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Recipe: Vegetable Beef Soup with Canned Beef Puree

I had this can of beef puree lying around and I did not know what to do with it. I looked at some recipes, but they didn’t help much, so I made some soup out of it.


1 very large soup pan
1 multiple measurement measuring spoon
1 stirring instrument

1 15 oz. can of beef puree
2 15 oz. cans of mixed vegetables, drained
1 14.5oz can of diced tomatoes, drained
8 cups water
2 tsp minced garlic (2 cloves)
2 TSP minced dried onion (2 onions)
2 1/2 TSP dried parsley
1 tsp dried pesto
1/2 tsp dried marjoram
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Add first four ingredients into a large soup pan. Turn stove to medium. Add onion and garlic. Turn to medium high, stirring continuously. Add spices later on. The thyme will smell very strong. Cook until the thyme smell starts fading, and you can smell other smells mixed in with the thyme. There is so much liquid that it will barely even boil, even on medium high. Ladle into bowl. Turn down to low and simmer. It will taste better as it cooks on low.

This turned out pretty darned good! It tastes a lot like the beef puree, but it also tastes like the vegetable beef soup you grew up on! Good meal for a cold late fall evening.

Total calories = ~1,050, so it’s not even a full day’s meal. You won’t be able to eat too much of it until you have to put it away for the next day. Contains 10.5 servings of vegetables, plenty for one day.


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Thoughts on “File Sharing” and the Tangled Issue of Copyright and Patent

AJ asks: What’s your opinion on the morality of sites like The Pirate Bay, and the various torrent sites, torrent clients, and file sharing and P2P in general? Do you consider downloading an mp3 for free the same as stealing? Metallica does. Do you agree with Metallica when they took on Napster?

Yes, it stealing. The phrase “sharing” is outrageous. How bout I come break into your house and share some of your property, eh?

My brother is a musician, and he hates this crap.

But it’s the industry’s fault. They have so overpriced CD’s and movie tickets that no one wants to go to the movies or buy a CD. Forget concerts. Plus the scum keep phasing out tech and introducing it again.

I owned 8-tracks, cassettes, albums and now CD’s. Theoretically, one could have bought the same work 4 different times as each old tech was phased out. It’s all a joke to get us to pay up to four times for the same work of art!

Keep in mind that every time the bastards upgraded the media, the upgraded the devices to play the media. The jerks made me shell out for an 8-track player, a cassette player, a record player and now a CD player. No doubt they have further upgrades in mind down the road!

However, there is a sell it or give it away problem here. Are the various TV shows for sale? What about shows that will never run again and yet are not being offered for sale. Ok, look, we ought to have a right to “steal” that stuff.

There is a principle in copyright law that says, “Sell it or give it away.” You simply may not produce a work of art or any patented invention and then put it in your drawer and not let the public use it. For copyright, you may not release something and then pull distribution. People have a right to your art. If you don’t want to sell your art, then give it away.

The same applies or ought to apply to software. Sell it or give it away. The very notion that abandonware exists is outrageous. I can’t tell you how many IT scum have defended the notion of abandonware to me.

Capitalists in general are loathsome ratfucks anyway, but I must say that some of the filthiest, most evil capitalists I have ever met worked in the software industry. We can thank these maggots for totally unenforceable “software licenses” (Ever read one of those outrageous things?), software that miraculously comes out without an install disk, the total failure of the notion of customer service, forced upgrades, refusal to work with competitor’s products, and a pile of stinking horseshit as high as the stratosphere.

It is because of the antics of the likes of Bill Gates et al that software went free and open source – consumers were so outraged by the industry’s crap that they killed the industry by producing their own free product. Some day the software industry will be a tiny shadow of its former self, and that will be a great day indeed. Bill Gates needs to have a stake driven through his heart in cemetery at midnight, but hold your cross in front of you to blind him so he doesn’t fight back.

You also may not patent an invention and then refuse to release it to the public. If you don’t sell it, you must give it away. No hoarding of the public commons.

The music industry is about as maggoty as the software scum, but musicians themselves are good people who surely deserve the fruits of their labors.


