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Are Blacks Actually Progressive or Are They Just Faking it?

I’ve come to realize that most non-whites really are not that progressive.

Oh sure, they’re “progressive” on racial issues that directly affect them. But in general, they’re not.

I think Ta-Nehisi Coates (who’s progressive enough for you) put it best, when referring to many socially conservative blacks who vote Democrat: “He doesn’t vote Democrat out of any love for progressive taxation or abortion, but because he thinks, in fact he knows, that the Republicans derive support from people who hate him.”

In other words, blacks and other non-whites are mainly Democrats for purely racial reasons, not out of any noble class consciousness.

Blacks know that a lot of Republicans are just a bunch of White racist assholes. Also, Blacks are usually not on this low tax fad diet. Blacks often support raising taxes. Blacks support government programs. They like Big Government. They have no fetish for limited or small government or any of that crap. Blacks also don’t have a lot of money in the US and they are mostly just working class people.

As the White nationalists say, Blacks are naturally socialist. A bit of an exaggeration, but it’s true. And Blacks are for income transfer. White politics opposes what they see as transfer of White money via taxation to worthless, criminal, lazy Blacks. Blacks, sensibly enough, support this transfer and wealth redistribution in general since it is in their interest. For all these reasons, it’s logical of them to vote Democrat.

I bet you will find a Hell of a lot more support for progressive taxation among Blacks too than among Whites. Blacks don’t have this insane love of their rich class enemies or their corporate class enemies as Whites do. Not are Blacks as patriotardic as Whites. Blacks are pretty dubious about American jingoism.

Where there are problems is with socially conservative religious Blacks, but even there, they just vote for us anyway. And yes, Blacks support abortion much more than Whites. Ever seen a Black face in the anti-abortion movement? All a bunch of idiot Whites, mostly White men.


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Arabs or Hispanics, Which Do You Pick?

I pick Hispanics any day.

FG writes:

Many are concerned about the demographic and cultural Hispanicization of the US. It’s a big change that surely carries major costs and benefits. Who knows what the future holds? But I have to say that the future of the US seems brighter than that of Europe. Most Latinos do not fit the traditional American definition of white, but they are a (quasi-)Western people. From my perspective, that’s preferable to being demographically swamped by Muslims with their affinity for Shariah Law, as is happening with France, Holland, and other Western European states.

I don’t lose a lot of sleep over Hispanicization, but keep in mind that I’m a native Californian who grew up with Mexicans, took Spanish lessons at age 6, was raised on Mexican food, had Mexican girlfriends in high school and spent many vacations down in Old Mexico.

If you spend a lot of time around these 2nd generation and up Hispanics, you realize that they are so much like us Whites. For instance, just about every White teen cult has been replicated by Hispanics. There are Mexican bikers, hippies, punks, heavy metalers, skaters, emos, Goths, you name it, they have replicated it. On the other hand, Blacks have not replicated our cults like this. You don’t see a lot of Black bikers, hippies, punks, heavy metalers, skaters, emos, Goths, etc. It’s like Black people have this totally different culture that’s not like White culture at all.

The only reason that I an think of why these Hispanics are replicating our movements is because they are like us culturally and possibly genetically. Blacks may not be so much like us culturally, and they are not like us genetically.

Last nite I spent some time at the local market discussing honor killings with the local Yemeni (born in the US by the way). He defended them, and said that if a married woman cheated on her husband, she had to be put to death! He then said that Islam mandated this. It’s not true, and I argued with him about this, but he didn’t buy it. He also said that if an unmarried woman had sex, 10% of the time, her father would kill her, and this was proper.

He and his brother also told me that there was no such thing as Al Qaeda, no such thing as terrorism, and Jews did 9-11, not Arabs. I like these guys a lot (Arabs are great people), but it was quite a discouraging conversation.

Europe is experiencing this mindset in spades. I don’t envy them.


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Up with Class, Down with Race

Dave Coe writes:

I can understand your sentiments, but why would any sane White person want to be a minority even if a lot of Whites are morons, no sane group would want to be a minority. The elites want mass third world immigration and a more multi-racial America to divide and conquer the masses.

