Blacks Support the Tea Party?

No way is this true. Forget it. I think it may have had to do with the wording. Sure, 1/3 of likely Black voters would possibly vote for a Tea Party-backed candidate. However, in the reality-based community (real world) Blacks vote about 90% Democratic, thank God. In the last election, they voted 94% Democratic. Juan McCain got only 4% of the vote.

How many Whites would possibly vote for a Tea Party candidate? Probably over 50%, no doubt.

But how many agree with the principles of the Tea Party Movement? 20% of Americans. How many call themselves Tea Party supporters? 14% of Americans.

Yet 1/3 of Blacks are Tea Party supporters. Yeah right.

The poll was done by Pajamas Media. Pajamas Media is a hard rightwing aggregation of blogs following basically the line of the US Republican Party. An entire channel of Pajamas Media TV is set aside for the Tea Party Channel. They’re the ones who conducted this poll. LOL.

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One response to “Blacks Support the Tea Party?

  1. Bay Area Guy

    Yeah, black conservative bloggers and white teocons are probably overjoyed, but I too am calling bullshit here.

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