent person (difficult to call you a man)?
    Do you really believe that if it’s not in a book-then it didn’t happen?
    White-Red-Yellow-Brown.-Black…What’s that to you? Are you a racist?
    A firewall will not protect you from yourself.

    • Banned. It’s back to the reservation for you, squaw. How? Like this. How!

      Woo woo baby!

      • samantha smith

        Squaw really?? You know that means Native America whore. Correct term is by the tribe name/band/clan or anishinaabe for me for example.I’m chippewa from swan creek black river band and I’m from fish clan. Also why are you banning people just because they have a different point of view then you. Shouldn’t all views be heard even if they are contrary to yours. Filtering information is not truth rather it’s biased and it tries to keep people ignorant as well as manipulate them. Most dictaters start by burning books shutting down information, getting rid of university faculty. So no one will question them.

      • David Ginn

        Wow. You really are a nasty little piece of work aren’t you

    • Desiree Greene

      Lilah Washte Taylor. How are you dear? I will Always admire your courage and never forget that night in my van (the Swamp Monster I forever nursed on “empty,”) when you presented me with you mother’s ring. I was just too afraid to accept. I hope this finds you happy and healthy, as I am. I live in the mountains on a comfortable spread and yes, I Did teach. Got my Master’s Degree in Special Ed. and was a fantastic teacher for 15 years at same school in Alpine, yet bad back now requires more sedate pursuits such as art yet again. Traded in my horses for a steel version and my Harley Electra Glide stands ready to whisk me away at moment’s notice. Do you remember Mayapan Drive? Do you remember when we met, you in your bee shirt and working at a nursery in El Cajon? Your dreams? Do you remember the brief encounter at Barona Pow Wow, when you said you were leaving to go to South America to become a healer? Did that come to fruition? God, I write this on a bit of a whim, as I am not altogether sure I am speaking with my first Love but if so, and if you lost your boy you told me was named “Taylor” at Pow Wow, then my heart bleeds for you and words, mere babble, can never, never begin to fill the void you must feel forever. Parents should never bury their children. Again, I am sorry no matter who you may be, if you suffered such a loss! Please never lose sight of the fact that you did have a precious being you helped usher into this world and, despite the unfathomable way we all must exit this plane of existence, perhaps we may take mild comfort in the yet-to-be-revealed “knowledge,” the preternatural as it were, that maybe, oh just maybe, this life of ours in our corporeal state is a mere transitory thing and that the release from our physical shells may be a blessing in disguise. Heck. Who knows? Me, for my part my Dear, I remain hopeful. And in closing, if you really Are Joe Dark Eagle Breedlove and if you do in fact remember Desiree, I would be honored to hear from you just one more time. All guards down. Too old for that anyway. Heck. I just turned 52, but you wouldn’t know it. I always was a looker! My e-mail, if it truly and really Is you (oh I hope so!) is And not to appear terse to anyone else with said name, if you recognize none of my aforementioned patter then, ah, please disregard. thank you. (:
      P.S. I loved the “firewall” bit. Eloquent. I gotta gut feeling it just may be you

    • Catherine Hiel

      trying to get a hold of Jody Breedlove! Jody, email me:

  6. Mike A

    Being from Memphis Tn I’ve heard some blankets infected with yellow fever were given the local Indians in early 1800s.

  7. JLA

    There is a difference between noting that there is no evidence that the US Army distributed blankets infected with smallpox and saying it never happened. We have no good reason to believe that it did, but that does not mean it definitively did not.

  8. Banme

    Nice insipid logic here. You are a Christian, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, believing in an invisible man in the sky who created the universe. Hehe.


  9. Pete

    In my opinion, you should be ashamed of yourself for referring to Native Americans as ‘stupid’ – and perhaps more so for banning those individuals that took issue with you for disrespectful and insensitive comments. Demanding that people “be pleasant” after witnessing you call an entire ethnic group of people ‘stupid’ is absurd and hypocritical, to say the least.

    • The Indians at the time were stupid. It is true.

      • Pete

        We see as we are, Robert Lindsay.

        Please enlighten yourself by reading Howard Zinn – A People’s History of the United States…

      • solomon

        no they were not stupif they were tricked by devils smiling and saying one thing in there present and doing somthing else when your back turrned typical of white man history

        • Stan D Mute

          White man history so bad stop using white man evil machine and white man tongue. Live teepee, chew bark medicine, no evil white man electricity, no evil white man horse, just you, teepee, short brutal life hunger disease. Enjoy all your tribe has created Chief.

          And the “educated” female Indian who posted above? Hilarious! Educated to about a third grade level of spelling and grammar. What’s an “art major history” degree? Or a “holocaust class”? This is some incredibly funny stuff.

          Keep posting the hatefacts. I love it. Nothing is funnier than seeing a moron’s head spin when confronted by hatefacts!

      • Amy

        “The Indians at the time were stupid.” OK, they didn’t have written language, which looks really dumb from a European point of view, but I get the distinct impression, reading about early Colonial history, that they were remarkably quick at learning to speak European languages, or at least some of them were. So many accounts I read about settler-Indian relations seem to involve an Indian translator instead of the other way around. Learning a foreign language quickly, without the aid of written language, just keeping the words in your head? No phrasebook, no Tsalagi-English dictionary? Count me impressed.

      • i think human stupidity must come from a preadamite gene, it seems to be universal.

      • I doubt that American Indians were stupid en masse—I’m sure their intelligence ranged over a spread similar to that of Europeans. Perhaps it would be better to say the Indians made stupid decisions often borne of ignorance, especially when tribal interactions were involved.

        American Indians of the time were remarkably backwards in many ways, not much more advanced than their ancestors several millennia before them. So it doesn’t seem to be too much a stretch to assume that their behavior in conflict, especially during the French and Indian War, was less stupid than naive.

        There was certainly no shortage of savagery on both sides of the fence, a natural result of conflict. However, sanitizing Indian behavior at the expense of white folks is not acceptable. These people were savages.

        • I would say that they were ignorant and naive, correct. Their behavior in the French and Indian War was just a dumb mistake, but they had no alternative as they did not manufacture their own weaponry so they were dependent on the Whites for bullets. The FI War Indians were a lot smarter because they stopped fighting each other for once and allied against the Whites. Very smart.

    • Lindsay’s right: Indians suck.

      Just read what Mark Twain had to say about them

      • Squanto

        so you read what 2 people had to say about them?……. and now their opinion is your opinion ?…. no self thought?……. Banned!!!!!

      • mark also said”to hate someone because of the color of their skin is lazy, just take the time to get to know them, and you’ll find many good reasons to hate them”.

    • samantha smith

      Thank you Pete. I appreciate your comment. Your absolutely right. It is hypocritical for Lindsay to say play nice and be pleasant when he is using racist terms like squaw, or how! It drives natives nuts to read those terms because it reaffirm you don’t know what your talking about. Calling us stupid is out of line. We are obviously not stupid we can run multimillion dollar company’s and alot of us have college education. In the past we weren’t stupid either. We had very different cultural values then our European conquers. If you understood anything about our culture you would know that. It’s alot easier just to call someone or group people stupid then it’s to take the time to actually understand them. Also how are you going to categorize us all together when there is 566 tribes in the U.S. check the BIA. Also their was 2 to 3 million native American’s before European contract and you think they were all stupid. We are very resourceful people. Making something out of nothing. Have you every been to a reservation?? Cause on our reservation we own 2 casino, fire/police station, gas station, pharmacy, bank, behavorial health, health clinic, senior center, museum, water park and retail outlets. All native owned. Go to the Saginaw chippewa Indian tribe of Michigan website.

      • Gay State Girl

        I spoke to an Apache once. He was fed up with liberal white guilt and PC. He was thrilled that they put his tribe’s name on a helicopter.

        • Regardless of white’s or native’s savagery against each other. Might is right.

        • honyok

          @GSG – All this talk about Native Americans or Indians has got me really wondering- You know back about 150 years ago + or – it was OK and very stylish to shoot Indians. the old saying was back then – the only good Injun is a dead injun
          I wonder exactly when or at what point did some white man come along and say Ok Boys – stop shootin Injuns there is no longer open season on them anymore?

      • Stan D Mute

        Yes! You Indians had a brilliant civilization before evil rayciss white man stole it all. You had nuclear fusion reactors, advanced architecture, Indians on the moon, vast encyclopedic publications of science and wisdom, incredible transportation and communication systems, clearly the pinnacle of human achievement. And then the evil rayciss white man came and stole it all through evil rayciss white man magic that destroyed all trace of Indian superiority just as evil rayciss white man did to Africa. Rayciss white man cast magic evil spell on good Indian and now Indian can only exist on charity given him by white rayciss. White rayciss money built reservation and allowed Indian monopoly on gambling in Michigan in order to keep the Indian down.

        You are too damn funny. Keep it up. I love it!

        • yea darn those bad ‘ol Injuns how dare they be smart the next thing you know they might give food to pilgrams and teach them how to grow crops so they dont starve. so just exactly when did those whites get smart and have all those advances oh after they got overhere. and btw a lot of those nice toys mentioned above came from the other bad race the Jews.

