India Is a Shithole*

This article sums up what modern India is all about, written by a fairly progressive fellow named Sean Kelley. I’ve been studying India for a while now, and the more I study it, the angrier I get. India, quite simply, sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks and then sucks some more. I don’t know how long this suckiness has been going on, maybe forever. When the British first showed up, they were appalled. They tried to civilize the place, but the small-c conservative Indians kept objecting to getting civilized.

What sucks? India sucks. What about it sucks?

First of all, the state.

The Indian state has sucked from Day One, birthed in blood-soaked imperial and neo-colonial sin like America, Australia and Israel, with even less of an excuse as a long-abused colony themselves. Now, via alliances with imperialist America, the UK and Israel, India seems to be aping the worst aspects of its former imperialist and colonialist master. Like a crime victim going on a killing spree. Of all the ways to react.

The lousy nature of the Indian state is of course rooted in Indian society, as all states are rooted in the cultural formations of their societies. The Indian state sucks because Indian society sucks.

Why does Indian society suck? It’s hard to sum it up. First of all, you have one of the most callous and uncaring ruling classes, with the usual upper middle class allies, found on Earth.

Missing the good old days? Go to India. Nostalgic for debt slavery and bondage, feudalism (the real deal, not the semi-feudal modern kind), slavery (child and adult), child labor, shit in the streets like the Middle Ages Europe pre-Black Plague? Go to India. It’s all there in spades.

Even more appalling is that no one in India gives a damn. The bourgeois either live in denial or could care less if the lower classes live, die, or flop, gasping, somewhere in between.

The poor are too stupid and/or ignorant to know better, and many think that their savage and inhuman abuse, like something out of 1400’s England, is actually religiously ordained by God Himself. Sure, the bourgeois sold the poor this rope to hang themselves with or gave it to them, but they wrapped it up all up in one of the most barbaric cultural-religious systems known to modern Man, Hinduism, to give it the staying power of superglue.

The article makes clear that neoliberalism has ruined India beyond its prior Hellishness. Which is possible, since you don’t need to read Milton to learn that Hell can always get worse.

The pollution and the filth.

The pollution and filth is destroying India and turning it into an actual open cesspool/sewage ditch/garbage dump. One that traverses the whole country. It’s not only nauseous to breathe or look at the filth that surrounds you without respite, but it’s actually literally sickening. A visit to India means a continuous low-level infectious illness from all the filth drowning out your world.

Worse, Indians don’t care. See that guy shitting on the sidewalk? Pay no attention to him. OK, he’s getting up and walking away now. No problem, just don’t step it. The rich pay the trash collectors to keep their neighborhoods clean, and the Hell with everyone else. A callousness reminiscent of Anglo-Irish absentee landlords in 1820’s Ireland.

The one good thing about neoliberalism is a decline in bureaucracy. You gut government so there’s not much left. Bureaucracy means too many idle government slackers wasting time and messing around when they should be working. It could also mean an insanely underfunded state, which is probably the case with India.

The government doesn’t give a damn about anything but the rich. The state exists only to suck up to the rich or in its human form to move up classwise and become part of the elite class. The state cares nothing about workers, consumers, the environment – Hell, about anything relating to the people.

Everyone who works for the state is a crook, and they are all on the take. Schools and hospitals in rural areas are empty. Doctors and teachers collect salaries and never show up for work.

Nothing works. The electric grid is down most of the time, but you pay at the end of the month anyway even if you got little or no energy use out of the system that month. The roads are nightmarish, traffic is horrifyingly dangerous, and everything is so congested it makes Los Angeles look like a breezy Sunday drive in the country. The ports don’t work either – they look like something out of 1900. Let’s see, the ports don’t work, the roads don’t work, and bureaucracy stifles everything. How is this neoliberal paradise economy supposed to function anyway?

It’s tough in this neoliberal paradise to even purchase a product. Getting a hotel room is a pain in the rear end. Buying a new SIM card for your cellphone is a nightmare best avoided.

The one thing that everyone raves about in India is the trains. Nearly all Indians will insist that the trains are wonderful. Maybe 5-10 years ago they were, but not anymore. The traffic has maybe tripled since that time, and almost no new cars or lines have been added as you would expect neoliberals to do. The lines are Hellish, and customer service is probably better in Hell itself. Worse, no one cares. Even worse than that, Indians think Indian Train Hell is Paradise itself.

Malnutrition effects 51% of the population, and about the same number are permanently stunted in their mental and physical growth. This number is flat after 15 years of explosive neoliberal growth in India. Bottom line, all the Wild West dizzying growth rates haven’t filled a single starving Indian stomach. What a lousy system.

The starvation and malnutrition levels are actually worse than in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Kelly echoes this by saying that he’s been in 50 countries the world over, and even Ethiopia was less of a shithole than India. That’s a powerful indictment. To the Africans’ credit, most Africans, despite their IQ’s, will readily admit to you that their country is a shithole. They don’t like it, and they want change. Good for them.

The first part of getting out of a hole is not just to stop digging but to realize that you’re in a nasty hole in the first place and would prefer to climb out rather than digging your way towards China and sure death.

Indians not only won’t stop digging, they think that trying to dig your way to China is some kind of a cultural-religious noble endeavor. Any Samaritans stopping by to toss them a rope or offer a hand are showered with abuse for refusing to acknowledge that the Indian’s deep dug pit is actually the greatest civilization created by man. Predictably, most sane folks throw down the rope, say the Hell with em, and walk on.

The Indian keeps digging as the water fills in around his muddy and beaten feat. Hunger gnaws at his belly. In response to his dim and plunging prospects, he can think of nothing to do but shout, “Glory to Bharat!” while cursing Muslims, Christians and those nasty British. With every breath, the water’s creeping higher.

You wonder why I support the Indian Maoists. Of all of the people in India, only the Maoists seem to have a bat’s chance in Hell of negotiating some kind of a future lessening of the mess above. Everyone else is cheerily on board for stasis or worsening.

*About the title, I would like to sincerely apologize to all of the actual shitholes in the world. They were just poor innocent holes, sitting there in the ground minding their own business until some mean person came along and filled them up with shit.

I am truly sorry, shitholes, I didn’t mean to compare you with India.


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    • nikunj panchal

      u piece of a shit .. u and ur country is fucking shithole .. ur the one who has done all the shit to whole world with ur … fucking shit experiements .. ur wars, ur products, everything what u do is destroying this mother earth so think about this earth and stop thinking about India cause ur president comes to india without calling and licking our balls. so u do not have any right to call our country anything u and ur country has done pretty shit job to this world so piss off.

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        • Dota-Player

          speaking of cow piss


          No wonder I can’t relate to anyone when I visit India.

        • i think i know the reason you are feeling tremors in ur ass. you feel jelous of us . How people living in a shithole could be smarter than you. Dude i don abt others but u cannot stop indians like me from taking over the world.

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          Have fun taking over the world LOL.

        • Peter Aryan

          Lindsay I am surprised at this why are you, a seemingly educated fellow from a beautiful and respectful Western Nation much like my Ireland, insulting Indians with such voracity, I must ask why stoop to name calling my good sir. I am sorry, but this is blatantly racist, and not unfairly so for if one were to call me a “Cracker” for being white, I would be offended, and the same should be true for calling an Indian fellow an “Elephant Jockey”. You know much about race in India, but you seem to look down on India. I am not trying to be rude, but this “India is a Shithole” article I would expect from a Racist (who has every right to free speech), not one of an enlightened fellow such as yourself. India’s shortcomings may be numerous, but the people there a numerous, all cannot afford the good life, and look at India’s history of colonial oppression by the English/Portuguese/Danish/Dutch/French( Keep in mind these European nations oppressed their own people as well and let Indian high castes and nobility remain in power, in fact they gave them more power leading to greater corruption), Several Islamic(few nations benefit from Islamic rule) Raids, Invasions, and Setbacks, Socialists Backwards Economic Policies, Greek Invasion, war with China, and civil war courtesy of the Brits who helped cause the conflict(but we will place the blame on reactionary Islamism since perhaps even if the Brits did not take part it would have occurred). China experienced far less invasions than India and India was the West’s boy scout they supported the Brits in WWII, and accepted Democracy, like Good little Champs, while the Chinese pumped all their cash into Modernizing their nation at the expense of their starving peasant farmers, to the Chinese progress mattered people did not! China killed their female children, and had brutal population control. India refused population control by Indira Gandhi as it ran contrary to Western Democracy! If India had gotten behind Azad Hind and the Nazis more then it would have became a dictatorship and under Chandra Bose it would have modernized quickly, perhaps quicker than China! Now China may be a powerhouse in the East, but peasant West China is only beginning to modernize. Ok, yea I know India has dirt poor people way poorer than Chinese peasants, but besides India’s setbacks, Indians are not one people but many, India is like Europe everywhere speaks a different tongue and has a different culture, China is homogeneous all them are Han Chinese mostly. BTW only a few far right Hindus drink cow piss, just like crazy cults in the West act like vampires and drink blood. India has a lot going for it however it has a huge labor market, people of all castes are gain more rights keep in mind only 166million out of 1 billion Indians are dalits, but this system is being phased out. India is a holy land to all Buddhists, it has some of the highest military spending and the one of the best militaries, it is major center for the IT market, has a great space program with its Chandrayaan -1, it is a very successful program and maybe the first to colonize the moon (it was started in the 1960s!), TATA maybe the next Toyota with the cheap affordable Nano, and Mittal and Mukesh Ambani. India’s main challenge is to cut out its corruption and reduce its population, but most say by 2050 India will be one of the top powers, India has some of the best Universities and most billionaires- India is a land of super rich and super poor but what can one expect with 1 billion people, Indians are very successful in their own nations but expiate Indians especially American ones are some of the most successful in both College graduation and Income, Bollywood is the largest movie industry, and many inventions/much of early civilization(number system)/even the Flamingo dance came from India. Perhaps now it is fashionable to hate India since it is a rival rising nation, that is still quite poor with some backwards cults that make it easy to ridicule, and of course the drain on the IT industry, hostility and bigotry is understandable, after all in the 90’s everyone hated Chinese and called them dog eaters, and in 80’s hatred was even greater, I read a story about a Chinese man who was mistaken for Japanese and killed for taking jobs, quite a sad ordeal indeed. I can understand Indians can be a little boastful/annoying, but aren’t all ethnicities at some time or another. I can only hope the USA stay the most powerful nation, but India is a more trustworthy nation than China at least to be 2nd most powerful. Hopefully us Europeans can clean out the illegals and criminals in our nations and rise to our former glory as well, I wish the same to the Japanese and Korean who like the Indians have been faithful Western allies! India has always been a far too neutral nation, but it has always produced great minds, cultures, civilizations, China since its Communist regime has done nothing but pollutes their environment, invade Tibet, Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and incopatictate HK and Macao, while at the same time oppressing their people and support crazed N.Korea! China has sucked jobs from the US and Europe, and now China is neocolonializing Africa, the Middle East, and don’t even hesitate to think that the Chinese will come back and try to conquer the same Europeans who conquered them(more or less) in the 1800s, India would not do this as they are our faithful allies! I hope you change your mind Mr. Lindsay.
          Good day, Mate.:)

        • Cyrus

          There is no way this “Peter Aryan” is Irish.

        • shravan

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        • Sanjay

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        • an indian

          Hey Robert I’m an Indian, I can’t agree with you more and well written….I don’t think things are going to get any better anytime soon and noone wants to admit that we are in a mess ,and maybe that is one of the reason of India’s current state.

        • Thank you very much my good Indian friend!

        • Lintel

          You forgot to mention how India is known as the Rape Capital of the World.

        • Your Dad!

          Robert Lindsay! Your UK is rich because of India…..British did not come to India to civilize Indians but rather for plundering……find out how much they looted from India…..

      • Lee

        Dear Mr Nikunj Panchal – You’re a fuckin’ illiterate assole – learn to read and write proper English before attempting to comment on a blog. Cell phone text language is not English you stupid fuckwit.

      • Imran

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      • Imran

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    • thetruth

      While it may be true that India is plagued by many problems (rampant poverty, population increase, pollution, political corruption), you do the beautiful nation absolutely no justice by focusing solely on said problems. You make no mention of India’s triumphs: sheer intellectual capital, mathematic and scientific leadership, culture rivaled by none other, multitude of languages and dialects , proud religious traditions and magnificent art and architecture. You say you’re a journalist. Didn’t they teach you anything about offering a balanced, *unbiased* perspective on things? I really hope for our sake that this isn’t what journalism is coming to.

    • Blackmamba1989

      Seriously dude something is really wrong with you, why this paranoia. I will not resort to profanity that my country men have said. Kindly do not sterotype 1/6 th humanity in such a manner

  1. Uncle Milton

    To Robert:

    So.. I suppose you’ll be visiting India soon…? I suppose that could be the US future in 90 years or so.

    • Bay Area Guy

      I suppose that could be the US future in 90 years or so.

      Unless the U.S wakes up, it might very well be.

      Though I’ve taken a break from reading it, “How the Economy Was Lost” by Paul Craig Roberts basically details how the U.S is becoming a 3rd world country.

      We’re hardly a “superpower,” as many would have it.

      • Uncle Milton

        To Bay Area Guy:

        We’re hardly a “superpower,” as many would have it.

        The Soviet Union was a super power until it wasn’t. It took, what, maybe 2 to 3 years to fly apart? I work with quite a few Russians.. all of whom were in USSR when it blew apart. Ugly stories. We may be lucky and disassemble like the British Empire.

        • Bay Area Guy

          We may be lucky and disassemble like the British Empire.

          I sure hope so, but the more I look at the U.S, the more I’m reminded of the Roman Empire, and believe me, their collapse was not pretty.

          (though the eastern part of the empire survived and even thought of themselves as Romans, even though we think of the surviving eastern part as the Byzantine Empire, but that’s another issue altogether).

          I honestly believe that if we want to avert our demise, we must immediately suspend all imperialistic neocon adventures.

          One, we’ve basically ensured that everyone hates us. Two, invade the world, invite the world. Diversity is one of the many negative consequences of empire.

          This may sound paleoconservative of me, but the U.S needs to adopt an isolationist foreign policy, and stick to its own issues.

          Let 3rd world shitholes be 3rd world shitholes, I say. It’s none of our damn business. Of course, it’s a little late for that, since we’ve already meddled.

          But damn, can neocons do any more damage than they already have?

          Well, that’s another rant.

      • anon

        I think its gonna be a lot less than 90 years for the US to become like India today. And unfortunately, the US IS a superpower in military terms. I hope this country doesn’t decide to nuke the whole world out of anger at its own failure and decline.

        • anon

          Come to think of it, the US as we know it today may not exist in a few short years. I
          think Igor Panarin is dead accurate in many of his predictions.

  2. Bay Area Guy

    The roads are nightmarish, traffic is horrifyingly dangerous and everything is so congested it makes Los Angeles look like a breezy Sunday drive in the country.

    You’d better believe it. I took a history course on the city of Bombay (now Mumbai), and if you look at it today, the traffic is absolutely horrible.

    I can certainly see China taking over the world.

    India? Not by a long shot.

    • Good comments, both Unc and BAG. I like to see smart comments like this on here. Keep it up, oh journeymen Men of Letters!

      • Lundsay

        Talking about shit holes…your face looks like one…

      • Peter Aryan

        Go back to the 60’s and China and Japan are not far from what undeveloped areas of India are today, India is a number one tourist spot and many middle class and upper class Indians live a life not far from and sometimes at Western standards, Indians lives are also not government controlled like Chinese ones, ask why American companies can actually sell their products in India, but not China. Did you make this article to flame India or to point out its flaws, because as advice you should examine all aspects of a nation, both good and bad. Look India is flying ahead of Islamic, African, most Southeast Asian nations and even some East European Nations. If I were to write an article on Africa, despite its many flaws I could find much good such as relatively good and rising economic states of Nigeria, Botswana, and Kenya. Nations that are truly behind and not moving are many of those in SubSharan Africa, the Islamic world, some in Southeast Asia( Cambodia/Burma due to dictatorship), North Korea, etc. Not that their is not hope for these regions, please take everything into account.
        Good Night, Monsieur.

        • moonlightprince

          Dude I’m from India and i really don’t find any mistake in what he says bout India.Just dont speak about its soon-to-be-vanished light side man,look at the dark side.India is rich in culture?CULTURE MY ASS!!! AIDS is more prevalent here than they are in western countries.The government is shit,the technological development is shit,people’s minds are crooked…hell,i cant think of one good reason india is better than western countries.The only thing famous here is friggin cricket(obviously the laziest game of all).People shit on roads,wipe off pavements with cow shit,eat dead-bodies,anything else nomadic u can think of.And don get me started on religious beliefs and caste systems.People offer prayers to all kinds of crap(crows,snakes,dumb cows,elephants…etc,etc).Illiteracy,Prostitution,child-rape,polygamy are at its crescendo.And nobody literally gives a rats ass about it.And the good thing about it is its gettin worse not better(Ever looked at the stats bout india?).Face it man,we’re doomed,we’re knee deep in shit.No one can save India…fuck it,the moment I get employed,im getting outta this *(imagine a word much bad-ass than shit-hole)*

        • Pepperoncini

          It doesn’t matter how well off the middle class is, the fact is that hundreds of millions of Indians are living in a hell hole that is incomparable to any other place.
          If Upper class Indians weren’t soo dam callous , most of these problems would not exist. India has the most extreme case of wealth disparity.

        • Do someone know how Indians are able to sing like this? is a very unique way of singing.

        • Michael

          This is would have be a sight…

          Great tourist attraction would have brought in the masses.

          In China they eat dogs and India they marry them.

          We call it beastiality and every great civilisation has its own name for it but in India it is practice.

          Now from the sick to the damn right freakin bizarre dude;

          Suddenly Chinese eating dogs and rats does not seem as bad or French eating insects and frogs.

          The USA, or simply put it the neocons MARKETED India as a rising power because they needed to contain the growth of China and balance Pakistan’s influence over Afghanistan.

          Ok cool move in a game of chess or for political motives but NOW please world agree on this;

          Indians are not mythical people but backward, spineless people and their country is one big toilet, literally and a rapist paradise where the police join in too.

          If you do not believe me visit it.

          The things America has to do to remain on top but what annoys the fcuk out of me is that Indians actually believe they are mentally, physically, culturally superior to everyone.

          It is fine if it is the odd Indian behaving in this way but the whole freakin lot of them, it is a joke and right on Robert show them their place in the foot chain.

          If the world believed in caste systems these ugly Indians would be the ground beneath our feet, lucky for them WE have abolished slavery and that level of prejudice.

      • well, whoever you are, and by this i meant you have no identity rather than your (I’m not going to abuse you here) name! maybe a good roads makes your country awesome and a stylish clothes and perfect lifestyle could make you guys a gentleman, but good thoughts and great feelings for others makes us (Indians) gentleman, so you can keep your fucking thoughts, and I’m gonna keep my great India because we believe an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

    • Heuristic

      “I can certainly see China taking over the world. ”

      In their 1979 war with pissant Vietnam they got 20 miles inside the border before they were stopped.

      So the actual evidence doesn’t support your statement.

      • Wade in MO

        “In their 1979 war with pissant Vietnam they got 20 miles inside the border before they were stopped.”

        Wasn’t there a current superpower who was humliated in a previous war in Vietnam? Hmm…can’t think of the name right now.

        • Heuristic

          Quite right. And THAT “superpower” isn’t capable of taking over the world either – any opponent above the size of (collosi such as) Granada or Panama is impossible for them to defeat.

  3. Bay Area Guy

    *About the title, apologies to all of the actual shitholes in the world. I didn’t mean to compare with India, sorry.


    I know a joke that’s similar to this:

    A man walks into a bar and yells out, “all lawyers are assholes!”

    One of the guys in the bar says, “hey, I resent that!”

    “Why, are you a lawyer?”

    “No, I’m an asshole!”

  4. tulio

    Is this one of those wonderful Indian train lines?

    I’ll pass on that! Nothing I’ve ever heard about India makes me want to visit that country. It sounds like one big open sewer. I am a huge fan of Indian food however and that’s a saving grace. I think Indian music is pretty cool too.

    Indians do pretty well though outside of India. They make model immigrants.

    • Indians Steal My Job

      This is pinnacle of stupidity,

      This Image is not of INDIA, its Bangladesh instead, if you know what Bangladesh is. Bangladesh is a country in south Asia, not a Chinese Ninja warrior disguised as Little school going girl. Ignorance is a bliss for you.

      • Wade in MO

        ” if you know what Bangladesh is”

        Bangladesh is a country which is dominated by the same major indian ethnic group which dominates the indian regions located around it.

  5. Rahul

    I do not deny India is third world dump but it has done far better than many other third world nations on this planet. Name one African country which builds its own tanks and has the ability to send a space ship to the moon. We definitely did far better than these jokers.

    India is quite self sufficient in food today, when is the last time you have seen starving Indians waiting for food aid? And remember there are more people in the Republic of India than all of Africa and we have a much smaller land mass and yet we have become one of the biggest exporters of foodgrain. And besides Indians behave like civilized humans unlike some Americans.
    Where would you rather be in a flood? Calcutta or Detroit?

    In the last some years the standard of living has gone up a lot and for a middle class person in a metro city it is not much less than a first world country.
    Check out these pics and sites for example.

    For example, I work in a major Indian corporation which has bought companies in Africa, Europe and the Far-East. I drive a Volkswagen car which is made in India. My wife drives a TATA Indica, a car designed and made in India. We have all the gadgets and goods found in the house of a typical middle class American family. My son plays his play station every day, he is spoilt, is addicted to his mobile phone and hangs around with his friends in giant shopping malls. The healthcare here is top notch is far better than what it is in many first world nations. Yes they are private hospitals but they are still cheap by world standards. Indeed many people from throughout the world now come to India for treatment. Millions of people have joined the middle classes from the lower classes since the 1990 economic liberalisation.

    The problem however is the uneven distribution of wealth. India has a middle class of nearly 200 million who live comfortable lives but we are becoming more like Brazil. There are still millions who live slightly better than Africans. In this I agree with Robert here. China on the other hand is becoming more like a giant version of Taiwan/ S.Korea. In other worlds in China the distribution of wealth is much better than in India. But the fact is that in most multi-racial, multi-cultural societies, there is a tendency towards economic inequality. The biggest advantage China has over India is that they are culturally and genetically much more homogenous.

    • Alpha Unit

      What do Africa and Detroit have to do with how bad things are in India?

      • Cyrus

        My thoughts exactly.

        • shenil patel

          oh just.. shut up.. and.. listen.. to him… you dont.. need to get jealous.. with.. india.. and if you really… think.. india.. is a shithole.. u wouldnt.. have the keyboard at you’re sitting.. now… because.. there would be no.. computers,maths or…. science.. without indians.. and.. there wouldnt.. be any education in you country if there wasnt.. india.. WELL IT DOESNT SEEM YOUR COUNTRY HAS EDUCATION NOW ASWELL.. India is known.. for education and..that’s why when any indian comes to a different country they look brainy and educated.. atleast.. they on benefits…

    • Oneoftoomany

      What a delightfully typical Indian middle-class response. Might I ask how much your two-car household (of which one is a Volkswagon – woohoo) pays its maid and how many hours she slaves for that sum? Is she offered a cup of tea from the same crockery that you and your spoilt spawn use? Or does she have a cast-off plastic mug with a crack down the side? Get real! The reason India is a mess because of people like you who quote numbers that reflect your mundane middle class existence in some twisted self congratulatory fashion. Like building tanks? Shame they did not build more power generators and roads of some quality. Or invest in revamping an education system that makes us a nation of unthinking idiots blinded by our own smug mediocrity. This cheap healthcare you speak of? Is it accessible to the 900 million poor? Think your maid could afford cancer treatment for her children at a private hospital…? Or even a simple root canal?This uneven distribution of wealth you are talking about from your substandard ivory tower – by which I refer to whichever building you currently live in – no doubt built on the foundations of bribery, corruption, and poorly paid migrant labour, not to mention seriously compromised building standards – but I digress… This distribution of wealth begins from you and me. One less gold necklace for the wife, one less play station for the spawn, and a fairer wage to those we employ – put your money where your mousepad is. The Government is going to do nothing for the poor in our country… that 900 million who eke out a living in this our MAHAN BHARATH. But given the apathy and false sense of pride we Indians wear today like some sort of holy mantle – and no one may as a result, say anything against it – that just consigns the vast majority of this so called democratic (my arse) nation to live out this misery, passing it on to the next generation with no hope, no sense of a future and no change.

      This is a country where Chief ministers own TV stations and there are over a million court cases pending. This is a country ( in a nation of primarily dark skinned people) were we have a best -selling cream called Fair and Lovely ( for f’s sake, does no one get the implications, but me) and a movie industry which perpetuates the myth that being light skinned means being beautiful. This is a country where politicians can march into a restaurant and drag out four girls, beat the crap out of them and no one does anything… this is a country where no one wants to face the truth.

      We are where we are today, because of a multitude of factors, driven by international market forces, not our own so-called greatness. because we are not that great. We are unthinking, we are complacent, we are arrogant and most of us – let’s face it – are pretty damn stupid. Indian journalism… I have never seen worse journalism in my life. Diluted, watered down rubbish is what the media gives us, while it airs advertisements of how brilliant we are as a nation.

