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The “Liberals Are Racists and Consevatives Are Anti-Racists” Lie

AJ has fallen for Republican Party propaganda that the Republicans are the anti-racist party and that liberals and the Left are the real racists:

…it was Free Republic, though not you specifically. Its just that they constantly say the Nazis were leftwing, and the Klan was Democrats, and how Democrats put blacks on a plantation, and welfare replaced the black father, and how more black people should be more like Larry Elder, Walter Williams, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and Thomas Sowell. 

Let me tell you something, having been around the White racist and White race realist blogosphere (Is there a difference?) for some time now, one thing has become crystal clear to me. As soon as Whites start going seriously racist, they start moving to the Right politically. As soon as Whites get seriously into race realism, they start moving to the Right politically. I’ve been to many White racist sites, and unfortunately I used to hang out on some of them, but I’m no longer wanted, and I’m banned from Stormfront as an anti-racist. Anyway, there are basically zero leftwingers on any of those sites, I mean zero. No Lefties, no liberals, no Democrats. Everyone, I mean everyone, is a conservative and votes Republican. There are few here and there who have a working class consciousness, but I don’t think they vote Democrat.

In the meantime, I have had many commenters come to my site. Quite a few of them are White racist types, and many more are race realist types. The deeper they are into White racism and race realism, the more likely they are to be conservatives and to vote Republican. At best, they are Centrist invertebrates who vote Republican half the time. A few are Libertarians. The commenters who are liberals are upset by race talk, nervous about race realism and are quite non-racist and in many cases anti-racist.

These trends are so clear to me that I could almost map them out as some sort of a mathematical law.

In the US, all and I mean all serious racists are conservatives, and most all of them vote Republican or Libertarian. Granted, there is a tiny group of “racist socialists,” but those folks are basically fascists or Nazi types, and they call themselves rightwingers.

So all racists are conservatives, but not all conservatives are racists.

Here in California we have quite a few PC conservatives and even reactionaries. It’s just not cool to be a racist here.

On the contrary, US liberals are quite non-racist or even anti-racist. Some have mild racist tendencies, but this is more an aversive racism. They support Black politics and vote for Blacks. Most of these types voted for Obama. A good rule of thumb is that while White liberals may be racist, they are typically a Hell of a lot less racist than conservatives.

I don’t have time to go through all of the idiot arguments above one by one, maybe later. It gets tiresome having to write up endless rejoinders to the avalanche of rightwing lies. It feels like bailing out the ocean.


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Austerity Will Screw Up the Economy

Bonddad states the obvious.

Austerity in an economic downturn has been tried before, and its results are quite reliable.

For instance, as I noted before, all of Europe was affected by the economic downturn caused by bankster criminal gang of parasitical finance capitalists in the US.

Most states cushioned the impact with stimulus spending (classic Keynesianism), the Baltics, which have adopted some of the most radical neoliberal policies on Earth lately as a reaction to their bad experience with Communism, instead opted for austerity. They were rewarded for this stupidity with economic depressions. Latvia was hit worst of all. The neoliberal head of the Latvian Central Bank announced his goal to reduce the wages of Latvians by fully 1/3. This is neoclassical economics in action. It calls itself austerity and fiscal responsibility, but its mechanism is just the same old class war.

This is also the agenda of the Republicans you dipshits just elected to Congress – austerity during downturns resulting in depressions and probably a desire to reduce Americans’ wages by a high % too. The Latvian government and the Republican Party are on the same wavelength. They are both pushing the same radical neoliberalism. By voting for them, you vote for austerity during a downtown, which will result in an economic depression. Is that what you want? If you want a Depression, then please vote Republican.

You’re also voting for mass wage reduction for US workers. Is that what you want? If you’re not a worker, if you’re a rentier or a business owner, wage reduction is the ticket. If you’re a worker and you want wage reduction, you ought to have your head examined.

Latvia now has 20% unemployment. The Republicans are pushing the same policies as the Latvians. By voting Republican, you vote for higher unemployment. Perhaps as a business owner, you don’t care about unemployment. But if you’re a worker, you must be nuts if you want to raise the unemployment with no upside in return.

Ireland engaged in austerity in order to keep investor confidence in the country so they could continue to borrow money. But all it did was make the economy, and the deficit even worse. Their deficit was 7% of GDP at the start of austerity, then after austerity it had ballooned to 14% of GDP. It failed even to reduce the deficit! The more they cut spending, the more the deficit exploded! This is one of the paradoxes of deficit reduction. In addition, the austerity caused an economic depression in Ireland.

The UK and Portugal have both admitted that the austerity measures that they are embarking on with cause economic downturns, and possibly recessions, in their countries. But they are going to go ahead and do it anyway.

Bonddad lays it out in a formula (italics mine):

Here is the GDP equation:consumer spending + investment + exports net of imports + government spending = GDP

So, if we lower government spending (which BTW has historically accounted for about 20% GDP for the last 30 years) we are lowering GDP by definition.

