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Hardcore Bachelor Blog

Repost from the old site.

Pretty nasty and misogynistic stuff, but I guess, as a 50-yr-old hardcore (straight) bachelor – sorry, I have to say that because a lot of closeted gay guys used to call themselves “confirmed bachelors” – I ought to be cheering this site on in a way. There are definitely some truths here, if you winnow out the misogyny.

I never had anything against married men, but I always resisted marriage. After age 40, I was turning down one woman after another, as they kept frenetically trying to marry me.

Since 2005, I have decided I would like to get married, but I really don’t give a damn if I ever do or not. I feel the same way about kids. This is actually a major breakthrough. At age 47, I broke down and not only admitted to horrible and dreaded possibility of marriage, but welcomed it with open arms and cheers of joy!

This article, Fuckers and Suckers, is pretty good. It’s written from the POV of a sucker. I guess I must have been a fucker as a young man. Maybe that’s why all those women and girls resented me so much. Even my Mom implied I was being a bastard! Horrors!

Or maybe I was a sucker? I remember this one woman, Denice, age 18, who I used to date. She openly said that I was boring, right to my face. Thanks bitch. Hell with her; she never totally put out anyway – it was all halfway stuff.

I don’t know what I am now. By age 50, the fuckers/suckers thing has sort of faded away. Both parties are married with kids, the women are all going for the money, and most of them can’t use their looks (sex) to buy the rich guys anymore, so the game is sort of up.

I’m not saying that all women use sex, their looks and their bodies to get money from men, but it’s pretty common under capitalism. I’m not blaming women. If women paid us guys good money to screw em, we’d probably hold out too (or would we)?

I’ve heard all the lame female defenses for why “non-prostitutes” should charge money for sex.

1. Men have a much stronger sex drive.

Response: So therefore you have to be a whore?

2. “Non-whores” selling their bodies for top dollar are different from actual, real whores because real whores screw all kinds of guys, and the “non-whores” just screw (and screw over) one guy.

Response: Forget it. Your pussy, your beauty and your body is either for sale to the highest bidder or it’s not. If it isn’t, pat yourself on the back. If it is, you’re a whore. Maybe you’re a lot less skanky that the crackhead on the street over there, but hey, there are all kinds of whores in this world.

Maybe this shit made sense when women depended on a man’s income to raise their children – then it has evolutionary value to grab a high-value guy who can provide you with sustenance. At this point, they pretty much make just as much money as we do when they aren’t taking time off to have kids, so that argument goes out the window.

I’ve had girlfriends who made more money than I did, but I still had to pay for everything. I dated this one Black woman who was the greediest bitch I’ve ever met. She more or less charged for visits. In general, I was not even allowed to come over and visit unless I was going to part with some cash.

If I wanted to visit in the morning, I was buying brunch. Afternoon visit, I’m buying lunch. Night visit, I’m buying dinner. After a while I was tempted to just say, forget the food, here’s $20, let’s fuck. That’s not all that much different from buying a hooker, although in this case, I probably would have been better off at the massage parlor or at the call girl’s fancy apartment in Hollywood.

This woman was cynical. I got the impression that she hated men and she got this from her Black mother and her Black female relatives. The attitude was that all men are no-good dogs, so just use your pussy and your looks to milk them for every dime you can get out of them.

She loved to hear stories about call girls, and her eyes lit up when she heard how much money they made. So, not only was she a “non-whore” whore, she secretly wanted to be a real-whore whore to boot and double her luck, I guess.

This bitch wouldn’t even pay the tip at the fancy restaurant. The way I saw it was all her money was for her and all my money was for her. This is progressive and egalitarian and feminist equal rights and all in exactly what way now? How about, it’s none of the above? It’s just a way for women to rip off men, and I’m calling ’em on it.

At this point, I’m pretty much resigned to it, and I figure women cost money, especially the really good-looking ones. Especially if they don’t have much money themselves, I don’t feel bad about throwing money in her direction. I do resent spending money on a woman who has plenty herself though. Screw that.

