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Comment from a Hispanic on an Article About the Arizona Immigration Law

From the comments at the end of an article on the Arizona immigration law, from Rosio:

our kids are future of AMERCA! can’t you see WE ARE HUMAN BEENS WE ARE NOT ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS’


Let’s forget about the fucked up sentence structure. Syntax lessons come later. Spelling is first.

You love America, but you can’t even spell it.

Yeah, you’re human beens. Or is it human beans? Pintos or refried?

Rosio’s Tard Outburst was followed by a lot of snarky comments telling him to go back to Mexico and make tacos. That’s shitty, but he asked for it, no?

On a lot of these forums, the Hispanics come on there and make all sorts of dumbass misspellings. Obviously, Hispanics are stupefyingly ignorant. However, having been around Mexicans most of my life, I can say with confidence that these folks are not stupid. They are way smarter than you think. And most of them are way better looking than your average fat White person nowadays too.

Blacks do this on forums all the time too. They go on forums and “fight the White racists” by making posts full of all sorts of idiot misspellings.

Way to go, tools! Fight the evil White racists spreading lies about who stupid you are by acting like a Special Ed student.

People please. Spell checker is your friend. Comes built in with any recent Mozilla build. Mozilla checks your spelling on any forum, blog or other posts you make. It’s like your Mom looking over your shoulder correcting your mistakes so you don’t look stupid on the Internet in front of much of humanity the globe over.


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Musings on Dual Loyalty, Judaism as Zionism, and Anti-Semitism

Repost from the old site.

Always-perceptive commenter James Schipper makes some astute, terse and cut to the chase comments on my post, The “New Anti-Semitism.” In it, he moves beyond the typically vulgar anti-Semitism that much modern anti-Zionism descends into and offers a perfectly logical explanation for the dual loyalty accusation leveled at Jews.

He also brings up some very difficult questions about the differences between Judaism and Zionism and whether there is really any difference at all.


If criticism of Israel = anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism, then we should be proud to call ourselves anti-Semites.

What is really wrong with Israel? It is not such a bad country for Jews, or even for the Arabs in Israel proper. I would rather be a Jew in Israel than an Arab in any Arab country. Israel was born in sin, but so was every country in the Western hemisphere. Israel is oppressive in the occupied territories, but by historical standards, this oppression is hardly unique.

The real reason for opposing Israel is that it does not see itself as the country of its citizens but as the country of all the Jews in the world. According to Israel, Jews in other countries are living in exile, are really Israelis and should be loyal to Israel.

In other words, Israel expects the Jewish citizens of other countries to behave like Israel’s fifth-columnists, and that is exactly what Zionists outside Israel are.

No political party outside Israel should accept Zionists as members, and no government outside Israel should appoint Zionists to a senior government job. Instead, Zionist should be encouraged to put their bodies where their loyalties are: in Israel.

Suppose that Italy saw itself as the country of all Catholics in the world and expected Catholics everywhere to defend Italian interests, then it would be behaving exactly as Israel does. That would also be a good reason for non-Catholics in other countries to look at Catholics with suspicion and to regard Italy with hostility.

The late Arthur Koestler wrote in an essay that after 1948 all Jews should choose one of two options: go to Israel or abandon Judaism altogether. He is right insofar as Judaism implies Zionism.

Judaism has always posited that Jews are a people and that Israel is their promised land, which is also the position of Zionism. If Judaism implies Zionism, then Jews outside of Israel, it they want to remain Jewish, should emigrate to Israel or else detribalize and deterritorialize Judaism, which may be denaturing it.

Theological question: Why does Obama allow bad things to happen and evil people to prosper?

More seriously, why did Obama appoint a hard Zionist as his chief of staff? It is not a good sign.

I agree with several things in this post.

First of all, he attacks some of the usual broadsides leveled at Israel and dismisses them.

What I find disturbing, and many Zionists have noted this, is the particular vehemence many Israel-critics level at Israel’s oppression of Jews inside Israel, while they are silent or even supportive of even worse oppression by states against minorities outside Israel.

White nationalists think it’s awesome for Whites to treat non-Whites like shit, except when it comes to White Jews versus “muds” in Israel. Kurds in the Arab World are treated awfully bad, Berbers less so but still poorly, and the Shia are oppressed all over the Arab World. There is open oppression and violence against Christians in Egypt and Iraq.

Baha’i are treated horribly in Iran, Sunnis less so but still poorly, and the Ahwaz have some good beefs. Turks treat Kurds horribly in Turkey. Russia has massacred 20% of the population of Chechnya in what can only be termed a genocide. China’s treatment of the Uighurs and Tibetans is disgraceful. Treatment of Hindus in Pakistan is shameful, and NE Indian Asians are treated poorly by the Indian state.

