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No Hate Crimes?

Repost from the old site.

On the more mainstream and moderate White nationalist sites such as American Renaissance, the general tone of the pieces and in the comments is that there really is no such thing as White racism in the US anymore.

There are only a pitiful few incidents here and there, and it’s all a big joke.

Hanging nooses is just a silly gag. Blacks and Hispanics need to quit being so hypersensitive about everything, and just let it go. Racism, when it refers to Whites, is always in quotes, implying it does not even exist, while other races are constantly accused of racism against Whites that is actually real. So it is as if the only real racism problem in the US is against White people.

The usual response is to say that these people are just a bunch of lying racists.

I will, however, say that there is a bit of truth to these accusations. Racism by Whites is dramatically exaggerated in the US, and every little comment or scribble is inspected for the horrible crime. Hispanics and Blacks in particular are far too wont to yell racism over every little thing, in many cases over mostly or completely innocent comments.

Entire subjects that do not necessarily have anything to do with racism are walled off and forbidden from discussion. On the other hand, non-Whites get to bash away at Whites for all of their racial crimes, past, present and future, while Whites are supposed to sit there and take it, groveling, like guilty supplicants. There is a presumption that non-Whites are incapable of racism and that Whites are automatically filled with it.

This is all nonsense, but it’s a product of the Left in the US and the West that started this crazy conversation about 40 years ago. They’ve been quite successful selling this silliness to the public.

On the other hand, there surely is racism in the US. I don’t think much of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), but they do have an interesting list of racist incidents in the US for the first three months of 2008. It seems pretty incredible the amount of this stuff that is going on, or is it?

One thing for sure – you rarely hear about it in your own town. Considering what a multicultural society we are, it is amazing that there is not much more of this going on in every reasonable-sized city just about every day. Right? Or am I wrong?

You will note that simple name-calling is apparently not listed, and is not a crime. Some of the stuff on that list seem a bit of a reach. In the course of a fight, or altercation, racial slurs are uttered. Now we have a hate crime.

Auburn, California (Legal Developments)
Published on 03-06-2008
“Lance Clements, 37, was arrested on hate crime related charges after he allegedly made racial slurs against a black student and a Hispanic student during an altercation.” 

This strikes me as an excess. There was an altercation. A fight? A verbal fight, or a physical one? In the course of the altercation, some slurs got uttered. This is a crime? I’d like to know some more facts about this case.

Unfortunately, in a free society people get to call each other names, and in the course of fights, people will just call each other any slur that comes to their minds that seems to apply to the person they are fighting.

For instance, in the past ten years, I did call a Black man a nigger once. On the other hand, I’m going to say I’m not a racist.

He ran a recycling place and I used to take my bottles up there. He got mad at me when I did not separate my browns from my greens from my clears. I forget what happened, but a shouting match ensued. This is not normal behavior for me – I’m a quiet guy and I don’t get into it much with people. In the course of this argument, I called him a nigger. Not once, but a few times.

Not because I’m a raving racist; I’ll say I’m not, and you’re welcome to disagree. More because at that moment I hated him, he was Black, and fishing in my bag of tricks for insults, it seemed appropriate. If he was fat or ugly, I would have insulted him on those bases.

I’ve since talked to a Black woman I know, and she was quite upset that I did that. I’m going to think about whether I want to do that again.

I wonder how often this sort of thing goes on? In the course of fights and shouting matches, angry people will say stuff they would not ordinarily say. Not out of racism or bigotry, but because in a fight, you use any ammo you’ve got.

Most of the other stuff on that list is pretty clear-cut and straightforward. I was shocked by the amount of anti-Semitism in the US. I don’t like the ADL, and I think they go nuts about anti-Semitism, but you can see quite a few cases on that list of anti-Semitic graffiti on Jewish institutions, vandalism of Jewish graveyards, actual assaults on and threats against Jews, etc.

I was appalled by that, and surprised. For the first time in a while, I will throw a shout out to the Jewish groups who are publicizing this, while deploring their efforts to code as anti-Semitic a wide variety of comments and writings that are generally not. The ADL types go overboard, but there’s clearly an anti-Semitism problem. Things are complicated.