  10. Tim

    I’ve researched this issue, and Robert Lindsay is right, but incomplete on the facts. Some members of the Delaware tribe were friendly to the British, and did not sign up with the rebellion. When they learned that the Pontiac rebels were heading to Fort Pitt, the Delawares sent delegates named Maumaultee and Turtle Heart to warn the British there. It was to these friendly delegates that Ecuyer gave the infected blankets. Why would he do that?

    By 1763, there was an expensive medical preventative treatment for smallpox that was given to people who could afford it. A powder made of smallpox scabs was applied topically to the skin, as a immunization against the disease. In fact, “variolation” as it is called, had been used for at least 3000 years. While 52% of Only 30 years later, Edward Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine based on cowpox. This source was safer, because it involved a vector which could not be transmitted from person to person. It’s also worth noting that the strain of smallpox rampant in the 1760s was less virulent and less deadly than usual.

    Later in the summer of 1763, Maumaultee and TurtleHeart reappeared at Fort Pitt in perfect health, among the negociators for the besiegers. They made no mention of the blankets, and did not talk about smallpox infecting their tribe.

      • etype

        Robert; it’s great you posted this article, because it deals with something I’ve had to explain to various people regarding this ‘myth’ of the small-pox infected blankets, and it is a ‘myth’ in entirety. But the central piece of evidence proving this myth to be a complete falsehood seems to have escaped everyone. And it amazes me because it is so simple anyone with the ability to read should have refuted this nonsense forever the minute they first heard of it, because the facts refuting this idea of ‘small-pox blankets’ are taught in grade school…today probably taught along side the myth itself

        The simple fact is that no one knew microbes and persistent bacteria carried transmissible disease in the 18th and 19th century. Therefore it is an impossibility anyone could conceive of the idea of blankets containing small-pox.


        Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis first came up with the theory of persistent bacteria in 1850…yet it had no currency until Louis Pasteurs monograph on fermentation and anthrax in the 1870’s. John Lister further added to the theory, yet the idea of bacteria containing transmissible diseases wasn’t accepted and put into practice until the early 1900’s.

        What interests me is how this idea ever had any currency for longer than it takes to explain it. It would appear that someone came up with an idea of small-pox blankets for the mind… and was remarkable successful for a time. We have yet to understand the fundamentals of mental hygiene… and so the general public remains vulnerable.

        • Anonymous

          Of course, no knowledge of germ theory is needed to know, as they did, that “be near infected thing -> get infected”. They learned that lesson from bread, cheese, wine, and of course the entire history of human disease without once invoking a microscope.
          Your “disproof” on the basis of lack of germ theory is like saying nobody knew objects fell to the ground before Newton’s theory of gravitation.
          The empirical fact of disease transfer and infection was known. The theory that it was caused by living microscopic organisms was not. And it didn’t need to be.

        • Stan D Mute

          Stop that at once. Repeat after me, “white man evil rayciss!” Repeat louder and louder endlessly.

          There that’s much better.

          Hatefacts. Dontcha just hate them?

        • Normandie Kent

          Bullshit! In medieval times they were hoisting infected bodies by catapults over the castle walls to infect the inhabitants inside, they had been using biological warfare since before 1000s. Why dont you read a book medieval warfare before you spout off that useless hole in your face. They especially knew they basics of using contaminated blanket to infect the indians, they sure as hell wouldnt have use then on their families. You think white people are so advanced when it comes to science, when it was really the arabs and the orientals. But in reality the indians bathed at least 3 times aday after the sweat ceremony. I would leave all the useless garbage that you seen to think so highly of. I would not bat and eyelash if it was gon Also for that matter. White birthrate is at a all time low so good riddance for a new era with less nasty whites at least less ugly and spitfull ones. Idont hate all of them since half of my family is norman . Just the pinheaded ones.

        • Peter J

          It is strange how the real racists in the world – people exactly like you – think that they are so morally righteous…. You have some claptrap history that you think justifies your nastiness…but actually you don’t….

        • Hasdrubal

          Prior to Germ Theory the common belief was that infection was spread through bad smells so the thought that it could be spread through corpses or food stuffs is born thru this idea. A blanket that smelled foul would be thought a source of disease one that did not would not. The first evidence that infectious disease was spread by other means was The Ghost Map of the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak which Dr John Snow and Reverend Henry Whitehead created and used to prove that the outbreak was spread via drinking water. I don’t think the interactions of white Americans with Native Americans is covered in glory, but when the wants and needs of a paleolithic peoples comes up against the wants and needs of an industrial civilization the paleolithic people are going get the short end of the stick. The Native American way of life was doomed the moment Europeans decided to settle the Americas.

  11. shirley pierce

    Do your research. The letters of Amherst throughly discussed the intention to commit genicide through the use of smallpox infested blankets. There are none so bling that WILL NOT see.

    • Stan D Mute

      Blinded by “bling”?

      This may be the funniest blog EVER.

      I’m starting to wonder though. The Indians were stupid savages. No doubt. But most of the posters here are also incredibly stupid. And childlike. Who reads a history book about people dead for centuries or millennia and becomes offended or hurt by it? Blaming actions of one long dead group against another long dead group for their own failings in life today? It’s no different from blaming “the gods” for draught or ritual bloody sacrifice to make it rain. STUPID.

      And the stupidity of the “this is Indians land” is beyond moronic. All land everywhere on the planet was once inhabited by someone else. Let’s all drink the Jim Jones purple kool-aid so the Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons can have their land back!

      This is stupid bordering on mental retardation. It’s funny as hell, but I’m almost feeling like I’m laughing at the kids on the short school bus here.

      • PatinTexas

        Those ‘stupid savages’ were thriving around Jamestown when the smart Europeans starved to death while seafood and game were amply nearby. Hmmmm, it seems to me that many here are white supremacists, and perhaps some are Zionists who have a need to paint native people’s as subhuman to rationalize ethnic cleansing. I just came upon this forum in a search and won’t be back whether banned or not.

        • Peter

          I didn’t see any “white supremacists” here. I did see many hysterical and hateful comments from people identifying as or with American Indians though. Seems that you have some sort of tunnel vision 😉

  12. Cristy

    Was there ever a man in history that went by the name of “smallpox Bob”??? I know that most fiction is based on facts, Broken Trail, has a lot of people that are based on real characters of the “Wild West”….

  13. John Gallagher

    The idea that American Indians were able to attempt genocide against the European invaders seems kind of absurd as they had no means (or even motivation) to go after the 99% of Whites who were still in their Eurpoean homelands. The white invaders, however, had not only means, but clearly made attempts to eliminate those cultures unfortunate enough to live here. P.S., I’m a white guy and, I’ll say it for you, I’m banned.

  14. bobwhite

    I don’t know much about what u guys r talking about but what I do know is we Americans and bits and English people have been fucking raping the native Americans country and land for a long time and its a shame they couldent do more for themselves to take there home back and I’m a German English American so yeah u suck

  15. Michael treadwell

    The historical record shows Captain Simeon Ecuyer giving blankets known to have been “exposed” to European small pox victims to Tribal members during the seige of Fort Pitt as act of truce withthe intention of causing ilness to render the Natives unable to continue the seige… There is also correspondence to Ecuyer from Lord Jeffrey Amherst in support of the idea. The truth be told, Native peoples in the New World had already long been dying from European illnesses to which they had no naturally devloped immunity & the vector of these diseases was generally through contact with Europeans, i.e. trade. The REAL acts of genocide were through continual “resettlement” of Native peoples to places of non arable lands far from various tribal homelands where malnutrition through disruption of traditional food sources led to a higher mortality. For instance The Trail of Tears & “resettlement” of Apache peoples to Florida, etc. Lastly, while true that infighting among Native peoples made easier their conquest by Europeans, it is entirely unnecessary to refer to them as “stupid”. Short sighted might read better.

  16. cliff

    Stupid well they lived here for a long time and they did not destroy the land like those who followed since like 1492 in 500 yrs give or take a few ,i think we are the stupid ones

  17. Sharon

    You are an amazingly ignorant person. You have read white version of history and taken it as gospel. You should be banned.

  18. Tony

    You Robert Lindsay are a disgusting display of inbred white trash. I have read enough to see you are a cowardly, insensitive piece of rat shit. Please do the world a favor and light yourself on fire so you can have a glimpse before you die of what it will be like to burn in hell. After you ban me why don’t you meet me in person so I can beat you within an inch of your sorry excuse for a life and then provide you with some gasoline and a match to complete the aforementioned request.

  19. ILoveWhite Trash

    Wow, you truly are an offensive little moron, aren’t you?

  20. Robert Lindsay is a pedophile

    What a dumb cunt you are

  21. Peter

    This is an absolutely incredible comments thread. It seems to me that left wing people invent history which serves their ideological purposes.

    They have designated a certain “fact” that proves that one side is “right” and the other is “wrong” (or “good” and “evil”) and then they then go on to report that “fact” ad nauseam.

    The original piece does, by the way, explain that the smallpox gambit took place in a conflict environment, that smallpox was already prevalent and hence there was not the intention to introduce smallpox but only to spread it, and that the plan may not have been carried out.

    The concern of the lefties is clearly (current) politics rather than historical veracity.