      Yes we are filthy – even the middle classes and above. Most of us are unaware of deo – though God knows most of us need it and it’s happily available. As a nation, our parenting skills are the worst on the planet. With children being kept up at silly hours, babies sleeping with parents till they are teenagers, and learning the same bad habits we acquired from our parents… and as for our social and religious hypocrysy – we could teach Saudi Arabia a thing or two.

      I keep using the word ‘we’ here, because you see Rahul, I come from the priviliged classes, I went to some of the best and oldest public schools in the country and am a member of most of India’s most ridiculously posh colonial clubs.But luckily for me, I see through the very thin veneer of 21st century civilization we cover ourselves with. Underneath it, we have not changed for 2000 years. And no amount of car manufacturing, or tanks or UN reports or self-glorification is going to change that fact.

      The only thing that will change it is when people like you – my peers – wake up to how awful we really are as a nation on so many counts. You can bang on about our colonial masters and tell me how bad it was and how wonderful our dhoti-clad Mahatma was… but without a thought would deny our fellow brothers and sisters an decent wage or plain simple human rights. Frankly… I would cheerfully welcome back the British. Give me a Margaret Thatcher over an Indira Gandhi any day. Or a Tony Blair over a Manmohan Singh in a heartbeat.

      We are socially sick, morally destitute, spiritually bereft and politically corrupt and the only reason we deny it as much as we do, is because we know all of this is true. Want to do something for India… well stop rabbiting on about the tanks and wheat exports and car manufacture and our civilized behaviour and wake up and smell the roses. or in our case, our neigbours’ rotting garbage neatly deposited in front of our front gate.

      Your views above are valid and they work… for a small, small fraction of India’s population. It is however not true, not by a long shot for the vast majority. Does this not concern you, at all? Does your pride in our country not make you want the same privileges for everyone? And even if you say you do, I’m inclined not to believe you, because how else would you have a maid come and sweep and clean for you everyday for a pittance, unless she was deliberately kept poor and stupid, by a ruling class and a political and social system that thrives on oppression and control and domination.

      And oh you know what else… I hope the whole world wakes up and sees what a mess we are… we need to be collectively shamed into making things better. Nothing else will move us – and frankly I’m not sure even that will. We will progress – as momentum gathered over the years and our massive population will ensure the economy continues to grow. But your Playstation addicted child’s ( I can’t believe you said that so proudly btw) child may see a different country and it wont be a better place.

      Today we have a polluted, corrupt, elitist society – and you sunshine, are part of the problem. You and everyone else like you. But if you plan on telling me how unpatriotic and overly Westernised I am… feel free. Patriotism is not blind faith. It is the recognition and subsequent correction of a problem. And we have too many. Starting with a mindless, automaton middle class steeped in it’s arrogance and self-righteousness. Let’s make a change there!

      I for one would like to call for a mass, cross country non-violent action – let’s not vote again for any leader, let’s not pay taxes, let’s picket peacefully outside our politicians houses and refuse to co-operate with the Government until they start doing their fucking job. Like creating sensible policies, promoting on merit, holding themselves fully accountable and fire-able for non-performance. Why are the civil services in India given housing, or cars and drivers and peons and all that malarky? On one hand the Government bleats incessantly about our colonial past, tearing down beautiful old building,s changing names of roads and towns and cities… and yet they cling to the worst aspects of tat colonial rule… an awe and reverence of the Government Servant. In a democratic country they are there to serve us, not the Queen, but we haven’t quite worked that out have we?

      I would also like to add at this point that for a country that breeds like rats, and that gave the world the Kama Sutra, we are sexually repressed and ignorant – to put it very mildly. And that could be a whole other conversation.

      I could go on and on… but a word to Mr Lindsay… ashamed as I am to admit it… Kudos… you summed up India – the real India – perfectly. And it is my sincerest hope that someday I can say otherwise. My views make me a pariah in my own country… but I see myself as voice in the wilderness… no doubt I will be beheaded. My apologies to you for using this space to have such a rant, but in my humble and much-disliked opinion… every little helps! Indians need to hear this from another Indian. And a female Indian at that! 🙂 In my next life, I shall be born as a particularly objectionable reptile of some sort for not being a true-blue daughter of the soil.

      • Oneoftoomany

        Hey RC… this is a subject for a whole other rant, for the injustices again women in India… are so subtle and so horrific all at the same time.

        They say beauty is skin-deep, and nowhere is this more true than in India, which defines beauty by melanin content. Only in India would a Quasimodo’s female twin be considered beautiful. And unfortunately this thinking drives some inherently bad social behaviour. It spills over into every area of the country’s functioning, often with marriage prospects, promotions at work, and everything else being dictated by how ‘Fair’ a woman is.

        On the surface we offer equality, but individualism, falling in love, sexual freedom, independent thinking – these are actively discouraged. We are expected to stay ignorant virgins, acquire degrees, work and then marry a humourless, ugly male and produce a male heir. Look at most of middle-class Indian women above the age of 40 and the dissatisfaction and resignation is pretty apparent. And we are our own worst enemies.

        I for one tell every young Indian girl of some merit, I know, to never ever marry an Indian man. It’s a shocking waste of talent, intelligence and beauty.

        But all of the above applies to the ‘thriving’ middle and upper classes.

        In real India, where the sickeningly poor live, women live lives of acute misery, exploitation and social oppression, where domestic violence, emotional abuse and aching want are everyday realities. I am currently writing a book about a slum-dweller I know who has was bought and sold three times before she turned 18. She is 30 today and her story is an actual reflection of the status of Indian women in this nation, that lays claim to being the world’s greatest democracy. HA!

        I have been a first-hand victim of India’s social manipulation of women and as a result may not be able to offer the most unbiased answer to your question. Most middle class women will tell you, they’re doing well, I imagine, and most poor women will have no idea what you are talking about, and the rich ones will wax lyrical about the status of women. But go into the kitchens of the affluent, go into the slums and villages and you’ll see the truth, as I see it. And as for these elite… ask them how much dowry their parents paid at their weddings… often disguised as ‘gifts’ – how barbaric a practice. Even in the most brutal of Islamic cultures you will not see this very real trade in human flesh.

        Oh yes, the status of the Indian woman… there in theory, there in law and the best marketed lie in the world. Marketed so well, that they even have the women themselves convinced they either have it so good, or this is just the way it is meant to be. Brilliant! The Catholic Church is a rank amateur in comparison to Incredible India when it comes to selling the most outrageous of myths.

      • Oneoftoomany

        Hi again RC, got your post on my mail, but cant see it here??? Probably my fault as I;m technically inept, at best.

        I checked out that url you sent. It’s again a typical Indian male response. Arrogance and self deprecating narcissism, thinly veiled in academic jargon, lies, damned lies and statistics. His is a wonderful example of the Indian brain’s ability to memorise vast quantities of useless information and present in some incoherent, convoluted spiel as a logical argument in defense of an indefensible position. Note the lack of wit, humour and any personality in the entire diatribe… and there you have it… the Indian male in all it’s repulsive mediocrity.

        As a general, and admittedly cruel observation, Indian men in western countries who hold similar opinions have never got lucky, outside of a marriage; are probably short, balding, fat and wear brown socks with black shoes. They probably live in some sort of ghetto-ised Indian suburb in the West, refusing to integrate and imbibe the best of both worlds, but leer from a distance and sneer at a way of life, they secretly want to be a part of but are socially and emotionally incapable of ever fitting into, despite living and working there. This sort will inevitably indulge in the kind of semi-academic bashing you and I saw in the article/post… it is a knee jerk reaction, at best.

        Yes, Western society has it’s own set of problems, but if one has chosen to live there, shut the F up, suck it up and get on with it. Stop whining about how badly it is all going wrong. If it’s so awful, every Indian living/born overseas has the right to return to Incredible India… the question begs to to be asked… why don’t they?

        God help us all if India does become a super-power, because it will be men like that who will be running the country. That sort of pseudo intellectualism is worshipped in our country.

        The sad part is, a you or I can talk to these delusional, megalomaniac Indian men till the cows come home, and go out to pasture again, but it will have no effect. I will be a branded a whore and you will be branded an interfering white man. And this paragon of virtue, will go home to beat his wife, molest his maid, cheat his neighbour, underpay his employees, ,make a pass at his daughter’s girlfriend, pollute his environment, … but most Indians will say…’What a great man…did you see that article he wrote!’

      • Oneoftoomany

        I’m constantly posting stuff in the wrong place – I request patience, I will get the hang of it. Scroll up as I have replied to your post about the url link you shared. Cheers and thanks for reading. 🙂

      • Johnny

        Because men are more civilized, and behave more responsibly than women.

        Thanks for that article. I agree with it, and your indignation shows the merit of his points.

        Now go clean my bathroom.

      • pintkuppy

        No doubt you will be if anyone gives a shit bout your opinion on India in the first place. We’ ll brand you another Arundhati in the making and sling A grade poop at you. I agree with all that you say but honestly for all the passion you exude in scooping up Indias rotten innards and displaying it to the world, what have you done lately to change the way things are ? Huh ? Poor Rahul there is atleast being true to his colors. But what are you ? If your mom was ugly, uneducated, stupid and had a burping problem and farted ocassionally, would you disown her ? Your greatest constructive contribution towards restoring Indias past glory would perhaps be this rant of yours which you mustve typed off in between watching clips of Gaga on you tube and reading up on more post modern feminist literature. Shame on you. Get off your posh arse and do something.

        • Gay State Girl

          Unfortunately I agree with you. But you’re banned.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ GSG


          Who died and gave you banning power? 🙂

          Good one, GSG.

        • Sangeetha

          Ah yes… the other Indian middle class response. Let;’s sweep it under the carpet so no one sees. Screw you! I employ people in India, pay a fair wage I might add. I bucked tradition and spoke out against it. I left a shitty Indian abusive male and made it on my own steam. I actively support the education of children in India, by contributing directly to a slum school. I volunteer with an animal rights charity in Delhi. I actively campaign for domestic help to be treated fairly. I also left behind a family that had an attitude like yours and made it on my own. I don’t read post-feminist literature, I find it silly mostly. I have no idea what Gaga is… but I do think you are. India needs more Arundhati Roys. If you compared me to her you have paid me a singular compliment and for that I thank you. I would rather have poop thrown at me for being like her, than the praise and acceptance from the likes of you.

          As for restoring India’s former glory… which one should be it?The one under Colonial rule. Islamic rule or the one we had as a set of little fiefdoms that were constantly at war with each other?

          Funny thing is… if no one gives a shit about my opinion why did you have such a strong response. You’re typical twisted little Indian who has no clue about the suffering of the masses or the inherent weaknesses in the fabric of our society. Why don’t you get off YOUR belligerent arse and do something for them, instead of having a rant at me, sunshine. That way you wont come across as smug, pathetic posturing little creep with an axe to grind against Indian women who speak their minds. You ARE everything I abhor about India. You are the kind that is destroying that country and any potential it has to be great. Now run along and play somewhere else. I not sure, but the last time I checked this was a space where adults were having a discussion and sharing views, not a space for anyone to get so childishly personal. So do yourself and this planet and certainly India a favour and hold your breath. Preferably forever!

        • Lintel

          What past glory? The only “glory” The region of India has known, is to be divided and at a perpetual state of war with each other, then the Muslim. empires came and ruled you people for 1000 of years, then the British replaced the Muslim Empire with their own and you had a change in your masters. After that, the only thing India has managed to prove is, that they have learned NOTHING from their civilized rulers and prefer to live in crap.

          The glory you people can return to is to accept Muslim or the Westt as your rulers and let them get back to governing your states.

          Indians prefer to live in the west or in rich Arab countries because deep down they know, they are not civilized to govern themselves and are better off being governed by foreigners.

      • moonlightprince

        Well said oneoftoomany…i’m an Indian and i cant agree more.I share the same thoughts as u.Btw I’m pretty sure u hav’nt seen south india yet…north is paradise compared here

        • Your Dad!

          LintelPlease accompany your Kasab..He has been alone in the Paradise with his 72 virgins..
          Cheers! hahah

      • pintkuppy

        Whoever said my response was strong ? Dont humour yourself. I still dont give a rats arse what you think about India. What got to me was your preaching from atop the high horse.
        You on the otherhand seem to be the one frothing from all ends and are all over the place trying to justify your existence as another of those cliche educated indian women with an average iq who fancy themselves to be the embodiment of the sacred feminine, championing the cause of the weak and downtrodden. But i must say your abysmall GK levels are worrying. Not to mention a very botchy, frustratingly selective and very inaccurate idea of indian history. Gimme a break, the Guptas, the Mauryas, Ashoka ? Ring a bell ? Guess not. The thing is, when you are as fucked up in life as you possibly can be, all this pales into insignifance. What else is history other than ones own past eh ?

        Yeah yeah yeah. Im the indifferent brat who is impervious to the suffering of the teeming millions and youre mother teresa with unfathomable emotional depth and empathy. Baah youre so repulsively condescending…’Sunshine’ indeed(cringe). Im not sunshine, shoehine or moonshine. Call me sunshine one more time and youll get it smack in the kisser.

        Okay you got a raw deal. You cut your losses and have survived.You stood up to a bully of a partner and made it on your own. Good for you. There are rotten apples in every basket. Stop character assasinating the entire male population of india just because you ended up with one of the ubiquitous rotten apples around.
        Reminds me of someone I was in college with who was too ugly to have gotten a prince charming for a groom but nonetheless was well educated and thanks to the dowry system ended up with a’little shitty indian man’ with a humungous ego inversely proportionate to the size of u know what and consequently abusive and unloving. A few years and an ugly kid later she ditched him and moved to Bombay where she lives an ‘independent’ life full of nocturnal adventures and plenty of love to go around.
        Punching tradition in the face doesnt take a lot of courage. I mean if someone like you couldnt do it when down and under with nothing to lose then who could. But now that you are an outcaste, your need to desperately identify yourself with Arundhati Roy, Phoolan Devi, Barkha Dutt, Mayawati and all the rest of the Nari ratnas of my beloved country is quite understandable.
        The likes of you should certainly spread your wings and go forth and find consorts in foreign lands and thus spare us Indian men the torture and suffering. Do advise more young girls in your mould thus and lets hope for the sake of all men in India that they listen to you. That way we can romp around with our goris during our sojourns abroad and even come home with one to introduce to maaa. Goris, who are atleast honest and strong enough about admitting their frailities and yet frail enough to concede that even with all their womens lib ideas and sexual and financial independence, they still need the warmth of a mans heart. The version of woman hood you represent on the other hand is universally abominable.

        Summing you up:
        Massive bloated ego that thrives on male bashing.
        Conceited, arrogant, full of self importance and smug in her trivial achievements.
        Insecure, ugly and chubby with belly folds, possible stretch marks and numerous moles.

        • Oneoftoomany

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. how twisted are you and what a fine example of all my ‘rants’. Thank you for proving my point.

    • Heuristic

      “The biggest advantage China has over India is that they are culturally and genetically much more homogenous.”

      Well, not really. One third of China’s territory consists of the occupied nations, East Turkestan and Tibet. And the north and south Chinese are sufficiently different to qualify as distinct nations. For one thing they look quite different: squat and round faced in the north, slender and oval faced in the south. They speak mutually unintelligible languages. The use of the same pictographic writing by both language groups allows the rulers to pretend that they are all “Chinese.” But if phonetic writing came into wide use then the written languages would also be mutually unintelligible and it would be more obvious that they are different nations. Culturally there’s also this difference: the main city in the south is Shanghai, which has always been an outward looking, international commercial hub (thanks to colonialism) while in the north, Beijing embodies the “real” insular, inward looking Chinese culture.

  6. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    Life expectancy in India is over 65 while in sub-Saharan countries it varies between 40 and 60. That’s a plus for India. Another thing for which India deserves credit is that, despite being one of the most multinational states in the world, it has managed to avoid serious internal conficts. In terms of national composition, India should not be compared with the US but with Europe, which is of course divided in about 40 different states.
    Regards. James

    • India

      I agree,. A lot of people were saying India would disintegrate in the years following independence in 1947. You have to remember India is an incredibly complex country with many many different cultures and languages within it. The very fact that it has remained united for this long is a minor miracle in itself. Also, remember, economic liberalisation only started in 1991 because it remained a very close country for 40 years after independence due to the bad experiences of imperial rule under the British.

      However, in the last 10 years the economy has gone from $400 billion nominal GDP to more than $1.3 trillion nominal this year. In the next 10 years, the economy is expected to more than quadruple from its current size, allowing it to reduce poverty greatly.

      • Trickle-down economics, or neoliberalism with structural adjustment, has never worked anywhere on Earth to my knowledge, at least recently. No country has ever developed using neoliberal economics with structural adjustment policies. And the nations that have thumbed their noses at this agenda have done much better than the neoliberals.

        Trickle down economics doesn’t work! Neoliberalism only benefits maybe the top 20% of society at most, and the bottom 80% get screwed in all sorts of ways, and generally lose income and benefits. Disease rates rise and health figures decline under neoliberalism.

        • Suhaas

          And yet India’s developing at a very rapid rate!
          And it’s not just in India that people shit on the sidewalk! And even the poor have some shelter or the other in India, unlike in many “developed” countries, where people have to live in some shit alley.
          And just coz you’re from a developed country,doesn’t mean that every country has to be fucking dull and lame!! Africans, Asians have a thing called “culture”. What do the brits and americans have? You spend 3000$ or more on a wedding dress which you’ll only fucking wear once in your lifetime! You get divorced every 2 weeks, make kids eat McFries and shit and produce fat kids all over the world. Speaking of food, what is american food?? i’m guessing it’s all fat or fat or blubber,.. The only american food i know is “burger”, even the fries that come with that burger are french… Pizza? It’s italian… oh and i know another american dish “broccoli”, with salt?? wtf man?? you make children eat that tasteless crap?? “bread and jam/egg toast”? that’s brit,isn’t it?
          India,still is developing man.. It’s not like american history was fucking perfect either.. I’m sure that americans once went through hell ( some still are )…
          And it seems 65% of the americans ( “developed” nation) don’t know that the sun is a star!! And indians speak waay better english than americans do ( speak of education? )
          Even a rikshaw driver has a cell phone with mp3 and bluetooth,and probably 3G..

        • Heuristic

          Care to cite some evidence for that claim? But then again I suspect that you use neoliberalism as an epithet to denote free trade and commerce generally, so you’re going to cavil at definitions.

          If neoliberalism, for you, means free trade and commerce then the stats prove you flat out wrong:

    • Dolores

      Life expentancy in India? Does that include the female fetus figures?

  7. India

    Yet another anti-India post. Yes, there are 10s of millions of low caste Indians who make India look bad, but there is also a flourishing middle class that’s growing in number with each passing day which is making the country into an economic superpower. India is on the heels of of Japan as the world’s third richest in PPP.

    I do despise some of India’s policies. Why on earth does India need to ally itself with Israel, knowing India has much more in common with Muslim countries, not least because there are roughly 180 million Muslims in the country and North Indian culture is a fusion of Muslim and Hindu cultures, though not the South. India needs to be neutral. I have nothing against Jews except their treatment of Palestinians, which is horrific, to say the least.

    Of course there are problems in India such as overcrowding in some parts of the country because lot of low castes travel to the major cities as economic migrants only to find themselves in the slums because they are not educated to exploit the opportunities that are there. However, things are changing fast and the low castes are now getting educated which should make a difference to them in coming decades.

    Also, I hate the way the West only shows all the negative aspects of India. For example, old pictures of overcrowded trains, slums, etc.

    If you go to Mumbai and cities like Delhi and other metros (the biggest cities), there are many parts that are equal to anything London or New York has to offer. There are world class metro systems, flyovers, mono-rails, etc.

    Yes, India, thanks to the British, went into decay but is now recovering, but things like that won’t happen overnight.

    Its not all doom and gloom.

    India – the ancient; the eternal; and the ever new.

    • anon

      Is South India purely Hindu in culture as opposed to the North? And you bash the British yet it seems India has made its bed with the Anglo-Zionist alliance.

      • The only reason the place is even halfway civilized and developed at all is due to British influence.

        The Indian nationalists hate the British because the British took their wonder “Bharat,” supposedly the greatest civilization on Earth at the time (LOL!) and destroyed it (yeah right).

        • India

          The two greatest contributions of the British in India were neither intended to benefit the peoples of India but allow for the smooth running of the empire itself. They were the construction of the railroad thus connecting India, and the English language. The railroad was built to allow the movement of goods and produce to different parts of the country and the English language was made the official language replacing Persian (which was the official language in northern India under the Mughals). English is used as a link language today so people from different regions can communicate and is also of course the language of business.

          But much of the revenue from the empire was transferred to Britain itself and its fair to say India was the main source of Britian’s power in the 18th and 19th century, allowing it to expand its empire.

        • India

          So, anything India achieves from now is a legacy of British rule. Yeah right!! Do you know that last year there were 9,000 job openings at Infosys, one of India’s biggest IT firms, and there were 1 Million applications made for those 9K jobs. Some 10K of those applications came in from China, Europe and the US and a few from the Middle East, with the rest from India itself. And a lot of them are highly competent engineers.

          As far as India is concerned, in a few years time Britain will become a pretty insignificant dot in the world landscape.

          I personally think there should be unlimited H1B visas in the US, and then most American tech workers will be out of jobs. Do you realise some of Google’s, Yahoo’s and other tech firms’ key products are entirely created in India. For example, Google Finance was entirely developed in Bangalore.

        • Oneoftoomany

          The Indian community as a whole, seems to have the inability to give credit, where credit is due. Hence the British bashing mantra most of them chant with boring monotony. Railways, roads, a schooling system, Civil Services (that has descended into being Satan’s admin base on Earth), a common language, heck even the borders we cling to so tenaciously were defined by our Imperial past.

          The thing is, all these broadband connected, jet setting Indians who tell us how wonderfully India has done since the Brits gratefully quit – with their privileged backgrounds, middle, upper class, or up- their-own-A*** class – their grandparents were not exactly suffering under colonial rule. Old Nehru and his ilk went tearing off to get an Oxbridge education…why did these great leaders of ours not study at a little local University instead? Today Indians ( the teeny-tiny percentage that can afford to)take out exorbitant loans to acquire foreign degrees – why not stay home and go to a Government Arts College in the back-of-frikkin-beyond instead?

          What hypocrisy! The oppression of the Indians during Brit rule was mostly aimed at our poor, and I’m pretty certain our grandparents had no qualms about giving the Colonials a very generous helping hand in this. All that has changed since 1947 has been the colour of the oppressor. Today, we are the brown sahibs and we drive around in our disgustingly made Indian cars on our pot holed roads feeling all smug. And we pass by the poor man on the street with the same arrogance the white man did. Do you think there has been any difference in the life of a slum dweller since 1947. Oh ofcourse there is… now he gets abused by his own.

          If Colonial rule was so bad, what dumbasses were we to let it get to that point, to begin with. And that sort of stupidity deserves to be ripped off. Good for the Brits I say. They were smarter than us… plain and simple.

          And if we are going to be truly anti-colonial, let’s go the whole hog. Let’s dump our civil services, let’s never speak English again like some of our fat, disgusting politicians want (and oh let’s see how trade does after that), let’s shake hands and dissolve the border between India and Pakistan, let’s go back to the Gurukul education system, let’s give the Kingdom’s back to the royal families that were once in charge, and who sold us out in the first place… Let’s disband the army and start from scratch… hell even our army designations are a remnant of our Imperial past. On a separate note the Indian Armed Forces is one of the last few good things left in India… and it’s result of the discipline they hold dear – a discipline that was not born on native shores, I can assure you.

          This selective British bashing we love to do do – it has to stop. Our most glorious architecture comes from a foreign source, our most famous Indian beauty, the arrogant and wooden faced Aiswraya Rai does not look remotely Indian. Next time let’s choose a woman who actually LOOKS Indian. But no, our worship of white skin continues… on and on and on. Let’s shed these colonial vestiges…

          We are hypocrites. The Brits have moved on… we need to as well. And as we do, let us be gracious and thank them for benefits we enjoy today, courtesy their presence here for 200 years. Our thriving tea industry today is the result of a white man’s vision. Jinna was not exactly hacking his way through forests and building roads now was he? Our colonial heritage is a rich addition to our history. It had it’s good points, and it had some bad points. But to blame all the bad on them… seems unjust and is merely passing the buck. .

          We enjoy our middle class status, speaking English and working in a crummy call centres today, because of this heritage that, we say, did so much harm.

          The argument is, the Brits set up the infrastructure to service the Empire. Hey good for them… they worked together as a nation and ruled half the planet. Pretty impressive during a time when communication was so tough.

          If it was as bad as all that… why don’t we abandon all colonial attachments. Let’s go back to being what we were before the Brits came. A bunch of warring Kingdoms run by inbred and myopic royal families. To all you anti-Colonial mobbers I ask this. What would India be, and indeed would we even have an India today, if Colonial rule had never happened… what a scary thought!

        • Samony

          Could you please give a independent source that tells us how Indians, when the British arrived were naked, spear chucking savages, with no hint of civilization or culture.
          Maybe I read the wrong history book.

        • Wade in MO

          “Maybe I read the wrong history book.”

          Here’s the quote,

          “When the British arrived the Indians were naked, spear chucking savages, with no hint of civilization or culture.”

          (The Book of Wade, P.332)

          (The Book of Wade is kind of like the book of Mormon, but more authoritative.)