On the White Nationalist boards, there is a lot of talk about how most assaults by Blacks against Whites are accompanied by racial slurs. Typically, the police deny that a hate crime occurred. The White Nationalists have an interesting point, and if White assaults combined with slurs get hate crime attachments, it’s about time to start slamming a lot of Blacks with the same stuff.

I guess the assumption is that the Black criminal victimized the person just to be a criminal, and that racism was secondary, and therefore the attack was not primarily bias-motivated, instead it was primarily dirty criminal-motivated. Perhaps that is so, but fair is fair, and there appears to be a double-standard here.

There were 104 incidents over a 93 day period in the first three months of 2008. That’s a little over one a day, and most all of these incidents are pretty serious.

A 2005 report by the US government found that there were 191,000 hate crimes in that year. That’s 600 a day! That’s 24 an hour. One every two or three minutes. Does that seem credible?

I wonder what standard they were using to judge what is a hate crime? The same as in the SPLC list? If so, there’s still a big problem here in the US. But if they are using everything down to my little argument above, the report is pretty meaningless. Someone might want to get ahold of that report and see what’s really in it.

White nationalists say that in a multicultural society, these sort of incidents are to be expected and are in fact normal. Why? Because a certain amount of racial hostility is to be expected in such a society. Are they right? If not, why not?

The appropriate response to this issue is the Middle Way, as the Taoists say. Not to overemphasize racism and exaggerate it out of all sanity, and not, on the other hand, to say that it barely even exists anymore.

For the record, SPLC does list several anti-immigrant groups that do not strike me as racist in any way, shape or form. SPLC says:

These groups generally attack immigrants as individuals, rather than merely disagreeing with immigration policy. Some have close ties to white supremacist ideas, groups and individuals. 

That statement is just wrong about several of those groups. The groups listed are:

  • American Border Patrol
  • California Coalition for Immigration Reform
  • Save Our State
  • American Patrol/Voice of Citizens Together
  • Rescue Without Borders
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • Social Contract Press
  • Emigration Party of Nevada
  • Border Guardians
  • American Immigration Control Foundation/Americans for Immigration Control

Of those, Save Our State, American Patrol and the Federation for American Immigration Reform are surely not racist at all. I can’t speak of the rest, but I imagine they are the same. True, Social Contract Press is racist, but they are on the moderate end of White nationalism.

It seems like any group screaming about the illegal alien invasion of the US is going to get tagged with a racist label. That’s where SPLC is so wrong and does a lot of damage.


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Racists Create Their Own

Repost from the old site.

In the comments, one of our fine commenters and a great writer to boot, Dano of Hawaii Five-O, notes:

If you treat people with respect and dignity you get the same in return, and create a chain-reaction of civility. If you treat them like shit-enemies, you get a negative reaction, which allows you to point and scream “SEE! Just like I’ve been saying. They hate us!”

I think Dano hits it on the head. I go to American Renaissance and those White racists on there are constantly saying, “Blacks treat Whites like shit! They’ve been treating me and other Whites like shit my whole life!” And they say this about other races too. They are convinced that most or all races are completely racist towards most or all other races. Especially all non-Whites are horribly hostile towards all Whites.

It’s pretty clear that there is a Hell of a lot of projection going on here. I’m a racist (except wait, I’m not, really) so everyone else is. No wait. I’m a racist, because all those other races hate me and my kind. They done forced me into it.

I guess I must have missed this. I’ve been around Blacks quite a bit in my life. I taught Blacks in LA, including the inner city, including Compton and even Watts for a day. I never got a whole lot of hostility out of Black students. I mean, some were just antisocial period. They sure had a lot of opportunities to vent on me. There were a few occasions where I got some racist stuff at me, but I can’t think of many.

The worst of all was at Centennial High in Compton near Willowbrook (close to Watts). It’s the heart of the heart of the ghetto. The students were racially hostile and tried to bust me for being a racist by attempting to provoke me into making racist comments (they lied, and the Black principal backed me up). Some of the pretty young Black teachers were just out and out hostile.

In Compton, there were some classes of 8th and 10th graders that were so horrible I just walked off the job and left the kids there with no teacher. Amazingly, they took me back after that. Those kids were just animals, and I didn’t get the impression there was some racial thing going on, but who knows?