How come we never hear feminists talking about this? Where does a liberated woman get off making the guy pay for everything? Screw that. I don’t think women are even oppressed anymore in the US. Most of my male friends think men are way more oppressed in the US now than women are.

I’d like to make a Commie point here: Capitalism turns women into a bunch of whores. Wonderful! Great system!

There are some pretty cool links on there. Websites, blogs and articles: Don’t Marry, Dump Your Wife Now, No Marriage, Uzem and Luzem , American Women Suck and Confession of a Feminazi.

Confession of a Feminazi was particularly chilling.

I’m going to reserve judgment on this stuff for now and give you a chance to look it over and make up your own mind.

One complaint: I sure wish this guy would learn how to spell or write a proper grammatical sentence. It really bothers me when American native-English speakers can’t even seem to do that.


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Racialism Versus Racism

Repost from the old site.

There is a difference between racism and racialism. Racism is what most folks think it is. To me, it means to dislike or not wish to associate with a given individual based on their race or ethnic group. I don’t agree that disliking or wishing to avoid certain groups in their aggregate is racism.

For instance, it is certainly possible to look at US Blacks and say that, globally, they seem to have lower morals, high rates of sociopathy, lower IQ, less civilized behavior, much higher crime rates, higher rates of dishonesty and a tendency to break the rules, etc.

All of these things are more or less proven by empirical research, or, if not, based on my life experience, they are true anyway. I really don’t need science to prove that; I can see it with my very eyes. These differences appear most common at lower income levels. At greater income levels, I see less and less difference between Blacks and other races.

Where racism goes wrong, in my opinion, and where it is irrational, stupid and just plain immoral, sinful and wrong, is that it lumps all individuals of a given group into the average of the whole group. For instance, racists apply the negative portrayal above of the Black group to each and every individual Black that they meet. This is madness.

Despite the fact that I believe that the Black group does have greater rates of the negatives above, it’s clear to me that any given individual Black may be just as good and decent of a person, if not better, than any White friend I have or have ever had.

And there are many, many Blacks that do not have any of the qualities listed above. Therefore, it seems wrong for me to decide to have White friends and not to have friends of other races. That’s just a personal decision on my part.

I would also say that it is possible to have racist feelings while realizing that they are wrong and struggling against them. This is the essence of Christian morality. Obviously, it’s best if we limit our sins to the minimum. But many of us sin nevertheless. Regardless of the sin, one must recognize it’s immorality and strive to reduce or end the immoral behavior.

Now, I happen to think that the overwhelming majority of racists do not feel the tiniest bit guilty at all, but there are some that really do feel bad about their racism and work on ending it.

In fact, there is an entire field called Whiteness Studies, which, in spite of being ridiculous race-deniers, takes this as a given in its theory. Whiteness Studies authors, usually White, often write about how they battle against their own internalized racism against non-Whites. Some say it will be a lifelong journey and they do not expect to ever completely overcome it.

Although this entire field is mocked by White racists, I applaud these honest individuals and their efforts.

Racists are usually trying to give intellectual or moral cover to their feelings. For instance, it is quite common for White racists to just say that they are cutting their losses as far as other races. Sure, they may be a few good Blacks out there, but why bother trying to winnow through the good from the bad in trying to figure out who is worth associating with? Why not just be done with the entire group and avoid them?

I really do not believe that most White racists are just cutting their losses (they just use that as a phony excuse for their racism), though do I feel that there are a few like this, and I sympathize with them. I’m not even sure if they are really racists.

Racialism is actually a completely different term with a different meaning. The Wikipedia article gives a pretty good picture of the formal meaning of the term. Unfortunately, the term racialism has been taken over by White racists in an effort to cover up their racism with fake and nice-sounding words.

Even the Wikipedia article talk page shows that both anti-racist boneheads and White nationalist liars have taken over the article and tried to mangle it to serve there ridiculous or dishonest agendas.

Strictly speaking, racialism simply means that one accepts the existence of various races of mankind. I doubt if it really means anything more than that. Many racialists feel that there are real and objective genetic differences between the races, but I do not think that that is a requirement to be a racialist.