Bonddad makes an excellent point at the end:

There is a time to put the fiscal house back in order. When GDP growth is slow, unemployment is high, consumer spending is slow, the housing market is trying to recover and demand is soft, cutting spending is a really bad idea – as in probably the worst idea you can imagine.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with fiscal responsibility, and for some countries, sadly, it’s a necessity (3rd World debt crisis). But now is not the time to be doing this.


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The Tea Parties Were Created By the Rich and the Corporations


The excellent George Monbiot notes that there is nothing populist about them. The Tea Parties were mostly created by the billionaire Koch Brothers of Texas, corporate fat cats who came up with the fake populist movement in order to reach their dream of a limited government. The reason they want a limited government is so they pay less taxes, keep more profits and are restrained by fewer regulations. They focus on high-polluting extractive industries and run oil refineries, chemical plants, coal mines and logging firms. They have had to pay 10’s of millions of dollars in fines oil and chemical spills and other industrial accidents. They want a limited government so they won’t have to pay those fines anymore. They’re taken the rest of you chumps along for a ride.

When did the Tea Party actually begin? It had a disgusting beginning at the heights of America’s ruling classes. CNBC reporter Rick Santelli, shill for the ruling class, issued a call from the floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange for a bankers’ revolt against the undeserving poor. He called for traders to dump derivative securities into Lake Michigan to protest Obama’s plan to “subsidize the losers,” by which he meant those who were behind on their mortgages. The very next day, Koch’s firm set up a Tea Party website on Facebook. So the Tea Parties were actually created by the bankster class as part of their scorched Earth mass foreclosure policy against America’s middle class homeowners. Some populism!

As Monbiot sums up:

Between them they have constructed the philosophy which informs the Tea Party movement: its members mobilize for freedom, unaware that the freedom they demand is freedom for corporations to trample them into the dirt.

You idiots! You Tea Party clowns have been punked. You’re being played, and you don’t even realize it.

Monbiot points out that democracy itself is at risk at fake astroturf grassroots organizations morph across the globe. They have even begun to the infect the UK.

Billionaires and corporations are capturing the political process everywhere; anyone with an interest in democracy should be thinking about how to resist them. Nothing is real any more. Nothing is as it seems.

Indeed, pay no attention to that rich man behind the curtain.


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Mexicans Are Mostly Indian

A graph showing Mexican genes. As you can see, Mexicans are predominantly Amerindian.

This photo is being linked to on the web with the argument that most Mexicans don’t look like Italians or Spaniards. Instead, they look like Indians. They say this because the photo shows that Mexicans are majority-Indian on genes.

The problem is that that photo only applies to Mexicans in Mexico. Mexicans in Mexico itself have long been more Indian than Mexicans in the US, who have long been more White. This is changing lately as more Mexicans pour in here from deep inside Mexico, particularly Jalisco, Michoacan, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Mexicans in the US have traditionally come from the north of Mexico – Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. These areas are the Whitest parts of Mexico. Monterrey is the Whitest city in Mexico.

So, sure, most Mexicans don’t look like Italians or Spaniards. But a Hell of a lot of them do. Anyone who says that hasn’t been around many Mexicans. Local Mexicans (the Whiter-looking ones) are constantly telling me how people always think they are White. Many Mexicans have fairly dark skins, but if you look closely at their faces, their features could only be said to be Caucasian. That is, Amerindian features are scant to nonexistent. Many others are predominantly Caucasian, yet they do have a bit of Amerindian features, often in the eyes. If you look White, you’re White. If you look Caucasian and have no obvious features of any other race, you’re Caucasian. I imagine some of these folks must have some Amerindian in them, but for some reason, it’s not showing through.

Among the lower, predominantly Spanish speaking classes here in the US, a good 80-90% of Mexicans are obviously Mestizo or Indian. Among the lowest classes such as farm workers and the Mexican underclass, it’s close to 100%. In the Starbucks, at the bank, at the supermarket, with the more assimilated and 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans, they start to look Whiter and Whiter.

Gene charts only tell you so much. A photo of a forest is a nice thing to look at, but it doesn’t tell you everything about every tree in the forest.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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The Dilemma of This Website

You see, due to the race stuff, my site attracts mostly rightwingers or mushy Centrists who vote Republican half the time. They then are repelled by my liberalism, especially on economics.

This is a Left site, a socialist site, but my readers are a bunch of rightwingers and spineless Centrists! And I hate my rightwing readers (well not all of them), look for excuses to ban them and then end up banning them, which pisses people off.

I really want Leftwingers to read the site and fill the comments section, but most Lefties despise my site due to the race and gender stuff. I’m a sexist and a racist!

This really sucks.

The real problem here is that the Left and liberals are out of their fucking minds on race and gender.

Another problem is that as soon as Whites start getting racist or even race realist or racially aware, they automatically start moving to the Right and voting Republican. Like clockwork. Same with males disgusted by insane feminism. They automatically move to the Right and start voting Republican. Just like that.

US politics is pretty retarded. FrankBD has been touching on this subject lately in the comments. I agree with everything he is saying.


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