        • Amy

          ROFL Book of Wade

      • India

        South India has Muslims too, but majority of India’s Muslims are concentrated in the North. When we talk of the North, we mean the around 2/3 of the 30 states that are geographically in the top half of the country that speak the Indo-European languages. The Southerners speak Dravidian languages.

        All the Muslim empires (including the Mughals) ruled Northern India (not the South) and so its not surprising the Muslims are mainly found there. The Islamic culture in Northern India also derives lot of its influence from Persia and Central Asia because the Mughals were Central Asian in origin but were themselves Persianised.

        • India

          Also, lot of India’s 25 million or so Christians reside in the deep South in states like Kerela. There is also a significant Christian population in Orissa in Eastern India and a couple of the Northeast states.

    • Eman

      “Yes, India, thanks to the British, went into decay but is now recovering, but things like that won’t happen overnight. ”

      Yes, the British caused the problem by bringing in too much technology – especially related to hugely increasing agricultural yields – which allowed the racial mongrels to insanely proliferate. Now they swarm all over the place and drag the nation down.

    • Oneoftoomany

      HA HA HA HA HA! Can you even hear yourself… ‘low caste Indians’???? How about using the a phrase like ‘our marginalized, poor, downtrodden brothers and sisters’. How can someone using a computer even use a term like ‘low-caste’? It is a shocking indictment of the hideous prejudices that exist within our society and the complete and utter failure of our educational, political and social systems.

      And the West does not only show pictures and imagery of slums and poverty. Do you honestly think a David Cameron would be haring off to India because the West only sees the poverty and misery that is rife in India. The reason we resent the pictures of the truth being shown every now and then is because as a society we don’t like being shamed by the truth and so when it happens it sticks in our collective craw.

      To even begin to compare a Mumbai or Delhi to a London or a New York is beyond laughable. May I recommend a tad more travel and failing that, Google Earth. Metros and big buildings do not a grand city make. If that’s the case, Dubai should be the Number One city in the world… and we all know the truth about that place. The only way a London or NY can be compared to a Delhi or Mumbai, is that all these cities ave a definite pulse, a culture, a heartbeat that is tangible yet intangible. Good or bad is left to individual perceptions. And mine is – world class Indian cities… not in our lifetime methinks.

      And with reference to these low caste citizens you speak so disparagingly of – with respect sir, I can assure you they are not the ones making India look bad.

      • Oneoftoomany

        This post was in response to India’s on
        June 30, 2010 at 6:54 AM starting ‘Yet another anti-India post’, further up this page…

        Accidently posted it here – sorry!

      • SHAH

        Oh my God!! The discussion on the article is bigger than article it self.
        Just few words from my side, no nonsence; simple.
        Specially to OneTooMany; I am Sorry but; as BAPU said “We Should be the change we seek” and at the end of his autobiography he also said “I have got nothing new to teach to the world; everything is been said and done since ancient time, I am just here to remind you.” To OneOfTooMany- India now and in future will really need citizens like you(Sorry, who once were citizens of India) who are so educated but unfortunately the “BrainDrain” idea of other country has drawn you out of india. Braindrain is a term used for professionals like you who study and trained in their own country and move to Industrilised countries for better future while their own country needs them so badly by the way. Sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings here.

        • Oneoftoomany

          Thank you Shah… I have worked in India and I do know India has awesome potential. I would never dispute that. My war is against the Indian Government and India’s appalling social practices that make free thinking and free trade and freedom of expression virtually impossible.
          I have refused to give up my Indian citizenship and am unlikely to.. and despite my outspoken views and the personal battles I have had to fight there, I have a deep love for the land I was born in. I hope India will continue to produce more men like you… who can state their views around reasonable frameworks – and not get personal and ridiculous like some others on here. 🙂

    • Sanjeev

      I’m sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about. I live in Mumbai (oh and by the way, the place is a shithole that has progressively gotten worse since independence): we have 3 people working for us; combined, they make INR 17,000/month. They will never escape the bonds of poverty because they have not received public education.

      The entire system, education, economy, etc. is rigged to keep the status quo. Out of a current population of 1.2 billion, 900 million are abjectly poor and will remain so. By 2020, there will be 1.5 billion Indians in India and with the continued raping of people by the powers that be, India will remain a 3rd world country with a chance of being a 4th world country.

      • oneoftoomany

        Sanjeev, you and I need to talk. Finally someone who sees the utter chaos and misery that is India for the bulk of the population. Bless your soul for having this view… I have never met another Indian who held similar ( and articulate) views to mine and until now I thought I was the proverbial voice in the wilderness. That said, the idea of drowning our politicians in a river is rather nice.:-)

        To add to your thoughts… India is being systematically raped by her leaders, her civil services and her ignorant, socially and morally retarded middle classes. we have a singularly oppressive culture that inspires dogma, blind faith and the oppression of as many as it can. I do not know what the answer is. Maybe it’s more people like you and I. But I for one DO NOT want to return to that shithole.

        This is the country that has so ingrained the idea of ‘virtue’ into women that I actually know a 33 year old woman who after four years of marriage is uncertain of whether or not she is a virgin… and we are talking about a woman born and raised in our very own capital… THIS is Indian culture. Can we change it… probably not, so to sum up… in India some of live in the First World, others in the Developing and Third World, and for the masses… they may as well be living around the time when apes first began to evolve into man.

        What a sorry lot we are!

        Good on you… may your tribe grow large and prosper.

        • Bay Area Guy

          @ oneoftoomany

          At my part time job at a fast-food place, one of my managers is an Indian immigrant woman.

          She basically said something to the effect that India’s educational system has Indians a few years ahead of the U.S., and that she had a more rigorous education than most Americans.

          Upon reading what you say, I cannot help but think that this woman is from the middle/upper classes.

          Can you shed any light on this?

        • Wade in MO

          “Can you shed any light on this?”

          Well, almost 30% of the country is illiterate, so it couldn’t be that rigorous for everyone.

        • Tian

          Can you please comment on the prevalent Sinophobia in India? I saw an Indian newscast of a new nuclear missile. There was an animation of the missile hitting Shanghai. This type of “journalism” came as a shock to me. War would be bad for everybody.

    • Andy

      “there are 10s of millions of low caste Indians who make India look bad..”
      You still don’t get it do you? It is people like yourself looking down on people, and segregating people with your comments that make India a shit hole – your comments are so from the 1800s. Once again proving Robert Lindsay’s point.

      • Sangeetha

        Thanks Andy… could not agree with you more. Read my post in response to that ridiculous remark about low-caste Indians.

    • carlos

      “Yes, India, thanks to the British, went into decay but is now recovering, but things like that won’t happen overnight.” (by India)

      Not true, Hongkong didn’t decay, Singapore didn’t. Both were british colonies.

  8. Freud

    Now you know why they all want to move in on us.
    Just think if the neo-con ass-holes actually had their way and abolished all border controls, 1000 million Indians would be headed your way.
    Makes Mexican immigration look like the proverbial vicarage tea-party.*

    * A very british institution in which genteel folk partake of tea, cake and biscuits with the parish vicar of the Anglican church.Not to be confused with the American ‘tea-party’ movement.

  9. Freud

    You must have heard of Chicken McNuggets, but did you know that McDonald’s are about to launch a new item , tentatively named ‘Chicken McReagans’ on the American public very soon?
    – Apparently it’s all right-wing and ass-hole.

  10. randy

    and they fucking LOVE Hitler over there. did I read about that here?

    i read somewhere that they sell lots of copies of Mein Kampf in India, and you can find Hitler on t-shirts like you see Che on t-shirts here in America.

  11. FrankBD

    Is there a single nation between Morocco and New Guinea that wouldn’t be improved by re-colonizing it?

    • Much of North Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Syria, most of Arabia, Jordan and Iran are in good shape. Singapore and Malaysia are in good shape. Thailand was never colonized. Laos and Vietnam are run by nationalists who would not like to be recolonized. Anyway, the colonists did not help Indochina too much.

      • Cyrus

        Yah, I think anyone would be INSANE to try and control Vietnam. Look at our own experiences there, as well as that of the French and of the Chinese.

        • Or Laos.

          The Laotians are actually ferociously anti-colonialist, and that’s part of how the Communists won the war.

          I’d put Cambodia in there too. The Khmer Rouge came to power in part on anti-colonialism.

          Come to think of it, Filipinos did not react too kindly to colonialism either. They staged a long bloody insurgency and the Huk Rebellion after the war had roots in anti-colonialism.

          And anyone trying to colonize Afghanistan must have their head seriously up the ass. That’s as nuts as colonizing Vietnam.

          I saw this weird chart once of the wars of the last 1000 years or so. It was a funny chart, with winners and losers. But the two winners ended up being Vietnam and Afghanistan. They had basically defeated everyone who ever attacked them or tried to conquer them. The ultimate resistors.

        • Uh...what?

          I don’t know what “history” you two are relying on, but uh…I guess ignoring the existence of French Indochina and that Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to have never been colonized by the Europeans is “in”-thinking around here….

      • Oneoftoomany

        I have lived and worked in Jordan for 4 years, I can tell you with some certainty there is some serious rot here tat lies just below the liberal face they sow the world.

  12. Shawn

    Colonialism is generally a eugenic process where one group supplants another — this has happened since the dawn of time and as fostered our evolution.

    Diversity, or immigration via guilt is a dysgengic process where Western nation are committing suicide by letting aliens invade.

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  14. Eman

    India is a chaotic shithole because it is extremely mongrelized.

    Racial mongrelization = civilizational death

  15. Anonymous1

    India SUCKS
    I hate their useless & stupid (arrogant) country
    Indians are scum, morons & idiots (show-offs)

      • pintkuppy

        You Mr. Lindsay are an abominable racist and a hypocrite. Your racism is obvious and your hypocrisy stems from the fact that you refuse to acknowledge that fact. You blather on about the British being a constructive influence on India. The reason why India is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is because of the British policy of divide and rule. The British rhetoric against the Indian independence movement was that ‘we leave and you crumble into anarchy’ and boy did they make sure that would come to pass by partitioning India and actively encouraging islamic secession-ism. Sure they gave us the railways and the English language but if they had never stepped on Indian soil in the first place, we probably would have got these ourselves. India has shown that it can rise up through the rank of nations despite the burden of its colonial past. I say burden because the two hundred years of British Raj was marked by holistic and systematic draining of Indias wealth to fuel the economic rise of Britain, to fund the two world wars and to stock the coffers of British civil servants who worked in India with gems, jewellery and precious stones robbed from maharajas and nawabs who ruled princely states. The British described India as the Jewel in the crown. India was a goose that laid golden eggs for the british for two hundred years and after she stoically took all that abuse and broke her back from the economic exploitation wreaked upon her by the imperialists, you have some gall in turning around and saying India owes the British ? India owes nothing to nobody. Pretty soon it would be the West owing the East, what with the US fiscal deficit hitting the roof and likely hood of the dollar devaluing, the US defaulting on its national debt and the imminent collapse of the Eurozone you guys would need to borrow even from Vietnam to stay afloat. You have so much shit on your hands already. Why dont you try dealing with that first instead of worrying about Indias shit ?

        • Slumdog, you’re banned.

        • Michael

          The biggest fallacy and lie everyone is…

          Pakistan and Bangladesh were created by The British out of a nation called India.

          This is why freakin hate Indians and their BS, India came to existence in 1948 there was no nation called India before 1948. The British COLONISED the sub continent, the Hindus embraced the British. Sikhs and Muslims fought the British very aggressively to the bitter end. The Muslims had an empire! fragile! ageing and crumbling it was The Mughal empire and in its height controlled 3 quarters of the Sub Continent, where the fcuk was India then?. Sikhs conquered Punjab and annexed Kashmir and attacked the Pashtun belt for a 150 years where the fcuk was India.

          The British did not come to a country called India but a continent and colonised nation by nation. Because the Hindus were OUR loyal royal butt lovers and traditionally gave us an open hand with their women folk hence why many of the beautiful Bollywood actresses look very what’s the term oh yeah Aryan and NON indigenous Indian because of European, Sino, Persian, Arab, Afghan, Turkic and Mughal blood in them.

          Naturally we had to leave and the many people that belonged in the subcontinent jostled for independence because nobody wanted to be under a Hindu rule now come on.

          Pakistanis are different to Indians
          Bengalis are different to Tamil and Marathi people and had their own nation Sonar Bengal.

          So enough of the BS.. The upper caste Hindus whose daughter and sisters WE were bedding continue to feel betrayed by the British for agreeing certain people had a right to reclaim their identity.

          So enough of this Shyte that WE created Pakistan or East Pakistan.

          We even have given you chunk let’s of land that belongs to China, Bhutan, Myanmar.

        • Subi

          Michael, Do you have any idea what the history is? India was one state and there were several occasions when most of India was controlled by the Marathas. The Hindus had strong kingdoms like the Vijayanagar Empire, Maratha Empire etc. They also had cavalry and firearms, unlike the Amerindians. Firearms were already being used in Southern India as early as the 1300′s AD, two hundred years before the Portuguese
          even appeared. Hindus could fight very well too. They were known for being brave warriors.

          The Hindu kingdom of Calicut, for example, fought the Portuguese in a 100 year war and won. They were able to defeat Portuguese designs and prevent the Portuguese from conquering their kingdom

          The Hindu Marathas defeated the Portuguese throughout the 1600′s and early 1700′s AD, and drove them out of much of the West Coast. Look up Battle of Bassein, 1738 AD. The Portuguese were totally crushed in that battle and could never recover.

          If the Muslim invaders of the medieval period could not succeed in wiping out Hinduism, even after centuries of conflict with the Hindus, even though they were perhaps more brutal than the Spanish Conquistadores could have been, then there is no real reason to believe that the Spanish could have succeeded where the Muslims failed.

    • libertine81

      To be fair India’s economy is in great shape. What is worrisome is the caste system which stubbornly still plays a role in society

    • ur mother sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks & u too
      now LOL

  16. Siddharth Chaturvedi

    Did someone send you an invite to India? – I hope you are not visiting the shithole again- did you wash your feet before that sewage drops and dirties your beautiful dependent on India and China country.

    We have our share of problems but being such a large heterogeneous society that India is, I think its shaping up decently well. It will take time, will learn from white mans mistakes and build a much better future where even out of work crazy suffering from inflated superiority complex bloggers just might be welcome.

    • The Maoists are your only hope, you silly Indian nationalist!

    • Oh one more thing Sid. Forgot to tell ya.

      You’re banned!



      • john

        well Mr. Rob you are so free at home to write about economies of countries. You are very talented who knows which country is shithole which is not !!….Well Sir i think you are depressed person who is not getting any support from your native media or people. May be they are neglecting you thats why you talking about others. In between sorry i didn’t read about you native country..well from you face you look more like Iraqi or lebanese. Have fun jewish .

        I am from sydney …you can’t say any shit about that terrorists jews.

  17. Siddharth Chaturvedi

    Maoist are terrorist, they would be killed/suppressed brought into mainline in the next few years- they can never be taken as Hope- BTW who coined the term Maoist, did these guy take training from Mao’s army? do any of these even know what Mao stood for? Don’t make hero out of them – its akin to saying that Al qaida is your only hope. let them bomb more WTC for you!

    I may be silly but nothing wrong in being a Nationalist.

  18. Siddharth Chaturvedi

    Like I said earlier, I have issues with the term Maoist, Maoism is an ideology, these guys don’t have one, and even if they have resorting to killing in such brutal manner in my opinion is Terrorism – they should be called Terrorist. Secondly it was never a War in the last 41 years or so, its only since 2002 that they Joined hands with PWG that they have taken this stance, rest all were sporadic incidents of peoples unrest in isolated parts of country(very common across geographies of the world with large poor peasant population) against their government, its policies and its machinery. Successive govts were slow in understanding and responding to their threat but now they have woken up and rest assured it has never been and it would never be a day when India would be ruled by any kind of Terrorist.

  19. The big question,from my perspective,is what does sad sack India manufacture or produce that the rest of the world is in dire need of.The logistics and demographics of India suggest to me that this is a country which will ultimately implode from within.India is NOT sustainable and will ultimately burst apart and disintegrate.The Indian nationalists are too delusional and not realistic enough to know that India will have a very grim and horrific future punctuated by massive death,decay and collapse.

    • Dave

      Unfortunately for the rest of us, India is such a complete sack of shit that the Indians themselves dont want to live there. Trouble is as soon as one of them gets a toehold in someone elses country their kids, granny, aunts and uncles, bastard cousins soon turn up and befroe you know it they’ve turned your neighborhood into a shit-hole too. Just look at Southall or east London if you’re in any doubt about that. India produces nothing the world wants or needs, the only thing it produces are millions more Indians.

  20. Ajay

    I must say that i would have to agree 100% to every word Robert has to say about India. People here are so sickening only because they have never seen the brighter side of life. They don’t know it even exists. They have accepted it as life and don’t even want to give it a try to fix things in India. They are extremely confused. They have been thinking over many years that how does other countries do it? How do they prosper? So in order to do that they start copying them ..they start building malls which are not needed, getting the licenses to import foreign cars..whereas the roads are messed up, copying american movies, their dress styles, buildings. But they will not fix the sewage problem or water problem or electricity. They are trying to do everything what they can to become good as the other countries but not ready to accept the fact that they are actually assholes. And not only that, they don’t even want to be anywhere close to the vicinity of that awakening. So in order to avoid that situation as much as possible they make a propaganda that India is great and the multi culture society and lots of beauty and what not. Its all a trap in order to lieu you into something very can think of this as something out of a twilight zone. Where there is no purpose no meaning no profits no nothing but you get fucked anyway. Fuckers dont change their ways even when they move to other countries and play the dirty games there with innocent people. I can go and on to present my hatred for India and Indians in such a way that all that poison inside of me would probably kill anyone who reads it. But i think i would end it here. Jai Hind (fuckin Indians)

    • oneoftoomany

      Well said. A few more Indians speaking out against the country and its endemic nonsense is what we need.

      The Indian Government threatened Arundhati Rao with sedition,and had to come away with their tail between their legs,because she refused to back down to those bullies. She basically said the same things I am saying and got into trouble. So much for democracy and freedom of speech.

      I actually don’t blame the politicians. I am beginning to believe that it is the middle class apathy and arrogance that is to blame. Effin bastards, the lot.!

  21. Praveen

    These western bastards didn’t even knew about India a few decades back. They didn’t even bother to spit in this direction and now they have so much to complain. Suddenly, they are here to know about India, its culture. In an Overnight they know so much about India. See , they are reading so much about us because we are of no good and don’t have a life.
    We taught them how to count and they are saying that we a re fuckin illiterate.
    Their fimstars are embracing Hinduism because its teaches them how to become uncivilized Their companies come here begging us to work for them and they call us the beggars . They want our Yoga, Kamasutra , medicine,spirituality and then they say that we don’t have etiquettes & good manners. Our scientists and engineers are working to make their life better and they say that we don’t have a life. Your presidents and politicians come after us begging for jobs and you say that we steal your jobs. You people are real assholes, you treated blacks like slaves and call us the racist.

    What you are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and planning to do with Iran is nothing but making them more civilized by killing them like cockroaches.
    What you did with Japan and Vietnam was seen as a greatest gift to mankind by you people. You people are great YOU DESERVE A MEDAL. You say we are always fighting with each other but what you were doing with Soviet Union during the Cold war in 90’s was nothing but love making.

    The writer of the blog says that he has been reading about India and just reading some books by some asshole author entitled him the authority to talk shit. Don’t you have the kidneys to write your fuckin hate comments about your own country. Go fuck with your people’s brain. Let me tell you one thing you cannot belong to any country because you are a very different breed of human beings known as hypocrites and those lacking character. You are a troll.
    To hell with you and your views about our country.
    You are a fool who spits on Sun but it falls back on his own face.
    We r doing what we can do for us and you keep barking.

  22. Praveen

    I belong to land of Kamasutra and I can fuck you in more ways that you can even count.

    So stop this hatred.

  23. johnUK

    It is said more people died in India than in China during Maos rule is this true?

    • Wade in MO

      Yes. They died of stench. They just couldn’t stand to smell like poop anymore.

      • johnUK

        @Wade in MO

        I’m being serious even Chomsky stated this.

        @Robert Lindsay

        Why do you not criticise Pakistan which since its founding has been a cancer towards India, is not even attempting to improve the situation in its own country unlike India and even worse spreading its revolutionary Islamic filth abroad.

        When they face god’s wrath with flooding they scream “Please help us!”. They made a deal with the devil and now they are finally paying the consequences.

  24. desiboy


    Indian here, and i must admit you are 100% correct, it is a shithole with evil upper class, arrogant and ignorant middle class, dumb and stupid lower class.

    thanks for the great commentary

    • Hi, you are right. Actually, I like India and I want it to do better. Hence my critique. My sympathies are with the lower classes of course. Oh those poor people! How sad for them. I’m with the Maoists. I’m not a Maoist myself, but I think they are the only hope to move India towards a decent country.

      • johnUK

        @Robert Lindsay

        How come you give Pakistan a free pass?

        That’s worse than India with an ungovernable Islamic state with tons of nukes, corrupt as hell, total in bed with MI6/CIA and Saudis in supporting Islamic terrorism even before 79 Afghan war beginning in the mid 70’s with BCCI with the ISI basically being a foreign branch of western intelligence, supporting and funding the Taliban since 94, stirring up trouble in India and other countries, etc.

        At least India has a progressive economic policy with a developing IT market and annual growth of GDP unlike that mess in Pakistan.

        • I don’t give Pakistan a free pass. It’s a total shithole too. But there are not that many fanatical Pakistani nationalists out there. Even Pakistanis know the place is a shithole. It’s only obvious.

          I’m not really into Muslim-bashing here on this site. You’ve come to the wrong site if you are looking to do that. Of course there’s a fundamentalist problem in Pakistan – they are Muslims, what do you expect?

          India most certainly does NOT have a progressive economic policy and all of its economic growth is totally worthless. Growth has been explosive for 15 years, and the rate of malnutrition has been flat. It’s neoliberal economics, gut taxes, starve the state, gut social spending, trickle down supply side neoclassical economics. It doesn’t work.

        • oneoftoomany

          DOH! We are talking about India and not Pakistan… that’s why! Why would you even make that connection – the mind boggles. And is one again a typical Indian reactionary stance. let’s deflect the subject onto something or someone else, so the focus is on their faults, rather than ours. Grow up, sunshine!

        • johnUK

          @Robert Lindsay

          Yeah but I don’t see as much criticism against Pakistan than India and they didn’t support a regime that harboured terrorist involved in terrorism against the US? If we are to believe the BS Al Qaeda/9/11 narrative.

          Why do you support Kashmiri separatists?

          1) They are trained and represent a foreign country and part of the international jihadist movement.
          2) There Islamists tied to other Islamists groups who would join Kashmir under Pakistan control and create one Taliban state like they have in Pakistani controlled Kashmir.
          3) In 89 there ethnically cleansed through terrorist bombings and massacres 300,000 ethnic Kashmiri’s (forget the actual name of indigenous ethnic group).

          I think malnutrition rate is due to the Indians large and growing population something they have not tackled unlike China.

          Then there is neighbouring states they have to deal with and their effect on India not just Pakistan but Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    • oneoftoomany

      Someone who agrees… do my eyes deceive me. Cheers Desiboy. You may be the one Indian male I actually approve of. 🙂

      • India


        Aishwarya Rai looks very Indian. There is no way would I mistake her for anything but a South Asian. We have our diverse phenotypes in the Subcontinent and she belongs to one of those.

        Anyway, I applaud the fact that you are a very independent thinking woman and I wish there were more women like you in India because the country would be better for it.

        My comments regarding the low castes making India look bad was not meant to be disparaging. I don’t beleive in all this caste nonsense. It only creates unnecessary divisons and subjects people to inequalities because they happen to be born into a ‘lower rank’ and affording prievalages to others. I was only referring to the overcrowded nature of Indian metros. Lot of the poor flock to the cities from rural areas even from faraway states only to find themselves living on the streets. And this is what gets portrayed here on British and other Western television networks. We are constantly subject to images of overcrowded slums in major cities, completely relegating and even neglecting alltogether anything good that is happening in the country. this makes India look bad in the eyes of foreigners.

        I know they would go where they believe they will find work so they cannot be blamed.

        I am a proud Indian and would love nothing more than see India reduce poverty and lift hundreds of millions into self-sufficiency and even into the middle-class. But we know these things take time.

        As a Muslim, I do not adhere to caste politics and see everyone as an equal. No one should be born better than anyone else. But a lot of the problems we see in India today are a result of idiologies that are thousands of years old which has compartmentalised Indian society into factions based on work they did, colour of skin, etc. How can a country advance when you indict a lot of the population?

        I would love to see corrupt officials that stack away millions into unregulated accounts meant to benefit the people of India, hang from the Gateway of India infront of cheering crowds. The ruling elite of India have for too long denied the lower catstes a right to a life because of the ‘clique’ nature the Indian society is based.

        Having said all that, there is no denying India is going places and things have improved greatly since economic liberalisation in the early 90’s. And things are improving further as Indian society as a whole becomes less fragmented and caste conscious. Some of the government policies (reservations) have improved things in that regard.

