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Debate With an Aztlanista Traitor

Frederic, apparently an Aztlanista reconquista traitor who has listened to one too many Latrino Studies lectures, comments. His comments are in the blockquotes.

But I guess if Mexico gets it shit together and becomes a first world, thriving country somewhen in the future, then a political reconquista will probably be the inevitable.

This will never happen. Mexico will always be Mexico because it is full of Mexicans. Nothing can change this reality.

Anyway, if it did happen, the US would hopefully attack Mexico. Any sane US government would send in the army and secure the area. We should also probably start deporting the Chicano traitors who sided with the enemy if this ever came up. As you can see, I am not an America-hating traitor at all. In fact, I am a patriot and these Reconquista weenies really bring out the flagwaver in me.

This is why I say that Aztlan theory is dangerous, and Aztlanistas are worse than assholes. They are traitorous assholes. And if Aztlan theory ever catches fire and gains mass support, we will be in a world of shit and God help us. Luckily, there is no sign of that occurring.

This would especially happen if Mexican Americans educated themselves and found out the shit Mexican Americans went through and the broken promises for those Mexicans who stayed in US gained lands after the U.S.-Mexican war.

I assume they have all been brainwashed about this stuff in classes, but almost none of them seem to care. Honestly. I know these people very well.

They’d probably feel alien and disillusioned with the country of the US (especially if they remain unassimilated).

Won’t happen. Once Latinos get to be a majority anywhere, they are happier than pigs in shit, except for professional radicals and complainers. And after 2-3 generations, 100% of them assimilate. By the 3rd generation, most do not even speak Spanish anymore.

As a matter of fact Robert, your city is an example of reconquista.

Not really. Whites still run this town. I think the Latinos like it that way.

We know how to run municipalities.

They don’t.

Once a city goes all Latino, it’s government goes all Latino, and the place basically falls apart turns into “Little Mexico.” The Mexicans with any brains and sense take note of when the last White person packed up and start packing their bags themselves. If you ask them why they left, they will say the place went to Hell when all the Whites left.

Most Hispanics will probably be united by the same idiocy that plagues the common American mind: the notion of a “Hispanic” race.

They already are, and they’re some of the stupidest humans I have ever met when it comes to race. They have no understanding of biological race whatsoever. Anyway, they’re already all united under “Latino,” and the loony Aztlan notion has no support.


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Fight the Power!

A picture is worth a thousand words.


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Message to White Nationalists

Seriously. I mean it, maaaaan. There is no future. No future for you.

Take my advice.

Whenever you guys want to drop the Nazi shit, let me know.

A question, is it even possible for White nationalists to ever drop the Nazi shit? I mean, the Nazis were sort of the ultimate White nationalists, no?

I don’t like any kind of White nationalism, Nazi, anti-Nazi, you name it. I suppose an anti-Nazi White nationalism is possible, but I doubt if we will ever see it. These guys are going to be Nazis forever.


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Ethnic Nationalists/Supremacists Are All the Same

AJ asks:

Robert, what do you think of Malcolm X, the NOI, and the New Black Panther Party, and the Black Hebrew Israelites? how about MLK Jr? You never talk about him. 

I hate them. Those are Black Supremacists and Black nationalists. They’re as scummy as the White nationalists and White Supremacists. All ethnic nationalists and ethnic supremacists are scum, and they’re all reading from the same script. This is something AJ hasn’t seemed to have figured out yet. It takes a while to figure this out, but once you have been around a variety of nationalist-chauvinist types, after a while, if you’re observant, it should hit you like a ton of bricks that they’re essentially all the same folks, even when they are homicidally enraged at each other.

It would make sense if you are a White nationalist/supremacist to respect Black nationalists/supremacists, after all, they are only your mirror image in Black. Yet too often they are deadly enemies.

The real clash is not between dueling nationalists/supremacists, who are after all just different colored leaves on the same tree, but between the ethnic nationalists/supremacists and those non-racists and anti-racists like me who oppose them.


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Who Doesn’t Like to Have Sex? Lots of People

In response to the Black People Like to Fuck post, tulio notes:

Who the hell doesn’t like to fuck. Isn’t mating nature’s strongest instinct? If we didn’t all get horny and like fucking we’d be extinct eons ago.

First of all the observation of disgusted European explorers was not that Blacks liked to fuck, but they were just too into it and obsessed with it. From Shakespeare’s time on at least, there is a long European intellectual tradition acknowledging that White people do indeed like to fuck.

Actually, lots of people don’t like to fuck. Especially after they get older. It’s a notorious problem in females. ~40% of all females complain of low sex drive. These ladies need some pills! Break out the female Viagra, docs. Do it for the country!

Around age 35, especially after they have had a few kids, a lot of women become sexophobes and start hating sex. The overt sexophobes are most prominent between ages of 35-45. I have met a few of them myself. They openly told me that they did not like sex. All of them were married and had had a few kids. At least one was good looking. Why their husbands put up with this is a mystery.

I had a girlfriend recently who was 50 years old. She told me that all or nearly all of her old friends from high school had recently confessed to her that they never liked sex. They had put up with it with their husbands long enough to have some kids, then they had basically stopped doing it. The only reason they did it was to keep him happy and make some babies. When the kids grew, they more or less quit doing it and felt a lot better. My girlfriend was a sex-lover (At age 50, she even masturbated regularly, which seems odd for that age), and she was mystified and stunned by her friends’ revelations.

It is very common for men to complain of lack of sex, especially after about 7 years of marriage. This is the so called 7 year itch problem dealt with in movies.

Some guys are making women sign pre-nups agreeing to sex 3 times a week or so. At the point the woman is not living up to her duties, he has a right to leave her no problem. The women sign the agreement on the dotted line like good girls. More pre-nups like this!

There are indeed men who do not like sex. A woman I dated had a husband like that. The guy only wanted sex about once a month or so, if that. For the first 6 months of their marriage, it had been non-stop sex, then it all ended. As a result of that and her very high sex drive (confirmed by me in a number controlled experiments), she had been having a series of affairs since the first year of her marriage. The guy had been “molested” by his sister repeatedly as a boy and was seriously fucked in the head as a result, apparently permanently. She still loved the guy, so she would not leave him.


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