A racialist would look at things like IQ scores, the makeup of 100-yard dash winners in the Olympics and the NBA, crime rates, etc. and would say that race is a common factor behind these scores. The race-denier would say that, first, there is no such thing as race, and second, that race has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with these discrepancies.

So a non-racialist is, strictly speaking, a race-denier. This position, that there is no such thing as race, has become quite popular lately, but I think it is complete nonsense. A non-racialist would also argue that because race does not exist, all differential racial attributes on various performance, membership and incidence variables is strictly coincidental.

Yes, I do believe that there are races and there are average differences between them on various variables. I do not believe that race does not exist.

Nowadays, most folks who call themselves racialists are just racists, almost always White racists. I’m going to step out of the closet and become one of the first anti-racist racialists to publicly identify oneself.

The objective of the race-deniers is clear. Once one cuts past the nonsense and crap, it seems there is a laudable agenda here. The race-deniers believe that the more people focus on race, the more racist they become. Unfortunately, it is probably true. So, by saying that race does not exist, they hope to strike a blow against racism. This is a noble goal and I sympathize.

However, I do not believe in abusing science and truth to achieve societal objectives. The existence of race is an objective fact to me, and I am not interested in denying it to further some anti-racist objective. Perhaps I’m contributing to racism by doing this. I doubt it, but even if I am, I don’t really care. There are no truths that are so horrible that they should not be discussed or revealed.

There has also been a lot of confusion about me supporting White Pride. Well, I think that most every other race or ethnic group out there seems to have quite a bit of ethnic pride. Except Whites. This is denied to us.

The reason is that White Pride has led to some pretty nasty and horrible outcomes in the past 70 years or so. In wishing to avoid the recrudescence of such movements, people just want to do away with the sentiment altogether.

In other words, your average White who gets into the White Pride thing turns into, at worst, a raving Nazi or racist fascist fuck, or, at best, into some sort of genteel white bread polite racist type. So we have the strange scenario in which Whites all over the world deny that there is anything good about being White, deny any pride in their heritage, or even apologize for being White.

I think that that is a bit silly. I look in the mirror and see my White features and I like them and feel good about them. I’m comfortable with White folks, White behavior and White features because that’s what I’m used to, and also what I believe in and am attracted to. I don’t agree that we are bad or evil or need to apologize for ourselves. I do not think we need to be bred off the face of the Earth to protect the planet.

That’s all I am talking about. If the above really bothers you so much and you think I’m a racist jerk, well, fine, you really don’t have to come around here. We are not dying for readers; we get ~1,500 readers a day and can easily lose some.

I hope that that clears things up.

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Why US Business Loves Mass Immigration

Repost from the old site.

…And why every American who is not a businessmen should not.

This post will show how immigration is great for US business, but it’s bad for everyone else in the country. That includes everyone who doesn’t run a business, all of you, “What’s good for my boss is good for” worker-fools.

James Schipper has been laying out some excellent reasons in the comments threads about why immigration does not appear to make much sense for economics or society as a whole. In fact, mass immigration seems to be detrimental to your average person. His arguments seemed logical, but I had hardly heard them before.

But then I wondered, if it’s so obvious that mass immigration is bad for society and even for average income, why would business and the elites support it?

Turns out that business has no interest at all in the average income of workers. In the Third World, they are perfectly content to have millions starving or living in the streets every year, as in India. Or to have 90% of the population in poverty as Guatemala was for years and Haiti is now.

As long as the rich stay rich and business stays profitable, they don’t really give a flying fuck about anyone else and whether they are in poverty or not.

In Haiti, the elite has a monopoly on food sales, which they mostly import and mark up at very high rates. Since the poor have to eat or starve, they have no choice but to pay the high prices. So even a 90% poor country can still generate high profits for business. Fewer poor people would mean rising wages or more of returns going to wages than to owners. Of course, business always opposes rising wages and increased shares to workers.

Let’s let James show us just how supporting mass immigration is logical for businessmen:

The reason why the business community tends to support immigration is that more immigrants means more workers, more customers and more real estate users.

The essential question is not whether immigrants work for less than natives but whether the presence of immigrants makes labor cheaper than it otherwise would be.