Japan treats its Koreans, Burakumin and Ainu pretty badly. The Hmong are still treated like shit in Laos, and the Montagnards are not done well by Vietnam. Pygmies are openly genocided and cannibalized as a matter of custom in Zaire, and the Khoisan are nearly murdered at will in SW Africa.

There is a real genocide of Arabs against Africans in Darfur, and another one, Arabs versus Christians, has just ended in South Sudan. Africans are routinely enslaved by Arabs in the Sahel.

We could go and on, but you get the picture. What is disturbing about all of this is that most Israel-critics are either indifferent to, ignorant of or even supportive of, the maltreatment of minorities above. Zionists are correct that this is either ignorance or anti-Semitism.

All, or most all, modern nations were born in sin.

This was due to the nature of the modern nation-building exercise, which typically involved ethnic cleansing or some sort of mass killing or genocide of any existing indigenous people, sidelining, subjection, forced assimilation (cultural genocide) or outright genocide against anyone not part of the dominant nation of the nation-state, and forced destruction of all languages but the one chosen by the nation-state or that is the dominant nation.

The Modern Left in the West, which has adopted Third-Worldism, minority-hugging and European hatred with gusto, errs in singling out Europeans for particular abuse in terms of nation-building. It’s been bloody and awful everywhere and at all times.

Schipper also points out that although Israel is oppressive in the Occupied Territories, by comparative standards, they are relatively mild. Considering the outrageous provocations and attacks of the Palestinians, I am amazed Israel has gone as easy on them as it has.

Arabs do not believe in fighting wars in a civilized manner, and the Geneva Conventions are regarded by them as Western comedy. Any Arab state faced with Palestinian-type provocations by non-Arabs would have been vastly worse than Israel.

Truthfully, just about every nation fighting an insurgency has been more horrible that Israel by orders of magnitude.

Consider this: according to counterinsurgency doctrine, enshrined by the US military and state and promoted by the US media and both US political parties, any civilian who “supports” an insurgency needs to be arrested, beaten, tortured and killed. All counterinsurgencies supported by the US have routinely massacred, mutilated and tortured to death insurgency “supporters.”

This has been true in every counterinsurgency in Latin America, in Indonesia in 1965, the US counterinsurgencies in SE Asia during the Vietnam War, the counterinsurgencies in Mozambique, Algeria and Angola, Russia’s counterinsurgency in Chechnya, India’s counterinsurgencies in India proper and Kashmir, in Sri Lanka against the Tamils, in Indonesia against the Acehese and East Timorese, in the Philippines against the NPA, and in Nepal’s recent Civil War.

In these counterinsurgencies, hundreds of thousands of “supporters” of insurgencies were murdered, tortured and mutilated, while the US cheered, poured in money and looked the other way.

In contrast, almost 100% of Palestinians seem to support the Palestinian insurgency. Clearly, Israel has not been going around killing “supporters” of the insurgency. If they did, they would have killed tens of thousands of Palestinians so far.

Considering the provocations of the Palestinians, Israel has fought one of the cleanest counterinsurgencies in modern times.

Zionists are correct that these criticisms of Israel, combined with support for to indifference to much worse behaviors by non-Jews, are evidence of either ignorance or anti-Semitism.

But Schipper does hit it on the head.

The reason to oppose Israel is that it is not a state of its citizens. Israel openly says that it is the state of all Jews on Earth, not of its citizens. Hence, it is perfectly reasonable for non-Jews in every nation on Earth containing Jews to look upon their Jews as possible traitors and dual-loyalists. Dual loyalty, rather than being an “anti-Semitic canard” as many Jews shrilly screech, is actually grounded in immaculate reason.

Schipper also suggests that the wall between Judaism and Zionism may be little more than a wall of sand, and one that has been hit by so many waves that there’s almost nothing left.

Although anti-Zionist Jews offer various reasons for their non-support of Israel, the fact remains that Judaism has always said that Israel is the land of the Jews. Assuming the Messiah returns tomorrow, even Naturei Karta is willing to head to Israel and become fervent Zionists.

Hence the uncomfortable notion, typically parroted by ferocious anti-Zionists and some vulgar anti-Semites, that it is not just Zionism that is the problem, but Judaism itself, is lent some troubling weight. I don’t want to go near this thesis because to be honest, I’m a pussy when it comes to the Jewish Question.

Schipper finally suggests that the Jews of the world either renounce Judaism or practice what you preach and head to Israel. Once again, troubling stuff.

