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The Problems of Media Ownership Under Capitalism

Savvas Tzionis is an excellent new progressive commenter from Australia. He comments on how US style Republican Party conservatism is attempting to colonize a progressive country, Australia:

You may be interested to know that the Chief Editor of The Australian newspaper (or as we on the left call it ”The American”) is a virulent Right Winger whose mother is from one of the Baltic states. 

The Australian (owned by Murdoch) likes to think of itself as the most high-brow newspaper in Australia. But since 2001, and especially since the election of the ALP (nominally left wing) in 2007, it has lurched to the right (so much for left wing bias in the media).

Also in the past, it never bothered with Latin America, but now with Leftist’s taking over this region, it has decided to print articles from a right wing Latin POV. Shameless.

Yes, this is important news. The rightwingers are making a play to take over Australian media and thereby use the rightwing media to brainwash Australians into making it the new USA, or Colombia or Latvia, or whatever. This is how capitalism works. That’s why it’s important to make the media democratic under capitalism. Under capitalism, the top 1% earners control about 99%+ of the media. Of course they have class consciousness and pursue their class interests. They use their media brainwash machine to create a cultural hegemony (see Gramsci) that ends up making ruling class culture and ruling class class consciousness the culture and consciousness of everyone. So your factory worker thinks like a millionaire, which is obviously not in his interests.

There is almost no way to keep the Far Right ultrazillionaires from taking over say 90% of the world’s media. The only alternative is what Hugo Chavez is doing, persecuting the media oligarchs, confiscating their enterprises and democratizing them (turning them over to the people or the state acting in the interests of the people).

It’s also important to note that the Baltic bastards (some of the most reactionary people on Earth at the moment) are leading the charge to replicate the cancer of US conservatism across the globe. The only real rightwing governments in Europe, the Baltics implemented radical neoclassical economics and were rewarded with horrible economic depressions that have ruined their countries and caused 20% loss of GDP and a 1/3 fall in wages for the public sector. The result has been a horrible brain drain, as anyone with any sense has left the region.

I talked to a woman from Estonia recently. She said that she and her family where without any money and without any food. She has two small kids. I asked her if there weren’t any social problems to help with such matters and she started laughing. Since when do we hear of such things in Europe? This is the US model that the Baltics are trying to implement. I suppose mass homelessness is also on the agenda.

The Baltics is a sorry case. They were not treated well by the USSR and did not have a good experience under Communism. They overreacted and become fanatical anti-Communists and as a result, radical rightwingers, since all hardline anti-Communists become rightwingers. Now they are paying for that delusion dearly. Tough shit. Chew on it hard and good. Let me know how it tastes.


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Limited Government Now!

The Republican plan is to cut taxes that are used to fund education.

Here’s a sample of some patriotic Americans who are determined to take their country back from the socialist Kenyan Muslim, and their views on the socialist education system*:

Very Unskilled Laborer Bill Grunting of Sticky Fence, Oklahoma: “Learnin’ din’t help me none. ‘Sides, Papa says school is the devil!”

Former President George W. Bush: “I’m a idiot, and I was the president.”

Pastor Phil Felch of @#$%, Kansas: “There’s only one book Americans need to read, and that’s the good book. Ah personally recommend the thin, abridged versions with the wonderful color pictures. As a pastor, Ah can assure you all the best and least confusing stories are in those ones. You want to hear about the nastier stuff, show up on Sunday morning at 9:30. Bring money.”

*Note: All people interviewed below were White. What other race could possibly be this retarded?


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Obama Signals Move Towards Dipshittery


A majority of Americans oppose efforts to let the rich keep their tax cuts. And in terms of deficits and the economy, it’s simply insane. It’s a political loser.

I don’t know how the majority of Moronican assholes think about the climate bill, but it doesn’t matter. We need to push things like this through in order to survive to the next century at all or in any decent shape. I doubt if pushing a climate bill is going to kill Democrats at the polls.

But get this! He will not compromise on gays on the military! That’s probably the least important of the three issues and the biggest loser.

The smartest thing he could do would be to try to fix the economy any way he can. Of course, the Republicans will thwart him every step of the way because they don’t want an economy on the mend. They want an economy stuck in the mud so they can defeat Obama in 2012. That’s how shitty these Reptilican scum are.