I think that mass immigration has a depressing effect on wages, or else its prevents wages from rising as fast as they would rise without immigration. Lower wages do not necessarily translate into fatter profits because, by lowering production costs, immigration may lead to lower prices.

Slavery also lowered production costs, so the ultimate beneficiaries of slavery may have been the consumers of goods produced with slave labor.

More immigrants likely means that there will be economic growth, and that can mean increased sales. What matters to business is not per capita sales but total sales. Let’s illustrate this. We have a town with 500 people and a restaurant. Let’s assume that on average each town resident consumes 6 restaurant meals per month, so the restaurant sells 3000 meals per month.

Now 200 immigrants enter the town. They lower average income, so that each town resident now consumes 5 meals instead of 6. The restaurant still benefits from the population increase because it now can sell 3500 meals per month instead of 3000. if you are in the business of selling widgets, you are better-off selling 1200 widgets to 150 people than 1000 widgets to 100 people.

Suppose that no immigrants had entered the US in the last 50 years, would average real estate prices be as high today as they are? I doubt it. The more people you put in a given space, the more property is likely to be worth in that space. Immigrants have to live somewhere. Since business owns a lot of real estate, they benefit from population growth.

For business, the important thing is usually total economic growth, not per capita economic growth, let alone per capita consumption. For ordinary people, the important thing is per capita income growth and its distribution.

Let me illustrate demographic investment once more. We have a country with 400,000 high school students and there are 400 high schools. Schools last 100 years, so each year the country has to build 4 schools. Let’s assume that a school costs 50 million dollars. That means 200 million in building costs per year.

In addition, the country spends 5,000 per year on each student. Adding the building costs to that amount, the cost of each high school student is 5,500 per year if the student population remains the same.

Now we make the assumption that the student population increases by 4000 each year. Since there are 1000 students per school, the country has to build 4 more schools to accommodate the new arrivals. Instead of building 4 schools, the country now has to build 8.

In the first year after the growth in the student population, the costs per student are (404,000 x 5,000) + 8 x 50 million = 2,420,000,000/404,000 = 5,990. In other words, the cost per student has increased from 5,500 to 5,990.

The increment of 490 can’t be used for consumption. That is the effect of demographic investments. It reduces consumption. Education is an investment.

The establishment can also believe in a lot nonsense. Many members of the elite may believe in immigration because it makes them look cosmopolitan, tolerant and sophisticated, so unlike the unwashed who don’t like immigrants because they are unenlightened and bigoted. It is a coalition of plutocrats and political correcties that keep the flow of immigrants going in Canada and the US.

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Fun With Race-Denier Idiots

Repost from the old site.

It’s completely clear that no matter how wrong racism itself is (and the position of this blog is that racism is both immoral and sinful in the Christian sense), modern anti-racism (de facto race denial) of the PC, Cultural Marxist variety has gone completely out of control.

Allow me to share with you some examples of some of the trouble I have gotten into with the anti-racist lunacy that stalks our land.

We’re going to avoid one case completely because some of the idiots involved in this case keep coming back to the blog trying to engage in character assassination of me.

I have some hangouts where I like to go to, buy coffee, read a paper, whatever.

One is up in the mountains. The town is all White for the most part and extremely conservative, but lunatic anti-racism has penetrated to the core nevertheless.

I had some posts on my blog called “Spot the Language”. It’s a little game where I posted a snippet of a widely-spoken foreign language, gave a bunch of oblique, strange and obscure clues about the country dealing with history, religion, culture, the language itself, sociology, psychology, history, famous people, cuisine, geography, native plants, animals and ecosystems, etc.

I quit showing them to people because either no one can understand it, or no one gives a shit about it, or they don’t want to read it because they hate me, or some combination, I’m not sure which. Mostly it seems like nobody can make heads or tails of it, and most people I gave it to act really disturbed and upset by it for some weird reason. I think they can’t understand it, so they think it’s evil and dangerous.

Well, I made the mistake of showing it to this guy at this place in the mountains. He’s White in an all-White town, but he loves Hispanics and illegal aliens, probably because he never had to live with lots of them. He’s a pretty typical White person in this part of California. There was another post interspersed with the language stuff dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and he got all caught up in that.