        • oneoftoomany

          Take a look at how our government runs… it’s a fitting indictment of ‘reservation’ stupidy. We have villagers for diplomats… just perfect. We are going places as a result of momentum and I for one hope that the momentum grinds to a halt and the apathetic middle classes grind to a halt with it. As for our politicians and government officials… they should be sent of to Siberian labour camps. Or better yet… gas chambers… though frankly they deserve to die horrible, painful deaths. Extreme I know, but I’m upto my eyeballs.

          We are not progressing. A growing middle class living off debt is not growth, nor is it progress.

          But at least you INDIA accept there are problems… that’s a relief. 🙂

      • desiboy

        thank you,
        i am actually very indian, been in us for only past 4 years. But the truth is despite all the hoopla that indian netizens make about super power 2020, biggest democracy, great culture blah blah blah you cannot make shit smell nice by spraying perfume on it!!

        • Cyrus

          Wait, and Indian in India, or a transplant here in the U.S or in the U.K?

          all the hoopla that indian netizens make about super power 2020, biggest democracy, great culture blah blah blah you cannot make shit smell nice by spraying perfume on it!!”

          Pretty much sums up their talking points…

        • oneoftoomany

          Agreed. :-). The problem is most Indians like to believe their own bullshit. Frankly we are a semi-taliban state. Democracy… HA!

          Cheers Desiboy… maybe you should be our next PM.

    • Wade in MO

      “Indian here, and i must admit you are 100% correct, it is a shithole with evil upper class, arrogant and ignorant middle class, dumb and stupid lower class”

      Are india and the US ‘sister’ countries?

      • Cyrus

        Yup. America can really pick’em, Lets piss-off China, who is in perhaps the most rapid modernization process in human history and an emerging superpower, who owns and supports our massive debt and deficit. All the while jumping in bed with India…A “paper wannabe tiger” that owns virtually none of our debt, is not growing anything like China, and is China’s arch enemy.

        If anything, we already are borrowing money from China, to help build a “coalition” with our new Indian friends…

        Should I add that this is the idea that Israel has been pushing, since they did not find their “New American sugar-daddy” in China, and actually left the place with their tails between their legs. Politically speaking, of course?

        • Wade in MO

          “Should I add that this is the idea that Israel has been pushing, since they did not find their “New American sugar-daddy” in China, and actually left the place with their tails between their legs”

          I always thought that India and Israel were natural allies becasuse of their mutual conflict with islam. We keep hearing how indians are becoming a more important political lobby and the indians are also becoming important political pundits. If the indians gain the type of influence the jews already have our armies will never leave the islamic world. It’s a very scary thought, but no one seems to much care. Guess there’s a sale down at the local mall….

      • oneoftoomany

        CLAP CLAP!

    • Ryan Cruise

      ASSHOLE……….. I BELONG TO THE LAND OF KAMASUTRA I can FUCK you in more ways than you can count !!!!!!!

    • Oneoftoomany

      Hey desiboy… good on you. Let’s call it like it is.

  25. jay

    Dear Mr. Robert Lindsay
    Thanks for your nice post,
    I am from the shithole (as you called our country) and i invite you to come and work with us to improve the situation here, if you think you can do something for it,
    And if you have nothing to do with it, than kindly shut your mouth and don’t make any comments
    We have 1.2 billion peoples to think about it.
    And if you continue this fucking bullshit blog, we can shut it down,
    so mind it you mother fucker bullshit,stay away from our country we don’t need you , only your peoples need us(India, china and emerging economy)for their jobs.
    And i can give you permission to ban me from your shithole blog.

    • Permission granted sir! Have fun in Bharat! But watch out for that woman shitting on the sidewalk up ahead! Don’t step in it or anything!

      • jay

        fuck off bustard

        • Bye honey.

          On your way out the door, please try to speak proper English.

          A bustard is a large bird. I don’t know if bustards live in India, but if they do, they probably feast on turds, right?

        • Wade in MO

          ” I don’t know if bustards live in India, but if they do, they probably feast on turds, right?”

          They’d certainly have a large selection!

        • oneoftoomany

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Indian English at it’s ridiculous best.

          And please observe – the classical defensive stance of the Great Subcontinental Bustard ( insert A where appropriate)… otherwise known as the average Indian male.

          And hey Robert… as for stepping on stuff… he’s more likely to step on the poor woman squatting on the side walk. Can you believe my luck… having to grow up and live in amongst that sub-species for the better part of my life. Shudder!

    • desiboy

      boo hoo
      i am crybaby, go screw your self jay!,
      you incoherent, ignorant , arrogant self righteous turd dweller

  26. libertine81

    Actually India is not doing so bad. In the past two decades, the size of the middle class has quadrupled (to almost 250 million people), and 1 percent of the country’s poor have crossed the poverty line every year. At the same time, population growth has slowed from the historic rate of 2.2 percent a year to about 1.3 percent today. India’s economic growth rate may soon surpass China.

    • Johan

      economic growth never lasts stupid! just look at japan.
      kudos to the article couldn’t agree more india is a giant bucket of faeces seeping out from all sides

      • India

        Economic growth may not last forever, but Japan was a very very poor country a few decads ago and now it is the 3rd largest economy, having been 2nd largest for a long time and only surpassed by China very recently. So even if India maintains its current growth rate (or even slightly less) for 2 decades, we will see enormous amount of progress in that time because if you look at the population growth, it is stablasing and decreasing to a managable rate. The pace economic growth should overcompensate the rate of population growth rate. I am confident India should top 10% growth rate in the coming years (if global economic circumstances improve).

        Believe it ir not, India is still quite a closed economy and FDI has been nothing like China. You can say it has helped India somewhat remain sheltered from the global economic slowdown but it has also prevented India from receiving far greater foreingn investment. The ever improving infrastructure with some 20km of road a day, should sawy foreign companies. Also, as India reduces some protectionist barriers, we should see India may well replace China as the manufactering hub of the world rathern just be an informational technology outsourcing capital. Manfuactering afterall is what gets a lot more people employed.

  27. India

    I have been both supportive and critical of India. But I will come to its defence when it is attacked mindlessly as some are beginning to do. Yes India has its problems but let’s not forget the progress India is making also. Its not all doom and gloom as some of you make out. We have our crooks and people with enormous self-interest that have denied the poor for very long, but attitude is changing. Even regionalism in India among the middle class is no longer as it was. I think there is a real sea change in attitude where the youth want to improve the country and make it better than the rest of the world. Its a great attitude that is beginning to be ingrained in the mindset of the people throughout the country. They want to come together for the good of India. A Punjabi no longer looks down on a Tamil in the same way as he would do before. They get along quite well now.

    As for Indian English, Indians probably speak the best English outside English speaking countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada. In fact, some Indians atcually speak better English and have a wider vocubulary in that language than even many Native English speakers do, despite English being a scond language and sometimes even the third for some of the people in India.

    I have heard Europeans (such as French, Germans, Spanish) speak and its often very heavily accented and quite often in very broken English. And these are people who have been learning English as a second language. But I think the Dutch and few Scandanevians can speak it quite well.

    • Wade in MO

      “As for Indian English, Indians probably speak the best English outside English speaking countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada”

      Yeah, but their accents are so heavy and weird. I often wonder if Indian English is not an entire dialect instead of just an accent.

      Also, the “best” speakers have to be the east asians. Look up the site “EnGrish” and see what I mean.

      • India

        No chance, everytime I go back to India I am amazed how well people speak English, especially the young. The shopkeepers, those who work in the cafes and restaurants and on the streets speak it rather well. If you look at televison debate shows in India, the people in the audience generally speak really well. They speak it better than some English people in the UK do.

        East Asians are actually knwon for their bad English. Even in the West, East Asians who have lived for several years still speak in heavily accented and often in broken English.

        • Wade in MO

          “East Asians are actually knwon for their bad English”

          That was the joke. The site called enGrish has a ton of pictures of signs in east asia that are in “english.” The signs are so wrong that they’re funny and many say something totally different than what the writer intended.

          “No chance, everytime I go back to India I am amazed how well people speak English”

          Well, I have a hard time understanding many indians at college. I can tell that they know what they are saying and it sounds fluent, but the accent is so weird that sometimes it is completely incomprehensible.

  28. India

    The fact that there are some comonalities between Indian and European languages through Sanskrit, may have someting to do with Indians picking up English quickly. Then again, it does not explain why Europeans (non-English speaking with the Dutch and Scandenavians excepted) speak it rather poorly.

    The perception of Indians having the stereotypcial Indian accent is old, and is generally confined to the older generation.

    • Wade in MO

      “The fact that there are some comonalities between Indian and European languages through Sanskrit, may have someting to do with Indians picking up English quickly. Then again, it does not explain why Europeans (non-English speaking with the Dutch and Scandenavians excepted) speak it rather poorly.”

      I doubt that the fact that both are indo-european really matters a lot. I doubt learning Russian would be easy just because I speak english. The european countries don’t have a “native” english tradition implanted by colonialism like India does.

      • Cyrus

        I doubt that the fact that both are indo-european really matters a lot. I doubt learning Russian would be easy just because I speak english. The european countries don’t have a “native” english tradition implanted by colonialism like India does.

        Trust me when I say it does, Wade. It is more than just remembering words, but a way of thinking. For you to learn Russia would be simpler than if you tried to learn Chinese. Like wise, you could pick up Persian far easier than Turkish. I’ve seen that happen over and over again.

        • Wade in MO

          True, I didn’t say it wouldn’t matter, I said it wouldn’t matter a lot. While in comparison Russian may be easier than Chinese, gaining a high level of fluency would still be difficult. I’ve heard russian is a hard language for english speakers to learn. Perisan might be easier. I heard that persian grammar has been simplified in the past few centuries just like english grammar has. I think I remember one guy saying it may even be easier to master persian grammar than german grammar. Also, she was talking about indians in comparison to europeans, most of who speak indo-european languages.

          I wonder how good the english of the dravidian speakers is.

  29. PhoenixSF90

    I stumbled across this post by accident and have found the responses to your post highly entertaining, informative and interesting. I think that many aspects of Indian culture and its multifaceted problems have been discussed, and the resounding conclusion is that it faces many, many problems. But at the very least, things seem to be looking up for India.

    Across the border in Pakistan, the social hierarchy, values, norms and mores are very similar to that of India. It is yet another ‘shithole’ as has been so eloquently described by Mr. Lindsay. The streets of Karachi have potholes, heaps of garbage. I have seen beggars with incredible genetic defects, children in torn, tattered clothes and other colourful markers of the ‘shitholes’ of the world.

    I can go on and on about how utterly depressing this country’s situation is; its problems hit you hard, from its terrible reputation to its endemic poverty, and being born in a ‘privileged’ family doesn’t help. I have the opportunity to study at one of the UK’s finest universities, and yet I have met absolutely brilliant people who could make something out of themselves languish in filthy, useless schools. This gap between rich and poor, this unfair division in society – and worst of all – the iron grasp of religious arrogance makes it painful to even look at Pakistan.

    Religion is a powerful opiate, as it is a powerful weapon. The mixture of ignorance and piety are potent tools that have been manipulated so effectively by the elite. I am astounded by how resolute people are in faith, whereas I have no issues with spirituality, I find certain aspects of people’s faith downright illogical. From clothing women from head-to-toe in the foreign burka, to an incredibly reactionary attitude to any challenges to their belief. This, along with a powerful feudal system that practically enslaves serfs to landlords effectively freezes Pakistani society in the 1500s.

    I have met, and befriended people from this group, and despite their lavish houses, clipped American-Pakistani accents and Private school education, few wish the status quo to change – why should they when it doesn’t suit them? But the minority that do want change (i.e. rather drastic social change) are drowned by the more powerful land-owners, bureaucrats and industrialists with vested interests in the status quo.

    Even Pakistan’s conduct in the ‘War on Terror’ (and America’s too, might I add) are in the rulers’ interests.

    Nevertheless, I don’t see how it is wrong for the Indian/Pakistani/some random ‘shithole’ family to enjoy their Volkswagen, or build a nice home for themselves. I think it is perfectly reasonable to wish and try to live in comfort.

    Pakistan’s situation is slightly different from India, given the complexity of its geopolitics, its internal political wrangling and its extremism-related issues. Nevertheless, both countries share similar traditions, norms, values and thus similar social problems.

    Things need to change. I remember being terrified when even hearing of a suicide bombing. Since then, I have experienced three bombings, seen the ambulances rush past and the blood-stained walls at their sites.

    One can see the same slums in India, observe the same child labour and feudal practices one sees in India and witness the same intellectual malaise when it comes to bringing about social change. It is a deplorable situation.

    I agree with the overwhelming majority of what has been posted here, but I will state that not all progress in South Asia has resulted from British colonialism. The notion that the British ‘civilised’ the ‘natives’ is starkly reminiscent of Colonial attitudes. Whereas selective Brit-bashing is stupid, ascribing any ‘civilised’ traits of South Asians to British rule is ridiculous.

    Mr. Linday, India has been a great civilisation of the past – it wasn’t perfect, but it, like China, Rome, Byzantium, Greece et al produced fantastic works of culture, philosophy, technology and science.

    The timing of British rule could not have been better, with the Renaissance, Industrialism and other ‘progressive’ ideas being imported and mixing with the fabric of Indian society and identity – thus changing it, and the region, forever.

    If you travel anywhere in the world, you will see the world in flames; poverty, disease, ignorance and discontent permeates every corner – there are shitholes everywhere. India, Pakistan et al are full of shit, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be in that state.

    Above, one can see that many know the problems and perhaps the possible solutions. The question is, how do we implement them?

    • PhoenixSF90

      Correction: With reference to the British rule in India, I intended to say that not all ‘civilised’ traits are derived from British rule.

  30. Ryan Cruise

    ASSHOLES……….. I BELONG TO THE LAND OF KAMASUTRA I can FUCK you in more ways than you can count !!!!!!!

  31. lin

    I think the topic is not a good one, because it only highlights all those bad issue of India.india is not a bad country at all,it is a rich heritage and a great past. may be current situation is quite bad but I think she will grow as a regional power and may be in our life time it will become 3rd or may be 2nd largest economy.
    Like in the case of china, till 1970 both India and china look like the same, both are poor and underdeveloped. But now look where china is, India is a late starter and may be they follow their former kings policy “slow but steady”
    Personally I say India is a very complex country and we cannot assume her from outside. The cast systems and corruption is the main enemy for Indian development.
    I have been there for 3 times in last 5 years, every time I saw rapid change in everything. From infrastructure to people’s life, everything is change so rapidly.
    I don’t know what is the motto to start this blog,may be the owner is try to aware peoples about the reality of india.but I can say what kind of words used in this blog not accepted by any one.after all whatever India is,it is a great country and it has a great contribution to the world and human kind, more than USA,only china can stand on front of india.
    Hope peoples agree with me.
    Sorry for wrong English if I write, I am not a English speaker

  32. I had a conversation in a train with a bunch of young men. They seemed to be of the opinion that India was doing wonderfully well and would be a world power etc.
    Truly pathetic.
    The problem is that the global crack up boom on excessive liquidity has allowed a lot of countries to get away with vast inefficiency.
    however 2011-2015 will be a different story baby!
    Indians are the most smug, stupid, self satisfied, shiftless and spineless human beings on the planet.

  33. jayanta

    those young men from the train are 100% right……

  34. Vishal

    Hello Robert,

    I am from India and I study in US . You are correct in your analysis about India. However , there is a tiny portion of population who refuse do rest on past laurels ( if any ) and want my country to do better. Actually, most Indian people who have studied in US help India the most via remittance .

    Most Indian people are still very apathetic and live in a delusional world of their own. They create this world with a VERY heavy dose of religion . I don’t like the word “caste system” , however every time someone tries to fix this system they end up strengthening it.

    Indians need to change their attitude and believe a little more in charitable causes and that world exist outside of their homes. Failiing to change this provincial and idiotic nationalistic attitude would result in implosion of my country.

    I agree that in past ( thousands of years ago) we had some really good stuff going on for us. The reason for its collapse is the same internal conflict that is going on till now. Once that was gone and most people were running like headless chickens , it was British that brought some order to India. No doubt, they committed many horrific crimes but their two works ( railways and English language ) are still serving India well. For some reason Indian have an attitude to bow to white man and we are still doing the same . It is for that this reason out whole “information economy” is surviving. Clearly , it has done us very good in terms of bringing prosperity and widening middle class. However, that path to prosperity is always laden with a hint of new age slavery.

    Problem is Indians lend themselves to exploitation and and than they complain they are being exploited. I have met many westerners and the thing that I like most is that they can clearly articulate their thought. I agree that they are not math wizards as many Indians are but I find it is clearly more important to make up your mind that count 139*12383 or something like that.

    I shouldn’t generalize but from my experience I can say Indians are more racist people in the world. Again, I am brown and I have been called “sand nigger” here in US , I dont pardon that. However, in terms of ratio of racism Indians win. Many of them are cheat and lie in business. I think its not the their fault as the prevailing conditions breeds that into the after all a person is a product of his/her environment. We need more clearly thinking, non racist, decisive , accommodating and most importantly loving people to Improve my country. I am optimist and I hope for the best and I will do what I can.


  35. Vilander

    1, India is surely offensive to a casual visitor, but one should save judgement until proper research.

    2, India is very populous because, most indians dont fall in love and conceive a family but move from puberty to marriage to parenthood and so on.

    3, Hinduism in its most simplistic form appears heathen, but there are so many offshoots now that we all would see a much improved version soon.

    4, The politicians are pathetic, high degree of corruption exists in legislative, executive and even judiciary. But there is a high growth trend in net income of the govt, and substantial salary increases in all fields.

    5, Poverty is a problem, there are very few answers, india does not have the resources of europe but has number of poor equal to Africa., so its going to take some time.

    6, India IT industry is very very healthy, opposed to the views expressed here, its indeed so healthy that its one of the world growth drivers.

    7, Indian fiscal management is not poor, and they have just been a capitalist economy for around a decade since 1991 and have progressed just fine.

    8, Indian educational institutions are all not poor, some of them indeed are very good, and to presume that all clever indians are western educated would be very wrong and ultimately self defeating.

    9, But the good news is India is friendly towards the US so nothing really to worry.

    • Vilander

      10, The most important one, India has 155 million Muslims and the majority 82% are Hindus and around 2 % Christians. Now if you look around , Indian muslims are the most tolerant in the world and india is the only country where muslims are substantial in numbers but are living in relative harmony with a majority, if we are to avert radical Islam into spiraling out of control this country is where we start the good work.

      • Nadir

        LOL what explains such extremism amongst Indian Muslims then and all the violence that has resulted from it? Even in Pakistan most of the fanatics are Muhajirs. I’d say even Saudis people are more tolerant Muslims than Indian Muslims

        • Oneoftoomany

          Yep…have to agree. I have always said, Saudi arabia can take lessons from India in hypocrisy and double standards.It’s the only thing India does truly well.

      • tulio

        I think Indonesian Muslims are the most tolerant.

        • Wade in MO

          “I think Indonesian Muslims are the most tolerant”

          Is it because one was elected president of the USA?

      • Trinket

        The guy who committed gujjerat genocide of Muslims is running for Prime Minister of India, and Indians are supporting those criminal of humanity with their vote bank! What are you talking about! India truly is a shit hole in all aspects.

  36. Nadir

    Robert Lindsay means to say Karachi is a sh***thole. Karachi the city of Muhajirs (Muslims who migrated from other parts of India) and ruined the city. It became a dumping ground for immigrants from all over South Asia even today.
    Islamabad on the other hand a Punjabi city is more comparable to a North American or a European city.

  37. Nadir

    One thing I don’t get with all these ISI bashing Indians and their Muhajir compatriots is on the one hand they accuse it of supporting extremists and on the other hand accuse it of being a Western ally.

    Oh yeah ISI bashing and Pakistan bashing is a huge Indian cultural phenomenon.

    • johnUK


      The ISI terrorist organisation supported and helped with Saudi financial support and the CIA, MI6 and NATO to install the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to help train mainly Central Asian, Chechen and other groups in camps in Afghanistan and the tribal region of Pakistan.

      Since the mid 70’s (yes before the Afghan war in 79) the US has worked with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to spread jihadist terrorism worldwide starting with the BCCI bank.

      Financial history of “Al Qaeda” is covered in the 9/11 lawsuit.

      • Michael

        Your not doing India any favours by deflecting to Pakistan.
        We know about Pakistan BUT I know for certain with out going there these people nor Afghanis or Bangladeshis for that matter “shit” in streets.

        Your a petty man to deflect your nations shitiness onto other nations.

        Sorry petty is not right but pathetic and this is who you people are passive aggressive, pretend to be meek but are back biting, slanderous, bad mouthing, back stabbing cowards.

        Pakis are k……n…….o……..b…….a toooo maybe I am racist but Pakis and Sikhs say it to your face not like you rat worshipping freaks.

        Why would you deflect?

        Sums up Indians I guess, brush your shit under the carpets with your fake smiles.

  38. Nadir

    You’re speaking of the past. And it’s not the lower caste that makes India look bad it’s the rich upper caste. That place is the poorest place on Earth no country has that many poor people. Even Africa is a first world continent compared to India

  39. Anand

    I am an Indian and I may or may not agree with the gist of the article. But I genuinely feel that Maoism is no panacea to the multi faceted problems of the Indian state or the Indian society. On the contrary, it will only add fuel to the fire. I wonder how any level headed person from the west can propose such an inherently anti-democratic proposition.

    As to the fate and future of India, Indians are pretty fatalistic and if you think about it, in the ultimate analysis, nothing of what you think or do might matter at all, be it in relation to India or the world in general.

  40. Alex

    Yeah you’re right Robert. After coming to UK I realise that India is indeed a shit-hole but there is no way improving current situation. I would rather settle somewhere in Europe than wasting my life in Indian politics.

  41. nick romano

    All this time I thought I was the only one that thought Indians are some FUCKED UP people………besides the food, which absolutely sucks ass, when I see or read about dalits, I CANNOT BELIEVE that the world isn’t up and arms about how these poor bastards are treated………………… crappy their lives are………………and NOT because they created this situation by themselves (like so, so many of the worlds “opressed” but SIMPLY because you are BORN.

    “NO, you can’t be sucessful, WE WONT ALLOW YOU TO TRY!!!!”
    WTF IS that!!!!!!!

    THis was a GREAT post……more people should read about what I consider one of the worlds true oppressions, one that hasn’t made it to hollywoods little “causes to have concerts for””” Anyone want to give BONO a call!??!?

    • Oneoftoomany

      Hi Nick,

      Indian here and totally agree. The world needs to wake up to the reality of India. It’s a horrific place on an ever downwards social and moral spiral… and I agree, it is one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet… but the real horror is they are selling it as some sort of progressive democracy and land of opportunity – and people are buying that lie. It is a semi-Taliban state. And the apathy of Indians to the gross inequities of existence there does not bear thinking about.

      It makes my stomach turn and I wish I could seek political asylum somewhere.

      • Rahul

        @ Robert Lindsay

        Thank you so much for the enlightenment by writing this post.Its not only informative but entertaining at the same time. I couldn’t have agreed less. I am proud as well as ashamed for my country. I hope more people (Indians) including me could be more critical of our shortcomings rather than bashing about our delusional achievements. I hope tomorrow’s India would be better than yesterday’s India. We can debate here all day long but its not easy to run a big homogeneous country like this. Binding it together since 1947 when others wrote it off predicting its disintegration is an achievement in itself. But then no body is PERFECT everybody is just different.We need to work it out to make it perfect. You might look at a glass as half empty or half full. Everybody is entitled for an opinion. Charity starts at home so I am doing my bit by forwarding this post to my friends in hope more and more people could read it and become more critical in their thinking and try to learn positively not only from our shortcomings but of others as well so that where others have failed we shall succeed.

      • Rahul

        @ Oneoftoomany

        Oh boy I am such an instant fan of your pragmatic rhetorical bashing orz. You are one hell of a bloody Indian :p
        I can’t wait for your book to get published. All the best. I am not an ardent reader. But after reading your comments you made me one. I would love to read your blogs if you write any.

        • Oneoftoomany

          Rahul, Thank you so much. That’s so good to hear. Especially as some idiot with a single digit IQ accused me of being like Arundati Roy and effectively said I should have faeces flung at me…

          Thank you for supporting the cause and a big round of applause to Robert to enabled this debate. Isn’t it a shame that it takes a westerner to bring about this debate…? Maybe I should start my own blog, but I enjoy Mr. Lindsay’s way too much.

          Men like you are the glimmer of hope that India has. Please have lots of children will ya? We need a balance to the morons being produced currently. 🙂

          Once again, thank you and as my book get’s published I will let Robert know and he can pass details onto you directly.

    • Your Dad!

      Nick romano! Please repair your country instead of breeding your virus here..Cheers

  42. Daniel

    I stumbled upon this website when I typed “India is” and Google’s instant search gave “india is a shithole” as a first suggestion. Boy, is this blog being read by people now!

    Well, I quite agree with almost everything being said in this blog (though I didnt read all the comments).

    I do not know why but I feel most Indians have a certain degree of identity crisis. People who take false pride in Indian’s achievements (not India as a whole) see it through a very narrow angle. All the statistics makes me only think that Indians do well abroad. Most of the companies and enterprises we work for are foreign (even if they set shop in India). Plus most of India’s booming softpower cater to foreign requirements. If the foreign influence in India is withdrawn, I do not know what to make of it. Globalization is important no doubt, but we as a nation are not independent, not in terms of feeding ourselves but more in terms of independent thinking (ISRO’s moon mission and some other occasions are exceptions). We constantly need someone to tell us what to do and what not. I think this came about over the centuries of invasions which made us adopt a kind of “intellectual servitude”. More people are interested in India’s ancient heritage and culture than Indians themselves, in terms of seriously understanding them. I puzzled me why its that they. Even now, you see its happening. Mr. Robert Lindsay had to tell us this. Have we all become blind?