You can see that Obama is triangulating, just like Clinton did after 1994. It’s true that it helped him in that he won in 1996, but what did we win? We ended up with a Democratic President as who acted like a liberal Republican.

Do you think these moves will help Obama or not? And if so, is it worth it?


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“Games Men Play About Rape,” by Alpha Unit

Do you know that you can do everything in your power to keep away from Black people and still end up as a crime victim?

In predominantly White areas of the country, in nearly 100% White cities and towns, they keep statistics on such things as robbery, burglary, larceny, aggravated assault, and forcible rape. There are actually forcible rapes in virtually all-White towns sometimes. Go figure.

Furthermore, I’ve heard that your worst enemy can be someone you like and trust.

The way some people talk, you’d think these simple facts had never occurred to them. People insist on making the world into something it can’t be – like the kind of place where you’ll be all right if you just stay away from Black people.

My purpose here isn’t to demonstrate that White people commit crimes. Everyone knows they do. The people who go on and on about Black crime know that Whites commit crime.

What interests me is this “Dueling Rape Statistics” game. It’s a game some men enjoy playing.

These men will admit that Whites rape. They’ll admit that a White woman who is raped is most likely to be raped by a White man. What they like to emphasize is that Black males rape a whole lot more than White males, and that Black males rape White women more than White males rape Black women.

What is the purpose of all this “You rape more than we do” talk?

This ridiculousness is something that only matters to men, and to certain men at that. It doesn’t matter at all if you’re a woman. Rape is one of the hazards of being vulnerable, and especially of being female and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter what race a woman is. A man from just about any race could be a rapist.

Girls and young women have been raped by men they knew and never would have imagined would harm them. All over the country there are young women putting themselves at risk of being raped. Some of them are White women who know all about the high crime rate among Blacks. Their rapists won’t all be Black, though.

No one who is serious about the safety of women plays this game with them about “They Rape More Than We Do.” If you’re a White woman who has been raped by a White man, of what relevance is the fact that Black men are prosecuted for rape at a higher rate than White men?

No woman of any race should give any group of men the benefit of the doubt when it comes to something like rape. The only thing that matters from a woman’s perspective is that men rape.

As for those of you who like citing rape statistics and pointing out how much Black men rape, what do you hope to gain by doing so? Is rape prevention your mission? That must be it. You’re seriously concerned about the safety and well-being of women.

People who are seriously concerned about rape prevention normally advise women to do one very important thing: always trust your instincts. If something about a person or a situation doesn’t feel right, then pay attention.

They advise women not to be afraid to seem rude when it comes to their safety – in other words, asking people for ID before allowing them into your home, not divulging to people whether you live alone, not allowing people to touch you or pressure you into going places.

It’s the kind of information you’ll find here.

People who are seriously concerned about the safety and well-being of women do not say things like, “Black men have a higher prosecution rate for forcible rape, so avoid them, if you can.”

Those of you who bring up these rape statistics are only concerned about women, and want to bring attention to the horrible problem of rape and sexual assault.

Is that it?


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Socialism Rules the Planet

Uncle Milton, as typical of his contrary nature, disputes my contention that most nations on Earth are run by social democratic parties or are social democracies.

The US, the Baltics, Colombia, the Philippines, the UK and Chile are exceptions.

May I ask how do you define Social Democracy…? Almost every Latin America country (Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela for example..) has a higher (worse – less egalitarian) Gini index than not only the US and UK but also the Philippines. Nicaragua (43.1) is the exception but is quite close to the PI (44.5).

The UK’s Gini index is better than New Zealand’s and matches Italy while it only a smidgen about Australia and Ireland.

As for the Baltics, Latvia and Estonia are at the same level as Italy.

(By the way I do understand these figures are subject to question..in the examples above I am using the UN’s estimates.. the CIA estimates place the UK at the same level as Switzerland)

I would think that income equality would be a pretty important (but not the solely import…) measure of a Social Democracy.

I said most countries on Earth are run by socialist or populist parties. I only list those countries – The US, the Baltics, the UK, Colombia, Chile, the Philippines and Somalia – that are run by parties that are explicitly hostile to socialism and are open advocates of neoclassical economics. If you can find anymore, let me know. Liberal, socialist, Communist, progressive and populist parties run the planet! Rightwing parties hostile to socialism which promote neoclassical economics are a tiny minority. Socialism rules the Earth!

Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua are run by socialist parties. They have made efforts to reduce the Gini coefficient of course, but their efforts are attacked in the US, and there are usually assassination attempts and coup attempts against them in their countries.

I don’t give a fuck about Gini coefficient. The US’ social democracy is anemic compared to that of the New Zealand and Italy. What matters are the benefits afforded to the people. They are excellent in New Zealand and Italy and anemic in the US. Income distribution ain’t everything. Gini coefficient is not that important in a state that provides no benefits.

The Baltic states are some of the few states on Earth run by conservatives that are openly hostile to all forms of socialism and are open advocates of neoclassical economics.


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In This World, Socialism is the Norm

Fred is a new rightwing ruling class commenter with an excellent class consciousness, which is intelligent and appropriate for his class. Nevertheless, Fred represents the class enemy that must be fought:

I’m not a socialist because socialism doesn’t work. If it did then I’d be all over it.

But Fred. Various forms of socialism, including forms of social democracy, are the norm in almost every state on Earth. Even the US has quite a bit of socialism – not enough though. Every state on Earth has quite a few socialist or social democratic programs and institutions. The pure capitalist state does not exist.

Of the 13 wealthiest states, 12 are clear social democracies. I left the US out because we can’t really be called a social democracy even though we have some socialist programs.

Most states on Earth are run by socialist or social democratic parties. The US, the Baltics, Colombia, the Philippines, the UK and Chile are exceptions.

Socialism is the norm! Guys like Fred don’t get it. Fred opposes socialism because he’s always looking for a way to lower his taxes, and he doesn’t gets his money worth from the government for the taxes he pays.


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Western Women’s Culture of Meanness

Repost from the old site.

In the comments section, Lafayette Sennacherib says, possibly jokingly:

I’ll go along with feminism this far: it’s ok for women to bring in a wage, as long as they still rear the kids, clean the place, cook, sew, provide regular sex, are totally faithful unless it’s with another woman and we can watch/share, and don’t mind their men having a bit on the side. Fair’s fair! We owe them that much!

I don’t know if he’s joking or not, but I won’t even go that far. I decided to ask Sexmaniacman his opinion of LS’ post, and here is what he said:

Bob, first of all, thanks so much for inviting me over so I can write about this. My complaint, Bob, is that feminism has cultivated a culture of meanness, at least here in the US. I would say that American women have cultivated a culture of meanness, but I think they reason they have is feminism. Feminism makes women pissed off at us men. Period. Full stop.As a het guy who chooses to deal with women as more than platonic friends, I don’t dig being hated on. It sucks, and it feels deflating to my cock.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I can have sex even with a woman who completely hates me and is making that clear as we are engaging in the sex act, but it wasn’t always that way. Angry, bitchy, emasculating women make men impotent. Either physically, psychologically, or spiritually.

I figure even non-feminist women are bitchy enough sometimes. Add feminism into the stew and now they are way bitchier even than they are normally. Fuck that. I hate bitchy women. Nothing worse.

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of wimpy, leftwing, pro-feminist men love bitchy women. They sit back and cheer them on.

And these bitchy feminists are attracted to wimpy pro-feminist guys, but the truth is that these guys’ wimpiness drives the feminists insane, because even though they are feminists who say they hate macho men and machismo, they are still women, and most women hate wimpy guys and long for a macho man to reduce them to meek, wimpering Southern belles.

That’s why feminism doesn’t work in practice.

It creates what we’ve got in Northern California. The stereotypical Northern California male: so wimpy and/or feminized that a lot of people will think the guy is gay. And it concurrently creates the Northern California female: so butch and/or masculinized that a lot of people will think she’s a dyke.

These two things attract each other. That’s why you will find a fair number of these wimpy-type guys messing around with guys, and you will find quite a few of these dykey women either messing with women or just going full gay either part of full-time.

Macho guys create feminine female counterparts and vice versa. Wimpy guys create bitches at best and vice versa and create macho dykey women at worst and vice versa. At both extremes, normally het people will start moving into homosexuality and bisexuality.

