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Battle of the Imbeciles: Tea Partiers Versus Cholos

Ok, in this video we have two groups of extreme assholes. First of all, you have insane Tea Party idiot assholes, starting with the Tea Party hottie chick, who, for all her brains, is nuttier than a warehouse full of pistachios.

They’re assholes, and they’re insane, and they’re trying to pick a fight with the Chicanos. The Chicanos rise to the bait.

First of all, a young Chincao is arrested for no good reason by stupid White cops. Then there is more baiting and yelling back and forth.

The Chicanos yell, “We’re taking over!” Sometimes these assholes say this, and it sounds ugly, but really they are just stating demographic truth. They are taking over, demographically. Duh. This is a controversial statement?

Later the Tea Party Assholes bait the Cholo Assholes into saying that the cholo-tards are going to throw someone (apparently the Tea Party assholes) out of the US “when the Cholos take over.” First of all, cholos are incapable of taking over anything but a cellblock in a jail. They’re incompetent gangbaning criminal Underclass fuckwads. They can’t run a state. They can’t run anything. There’s never going to be some Cholo Police Force to come evict all the Whites. This is just the worst White nationalist insanity and paranoid psychosis.

Later, the Cholo Assholes break out the guitars and start playing mariachi music. The Tea Party Assholes are all upset because it ain’t George Jones, Buck Owens, Tex Ritter, Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard, though any of those guys could probably get along with the cholos even though they’re all White.

The Tea Party Assholes have the delusion that the Cholo Assholes hate them because they are White. Not so. The Cholos may be assholes, but they ain’t stupid. They don’t hate the Tea Partiers because they are White; I would get on fine with the cholos. They hate the Tea Party Tards because they are White racist reactionary dickwads. If I were there, I’d be standing with the Cholo Idiots yelling at the Tea Party Tards. Hey, when the tard chips are down, you need to chose tard sides wisely.

The stupid video ends with some retarded and ominous suggestion that 80 IQ cholo gangbanger idiots are somehow going to “take over” White America. LOL, yeah right. These guys could hardly organize a drunken trip to the bathroom. In order to have a revolution, you have to get up early in the morning to fight. These cholos would probably be too hung over.

Much ado about nada. Sound and fury, signifying nullity. Move along now, nunca to see here!


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There is No Atzlan; There Will Be No Reconquista

AJ asks:

Robert Lindsay, do you support La Reconquista? I know your conflicted on immigration, but are you OK with millions of Mexicans taking the Southwest and turning it into Aztlan? 

Ain’t gonna happen. Mexicans are not that stupid. Even Mexicans are not stupid enough to annex this place with Mexico or create a new state. They came here to flee Mexico, remember. Mexico sucks. USA is cool. So they leave there and come here.

Aztlan crap is just an indulgence for often-ignorant bourgeois Chicanos who went off to the university and “got some of those funny ideas” as my great grandmother used to say. They took some Latrino Studies courses taught by some idiot racist Marxist Brown Beret overeducated asshat bigmouths.

Your average Chicano never even graduates from high school. They’ve never even walked onto a college campus. I talk about this Aztlan crap with local Chicanos, and 90% don’t even know what I’m talking about. I explain it to them, and they still don’t know what I’m talking about. These are phenomenally ignorant people, keep in mind. This is a culture that utterly celebrates ignorance and the Idiocracy.

Those that know about it simply shrug their shoulders or have no opinions.

A few gangbangers say they are going to take this place back, but they are just worthless assholes with the IQ’s of hedgehogs shooting off their GED-less potty mouths.

Aztlan is much ado about nothing. Chicanos like living with the White man. White man makes a good society for Chicanos to live in. White man leaves, it all reverts back to Mexico-in-USA. Chicanos ain’t that dumb. They want us to stick around, and deep down inside, they know that they need us, and most of them don’t even hate us anyway.

Hell, millions of them are more or less White themselves. What’s a White? What’s a Latino? It’s getting pretty confusing here in California.

See, I could turn into a Latino automagically just by lying about my ancestry. Now I’m one of them. See how easy that is? It’s not like the White-Black thing at all.


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Racism Against Blacks in Cuba

There is an article posted on American Renaissance by a Black Cuban complaining about anti-Black racism in Cuba. The article is correct, but the Cuban exiles (gusanos) make too much of this. Things were much worse when the gusanos ran things.

Many comments followed. As a socialist and liberal race realist, I must say there was a lot of nonsense written in these comments. Amren comments are italicized, and my comments follow.

