“Preposterous Words Game,” by Abiezer Coppe

Here  is a selection of words one is unlikely to use, even in writing. But having learned them, one can try! If there is a game to be played with rare and unusual words, a good one would to write the opening of a short story utilizing some or all of the words below, in their correct context. It can be as ridiculous or as improbable as one likes. Let your creative imagination fly!

Nimptosical: drunk.

Galeanthropy is the delusion that one has become a cat.

A gynotikolobomassophile is one who likes to nibble women’s earlobes.

Contrectation is fondling before lovemaking, or the act of caressing a woman, especially furtively and against her will.

Fartleberries refers to excrement clinging to the hairs around the anus.

Parthenology is the medical study of virgins and virginity.

Dwergmal is dwarf language, language used by dwarves.

Dasypygal means “possessing hairy buttocks”.

An espringal would be very useful were you laying siege to a walled city in the Middle Ages: it is a medieval stone throwing contraption.

Nothosonomia is the act of calling someone a bastard.

Omphaloskepsis is meditation while gazing at one’s navel.

Have fun!


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4 responses to ““Preposterous Words Game,” by Abiezer Coppe

  1. Muliebrity- the state of being a woman.

    Yeuk- an itchy sensation.

  2. Abiezer Coppe

    Also, for muliebrity “the assumption of female characteristics by a male” or “femininity”, not the same thing as womanhood. Thus, a receptive male homosexual might well be in a state of muliebrity. Bi males too; David Bowie played on his incipient muliebrity for years in the early ’70s…

    Great word, by the way!

    In Spanish the woman word is mujer, a corruption of the late medieval Latin mulier, from which of course which we get the modern simile mule, as stubborn as a, the synonym describing female wilfulness!

    I checked out your blog too…very entertaining!

  3. Abiezer Coppe

    Not synonym…oh well…I was gtting carried away there….

  4. randy

    steatopygous — possessing large buttocks…as in the case of certain black females.

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