This is another thing I have against feminism: it’s full of lesbians. Now, I have nothing against lesbians and gay men being members of gay rights organizations. But why should feminism, objectively merely pro-women’s rights, be full of a dykes? Reason is that feminism creates lesbians, and for some weird reason, lesbians love feminism.

Have you ever noticed that the women who scream most about rape are lesbians, probably really butch, dykey, homely and living in some gay community, IOW, just about the least likely women to get raped!

The women most likely to get raped are het women, women who are fully involved with men and men’s lives, and who have men in their lives. Straight men, not gay men. Often they are raped by their boyfriends, husbands, dates or just guys they know.

I go to a feminist site and typically it’s swarming with lesbians. My first reaction is why? I went to a feminist site, not a gay rights site. Second reaction is turnoff. I’m here to see what straight women think, not lesbians.

Final thought is even more disturbing. A lot of radical feminists and feminist separatists openly hate men. They’re into misandry. Yep, the very women screaming most about misogyny are often misandrists themselves. It’s it’s bad for the goose, it’s bad for the gander.

As feminism has cultivated misandry (something many feminists now admit), it’s turned lots of feminists into a bunch of lesbians. A family friend was one of the founding members of NOW, and I was a member myself for years. She eventually quit going to the meetings because the feminist women wouldn’t stop hitting on her and propositioning her. Even back then, the movement was swarming with lesbians.

I’m perfectly willing to help raise the kids, clean the house and cook the food, but I am sorry that I cannot sew. I’d be glad to learn if it was easy. I’m not sure I even mind if women cheat. I never used to mind and often had open relationships.

I was raised in the androgynous 1970’s. In part I was never comfortable with the macho man thing, so I rejected it because it just wasn’t me, and though I was always into masculinity deep down inside, I was also influenced by feminism wanting to make us into “New Men” – sensitive, vulnerable, all that.

I turned into a straight Mick Jagger – Steve Tyler – New York Dolls androgynous surfer – rocker – punk rocker – doper – dope dealer – compulsive womanizer.

What did I get for this? Guys tried to beat me up for “being a fag”. I even got beat over the fucking head with a baseball bat once. Nicer people were continuously suggesting that I was gay or bi, much to my consternation. Usually it was guys saying I was gay. Females, being more intelligent, usually thought I was bi, because gay men have no interest in women.

I was attacked by my very own girlfriends, heads full of feminism, for being gay, bi, wimpy or just not much a man. Screw this. What did I get out of going along with this feminist “New Man” shit? Not a damn thing. Hell with it. I’m gonna be a macho pig, and the feminists can fuck off if they don’t like it.


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Do We Live In a Patriarchy?

Repost from the old site.

In the comments section, two of my favorite bloggers, k&y of to the ambient void suggest that we live in a patriarchy today. I think that these two guys are both gay, but that’s fine with me, in fact, I think it’s great! I decided to call Sexmaniacman over to ask him what he thought of the notion that we live in a patriarchy today. Here’s what he wrote:

It’s easy for gay men to side with women in the War Between the Sexes because they’re not trying to fuck women, so they don’t have to put up with women’s bullshit that is inevitable in those of us who do.They’re trying to fuck guys in a gay culture that seems a Hell of a lot more sex-friendly and sex-positive than this chilly het culture with these censorious female and mostly feminist Comstocks wanting to beat us with rods every time we get a hardon.

Like to look at porn? You’re a woman-hater. Can’t get laid, poor guy? Haha, say the feminists, you loser. Now, me, a masculinist, I side with the guy. The guy’s not getting laid because of women. Women don’t put out that much, and they’re collectively refusing to fuck this guy, and then ridiculing him for it.

Like to girl-watch? You’re a woman-hater. Like to look a pictures of pretty girls in magazines or on TV or like to watch beauty pageants or have girlie pictures on your walls? You hate women. Excuse me, feminist ladies, but that is one chilly anti-sexual turd you’re laying on our sex parade. This society of yours, where 90% of the time guys get hardons, it’s due to “sexual objectification of women”, sucks.

I don’t know if we have a patriarchy or not. I go to the feminist sites and read about really horrible, obnoxious, and, yes, misogynistic behavior, and I feel tremendous empathy for these feminists in their frustration, depression and rage. Really I do. Now, these feminists probably hate me for being a dog, but I want to tell them that I feel your pain, ladies.