In LA, I’ve been to reggae concerts full of Blacks and rap concerts full of street Black rappers. I’m not saying that’s a good environment. But none of those Blacks ever bothered me. I’ve bought fast food in the ghetto in the daytime, quite a few times too. I’ve driven through the heart of the ghetto in daytime many, many times.

I think once some Black guy yelled something about “What are these RICH motherfuckers doing here?!” at me on a side street. I’ve dated Black women who lived in S Central LA (Black part of town). I got ripped off once, the day I was in Watts. The Black administrators always treated me like I was solid gold, and the Black teachers were pretty nice overall.

I’ve taught in Hispanic neighborhoods for years too. Also in Filipino, Japanese and Samoan-heavy schools. No real problems, at least racially, in any of these places. I delivered phone books for weeks on end all through the worst parts of East LA and nothing happened.

I drove an ice cream truck through barrios for months and nothing went down. I hung out in apartments smoking crack with Blacks in the Wilshire District of LA (I only tried it once) at the beginning of the crack era. I bought pounds of dope from teenage Mexican gang members who I never met before, who got it straight from the Mexican Mafia.

Nothing much ever happened.

If these people really hate Whites, they must do a pretty good job of covering it up, or else I am a complete idiot and can’t spot the virulent racists who hate me and my kind ferociously every time they deal with me.

I don’t really know what to say for why Blacks have not fucked me over more than the few depredations I experienced (one stolen car battery).

I’m a pretty paranoid guy, and I’m always looking around all the time and watching everything and everyone. I don’t open up very easily and I’m quite wary and dubious.

Furthermore, I’m reportedly a pretty scary-looking guy, despite my pretty boy preppie looks. That’s not really a good thing, but I guess that’s one way that looking a little dangerous comes in handy. Everyone pretty much leaves you alone, even the criminals. Criminals like easy targets, just like predators in the wild.

White racists give off fuck you vibes to whichever non-Whites they dislike, and those non-Whites fire it right back on them. Hence the White racist sees the world, partly through projection, as filled with White-hostile non-Whites. You’re 21 years old at the university and it’s Psychology 100 again. You look up at the overhead lamp and all the points of light come together in an epiphany, and it all makes sense. That’s being alive.


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Race in a 1970’s California Beach Town

Repost from the old site.

When I grew up on the California beach in the 1970’s, we had no White parts of town and Black parts of town. The whole place was White, with ethnics, Jews, NE Asians, Filipinos, Hispanics and mixed race folks scattered all about in fairly small numbers. It was a White culture in a White beach town, Huntington Beach.

All of the non-Whites pretty much just assimilated to the White, or American, or White American culture of the city. There was one Black kid in the school and I was his friend! There was a small group of Hispanics (Chicanoized) with gangs, and the Chicano barrio mindset at the school and I was friends with them!

I’m such a racist! From the early days yet! Snark.

What I am trying to say is that for all intents and purposes, in Huntington Beach, race just did not exist at all. The non-Whites associated with Whites and vice versa. The non-Whites were all pretty much assimilated to the White culture, so they were White for all intents and purposes. Their non-Whiteness was simply an accident of their ancestry and had no relevance on anything.

In every important way, the Chinese, Hispanics, Japanese, Filipinos, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and whatnot were just Whites with a little different ancestry, which may as well have been Czech or Greek or Italian.

For the most part, they were deracinated and fully assimilated to American society. None of them spoke their ethnic mother tongues. Most of the Hispanics had been in this country a long time – I never knew one recent immigrant from anywhere. If mass immigration was going on, it wasn’t coming to my town.

The general attitude was that racism was a nasty thing. If you made an ethnic joke, either my brother who dated a Mexican girl or one of my best friends – the 1/2 Mexican guy or the 1/4 Chinese guy, or the Puerto Rican guy who objected to anti-Black jokes by noting that he was part-Black, or my Cuban girlfriend, would just shoot you right down angrily with an attitude like don’t bring that up anymore.

The whole loony anti-racist notion (I’m sure that Whiteness Studies sees 1970’s Huntington Beach that way) that the White suburbs of 1970’s California were a place of vicious White racism is an insipid fantasy. Race was just not important. The other races didn’t behave any differently from Whites, as they all assimilated and left their cultures long behind.

If they don’t act any different, you have to be a real idiot just to hate someone who is different – who looks a little different, is different racially, has a different skin color, or whose ancestors came from a different land. For the most part, it simply did not occur.