He kept flipping the pages, looking through the stuff and getting more and more confused, baffled, agitated and freaked out. He started saying, “What is this? Jews? Arabs?” He was saying that over and over. He acted like I was showing him child porn. That’s the way most people react to my writing, which is why I never show anyone my stuff anymore.

I answered, jokingly, “Jews? Arabs? Oh, those are just excitable Semites.”

He didn’t get it, of course. A lot of the time, no one ever gets my jokes. “What’s a Semite?” He’s baffled. He acts like it must be something evil, or a disease.

“Oh, it’s a branch of the Caucasian Race.” I smile.

Now he’s really upset. The guy goes nuts. “What? What?! What’s that?! What’s Caucasian? What’s the Caucasian RACE?! What’s that? What do you mean RACE?!”

“Caucasian is a race. It’s one of the three main races. The Caucasian race. The White race.” I’m still smiling because this whole incident is starting to get amusing.

Now he’s visibly agitated. “White race!? What?! What’s the White race!? What’s that!? Do you believe in that stuff!?”

He’s angry now. I decide to speak up in favor of my blighted and abused people: “Well, I think White people have a right to be proud. I think White people should be proud. Everyone else is. Only Whites are supposed to hate themselves. I don’t think we should hate ourselves or deny our existence. We are not bad people.”

“You believe in that?!” Now he looks like he’s going to hit me.

I look up and there’s two White girls working in the shop, frozen, staring, mouths open.

I try to backtrack my way out of the conversation and get the handout back.

A few days later, I come in and apologize for making him mad. The high school girl behind the counter says, “Well, in the future if you could avoid discussing that. You know. Discussing people’s races.”

I will note that everyone involved in this idiotic event is a White person.

Another time I was in another hangout. I was talking to a woman there who used to work in a coffee shop in town that I used to hang out at all the time.

We were talking about the people who had taken it over, a mother and her daughter. I was describing them. “They’re Spaniards,” I said noncommittally. She gave me this look like, “I’m shutting this conversation down.” I guess it’s not ok to discuss the heritage of White folks anymore? Wait a minute. I like Spaniards.

I was in a dentist’s office and unfortunately the conversation somehow wormed around to our heritage. I’m French, British and German. The hygienist was Hispanic from back before California was a state, back in the days of the Californios. We have a lot of those around these parts and it’s always interesting to meet them. The dentist, well, I forget, but I think he didn’t want to discuss it.

“Let’s not talk about anymore of this racist stuff,” the hygienist said, like we were talking about grubby worms or something. The dentist agreed.

One time a guy gave me his business card. I looked at it said, “Oh, you’re Italian,” with a big smile. It’s the name of a famous family of winemakers. The guy acted like I had challenged him to a fight. Why? I’m not supposed to say that anymore?

Actually, I love Italians. Tell you what. I’ll trade you 10,000 illegal Mexicans from my city for 10,000 glorious, civilized, hard-working, law-abiding, patriotic Italian-Americans. Deal?

Seemed like when I was younger, Whites always talked about their heritage. It was, “I’m Italian,” “I’m Irish,” “I’m half Greek and half Mexican.” Everyone was always proud of their heritage. I guess that’s all banned now. It’s racist.

On and on it goes.

There’s a Russian neo-Nazi video on this site. It’s clearly labeled that it’s up there for anti-fascist and anti-racist purposes. The local Hispanics have all seen it. According to them, having this video on my site means I’m a Nazi. I’ve explained to them over and over why it’s up there, but it’s like they don’t get it.

At another hangout, there was a Black guy and an Hispanic guy who I used to sit with, drink coffee and talk. The Black guy never did tell me his name in all the time I knew him. That was one of his weird things: he wouldn’t tell you his name.

Anyway, when I first met the guy, we were talking about the Jena 6 case. I was writing it up on the blog. I said I thought the whole thing was a fake White-racism hoax a la Tawana Brawley, that race had little or nothing to do with the case, that the Jena 6 were a bunch of thugs, and that Mychal Bell had dislocated his girlfriend’s eye socket. Well, this was evidence that I was a racist.