Thing is, if we have a patriarchy, I, being a male, am supposed to be on top and winning the race. Instead I feel like I’m getting fucked, and have been getting fucked for much of my life.

I don’t feel like I’m winning, or like I’m a member of some male ruling class, or anything like that. A lot of my non-rich male friends feel that way. They feel like an oppressed class, not some member of some ruling class called a patriarchy. I can’t think of one benefit I ever got in my whole damned life due to having a dick.

So a lot of us are pissed at feminists. Feminists are sitting on the sidelines, screaming that we’re a ruling class that’s oppressing them, and we don’t feel like we’re oppressing anyone. As for being a ruling class, a lot of us can hardly pay the rent, much less take out one of these expensive things called females.

In the same way a lot of White guys are mad at White Privilege Theory and the notion that we live in a White Supremacist society. What did I ever get from being White. How was I ever privileged in life? I can barely even pay my rent and bills. I’m privileged how now? I’m oppressing who now? It’s the same thing – they say we are in a White ruling class but a lot of us feel like an oppressed underclass.

It also kind of pisses off us het guys that so many women are still gold-diggers, I mean whores, I mean, well, what do I mean? They want money, our money. Much of it, most of it, all of it, whatever. They go for the guy with the most money. If we don’t have lots of money, we don’t get laid. Worse, we are not even men.

The number of women who have abandoned this collective gendered money-grubbing thievery of us men is small, although some middle-aged women start to leave it behind, because they lose their looks and are not much wanted anymore, so they can’t sell their fucking pussies anymore. If you’re a woman going for the rich guys, you’re a whore. You’re selling your pussy for money, real simple. If you’re not a whore, what are you?

What does feminism say about this ubiquitous behavior? Nothing, nothing, nothing. The silence is deafening. You see the charts about how women make less money than we do. Are they including the zillions of dollars women steal from men by selling their pussies to us?

Nowadays a lot of women make as much money as we do, or more. My girlfriends always seemed to make more money than I do, and that, by the way, pretty much ruins any het relationship nowadays. Even though these bitches made more money than I did, I still had to pay for every single fucking thing when we went out anywhere.

All her money’s for her, and all my money’s for her. Nice arrangement. Nice rip-off arrangement. Rip-off of me that is.

What does feminism say about this grasping whoredom? Nothing at all! Well, I’m a guy and it pisses me off. My friends and I regularly refer to women as “whores”, because from our vantage, that’s what they are.

We’ve discussed this with some women. Those who responded civilly suggested that when you get married, the woman’s not whoring anymore, but then the conniving bitch gets 1/2 my money for the rest of my life.

Does this sound like patriarchy to you? Sounds like women on top and us lowly males as some kind of Underclass.

I’m tired of a lot of feminists, though I do support a lot of, or most of, their goals.

What I’m tired of is this anti-sex shit. They seem like they don’t want me to get laid. And they don’t want my friends to get laid. They don’t even want me or my friends to look at women in public. God forbid we look at pornography. I’m not allowed to look at any sexual depictions of women whatsoever. That’s reducing women to sex objects.

Well, fuck.

If I’m horny, women are sex objects to me. Sorry.

I’m not gay. I’m interested in fucking women. Have been my whole life.

My surfer friends on the beach used to fuck everything female that moved. They’d rent a house on the beach, have permanent kegs of beer, sell dope, and screw 100 women a summer, three a day. These guys were my idols, but I could never quite do it like they did, no matter how hard I tried. It seemed like they were trying to set new world records. I understand that feminists hate this behavior and regard it as misogyny.

Well fuck me.

I guess I’m a boys will be boys, girls will be girls type. I notice 3rd world women take the attitude that all men are dogs and nothing can be done about this, so don’t worry about it. That seems a lot more helpful.

I’m basically a dog anyway when it comes to women. I’ve always been one. I may not even be capable of monogamy. At various times in my life, I’ve been a compulsive womanizer. I understand feminists hate compulsive womanizers and say we’re misogynist.

Well, fuck you, feminists.

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Sexmaniacman is a Rapist

Repost from the old site.

