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Letter from Australia

I received this letter from Savvas Tzionis, a Liberal Race Realist (The movement is spreading!) in Australia. He’s a good, solid progressive person, and he’s one of my favorite commenters.

I don’t agree with all of his post, but I do agree with some of it. Womanless and often aging bachelors in China are indeed going nuts and committing mass murders, possibly because they are not getting any due nookie to China’s one-child policy combined with Chinese discrimination against women resulting in mass abortions of female fetuses. This has created a hug imbalance in the male-female ratio, and there are now many more men than women in China. A similar thing is occurring in India for similar reasons.

I have nothing against Asian women; in fact, I am an Asiaphile, a Rice King or whatever you want to call us.
That’s right. I like to fish for yellowtail. They put up one Hell of a fight, but once you reel them in, they sure look great in the sack. They say we Rice Kings have a fetish, and maybe we do. So what?

I don’t think that White women are being left out in cold, though certainly many of them deserve to be! Perhaps that would discipline them a bit.

I’m not wild about tight pussies either. As an Asiaphile, I’ve had plenty of experience with that, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I kind of like my pussy loose myself.

One problem with White man-Asian woman thing is kids. Her body is not designed to carry that big White baby. Lot of C-sections!

I’m putting this up here for comment, and hopefully this will stimulate some interesting discussion.

Here in Australia the increase in the number of these White man-Asian woman couplings has in the last 18 months gone through the roof if my perception is of any worth.

I really really hate this.

I feel like going up to the couple and asking the White man if he is worried about his sister finding a man with all the available White men going for Asian women. And likewise, asking the Asian women if her Asian brother is attached.

Because lets face it, not many White women are going to date Asian men.

For one thing, his doodle won’t be able to do the job! Which these weak White men are getting plenty of. Tight twat!

What are your views? Because of mass migration from East Asia, the numbers are staggering.

This never happened during the Southern European migration period of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I actually call it the Social Time Bomb. The Asian men are bottling up their rage and will explode. Whether they kill the (Asian) women…or the (White) man I am not sure.


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