New Comments Policy

This isn’t going to be a Free Speech board anymore. I’ve made some changes – see here.

I am no longer going to allow those openly and passionately supporting the Republican Party and rightwing economics (the Dittohead – Fox News type you see on Free Republic, rightwing blogs and news comments boards all over the net). Those folks can continue to post here, but they may be banned at any time for any reason or for no reason, at my discretion.

All present commenters are good folks and may continue posting.

We are wasting way too much time here with rejoinders to the pro-Republican and Supply Side Economics, Small Government, Libertarian Friedmanite crowd. Why bother to argue with them? It takes away so much precious time, and there is none to waste.

This is a socialist and progressive blog and the comments should reflect that.

Any rightwing stuff outside of pro-Republicanism and pro-rightwing economics is probably going to be allowed, in particular the talk about race, gender and sexual orientation.  None of that stuff is important anyway.

We will continue to allow bigots and racists to post, although we are not wild about that. Identity Politics is not important, and neither is it’s opposite, bigotry in its various forms. Race, gender and sexual orientation are essentially irrelevant matters outside of economics, so we really don’t care how you feel about them. Anyway, I am pretty un-PC myself.

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