I thought this definition of a the crime of sexual violence was interesting:

Regarding the “incapable of giving consent” hypothetical you posited, my response is, violence and/or a crime occurs when anyone’s body is touched beyond incidental contact or for more than a brief instant unless the person being touched affirmatively gives permission for such contact.It is not the “responsibility” of the person being touched to give permission. It is the responsibility of the person doing the touching to ensure that the other person has voluntarily given permission. If the other person is “incapable” of giving permission, for whatever reason, that means no permission has been given, and a crime has been committed.

Along the same lines, the feminazis says every time you have sex with a drunk woman, you are raping her. I decided to ask Sexmaniacman his opinion on this definition of rape.


According to that definition, I’ve been raping women and girls all my life! I’ve always touched women, I’ve reached around and jumped them and started kissing them, I’ve grabbed them, thrown them up against walls in public and kissed them, I’ve done all these things. I always grabbed women or touched them, and I never asked permission first.In general, most of the time, permission was granted, though sometimes, when I tried to go beyond kissing, she stopped me.

I picked up a hot 20 yr old woman at a Hollywood nightclub, the Anticlub, two minutes after walking in the door, then had sex with her in my car while driving around Hollywood at 1 AM (to the extent you can have sex with someone while driving a vehicle) then after the show, she tried to weasel out of coming home with me.

I pointed to her, pointed to the car, and said, “You are going home with me. Now get in the car.” It was an order, but she was free to refuse, and I was laughing. I sneered at her like Johnny Rotten. She smiled, sneered back, and said, “Says who?” I said, “Says me.” Women love guys who give them orders and they love to follow orders. So she got in the car. Quite willingly.

I drove her home and we had sex on the 5 Freeway in Downtown LA at 3 AM while going 55 miles an hour, to the extent one can do such a thing. Good thing I didn’t crash the car. I deny that this was either kidnapping or rape, but it was pretty fun.

Another time I had sex with a drunk 14 yr old (I was 16) on the rooftop of an apartment building at 2 AM, and later she went around telling everyone I raped her. I didn’t rape her; she was drunk. I deny that this was rape.

Another time I went to a punk rock show with this beautiful 20 year old named Linda and we both came back, drunk, to my house. I got her on my couch, pulled up her top and started feeling her breasts. “Pleease let me go home,” she whined unconvincingly in her best little girl voice.

“No!” I said. “You’re staying right here!” I was pissed that I went to all this damn trouble and she was trying to weasel out of the dicking, like they always do.

Plus, earlier in the evening, both of us drunk, she had put me in a shopping cart and raced me up and down some 2 AM streets. She kept “dropping her lighter” on my groin in the cart, and then “having to fish around to find it”. Now she was trying to get out of the boning. Well fuck that. The Hell you are, woman.

She was free to leave at any time, as the cops say. “Now get over on that bed right now!” I said, half-smiling and not really threatening. I’m not sure what happened later. Finally I just said, “Fine, you don’t want to have sex, I’ll just sleep on the couch. You take the bed. See you in the morning.”

Then I lay back on the couch and closed my eyes. Next thing I remember, she was saying, “Come on over to the bed.” And so it went. I deny that this was false imprisonment or rape, but it was pretty fun, except when she started to puke in bed while we were having sex, grabbed her mouth, and ran to the bathroom and puked for a while.

Basically, with women, you have to read their minds. At some point, via telepathy, you figure you can make your move. At that point you just grab her and start kissing her. You can do it really aggressively or you can do it real soft and nice. Most of the time, it goes just fine. Having to ask permission for everything you do sexually is insane. If we had to do that, no one would ever get laid.

I’ve been having sex with drunken women most of my life, and I hope to continue doing so. A lot of women are way less inhibited when they’re drunk.

I’m embarrassed to admit that there have been quite a few times when I grabbed at women and they did not want to do go along, so they pushed me off or said no in some way or another, along the lines of, “Hey! Knock it off, asshole! Get your hands off me!” Most of the time, I did just knock it off right then, though sometimes I kept trying my luck, and she kept knocking my hands away, raising her voice.

I deny that this is rape or attempted rape or any crime at all. It’s actually something called “dating”, and I never got any sex any of those times anyway. Once they brush you off once, you might as well give up, because you aren’t getting any.

