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Opinion: Women Like Sex More Than Men Do

From the comments section, a very interesting comment from the very interesting new and welcome commenter MaMu1977, whose commenting style is very much in line with the extreme heterodox and eclectic style of this blog. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he’s saying below, but I think he has some good points. The stuff about domestic violence made me shake my head, but he’s probably right. The feminists will go insane, but it confirms what’s the most cynical corner of my blackest heart has always suspected. Feel free to comment at the end; there’s a lot here to think and write about:

Anyway, like I told “Chuck” at guccilittlepiggy, women like sex more than guys. They’ve always liked sex more than guys.

The “fly in the ointment” is this: the worse the sex, the less women like it. In a society in which sex is simplified to, “Insert penis in vagina, manipulate penis until ejaculation, remove penis upon ejaculation and go to sleep”, the amount of women who see sex as being worth the bother drops precipitously (with the women who enjoy it usually being in the presence of “Alpha” males or the “curiously gifted” {whether through sheer size, genital deformity such as G-spot arousing bends or flat out stamina}.)

Notice that I didn’t mention anything about the women being aroused enough to enjoy sex in that little spiel, I just said that there are way too many men who treat sex like a slot machine (insert money, pull lever, extract winnings.) If you treat a woman like that slot machine, she’ll eventually figure out that her man’s collecting all of the money and she’s always getting cherry-cherry-bell on her screen. If she’s not getting her big O, then she’s going to come to the conclusion that noone’s getting the big O (or, obviously, she’s going to find herself a better man to give her her “medicine”!)

Then I find myself “lucky” enough to go on the Internet and read about middle-aged men whose wives refuse to have sex with them, or MRAs who believe that all women are “evil” because their unsatisfied SOs ran off with the kids and their money (after spending years, if not decades, with men who either refused to learn or never bothered to learn how to give them their “cookies”).

I say this to guys on a regular basis, “No woman is going to leave a man who’s able to make her come, period. And the sluttier she was, the less likely she’s going to leave you because she’s experienced more than enough bad dick in her lifetime to know a good thing when she’s holding it in her hand.” If you can make women have orgasms on a regular basis, you can quite literally do anything that you want with that woman for as long as you like.

A woman who’s been raised to be “independent, feminist, ‘strong’ and (to take an example from my own life) ‘nationalistic’ (as in, ‘There are too many minorities in my country!’) will teach herself how to be more amenable to her man’s needs if she’ll maintain her access to pleasurable long-term sex from that man, period.

If a “alpha” marries a woman who parrots the equality line (for argument’s sake, a broad-shouldered and rugged man in good health with a good job, but he’s unable to make her orgasm), he soon finds himself on the outside forking out alimony and child support. A “beta” (not as large, not as handsome, nowhere near as tough, less “manly” income) who’s managed to learn a bedroom trick trick or two can hold onto that woman until she has a foot in the grave. “Alphas” with no game have to sneak into a strip club, “betas” with skills can convince her to drive.

You can even compare it to domestic violence victims. Interview almost any non-upper class DV victim and she’ll eventually say that the “aftercare” (read, rough/hot sex with orgasms) was what kept her in the relationship. Whether the man in question fed her submissive instincts and forced himself upon her, or if his “apology” for losing his temper was to treat her like his personal goddess (for more dominant women) and cater to her for the rest of the night, it was the payoff that made the abuse seem worthwhile.

As someone who’s been on the listening end, the most common reason given for finally ending those relationships was this, “The pain wasn’t worth the pleasure” (for broken bones and more serious than black eye types.) If you meet a woman whose first visit to a DV center was based on the first attack, you can assume that her husband is either bad in bed or incredibly rich (barring, of course, foreign-born women who don’t know how to play the game.)


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New Issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine Released

I was able to obtain the new issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine.

It’s difficult to obtain if you don’t know what you are doing. As far as I can tell, it’s only available on jihadi forums. First of all, you have to find those forums. They are very secretive, their locations are not well-known, and the sites are constantly going up and down and changing locations and url’s. However, I have access to sites with lists of the latest lists of jihadi forums. Then you start to visit the forums. The forums are all in Arabic, so you have to figure out the Arabic. Even then, it’s not easy because a lot of the links are just pictures. You click the picture links, then try to figure out where the download links. After a while, you find them. There are many hazy-type download links at fly by night servers. You find one that works, and you go and get the file.

I’ll be making the file available for download on my server here. That link should work; anyway, I was just able to download the file. The last copy (available on my server here) got downloaded 141 times, so apparently there is some interest out there. The latter link definitely works.

I emailed WordPress asking them if it was ok to offer Al Qaeda stuff for download, and I got no response, so I assume it’s ok.

If anyone is wondering, I hate Al Qaeda and I don’t support their project. I’m just making this stuff available so people can see what these very dangerous people are all about.

This latest issue is getting quite a bit of press. It highlights “Operation Hemorrhage,” the operation to down two cargo planes, a Federal Express and a UPS, in October by using PETN explosives packed into a toner cartridge of a printer. The report goes into minute detail about how they did it. Why they are showing their hand like this, I have no idea. AQ says that the intention was not a terror attack, as they realize that these planes only have two people aboard. They said that instead the purpose is to disrupt the US economy. It’s true that for 10 years since 9-11, we were not checking cargo flights at all. Now we are supposedly checking 100% of US flights, but I think that’s dubious. We are definitely not checking 100% of international flights.

Al Qaeda claims to have found a way around a variety of security measures.

First of all, the devices are made with no metals, and this is how they elude metal detectors.They now have five different bomb detonators that use no metal whatsoever.

They elude bomb-sniffing dogs by packing the material so tight in the toner cartridge that the cartridge is completely sealed. Then they use a variety of solvents to wipe clean all of the surrounding objects in case any PETN molecules escaped.

They explain how they manage to elude X-ray scanners, but that description was rather complex and I will let you tackle it yourselves. For one thing, they used an explosive that was similar in molecular composition to the printer toner itself.

It is true that the printers were inspected twice in the UK, but both times passed inspection. The bomb was only intercepted when the US had the exact tracking number of the package.

Al Qaeda denies US claims that they have only one bombmaker. The US named this fellow, and claims that he is AQ’s bombmaker. Whoever the bombmakers are, they are extremely intelligent.

AQ continues to claim that they downed a UPS cargo plane that crashed in Dubai on September 29, but the US insists that that crash was due to a battery fire. AQ ridicules that claim, and asks why the US can’t figure out that they did it. There is quite a bit of baiting and ridiculing of the US and its allies in this issue. They are basically taunting us.

AQ claims that the whole operation cost only $4,200. That is probably correct.

There are repeated exhortations about Palestine in this issue (“Palestine remains the main issue,” etc.)

US analysts note that AQ’s ability to pump out the propaganda shows that AQ is operating with relative freedom. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is currently operating mostly out of what even this issue of Inspire calls “the failed state of Yemen.” I would agree that Yemen is close to being a failed state.


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