Fuck it dude, I’m already a minority. It’s not as bad as you think, and a lot of these “non-Whites” around here are actually White people as far as I can tell.

US Whites as a group are the class enemy. I operate from a class consciousness. Anyone who supports my class is a friend, and anyone who opposes my class is my enemy. So Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are my friends, and Whites are my enemies. The way I see it is that White people are trying to kill me and mine, ruin our lives and destroy our ability to survive. Non-Whites aren’t doing that at all. All they do is steal a few things now and again. I can deal with that.

The only way that my class will ever see any benefits against the White class that wages war on us is if the White population drops. As it drops, America will become a more progressive place and the prospects of my class will improve. BTW, any Whites who want to join us and have a class consciousness are welcome.

I really don’t give tow shits about race. It’s not that important. Class is everything, and every race that shares my class perspective is my brother.


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What You Dipshits Just Voted For

When Reagan was in office in 1981-1988, the Heritage Foundation* said, and I quote, “We want to bring America back to the Pre New Deal era so we can compete with the 3rd world.” The notion is that all of the New Deal programs make the US economy uncompetitive with the 3rd World countries who don’t have them. So if you like New Deal programs, you’re a total asshole for voting Republican! Exactly what do you think you’re doing? If you hate the New Deal and want to get rid of it, then you’re certainly doing the proper thing by voting Republican.

The Heritage Foundation then said, “We will never have the votes to do away with the Department of Education, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The way to do away with those programs is to bankrupt the system.” This is what Republican Administrations have been doing all this time they are in office – deliberately running up insane deficits for no good reason with wild tax cutting followed by huge increases in the military and intelligence budgets. Lately, they threw in some actual hot wars for good measure. Military Keynesianism?

Every Republican asshole you meet, every Republican asshole politician and the entire news media is utterly silent about budget deficits and the national debt while the Republicans are deliberately running them sky high for no good reason.

Then as soon as a Democrat has the Presidency, they scream, yell and carry on about the debt and the deficit and demand cuts! The Democrat meekly cuts everything in sight that he possibly can, in Clinton’s case, even balancing the budget and producing a surplus. They get no credit for this, and Republican assholes still scream, “Tax and spend! Tax and spend! Tax and spend! Tax and spend!” Then a Republican comes in and deliberately bankrupts the state again for no good reason and every Republican asshole you know suddenly doesn’t care anything about deficits or the debt.

Isn’t that despicable?

So you see the agenda here is to deliberately bankrupt the state in order to roll back the New Deal. In recent years, Republicans have been getting bolder. Newt Gingrich was explicit that getting rid of the New Deal was on his agenda. A slew of Tea Party candidates have also been quite explicit about rolling back 80 years of progress. Of course the corporate media is ecstatic because they’ve always hated the New Deal.

Under Bush, devious plans were unrolled called Social Security privatization and Medical Savings Accounts. These are sneaky roundabout ways of getting rid of both Medicare and Social Security. It’s no secret that Medicare, Social Security and the Department of Education have been on the Republican hit list for a long time now, probably ever since they were created. If you know of any Republican officeholders who don’t want to get rid of these programs, can you point them out to me?

At the same time, as we might expect, the Republicans are totally devious about their agenda. They lie and insist they want to “save” these programs and not kill them. They make up phony lies about fake budget shortfalls that show these programs going bankrupt soon. So we had to destroy the village to save it, and we had to destroy these programs in order to save them.

Why the Department of Education is on the chopping block is beyond me, but for some weird reason, it’s #1 on the Republican hate list. One would think that an advanced First World country would have a Department of Education in their national cabinet, no? Sure, some 3rd world shitholes might not have one, but what kind of model society is that?

*The Heritage Foundation is the favorite institution of Uncle Milton and AJ in the comments section, since they are always quoting their dubious Index of Economic Freedom. I don’t know about their weenie little Index of Economic Freedom, but I checked out another weenie index by the Heritage twits’ buddies, Freedom House. Freedom House has an Index of Freedom. The least free countries are mysteriously all leftwing. Rightwing countries are never below the middle of the list, no matter if they are slaughtering 10’s of 1,000’s of their people, hey, it’s all good, bro.