  22. Barry Peterson

    The conventional wisdom about small pox and the American Indians is myth, based on a false premise, and perpetuated largely by leftists, such as Revolutionary Worker and iMinorities, Inc.(IMDiversity), and by various Indian groups, as “evidence” of victimology, as well as by other organizations and individuals that repeat the false assertions of conventional wisdom.

    One example of the mythology:

    “The Mandan, Assiniboine and Blackfeet tribes were nearly annihilated by smallpox, yet no direct proof appears to be available that the disease was purposely spread among the tribes other than a statement by a Captain Ecuyer of the Royal Americans …”

    The Assiniboine lived in far off Manitoba. The Blackfeet in the Rockies and would not be contacted by fur trappers in the 1820s. The Mandan, etc. outbreak occurred in 1837 along the Missouri River — Capt. Ecuyer served at Fort Pitt in 1763, and he did not, in 1763 or ever, make the “statement” attributed to him, nor did anyone else.

    In another instance, a Winnebago tribe site said that:

    “George Washington ordered Jeffrey Amherst and Simon Ecuyer to give smallpox blankets to the Indians surrounding Fort Pitt.”

    Lord Amherst commanded His Majesty’s forces in North America. Washington, who served as a Colonial, would have been lucky to have been able to ask Amherst to do anything, let alone “order” him.

    An example of disinformation from an “authoritative” source is the following by the Special Assistant for Media Affairs of the Center for Disease Control under Donna Shalala as posted by the Pan American Health Organization:

    “… the aim of his commanding officer (Amherst) to use smallpox as a biological weapon against the local tribes who had virtually no natural immunity or previous exposure to the virus. The plan worked: over the next few months, some 100,000 people in the Ohio River valley—Shawnee, Delaware, Mingo, and others—died from the disease.”

    In actuality a number of Fort Pitt area English residents and some 120 Indians died in this outbreak — about 40 each of three tribes.

    Parkman, in The Conspiracy of Pontiac (Vol. 2, pgs 39-40, Bison edition) reports that Lord Amherst, in a letter to Col. Bouquet, asked:

    “Could it not be contrived to send the Small Pox among those disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them”. (I have read a photocopy of this letter.) Bouquet replied that he would try, but was wary of the effects that it would have on his own men. Parkman states that there is no evidence that Bouquet ever tried to spread smallpox.

    The only “evidence” cited is a claim that the journal of Captain Simeon Ecuyer says that “… we gave them two Blankets and a Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect.” The journal is not that of Ecuyer, but of William Trent who headed the Pittsburg town militia. (Trent was also the partner of a man named Levy and they supplied goods to the Fort.) (See Journal of William Trent below.) Second, when we look at the entire sentence and its context, an entirely different meaning is apparent:
    “… out of regard to us, they had prevailed on 6 Nations [not to] attack us but give us time to go down the Country and they desired we would set of immediately. The Commanding Officer thanked them, let them know that we had everything we wanted… they said they would go and speak to their Chiefs and come and tell us what they said, they returned and said they would hold fast of the Chain of friendship. Out of our regard to them we gave them two Blankets and an Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect. They then told us that Ligonier had been attacked, but that the Enemy (of the British) were beat of(f)
    “Journal of William Trent”, 1763 from Pen Pictures of Early Western Pennsylvania, John W. Harpster, ed. (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1938), pp. 99, 103-4. Introduction by John W. Harpster:

    The Fort commander was giving presents to Delaware Indians who had just returned with the message that their part of the Delaware tribe would remain at peace with the people of Pittsburgh, which was “…the desired effect.” Therefore, it was most unlikely, indeed suicidal, for English to have wanted to kill those Delaware Indians who were then avowing friendship with the English and who had just brought important information helpful to the British Army. It is wildly unlikely that the Fort commander would have given these friendly Indians pus-encrusted blankets, which they would have to have been in order to transmit smallpox–in the least effective way possible. It is also unlikely that Indians, who were always keenly aware of the quantity and quality of gifts, would have accepted dirty pus-encrusted blankets or handkerchief.

    All materials that I have seen ignore, or are ignorant of, the paths of disease transmission between whites and Indians. First, and the means by which it was transmitted among whites, was by physical contact or proximity the sick or their property. Second, and unique to Indians, was due to the fact that they spared neither the sick from mutilation and murder, nor the dead, even buried dead, from mutilation. The transfer of blood, and pathogens, in the process of chopping, slicing, stabbing, and scalping of the living is obvious. Less well known is the Indian practice of digging up dead people in order to mutilate their bodies and to cut and rip off their scalps. Parenthetically, given ample time as would be the case when digging up corpses, skinning of the entire head was common east of the Mississippi.

    Probably the best known example of the second method that led directly to a major disease outbreak was the massacre at Fort William Henry in 1757, which included mutilating and scalping the sick and wounded in the Fort hospital and digging up the several dozen people who had died of smallpox during the preceding weeks and mutilating and scalping their bodies. (Richard Rogers, youngest brother of Robert, the leader of Rogers Rangers, who died of smallpox two days before the massacre, was one of those dug up and mutilated.) Since the Indians of the 40 tribes were involved in the attack on Fort William Henry, including Abenaki, Ottawa, Menominee, Sauk, Winnebago, Wichita, Pottawatomie, Fox, and Sioux, they spread smallpox from Maine to North Dakota.
    Edward J. Dodge Relief is Greatly Wanted: The Battle of Fort William Henry. p. 50.

    So where does this leave us? I have found no evidence that anyone on the American frontier, 1620-1900, ordered anyone else to try to infect Indians with smallpox, or any other disease. There is considerable evidence that Indians infected themselves with smallpox, and other blood and contact-spread diseases, by contact with the blood and body parts of sick people that they murdered, and by digging up and mutilating the bodies of people who had died of smallpox and other infectious diseases.

    There is, on the other hand, ample evidence that the U.S. government, after the development of vaccines, actively acted to vaccinate American Indians.

    Citations on the government’s efforts to vaccinate Indians against smallpox. (Recalling that Edward Jenner discovered a vaccination method in 1796.)

    Downey, Fairfax; Indian Wars of the US Army, 1776-1865, p. 71. Lewis and Clark were directed to offer smallpox vaccination to the Indians tribes they met during their exploration of the Louisiana Territory in 1804-6.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Physician employed to vaccinate Indians. Annual Report, Comm of Indian Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1831.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Act of Congress concerning vaccination of Indians. Annual Report, Comm of Indian Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1832.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Statement of fund for extending benefits of vaccination to Indian tribes. Annual Report, Comm Indian Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1832.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Statement showing amount of requisitions from January 1st to September 30th, 1833 for vaccination. Annual Report, Comm Indian Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1833.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Disbursements, January 1st to September 30th, 1834 for vaccinating Indians. Annual Report, Comm Indian Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1834.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Requisitions during fiscal year for vaccination among Indians. Annual Report, Comm Ind Affairs to Sec of Interior, 1835.

    Office of Indian Affairs. Small-pox among Osages. Valuable effect of vaccination. Annual Report, Comm Ind Affairs to Sec of Interior 1852.

    Notwithstanding the above, there are Websites that make claims such as:

    “Throughout the 1800’s the government did not consider the smallpox vaccine for the Indians.”

    • Peter

      This seems to be a remarkable example of “political correctness” i.e. something is “correct” in “political” terms whilst not being “true”! The story puts out a (supposedly) “true” story or message by inventing facts that (supposedly) could have happened.

  23. Maurice Cloud

    Goodness, such animosity. There’s no documented evidence that smallpox infected blankets were ever distributed to those reservations under Federal control and mandate. Citing oral tradition, or other forms of seconday/passive corroboration, as evidentiary fact is to disappear down a rabbit hole. That said, given the pathetic state of hygienic practices on the western frontier(about what one would expect of a society freshly emerged from the medical middle ages), it’s no small wonder that there were not massive die offs of just about any and everyone. Sad, too, to see the race card being so needlessly and callously played in this thread. This is nothing more than a smear tactic to silence those with whom one disagrees, and one that reflects much more poorly on the individual playing it than it does upon the other. Sad too to read such pitiful boasts of academic one-upmanship from individuals with obvious grammatical/syntactical deficiencies. But this is to burn daylight only to grumble at the effort. I worked for many years in a large metropolitan school district and remember well a conversation with one peer, a full-blooded Cheyenne, about the use of the term “Indian”. Her response was that it did not bother her, and was, in fact, commonly used amongst her brethren. She added with a chuckle that she did however enjoy watching Whites tie themselves in knots over it. Finally, I am reminded of Sitting Bull’s famous expression, to wit: “The white man did to us what we did to our enemies.” What goes round, it would seem, comes round . . . A useful lesson. Cheers!

    • honyok

      the only problem that I see with simply using the term Indian to describe the native Americans, is that if it is used in the wrong context or circumstances it can result in confusion.
      For example- I had a friend who is really big into geneology. He said to me “Hey your last name is that Indian” I said Oh yeah that is quite possible my great great great Grandfather was a pioneer and a big whore dawg and like to fuck and kill indians- “My friend roared – No dumbass I meant indian like the country India. Your last name appears to have its roots in India.
      I replied – “OH yeah that explains why I get such a thrill whenever I take a shit outside on the ground”
      So using the term indian can create a bit of confusion.