We did have some Chicano-type Hispanics who lived in a place called Motown in downtown Huntington Beach. It was a mini-barrio full of graffiti and small gangs and Chicano culture. My friends and I were the only Whites who would befriend these real Chicanos.

I was a racist from childhood! Snark.

They were all into the gang thing, the guys were into the stereotypical Chicano machismo male psychological cultural set, and the girls were all into the stereotypical barrio Latina psychological cultural set.

We made friends with them, but no one ever wanted to, say, go hang out with them on the weekends. They just lived in another world.

Well, Chicano culture hasn’t changed one bit since then, at least the barrio kind. There’s still a vast Hispanic set in the US who are more or less assimilating to whatever American culture means in 2008, though less so than the ones I grew up with. And Motown has come to my town. It’s taken it over. I live now in an entire city full of Huntington Beach Motown 1975. It’s 33 years later, and nothing has changed.

I’m convinced that young barrio Hispanics really do love gang culture. They love it all, the fights, the tattoos, the colors, the sets, the hardass mentality, the gangsta rap, the crime, the money, the knives, the guns, the jail, the prison the probation and yes, even the funerals. They’re in thrall to it. How do I know this? I live with these people, and they are in my home and car night and day.

Older Hispanics love fights too. I hang out in Mexican bars full of drunken illegal aliens, blasting Norteno music, with strippers grinding in the background. It’s kind of a seedy, somewhat dangerous place, but I can usually handle myself in these places.

There are all sorts of really scary looking guys in there, guys who glare at you with menace, older hardcore Norteno gangsters, and guys who just look like criminals. Drunken brawls break out, and the owner won’t even break it up. The chairs and tables fly and all the guys just lap it up. Even the owner loves it his furniture flies. I guess macho Mexican males love a fight. Same way macho young Hispanic males love gangs.

Most importantly, that’s why Hispanic gang culture ain’t going away. All the gang task forces, the social programs, the anti-gang programs, years and what, decades now, and where are we? Worse than ever. And the more we import barrio-prone and gang-prone (that is, those who will go gang/barrio rather than avoiding that) Mesoamericans via immigration, legal or illegal, the more this phenomenon will grow and grow.

In my town when I grew up, White culture and American culture were synonymous. That may be wrong, but that’s just the way it was. For a lot of us, that’s the way it’s always been. Motown and South Central LA were always peripheral to mainstream US culture growing up, and they surely were in my town.

I don’t like it that Motown has come to my town. I like my Hispanics assimilated, thank you very much. Mexican and Hispanic barrio culture is good and bad, like all the rest, but the bad repels me like a face slap. If that makes me a racist, then I will stand up and say I’m a racist, loud and proud. No problem at all.

The Mestizo future is rising behind the hills of America, a jealous, angry, resentful, demanding and haughty yet peculiarly unthinking God, glaring in our faces. American culture and White culture are no longer the same. Motown has come to America and scribbled graffiti over about half of it, and East LA is California.

At some point in the not too distant future, the US will become just another Latin American country. The process of Mestizization, the murderous marriage that wove its tragic yet beautiful tapestry over our continent, yet somehow passed us by, will overtake us yet. We thought we could avoid it, that we were not a part of the mestizo and mulatto Americas after all, but we were only buying time.

America left the United States of, and the Americas walked right in. Why not, with the back door unlocked and swinging wide?

At this point, there is not much to do about it but learn Spanish and plan for the future. Will we be Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil or Colombia? Or Chile, Costa Rica, Dominica or Argentina?

The future is not way off in never never land, out of our minds and our petty little worlds. The future is now. Get active. If you don’t die beforehand, either you come to the future, or it comes to you. Stride forward to greet your new world, smiling or not. At least you will be ready.


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On Whiteness Studies

Repost from the old site.

First one White nationalist commenter attacked me for supporting Whiteness Studies. According to him, it’s nothing but anti-White propaganda. Then I offered an explanation for what I meant:

Actually I endorse Whiteness Studies in a way. First of all, I want to reject the vast majority of this nutty discipline.It’s filled with contempt for Whites, race-denying nonsense conflated with obsession with race (tell me how that makes sense?!), White groveling, self-abjection and guilt admission and obsession in the face of an implied superiority of non-Whites. In short, it’s like modern anti-racism taken to a Mad Magazine extreme of absurdity.