I guess racial relations as well as government took a big backward step with Fidel.

Not so unless you are a segregationist. Cuba had legal Jim Crow segregation and hardcore discrimination against Blacks pre-Castro. That’s all been swept aside now, maybe forever. The Blacks complain, but it’s better now than it  was then. There is more democracy than under Batista, and Castro has mass popular support while Batista never did. Pre-revolution, there was nearly a one-drop rule, and there was little intermarriage, or those that did were lost to the Whites as in the South. Since the Revolution, there has been mass intermarriage.

I can imagine that Cuba became a much darker and more violent country after these folks left.

Darker, sure.

More violent? No way. Certainly far less violent. For whatever reason, Cuba has less violent crime than any other state in the Americas, and Havana is the safest large city in the Americas. And they are both full of Blacks. I’ve long said that Blacks do well under socialism. In Mozambique under Samora Machel, you could walk across Maputo in the middle of the night and not fear a thing.

You are welcome to speculate why there is little crime. The Cuban justice system is hardcore, and they don’t put up with any BS at all. Cuba has the 6th highest imprisonment rate in the world, and the prisons are of course full of Blacks. The typical rejoinder is that those are all political prisoners. I have no recent figures, but there are probably no more than 400 political prisoners on the island. The overwhelming majority of the prison population are common criminals. Perhaps the crime rate is due because of a “lock em up” philosophy?

Yes, the Black intellectual class (is that an oxymoron?) have long claimed Cuba was a race less Utopia.

Well, there is probably less racism against Blacks there than anywhere else in the Americas, FWIW.

What’s their IQ?

If it’s above 80…

Good question. No one seems to know, but in the rest of the Caribbean, it is ~70-75.

Now that we have another proof that extreme Leftist policies do nothing to improve life for Blacks can we please stop affirmative action, integration, Third World immigration, and diversity quotas?

Surely not the case in Cuba, as the revolution has dramatically improved life there. Sure Blacks bitch, but Blacks complain everywhere.

These are the people that Castro drove out; now he has a population similar to Haiti. His human capital is a negative!

Not so. Cuba’s population looks nothing like Haiti’s.

In the Americas, Cubans have the longest life expectancy in the Americas, the lowest rate of malnutrition, the lowest infant mortality rate, the most scientists per capita, are the best educated and are the healthiest people. With 2% of the population, they have 10% of the scientists.

They have hooked up the whole place to running water, electricity and sewage. Everyone has access to transportation and culture and wears nice clothes. Latin America has failed to do these things for some reason.

Compared to the planet, Cuba has the lowest doctor patient and more agronomists per capita than anywhere else.

It hardly sounds like a place with garbage human capital.

And do you think these White Cuban exiles would return to Cuba given a chance to do so? No way.

One thing that infuriates these Cuban Whites is that they had a lot of money in Cuba, but they took off really fast and left things behind, like their homes. Castro quickly confiscated their homes and businesses when they left.

The gusanos go back to Cuba and see their fine stately homes filled with Cuban Blacks crammed into their old home, lounging on the porch, etc. The Cuban Whites are filled with rage, but do you think there is any way in Hell those Cuban Blacks are going to give those nice homes they are living in back to the Cuban White gusanos who left? Not on your life.

This is partly how Castro stays in power. No one in Cuba wants those gusanos back.

Cuba could implode one day and we could have a Mariel boatlift X10, or X20.

Won’t happen. Those Blacks have it good, and implosion would bring back the White gusanos with vengeance on their minds. Every Cuban knows this. See bolded part above.

Slums are the products of the people who live in them. Inferior people create inferior environments, despite governmental efforts to help them. Superior people create superior environments, despite persecution.

It is true that the Cuban government has recently built some very nice apartment complexes for poor Blacks in Havana. Within 6 months, the Blacks had dismantled and destroyed them. There is a big debate in the Cuban sociology community right now about why the Blacks did this.

Fortunately there is an alternative. Just 80km across the Windward Passage sits the black paradise known as Haiti. Cuba could easily deport all of its blacks there, where they would be among their own kind and by definition no longer oppressed.

Actually, Eastern Cuba is now full up with Haitians and Jamaicans fleeing the capitalist paradises of Haiti and Jamaica. Cuba just lets them and tries to integrate them into society. Say what you will about Cuba, but Cuba looks great to your average poor Haitian or Jamaican. These Blacks think Cuba is paradise compared to the places they come from. The notion that no one ever flees to a Communist country is false.


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