    There is something which needs to be corrected. Its more to do with the Indian psyche. Yes, we cannot be basking in our glorious ancient past. The present situation is kind of O.K as India as a nation is somehow working. There is certain level of ignorance among Indian youth too. We have to be awakened. I do not know how because its an complex issue. This blog could be the beginning.

    @Oneoftoomany you are a brave woman.

    • Oneoftoomany

      Hi and thanks Daniel. Appreciate the support. I get precious little for my less than popular views on MAHAN Bharath. 🙂

      But when males from my country speak out… and against the problems there, I feel we have taken a small step in the right direction.


    • Your Dad!

      Daniel! Your statement
      I stumbled upon this website when I typed “India is” and Google’s instant search gave “india is a shithole” as a first suggestion. Boy, is this blog being read by people now!
      Actually you were particularly looking for this kind of Topic..Try to read a bit about your beautiful country….PAKISTAN!

  43. sheet

    Talking about shit holes…your face looks like one…
    Hahaha ! So true ! I think you’r just jealous of what all India has been able to do for herself after independence ! STOP RANTING AND GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT> I SUGGEST, READ A BIT MORE, SOUND RIGHT, SAY THE RIGHT STUFF, DONT BULL **IT, calm down, and think, INSTEAD OF RANTING LIKE THAT 🙂

  44. Adi

    Phew man you need to get over your hatred, you are just harming your own fucking self man. This just a rant, you generalize all indians as oblivious to the ground realities, fact is an average india knows more about the state (or state of shittiness) we are in than an average american does. Indians are probably the most self critical people i have seen of all the places.

    I can only be shocked at people who think of themselves as civilized would berate others facing a problem. if you were any better, you would act to make things better. See Acumen fund and what they are doing.

    Some of the commenters on this thread are plain stupid, maybe i should post pictures of beggars in new york here?

    Don’t hide your insecurities by attacking someone else, thats what bullies do. if you studied india, you would know, trillions of dollars of indian money is stashed away in foreign countries that goes to fund the richer economies.

    And you know what, the basic difference between indian and america is not that indians are less intelligent or culturally less suited to entrepreneurship but rather that of finances.

    you talk about indians being delusional about their achievements. i would say americans are delusional about their wealth and prosperity, an average american owes more in debt than 100 indians combined, US and UK are the worlds highest in debt nations.

    if they start defaulting on the interest payments, they would swing into the death spiral that we will probably talk about in indian history books.

    Everytime you point a finger at someone else, 3 point at you.

    You call your self a journalist, write something that inspires people, go beyond these little childish rants, say something constructive, say it in a way people listen and change.

    We live in a connected one world now, what happens in america affects and Indian, what happens in indian affects america, if you can’t play nice being a world citizen, you are worse then the people you accusing of creating and living in a shit hole.

    I am Indian, I frequent america for business often, i could move to america long time back if i wanted to, i stay back, i love indian despite its problems, why?

    I see opportunity where you see problems. There is no better joy in doing your bit to save your nation from corrupt thieves and seeing it go from shit hole to society people look up to.

    You have my email now through the comment, drop me an email when you come to india next, i’ll show you the better side you have been unfortunate so far to see.

    Live and let live.

    • Oneoftoomany

      Yes please show him how the 750 million live, not how you live. And while you’re at it, try living like one of those people for 24 hours before you start telling the world about your globe trotting existence. YOU are not the majority and not even representative of the majority of middle class India, judging by what you said. And your inability to see that the sun does not shine out of India’s rear end, makes you very much part of the problems we are talking about.

      So shush yourself and please take a reality check and answer me the following questions…

      1. Do you have a maid?
      2. How much do you pay her?
      3. Can she afford to send her children to a decent, English-medium school on that salary?
      4. Does she get to eat from the same crockery and cutlery that you and your family use?
      5. Do you contribute to any charity?
      6. What have you done to make the life of one person in India better… other than your own that is?
      7. What do you think of a nation were dowry is a part of any marriage arrangement and what are your views on this ‘sale’ of females?
      8. Would you marry a girl with very dark skin?
      9. Can you tell me whether or not you had servants growing up and if you can iron your own shirts… everyday.
      10. Have you ever spared a thought to the suffering masses in India, who eke out the most miserable existence even as you debate whether or not to live in India, depsite its many problems?

      Please… grow up and smell the roses… or in this case the overwhelming stench of your own ignorance about the brutality of life for your less fortunate brothers and sisters.

      I know how harsh my outlook on India is… I am well aware of it. But it is a reflection of life for the masses in India and it breaks my heart to see such a waste of human potential. I am fighting for those who do not have a voice in this great democracy of ours. Think you could lend yours to their cause…?

      The debate is not whether we compare India to any other country. The debate is whether or not India is a shithole in its own unalienable right … and the answer is an overwhelming, resounding yes. Whether you choose to hide your head in the sand or not. The problem with that stance is eventually you’ll choke. Hopefully on your own words.

      • Bay Area Guy

        @ Oneoftoomany

        I know I asked this a while back, but since you’re here now, I wanted to ask you something.

        One of the managers at my part-time job is an Indian immigrant woman, and she basically said that India’s education system is much more rigorous and how people like her are far ahead of Americans educationally.

        Based on what you’ve so far said, I wonder if she came from an upper class background back in India.

        Do the 750 million poor get anywhere near the same kind of education as she described?

        • Cyrus

          I heard they are really big on rote learning.

        • It’s simply not the case! The education available for the vast majority of Indians is nonexistent or horrible. Most of the teachers don’t even show up for work, and they still collect their paychecks. Many of the schools are shut down due to lack of staff or funds to pay them. Most importantly, after age 10, most Indians are out of school and working fulltime, either as *slaves* or for “money” (LOL). That is if the girls are not whores.

          India is a shithole!

          This boss of yours is just a garbage person, like almost all middle class+ overseas Indians. Yeah, *she* went to a good school, maybe. Who knows? If her family was wealthy enough that they did not have to pull her out of school to work to get food to feed the family.

          Recall that India has more starving people than anywhere else on Earth, even Africa. 50% of the population is starving = does not get enough food to eat. 50% of the population can’t even read or write. Some educational system! Working real great, huh?

        • Cyrus

          The next “superpower” indeed, eh Robert? At least according to all these expats. 🙂

        • Bay Area Guy

          Hehe, yeah, India really is a shithole.

          Next superpower my ass.

          This boss of yours is just a garbage person

          I don’t know enough about her personally to make that judgment, but she can be a bit annoying and overbearing.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Man, even Ethiopia’s less of a shithole than India.

          That’s saying something!

        • Oneoftoomany

          State run schools are hideous. Slum schools are worse. the so-called private schools ) most of them anyway) are less than mediocre, with teachers who are poorly paid and beyond stupid themselves.

          Yes the emphasis is on rote and not on actual learning, and most university graduates emerging from the Indian system are less employable than most 16 years olds in western countries. Our only advantage is that we can probably spell better. Our education system is a machine that churns out students with plenty of certificates and very little real knowledge.

          I went to a Catholic convent and used to get thrown out of class regularly for asking questions.

          The 750 million, do not get much of an education and Robert summed it all up quite nicely. The rest who think they are going to international schools… are going to some pale imitation of what they perceive as a western-led education. But, in my opinion, just because a child is learning how to play the piano,does not mean he is getting a quality education.

          We continue to produce non-thinkers in droves – only now with current economic munificence, as Indians see it, we produce non-thinkers who think they think, if that makes any sense. That delightful combination of ignorance and arrogance is assuming the most overwhelming proportions… I would love to do a documentary that showcases real India and the little puppets the education system carves up in millions in each year.

          I went to some pretty fancy schools, but I don’t think I got much of an education and consider it a blessing that I learned to think for myself. I volunteered at a slum school, and it was horrific… think Victorian poor houses… magnify the conditions about ten times and you have the Indian slum school. Ad to the mix, teachers who don’t give a crap, government corruption, social apathy and children who are smacked into submission…. and voila… you have the education that is delivered to the 750 million.

          That colleague of yours… tell her I told her to take a crash course in flying off the nearest tall building, if she ever sings the praises of the Indian education system again… it produced her. Nuff said!

  45. Gay State Girl

    Gay Area Guy
    I was a bit suspicious of that woman’s claim but for all its failures, at least India does not dictate how children must be educated. In China, as well as the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Turkey it is illegal to homeschool your children (I’m a homeschooling enthusiast) and private education is heavily regulated. So choose your pick.

  46. From Ancient times India is the heart of civilisation on earth. The parts of the earth who maintained contact with India and its civilations learned what a civilised society actually means. The Vedic civilisation invented mathematics , the wheel , the number zero , the use of numbers which are wrongfully called Roman or Arabic Numerals by the British inorder not to give credit to the Vedic Civilisation.Because then Christianity , Islam , Judaism and the entire western civilisation will seem superfluous . Just like Albert Einstein commented that when he read the Bhagavat Gita everything else seemed superfluous.
    The British hypothesize the Aryan Invasion theory but those fools have not showed one scientific or acheaological proof for it on the ground whereas there are many existing facts on the ground proving otherwise.
    Vedic Civilisation is older than that of Sumeria , Mesopotamia and Greece. These are a maximum of 6000 years old whereas Ramayana according to current astro-mathematical calculations took place 9,00,000 years ago.Vedic Civilisation is the Civilisation established by God Himself. What you people are talking about is pure materialism at its best ! Do not envy it ! Take a closer look at the Vedic culture and you will discover what you really are and where you are really coming from…

  47. ethiopian dude

    india is still ruled by the brtish empire

    • Uncle Milton

      To ethiopian dude:

      india is still ruled by the brtish empire

      And those British are so sneaky that they got Tata motors (an Indian company…) to purchase Jaguar and Land Rover. The former colonized are now the colonizers. You’re out of touch by many decades Ethiopian guy.

      • ethiopian dude

        Tata motors and other major Indian multinaionals are just fronts for the real British owners in London…. btw the official owners of tata motors and a lot of other big Indian Companys are Parsis….. now parsis were a small insignificant poor community living in poverty before the British made them the prime movers and shakers in India….. today parsis make up 0.08% of the indian population but they own 40% of the country’s wealth the amazing thing is there not even ethnic indians their exiled persians from iran…. do you think they got all this wealth by their talent or are they supported by a bigger power behind the scene? The British are experts in creating business fronts under fake owners they have done this in america with the vanderbilts, J.P morgans etc. The British empire never died… thats the biggest hoodwink in history they just transfered from being an overt empire in to a covert empire after WW2……. they use their former colony america for any wars they want to wage etc.

        • Wade in MO

          “The British are experts in creating business fronts under fake owners they have done this in america with the vanderbilts, J.P morgans etc. The British empire never died… thats the biggest hoodwink in history they just transfered from being an overt empire in to a covert empire after WW2……. they use their former colony america for any wars they want to wage etc.”

          As an american, I can assure you that the east coast elite of the US (both WASP and jew) is plenty greedy and violent on it’s own. Of course, many of them, even the jews, had ancestors who came here from Britian at some point in the last few hundred years. I prefer the name “anglo-jewry” to describe them.

          The haven’t always worked together though. Before WWI Britain and the USA were rivals in the americas. The war of 1812, the Aroostook War, and british aid to the indians and the CSA are probably the most famous examples. The also had tensions of arbitrating certain borders in S. America. The US almost went to war with Britain in the 1890s. Eisenhower not backing the Anglo-French invasion of the Suez Canal Zone was also a major point of tension.

  48. ethiopian dude

    The extreme poverty of present day India was engineered by the british who plundered india for 400 years directly like a large part of africa and indirectly through their agent’s Ghandi, Neheru, etc from 1947 to the present. The majority of people in india,pakistan,bangladish etc were prosperous even under foriegn rulers like Mugals, arabs etc because they left the economic infrestructure the indians had intact(textile mills, manufacturing, agriculture etc). when the british came they deliberately set out not just to loot india but to destroy the entire economic system… they did this by burning textile mills, forcing the farmers to plant cash crops for export like opium, tea etc which led to mass starvation of the indian peasant’s and a great migration to the cities hence slum’s were created. british polices impoverished the indian farmers to such an extent Dowry marriges which wasn’t part of mainstream indian culture prior to british rule became mainstream.

    • Wade in MO

      ” british polices impoverished the indian farmers to such an extent Dowry marriges which wasn’t part of mainstream indian culture prior to british rule became mainstream.”

      LOL Okay, whatever…

      “The extreme poverty of present day India was engineered by the british who plundered india for 400 years directly like a large part of africa and indirectly through their agent’s Ghandi, Neheru, etc from 1947 to the present.”

      LOL This guy’s great. So both pro and anti British people all really work for the British. This sounds like the a version of the type of anti-semitism that sees the jews in everything. The reality is that there are many “actors” in the world, not just the jews or the British and sometimes things just happen by chance. I think that the ideas about Chaos probably apply to world political systems, so much of what we see in the world maybe cause by the “butterfly effect” or something like it.

  49. Daniel

    heres another link I found

    @ethiopian dude
    exactly my point about the mentality infused into the Indian mindset through constructive planning during invasions. Sadly, its effects still haunts us.

  50. Uncle Milton

    To Ethiopian guy:

    The extreme poverty of present day India was engineered by the british who plundered india for 400 years directly like a large part of africa and indirectly through their agent’s Ghandi, Neheru, etc from 1947 to the present.

    Off by about 200 years.. direct British rule of India lasted less than 100 years although there was incremental encroachment by the East Indian company for about 100 years before that… the notion that Gandhi was an agent of the British is an absolute joke. The British East India company was only able to make a foothold in India because of internal civil strife from a declining Mughal empire.

    … because they left the economic infrestructure the indians had intact(textile mills, manufacturing, agriculture etc). when the british came they deliberately set out not just to loot india but to destroy the entire economic system… they did this by burning textile mills

    Textile mills… sorry invented and introduced by the British to India… oh yes… and railroads also. What year are you claiming that the British destroyed local textile mills..? I swear dude you are really ignorant. Note.. However I do not support colonialism but your belief that the British “Empire” still rules India is sheer comedy.

    • Wade in MO

      “Textile mills… sorry invented and introduced by the British to India… oh yes… and railroads also. What year are you claiming that the British destroyed local textile mills..? I swear dude you are really ignorant.”

      I’ve read that India did have a primitive version of the cotton gin. The indians did of course have the spinning wheel and some water powered devices. A textile mill they did not have though. The claim is as ridiculous as the claim some make that the ancient mesopotamians had batteries because someone found ONE device capable of holding a very small charge.

      ” Note.. However I do not support colonialism but your belief that the British “Empire” still rules India is sheer comedy”

      Same here. It’s the same situation with the american indians. I don’t think that the US was right to march west and take their land (and it was the native americans land, NOT MEXICO’S LAND), but at the same time, I’m not going to pretend that the native americans were some group of ultra-spritual pacifists who lived in harmony with each other and nature before whitey came along. Some of these people set up the most ridiculous dichotomies.

  51. ethiopian dude

    when i say textile mills i’m not talking of factories running on electrcity but mills powered by water and hand. The indian textile industry was far superior to anything found in Europe at that time let alone Briton. Even after the industrial revolution in england the brits were never abel to replicate the quality of indian textiles …..thats why they burned down the great textile centers in Dhaka(bangladish). Ghandi was a british agent from the get go……. there is no way in hell anybody in india let alone the world would even know who he was had the british media not made him a celebratey . His job was to hijack the real independence movement in india and usher in covert British rule… the same thing in pakistan with jinah and many other British colonies…….. milton you should stop reading official history books and do some critical thinking and research…. otherwise you will be like all the other over educated dumbos.

  52. as it is

    Even USA had major problems with its growth… don’t you remember how they treated the African-Americans???

    Even China is facing huge amounts of problems but the only thing is that its not being disclosed in public… China is communist and has rigid censorship norms which means that you never know what is really happening there.

    I agree that the Hindu caste barriers are a massive obstruction in front of india growth… but these divides will fade out soon. In 10-20 years, you can expect to see a better and more peaceful India. Of course to achieve peace some violence will be there, no matter what.

    P.S.- oneoftoomany, I think your being very pessimistic… maybe you should rethink about your attitude towards life.

    Lets keep this a healthy debate guys… 🙂

  53. ky

    Madarchod Randi ki aulaad.
    Apni maa ki chuuut se pooch kitni baar Indian laand chhosey hain.

  54. Ramiie

    What I find interesting and eminently scoffable is that whenever anyone gets up and says India is a shithole, a nationalistic Indian would spring to his feet and declaim “but we are not half as bad as the bloody niggers.”

    And that’s why India will forever remain a shithole..rather than choosing to improve himself, he would point out those he feels are worse than him then simply settle back into the shit.

    As a Black Caribbean man I have no great love for India. I have seen how you enshrine oppression into the very tenets of your faith and culture. I look at the sheer inhumanity of your ruling elite – because they have so much, and have the capacity to do so much, and yet their self centredness and callous disregard is not just endemic, its probably a biological directive.

    Africa and Africans I agree, will in the next two hundred years change as a result of increasing miscegenation, and the rapid opening up of its resources to outsiders. as a result the African will be transformed through racial mixing, but the African spirit of sharing and of identifying with the underdog will endure.

    The future for Indians isn’t so hopeful – irrespective of your technological know how.

  55. nav

    It’s ignorance like this that create a corrupted, colonized world. Maybe if you went beyond looking through a certain lens you’ll see that India is one of the most progressive countries in the world, not to mention the most peaceful and hospitable. Compare the education in India and the education in the US and you’ll see a vast difference, perhaps the US can learn a thing or two from this beautiful country.
    And these “nationalistic Indians” that Ramiie speaks of is what makes this country great, the pride and faith behind our country is what makes India and Indians great. The US might also want to learn from this factor as well. : )

    ps. If you feel so strongly about India, then get up and do something about it why hide behind your screen and bitch?

  56. Vishal

    I agree. Most Indians remain terribly stupid in spite of their ” technical prowess”.

  57. Dota-player

    “””not to mention the most peaceful and hospitable. “””””

    False. We are far from hospitable. Remember the Gujrat pogrom? A country that butchers its own could never be hospitable to outsiders. The Arabs and Persians are famed for their hospitality but as Babar pointed out when he first invaded India: the Indians lack grace and etiquette.

    In fact proof of how uncivilized indians are can be found at the following blog which has people rush to Narendra Modi’s defense. The same modi who deliberately allowed the anti Muslim pogrom to take place. See this link

  58. nav

    Some valid points Dota-player, but what country doesn’t have inner-conflicts? (civil wards if you may). What country isn’t hostile towards others ‘invading’ their land? But must I remind everyone about “ahimsa” and where that originated from? (most of the ignorant folk on here might want to look that up). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying India is this glorified, utopian society but it certainly isn’t the negative vision that this blog has portrayed. People look at this country with a lens and refuse to see what else it offers other than the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ version.

  59. Xue


    You have to consider that India is run by oligarchs that don’t give a dam about the country being a shit hole. It’s the same in this country with the oligarchs, except that the middle class is much more educated about issues unlike in India. Still, both oligarchs in both country are taking both country down in living standard. But I think India is just more delusional than any other country. Bad delusion for India.

  60. India

    Hi Robert,

    Haven’t commented here for a while but I was wondering on average what Caucasoid/Mongoloid ratio are the people of the Stan countries. I know it can vary from person to person, but what is the average makeup of the people in each of these countries between Caucasoid and Mongoloid?

    Turkmenistan (the Turkmen)
    The Pashtuns
    and also Turkey

    • Cyrus

      You might want to add Iran to that list, and perhaps the Caucasus. 😉

    • The Stans are all about 40-60% Asian. Tajiks the least, maybe 30%, Uzbeks the most.

      Pashtuns may be 10-15% Asian.

      Turks are 7% Asian.

      Iranians, not sure, maybe less than 10% Asian.

      Caucasus, no idea at all.

      • Cyrus

        Thanks, Robert.

      • Wade in MO

        “Iranians, not sure, maybe less than0% Asian.”

        The definitely have some degree of Mongoloid ancestry. Every other country with turkic speaking people has signifigant mongoliid ancestry. Turkic speaking people who are ethnically persian (AKA Azeris) are bound to have a signifigant degree. It would go beyond that though. Before invading Anatolia, turkic tribe ruled Iran under the Ghazvanids and created a somewhat turko-persian hybrid culture. It would be astonishing if there was no mongoloid DNA their, especially since there is some in Turkey.

        “Caucasus, no idea at all.”

        There bound to have some. There are turkic languages that are spoken in the caucasus (Nogai, Kumyk) and the Khazars were just north of the region. Other have come off the step and moved to or passed through the caucasus despite their ruggedness. The ossetians are the ancestors of an iranian people who came off the steppe to the north (the Alans). The cimmerians were said to have traversed them in ancient times, and of course the russians and khazars have.

        Other non-central asian areas that will have signifigant mongoloid ancestry due to turkic invasions are the Crimea (crimean tatars), the Urals (various groups of tatars), Moldova (the gagauz turks), the balkans (turkish speaking christians in greece (karamanlides), turkic elements in ancient bulgarian migrants from the volga era, general miscegenation during the ottoman era). The east slavs and the finno-gric peoples (Hungarians, mari-el, mordvins, etc) would also have noticeable amounts.

        I would be surprised if there weren’t any mongolid genes in India as left overs from past invasions.

      • India

        Thanks. It still surprises me how far and wide the Central Asian Mongols impacted the genetic make-up of various populations in Eurasia. A lot of it must have been through rape and plunder.

        • Wade in MO

          “Thanks. It still surprises me how far and wide the Central Asian Mongols impacted the genetic make-up of various populations in Eurasia”

          Yes, they certainly conquered a lot. However, I would like to clear up some ethnic issues here. The turks are not mongols. There were turks who were taken into the mongol hordes, but there were turks who were also outside of it. There were several turkic empires before the mongols even went west. Early Russian history is fulls of conflicts between pre-mongol invasion turkish tribes like the Khazars and Pechenegs.

          Other non-mongols invaders from the steppe are Scythians (iranian origin), Sarmatians (iranian origins with some associated non-iranian hordes), Alans (iranian), Magyars (Ugrian origin, ancestors of hungarians), and of course the hotly debated Aryan invaders and/or migrants that went to India.

          There is also a realtion across the north asian tundra between Finns (E. Europe), Estonians(E. Europe), Nenets (Central Siberia), Enets (Central Siberia) , and the far east siberian Samoyedic peoples.

      • Wade in MO

        “The Stans are all about 40-60% Asian. Tajiks the least, maybe 30%, Uzbeks the most”

        What I find interesting is the fact that the greeks conquered central asia and greek successor states were there for a signifigant time, but, from what I understand, the greeks did not leave much of a genetic legacy in the region. The had a signifigant cultural effect (greco-buddhist sculpture, a possible greek influence on Buddhism, certain languages written in Greek script for centuries, etc.) but not much of a genetic one. Odd.

  61. India

    Also, I can’t help but notice some Slavs and Eastern Europeans show some Mongoloid elements in them. How much Mongoloid admixture is among these groups? Their facial features are just not as sharp as Western Europeans and in some cases a few even have quite slanted eyes.

    • Wade in MO

      “Also, I can’t help but notice some Slavs and Eastern Europeans show some Mongoloid elements in them.”

      I don’t know percentages, but I know its more than negligable and less signifigantly less than the amount a lot of nazi types used to think.

      From the book “Russia and the Golden Horde” by Charles Halperin
      p. 111-113

      “The historical Fedor Rostislavovich did, in fact marry a tatar princess in the thirteenth century, as did Yuri Danilovich in the next. Gleb Vasil’kovich in the thirteenth century no only married into the (Golden) Horde but spent his entire career among the Mongols in the steppe. However, such dynastic marriages were rare and ceased altogether in the fourteenth century as the obstacles to such unions, already considerable,became insuperable when the Horde adopted islam. No muslim khan coould have permitted a tatar princess to convert ro Christianity for the sake of a dynastic marriage, nor would the Russian princes have allowed a christian princess to marry a muslim. While the khans could have forcibly taken Christian women into their harems like the Ottoman sultans, none did.

      Yet beginning in the fifteenth century, marriages between Russians and Mongols began to occur again, though nor among the ruling families. The Golden Horde’s political fortunes were waning at this time, and a number of Mongol grandees emigrated to Russia, most of them entering the service of the Muscovite grand princes…….these emigres converted to Christianity, married the aristocracy, and became assimilated.

      How much Tatar blood entered the Russian aristocracy in this way is open to question. Some estimates have been very high, calculating that 156 aristocratic families (twenty percent) were of Mongol or oriental origin. This is probably excessive……families bearing names of obviously Tatar provenance, like Baskakov, Yarlikov,and Yasak,were not necessarily of tatar descent. For example, a Mongol nickname for a russian child might result generations later in an apparently Tatar patronym. Similarly, Mongol families might have thoroughly Russian names adopted when they converted to Christianity.