I don’t believe I’ve ever raped a woman according to the legal definition of the word. If she’s not interested, no problem. She has ownership of her body and the right to decide not to do this or that with me. As far as the feminist version of rape law above, well, they can just fuck off.

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No Wonder White Men Are Pissed

Repost from the old site.

Cool post from the comments from an American mulatto woman, telling it straight up like it really is about masculinity, femininity and race:

I enjoyed reading your post. I am mixed-race, Black and white. I have been with both types of men. I feel that White males used to be much more masculine and the media portrayed them as masculine on TV, but now Black men are portrayed on TV as the heroes. On the other hand Asian men are under represented by the media. 

Black men are too masculine for me, and I am really not attracted to them.

I wish White guys were the way they use to be – in charge and take control. As a female I feel that a lot of this has to do with the feminist movement. No other men in the world give their women as much freedom as the White male, and in the end they tend to lose their woman to other men because they have let go and have given her too much power.

In turn, the White female now has the power and is in charge in most White relationships.

As a female I have observed the huge difference in how a White female treats a Black male as compared to a White male. It is like night and day.

She is much softer and feminine with the Black male and takes care of him and his needs. With White males, all you hear is there was lots of sex before marriage, then after that she cut off the sex, then has a kid to keep him in control. This strategy does not work with a Black male because he may or may not even marry the White female and may or may not assume responsibility for the child.

This makes the Black male appear as a challenge to a White female or any woman for that matter. Also White men are handsome and may have facial features that are handsome, but no male has the body of a Black male when they are in shape. Muscles make a man appear masculine. I don’t date black men mainly due to the fact that I find them to be very promiscuous.

With Asian men the problem is their height. I prefer a man at least 5’10 at least. I find when the Asian man is mixed with white they are usually taller and better looking.

As far as Black females I feel that European males appreciate them more than White American men.

We showed this post to Sexmaniacman, a decayed roué, of doubtful origin and uncertain means of subsistence straight out of the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.

That does it, Sexmaniacman said. I knew there was a reason I never married! Lots of sex before marriage, then tie the knot and no more sex. Then the kid-anchor, or ball and chain. The anchor plus the no sex. Plus the bitching, carping, emasculating shrew-thing you’re forced to co-habit with.

I think at that point I might be feeling homicidal, he averred. Towards my wife, Sexmaniacman said. Yes, you read that correctly. Living alone sounds like a tropical island by comparison, and plus Sexmaniacman still doesn’t have any murder convictions yet.

Well, of course. The masculinity thing. Like the Kabbalist conception of God – that which can not only never be discussed, but can never be conceptualized either. Can you discuss masculinity with other males? You jest. With a group of males? The conversation will be shut down in no short order. With females? Oh, but they don’t understand.

Boo hoo. They whine sorrowfully, full of pity. Why are we fragile males so concerned about such a meaningless subject? Why are you guys so worried about that anyway? What’s the big deal? Why can’t you relax about it? After all, women don’t have complexes about their femininity, or whether or not they are a woman. They get furious when we won’t cry. And why should we? Men don’t cry, you know.

Read the story above, lady. That’s why it matters. Feminist Woman created Wormboy, and she’s been stomping her foot in frustration and screwing sociopathic Black men ever since. They demand that we cry like woosies, Sexmaniacman pointed out, then they get furious when we do because even they know crying’s not manly.

Unlike Sexmaniacman’s mother’s generation, they delight in attacking our masculinity when they get mad. Sexmaniacman’s Mom shook her head when he told her that. “Oh Sexdude, hun,” she said solemnly, putting her hand on his shoulder. “We would never do that. That’s one thing we would never do.”

Like guys in prison with Mom on their shoulder, Sexmaniacman cherishes his mother. If anyone suggests that he’s too close to her, he’ll just threaten to slit their throat, just like that.

It’s not just guys like Sexmaniacman who get it. All men do. The most macho guys Sexmaniacman ever knew have been taunted with this shit, and they are the most furious and homicidal of all about it.

One day Killerdude and Sexmaniacman were drinking and getting high.

Killerdude was feeling angry and homicidal, but that was ok, because men are supposed to feel that way sometimes. “Sexman. Bro. I want to kill her,” he confided. “I want to kill that fucking bitch.”