      • honyok

        We really need to asked the linguistics experts to come up with a better name for our Native Americans so everyone will know who you are talking about and not be confused with people who live in the country India.
        something like- Kemosabe’s Bitchs, or Buffalo Dung smokers, hewhofucksdog, or Custer’s Cannibals (what they are not telling you is the various tribes involved in the Little Big Horn Massacre actually feasted on the remains of the 7 th calvary) Yum Yum

  24. You can debate endlessly about who is more violent–Indians, whites, blacks, hunger-gatherers, noble savages, Americans, British, French, Protestants, Catholics, etc–but what is certain is that nearly all of those directly involved in the killing had a Y chromosome, same as violent criminals today.

  25. Larry Truelove

    Per a comment made earlier. The word “squaw” does not mean “whore”. It is apparently a corruption of an Algonquian word meaning “girl” or “woman”.

  26. Cat

    Some Facts about Racism and Genocide in Canada – it’s about GREED.
    Appendix 2: Genocide and the Founding of British Columbia: Recent Evidence
    Edward Bulwer‐Lytton
    “Colonization is civilization … If we, the superior race, take the land of other races, we must utterly destroy the previous inhabitants.”
    – Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, co-founder of British Columbia, Member of the Legislative Assembly, in his book The Coming Race (1868)
    “I just got a blanket well-infected with smallpox, carefully put it between a saddle blanket and a sweat pad … I succeeded. They all died of smallpox.”
    – John McLain, Hudson’s Bay Company trader and land speculator, on his sojourn among the Chilcotin Indians, from Only in Nazko (1908)
    “All men must die. The Indians obeyed the mandate perhaps a little earlier than otherwise they might. The diseases not only killed many but made the living diseased,
    rendered the women barren or their offspring incapable of living. This is the real and true cause of their disappearance. Socially, probably their death is of little consequence; politically, it does not seem they were intended to set the world on fire. What of the breed remain will require a great deal of crossing to make a superior race. The British have been through the process.”
    – Dr. John Helmcken, Speaker of the British Columbia Legislature, Hudson’s Bay Company Director, dispenser of smallpox, from his Reminiscences (1898)
    “I may have to employ the Colorado Solution and order every white man to kill every Indian in this province.”
    – Premier Frederick Seymour, British Columbia, 1868
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present
    In the fall of 2008, Tom Swanky, a community researcher and former librarian in
    Quesnel, B.C., released archival material he had researched for over a decade concerning the earliest years of British Columbia’s European occupation. The material, entitled “The Tragedy of British Columbia: Genocide at its Founding”, uses period newspapers and government correspondence to show that the leading politicians, traders, church men, military officers and doctors of the first colony on Canada’s west coast actively killed off large segments of the aboriginal population.
    Swanky establishes that this killing occurred primarily through the deliberate spreading of smallpox to Indians across the province, through the use of infected
    blankets and smallpox inoculations. And he also shows how a common element
    uniting all of these perpetrators of genocide is that they were all linked to the colonial government, the Anglican Church of England and to the Hudson’s Bay Company, and its subsidiary, The Puget Sound Agricultural Company (PSAC), which sought to acquire land in areas still heavily populated with aboriginals.
    Swanky begins by showing how the largest war ever conducted by Indians against Europeans in western Canada, besides the Riel Rebellion – the Chilcotin War of 1862-68 – was in reality an attempt by the Chilcotin (Tsilhqot’in) natives to halt the men who were spreading smallpox among their people: men like Alex McDonald, Hudson’s Bay company trader, Anglican missionary Rev. John Sheepshanks, and gold miner William Barron. (See the DVD summary of The “Tragedy of British Columbia: Genocide at its Founding” by Tom Swanky, Dragon Heart Enterprises, Quesnel, B.C., 2008)
    The ample evidence acquired by Swanky shows that a) the worst, most sustained outbreaks of smallpox among Indians across British Columbia occurred soon after missionaries and doctors had inoculated natives over a wide area with smallpox; and b) these men, and those associated with them, had already applied for “pre-emption” of the lands occupied by the Indians who died, well before the outbreak of the smallpox.
    A clear example of this intentional practice occurred in Bella Coola, on the central
    coast, during 1861 and 1862. Several thousand natives had occupied the area for millennia, yet by July of 1862 three quarters of them were dead from smallpox: more than 1500 Bella Coola coastal Indians. Remarkably, they had all died in a four-week period.
    The Attorney General for British Columbia, George Carey (a long time trading
    partner with the Puget Sound Agricultural Company) seemed to anticipate this extermination two years earlier, when early in 1860 – when thousands of natives still lived in Bella Coola – he had declared in the Legislative Assembly,
    “There is no Indian settlement in Bella Coola … nor shall there be.”
    Several business partners of Carey – John Miles, Robert Miles and Duncan
    MacKay, all shareholders in the PSAC – had applied for pre-empted land lots of 160 acres each on the land occupied by the Bella Coolas during the fall of 1861,
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present
    nearly a year before the smallpox epidemic de-populated the Indians. Under the
    law, pre-emption could only be undertaken on unoccupied land. These illegal pre-emptions were nevertheless granted by Carey’s government, with the obvious foreknowledge that soon there would be no Indians left on the sought- after land.
    In his memoirs, Francis Poole of the Royal Engineers – an associate of George Carey – wrote, “I led the party that introduced smallpox in Bella Coola and Fort
    Alexander …”. William Downey, another PSAC partner, wrote in 1893, “…in the year 1862, smallpox was carried by whites into Bella Coola.”
    A similar practice of buying up land still occupied by Indians, who then quickly died off en masse from smallpox introduced by associates of the land buyers,
    occurred during the same time in the interior of B.C., under the direction of Rev. John Sheepshanks, an Anglican missionary and government insider.
    Early in 1862, Colonel Moody, head of the Royal Engineers in New Westminster – then the provincial capital – ordered Lt. Henry Palmer to go among the
    populous Chilcotin Indians and “lay out reserves for several new town sites”. Moody
    then put his friend John Sheepshanks, who served as chaplain to the Royal Engineers, in touch with a Doctor Seddall, who provided the missionary with smallpox inoculations.
    According to the Columbian newspaper of April 29, 1863,
    “The good missionary Reverend Sheepshanks stated (at a public meeting) that during his
    tour of the interior during July of last year, he had vaccinated all the Indians he could find.”
    Within two months of Sheepshanks’ mass inoculations of the Chilcotins, nearly all of them were dead or dying from smallpox. In what is now the town of
    Quesnel, his associate, Lt. Palmer, had already pre-empted most of the natives’ land on behalf of Col. Moody and his government colleagues.
    Rev. John Sheepshanks was rewarded for his murder of so many Indians. Later
    in life he was appointed the Bishop of Norwich, and served in the House of
    Lords in London until 1908. In his memoirs, Sheepshanks admits knowledge of these killings, when he wrote,
    “The noble savage is being improved off the face of the earth … I cannot now dwell upon the causes of the disappearance of these people, though, alas! Some of them I know right well.”
    At precisely the same time, a third area of B.C. was experiencing the same deliberate genocide through smallpox inoculations. William Manson, a factor with the Hudson’s Bay company in Kamloops, kept an official journal, and he noted in it the following:
    June 24, 1862: Vaccinated many Indians of the North River
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present
    July 12: Smallpox has appeared among the North River Indians July 29: Vaccinated South Branch Indians
    August 2: Indians begin dying along the south branch
    August 18: Indians refuse contact and further vaccinations September 28: Smallpox is raging among all the Indian bands
    By October of 1862, smallpox was devastating Indian tribes in a huge arc taking
    in the west coast, northern villages and central Interior, ending in Mission and
    New Westminster. In the Chilcotin area alone, 5000 Indians had died of the disease in less than six months, while only four whites had succumbed to smallpox – for only the Indians had been inoculated.
    This arc of death corresponded exactly to the path of travel of smallpox
    inoculators like Rev. John Sheepshanks, John Poole of the Royal Engineers, and Alex MacDonald of Hudson’s Bay company and PSAC. By February 27, 1863, the Colonist newspaper in Victoria declared,
    “The Indians from the Forks of Quesnelle and indeed all central interior savages including Lillooet have nearly all been carried off by the epidemic.”
    In fact, between 75% and 90% of all interior Chilcotin Indians had died in just over a year, during 1862 and 1863. And during that same period, most of their
    land had been previously pre-empted by the agents and investors of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company.
    Most of the senior government officers of B.C. at the time were company
    shareholders, including Governor Douglas, Speaker of the Assembly Dr. John Helmcken, Chief Justice Cameron, and George Foster and William Tolmie,
    Members of the Legislature. All of these men were also loyal Anglicans and associates of Col. Moody and Rev. Sheepshanks.
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present
    Photograph courtesy BC Archives Call Number F-05146
    Rev. John Sheepshanks (1834‐1909)
    In a final, desperate effort to save their people, Chilcotin warriors under the leadership of Chief Lhatsassin killed three of the men who had spread smallpox
    among the Chilcotins, including Alex MacDonald. For this, Lhatsassin and his friends were all hanged by the government of British Columbia.
    The “official” history books in B.C. still teach that the Chilcotin wars were the result of angry Indians taking vengeance on whites who built roads through
    their territories. Smallpox, John Sheepshanks, and the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, are never mentioned.
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present

  27. Katelyn

    Oh my fuck, educate yourself. I hate it when white trash is allowed to speak.