There’s nary a trace of anti-Semitism in Schipper’s comments, but the issues he raises are toxic as Hell.

Just some thought-meals.



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Schipper On Jews, Modernism and the Left

Repost from the old site.

Astute commenter James Schipper comments on the Statement on Jews and Antisemitism post:

Another intellectual flaw of anti-Semites is overgeneralization. Jews live in dozens of different countries and Judaism varies from superorthodoxy to reformism, but they see all Jews as the same. That’s only possible if Jews are seen as a race and if their race explains their behavior.I don’t think that Jews created modernity. It is the other way around: modernity created the post-ghetto Jew. Starting with revolutionary France, Jews in Europe were emancipated, that is, their separate legal status was abolished and they became ordinary citizens.

Since they still were outsiders to some extent, most of them were attracted to leftism, which, being the ideology of change, obviously would be preferred by outsiders. Conservativism is the ideology of those who are well-integrated in and happy with the status quo.

The fact that Jews are overrepresented among leftists has nothing to do with Judaism but everything with their minority status and their historical situation as often persecuted outsiders. We need sociological, not theological or biological explanations for Jewish behavior.

Biology explains only Jewish over-representation in intellectually demanding professions because there is every reason to assume that Jews have on average more innate intelligence than Gentiles.

My view is that Jews in Palestine were not smarter than the people around them, but that it was the smartest ones that in Roman times were expelled from or left Palestine in disproportionate numbers. Those that stayed behind were eventually assimilated.

Surely there is nothing in the genes of the Jew that creates “the Jew”. When you delve into anti-Semitism, pretty soon, you find that most rightwing White racialist anti-Semites believe that the evils of the Jew are located in the genes. I consider this to be nonsense, but we shall await the findings of modern genetics. I doubt if anything will turn up.

Hyperethnocentrism along with tendencies towards insularity, clannishness, xenophobia, paranoia and and even racism tend to occur across all types of Jews. I feel this is due to culture. As evidence, I note that many converts to Judaism quickly develop all of these characteristics, often in spades. That seems to seal the case for cultural Jewishness right there.

Schipper neatly sums up why the Jews have been attracted to the Left. In all this time, I have never heard anyone say it quite so succinctly. Outsiders are attracted to the Left, so Blacks and Hispanics in the US vote Democratic. Those satisfied with the status quo are conservative, hence Whites in the US are conservative.

Schipper’s analysis also probably explains the new emergence of a considerable movement in the US of conservative Jews. Antisemitism in the US has been reduced to a shadow of itself, and Jews are more successful than any other ethnic group.

When they were still getting barred from country clubs, and when signs said, “No Jews or dogs allowed,” Jews had a great reason to vote liberal, whatever their economic fortunes. Now that they’ve got life dicked here in the US, a number of them are well-integrated in and happy with the status quo and the phenomenon of the rightwing Jew has appeared.

I doubt if the Jews who left Palestine were any smarter than the ones who stayed, but I don’t have a lot of proof.

I suspect that Talmudic culture, which developed in Europe after 900 with the solidification of the Babylonian Talmud, with its emphasis on learning (Jewish men who could not learn the Talmud left the ghetto and converted to Christianity), along with the smartest Jewish men being seen as the best marriage partners for Jewish women, had a lot to do with selection for intelligence and high Ashkenazi IQ, though I realize that this ought to also predict high IQ in Mizrachi Jews, and their IQ is not notably high.


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Public Service Killings and NHI Cases

Repost from the old site.

Public service killings – a recent case in Fresno. I think the killer is a hero. The gangbanger pushed his way into the guy’s house, sat down, demanded a drink and a cigarette, and I guess refused to leave. A fight ensued and Brian Waldron, a fine, upstanding citizen, defended himself against the Bulldog gang member animal, hitting him with a stick and killing him.

Then he buried the body, which not a very smart thing to do. Furthermore, you foul God’s Earth by placing such dead nastiness in it. Chopping up the body is pretty horrid too.

Cops call some cases like this (good guy kills bad guy) “public service killings”. I agree. This guy just got caught is all. Looks like he’s going down on homicide charges, but I vote to acquit.

Cases where one gangbanger or criminal scumbag kills another are referred to by cops as “NHI” cases. NHI means “no humans involved”.



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This Is Not Schizophrenia

Repost from the old site.