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Internet Censorship Bill to be Blocked

From an email to me from the folks fighting the Internet censorship bill:

Robert — big news! Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to send the Internet blacklist bill to the full Senate, but it was quickly stopped by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) who denounced it as “a bunker-buster cluster bomb” aimed at the Internet and pledged to “do everything I can to take the necessary steps to stop it from passing the U.S. Senate.”Wyden’s opposition practically guarantees the bill is dead this year — and next year the new Congress will have to reintroduce the bill and start all over again. But even that might not happen: Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Hollywood’s own senator, told the committee that even she was uncomfortable with the Internet censorship portion of the bill and hoped it could be removed when they took it up again next year!

This is incredible — and all thanks to you. Just a month ago, the Senate was planning to pass this bill unanimously; now even the senator from Hollywood is backing away from it. But this fight is far from over — next year, there’s going to be hearings, negotiations, and even more crucial votes. We need to be there, continuing to fight.

Looks like it is going to be blocked. And it looks like it will be stopped next year too.

There is a lot of confusion about this bill, and my post did not help to clarify matters. The bill is not about censoring speech on the Net. It’s all about shutting down sites that traffic in DMCA copyrighted video such as TV shows and movies. It’s basically the corporate entertainment industry pushing it. Obama is a corporate Democrat, and the Democrats have a lot of support for the entertainment industry, so he pushed the bill. The Republicans support it too because they support whatever outrage the Corporate Enemy wants next.

There’s no need for the bill. DMCA video already comes with DMCA tags. I can’t upload such video to my Google/Blogger account. I get an error when I try. I assume many other sites are the same. That’s one way to stop theft. The other way is to issue DMCA takedown orders. Webmasters who deal with video get these things all the time and often comply with them. Problem is that they are often phony and just used as a club by some asshole pretending to have copyright on a video he does not own.

Youtube may have been taken down by this law. Youtube gets copyrighted stuff uploaded all the time, and they are constantly taking it down. The system works. Under the new law, Youtube would automatically be deemed an “illegal site specializing in copyright theft” and would be summarily shut down or put on the blacklist. Ridiculous!


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Good Article on the Chechen National Liberation Movement

Clearly most of the nations of the world have a right to self-determination. The article makes clear that the Chechen people never assented to being conquered by the Russians, never really surrendered, and kept fighting periodically every chance they got after conquest in 1864.

Recent polls show that a slim majority of Chechens support full independence. The rest presumably support the largely autonomous government of the Chechen Republic. However, this government is widely considered to be a Russian puppet regime.

Commenter AJ says that the vast majority of Chechens support Russia. This is probably not true. Most of them are probably filled with rage and hatred towards Russia for the genocide the Russians have committed against the Chechen people. However, about half the population probably feels that independence is hopeless and instead opts for the extreme autonomy that has been granted the puppet state.

The war is not exactly winding down in the region. There are military incidents every single day in Chechnya and nearly every day in Ingushetia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria. The Caucasus region is frankly on fire and the war is probably going to go on definitely.

Frighteningly, there are also now attacks in the Perm region and in Kalmykia deep inside Russia proper. Recently terrorists have carried out attacks against Cossack communities in Russia proper to the north of the Caucasus.

There are a number of theories about why Russia will not let the Chechens go, which would seem to be the only rational thing to do. The article gives the best theory, that independence cannot be allowed because of the precedent it would set in that other regions might want to break away too.

True, much of the Caucasus may indeed break off if self-determination was allowed to Russian republics.

But there are few, if any, other regions in Russia which would break away, so the argument appears to be moot, and Putin increasingly just looks like some kind of a fascist.

There is a fascist-like youth group called “Nashi” that encourages Russians to breed large families for the Fatherland. Pro-natalism is characteristic of all fascist regimes and in general is anathema to all progressive regimes. As a radical environmentalist and zero population growth advocate, I am quite happy that Russia’s population is declining. They serve as a great shining example for all of us.

Fanatical nationalism and extreme racism seem to be overwhelming Russian society lately. Although not particularly racist, commenter AJ is a good example of this fanatical Russian nationalism. If you want to know what these folks are like, read his comments.


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