    To whoever disagreed with something that someone else had said, yes, Hitler did applaud what the US and Canada were doing, and used it as a foundation for what he did later. It’s a fact, one that you would learn in university if you got a higher education.

    Maybe read up on residential schools, and then pretend they were white kids that were being abducted, raped, and sometimes murdered (there are mass graves all around those places), and see if you think it’s okay then. The last residential school closed in 1996, that’s unacceptable.

    • sargon of akkad

      “To whoever disagreed with something that someone else had said, yes, Hitler did applaud what the US and Canada were doing, and used it as a foundation for what he did later”

      Bullshit. Contra-educated bullshit. Hitler viewed Americans as racial mongrels deserving annihilation. Purportedly, he even drew up plans to attack Manhattan skyscrapers with German fighter planes. If anything, Hitler looked upon the genocide of Armenians, Assyrians, Pontic Greeks, Cappadocian Greeks, and Ionian Greeks by the Ottomans (specifically, the Young Turk regime), during and after WWI, as a model for the Holocaust.

    • Andrew

      Katelyn; you need to educate yourself! Tell the Irish folks of Manhattan they had it good. Have you ever read first hand accounts of the mayhem certain tribes enacted on peaceful settlers when ever they got an itch to do it?

  28. Jesse Aleut Indian/ Irishman

    It’s hardly worth saying, (since so many others have said it before me) but it’s amazing how ignorant you have proven yourself to be. I absolutely hate that I wasted the time I did reading such an obvious fraud of an “article”. Surely after receiving so much negative feedback you have to question your standpoint. I mean could you really feel this way or are you just seeing how many people you can piss off? I really, from the bottom of my heart, hope that you die.

    • All right, scumbag, you’re banned.

      • valerie

        all this over a stupid pointless article… that is really pathetic. if you do not like what he has written then just use another resource. Also, just because you ban someone, it doesn’t make you a bigger person or let you escape anything. It just makes them want to insult you more. It is like puttin fuel to the fire. God bless all!!

        • Look, you are banned. Woo-woo baby! Woo-woo woo, Woo-woo woo, Woo-woo woo, Woo-woo woo! Hiya hiya! Hiya hiya! Hiya hiya! Hiya hiya! Hiya hiya!

          Let’s dance around the campfire together!

    • White Supremacist Barbaric Racist Neanderthals gave the Whole Planet their Cancers, when they went on their killing spree with their weapons from Satan called Cowards with Guns, that is how they killed and raped Peoples of Color when they started showing up around the 1492 with the map of the World. Yes, White Man you gave Native Americans Smallpox because you are carriers and the World knows it ! You have no Soul because SATAN created you in Hell !

  29. D.L. Miller

    Yes, the author, Lindsay, should have cited sources and his use of the word “stupid”, was not a good choice. Its use is understandable, considering how often the tribes made self-destructive choices in their dealings with both Indian rivals and the whites. At the same time, knee-jerk, angry responses to his article serve to unmask a characteristic, especially among the left, to exhibit a biased self-hatred toward our American civilization. Just because an author has a different opinion from the reader does not make that author a “racist” or “facist, or any other “ist”. It is a shame that so many Americans, and other people, have received their knowledge of “history” from Hollywood movies. Someone once said that “Hollywood makes great drama and lousy history”. I believe that this self-hatred is a result of this incessant story line perpetrated by the entertainment industry. That was not their intention nor was it a conspiracy (they really are not that smart); they probably seldom took such things into consideration. The screen writers simply wanted to create a good story that would make a profit and it has worked well for many decades as the classic underdog vs. Goliath tale. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story is their motto. Hence, the conventional collective Hollywood “knowledge” of most citizens has become their conviction that the conflict was simply one of a pure, saintly collection of tribes living in harmony with nature, who never did anything wrong, all pitted against the sadistic, greedy, untrustworthy, murderous, evil whites from across the ocean. The truth usually lies between the two extremes. There were saints and scalawags on all side in those long-ago conflicts, but most people were simply average humans, trying to live their lives, with the same mixture of good and bad characteristics that we humans possess today. The attempt by Ecuyer to spread smallpox via blankets at Ft Pitt in 1763 might have been real. The excellent information provided by Barry Peterson above makes even that in doubt when the damning statement is taken into the original context. However, the evidence does clearly show that Amhearst did intend to commit genocide using inflected blankets. Refutation by serious scholars of a general attempt at genocide by Europeans using smallpox can be found, with plenty of references, with a simple Google search. So get off Lindsay’s back and stick to facts while leaving emotion and pre-conceived Hollywood history out of it.

  30. mt

    Why is it so hard to belive there were stupid indians?
    The aztecs actually beleived the sun would stop shining if they couldnt rip the beating hearts out of large numbers of victims on top of their pyramid. Thats stupid!!

    I wonder if we’ll ever figure out exactly who or what killed the north american pleistocene megafauna. I think we should bring back elephants horses camels cheetahs etc to their ancestral home of north america.

    • othello solomon

      do you know the diffrence between stupid n being deceived by smiling deceitful faces.if u were cold and someone offered u a blanket u would take it. Was it stupid when caucasins lived with their farm animals in the house contracting all these diseases befor the moors imvaded and showed them the proper way. Was tht stupid or they just didn know any better n these were your kings and queens, were do you think chicken poks came from keep being a genius the world counting on you

    • what do you mean “stupid”? it worked, didnt it? if you think they stopped cutting eachother’s hearts out just because some white guy said to knock it off,you havent been following the news. they are a very religous people.

      • actualy, it was a clever form of population control, like the folks in carthage tossing babies into the burning belly of an idol. it kept the gods happy and shortened the lines at mcdonalds. if you ever visit california, you’ll see we could really use a couple dozen aztec pyramids. i hope the nice people at la raza make that one of their political demands.

    • Andrew

      literally almost passed out laughing.. Well… now that you put it that way I believe stupid could be used in this context. Ha! would love to see a debut with you, great line!

  31. Jay

    For every person leaving a comment calling the author ignorant, then insulting him, then wishing his death; your only proving yourself to be exponetially more ignorant than how you view him. Read his words, do some research, agree or disagree, then leave it at that… I have a degree in Canadian history and his argument seems reasonable to me.

  32. Spliggs

    I think the easiest comeback to all these spurious accusations of “genocide” regarding any population (because we hear it every time about the American Indians, the Abos, Africans, South Americans, and so on ad nauseum), is that if we (evil white europeans) really meant it, it would have been over and done with in the space of a couple of years.

  33. End_Libtardation

    You must be feeling the liberal love by now, Robert. This is how these twits argue: “Your a ingorent racist!”

    What a bunch of losers they are.

    I liked your article and apparently so did Gavin McInnes over at Takimag, because he linked to it and that’s what brought me here. (Which means you can expect to get more hate from libtards as knowledge of your article spreads.)

    It’s curious to me how liberals feel they have a right to bash on White people any way they want to, but if anyone says ANYTHING even slightly disparaging of non-Whites, it is proof of an evilracistNazi conspiracy to deny the Holocaust. I would be surprised if the SUM of the intelligence quotients of all the liberals have have posted a comment on this article has passed a hundred yet.

    Anyway, your article was very useful to me and made some good points, and I appreciated some of the links you provided to support your conclusions because it gives me the chance to look into these events in greater detail.


  34. Dave

    I’m just an old uneducated guy but I try to learn a little more, Wasn’t it Tecumseh that said if the Europeans had armed the Indians and waited off shore though could have taken over an empty land. Also I seem to recall the Chickasaw indians raiding other tribes to get slaves for the English. (the accounts of Chickasaw vs French forces is good entertainment if you don’t like the French). Not trying to make anybody mad, just seems to me there is a some modern condemnation for Indians as well as Europeans. In the end if North Korea or someone else ever Nukes us they won’t care what we call ourselves or how we got here.

  35. the french indian war was in the 1750s. lister & pastuer(?)started work on the contagion theory in 1850s.europeans thought the idea was crazy & put lister in an insane asylum.where did lord amherst get the blanket idea?where is the primary source for this story?the only source i can find is an old lon chaney movie called “the battles of chief pontiac”.

    • in responce to mary
      the european’s gifts to the native americans were smallpox & alcohol.
      the native american’s gifts to the europeans were syphilis & tobacco.
      i’d bet more palefaces have died of lung cancer than indians have died of cirrhosis. i’d say montezuma is not the only 1st american who got their revenge

  36. JesDraw

    I have pondered how I should respond to this piece of yours… at first I wanted to respond from a place of .. let’s say, primitive instinct, anger, because of the statement(s):

    “But freedom for Indians was never going to work out…because they were so stupid. Stupid? Yes … no way could the American Indians have made one.”

    “Why? Because they were so stupid that they had endless deadly blood feuds with most of the surrounding tribes such that they spent way more time fighting and killing each other than they did the White man.”