      Since foreign origin became fashionable among the Muscovite elite, as among aristocracies of other times and places, genealogies tracing non-Russian decent are particularly suspect…..Most family histories involving any foreign descent were invented,though there were some attempts and verisimilitude. For example, nobles from Riazan’ favored Tatar origin, while those from Chernigrov and Tver’ were more likely to claim Lithuanian backgrounds. those genealogies that trace descent back to the tatars who entered the service of Alexander Nevskii are intrinsically suspect. In the thirteenth century the flow was of Russians to the Mongols on the steppe rather than the other way around…..

      ……Only tatars who converted, married, and became thoroughly Russianized could be assimilated into Russian society, hence it is doubtful that they, much less their descendents such as Chaadaev, had much of a Tatar influence in Russian culture…..It is fair to say that some noble Russian famlies had Mongol ancestors and that some of ther descendents made major contributions to Russian culture and society. Their contributions, however, had nothing to do with their ancestry.”

      I would emphasize that much of that passage dealt specifically with the elite class and not the other parts of society.

      Historian Orlando Figes writes in his book “Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia” (Note: He ignores Halperin’s warning that Tatar names do not always equal Tatar origins) that

      “Many Russian families had Mongol origins. ‘Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tatar,’ Napoleon once said. The coats of arms of Russian fmailies-where muslim motifs such as sabres, arrows, crescent moons and the 8-pointed star are much in evidence- bear witness to this Mongol leagacy. There were four main groups of Mongol descendents. First there were those descended form the Tirkic-speaking nomads who had swept in with the armies of Genghis Khan in the thirteenth century and settled down in Russia following the break-up of the Golden Horde, the Russian name for the Mongol host with its gleaming thent encampment on the Volga river, in the fifteenth century. Among these were ome of the most famous names in Russian history: writers like Karamzin, Turgenev, Bulgakov, and Akmatova; philosophers like Chaadaev, kireevsky, Berdiaev; statesmen like Godunov, Bukharin, Tukhachevsky; and composers like Rimsky-Korsakov. Next were families of Tirkic origin who came to Russia from the west: the Tiutchevs and Chicherins, who came from Italy; or the Rachmaninovs, who had arrived form Poland in the eighteenth century. Even the Kutuzovs were of Tatar origin – an irony in view of the great general Mikhail Kutuzov’s status as a hero made of purely Russian stuff. Families of mixed slav and tatar ancestry made up a third category. Among these were some of Russia’s grandest dynasties – the Sheremtevs, Stroganovs, and Rostopchins – although there were many at a lower level too. Gogol’s family, for instance, was of mixed Polish and Ukrainian descent but it shared a common ancestry wiht the Turkic Gogels, who derived their surname form the Chuvash word gogul – a type of steppeland bird(Gogol was renowned for his bir-like features, especially his beaky nose). The final gorup were Russian families who changed their names to make them sound more Turkic, either becasue they had married into a tatar fmaily, or because they had bought land in the east and wanted smooth realtions wiht the native tribes. The Russian Veliaminovs, for example, changed their name to the Tirkic Aksak to facilitate their purchase of enormous tracts of steppeland from the Bashkir tribes near Orenburg: and the greatest family of Slavophiles, the Aksakovs, was founded.”

      Other, such as the artist Kandinsky, were descended form Ugrians. Lenin is supposed to have been of partial tatar ancestry.

      There’s more, but I’m not going to quote any more books at the moment. There’s been a decent amount written on the subject if you look beyond general histories of Russia into somewhat more detailed accounts.

      There are some Russians in politics, called Eurasianists, who belive that Russians are closer culturally to the people of central and northern asia than to the people of western europe. I don’t believe their party is ery large, but I know the idea has hold outside of the party too.

      I don’t know about genetics, but I know some asiatic ancestry comes form turks and mongols and some come from intermarriage with the eurasian finno-ugric people early in Russian history.

    • Not that much. They have about 3-5%.

      Czechs – 3%

      Russians – 3-5%?

  62. anonymous

    what u have typed up there is total bull shit
    your countries are so godly or what
    u pls say sorry to us or i will ask the president to shut this site down
    u bloody basterds

  63. holly


    Im more than just amazed at the amount of frustration and negativity depicted in your report. Needless to mention there are far greater strengths in India that you have failed to mention in your report. Did you know that arithmetic (the basis of the subject mathemeatics) was discovered by India? Did you know that the British did not try to civilize India, instead, they looted the country’s wealth and created barriers within sections of the Indian society? I genuinely wonder why your report is consistently erroneous and wonder whether that’s down to racist issues you struggle to overcome or whether you are simply a hateful person or whether you have an agenda behind giving such a negative impression of India. I am disappointed to see a complete lack of gratitude and understanding on your part towards a country that you have formed the basis of your income. I am also ashamed to see that you took the opportunity to visit India, where no doubt you would have been treated with immense hospitability (having studied about India in great depths myself) only to come back and write this disgustingly negative report and cannot help wondering why it is so negative throughout. Moreover, I think if you so passionately think India is such a ”shithole” ~(which is an extremely offensive term and clearly depicts your lunacy and frustration), you should perhaps take active steps for its betterment? Perhaps help educate all those ”poor people” and give food to the ”starving” I bet you did a lot of that while you were there? That’s right, thought not!
    As a psychologist my advice to you would be to release some of your frustration through a differend channel (perhaps wanking once in a while- you certainly look like you need it :P) and if you really have got so much free time to type up reports this long, make it correct, factual and a good representation, not a blurb of hatred as you are only either offending people or creating further hatred, hope you get well soon x

    • Later woman, you’re banned.


    • Wade in MO

      “Did you know that arithmetic (the basis of the subject mathemeatics) was discovered by India? ”

      Incorrect. Arithmetic comes form Mesopotamia. The mesoamericans and (I believe) the chinese had their own independent discoveries of arithmetic. Some even say that there was simple aritmetic back in africa ( the Ishango stick/bone*). Indian came up with zero (so did the mesoamericans), invented the current numbering system, and had advances in mathematics in Kerala and other places, but they did not invent arithmetic.

      *I don;t remeber if it was a stick or a bone

      • carlos

        though the chinese didn’t use zero in mathematics, they had been using the circle to represent infinity.

  64. Meet

    fuck yall up bitch ass

  65. Srinivasan

    Which parts of India have you visited? I visited Meerut recently and that is the most disgusting place I’ve ever seen, so terribly unsanitary & ugly that it makes Mumbai (my hometown) look like paradise.

    India is a shithole, yes, but are you really proposing communism to improve matters? That’s not a good idea, considering the fact that India has progressed so much in the past couple of decades only after the economy was opened up to private enterprise! And, the majority of the Indian population is still pathetically uneducated & even illiterate- especially the Maoists.

    It isn’t really “trickle down” economics when in fact, (at least in major cities) any illiterate & poor person can get a job as a security guard, cleaning staff, driver etc- which puts a roof over their head & food in their bellies, and lets them send their kids to school.

    The traffic sucks yes, but the chaos is functional ultimately, everyone gets to where they need to & it sure makes for better, more alert drivers.

    Though coddled & politically correct type of people may get offended, but the truth is that the only way to improve India is strict population control measures. Even proactive population reduction will be a preferable path to the horrors of communism. If India is such a shithole today, it is largely because of socialism until 1990. This country was stagnating for 3 decades after the British left. Corruption was & is omnipresent of course, but at least now there is equal opportunity. During socialism, it was an “access economy”. The merits of your knowledge or business didn’t matter, a lesser incompetent entity would have got a job or business license simply because they “knew” someone higher up the food chain. Now, everyone has the opportunity to bribe so it is essentially merit based.

  66. kav from BHARAT

    obviously ur the expert on india.
    and u dont give a hoot if people disagree with you.
    so the point of this would be…?
    did mommy n daddy criticize everything little robby did? turn u into a bitter old bitch did it? aww, if it helps i do really really feel for u
    *pat,pat. let it go

  67. Swarup

    Robert, your views on India are pretty much true, but the sort of language you used is uncalled for. I have got to say that we’ve got people who are working to make this nation a better place. May I suggest that you take a look at your own country before crying foul about others.

    There is a lot I would say, but I’m going to save some wear and tear on my keyboard and just leave it at this. However Mr. Robert, I will give you some advice, the next time you go bitching about other people’s country and mocking their culture, you make sure you don’t run into the sort of people who would take offence with that 🙂

    Have a nice life Mr. Robert.

  68. spinner303

    I’m not Indian ( thank you god ) however my wife is and i’ve got a PIO permanent visa which gives me NRI status over there and i’ve lived there for a few years in Bangalore and I go back every year a for a few weeks for various reasons so I feel as an outsider or “angres” I kind of qualified to talk on this.

    India is the biggest toilet on this planet. Simple, there are open rivers of human shit flowing through Bangalore that in the summer smell the whole place out. This is just a symptom of the general Indian way of thinking that everything is someone else’s problem. As long as they and their immediate family are ok, fuck everyone else. I’m not going to go on and on, I could 🙂 and maybe i’ll find time to come back on this as it maybe cathartic for me personally but really if the Indian’s had an ounce of respect for each other they could solve poverty and corruption problems overnight. In the longer term I think unless they change their ways, which they won’t they need to be contained as if they keep growing and spreading and the world end’s up made in their image the world will be a worst place for it.

    • anonymous

      Do you really think poverty and corruption problems can be solved overnight? Aren’t you being a tad Utopian here? I agree that Indians generally think that everything is someone else’s problem…but then again, I am sure that people everywhere else aren’t exactly selfless either. It is all about survival of the fittest.

      Lastly, if indeed you get that much stench from India, I cannot believe you don’t get the same from your wife. You may think that you are in an ideal position to commentate about India being a “shithole”, but I think you should look beyond too, especially since your spouse is part of the “shithole”.

      • spinner303

        I didn’t mention anything about anyone smelling that is your dirty mind talking. I said the truth, that it is because there isn’t any sanitation the town smells of human shit and there isn’t any sanitation because people don’t want to pay for anything that doesn’t directly benefit them as they are selfish. People’s own houses or compounds are the tidiest i’ve seen anywhere in the world it’s the fact that they tip rubish directly out of their house into the street as they don’t care about others well being.

        The amount of money people have in India always astounds me, the black economy is huge. I totally stand by the comment that if Indians were generally honest and not generally devient there would be plenty to go around and you could at least make sure everyone had enough to eat and that every child had access to a basic education.

        • Anonymous

          I cannot deny that everyone cares only about their own homes here. I myself have a task trying to tell some of my friends/family not to throw garbage outside the car windows and so on… it is frustrating, yes, but if I were to think of the first thing that popped into my head about what India is, it would not be a shit hole. It would probably come up in sometime, but it does not justify India completely. It never has, it never will. I can say that, because I have lived in a lot of areas in India, from villages and towns to different cities, including Bangalore.

          How a few are going to change India in a big way, I do not know, but I do know that there are several projects and initiatives that are going on, including some that my friends have started, which range from sanitation to other areas, and be it tomorrow or a couple of decades from now, things will change for the better.

  69. Robert

    Wow, you must have a lot of time on your hands because all this requires a bit of research and study, or maybe even a field trip, and you phrased it very beautifully.
    Such an analytical poetic piece should be up for grabs, or probably even deserves to be scripted or something of the sort that you can do to gain some publicity. After all, what use is there for you to live if not make a name for yourself. Go ahead Robert, propagate your thoughts and visions! You’ll be overwhelmed with the response, ‘m sure!

    You could not be more correct about the state of affairs in the country, but for a while substitute the name India for any other of our most wondrous nations. You remind me of Philip Morris International. What are you doing sitting in front of a box and writing all this? Go out. Make that bloody campaign! Fight for their rights since you’re such a humanitarian.
    I hope you have a lovely productive golden years!

  70. Dota-Player

    India is a huge village and therein lies the source of the problem. The concept of ‘city’ in the western sense does not exist here. The concept of a city being a center for higher culture that attracts the best society has to offer is a uniquely Western concept. Plato touches upon it in the Republic and states that this interdependence is the core principle of justice. Western cities have produced higher culture (Florence) whereas Indian cities were founded either as mercantile outposts or administrative centers (similar to Incan cities). As such, there is no conception of civic sense. NONE. India’s cities are just giant villages with public transport, where each person goes his own way, just as in a village.

    Also, as Aakar Patel points out, the Indian character is dualistic in nature. Every Indian has an ‘English’ side and a tribal side. When us Indians walk into a fancy hotel, we switch on our English side. When we’re back within our domains, we revert back to our tribal selves. Reason India sucks is because of the Indians.

    Even our work ethic blows. Indians do not see work as being inherently dignified in itself (as westerners do). Work is graded into a rigid hierarchy as well, where white collar work (depending on salary) is seen as been more prestigious than blue collar. Prestige, not humanity, is the Indian’s guiding principle.

    So in summary, India sucks because people have no civic sense, a crappy work ethic, and an oppressively rigid social hierarchy that stifles talent and entrepreneurial spirit. All of these things overshadow the otherwise impressive gains India has made since independence (technology/economy).

    There’s my rocking analysis. Discussion closed 😀

  71. me

    yeah sure india’s not the cleanest country in the world
    but its definitly NOT a shithole.. its soo muchh fuuuunnn!!
    you, my friend, have just had a bad experience
    get well soon and dont insult MY COUNTRYY!!!

    ..and if your job is talking smack.. ur in need of a higher education 🙂

    • spinner303

      maybe it’s “soo muchh fuuuunnn!!” for you dipshit as daddy’s connected but not for the 50% of the population who don’t have enough to eat everyday or live with their young children under blue plastic sheets by the side of the road in Bangalore. It’s idiots like you that make India a shithole, sort yourself out.

      • Robert

        You know, I’m very impressed with by your love for people and their welfare. Please go ahead and do something about it then. It will make your life useful. All the very best!

        • spinner303

          I do, and it already is useful thanks. There is really good work being done in India by NGO’s but it’s a real struggle for them when the general population is so self centered.

  72. madhavan

    robert lindsay is a son of a bitch,which is called america…..his great grandfather is a pirate and he was a Bastard…he is a production of new economy so that he can insult a great civilization like us(500 year old civilization try to show that they are greater than us,5000 year old birth place of human being) …..dont care him….most probably he is loosing job in time of economic slow down….when we are growing his mother fucker country is under growing…..robert lindsay , dont try to reply me ….i dont like to listen from a mother fucker like you…..

  73. bikashsadhu

    dear friends Mr.lindsay is trying to be a important person ,it is easy to got comments and posting because India is world 2nd largest population and we have lots of internet user….so dont visit his blog…it is a bullshit…i mean useless ….and he is a useless person tooo….robert try something diffident….its not working ……………….

  74. Dave

    Anyone who’s been there knows India is an over-sized cesspit. But if the Indians enjoy living in their own shit that then that at least is their business. The problem is that they want to come to your country and turn that into a shit-hole too. And of course they’ll bring diseases with them that you haven’t had for 100 years or more.

    • Raj

      Dont forget what India gave you all ..

      1. Number Zero was invented by Aryabhatta(476-550)

      2. Number System developed by Bhaskara I (600-680) based on Aryabhatta work during 7th Century and later popularized by Arabs.

      3. The value of “pi” was first calculated by Baudhayana (1114-1185) and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this long before the European mathematicians.

      4. The World’s first University was established in Takshila in 7th Century of BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studies more than 60 subjects. This place is now located in Pakistan after India’s Partition.

      5. The World’s first residential University was established in Nalanda. It had dormitories for students. It accommodated over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers. The University of Nalanda was built in 427, it was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

      6. Indians invented the Science of Astronomy during the Gupta period. The book Surya Siddhanta is treated as major reference book of Indian Astronomy written during Gupta Period (280 – 550). Through this book Aryabhatta was first to hold that the earth is a sphere that rotates around its own axis. He also discovered the causes of solar and lunar eclipses, and methods to predict their occurrence.

      7. In 5th Century, Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundreds of years before it was calculated in west. Time taken by earth to orbit the Sun: 365.258756484 days.

      8. Ayurveda (5000 BC during Vedic period) is perhaps the most important contribution to medicine that India has made. It means ‘way of life’ in Sanskrit. For centuries, Ayurveda has provided diagnoses on curing diseases, through the use of natural substances such as plants, herbs and metals. Today, the magic of Ayurvedic healing can be found in ready-made, packaged bottles the world over.

      9. According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source for Diamonds to the world.

      a lot more .. and you most of the diseases have orginated in west in your neighbour hood.

      Coz u ppl in west facy fucking gorillas and what not. So mind your knowledge before adding a comment.

      • Wade in MO

        I’m not going to spend time going over what is right and wrong in this post. I’ll only comment about this:

        “3. The value of “pi” was first calculated by Baudhayana (1114-1185) and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. ”

        Do people realize that the Pythagoran thm is more that a^2 + b^2 = c^2. That is an equation. By itself it cannot be called true. There has to be an abstract arguement that acompanies it. For example, Egypt did not have any theorems (even if it had correct equations) because there was no abstract argument. They just plugged numbers in. That’s not a proof. I w2ant to know if this guy actually had a correct proof. If I remeber correctly, even Pythagoras did not have a correct proof. Euclid found his proof incorrect and redrew his own in the “Elements.”

  75. Raj

    Every country has good and bad, part of what is written here is corret at the same time calling a country a shit hole is offending ,stupidy and insane, only people of low/no morals and who are shitholes themseleves can do something like this. I have been in different countries including US and UK and i can list all shitty things about these countries and call it a shithole aswell, but i wont as i have some morals. Posts like this should be banned.

  76. Bay Area Guy

    Damn Robert, how many elephant jockeys have you banned? 😉

    Probably more so than any other group.

  77. every blog has a post that won’t die. This is yours robert. mine was “beyonce’s real hair”.

    almost every day someone comments on this post.

    • Bay Area Guy

      almost every day someone comments on this post.

      Well, with over a billion elephant jockey’s out there, there’s an endless supply of commenters!

  78. Huax

    Rob I take you don’t particularly like Indians because you work in IT?

    • I don’t work in IT. Not really. I have my own business.

      I don’t like Indians too much because so many of them are jerks. The IT thing really doesn’t effect me all that much.

  79. tulio

    India’s greatest contribution to the world by far is Sunny Leone.

  80. hated boys

    we Indian rock the world specially the USA or the big country u all are due to us Indians whether it is the IT or school or hospital or not last but also not least ur defence u all living becoz of us . if we indians leave ur country then u will we no were to survive in ur country. OK u assholes……………..

  81. Dick Lurch

    If you stupid Indian savages stopped humping, you would not have poor people all over the damn place, would you?

    Please get into a nuclear conflict with Pakistan.

  82. Nilay

    Well Robert, I partially agree with you but it is a fact that you have missed by a lot. India is not just about these things which you have mentioned above. India is also about many other things which you didn’t even bother to see. It is just because of India that we all are educated. India has the oldest civilization. India has the best and cheap healthcare system. 40% of the Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen and high profile people come from India. You also talked bout SLAVERY, FYI, there are no slaves in India. Slave means the person who is forced to do work without his/her will and doesn’t get paid for it. In India, we have servants/maids and they get paid and also there’s no discrimination of any kind whether it is racial, sexual, cultural, religious. But yes child labor is being practiced at many places although it is banned by the Indian government.
    Although surprisingly you are right about the Government and the people (some of them) that they don’t give a shit bout whatever is going on around them. Our so called SECULAR GOVERNMENT is corrupt, doesn’t give a shit bout poor people and always help only the rich ones. Our Police is also very corrupt but its because of the Government.
    I think you don’t have a single clue about the pros of India, so allow me to drop some knowledge.
    1) First of all let’s talk bout your language i.e. English. Did you know that many of your words are derived from our ancient language Sanskrit. for ex. Matr became Mother, Bhratr became Brother, Jamiti became Geometry, Trikonamati became Trigonometry, Jangala became Jungle and there are many more.
    2) Now about the Armed Forces/ Military, check out the link and see for your self although the given data is 2 years old but I think you are smart enough to judge for yourself. We have the 3rd largest defense in the world.
    3) India is the birth place of four of the world’s major religious traditions; namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Throughout its history, religion has been an important part of the country’s culture. Religious diversity and religious tolerance are both established in the country by law and custom
    4) There are about 425 languages spoken in India which is about 6.15% of the world.
    5) India is the fastest growing country in the world. During the recent recession, India’s growth rate was 8% (way better than USA or Europe)
    6)India has the 3rd largest number of millionaires.
    7)India has the 4th best Aerospace technology.
    8)India is way behind USA and UK as far as crimes are concerned.

    I agree that India is not the best country in the world but which is?? Remember, no country is perfect. And in fact I am proud to be Indian because we managed to do all of this just in 63 years. Don’t forget, what USA was after their 63 years of Independence. We are way ahead of them.

    PS: The title of this article really offended me and every Indian.

  83. Vishal

    I think what Robert is trying to address is the current problems of India, and through that lens it definitely a shithole. I agree there were some better things about India but we can’t sit on past laurels.

    We need to improve and one way of drawing attention to problems of India is by telling what it is . If you really want to do anything about India, I will suggest one way. Can you adopt one Indian kid and provide him/her with good education free of prejudice ? It would have 1000 fold effect than commenting on this blog about greatness of India( which is self fulfilling prophecy ).

    I am an Indian and I agree that it is a shithole. I am doing my part by supporting one kid go through school. I have chosen this kid randomly not based on language , sex, caste or any such factors. Can you do that for betterment of India ? or would you run away when it comes to make commitment for this cause ? If you want , I can provide of contact of person or organizations through which you can carry out similar work. My email is . Email me if you want to know about this process. Please dont make people recount statistics about past greatness of India , it doesn’t serve any purpose but instead irritates most people.


  84. patt

    Do u know that Indians comprise of many ethnic background and race.So tell us what type of Indians you hate most, or do u hate everything Indian.What I suggest to you is to make an extreme version of Slum dog Millionaires-2 with all the shit very explicit.In that way many westerners, and even Indians will love it and you will make millions, if not billions, and maybe win another Oscar.Indians will be proud of that like they do in the version -1.

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  86. Dota-Player

    @ Peter Aryan

    I’m an Indian and I don’t blame Robert for his tone. Some things need to be said, and its best if outsiders say it. A lot of Indians are chest thumping nationalists who need to be bitch slapped by reality.

    Read this link: Read the comments posted by Mel, and the response by the blog author who lashes out in ‘righteous fury.’ This is how most Indians react. No introspection at all. There’s a very good reason why India is a shithole and why so many Indians escape the motherland every year.

  87. Mega Truth

    LOL@ at “you’re banned”….why are you banning everyone?

    Its funny though, the way you say it.

  88. Heuristic

    Have you actually been there?

  89. Pingback: Defecating in public is normal behavior in India

  90. ... Seriously?

    Is this post honestly a joke? I literally cannot believe someone with a graduate degree in *anything* would go on such a misinformed, hateful public rant. You’re a product of the typical state university I suppose. No wonder my fellow CalTech students look down their noses at you CSU “students.” I’m not personally offended by your statements, but you should seriously consider rewriting this because of the blatant disregard you show for any kind of factual evidence to assert your outrageous and ignorant claims. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but any half-wit would take a single look at your post and vomit in disgust.

    It’s obvious that India has plenty of problems to cope with being a relatively young nation with a huge overpopulation issue. But honestly, your post lacks any substance, and is entirely rooted in shock value. I’m not sure if you think that reading about the fringe views of this Sean Kelley nobody entitles you to make idiotic and highly offensive remarks about subjects that you have little to no experience with or what, but this is seriously disgraceful. Do you spend the majority of your time making blanket-statements about literally one billion people, their decisions, and their culture based on your limited interactions?

    Show me a country that doesn’t have fat greedy politicians or a bourgeoisie indifferent to the sufferings of the poor. Instead of producing any kind of constructive criticism for us to read, you claim that essentially everything is wrong with the country and you say it in a way that implies that it is basically the fault of the average Indian. Whether or not that is what you meant is irrelevant. You are (or at least, you claim to be) a decently educated man, and you should be somewhat aware that this is insanely accusatory and offensive to a large amount of people. If you can’t see that, then your degrees and opinions are meaningless to the rest of us. On a side note – Indian hypocrisy/double standards? Uh, Union Carbide, anyone? Western governments have similar faults, no matter whether you want to acknowledge them or not.

    Even more appalling is your lack of concern. Everyone knows your type – the type of person that makes blind criticisms and refuses to acknowledge any of his/her own faults. It was actually comical to read your “America is a shithole too” post because you seem to think that saying “LOL AMERIKA SUKS” makes you somehow unbiased and validates your opinions on India. As if that was even a passable acknowledgement of your own flaws or something.

    Your comments about the British occupation are even more hilarious. Sure, there were some positives. The rail system is notable, and their fortification of certain portions of the economy (interestingly enough, only the portions that would benefit them). But saying that Britain’s tyrannical occupation helped the country would be akin to saying that American slave owners deserve gratitude for bringing underprivileged Africans to America. Do you seriously believe that India would have been in a state of economic stagnation without the fucking trains from the British (praise be upon their holy name)? Not to mention at one point, you and your idiotic cohorts proceeded to criticize the Indian population for their inability to speak English – a fucking foreign language…? Am I the only one here that sees this is ridiculous?