The guy had long Black dreadlocks and loved to go on and on about the Evil White Man. There are Blacks like this everywhere here, and American Indians, and Hispanics too. They just open right up on us and start ranting away about all the evil shit we did or still do or whatever. I always just sit there and listen to them and nod my head and more or less agree that I’m evil.

Funny thing is, if a White person ever unloads on any American Indian, Black or Hispanic about all the evil stuff they did or still do, that’s like Capital Offense Racism of the First Degree. So we Whites just have to sit there and grovel masochistically and admit how evil we were, and probably still are. Of course non-Whites never admit to any such thing.

I lived in a White town for 16 years and hardly got ripped off at all. I move to an Hispanic city and there have been little ripoffs all the time. Little “loans” that of course never get paid back. Young Hispanics invite their way into your home, you turn your back on them, and they steal from you. That’s happened five times now. The “loans” go out to the Hispanics and Blacks, and they never come back.

So I complain to Dreadlocks. “I wonder if they are ripping me off because I’m White,” I offer dubiously, since I’ve run out of theories. The guy jumps out of his seat, “Racist! Racist! Racist!” He’s almost yelling. His Hispanic Tonto is on on it too.

I can’t use the words “Black” and “White”. Dreadlocks corrects me. That’s racist. I have to use the words “African” and “European” instead. And never forget that the Europeans are the most evil race that ever set foot on this planet.

I was in a specialist’s office, on the phone with a friend. I’m into race and ethnicity, I eat it for breakfast. I was telling her about how I was in my town, in a doctor’s office, looking at a man and his daughter. Were they Mestizos? Were they Mediterranean of Middle Eastern Whites? You can never tell in this town, they all blur together.

Finally, the little girl was walking out the door and she had a t-shirt that said “Greece”. The Med Whites in this town are really ethnocentric. They’re always walking around with shirts saying “Italy” or “Portugal”. It’s kind of neat, ethnocentric ethnic Whites, the way our country used to be.

“Greeks are White,” I note to my friend on the phone.

My mulatto specialist starts waving his hand like a traffic cop. There’s such thing as Whites. There’s no such thing as a White race. There’s no such thing as race. Plus, Whites all got a little Black in em anyway. Especially those swarthy Meds.

Hispanics are the craziest of all about this stuff. Most Hispanics don’t seem to understand that they are part White and part Indian. I don’t know what they think they are. They are especially pissed off by the notion that they may have a drop of White in them, and most don’t have the slightest idea of what a mestizo is. White’s the enemy, after all, right?

It’s like the opposite of Latin America, where the mestizo crabs are all climbing to the top of the White barrel, pulling each other down as they near the top.

Some Hispanics have told me that people think that they are Asian due to their eyes. I point out that that was because, being part-Mexican, they were part-Indian, and Indians came from Asia. They never seem to understand, and then they get upset and act like they’re shutting down the conversation. It’s like I’m speaking Greek.

I’m not saying Hispanics are stupid, because my opinion, having been around a lot of them, is that they are way smarter than you might think in terms of sheer brain speed, but it’s like there is not much in their brains most of time other than the latest rap songs and the usual quotidian stuff.


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We Love Yale Sluts

Repost from the old site.

A most interesting event occurred around January 21, 2008, in front of the Yale Women’s Center at 1 AM. A group of men pledging the Zeta Psi fraternity (a mostly athlete frat) posed in front of the women’s center with a sign saying, “We Love Yale Sluts”. They then uploaded the picture to Facebook.


Here’s the photo that caused the imbroglio at Yale. Actually, I think this picture is pretty humorous. I’m fully sympathetic with the female students who are pissed off about this though – it’s important to recognize that women are extremely offended and enraged by things we guys blow off. They see it as misogyny, and I guess they’ve got a point. It’s surely in poor taste all right.

Thing is, I used to look at tons of Internet porn. I must say that your average Internet porn site is much more misogynistic than this stuff. I don’t know what point I’m making here, but this seems like small potatoes to me. On the other hand, I’m a male, so this stuff doesn’t really hit home for me. I guess I don’t get it. If you’re trying to succeed with women, why be a sexist asshole?

