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Do White Males Own America?

Among Blacks, the PC liberal-Left Whites, and crazy feminists of all hues, it’s a common notion that White males run the country. However, a recent study has called that notion into question.

Apparently, White males do not own the country at all. In fact, they don’t own shit.

It’s their ex-wives, now married to Black men, who own the country.


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Eating Pussies Can Be Bad for You

If there are too many of them, if they are starving, and if you are already dead that is.

This article really ticked me off. Where do they get off simply removing those feline offenders from the home? Why no charges? I would think mutilating a corpse would be the minimum. Justice system falling down on the job again.

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Jan Brewer Motivational Poster

Jan Brewer, lady, shows the Big Boys how it's done. Up with female empowerment. Ladies, send those wetbacks packing!

Dig the WW2 Rosie the Riveter style imagery.

In my shitty, I mean city, only about 2 miles away from where I live, on June 28 at 8 PM, a Norteno gangbanger shot and killed an Hispanic “farm worker” (= illegal alien) for wearing the wrong colors. I bet the Norteno was a Tea Party death squad member who shot that border-hopping invader for not wearing red, white and blue. If Whites won’t do it, the gangsters will! One illegal at a time, we’re sending them home, in a box if necessary! Si se puede!

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Hey White People!

Hey White People! Mexicans want to know some shit about you!

Hey White People!

Why do you freckle in the sun? Why is your hair a color other than brown? Why do you make more money than brown people? Why do you love hot dogs so much? Why do you watch and play hockey? Why do you text and drive? Why do you pretend to like the World Cup? Why do you drink out of thermoses? Why don’t you cover you couches with plastic? Why don’t you throw big parties for your 15th birthdays?

Why do you hang out in the backyard instead of the front yard? Why do you pull boats behind your pick up trucks? Why don’t you mow your own lawns? Why do you all drink smoothies and Starbucks every day? Why do you park your cars in the garage and not on the lawn?

Why, when you go to Kaiser, do you go alone or with maybe one other person and not with the sick person, four children, two teenagers and three other adults? Why do you use salad dressings other than ranch? Why do you spay and neuter your cats and dogs?

Hey White people! Listen up! Mexicans want to know some shit about you!

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Best Comment Ever on Robert Lindsay

the animal shredder is the most crul disgusting thing i have ever seen i would be ashamed to have invented it!!!! also who ever made it is a nasty BITCH and i hate you for even thinking about thinking about even talking about thinking about it!!!!! AND WE ARE SOOOOO SERIOUS !!!!!!

From kristen long and brittany fitzgerald

Thank you Kristen and Brittany! And if you girls, I mean young ladies, are over 18, please check out the email link at the top.

The video they are referring to is the Animal Grinders video. It’s really cool! If you haven’t seen it yet, please do! I love it. Shows a bunch of dead farm animals getting totally shredded in a grinder at a rendering plant. Yeehaw! It’s really fun to watch, but not while you’re eating.

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