This is not schizophrenia. Let’s look at some symptoms here that a fellow is reporting in a weight-lifting forum. Many of the commenters are replying that the guy has “the beginnings of schizophrenia”, “mild schizophrenia” “schizophrenia”, etc, etc ad nauseum. Let’s take a look at his symptoms:

At night, no matter what I do. Not every night it always happens during the week when I have to work the next day, I cannot fall asleep. Music, TV, RX pills, Tylenol PM, melatonin. Even taken together, mixed and matched, I cant fall asleep sometimes. And my body is tired, but my brain wont shut up. And I’m not even thinking about anything important. Sometimes, just fucking music is playing.And it will keep my up, not sleeping 2-3-4 nights in a row. By the 3rd day, I feel delirious, and I didn’t want to train the other day, cause I was afraid I’d hurt myself from how slow, and tired my body felt. I’m trying not to smoke as much pot lately, cause I’m cutting, losing weight.

It’s effecting my home life, my job, my training, my relationships. Someone asked me if it was because I was depressed. I really don’t have much to be depressed about. I have a good job, I make good money, I get laid, my own place. If I’m depressed, I don’t know why.

It’s almost like I’m “tripping” is how much sense it doesn’t make -like when you’re on acid and your mind is racing and none of it applies to anything, or means anything. Random craziness.

I hear voices (not like telling me to kill or anything) but just random babbling and the voices change like they’re inhaling helium. It doesn’t make any sense. Other times, random songs play through my head and I cant shut them off. I can only control them by putting other songs in, but that causes me to strain my brain and think hard when I’m trying to relax my mind.

My head sometimes gets heavy too, like it weighs like 50 lbs, and my equilibrium gets off balance sometimes. Like a concussion.

OK, the guy is unable to control the thoughts in his head. Thoughts, crazy thoughts, random nonsense, just races through his head with little or no control over it at all. Songs, uncontrolled and unbidden, pop up in his head unbidden and play by themselves in his head.

He can’t shut any of this bullshit off, and the only way to stop the music is to substitute one stupid song for another. I am assuming the “voices” he is hearing are voices in his head, not outside of his head. Fortunately, you can hear all the voices in your head as possible without being mentally ill, though it really isn’t ideal.

It’s crucial to realize that psychotics who hear voices actually hear them with their ears, not in their minds. We all “hear voices” in our heads. Our “inner voice” is a voice inside of our heads. The idiot media and popular does not do us any good by refusing to differentiate these symptoms. Psychotic voices heard with one’s ears are transformed into “voices in his head”.

Obviously, if it’s sane to one one “inner voice”, it’s not psychotic to have more than one, or an unlimited number, though it’s not exactly ideal. You could even have animal sounds in your head.

Hang on.

OK, I just made some animal sounds in my head. There was a cow and a monkey and now there’s a lion. Does that make me schizophrenic? Come on.

If you follow the discussion, you will note that many of his friends on there tell him that he is developing schizophrenia. I do not believe he is doing any such thing, and this is not a symptom of incipient schizophrenia anyway.

I’ve been around folks in the prodrome of schizophrenia, and while their functioning was still ok enough, they were hallucinating (hearing voices) a significant part of the time. No amount of argument could convince them that the voices were not actually real, nor would they believe me when I said I didn’t hear them. This is a pretty typical picture of incipient schizophrenia.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of schizophrenics hear voices. In fact, if you don’t hear voices, I wonder if you really have schizophrenia.

What’s also interesting is that, terrifying and weird as these symptoms are, a number of the commenters admit that they have experienced them – they say they have had strange, out of control, unbidden random thoughts and music in their heads before. So, while it’s not optimal, this stuff seems to be pretty common.

What’s the diagnosis for out of control, random, unbidden thoughts and songs in your head? I say nothing. There’s no DSM dx that has a criteria like that as a sole criteria.

Just like “having a weird look in your eyes” does not give you a mental illness dx either. There are all sorts of folks walking around with all kinds of weird and crazy looks in their eyes. While it’s disconcerting, it’s not necessarily indicative of mental illness. There is no DSM dx for “has a weird or crazy look in their eyes.”

You need to be nuttier than just that. What gives people weird looks in their eyes if they aren’t nuts? Who knows? God knows what goes in people’s minds. But as long as your speech and behavior remains normal, you’re not mentally ill.

Why am I writing about this crap? I’m on a crusade to get people to quit being such morons about mental health. Even if we aren’t ill ourselves, it doesn’t help to give out false dx’s and go around accusing non mentally-ill folks of “being crazy”. It’s insulting, stupid and cruel.

Personally, I never refer to other humans with words like “weird”, “crazy”, “nuts”, etc.

Instead, I’m going to give you some specific description of their behavior, possibly with a potential dx. I can usually figure out what might be wrong with someone after spending a bit of time around them. I can almost always tell if they are psychotic or not, and usually if they are obviously dangerous or not.

