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Black People Like to Fuck

From the often-interesting American Renaissance comments section:

From the times of antiquity, every visitor to black Africa remarked upon the sexual proclivities and prowess of blacks, and their seeming preoccupation with sex.. From the ancient Egyptians, Greek, Romans, Arabs and others who came after them.

Are all these people guilty of stereotyping what blacks themselves take a delightful (to them, anyway) pride in, namely bragging about their sexual prowess and the size of their genitals? They themselves nourish these stereotypes, and then howl “racism” whenever they’re called on the carpet for it, by non-blacks.


Black people like to fuck.

I like to fuck.*

Up with the Blacks!

*I am currently “suffering” from age-related sex drive decline, but things yet work, so no major worries. I’m also on sex-drive lowering meds and have prostatitis, which lowers your sex drive. It’s actually cool in a way, because I’ve been a sex addict my whole life. When Internet porn came around, I would surf porn for up to 8-12 hours at a time, like a gambling addict that could not let go. At one point in the past, I was spending up to 6-8 hours a day in various types of sexual activity, including with female partners.

Interestingly, I’ve found that most women are sex maniacs too, or at least they are around me, if they like me that way. Never ran into the “not in the mood” type. I think most women are tigers waiting to be let out of their cages!

Anyway, it’s nice that the drive is going down. Not in that British way. You know how the British are. William S. Burroughs noted that the upper class men reach a certain age, the sex is gone, and they wipe their brow, “Whew, glad that’s over.” These Tory types are just too civilized to be pig in the mud mammals.

I can finally get some other stuff done. Sex addiction is after all an addiction, and it feels like a drug, gambling or any other addiction. It’s a blast, but you’re out of control, and you secretly want to stop. Now I get to think about something other than something other than sex all day! And for an intellectual who thinks a trip to the library is like an exotic vacation, that’s a nice thing.


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Thoughts on Secessionism of Afrikaners and Chechens

AJ writes:

The Afrikaners are a nation, so do you support stuff like Orania, and Eugene TerreBlanche’s Afrikaner Front trying to carve an independent Boer state in South Africa?

That is an interesting question. Sure Afrikaners can be independent, I think. But they have to let non-Afrikaners live there too, since a lot of them were there first.

I don’t support self-determination so you can form your shitty little fascist dog states and throw out all the “impure, non-national people.”

The Kosovars did that. I support their independence, but they have behaved like total jerks ever since.

The Kosovars acted despicably. They were like, “We have a right to self-determination!” Then when they got it, they ethnically cleansed everyone not a Kosovar Albanian! And then they decided hypocritically that while minorities in Serbia had a right to split, no minorities in Kosovo would have a right to split! Forget that.

This is the problem with separatism. The separatists wage a just war against a fascist state, and then as soon as they get freedom, they start their own evil fascist nation-building project and suddenly that wonderful right of secession is immediately revoked.

The Afrikaner Front are serious racists, militant Nazi White Supremacists. I’m not sure scumbags like that have a right to self-determination to create some little Nazi White Supremacist state. Anyway, most Afrikaners would not want to be part of such a state. They might want independence, but not under the AF.

The ANC are typical backwards Africans. Africans are typical barbarians, too uncivilized to allow any separatism without committing mass murder in the process. Look at Eritrea, Biafra, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. Even Arabs are as barbaric as Africans in this regard. Look at the genocidal response of Morocco to the Polisario Front.


Chechnya is already semi-autonomous, they have their own culture and laws and everything, what else do they want?

Independence? Chechens have been fighting for their freedom since the days of Shamil. It took Russian imperialism 60 years to conquer the place, and it’s been in periodic rebellion ever since. Obviously, they never assented to annexation in the first place, eh?

I consider those Caucasian Muslims to be serious pests and troublemakers who are doing nothing but blowing things up and killing people in Russia. Be gone with them. Allow a referendum on independence within the context of the CIS. You can even negotiate further. Russia can station military bases there with the option of reconquering the place if Chechens start acting up again. Make independence dependent on a number of Russia-friendly prerequisitives. Win-win.


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