    “with no adults around to sort it out and send one to one room and another to the other.”

    and your comments, and use of derogatory terms, to others who did respond from a place of anger. And rightfully so, because they are insulting and demeaning causing a knee jerk reaction to defend one’s pride in their heritage and culture without reading the article in full and/or other comments and not thinking before responding (which is why I refer to anger as a primitive instinct because people tend not to think when in that state of mind and go straight into a combative mode). I’m sure you knew that those statements, comments and terms would incite such responses, which, kind of, leads me to think that you may have done it intentionally or … you yourself responded from instinct, revealing your own racists tendencies and ignorance of other cultures (please don’t take the word ignorance as an insult because racism does usually – more often than not – stem from a place of ignorance or deeper issues of traumatic incidences, historically or personally, with people of a different race which affects all races not just whites).

    Sure there was a lot of infighting and conflicts between First Nations/Native Americans Tribes of North America but which “civil”ization hasn’t had that in their history. In fact there was a governmental system in place prior to European contact and that was The Six Nations or The Iroquois Confederacy where there was a confederation of provinces/tribes/states which were subject to a central government, which some may argue is the basis of both the Canadian and American governmental systems. Oh,btw, it is still here today and was in place far before European arrival. So for you to say that First Nations/Native Americans were not capable, or “to stupid” of “freedom” or having their own country is utterly false.

    There is one major reason why First Nations/Native Americans were fighting against each other and that is they were fighting on opposite sides, joining forces – forming alliances – with opposing Whites, French, British and English. which was to our detriment since we all should have unified to fight off the “white” invasion but wanted to make you friends instead. Which backfired because the “whites” deceived us all and made false promises of peace through treaties and deceleration as well. I guess youse stole that technique from us too, just like your governmental systems.

    Whites were to stupid as well since they could not unify to create their own countries with freedom until 1789: USA ( The US fell into civil war, which was slowly brewing only 30 years after it’s formation and exploding in 1861 and ending 1864.) or 1864 (however you want to look at it) and 1763: Canada (although still under British rule, after the seven years’ war. Then having the 1837 rebellion and finally forming the province of Canada in 1840. Then finally in 1867 becoming sovereign) or 1867 (however you want to look at it). Point is, whites were to stupid to have freedom.

    Why? Because they were so stupid that they had endless deadly blood feuds with most of the surrounding colonies or confederacies such that they spent way more time fighting and killing each other than gaining freedom for all. Any country they would have gotten would have fallen immediately into mad civil war

    Defeated by your own logic.

    Next time put on your critical thinking cap.

    Yes, this response comes partially from anger but you have to admit it was more level headed than others.

    I know this article is about the smallpox blankets myth (on your side of the border but it is no myth on the northern side as Cat has documented in her response) but most, if not all, the hostility you received was from your statements about Native Americans/First Nations being stupid.

    • Loo, I am banning you, ok? Hostile tone, violaiton of comments rules.

      • JesDraw

        lol, thanks for asking if it’s okay to ban me, lol. at least some of what i said may have gotten through..

        hostile tone? almost all of the above comments have a hostile tone, from both sides. you’d have to ban pretty much anybody who replies to this article if that’s your reasoning for banning.

  37. To be honest I read everything above and I’m cracking up from people fighting back and 4th.I just wanted to find something for my report I’m doing and I found this you just made my day guys…. ;D

  38. Why do you even bother to write intelligent replies to this article? It only feeds the ego of this small-minded racist. Reserve your comments for an author worthy of your time. I’m banning myself from this pseudo intellectual Lowbrow (mono row) rag.

  39. Kyla George

    ahahahahaaaa, Robert Lindsay is a self proclaimed racist. He bans people for having opinions he doesn’t like because he is not mature enough to handle the truth. Get off the internet if you don’t like being proved wrong. and your whole ‘factual’ rant here is a lie. Native people were wronged and continue to be wronged and is proven by the racist ramarks on this page. Wake up people, are you really pushing native people down and then saying its their fault for being there? Are you really thinking that native people are somehow less then whites? History proves that white are vicious, liars and cheats and disgustingly sexual. And I still see it today and that only reason why they can’t face their own mess is because they are to vein to see past their own nose. look in the news, and I guarantee you’ll find a child porn case against a white person. served.

  40. issac

    Native Americans are no longer Native Americans. America is now a multiracial country.

  41. Canadian

    Woah you’re such an ignorant fucker

  42. In Pontiac’s War, they added firearms to knives, hatchets (not a bad weapon), bow and arrow, flaming bow and arrow and even rocks and clubs. They ingeniously sawed off their muskets into sawed-off shotgun-type muskets so they could hide them under their blankets.

    Robert, did you know one of the tribes in the Pontiac Alliance was the “Kickapoo Tribe?”

    The Indians were absolutely horrible, vicious and awful in the course of this war, and the British were too. But it was the British who were really getting pounded in this war. Whole forts were being overwhelmed by 300-strong Indian armies, and the Indians would kill everyone in the place, soldiers, women, kids, anyone.
    The Indians were raiding towns, settlements and schools and killing every White they could find. These were some of the most hardass, badass Indians in the whole history of the Indian Wars. Further, the Indians actually made an alliance of many tribes living in the area during this war, which is incredible, since the Indians usually hated their neighbors so much they would not even ally with them to fight the Whites.

    This is why I respect Native Americans. They always fought against the Whites, and never submitted, even to the point of leading a 3,000 man ambush against General Custer. Indians are warriors who fought bravely against the Whites. In this regard, Indians are more like us Whites, who have never submitted either. Compare this to the Chinese Opium Wars, or the Boxer Rebellion which was put down in ONE DAY. The Anglo-Zulu War and the Anglo-Ashanti Wars turned out terribly as well for the natives.

  43. Chaka

    Too funny! I am so glad all those ‘stupid’ Injun’s (Apache’s) kicked the US Military’s ass to their ‘high-heaven’ for 40 years. That is a long time to be ‘stupid’.

  44. Chaka

    One sentence that you cannot dispute: Injun’s are way more patriotic than you: The Navajo code talkers beat them japs for us ;P

  45. antichrist

    This questions the veracity and credibility of the American historian Howard Zinn. It is interesting

    I am thinking..if How Zinn was wrong on the Small Pox Blanket, is he wrong on other things? Is he is not credible as a historian. So who are Howard Zinn’s followers? One is the Anti Indian woman cunt by the name Arundathi Roy.

    Interesting Blog entry indeed!

    • antichrist

      Under orders from British General Jeffrey Amherst, the commander of Fort Pitts gave the attacking Indian chiefs, with whom he was negotiating, blankets from the smallpox hospital. It was a pioneering effort at what is now called biological warfare. An epidemic soon spread among the Indians.
      Zinn, A People’s History, 87.

    • antichrist

      Not even the most brutally depraved of the conquistadors was able purposely to slaughter Indians on the scale that the gentle priest unwittingly accomplished by going from his sickbed ministrations to lay his hands in blessing on his Indian converts. As the invaders were descendants of the toughened survivors of the Middle Ages, so the Indians of today descend from those who could live through the trauma of a European handshake.
      Jennings, The Invasion of America, 22.

      Thus began the history, five hundred years ago, of the European invasion of the Indian settlements in the Americas. That beginning, when you read Las Casas—even if his figures are exaggerations (were there 3 million Indians to begin with, as he says, or less than a million, as some historians have calculated, or 8 million as others now believe?)—in conquest, slavery, death. When we read the history books given to children in the United States, it all starts with heroic adventure—there is no bloodshed—and Columbus Day is a celebration.
      Zinn, A People’s History, 7.

      • antichrist

        Ultimately its the immorality of Christ’s culture that annihilated Native Indians and enslaved the Africans, the Christian untouchables and gassed 6 million Jews. And today, killing Gays and ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and Darfur.

        Hence I became an Anti Christ. To save the innocent of the world from the evils of christian values and norms 😛

        • antichrist

          As in any military conquest, women came in for especially brutal treatment. One Italian nobleman named Cuneo recorded an early sexual encounter. The “Admiral” he refers to is Columbus, who, as part of his agreement with the Spanish monarchy, insisted he be made an Admiral. Cuneo wrote:

          …I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me and with whom…I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun. But seeing that, I took a rope and thrashed her well…. Finally we came to an agreement.

  46. Pam Maltzman

    As an old white woman, of Jewish-russian;German descent (AFAIK), I have no dog in this fight. I have known several people, over the years, of either Indian or part-Indian heritage. Some were bitter, some not. As David Yeagley (Comanche, Bad points out, The Indian warriors were conqquered hite warriors. As a white woman, (91) I didn’t “do it, and so do not feel guilty, and (2) I’m not going back to wherever my grandparents came from.

  47. Thank you! I have always suspected this was a myth but never tracked it down. There is a whole left-wing hate industry that churns out stuff against the Evil White Man. Wearing pretty thin.

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  49. Pam Maltzman

    What I’ve perused so far of your website reminds me a lot of Steve Sailer. I probably won’t agree with you on every point, but since you’re intellectually honest about what you’ve written, I can at least respect you for that. Interesting stuff. I’ll be back from time to time.

  50. Joan

    The usual class being shown…
    The thing that has always puzzled me is, how did these geniuses know about germ warfare before anyone knew about the germ and what it could do? In the time of these conflicts, it was well known that illness was caused by “evil miasmas”. Amazingly smart men- before their time, so to soeak.