Life’s tough for everyone and probably few of us make it out unscathed.


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Great Site On Ethnic Groups In China

Repost from the old site.

From the Chinese government.

That isn’t really the homepage; I can’t find the homepage, so just click to the left on any ethnic groups you want to read about.

Lists all of the official minorities, with a good anthropological background for them, along with a good history, a bit about the language, customs, religious beliefs, culture, etc., then onto recent history.

The history and recent history is written according to Marxist economic analysis, and shows how the coming of the Chinese Revolution really did improve things for many minorities.

I’ve been scared to read the part about the Tibetans and Uighurs.

I’m sure in the case of Tibet it will talk about how the revolution ended feudalism (Yes, there was real feudalism in Tibet.) in Tibet and made life better for most Tibetans. One thing no one tells you about the Free Tibet crowd was that the Dalai Lama presided over a particularly horrible modern form of feudalism, complete with castes and out and out slavery.

The site does provide a tremendous amount of evidence that the Chinese revolution has resulted in tremendous improvements in the lives of many Chinese minorities. Anti-Communists seem to be blind to that fact. Life in China in 1949 and the decades prior was no picnic!

It’s pretty cool to have an anthropological overview of lots of interesting ethnic groups written strictly from a Marxist perspective. More typical is this one, still very well-done, but written by hardline Estonian anti-Communists. It deals with the ethnic groups of the Former Soviet Union.

I wasn’t aware that the USSR had destroyed every single ethnic group in the country until these stalwart Balts informed me. I realize the Balts are pissed, but it needn’t taint your scholarship.


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Yet Another Fake Quote

Repost from the old site.

This one making the rounds of White nationalist, White Supremacist, etc. sites:

In 1922, the Bolshevik leader Selenkov stated in Moscow: “We must create a climate of anti-nationalism and anti-racialism amongst Whites. We must reduce patriotism and pride of race to meaningless abstractions and make racialism a dirty word.”

Not only that, but obviously Selenkov was Jewish. Or he was named Zelenkov. Or whatever.

There never was any Bolshevik leader named Zelenkov/Selenkov, and for all I or others can tell, this is yet another fake quote.

You can usually tell these fake quotes just be looking at them, because it seems like no sane prominent person would ever be caught dead saying something so outrageous.

Also, fake quotes are usually manufactured by nationalists. They place the quotes in the mouths of politicians they don’t like and make them say they are going to hatch some kind of conspiracy against the ethnic group or nation in question.

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The Most Anti-Immigrant Ethnic Group in the US

Repost from the old site.

The American Indians of USA.

Obviously, they are all a bunch of ranting, raving, seething, vicious, genocidal, hate-filled scum, right? No, wait. They can’t be. Only White people can be racist. I forgot. Silly me.

So where are the Nutcase Liberal-Left and the Minority Professional Victims when it comes to abusing these vicious, evil US Amerindians? Nowhere to be seen. Why is that? They’re all busy beating up on those vile White folks.

Why are US Amerindians so anti-immigration? Think about it. Real hard.


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English Attacking Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia

English is the global destroyer, taking out native languages here and there, right and left, over there and over here. I’ve never heard of it damaging actual national languages yet.

Looks like it’s going to town on Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) somewhat. Pretty weird when people in either speaking the national language poorly or not at all. Actually, it ridiculous. It’s like Ireland all over again, this time shamrocks in Bali.


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Hot Black Chicks – SWV

Alpha was wondering a while back why I don’t do posts on beautiful Black women. I think it’s because I have eclectic tastes in Black women. Some of them look fantastic to me, but a lot of others just do not. A lot of times I look at a Black woman and I think, “Wow! She looks hot!” Then I start wondering if she’s really good-looking or not, since I was raised White on the “all Black women are ugly” thing, and unfortunately, that’s still a part of me.

Anyway, this band is called SWV. It’s a hip-hop R & B band from New York, a trio of three females. They are about 22-23 years old in this video.

Looking at stills of them, I still start going round and round with the, “Are they really beautiful?” thing, but in this video, I must say that all three of them are incredibly hot. I don’t know if it’s makeup, hair, cameras, who knows? Who cares? They don’t look quite as good underwater.

It’s a common theme in White society that all Black women are ugly. If you protest, like I do, you get, “Yeah, some of them are! If they have some White in them!” You know, the pure Black is so ugly. Well, check out SWV. How much White are they? 15%? Is that all it takes to do the beauty transforming thing?

White nationalists are insistent, against all reasonable evidence, that all Black women are naturally ugly. Looking at this video, I say, “Fuck you White nationalists!”


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