It turned into a great big brouhaha. The Women’s Center promptly threatened to sue for sexual harassment and mischaracterized the initiation rite. They said that the group stood in front of the Women’s Center and chanted “Dick, dick, dick, dick!” and blocked the door as woman after woman, mostly rape victims apparently, tried to come in for counseling.

The facts:

The incident occurred at 1 AM and the center was closed. There were no women coming to the center that got their way blocked, and there were certainly no rape victims. Rape victims hardly ever go there anyway, and there are few of them on campus anyway. They weren’t chanting, “”Dick, dick, dick, dick!”; instead they were chanting “Deek, deek, deek, deek!” That’s the name of a rival frat.

Nothing has happened since the Women’s Center threatened to sue. They never attempted to contact the frat in any way, and the frat attempted to contact the WC many times. The leaders of the frat issued at least one formal apology.

Apparently the lawsuit never came, and on April 30 Yale found the frat not guilty of intimidation and harassment charges relating to the incident. The guy who held the “We Love Yale Sluts” sign in the pic is a football player whose Myspace page is here.

His name is Gio Chistodoulou and he claims he deeply respects women and had no idea what was on the sign he was holding. He says he thought it said, “We Love the Yale Women’s Center and All the Services It Provides”.

So. Do you think he’s lying?

A female, Jessica Svendson, claimed that she tried to enter the center but was blocked by the group of men shouting “Dick, dick, dick, dick!” She was so terrified by the word “dick” (I guess because she’s never experienced one) that she had to enter through the back door. Except that the center was closed, so how could she have gotten in anyway? She tried to appeal the university’s decision but was refused.

In an earlier incident, a group of male fraternity pledges stood in front of the same Women’s Center and chanted, “No means yes, maybe means yes, yes means anal!” over and over. Lot of women didn’t think that was too funny either.

The comments after these Feministing posts are interesting and encouraging. I sympathize with the anger and disgust towards these guys that these women are experiencing. They are calling these guys all sorts of names that they seem to deserve. That’s ok. I agree this was a pretty fuckwad thing to do. On the other hand, I think a lawsuit sounds pretty ridiculous.


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Why Racism, Sexism and Capitalism Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

The new commenter Chuck is over at Abagond’s making a White racist ass out of himself in front of an audience of Black people. I expected a lot more of the guy, but I guess it’s to be expected. Most of these people who are into neoclassical/Libertarian economics are pretty nasty racists. At first it freaks you out, but then the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense.

Ok, here is something to think of. This guy, and all like him, is: an:

1. A Racist (goes with #1)
2. A Sexist (goes with 2 and 3)
3. A Men’s rights advocate
4. A Game/PUA advocate
5. An HBD guy


6. A super-duper ultra capitalist Libertarian on steroids who *really really really really* hates anything suggesting of “socialism.”
7. A supporter of neoclassical economics. He has an MA in Economics. (6 and 7 go with 1-5)

In general, if you have any one of the attributes 1-7 above, you will have all of the rest, and I do mean all the rest. This is unfortunate. Can’t White men be Captain Capitalists without hating non-Whites and women?

You know, I always thought that the Left was full of crap when they talked about the link between capitalism and racism/sexism, but the more you think about it, the more you have to admit they’ve got a point.

And indeed, some of the most anti-racist and anti-sexist societies yet designed were Communist and Euro-socialist societies.

It is as if there is something inherently anti-sexist and anti-racist about socialism and the Left itself.

This may seem elementary, but there’s a lot of blather on the PC ultra-Left from insane feminists about how all the men on the Left are sexist dogs and from anti-racist CRT kooks about how most to all White liberals are vicious and ugly racists.

I’ll admit there is something to the ultra-Left line. Most of us guys on the Left probably are sexist dicks to some degree. But we are definitely a Hell of a lot less chauvinist than your average rightwing male pig.

And I’ve long said on this blog that most White liberals are racist to some degree. But still, they are a Hell of a lot less racist than your average cynical Republican.