    • TS

      J e ws were Forbidden from working in medicine in the Middle Ages by the ruling Catholic Monarchs, if that helps answer your question…

  51. Only the truth. The left-wing control freaks smear constitutionalists because they hate placing any controls on the scope of fedgov’s power. I ask you to investigate, for example, the smear campaign against a safe insecticide called DDT and the consequences in terms of millions of deaths of its ban by environmental whackos.
    Reason Foundation demonstrates the irrational environmental politics behind the scare campaign against DDT all these decades. How much of our public policy is based on political hysteria rather
    than science?

    • Look Sam, I am going to have to ban you as this is a socialist blog and we don’t allow people to post rightwing stuff here.

      Also I notice sadly that you are not only a conservative but apparently you are so far right that you are completely out of your mind. It is really not my fault that you have gone crazy and there is not much I can do about it. But they do have drugs for such things you know.

      • TS

        Great topic.
        As some may know, J EWs were blamed for the Black Plague, killing half of Europe by poisoning wells of Christians with rats, and fleas on the rats transmitted the disease. Their confessions are on record, with instructions by their Rabbis.

        The North American Genocide of Indians was similar, and was similar tactics ie biological germ warfare to cause the destruction.
        British General and Zionist Jacob Jeffrey Amhearst was the ‘creator’ of this practice and it managed to kill off millions of Indians in 150 years.

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  53. TS


    You can blog until you heart is content, but the fact remains that EVERY Single treaty, land and peace agreements, that the US Govt signed with the Indians, were broken BY the US Govt!

    The wrongs committed need to be made right.
    The Indian populace fell from approximately 40-50 million nationwide in the 1700s to less than 1 million in 1900.
    Using germ warfare to kill them off was the means, it was tried on those in Hawaii was well, but the Coconut has amazingly strong anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti biotic properties and they did not succumb.

    Imperialism was practiced by the English, Rothschilds Proxy military, and terrible misdeeds were committed (Ireland, China, India, Africa, USA 1770s et al). England STILL Occupies dozens of nations and engages in terrible occupation, economic terror, and destruction. The more things change…

  54. Ian S

    God these denialists annoy me …

    What nonsense:

    … modern medicine suggests that it could not possibly have worked. Smallpox dies in several minutes outside of the human body. So obviously if those blankets had smallpox germs in them, they were dead smallpox germs. Dead smallpox germs don’t transmit smallpox

    US government was experimenting with smallpox as a weapon right up until Richard Nixon.

  55. clever name

    >Smallpox dies in several minutes outside of the human body

    Incorrect. It can survive for 2 to 3 weeks outside the body.

    >The two Delaware chiefs who personally received the blankets were in good health later.

    because small pox takes 14-17 days to reach symptomatic stages

  56. Left-To-Right

    I was really astounded by this. You had a really great chance at providing the public with clear-cut case of fact vs. fiction, but you marred it with your petty entitlement and poor quality of respect. It’s too bad you’ll have more replies from angry Native-Americans than from people interested in understand where the story went array.

  57. All Injun, you’re banned. Back to your powwow now!


  58. Alpha Male

    There ya go! Ban that son of a squaw!!!

    Fuck all redskins. I once fucked a teepee poster gal and the damn bitch got preggers. She wouldnt get an abortion! Now Im stuck begging my brother to pay the child support cuz I aint spending a goddamn dime to feed no Injun.

    I wish smallpox woulda wiped their sorry asses right out! Only good Injun is a dead Injun. Kill them all!

  59. sweetpea

    Wow! Everyone who buys into this belief that the whites were the problems seem to be festering in hate. In fact the Indians probably killed more whites then whites ever killed Indians. For the simple reason that the Indians were better at it. However it is true that disease killed a lot of Indians. Not disease intentionally given to them but simply the diseases that were around then. But in fact more whites died of smallpox and other diseases then Indians did. Until modern medicine and vaccinations half of all children in this country died before age five and another half died before age 18 most from diseases but many from accidents.

  60. Jason Y

    Tribalism is part of human nature. Even today, different sports teams battle each other all over America, and overseas, soccer is the #1 passion. So how can we be hard on the Indians? Well, even in Europe, they fought for thousands of years. Tribes have fought each other, all thru recorded history.

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    Only whites would do such a thing. We north east asians are superior in every way possible!! Compare the development of chinese civilization in its early stages to the early developments of western civilization!!

    • And yet it’s obviously Whites who ended up creating superior civilizations where WAY more of your kind want to move to than vice-versa. Hell, thousands of you were even willing to pay a “racist” head-tax in order to move to our “inferior” civilizations.

      I happen to know this because your descendents are currently wining about it and are busy making a new grievance industry out of addressing it. Just what one would expect from a “superior” people like you.

  64. Chelsea

    Mr. Lindsay’s bizarre account for American history leads me to believe that his infatuation with “lies”allows him to create the truth instead of finding truth. This article isn’t written in a the style of a literary historian but instead a disgruntled white American who is displeased with American Indians. I know this is a slippery slope but I’m convinced that he is deviant in other ways that are very unorthodox. It sounds like he’s the kind of person who would dubiously support a sex offender. Another critic of yesterday, a real piece of shit person and sick motherfucker. Live it up Mr. Lindsay. Live. It. Up. Enjoy your child porn.

  65. Troy

    Finally a Site where there is so much Intelligent crap gushing forward you left speechless its REALLY SAD that you folks don’t have a life, Most of the remarks were so pathetic I feel sorry for those so Involved in such Idol threat from SAD WORTHLESS PEOPLE who have to much time on there hands I tried not to use BIG words so I wouldn’t offend any body but I think thats pretty much Impossible, Remember Folks U.S.= Free Speech Fishman

  66. Mark

    Just came across your article. It is scary that you pass this off as truth.

  67. Tulio

    I never heard that the smallpox blanket was a myth. I even remember being taught this in class in high school as fact. Most people believe that Native Americans were killed off by being deliberately infected with diseases. Countless people call it a genocide of Native Americans and nobody really questions it.

    I have the feeling there are a lot of myths to be unraveled in this era of our history. You hear little of Native Americans fighting amongst each other. The narrative was that Native Americans were noble and proud people living peacefully and in harmony with nature in the Garden of Eden. Then one day European settlers showed up and murdered them all by giving them disease-ladden blankets and wiped out their population.

    I get the feeling that what we have been sold is woefully incomplete. It seems not all Native Americans were at war with Europeans, and most the deaths by disease were unintentional. Native Americans weren’t always the nice guys either. They sometimes owned slaves too themselves.

    • chuck cooper

      my favorite story is that the Indians used every part of a buffalo.
      what our schools don’t mention is that they would stampede a whole herd of buffalo off a cliff, then take the one buffalo they needed and let the rest of the herd rot. no refrigeration back then.

  68. judy

    Might i suggest you research medical sites such as the CDC (I’m assuming you know what that is with your extensive knowledge base) where it is quite clear that smallpox can be spread by clothing and linens. Having no immunity the native Americans had as high as a 90% mortality rate. Aside from your obvious ignorance to call any group of people stupid is extremely disrespectful and basically serves to show your stupidity

  69. Your understanding of history has been weighed, measured, and found lacking.

    • Sir I concur….I am writing a masters thesis with title in development….something of the nature….DISEASE,STARVATION AND EPIDEMIC ON THE TRAIL OF TEARS…..or subtitled no past no future, due to the survival rate because of drought, waterborne disease, and enviro/geo (NEW WORD) I will end here. Please respond politely.No haters …and the narrow minded will be scalped……..

  70. Lisa Riddick

    Your comment about the virus’ survival rate outside the body is a lie. The virus can survive at least 1 week on cloth materials.

  71. For what the white man did to all my native people THE INDIANS MY FAMILY. WITH THE DAMN SMALLPOX. PAY BACK IS A BITCH!!!!!! EBOLA IS GOING TO EAT YOU.


  73. Jason Y

    Some Amerindian women are so anti-white and proud of their heritage, yet want to date every white “good ole boy” they can get their hands on. Go figure. I mean, were talking about a race (Amerindians) on the verge of extinction in many places.

  74. Seeing the number of hits this blog post has gotten, as well as the comments, I’d say you Mr. Lindsay have gotten the reaction you were looking for. I would also add, however, that you marred your chance at having an impactful article by a) injecting your personal opinion and emotions into what you have passed off as facts and b) very childish replies to people in the comment section. Granted, some of these trolls posted dumb comments. But bro let’s be serious, some of the racial slurs on your point are completely uncalled for. Maybe having the “power” to “ban” someone from your site is probably the kind of thing that gets you off. I suggest you go back to the drawing board and correct some of your article, and accept that some of the comments posted here were actually closer to the truth than what you wrote.

  75. The utter fact that Ward Churchill promotes the smallpox blanket idea pretty much discredits it, it’s been proven that he’s an utter fraud.

  76. Michael McDonald

    there is actually accounts of this happening, there are actual letters written by Amherst discussing using blankets and contaminated clothing to get rid of the Native problem. Pierre Mailard wrote in his book about the English trading contaminated clothing with the Mi’kmaq in 1746 which killed most of the Mi’kmaq in the village. There is so much actual physical evidence written by those who were there at the time. So those that deny it, can sit there and deny it because they are trying to find justification for genocide.

    • They probably didn’t know the blankets were infected. That was before the germ theory of disease anyway. The Amherst story has been dealt with in the piece. Amherst’s gambit failed and not one Indian was infected by his ploy.

