Korean Jesus Rides on Water

Korean Jesus Dude shows how it's done in this amazing display. His bike is a Hyosung GT650.

2000 years ago, Jesus shocked the Levant by walking on water without falling in and drowning. It was almost like he was a Human Flipper or something. People were so freaked they formed a religion around the dude.

Some say he has come back, and he chose Korea of all places. Why in the Lord’s name did he pick that place? Jesus Christ, of all places, I swear man.

He is said to have come back in the form of a young man named Dae-Jung Lee (Great Righteous Judge in Korean). He is 32 years old and he still lives at home, so he could well be Jesus Himself come back.

Instead of walking on water, this Korean Jesus Dude has taken to riding his motorcycle on water! Jesus done one-upped himself!


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6 responses to “Korean Jesus Rides on Water

  1. I betcha he couldn’t do that if you put him in a car at the corner of Western and Sixth. (Koreatown humor for those not from L.A.).

  2. Gay State Girl

    Is that your friend F3PY3

  3. tulio

    Talk about hydroplaning.

  4. heg

    Ever been to north Palestine Robert? l have at christmas. That’s where the lake is that Jesus walked on water. l have walked on water and you can do that too. lt was damn freeeeezing when l was there.

    You know cold, ice on the lake = can walk on water.

  5. Latias

    The Messiah, Sun Myung Moon, came from Korea.

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