Non-Whites and women ought to do what all sane people do in life. Be happy with what you’ve got. White male liberals are as good as White guys get. Either like us, or turn gay and move to Africa so you won’t have to deal with us anymore.

We have a lot of cheerleaders for capitalism on this blog. I ask these cheerleaders that if capitalism is so groovy, why are the most ferocious capitalists are typically some of the ugliest people on Earth?

Capitalism isn’t like health food, the more you dig it, you better off you are. It’s more like arsenic. You need a little bit of it, but a lot of it kills the patient. Further, capitalism creepily looks like a toxin. As people get more and more enthusiastic about capitalism, they get progressively uglier and meaner and more sexist and racist. Either enthusiasm for capitalism is a marker for assholery, or capitalism is poison itself to one’s mind. As you pour more and more capitalism into the mind, the patient gets increasingly vicious and immoral.

I asked Joseph Bauthumley about the paradox in 1-7 above. He said the answer is simple. These people are in love with hierarchy.

Whites like racism because it’s tied into White Supremacy, and increasingly this HBD crap is just another way of rudely waving the old white, white and white flag.

White men like sexism because it tells them that women of all races are niggers, as Comrade Lennon reminds us.

Combine the two and I get to feel superior to 67% of my fellow Americans. What a deal.

Capitalism in its more unrestrained forms is all about hierarchy. Some are rich because some are poor. The Arabs understand this intimately. That is why Islam demands that the rich tithe 10% to the poor to thank the poor for making the rich rich.

If you’re a White male asshole who’s into feeling superior to women and non-Whites, you need a spiffy new economic suit to go along with that cutthroat attitude. Neoclassical economics, or trickle down economics, is the economics of the winners. White men feel like winners. After all, we are superior, right? So neoclassical economics and radical free market capitalism suits us just fine. We get to run roughtshod over all the women, niggers and muds, and we get a scientifically proven model with empirically tested pure mathematical proofs to give our assholery the seal of scientific approval.

Socialism, liberalism, and the Left is all about equality. We are not into hierarchy too much. Pecking orders are for lower animals like the dogs and cats romping in the living room. Humans are above that. The reason #1-7 guys have such a fanatical hatred of the Left is precisely because of our belief in relative equality and egalitarianism. If you think you’re better than 95% of humanity, some asshole handicapping all the loser muds and bitches is really gonna piss you off!

It’s hard to attack a nice guy, so the Natural Rulers of Mankind have to make up all kinds of lies about us.

Feminists, who at best merely request some legal equality, are Kali-like destroyers reaping firestorms across the paper houses of civilization. In order to project, they also accuse those who request fairness for women of the hate that they themselves possess.

Anti-racists, who at best are a noble bunch requesting only that one try not to feel too much animus towards entire races, try not to hate people too much due to their racial genetics, and try to treat each person as an individual, are treated much the same.

We are all Little Hitlers plotting the Auschwitz of the Great White Race. We plant little seeds of evil niggerdom in white pocket fence pretty and dainty White towns, sending a flamethrower of malign and depraved Black crime tearing through White decency and rectitude.

Then they project onto us, those who request that folks not hate. What do we suffer from? What else but what they do? We hate, hate, hate and then hate some more. The racists are put-upon Davids in tears only fighting back because they can’t hold back anymore.

And the socialists, those of us who have tried to craft what can only be called the Great Human Emancipation Project that began in 1917 or earlier at the Commune?

Instead of trying to make sure everyone has a roof, a bed, a job and something to eat, we destroy wealth and create poverty. Even more cruelly, those of us who put nutrition above all profit are accused of being so inept that we starve other humans. The capitalists, who starve 14 million people to death every year, mostly in South Asia, are running some worldwide Meals on Wheels program for the tattered, sighing and bony abject castoffs of our blighted globe.

We, who put human health above all dirty profit, are accused of murdering hospital patients in their beds with our ineptness, or worse, of running Mengele-like hovering reaper death panels.

I’ve given you a bit to think of here. Please think on it a bit. I did, and I feel a lot better now.

Things are coming together like booze glasses clinking in the air. The lights are all coming on at once and merging into one blast of white light.

Epiphany feels good. Try it some time.


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