But there is an aspect of Whiteness Studies where the Whites in it sit around and analyze how they themselves are racist against non-Whites and resolve to try to get rid of their racism. And a lot of them have acknowledged that it is going to be a lifetime battle, and some say that they may never be over it.

I kind of like the notion that we all have racist parts of ourselves and that those of us who are better at least work to try to reduce or get rid of our racist feelings.

In anti-racist insane America, you realize that it is a mortal sin to admit that you have ever experienced even the slightest, tiniest, most infinitesimal trace of racism, especially if you are White. Ask around to just about anyone, and they will tell you that not only do they lack the tiniest hint of racism in even the deepest recesses of their soul, but that they have been anti-racist pristine for their entire lives.

Admit to having 1% racism in your 99% anti-racist soul, or that you ever uttered a racist word or thought a racist thought, and be prepared for verbal lashings or deadly stares. Such is the madness of anti-racist America in 2008, and I do applaud Whiteness Studies for their honesty.

Whew! How’s that for an outrageous and provocative thing to say? To which a commenter, also a White nationalist but not particularly racist, Uncle Milton, counters:

I went to the blog of the guy named Tom who described either your posts on Black crime or the comments as racist bilge which led me to a “Whiteness” website that was filled with false statements such as Whites commit the highest number of serial murders (nope, per capita it’s Blacks…) or that White middle class people have the highest rates of suicide. (nope, tragically it’s native Americans…)Most of what I have seen of Whiteness Studies is self-hating or a rehashing of stereotypes. Everyday I am in an environment where I am a minority (at my work, the majority of my colleagues are Asian…) and generally I have no problems with them since they tend to be civil and competent. However in the past when I have been forced to live or work around an environment that is a majority Black, then I have been quite unhappy.

Am I a racist in need of Whiteness studies or perhaps am I reacting to repeat acts of violence towards me (accompanied by verbal epithets such as White Mutha Fucka), theft, and name calling that called attention to the color of my skin?

This commenter exemplifies something that I might call guilty racism. I think he has some racist feelings towards Blacks, but he doesn’t really feel good about them deep down inside. Hold on tight now, because we are getting into some religious and spiritual issues here, specifically Christian.

I’m now going to a Catholic Church and I just love it. One of the things that I love about it is the guilt. Guilt is actually a very debilitating thing, but I’ve been living with it my whole life, so it’s very important to me, if even in an awful way.

I think that guilt is badly stigmatized. Guilty types are considered to be criminals, rapists, child molesters, and killers. Nothing is further from the truth. Antisocials are extremely violent and feel no guilt and obsessives, as one example, are the most nonviolent people on Earth and feel tremendous guilt.

The more guilt, the less violence. The more criminality, violence and antisocial behavior and activity, the less guilt. Real simple. All other things being equal, you should feel relaxed with a guilty type. Maybe they aren’t any fun, but they probably won’t hurt you. Alas, too many find the allure of the guiltless antisocial too delicious to pass up.

One thing I love about Catholicism is that they understood this truism long ago. The people always coming into confession all the time had never even done anything wrong, and were confessing about nothing at all. The best people were confessing the most. The worst people were never showing up at all.

It’s still this way, even in psychologists’ offices. Yet clinicians don’t seem to get it either. Many clinicians can’t even seem to reliably spot antisocials. If we train our clinicians to spot anyone, it ought to be antisocials.

Clinicians continue to confuse the worst people on Earth with the best people. This is a very interesting area of human nature, where even the best experts with most degrees and study seem to fail us. One wonders if some simple rural types somewhere would be wiser.

I’ve got to have a place in my heart for the guilty racist. When you go to White racist fora, you see lots of Whites on there who have had a lot of really bad experiences with minorities, in particular with Blacks.

Many are saying that they just want to wash their hands of Blacks altogether and get away from them. They want a divorce and no more troubles. A part of me feels for these folks. You get hurt, and you want to stay away. Such a perseverative human response.

I guess I’m a Catholic at heart. If you are a racist, just go right ahead and be one. Feel proud about it like 95% of them do. But there is a part of me that says that if you sin, at least feel bad about it. And racism, in my book, is a sin.