Now that we see in the quotes above what assholes the Heritage Foundation are, why would I read any Index of Anything these turds come up with? Gimme a reason?


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The Only Numbers That Matter

290 in the House.

67 in the Senate.

The Republicans need those votes to override Barack’s vetoes of any bills that they may pass. They will never get them. But they probably won’t pass any bills anyway, since they only have the House.

Wear out that veto pen, Barack!

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The Election Was Not So Bad

The media is totally biased in favor of Republicans, especially the execrable AP, which has been driving this election. Compared to 1994, this is not so bad.

Executive Branch: Same as 1994, we have it. And Obama is more progressive than Bill Clinton.

US Senate: Apparently will be 53-47 Democrats. That’s a full 5-point advantage over the Republicans 52-48 Senate in 1994. The Senate races were not as bad as I thought. The two huge disappointments were in Illinois and Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, super-progressive Russ Finegold lost to an insane person, gazillionaire Republican asshole Ron Johnson. Wisconsin has always been a progressive state, but now they’ve gone insane. On the other hand, they are all White, so maybe it makes sense. Maybe White people are going nuts. It’s also possible that Finegold is just too liberal.

In Illinois, Obama’s old seat went to a Republican who is not too extreme. Russ Kirk is just a typical Republican asshole, as my father used to say, but at least he’s not insane. Alexi Giannoulias lost in a close race.

In Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, an escaped mental patient, won a tight race against Joe Sestak. The seat had long been held by liberal Republican Arlen Specter. This is disappointing in that a liberal Republican seat has gone to a Team Crazy seat.

In North Dakota, Democrat Bryan Dorgan retired, leaving an open seat picked up by a typical Republican, John Hoeven, who is not as rightwing as you think. This is not surprising, as North Dakota is a deeply reactionary state.

In Indiana, Democrat Bayh retired, and Dan Coats was brought back in by Republicans to fill his place. Coats is an asshole like the rest of them, but at least he’s mentally stable. Indiana has always been a rightwing state, so no surprises here.

In Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln lost to John Boozman. Obama lost by 20 points in White racist and deeply reactionary Arkansas in 2008, so it figures we lost this seat. Lincoln spent the last two years trying to be a Republican. That never works, and given the chance to pick between a real Republican and a fake one, voters tend to choose the real one. As we can see, conservative Democrats and more liberal Republicans tend to be losing, so we are getting hardline liberals in the Democratic Party and hardline conservatives in the Republican Party.

US House: True, Republicans took it by a huge number, more than in 1994 and the most since 1946. However, the Democrats still control 2/3 of the government. The Republicans control 1/3 of the state. Big deal. Since 1994, the House has periodically been in Republican control for the first time since 1954.

The reason for that is that Whites went progressive in 1954 with the expanding economy of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. That started fading somewhat in the 1980’s as America became more multicultural. By the 1990’s, US Whites were in full revolt.

This whole Republican Revolution thing is about mostly older racist Whites trying to take our country back from the niggers, beaners and other muds* who are destroying it. It’s White angst on steroids. In multicultural societies, Whites go rightwing – often hard, fascist, Nazi, death squad, mass murderous rightwing. They will only share and create a decent society where they don’t have to share with muds. The CRT explanation for this would be that White people are racist assholes who only create decent societies in Valhallas where the demographics are like Idaho or Iceland. I hate to agree with CRT weenies, but they are right on this one.

*All racist words used sardonically.

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Bye Bye Pro-White, White Advocate Movement

The entire White nationalist blogosphere is cheering themselves to a multihour orgasm now that their White oligarchs, plutocrats and corporate slavemasters have won a smashing victory over the White working class.

If there was ever a reason to tell the White advocate and pro-White movement to fuck off, this is it.

I am no longer a White advocate or pro-White, because 99% of people like that are far rightwing racist shits. Sure, I like being White, but so what? White politics is shit, and White ethnic politics is one of the most revolting spectacles in all of Creation.

You’re down with pro-White and White advocacy? Fine, you can have it. Goosestep on over to the Cause, my fellow White serf, and don’t forget to salute your feudal Lords in the Republican Party.


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