    Your complaints about the cleanliness of the country seem a little farfetched as well, don’t you think? According to you, everyone there shits in the streets, but I would argue the only people that actually partake in this tend to be the poor and uneducated. Albeit in a country this populated with so few resources, those people seem to be in the majority. But you can find people just like them in every other country on earth. It’s not as if poverty is only rampant in this single country. Not to mention that your attacks only suggest that you are more anti-poor than anti-Indian. No one claimed that India was the greatest country on earth, just as no one is claiming China, America, Britain or France is either. Deriding it in the way that you do only proves that you have some kind of personal problem with the people of India. If you are bitter about a particular bad experience with an Indian, why not tell us about that instead of spouting these inaccurate and nonsensical generalizations.

    If you have a problem with something, do something decent to change it. I mean, other than sitting on your ass and bitching about it on the internet, in hopes that other nonsense fringe view supporters will come to assert your opinions and give you a warm fuzzy feeling. If you can’t do that, then no productive member of society wants to hear your shit.

    Obviously this is your blog and you can run it how you please, but you “ban” everyone with a differing opinion, as if they actually care about your online pseudo-authority. It’s childish, to say the least. Even funnier is when you cite your bogus “comment policy.” AKA your personal license to pat yourself on the back publicly. You openly make racist statements and try to justify them by attaching a fancy name to it like “liberal race realist.” That doesn’t change the fact that no one fucking takes you seriously. “Curry breath?” “Elephant jockey?” Of course you’re not prejudiced!!!!111!!1one!!eleven!!

    Ban me if you want, but you’re only proving that you can’t take any criticism yourself.

    I highly doubt you’ll read my entire comment, or procure any kind of intelligent response, as you seem to only respond to people who you can insult in order to make you feel smart. Selective debate, eh?

    Finally, consider toning down your obsession with internet slang. Your overuse of “LOL” literally makes your posts read like a thirteen year old authored them. Linguistics degree my ass.

  91. Marvelous White Male

    Robert Lindsay, I’m going to assume that you wrote this blog about India in half-jest. Like making fun of “stupid Americans” who don’t travel and harbor xenophobic thoughts. Was that part of it?

    Because that’s how it reads.

    That all these Indians actually took you 100% seriously shows that they don’t understand your particular sense of humor.

  92. Marvelous White Male

    I’ve been there and I love.

    They have the world’s oldest cultures and religions that have remained more or less in tact up until today.

    Their schools of philosophy, art, literature, dance, drama and music have been handed down for millenia and are still going strong today.

    They have managed not to become completely Abrahamized. Europe and Africa have lost their previous cultures and religions to Judaism, Christianity and Islam while Hinduism resisted that and is still going strong today. They old pyramids and temples of Egypt are toursit spots, not thriving centers of culture and worship for Egyptians to practice their indigenous belief systems, while in India the ancient temples are utilized as living places of worship for Hindus today.

    They have a highly organized social and family system. There is little divorce and practically zero OOW births.

    Families are tight-knit and kids respect elders and even enjoy being with them!

    There’s much to appreciate about India and if you were to ever travel there and be experience the first class hospitality that an Indian family provides for their guest, you would definetly be impressed.

    • Dave

      This is true up to a point, however I’d argue that the reason their culture is so resilient is simply because its so filthy and disease ridden that nobody much wants a part of it. Honestly who would choose to live like *that*? Of course many visitors are prepared to give it a go but few people who go to India as tourists make the same mistake twice. I read somewhere that more people visit Singapore than India, there’s a very good reason for that!

      • Marvelous White Male

        ”This is true up to a point, however I’d argue that the reason their culture is so resilient is simply because its so filthy and disease ridden that nobody much wants a part of it.”

        Sure! That’s why yoga, ayurveda, pranayama, sarees, Indian dance, music and Bollywood are so un-popular and despised in the West right now.

        I’ve searched all over my city for a yoga studio and can’t find a single one. Nobody’s ever even heard of it.

        • Dave

          Bollywood? sarees? Well in my little corner of the West no.. nobody could care less about them, but we’re getting off topic, personally if it’s a choice between yoga and toilet paper its the TP for me, mind where you put those hands now…

        • Marvelous White Male

          Use toilet paper but remember that it only smears, it doesn’t clean. That’s why “skid marks” was a slang invented in ….. places that only use toilet paper.

          After wiping your ass with dry paper you must get in the shower and soap that up, otherwise you remain dirty and crusted all day long.

          And just imagine. Women are wearing THONGS, little strings up in their cracks, and they don’t properly clean themselves – just smear it around with dry paper.

          Forget about “sexy” – that’s just plain nasty!

          People: WASH YO ASS!

  93. johnUK

    Robert is a Pakistani fanboy (perhaps he had a Pakistani girlfriend in the past or something I don’t know) who can criticise India but is the better performing state by a long shot in that region way above the failed state of its rival Pakistan.

    On the failed state index India is number 89 while Pakistan is number 10 and surpassing China 62 and India’s Eastern neighbour Bangladesh 24 although I would have to question some of the positions of countries on the list.

  94. rationalist_1

    I agree with the fact that India is in a bad state.Period. No excuses for that. I would like to ask Robert if he has any constructive suggestions (if he has any) on how to improve the state of affairs in India. And to the Indian woman “oneoftoomany” who does not even live in India, I would also like to ask her what she did for her poor sisters while she was here. Atleast I and my friends used to go and try to educate poor children near our house whenever we could. Easy to leave a shithole to rot. Why not do something about it? Maybe one person cant do much but that does not mean we should give up. I will never abandon the poor of this country and flee for a comfortable life in the west. Thats as good as being a smug middle class Indian. Indians alone have to sort out this mess, no one will do it for us. This change will only take place when rationalism gets the upper hand over superstition and when there is quality education for all which enncourages creativity and questioning rather than rote learning. I as an Indian accept India as the shithole it is but I will never give up on her ever because I have also seen goodness along with the ignorance.

    • spinner303

      All power to you and keep up the good work. The solutions to India’s problems are not rocket science and i think there shouldn’t be *any* suggestions from outside, the problems are for Indian’s to solve in India and when you get them solved that will be your success.

  95. I am a middle class american, and i have to say,

    Seriously? torched your racist ass. but allow me to due to do what all of india is trying to due right now, and thats release your class C ip address i stole from your isp 🙂 oh next time have a port blocker, defender sucks something terrible. do me another favor too ban me, so i can come back under a new id and ip adress. cant wait to show you the site with your addy on it.

    happy hopping


  96. libertine81

    Elephant jockey, curry breath, hand in your shithole bharat…lol. Gotta love the way you ban people Mr Lindsay!

    I have read recently that 70% of India’s population will be middle class in 15 years time if the country sustains economic growth.

    • Yeah sure! 70% of the population will be middle class! LOL! The economic growth is not trickling down at all. 15 years ago, 51% of Indians were malnourished. 15 years later, it’s 51%. It’s not working. All the growth goes to a tiny group at the top.

  97. nobody

    Your tone of voice defies your so-called intention to wake Indians up, in fact, it appears purely racist, egomaniacal, making you look like a fool who thinks he knows everything, but knows shit. If you want to help Indians as you righteously preach here, then aspire to become a true scholar, write articles or books that are constructive, inspiring, and uplifting–that encourage a healthy dialogue to emerge.

    Look at what you have accomplished so far, at least under this article: more hateful and destructive comments than yours, you even made the Indians hate each other more, and hate you, too, you didn’t create a platform where they can share their thoughts constructively. That is not what someone that genuinely cares about India does! You just wanna to show off how better you are than their ‘miserable, shitty’ life … but guess what: yours is the shittiest life, you live in one of the luckiest country in the world, and you can’t even take advantage of it, instead you moan, rant, belittle others to disguise your sorry ass failed life … stupid white boy, you are not even a man yet. Michael Moore should write another book titled: Stupid White Boys, Spoiled Little Arrogant Brats.

    You rant and rave because you have nothing to do with your boring life as an American. Get a job and be a productive citizen instead of trying to look like an ‘intellectual’ on blogsphere, the truth is you are not, you are the micro version of someone like Glenn Beck, another pathetic fool. Your ‘IQ’ appears to be less than the average Indian and African that you disparage here. Let me ask you a simple question: what is the capital city of Africa?

    You have a deeply rooted inferiority complex which you try to compensate it with the ‘Whites are Smart’-long-debunked superiority complex; you are too obsessed with proving that ‘whites are smarter’–but guess what: the rest of us are ‘getting smarter’ and we gonna whoop your ugly white ass, guess who’s increasingly conquering America’s ivy-league schools? While you cry the ‘foreigners are taking over America’ slogan daily, they are indeed taking over!

    It looks like all you do everyday is consume Mein Kampf-type books from the dustbins of history, then come here on wordpress and vomit them out. To me you are nothing but one pathetic loser, a wanna be progressive thinker, cynical defender of the underdog. You can’t even defend yourself: you live in a relatively democratic nation, yet you act undemocratic, you can’t even stand people who disagree with you, you ban them.

    Go ahead, ban me asshole. Most likely you think am an Indian, good for you, skunk, go ahead spray your insults from your smelly ass mouth!

    FYI: After reading your article, you didn’t make me angry, but you disgusted me. You gave me more reason to reaffirm my belief that America is full of shit-head bastards that think they know everything, yet they know nothing. If you had shared your thoughts in a respectful manner, you would have probably angered me, and I would have responded to you respectfully. My advice: Instead of ranting here, go and work hard like the Chinese and Indians, you may at least repay your shit load of debt that your country owes China and the rest of the world. Your inflated ego makes you forget that you owe other nations trillions of dollars, that you are in a shithole!

    The sheer arrogance of some Americans is mind-numbing, they think they know everything, and they assume the whole fucking world is their pissing ground, just like how other ‘super-powers’ used to believe during their heydays. Yet there are also some brilliant Americans (whatever race they are) who are humble, respectful, amazingly smart, and inventive; their brilliance makes shit-heads like you piss on your pants, because you envy them, you start hating the world one by one as if that lessens your self-inflicted misery. Because of them, I don’t give up on America and the ideals it lives for.

    Stop ranting, and do something with your pitiable life!

    With love,

    • Ok, you’re banned. Now hop on the nearest elephant and ride right on off this blog.


      • Dota

        “Now hop on the nearest elephant and ride right on off this blog.”

        LOL ‘Ride right on’ is correct since they drive on the wrong side of the road in India 😀 I know I’m cheesy =p

      • Bye sweetheart. Now head on back to Bharat, honey.

      • Kira

        There’s no point in banning people. Most ISP’s in India don’t give a static ip to their users, so even if you do ip ban them, they can simply comment under a different name.

        On Topic : I do agree with most of the stuff you’ve said, and I certainly do not like the people here who try to justify India’s failure talking about ancient stuff like invention of zero and stupid culture.

        But, what you have to understand is we are totally powerless against a lot of things. The politicians rule the place and most of them are uneducated and and they’re brain addled with corruption. It is being slowly taken care of though, as some of them are jailed, but there are still a lot more waiting. There’s not much a common man can do when the higher power is corrupted. We don’t even have an option to vote for a better power as almost all the political parties here are the same.

        So, unless Superman makes a visit to India, we’re doomed.

        • Thx very much for your comments. You have my utmost sympathy. IOW, the system is rotten to the core. Everyone with any power at all is corrupt as a human can be.

  98. Dota

    quit picking on my grammar, I’m typing this from work -_-

  99. jESUS

    Im jesus…and u dick headed looser…suck My dicK…
    I have a dIck You have a Hole ..So wats The problem…Just mAke it QiucK..

  100. curryNigga

    WE indians are of a superior race and we created number 0
    WE indian men&women are the most good looking cos we have european structure, i.e aishwarya rai
    WE indians have the most billionaires in the world,such as laskmi mittal
    WE indians have better infrastructure and education compared to other superpowers
    WE indians love curry and its the most healthy and delicious food in the world
    WE indians are the largest democratic english speaking country in the world
    WE indians have infosys and the largest IT market in the world
    WE indians are the first to send a rocket in space before us and russia
    WE indians have the most sophisticated army besides our ally us,and we will crush pakistanis/ china with our brahmos which has nothing to do with russia,dont even get me going, on our tanks and planes
    and lastly WE indians will surpass china/us economy in 10yrs,cos we have a mass and younger population which in will grant us no.1 superpower status
    this mother fuc****s will never wake up,hell i even doubt any of them have passports.It’s a waste of time getting them to realise reality through their thick skulls.they will hype things up even they know in reality they are under achievers,twist facts even its the truth.They are so blinded by proud nationalism and fake democracies,even claiming superpower status”my ass” the only credit i’ll give you guys is for your indigenous soda pops contribution

  101. Abhinav

    Fucking bastards like you need to think about your own country, if you do not have a job.
    Nobody gives a fuck to what some bastard in the West thinks about India.
    We’ll need to improve ourselves if we have problems, so leave it to us.

    Nobody invited you to India and by the look of your blog, you’ve never been here ever. Watching youtube and reading some bastardy anti India book by Arundhati shit Roy dosen’t really get you anywhere.

    If you do not like India then fuck off. Nobody gives a shit. But do not have those wierd ideas of attacking, what you’d call a sub-human race. Think of what all happened in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan. Get too belligerent with us, your entire West will be kicked hard by us.

    Fuck off bastard. Never ever enter India.

  102. Bay Area Guy

    WE indians will surpass china/us economy in 10yrs,cos we have a mass and younger population which in will grant us no.1 superpower status

    LOL! Yeah, okay. Indian nationalists certainly can provide a good laugh.

    • Wade in MO

      “we have a mass and younger population which in will grant us no.1 superpower status”

      You, Haiti, and the Congo. Quality of populace is just as (or maybe more) important than quantity. If I remember correctly >35% of indians are illiterate, but I don’t know the age demographics. Let’s also not forget about the AIDS epidemic, lack of proper sanitation fro most of the populace, uneven development of the country, and their funny accents. I don’t think we’ll see India surpass China in overall global influence, at least not in the next few decades. They should just make sure that China doesn’t shit on them. ( )
      And don’t say this to the US: .

    • LOL. That guy was funny.

  103. Joseph

    Some shitholes follow….

    India: First in the list as it is the topic of this long discussion. One filthy rich man neighboring 5 million people in filthy slums in the cities along with a huge middle class consuming goods like when the Americans used to do (and still do of course). Pissed off people everywhere including the followers of the religion of 1000 gods and the caste system (a.k.a. Hindus), the religion of Slavery, camel fucking and polygamy (a.k.a. Muslims). People dancing in the streets after a Nuclear test.

    USA: Vast, obese country full of 250 lb Gorillas eating steroid infested shit everyday. National pastime being reading the story of the virgin who gave birth to the son of God who later reinvented himself as a Zombie. Number one in consumption and generating waste which is hidden carefully under the surface or under the ocean. Full of ghetto places such as L.A, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cleveland, and the ghettoest of them all New Orleans. Extreme, religious right wing nuts full of borrowed words from the great book “make war, enslave people and talk about forgiveness” by the author Imma Godson along with extreme, left wing, good for nothing morons full of shitty words borrowed straight out of sociology or philosophy books and who seem to have mastered the art of google search and regurgitation.

    Middle Earth (oops East): Camel fuckers lucked out with Oil which, of course was invented by them as told in their great book of revelation “the crap-on”. They also invented DNA, TNT and and STDs.

    Fuck it! The earth is a shithole because it has human beings.

    • Wade in MO

      “Full of ghetto places such as L.A, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cleveland, and the ghettoest of them all New Orleans”

      Truth. Now, what do all of these areas have in common?

      • Dota

        ooh ooh I know!

        They’ve all been mentioned and made fun of on Family guy 😀

        • Wade in MO

          “They’ve all been mentioned and made fun of on Family guy”

          Wouldn’t be too hard to make fun of. American cities are depressing in that way. Just look at St. Louis. It is nicknamed the “Gateway to the West.” Well, if St. Louis is the true gateway to the west, then everyone should be heading back east. The city has some good stuff, but large portions of it and the surrounding area are rundown or completely destroyed shitholes. Once again, the worst areas all have something in common. Washington DC is too. Although it’s been getting somewhat “gentrified” over the past decade, there are still ghettos there. What does it about a country with the world’s largest economy when the capital city is in large part ghetto and the mayor goes to jail for doing cocaine and still get reelected? Iknow that’s about two decades old news, but Jesus Christ. I suppose New York isn’t bad. It been a few years since I’ve been there. I heard that large parts of it were a real shithole before Giuliani. Don’t know much about Boston. The rest of my family has been there and they love it. The only major city I’ve been to west of St louis is Las Vegas, which is a cultural armageddon. My sister and mother have been to San Francisco and Seatlle. Apparently they like the limited amounts they saw. If ever get as far west as Kansas City again I’ll be amazed……Amazed I actually spent time visiting a bunch queers pranicing around like a bunch of Kansas City Faggots. To anyone with knowledge, is there anything in Texas worth visiting? Every since Bush II, Texas has seemed like a national center of suck. Is there anything redeming?

      • Bay Area Guy

        Fuck it! The earth is a shithole because it has human beings.

        LOL, too true!

      • rakesh

        fuck aurangazeb’s ass you gay ass robert lindsay rascal!!! You dont have the capacity nor status to talk about our rich country and heritage bloody scoundrel

        • Why did you flee your glorious Bharat, you silly Hindu? What are you doing posting from Hungary, land of the hated White man? What’s wrong with Mother India, anyway? Also, I don’t understand how they let you stay in Hungary. You Hindus crap out in the open, on sidewalks, in fields, beside roads, etc. You don’t believe in toilets apparently. Since you’re obviously pooping on the sidewalk in Hungary, why haven’t they thrown you out of the country, Hindu.



  104. Dota

    I hear ya Wade, but the problems you’ve outlined above are a result of bad urban planning and/or Budget issues. That’s how cities decay in the west. In India, cities are crap for different reasons altogether. As Aakar Patel points out, Indian cities are just giant villages with public transport. There is no concept of the common good in India and as I’ve said before, this is due to India being a rural society by default. The British forced urbanization on a society that wasn’t ready for it. You describe cities in decline, however I’m trying to convey that the current state of disrepair and squalor is the norm for Indian cities. Indian cities experiencing the full boom of economic growth still resemble Western cities in decline. Kinda sad.

  105. Joseph

    “To anyone with knowledge, is there anything in Texas worth visiting?”

    Yes. The future direction of obesity. Go to Houston and you’ll see either fat white people or short, stocky mexicans. If some nacho won’t put a bullet up your ass, then some redneck definitely will. Not to mention the imported brothers from New Orleans. Ditto for Dallas except you can take the brothas out. Not too many of them there. Waco is truly wacko Jesusland. Austin used to be good back in the days (albeit filled with weirdos) but now, nobody can afford to live there thanks to Dell. The rest of texas is a hellhole.

    “Although it’s been getting somewhat “gentrified” over the past decade, there are still ghettos there”

    Gentrification only ensures that the ghettos move from one neighborhood to another. Not to mention the yuppies now being the new turds in da old hood.

  106. Joseph

    “To anyone with knowledge, is there anything in Texas worth visiting?”

    Yes. The future direction of obesity. Go to Houston and you’ll see either fat white people or short, stocky mexicans. If some nacho won’t put a bullet up your ass, then some redneck definitely will. Not to mention the imported brothers from New Orleans. Ditto for Dallas except you can take the brothas out. Not too many of them there. Waco is truly wacko Jesusland. Austin used to be ok back in the days (albeit filled with weirdos) but now, nobody can afford to live there. The rest of texas is a similar hellhole.

    “Although it’s been getting somewhat “gentrified” over the past decade, there are still ghettos there”

    Gentrification only ensures that the ghettos move from one neighborhood to another. Not to mention the yuppies now being the new turds in da old hood.

  107. suresh

    India is shit, true. I’m an Indian. America is also shit. Only difference between america and India is no one gives a shit when i say that america is shit while some Indians yap something and try to prove that India is not shit.

  108. GS

    I’ve only been in India for two weeks now but that’s all I need to form my opinions of this quite frankly disgusting country.

    The men lear at the girl companions i’ve been travelling with.
    There is urine and faeces everywhere and the smell alone makes one want to gag.
    Despite more deodorant adverts on television here than any other product the population seems to ignore them with startling oblivion. I’m now lucky to be in an area where the smell of BO isn’t present.

    Perhaps the only redeeming feature of this flea-ridden country is the food but even that is enough to give you a stomach bug or worse.

    The only thing this trip has taught me is to never come to this country again and I advise others to do the same.

  109. bochu

    de poolu enna periya soothattam ezhudhura.. po poakistanuku poi avaa sappu

  110. CSK

    @Robert Lindsay I saw your post some where in this thread that abt non existence of Pak nationalist.

    Just post a thread on Pak shithole and see the no of offensive comments…

    • Oh don’t get me wrong! Pakistan is a shithole too!

      • johnUK

        Were is the similar post on Pakistan?

        Ever thought of doing a post on population trends?

        Europeans or whites other than white Muslims like Bosnians, Albanians, and Chechens seem to be the only ones whose population is decreasing.

        These Asian countries main problem seems to stem from the sheer amount of people in them.

        • Michael

          Albania is heaven in comparison to India, as is Bosnia.
          The Balkans are a better people than Indians??oh come on.

          But the fact remains why are you insisting on DEFLECTING away from The fact India is a shithole.

          Do you agree yes or no

          If no what is your reason.

          If yea end off…

          On another note why Indians 2 faced b….turds.

  111. Rajubjhaiya

    FIlthy motherfucker, who the fuck asked your opinions about india? reserve ur filth for ur family
    Fuck off you bloody rat!!!

    • I can see you’re upset. There, there, now honey. I’ll ban you. Now, does that feel better? I’m so sorry sweetheart.

      • this is wat a coward can do ban……………..haah bloody coward americans cant face even a single indian……….how will u face billions……..LOZERSSSS,,,,,,,,,,,, poor guys……cant even work for their own country we have to cum there……..n then blood fuckers get jealous of us……..shoooo sad…………!!! try to do ur work urself poor americans……n yes dont forget the coward banners lol…………..

  112. james dayner

    I have been working in India for about 5 months and am from Detroit area which is quite clean compariatively. Whenever I return I get sick, from the shit all over the streets, disease, etc…every nozy worthless male (80% male population) sticking their dirty hands in your food. Cannot even speak to a woman here without geting surrounded by these jealous baby killer scumbags. Also true they want out of India and into your country to turn it into the same shithole. Arrogant bastards and every one of them thinks he is some reincarnated god. Won’t clean up their own mess, blaming it on everyone esle, truly animals.

  113. Vishal

    I agree with James. The more educated ones like to leave the country. Most Indian people need to learn basic manners before they claim to be IT gurus.

  114. sono

    Good morning,
    If somebody is in a need to throw up, I recommend seeing those pictures.
    They should do the job.

  115. sono

    I love your site btw. It is so, so , so politically incorrect. Keep up a good work. We need people like you. I also enjoy your sense of humor.
    I hope I won’t get banned for saying all of it:)

  116. congrats mr.lindsay…………ur still alive…..n 1 more thing……….just wish sumday destiny doesnt bring u India……coz dat day u have to pay 4 all the shit u’ve spoken…………!!!!

  117. o nooo ur afraid………… wat else wzz expected….hope ur fine….lol……….
    i guess after this u’ll write many abuses n block me…………
    cozz u dont hav courage 2 face things………….

  118. Jkr

    Fuckin faggot lindsay gaandsay why dont u run over some cats in ur wheelchair

  119. Gaaandusay

    A’re lindsay chutiya maderchod, bosadike
    shiteater.. when creatures like you who eat their own shit as daily meal comment the blog would be always stinky. Get a life lindsay chutiya maderchod

    • Hey, do you think you could maybe speak English, or at least human?

      Run along now slumdog.

      • Dota

        want me to translate that for you Robert? =p

        Anyhow, I think its time to close this thread as its run its natural course and nothing more needs to be said. It’s just attracting trolls.

      • SHI

        made me crack up 🙂 Why do you say HAND when giving out bans?

        Just in case you were interested in a translation, these swear words are actually quite common in India and Pakistan (and maybe Afghanistan)

        chutiya = Dumb fool
        maderchod = mother fucker
        bosadike = pussy-whipped

        More than half of these swear words have something to do with incest.

  120. France, England and many other western countries for years were major large scale shitholes. India is just going through the same processes that england and others took years earlier.

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  126. Aurangzeb

    I agree with you. Indians live in denial. The have this delusion of grandeur, when in reality most Indians are mid to low-medium IQ people. They no longer even participate in the Pisa testing after the two regions representing the country in 2009 (Himachel Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) came in the last 3 out of 75 world regions (outside Africa) in maths, science and reading. These tests were carried among 15 year old school kids. East Asians came top followed by Europeans. Israel came below Europeans.

    Frankly, most Indian states will be better off on their own. They are being forced into this fake nation state. I predict a break up of India within 30 years, at least to some extent. But all it needs is one state and then others could follow very quickly.

  127. Aurangzeb

    India is also probably the only country in the world where animals get treated like humans while humans get treated like animals.

    • Percy

      Not like humans. The animals are gods there..