  77. I think that was really interesting. I’m from michigan and white. The true history is not taught in this country. It is white washed into political correct ness. We would not want to hurt an in gins feelings . They were stupid war like people who needed genocide. The whole continent was free for the taking. America was built on lies ,murder, deciet,and theft.

    • EPGAH

      There were TWO–count them, TWO–attempts to kill savages via the “smallpox blankets”, and in BOTH cases they were when the savages had the whites surrounded&pounded and were extorting goodies out of them. Not only was it not the Full-Court Press it’s portrayed as, (Compare those TWO incidents with say, the number of Anthrax attacks savages tried against us recently, or Assad gassing its OWN people with a far more effective KNOWN toxin) it was deserved. Think of someone robbing you at gunpoint, and you SNEEZE on the money you give them. That’ll show those thugs!

      • I am aware of only one smallpox blanket germ warfare attempt, and it was done by the British, not the Americans, and it was also done before there was even an America in the first place. It was done by British colonists who were colonizing this continent. Not us.

        And the attempt didn’t even work. Two Indians received the blankets and were in good health a few months later. Besides, smallpox dies pretty quickly when it’s exposed to air. The blankets probably could not have infected anyone. Also this was before the Germ Theory of Disease, so these guys were really just shooting in the dark.

        • EPGAH

          Yes on both counts, it was a British fortress the first time.
          The second time it was an unarmed American village.

          And yes, it was just a theory, two CENTURIES before Germ Theory–and even when Germ Theory DID come out, Pasteur had to fight pretty damn hard to get anyone to LISTEN.

          It’s just another way the EEEVIL whites killed the “peaceful” savages. I’ve heard Blake’s last line OVER 9000(!) times in just my 36 years of life.

  78. Jake

    Love all the racist Native Americans that are claiming that this is some kind of “justification” for what happened to their ancestors. LOL. The point of the article is to point out that the myth of smallpox blankets is exactly that: A MYTH. No one is “justifying” anything else, and it has nothing to do with the fact that what happened to the Native Americans was extremely unfortunate and tragic.

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  80. Been looking around in the world for some good guys. Still haven’t found any. Good luck looking.

  81. Jerry

    1837 an American steamboat carried infected people and supplies up the Missouri river to Ft. McKenzie. Smallpox was spread by early Americans several times in history. 1763 was not the only smallpox out break, not was it the 1st.
    Smallpox did happen and our forefathers were part of it.

  82. Jane

    The problem with this article is that you are making this issue very black and white. As you mentioned before they didn’t spread it on purpose, that may be true (which I disagree), we have no way of proving what happened generations ago. However you are depicting Native Aboriginals as the offenders or villains which is hurtful to many people because those people were all victims of colonization. They lived on this land first, then the europeans came in and took over their home for cultivation of resources. For the most part their culture was destroyed and their people have been experiencing intergenerational trauma for decades. You’ve diminished the cruelty that they endure because you have this idea in your mind that the settlers had the right to come to north america and overthrow the existing eco-system that excited by any means they saw fit. Also you should really look at some academic articles, because I’ve never seen any that state the finding you’ve discussed. My suggestion to you is to be more open to the possibility that there may be other possibilities other than your current perceived mindset.

    • As you mentioned before they didn’t spread it on purpose, that may be true (which I disagree), we have no way of proving what happened generations ago.

      No they did try to spread it on purpose, but the project failed completely. The historical record on the Pontiac War is clear.

      However you are depicting Native Aboriginals as the offenders or villains which is hurtful to many people because those people were all victims of colonization.

      Their behavior during this war was pretty bad. I do not blame Amherst for using whatever weapons he had at his disposal to defeat the Indians. The Indians were waging a genocidal war against the colonists.

      You’ve diminished the cruelty that they endure because you have this idea in your mind that the settlers had the right to come to north America and overthrow the existing ecosystem that excited by any means they saw fit.

      In fact, I do not believe that at all. I believe that we invaded this continent in an act of aggression and then proceeded to steal every inch of land from the Indians, the rightful owners of the land.

      Also you should really look at some academic articles, because I’ve never seen any that state the finding you’ve discussed. My suggestion to you is to be more open to the possibility that there may be other possibilities other than your current perceived mindset.

      As far as I can tell, the matter of the smallpox blankets nonsense is settled among historians.

      • Jason Y

        I could see a situation of deliberate genocide. However, the fact remains the Amerinidans were already genocided, even before deliberate attempts could be made. The germs laid waste to the whole New World, especially in what is now Anglo-America.

  83. Jason Y

    Not need for anyone to be a hateful dick about it, it’s just a case of unfortunate advantage. The Amerindians simply suffered from what Pacific Islanders also did, isolation from major diseases. Threfore, once exposed it caused havoc that wouldn’t on European populations.

    Of course, some Christians say they lost out cause they worshipped the devil (some kind of divine punishment), but I would leave the cause more to the random probability of nature.

    • Jason Y

      Considering the Amerndians lost due to random probability, then that fact would put a huge dent in the “White man is superior” stuff they were spreading around. I mean can W. Bush say he earned his wealth? So how white people claim the Amerindians died from anything but a natural disaster they had no control over?

      • JASON Y

        Sorry to focus on you but Cherokee did not think Scots were superior. They thought they were awful. That was the first case of U.S. citizens petitioning for illegal immigrants. They even sent a tribal emissary to English court to stop Scots from entering Appalachia.

        Scant good it did.


    MIllions of white Europeans died from Smallpox… They aren;’t immune to it… HEY I NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS TO TAKE THESE SMALLPOX INFECTED BLANKETS TO THE INDIANS? ROFL.


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  86. iffen

    It is nice to know that we can let bygones be bygones and let Chief Pontiac have his own car model.

  87. Well said. The other day Jane Fonda once again spread this lie about the infected blankets. That is what brought me here. Natives here in Canada commit ed terrible atrocities towards white missionaries and other tribes. Many welcomed the white man because they brought food, guns, kettles, blankets and many other modern things.


      The earliest “Natives” were actually wiped out by later Mongolians or Siberians who entered Canada in various waves. This is why the latest “Natives” could walk around Northeast Asia without a glance. They are no more native than some Chinese guy in Vancouver.

  88. I just watched the 1952 movie “The battles of Chief Pontiac” starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Chief Pontiac on Youtube. The villain in that movie is a Hessian Colonel working for General Amherst of the British Army who comes up with a plan to give smallpox infected blankets to the Indians who are besieging Fort Detroit.

  89. Cheryl Wooden

    White Supremacist Barbaric Racists Neanderthals spread Diseases all over the world starting 1492, with the inventions
    Called Cowards with Guns. These dirty creatures roamed the the whole entire Planet Earth and destroyed everything in their pathwit with these weapons, that is why Satan has given you animals Cancers for Enternity. You have no Souls, so you will never rest in peace

    • Hey sweetheart, thanks so much for this post. That was mighty White of you to write such a fine post.

    • CHERYL

      You Indian women lay down and your Syphilis soaked up into our penises which you did seem to enjoy being shafted in your hairless Asiatic vaginas which we sadly spread to white women back in Europe.

    • You native women kept lying down and spreading your legs to be shafted by our white penises which was a strong draw.

      However, we got syphilis.

    • CHERYL

      You liked our white shafts and lay down with us. Native American women are Asian so you do not have a great deal of body hair if you are pure Indigenous and your vaginas are nice and tight.

      This is one reason that whites kept coming.

      Today very few of you are pure Siberian Mongolian. You are mostly mixed with French or British and Norse because you enjoyed white men thrusting deep into your brown small hairless vaginas in the woods and deserts.

    • CHERYL

      I think Native women drew white men. You have all the best characteristics of Asian women, which you are. Submissive and not very hairy with nice tight brown vaginas.

    • CHERYL

      True, whites have no “part of the land”. We roam around like I have shafting women of other races for pleasure.

      Not that I support or condone violence of any kind or extermination but it is a great deal of fun to have sex with women from the less advanced races.

      Your vaginas are not as hairy and your bodies are hairless and once you are really being thrust into you get into it.

  90. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

  91. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

  92. Mr.Dude

    You should be scalped.

    Saying that Indians are stupid and couldn’t run a country because they were fighting is a hypocritical statement bitch. If you step away from writing fiction and read up on actual history you’ll see that white people fought one another throughout Europe and couldn’t run a country either.

    • EPGAH

      Except that whites advanced and the savages didn’t.
      What reason/excuse do YOU give for the savages’ stagnation for thousands of years? Were they waiting for your permission?

      And what evidence do you have that white people couldn’t run a country? European countries are the best in the world, otherwise savages from around the world would flee FROM them instead of fleeing INTO them.
      Or at least they were until the savage rapefugees kept raping and murdering their hosts?

    • They were facing almost sure genocidal slaughter by the Indians. In such cases, you have to do what you can to survive.

      The smallpox blankets didn’t even work anyway. The virus dies very quickly when it is outside of the body and the Germ Theory of Disease was not even known yet. The two Indians who received the blankets were in good heath later. The Indians themselves said they were getting smallpox from raiding White villages and killing the Whites.

  93. Terry Dyer

    SquaredT, why can’t Western Man just stand up and say “Yeah, we kicked your ass and took your shit! Deal with it!”

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