A Christian may sin, but if he feels guilt about sin, he gets +1 from me. If he resolves to stop sinning and tries to stop, then there’s nothing more that he can do. At that point, one wonders if the person is even a sinner.

This is where Whiteness Studies, in all of its stupidity, insanity and idiocy, is beautiful. It had to have been thought up by a Catholic. Whiteness Studies is full of Whites who acknowledge that they have racist tendencies, but resolve to dedicate the rest of their lives to absolving them and purging them.

Who cannot love a sinner who has the nerve and courage to confess to the world and then try to go on the straight and narrow? That is Christianity in an essence.

An admission of guilt and sin is a beautiful thing to this Christian.

The world is full of those who pronounce moral purity. This has become the litmus test of our day. Moral purity in regard to race is an acid test of our times. It’s hard to find a young person nowadays, or often anyone, who will admit to ever harboring the measliest racist sentiment. Oh how pure they are.

Purity, especially the probably dishonest kind, is as oppressive as smog. We are all peculiar mixtures of good and bad. We do good, and we should be proud, we do bad, and at the very least, we should feel bad.

Racism on an individual level is sinful simply because each and every individual should be evaluated on their own self-worth and nothing else. Disliking or shunning someone of one race who you would easily associate with if they were another race has got to be wrong, wrong, wrong. Dislike of groups collectively or from a distance is often perfectly reasonable and expression of self-preservation.

No, Unc doesn’t need Whiteness Studies. No one does. You’re a free agent and you can feel what you will. But if you want to recognize racism and combat it in yourself, you’ll always get a cheer and a hug from me.


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Child Molester Mass Hysteria

Repost from the old site.

Due to the fallout from the Groene case, Steve Groene is pushing a One Strike Law in Washington State, where he now resides. I don’t blame him, and a lot of crime victims lash out like this.

As you can see on the page explaining the law, the law is constructed so Joseph Duncan would never have been freed to kill Steve’s ex-wife and two kids and rape his daughter. So the tragic past would never have occurred.

California’s 3 Strikes Law was written by Mike Reynolds in such a way that the 2-bit thugs who killed his daughter (who merely had lengthy records for petty crime) would have been imprisoned and would have been able to kill his daughter.

In this way, surviving crime victims, or usually relatives of crime victims, are able to time travel. They can go back in time, and in their imaginations, wipe out the past.

The problem is that this is all an illusion.

Mike Reynolds’ crazy 3 Strikes Law didn’t bring back his daughter, and the guys who did it are going down bigtime anyway. Steve’s One Strike Law won’t bring back Dylan or Slade, or wipe out what was done to Shasta.

Sure, it might prevent it from happening to others, but to be completely frank, I don’t think that’s the purpose of these laws. The purpose of these laws is to enable their enraged and vengeful authors-relatives of victims to imaginarily go back in time and prevent the past from occurring by passing a new law in the future.

It’s the stuff of science fiction. It’s magical thinking, but magical thinking is not just for kids and crazies. Adults do it all the time too, especially traumatized adults. Like relatives of murder victims.

First of all, I will say that this law is not as nuts as I assumed it would be. Some of my friends know Steve, and they did not think he would write a law as stupid as California’s 3 Strikes Law, especially since his own son has a record as a 2-bit petty criminal. I’m not even sure about Steve’s own history, but my friends say he ran with a rough crowd.

The proposed One-Strike law says that anyone guilty of child molestation (wisely put at under 12) and anyone guilty of forcible rape through the use of violence needs to go away for life. Now, most people would sit back and cheer.

To the authors’ credit, the law seems to exclude the “date rape” bullshit by requiring that the rape be forcible and violent. It also rules out the “statutory rape” bullshit by requiring ruling out sex with minors aged 12 and up.

So where does that leave us? With a bunch of pedos and rapists. So why is this not a good idea?

Because right here in my town, we have 133 people on the sex offender list. Fresno, a city of 440,000, probably has 1,000 people on the list. They’re either all or almost all men.

Nationally, with the ever-expanding definitions of sex offenders, there are now 2 million people on sex offender lists! Surely they are almost all males.

This is starting to look less like a war on “sex offenders” and more like just a war on males.

Here in my town, most of the guys on the list are guilty of rape, child molesting under the age of 14 or even rape of a child under the age of 14. That’s probably 100 out of 133. You’re going to throw all 100 of these guys away for life?