Sexmaniacman’s ears perked up. “Oh? Who?” It wasn’t every day they talked homicide.

Killerdude looked at the ground. He’d been shooting coke and doing lots of PCP lately. Just the other day, he was lying on the ground at Sexmaniacman’s place, pissing his pants, orbiting the solar system on angel dust, while Sexmaniacman and his friends were drinking and laughing at the spectacle.

“My old lady. I want to kill my old lady. I swear. I swear. If I could get away with it. I swear. If I could get away with it, I’d do it. Just like that. I’ve thought about it many times. I’ve got it all planned out. The crime, the weapons, the getaway, the whole thing. I just need you to swear you won’t tell.”

Sexmaniacman didn’t have any tea to stir, but he wanted to. He took a swig of beer instead. “Maybe. Maybe I could. Why? What did she do to you?”

Sexmaniacman knew Killerdude could do it, and he knew the bitch deserved it.

Killerdude was quiet. His mood was bleak and scary. “She took my kid. She won’t let me see my kid. And she attacks me. She attacks me as a man. She attacks my manhood. I can’t tolerate that.”

Sexmaniacman understood completely. In Man World, such a crime could and often did carry the death penalty. You attacked a real man’s manhood at your own risk, knowing that he may try to kill you anytime you did it.

“Yeah. I’ve seen that. She calls you Pipsqueak. You. Of all people. The most macho guy that ever lived. A lot of other dudes, I can see it. But you? No way.”

Killerdude is livening up. “Yeah!” He’s smiling and frowning, and he’s nervous and agitated, and it looks like he’s going to cry, all at once. “You’ve heard that? You’ve heard that? You heard that shit?”

Sexmaniacman was quiet. “Yeah.” He shook his head with mournful outrage. “I’ve seen it. Unbelievable. She practically deserves to be killed just for that right there.”

Killerdude is out of his chair, jumping up and down, spilling his beer. “Cheers!” They clash bottles.

Attacking their manhood, the ultimate weapon of modern woman. The weapon that violates all rules of the World of Men. For in Man World, there are all sorts of highly intricate rules, and there is even a Geneva Convention. If you attack a man’s masculinity, that’s a war crime, and he has a right to punch you, and no one can stop him. He doesn’t have a right to kill you, but many times he’ll do it anyway.

Well, women get to violate all the rules of Man World and violate all the conventions too. All war crimes are on the table. The bitches can do anything, and we can’t even raise a pipsqueak in defense, Sexmaniacman noted angrily, or they call the cops and lie and say we beat them.

Sexmaniacman actually opposed misogyny, believe it or not. Misogynistic porn and misogynistic websites make him frown. The web sites tell how to treat your woman just shitty enough in some certain ways to make her really love you. Yuck.

A friend told Sexmaniacman, “You can’t be a nice guy to women, Sexguy. You’ve got to be an asshole. You’ve got to be an asshole to women. That’s what they want. They want to be treated like shit by a macho jerk so they can sit around with their girlfriends and complain about how their boyfriend treats them like shit.”

Sexmaniacman has a feeling he’s right, but it bothers him, and he thinks he still can’t do it.

I really don’t care if girlfriends hate me, Sexmaniacman said. They can hate me all they want to, as long as they still keep coming around. They can call me names, insult me, call me lazy, rage at me, threaten to kill me or cut my dick off. It’s not exactly optimal, but it’s pretty much unavoidable. Hopefully, I’ll just laugh in her face, Sexmaniacman thought.

Just hate me as a man, that’s all I ask.

Don’t hate me as a not-man, Sexmaniacman said. That I won’t tolerate. No wonder that’s their favorite weapon, their secret weapon.

Don’t date other guys, or screw other guys, and wave them in my face, just to taunt us, Sexmaniacman said, waving his beer bottle in the air and taking a swig.


Women do this to us nowadays. They don’t just screw other guys while they are with us. That might be tolerable if they were civilized enough to keep it a secret, but of course they’re not.

No, they do it right in front of our faces. They parade the new guy, or the other guy, or whoever the Hell the jerk is, around right in front of our faces, just daring us to do something about it. Hard to believe? Just try.

Feminist Woman created Wormboy, and she’s been stomping her foot in frustration and having masochistic sex with 80 IQ thugs and ex-cons, ever since.


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