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Obama Trying to Censor the Internet

What in the Hell’s going on here, anyway? Obama wants an “Internet Blacklist” of sites that all ISP’s would be required to block. Huh? It is expected to whiz right through both houses of Congress. The Republicans are all for it, of course, and the Democrats are lining right up too.

Explain to me why we need this and why this is not one of the worst ideas around?

Petition here.


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Friday is World Toilet Day 2010!

Cool! My favorite holiday!

What are you guys going to do to celebrate?

I sure know what I’m going to do, at least what I hope I’m going to do!

Bombs away…


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97% and 82%

97% of men admit to having masturbated.

The other 3% are obviously lying. LOL.

I would imagine that most men are currently doing it too.

That’s one thing I don’t like about living with male roommates. Soon or later, you catch the guy jerking off, and it’s really embarassing for both parties. Either that or you can hear him doing it in the next room, and that makes me uncomfortable.

I figure that all single guys who are not living with a woman are jerking off. It’s just obvious. There’s no point discussing it.

Most married men are too, if truth be told. That’s a bit more of an interesting subject, but most men will just laugh if you bring it up.

A lot of stupid women think that male masturbation is absolutely hilarious. In the past, I’ve had some of them ask me if I did it. The answer was DUH. She started giggling. I felt like slapping the stupid bitch.

Guys don’t sit around and have conversations about, “Hey you do jerk off or not?” It’s like asking if you take a crap or eat. What’s there to discuss? On the other hand, the subject is somewhat taboo in that most guys don’t openly admit to doing it, say, “I just jerked off,” or discuss different ways of doing it. It’s all sort of taboo.

I knew a young guy once (age 21), who told me that he would go to guys’ houses and they would all sit around and watch porn and jerk off, but not do it with each other. I asked him if he thought that was gay, and he said no. It’s a pretty wild thing to do, and I don’t think I could handle it. Gay guys have jerkoff parties too. Not sure exactly what goes on there, but I guess it’s fun and doesn’t give you AIDS.

If you go into those adult book stores, there are movie stalls. It’s obvious, if they have locked doors, that about 100% of the guys in there are probably jerking off.

I was in this one in Garden Grove, California, once. It was run by Vietnamese who had the same attitude towards sex as a restaurant would have about food, which seems healthy. There were locked doors on the stalls, and obviously guys were jerking off in there. The Vietnamese guys were going up and down the aisle with a mop and a bucket, mopping the floor with soapy water all the time. A door would swing up, a guy would leave, and the Vietnamese guy would wisk his mop in there and mop around. They didn’t act like what these guys were doing was gross or horrible. They had the most bored, flat expressions on their faces. This was completely banal as far as they were concerned.

The ones that are run by White guys are a lot weirder. Even if they have locked stalls, if a guy stays too long on a stall, they conduct a raid on the stall and unlock the door. Guess what the guy insidie is doing! Then they act like cops when they catch him in the act. Fuck that. These guys are running a porno movie arcade, dammit. Guys are jerking off while watching the movies. LOL, duh, no kidding.

Instead of admitting that they do it, guys engage in endless jokes about masturbation. The hand in the air jerking off motion is a typical component of male conversation. Everyone knows what’s being said. But there’s no reason to admit to anything. Every now and then some idiot will insist he never does it or has never done it. This is met with an appropriate chorus of catcalls and “Liar!”

82% of women admit to having masturbated. That figures makes a bit more sense, and I’m sure there are women who currently don’t do it. Female sexuality is a lot stranger and more mysterious than male sexuality. But it’s amazing how many women are masturbating nowadays. This is one thing we sexual revolutionaries can be proud of. The unlocking of female sexuality. We gave them the key to the Room of Sexual Treasures and now they are rummaging around and having a ball.

You go, girls!


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Do Women Like Sex As Much As Men Do?

I know quite a few grown women who masturbate a lot.

Some do it every single day (age 45). She has a teenage daughter and she encourages her to do it too. I knew a teenage girl (age 16) who used to steal her Mom’s vibrator. She like to suck on it and pretend it was a cock. She asked if I thought that was weird. I said Hell no! When I was young, for a while we had some young girl relatives living with us. There was an electric toothbrush in the bathroom that kept disappearing. After a while, I figured out they were stealing it. They treated that thing like it pure 24 karat gold. At the time, I never exactly got it, but I always wondered. I don’t wonder anymore. Our relatives were around ages 13, 10 and 7!

I know women who surf porn for hours at a time, masturbating (age 30). I know another one who surfs the male webcams for hours on end, looking at the cocks as she puts it (age 23-27). I not sure if she’s masturbating, but she may well be. I used to talk to this Russian woman online. One time she said she had to go for a bit. She came back online and said she just masturbated herself to a great orgasm (age 35). I congratulated her on her awesome achievement.

All of this sounds like something a man would do.

Masturbation is the purest form of sexual pleasure and it’s a good way to measure inherent sex drive. In females, sexual desire is often tied in with emotional and psychological factors, but masturbation needs none of that. If women really didn’t like sex nearly as much as we do, you shouldn’t see all this Mother of All Female Masturbation Epidemics. The uncertainty you are seeing in real life sex is women who have lost interest in partners due to psychological and emotional factors.

In my life as a sex addict, I found that quite a few women were more than willing to accommodate my sex addiction. They were overjoyed to do it for hours a day (up to 6-8 hours a day), hours at a time (up to 2-3 hours), or 3-4 times a day. They were often the ones who were asking me for it 3-4 times a day. In general, they ranged in age from 18-34. I’m not sure if older women get into it like this. I figure they were just normal.

A woman is like an old machine that you wonder if it even works anymore. Once you flip that switch, it’s hard to shut it off unless you actually go to the wall and yank out the damned plus physically. Otherwise, it will keep humming away all day long.

As I age, I can’t really do it with young women (say age 23 or so) that much. Why? They always want to do it again, dammit! I’m 53 years old. “Do it again” is not part of my vocabulary, if it ever was.

If you made it through all of this hot text without reaching for your groin, it should be apparent that the notion, very popular among prudish women and men of all types, that women don’t like sex nearly as much as men do, is a theory that leaves much to be desired.


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