In Fresno, I bet 800 out of the 1000 are on for rape or molesting a child under the age of 14. You’re going to throw 800 guys away for life?

How many of the 2 million on the sex offender lists nationwide would be covered under this One Strike Law? That’s an interesting bit of research.

This law isn’t going to work. Implemented nationally, it will easily result in life sentences for hundreds of thousands, and possibly over 1 million, people, almost all men. Even if it’s a good idea, it’s not doable.

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Interesting Comments on Sex Offenders

Repost from the old site.

From the comments section, a commenter writes:

Incest and friends of the family make up approximately 98% of all sex offenses (I think they mean child molestation and not rape, but I’m not sure). There has been estimated that 60 million individuals in this country that has experienced child sexual abuse. 50%, 30 million will go on to abuse a child. This is the crux of the problem, and we are not addressing it.Instead, law makers are creating laws that do more harm than good. For example:

The public registries: 98% of those come from the family and friends of the family. It is a fact, that once caught, 95% of them never repeat another sex crime. And that’s without therapy.

The remaining 5% are hiding in the registries. Those who did not know their victims, the violent rapists and the repeat offender.

And, approximately, 95% of all new sex offenses are committed by individuals NOT on the registries. Is it no wonder, because law makers have totally ignored the fact that Incest and friends of the family are the crux of the problem. There are 30 million abusers out there and lawmakers have done nothing to address prevention through education.

By ignoring incest and friends of the family, law makers have created a greater risk to children and society. If we do not openly discuss it, do not propose any educational models to better inform ourselves and keep ourselves afflicted with guilt and shame which washes over all concerned, perpetrators, victims, and other family members alike, we all help shield and perpetuate the crime.

These sex offender laws are being passed without advice of the experts. They are knee-jerk regulatory reaction which is just another way of saying, additional punishment is justified. Congress and the Legislatures have ignored the experts in the field.

But when it comes to light bulbs, they clamor for expert testimony. There is something very fundamentally wrong with their approach when it comes to sex offender laws.

Randy Lopp, treatment subcommittee chairman of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Management Team said, ”Most people who know anything about this are frustrated. It is just not helpful — the laws as they are now.

“I think if the general public understood the research, they would be willing to back the legislators to change the laws to make more sense and to protect children, because the laws as they are written are not protecting children,” he said. “They are doing more harm than good.”

US Department of Justice, 2003

• Sample size – 9,700 sex offenders

• Length of time – 3 years

• Re-offense trigger – reconviction (Doesn’t mean a new sex crime)

• Results – 5.3% sexual offense. 3.3% child molestation.

Arizona, Department of Corrections, 2006

• Length of time – Ten years

• Sample size – 2,444 sex offenders

• Results – 3.2% returned for a new felony sex offense, 1.4% returned for a new felony case of child molestation

• Reoffense trigger – new conviction (Any conviction)

And there are many more studies and they have the same results. Low recidivism rates for first time sex offenses.

Law makers pass these laws as non-controversial. Without debate and there is nothing I can think of that is more controversial.

Constitutional rights are being side stepped and it has been said that when you deny the constitution to one, you deny it to everyone. Please, look at the real problem. Incest and friends of the family and Prevent through education. Do away with these draconian laws that protect no one but endangers every child.

I don’t really know what to say to any of this stuff. I don’t have much personal interest in it.

I’d be interested to see how these laws are endangering kids and doing more harm than good.

Surely life is often Hell for these sex offenders. And you can see here that these insane laws are being used against all sorts of 18-21 year old guys messing around with 15-17 year old girls. The guys are totally normal, and now their lives are fucked forever.

They’re on Sex Offender Lists, it’s hard to work anywhere, they go to jail and get threatened by other inmates as “pedos” (that’s weird, I figured most prison inmates would gladly fuck a 16 year old girl if they could get away with it). They can hardly live anywhere and often have to move back home.

Their career dreams are shot, and the military won’t take you (I guess fucking a 16 year old girl is evil, but actually killing human beings, albeit towelheads, is cool). Lots of guys are also going down due to lying little girls telling tall tales of fake molestations and teenage bitches screaming rape.

I thank God I’m not on one of those blasted lists! I have enough problems as it is; I couldn’t imagine what Hell my life would be if I was on one of those things.


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