    • -At least Hindus are less homophobic than Russians and Chinese
      -At least Hindus are less corrupt than Russians
      -At least Hindus murder less than Russians and Brazilians

    • allimcbiel

      Time to ethnically cleanse Muslims from this world.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        I strongly disagree. Let’s imagin what would happen if Hindustan turns Islamic(It’s actually quite natural because islam has a long history in the sub-continent and modern hindi is actually Urdu in indian scripts):
        1)With nuclear weapon, india wil be the prime Islamic superpower and site of the new kalipha. All the generals from Washington to Beijing wil be trembling in their boots
        2)Islamic india could easily take control of the Saudi oil, not the house of saud or US oil interests.
        3)Bollywood will take the place of Hollywood and becomes the focus of popular culture.
        4)I suppose either the holy prophet mohammed could be considered an avatar in Hinduism or hindu gods/goddesses were just mispresented pre-mohammed prophets. Things could be worked out.

  128. Aurangzeb

    I disagree with you about Indians being Caucasians. They are part Caucasian for sure (the Northern half being more so than Southern half), but they also have a lot of Ancestral South Indian blood (ASI). The average non-Brahmin/upper caste South Indian probably has a genome that is 60 to 80% ASI. ASI is not Caucasian. Even in the Northern half the people with the least ASI still have it at around 30%. If Indians were Caucasians then it would make sense that they would have an IQ somewhere close to whites i.e. 100 or so, but Indians have an IQ in the region of 80. Now you might say Brahmin IQ probably exceeds 110, which is higher than Europeans, but we musn’t forget Brahmins are the absolute elite of the country and make up only 3-4% of it. If you take the elite (top 5%) of Europe and East Asia, the the IQ probably exceeds 125 in both regions.

  129. rhea gupta

    looks like someone did not research nicely !! i am an indian and i feel purely disgusted by what u guys are saying to my country . we haven’t done anything to u , have we ?? hoe can you be so judgemental . everything has it’s good and bad sides . u just decribed the bad sieds and the problems of india . haven’t u researched ?? u know why all this rich and poor system came in india ?? because of those fuckin britishers !! india was called the “golden nightingle” before britishrs . our country was organized , clean , rich , happy and everything positive until the shitty britishers came and looted out money . they tortured the indian women and kids . they snatched jobs away from so many families !! nobody had money to eat therefore the malnutrition . how would you feel when omeone said utter shit about your country huh ?? india may have some problems , but u know what ?? aside from mother-fuckin bastards like u , THERE are many american , australian and british tourists who still visit india and many keep the wish to visit us !! yeah !! we ARE THAT awesome !!u are just seeing the basic facts . but our culture is unique , we all are like a family . we are not divided into your “jewish” and “catholic” shit !! our family stays together forver !! in your countries , kids move in and awayy from parents after 24 but in india , we are always there to support out parents , forever !! indian women have some dignity and respect and not like your counrty sluts !! atleast we can cover ourselves properly !! u are being such a racist !! u don’t know us ,, don;t judge us !! we are totally heppy and satisfied with our country and we don’t need shit from u !! huh and u calll yourself a journalist when u are no more than a douchebag !!

  130. Aurangzeb

    The problem with India is that people are too superstitious, based around their Hindu beliefs. Everything is destiny. If you were born lower caste, that’s just destiny. You must have done something wrong in a past life. lol. The misfortune of being born into lower caste subjects you to being treated like shit. People in their vehicles would wait patiently to let an animal pass but wouldn’t think twice about running over a Dalit child, if they can get away with it.

    F**k these inhumane Indians, and let them be eternally damned!!

  131. anupam

    Well, quite honestly a guy who has no proper response except banning ( obviously cause he has a small penis) and saying ” HAND” has some severe retardation issues…….so why don’t you stop posting trash and go get some help ?

    • Ok Hindu, you are banned. Back to your failed state now with you. You know, the one you Hindus ruined?


      • India_landoofRapes

        Indians are ruining singapore, indians started rioting in Singapore

        So many singaporean police were injured and so many indians were arrested

        • Actually if there were far more Bangladesh than Indians here, but it was Indians who riot. Also one big resentment of locals against Indians are once Indians become managers, they will fired all locals and ship in their villages. There are forum and chatrooms fill with stories that Indians managers ask locals for interview and at the end, tell the candidate point blank that the job only goes to Indian nationals, even though they are less qualified — a display of arrogance, power and racism.

          In addition, the earlier wave of locals are lower caste dalits. The new comers executives are all Brahmins, The Brahmins despise the local Indians. But the rioters are all lower caste menial workers.

          The locals are fed up of Indian nationals. Though we know they they are being exploited by our government, very few a sympathetic to them.

          Singapore government are extremely despicable people and the hosted international capitalist. That is the reason all media praise Singapore.

        • allimcbiel

          Hey Muslim…Fook off! Don’t you take a hint? Sheesh!

  132. Dude.. this is awesome!! India is a rapists paradise. Whether you want to rape a human or the earth.. India is here for you!

  133. Eu2014

    Whatever Indians are they are not as bad as Americans…majority if Americans are totally mental, depressed, dysfunctional people from broken homes. If this guy Robert Lindsay were a happy person then he wouldnt be posting such negativity on a blog like this and cursing everyone. Fact is America has made him a sad unhappy bitter person….and now hes getting old…and old age in America is a curse…no one cares for you…even your own kids leave u alone to die in misery….its not like India where older people have so much company and support from their families and society. India may be dirty, filthy, ugly whatever…but india still has more values and morals than these messed up robotic western societies where everyone is just a number now. And its only a matter of time before these debt ridden economies like America with 99% homes on mortgages go collapsing to hell….life in india is easy compared to the constant struggle westerners have in order to survive and pay their bills…and then rot in loneliness.

    P.s….if this man Lindsay were in Europe he would be arrested for posting all this hatred…..and beyond a proper infrastructure and disneyland America has nothing more to offer really…no culture…no class and no beauty….then they wonder why all the poor desperate people want to move to the US….because rich have no attraction to a classless boring country like USA.

    • Sam

      (In Robert’s voice)
      Ok Hindu,you are banned!

    • Michael

      Whatever mate..

      You a silent aggressive, nice way to say back biting, back stabbing S.O.B’s.

      Why do Bollywood actresses not look like the common Indigenous Indian woman, obese and ugly like your godess statues.

      The pretty ones are a bi product of Northern people, Persian, Islamic Persian, Turkic, Arabic and Central Asian mixing and off course The European Empires the Portugese, The Dutch and The British.

      Your women must have thought these men were like Gods next to your lot.

      Just saying it like it is and yes I too have been to India, some nice parts not great, a poor attempt to look Western and a whole lot of Shyte.

      India is not United Arab of Emirates not that’s modern and progressive the only eyesore are the labourers ….guess what all from India too.

  134. FUCK YOU!! If you dare speak a word that insult to India I am gonna kick your ass off. Your just a peace of shit!
    We have the power.We have many ppl visiting India and we have no problem with any country may it be Pakistan or China.

  135. Yep, is a shit hole, I thought I was the only one saw it that way.
    Well a lot people say “dude there is a lot of rich indians”
    Of course mate, if you can buy slaves how not to be rich ?

    Shitty place, to all those yoga lovers, spend some months in shitindia and we’ll talk later…

  136. marci

    OMG. This was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  137. Robert, you really took down those Indians haha. Thanks for the laughs (elephant jockey, curry breath, cow piss etc.)

  138. Robert, did this article alone cause the most bans?

  139. Amma

    Ure a fukin pussy go and play with ure mom u ugly white basterd oh i forgot i raped her yesterday hahahhahahaha we all tekkin over britain now wot u gonna do u pussy hole lol

    • Poor UK if you folks gonna “tekkin” it, better go to USA, all you need to say is that someone wants to kill you and tadaaa instant citizenship!!!
      I am so glad where I live there are no indians, pakis, or bangladesh people…and dude BTW learn to write properly, english is not my mother tongue, but I try to write properly, you might think you are “kool or gansta writttting like shit”

  140. I don’t want to offend anybody but I couldn’t agree more with this. I have an Indian background and I’m about to go on my third trip to India (not because I want to but because my husband wants to and has never been) .. and I’m dreading it. Dreading the filth, the poverty, and the weird attitudes of the people who live there.

    I agree the most with the fact that the rich don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves and that they have somehow sold the poor on the belief that they are exactly where they should be, and lucky to be there.

    It’s tragic. Thank you for writing this.

    And, I don’t think he (the author) was being disrespectful at all. I think he’s just drawing attention to the bleeding obvious but ignored.

  141. This is the greatest article ever. It’s #1 in Google for “India sucks” which is the phrase I typed in because I hate Indians. They stink and they are selfish assholes who have ruined the Internet. I hope the NSA bombs them.

  142. Robert Lindsay…lol you look like and ugly whore….

  143. Ohh….I meant ugly pussy

  144. woow…you are right that India is a shit whole. I’ve been studying India too from a long time. What I found was, most educated people in India were in politics and they were taking all its development money for themselves. This is what scares me the most. Of we see Indians are the most successful ethnicity in us. I cant even imagine they entering in our government.

  145. Vinay

    Let me first start off by wishing everyone a happy 2014 !!! Let it not start off with a thread filled with hate but with tolerance.
    Because when there is tolerance, there is knowledge and power to change. There is a will to change and there is direction.
    Firstly this is one big long never-ending discussion.There will be people ‘for’ , ‘against’ , others losing their cool and spewing profanities , and to my amusement, trolls going on a tangent and starting of some parallel hindu vs muslim , India vs China discussion.

    The haters must acknowledge Robert Lindsay’s observation with the state of affairs in India.
    Being an Indian myself , I cannot deny what he has portrayed about rich getting richer , poor getting poorer and worse the Govt always cosying up to the rich as though it was run by them.
    Why, we get to see the same stuff portrayed in all our cultural movies as well. Social and Economic Injustice is the permanent plague of our nation.
    Much to all of my fellow indians frustration, it is just like how a handicapped or fat person hates being called so because it reminds us of our pathetic state. It’d not have pained us so if what he mentioned was just lies.
    It’s only upto ,not only the Elite but for each one of us to begin by developing ourself and also gradually bring in the down-trodden and weak to our sphere of concern. Once we’ve done that , the sphere of influence will automatically expand with the ‘urge to develop’ spreading across society. It won’t come easy but will eventually happen. Until then we’ll strive.
    But if we cannot or dare not help the poor in fear that they overturn our future (much akin to Anil Kapoor’s character in Slumdog Millionaire) , the least we should do is react in denial .

    As for you Robert , you could have atleast had a better choice of words than being racist.
    I can only sympathize with you as I comprehend from your description that you became a victim of India’s bureaucratic shithole. But we dwell in a world where there is dualism- where there are naysayers about India and also a great ever growing success story .

    India and Indians are great when it comes to respecting multi-culturalism. Where do you get to see more than 25 states each speaking different languages , dialects and yet governed by a single Country.

    Although one can always come up with links of cultural homicide and atrocities caused by vested political interests , you cannot ignore unity in diversity that remains in people.
    So there you have it. Positives and negatives will continue to exist. It’s our choice what we pick.
    You can love India or hate it But Cannot Ignore it.

    • Michael

      At least Robert does not live in a nation where the 10% enslave the 90% over a mumbo jumbo caste system.

      Racism, arrogance and Imperialistic desires are at the heart of Hinduism hence why mein kamar sold well in India during the 40’s among the Hindus.

      Also Gandhi himself wrote something while stationed in Africa ( oh yes he was a British brown sahib too ) on how he applauded Hitler referring to Africans as Zulus.

      Indians are racist intrinsic nature of Hindu manifest and not the multi cultural the multi bit is remnants of old empires who conquered this Shyte hole.

      • Michael

        Blooming predictive typing on iOS should read

        …..mein kampf not mein kamar although that is probably the Indian way of writing mein kampf.

  146. Fred - "Call me racist I don't give a toss."

    Indians the vermin of the human race. Calling an Indian human is an oxymoron if ever there was one given their behaviour is more akin to that of a savage animal with rabies. They breed like rats and when they can’t stand the stench of their own shithole they set about on an infestation of other countries. There is very little to compliment an annoying mosquito about, however there is one difference between a mosquito and the ever annoying low life Indian and that is, at least a mosquito knows when to stop sucking.

  147. Trish

    That was sick dude, truly. Visited India in 2009 and that looked like Mumbai in my opinion a schizo city between old and new. The new is nothing special either standing side by side with the reality that India is and this is an extremely poor country. The poor have been forcibly evicted to make way for unsafe rising residential blocks and offices (if your thinking super structures as seen in China please do not). The poor live in shanty towns, tin huts somewhere I would not put my dog for the night, with zero access to clean water or sanitation they do commonly defecate wherever they wish even sidewalks, I saw a woman in a raggedy sari dump not to far from a sidewalk dodged by the Mumbai scooter riders.

    Goa was a lot better but apologies but Indian men are not attractive and do not travel as a single woman. They walk in 3’s and 4’s ogling foreign and single/ groups of women and even couples, by nightfall these same low life’s are intoxicated and out of their heads and very aggressive, this is where Indian arrogance and inflated ego has no where to hide. Not a pretty site and the way the lunge at women is very off putting and if you watch it for long enough you are sickened and compelled to speak out but met with Indian profanity, which did not bother me.

    India is a cesspit, a paradox and Indians are very quick to mention Pakistan in every conversation. In Delhi while admiring the red fort speaking to a tour guide I hired his history lesson ended up why Pakistan needs to be destroyed and a 10 minute rant about why Islam is barbaric and medieval.

    This is when you realise how deep seated hate that exists inside the common Indian man. The irony from a nation that owes so much to its rich Islamic history and the very reason why I paid him my 200 rupees was to gain some insight to the history of the great Mughal fort, an Islamic contribution to modern India still standing some 200 plus years to enrich a city in India with its grandeur and splendour.

    Now I have travelled across the Muslim countries to, Egypt quite polluted and messy but no way as filthy as Mumbai, Istanbul was a joy, Damascus was jaw dropping , Syria sadly no longer I suspect is a culturally and historically rich nation, Oman, Morocco, guess what no defecation on streets and no cultural filth. I long to visit Pakistan and have heard Lahore and Islamabad are remarkably beautiful cities but a goal is to visit the legendary and mythical Hunza valley in the northern areas, sadly Taliban territory but Like Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Turkey I will be certain not to see a woman squatting on a sidewalk defecating.

    India has some great history, Vedic, Jain, Bhuddist and Islamic but is not the great civilisation one is sold in my humble opinion and yes a magnificent part of the world, it has a long long long way to go in becoming an organised, orderly and modern nation.

    However did not see as much shit as shown in the photo so will be interested to know what city, certainly not Goa but definitely a contender for Mumbai and parts of Delhi.

    India is an experience none the less 🙂

    • Tim-K

      Unfortunately when you say the truth people start to get angry, it’s like a self defence for the failure of their own society, this is very common to many developing countries people to behave (I live in one as well), but when people point this problems, I as a normal person begin to think how to solve it, trying to hide or pointing others countries minor problems whereas yours are worse it’s a cheap way of thinking. If the author didn’t want India to improve he would not spend his time here. What people from from all developing countries have to do is get rid of old paradigms and spend more time thinking why my country Human Development Index – IDH is so low and in other places it’s high.

    • Pat Butcher is a Man

      Lady did anyone of these sub human shit bags try it on with you Goa.

      This is India = Enough said, Robert Lindsay’s photo is totally legit.

      If Indians never had The Mughals, The Portugese or The British the entire nation would have just ate, shye, procreated and ate some more some more until there were mountains of shit covering the lands. The irony is the cleaner parts are the parts that India occupies thanks to us 🙂

  148. Pat Butcher is a Man

    Delhi Belly or daily dirty Delhi

    • Tim-K

      I saw this everyday in India, it’s hard to live looking at it, I have traveled to Goa and even there it’s not very clean, but it’s better than other places, especially the food.

  149. Amma

    Robert Lindsay bhen ka loda

  150. Amma

    Shit smelling unwashed bottom that is whay Jesuit white dogs are…all european-white-caucasians-christian fuckers smell like fresh shit!! No one would stand near those animals for 5 minutes..becuse they are just like dog themselves, they love dog as one of them!

    • Mike

      How can you even say that you unclothed, unclean dirty ugly sub species.
      Culture and faith defines a people. The Indian indigenous Indian culture driven by a absurd faith is the reason why you are uncouth uncivilised baboons.

      Everything you pride yourselves has been exported to this infected filthy land along the Lower Ganges from superior civilisations from The North and West and Pacific.

      The minute these wretched Indians digressed from The British or. Mughal systems they have returned what was the richest place in Asia in 1948 to a large toilet.

  151. joshua-is-son-of-dog

    This fucker Robert Lindsay is a Jesuit dog – fucker doesn’t know there are 50 million Jesuit poops in India which are the worst enemies of the Indian state and Jesuit dogs are always traitors be it Sudan or Korea or China or Japan, their fabricated lies of 2013 years are now falling apart ,, and even this little poop Lindsay too is a rape-child, when medieval Europe was conned into Christian conversion and all native European regions were destroyed by Jesuit scumbags, even Lindsay can’t tell which Padre and which Father rapped his great-great-great-great grandmother and forced Jesus shit down her throat forever, so from a forever slave which all Christians are, Lindsay is just one little poop of the son of dog Jesus’s cunt mom Mary and even he doesn’t know how many times he was fucked by pedophile priests and padres and fathers in his school and in the church, so this scumbag Lindsay is not honest but is by design and carrying Jesuit propaganda as part of Joshua II Project of forever criminal Church, the sadest-satanist thing ever happened on the earth and humanity is Jesuit scum and like all converts who first tries to kill their own root, Church tried to annihilate Jews and Judaism – Christian dogs are pack of lies everywhere, are in-bred products of incest between father-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister; all they have for brain is plain poop which they enjoy sticking into unwashed bottoms all the time! And this fuckers think themselves forward but even don’t qualify as mature as a dog,… everyone know them and they are exposed that all white skin is the skin of traitors-filthy animals-moral less cheaters and fakers and liars – they and their dumb ass dog Jesus are perfect match and combinations of two retards ! All races, even Muslims are way better and far off mature than Jesuit scumbags and they fucked the shit out of kind of Lindsays in Spain for centuries and vikings sold white boys and girls as slaves to Muslims for centuries !! This retarded dog Lindsay is a blind and mad and dirty Jesuits terrorist – but Christian is a synonym for terrorist … and this fucker is part of that design,

    • All right, you are banned.


      • Sarah

        This sums up India very well.

        I hate Indians when they describe their nation as a democracy and equality for all.

        This is an uppercase Hindu and mobs of upper caste Hindus stripping and humiliating a lower caste adhivasi woman which I believe is Indian for indigenous or aboriginal.

        These supposed lower caste are treated like sub humans and represent 80% of the Indian entire population. They live in a landmass which is seeking secession from India and represents a 60% land mass! currently overrun by The Maoist or Naxalites. These groups are calling for liberation of their lands they say were unjustly enjoined by force by New Delhi in 1948.

        Changing laws to provide equality will never change the fate of these people because this engrained into the psyche of the upper caste Hindu, that he is Godlike. This is an inherent problem with This region and stops the balance of power, distribution of wealth and access to Education for certain people.

        It is the dingle most sickening system in the world…

    • Mike

      Check this racist xenophobe Indian..
      Love the part where he writes….even Muslims.

      The biggest tourist attractions in India are Muslim made and nothing to do with the dirty Hindu faith.

      Muslims do not shit on streets nor Christians but intrinsically a Hindu thing.

      • xenophobe Indian

        Natural justice is on the way for the crimes committed by both Jesuits and Muslims, too soon the so called tourist attractions will be gone forever from all over the world when Hindus will demand natural justice from both invaders, it would be better if Muslim pigs went back to deserts of Arabia and Jesuits scum bags retreat to deserts of Israel where they will be slaughtered by Jews because originally this two faiths are homeless, doesn’t belong to anywhere, brought destruction and despair everywhere – destroyed beautiful and benevolent pre-Islamic and pre-Christian religions of Arvasthan (Arabia), Middle-East, Iran (Zoroastrians) and those of all of the Europe, and as Converts born out of rape of their mothers, both Muslims and Christians are just pimps, PIMPS!!

        GO back to deserts of Arabia and Israel, you both Muslims and Christians do not belong to any green-fertile-better and good parts on the Earth anywhere such as like India, Europe and all occupies territories like Americas & Australias. Be in desert and suck Camel’s dicks, that’s what you Mohammedan and Jesuit pigs could only do and are made to do and what prophet of doom started doing since at age of 60 he started sexing 6 year old Ayesha…

        • Alan

          Hmmn were the origins of All man not Africa and were the origins of the real indigenous Indians Arabia.

          So how does the above stop Indians and Hindus largely shitting “everywhere”.

          That has nothing to do with those who you seek to blame for a insignificant vedic history which you can reminisce thorough a amde up history of nonsense and folklore.

          Hate to burst your imaginery bubble but The British tuaght you to shot in the toilets and the Islamic civilisation gave you soap and sanitation. Christian and Islamic civilisations bathed in clean water and defecated in a hole in the ground not in public like the Hindus. Why do Christiana nd Muslim civilisations / nations show no such uncivilised practices.

          Hate to burst your bubble Indian but the problem is a social problem, a cultural problem that is inherent in ALL backward Hindus of India and not found anywhere in the world not even in sub saharan Africa.

        • Subi

          Misinformed Alan,. Islam civilization did pot teach anything except those invaders plundered the Indian wealth and constructed some shitty things like Taj Mahal of which’s history is as barbaric as the hindu stories which guys love to criticize.. How can one consider a religion that preaches pedophilia as a religion first of all? DO u even know what you are saying or simply being a part of chorus in India bashing?… Pisslamists didnt teach us to shit in the hole they are more primitive and barbaric than the neanderthals then and even now. All they know is violence some nasty jihad and pedophilia.. About the white invasion part I agree they civilized india somewhat..

      • Time and again Several rulers and invaders tried to civilize the people in India but after a while they realized that the idiots are not worth of their time.

        Indians are suffering from massive inferiority complex, Ugly looks, uncivilized mannerisms and worse no intellect ,jealousy and several other cultural factors compound the problems in India.

        Sadly, indians dont know what to do , time and again they realize that they are incapable of self governance, their society is not capable of producing any intellectual output , so they have to divert their frustration on minorities and Non hindus living in india

        India will burn eternally in Hindu hatred and jealousy

  152. xenophobe Indian

    Just get out of such bad for you Indian soil also with all your improvements taking back with you, get out of the Indian lands GO BACK to ARABIA and ISRAEL, take mother fucking 250 million Muslims and 50 million Jesuits along with you out of India, we don’t need such superb Muslims and Jesuits beings being crammed and keep on suffering in this Indian lands which is so bad for them, take the Jesuit and Islamic shit out of India back to Arabia and Israel, otherwise we will have to sent you forcibly packing out back to where you came from this bad for you Indian lands to stop you suffering on this Indian lands.

    So when you are going packing back to Arabian deserts to start sucking camel’s dick and sexing 6 year old girls and boys born ‘pre-dented’ and born with ‘pre-raped vaginas type girls’ over there in good lands of your origins?

    • Sarah

      Somebody mentioned bubble and pop! I think xenophobe Indian is showing his true colours.

      Erm.. how many wite caucasian or non Indian christians do you think occupy India?

      How many Arabs or Jews occupy India?
      Surely your not calling for your fellow indigenous native Indians who happend to be Christia, Muslim and even Jew to be removed from their ancestoral lands based on religion

      • Sarah

        India is a fckbleeping fckin bleeping shit hole.

        elequoently summed up.

        • Your Dad!

          Sarah you fucking Ignorant! You are simply alive because Indians are tolerant..Forgot what happened right after cartoons?.,, not worry Muslims would teach you and your country when the Sharia law would be imposed on every citizen there..,,,other If Indian children are working..they are working because of your fucking British colonization..they pillaged and plundered my country..Muslims will teach you soon..I guarantee you!

  153. Sarah

    Not only a shit hole but absolutely unsafe for any woman.

    This week a 51 year old Danish tourist was gang raped after losing her way back to her Hotel.

    This DOES NOT happen in China – never.

    Stay away from this shithole please…

  154. Martyn

    Sheeeeeeeeet Ole…

    They look dirty, they smell, their food is dirty, their language is vulgar, their mannerism are dirty, their behaviour is dirty, their country is dirty…..

    It is a shitty country hyped up as a rising economy….

    My estimate will take India another 100 yrs to feed and cloth the poor and provide them with toilets too BUT that’s if those fckeeeeen superior caste Hindus treat 90% of the country as equal.

    Really though WTF do you have to be so arrogant about and I say this to the upper class Hindus who are the equivalent of a grocery store till attendant in the Western world.

    Take a fkcing look of yourself Hindu, as Arnie said to the Predator.

    “Your one ugly mother bleep bleep”

    Trust me you people are as ugly outside as you are in, it is amazing the effect of culture on people. We really do take such things for granted in the West and it is only when you come to India, you realise the effect of a dirty culture, language and a faced up faith has on 1 billion plus aborigines.

  155. Kenneth

    Poooooooh hole
    Peeeeee hole

    A place where they drink cow urine, sold for medicinal use – sick.
    Treat fellow humans like Shyte and a cow is a deity, walking around pooping everywhere.

    There is a festival along the Ganges! All these sadhus drinking piss and some kind of a hallucinogen drink. They then commit incest, sodomy and women gladly get shagged and then they all poop and urinate in The infested Ganges followed literally straight afterwards with hordes jumping in and bathing in it.

    It is SICK.!,!

    And it SMELlS,!,!

    India is a dichotomy of the marketing we hear and read of a shining new emerging nation and when you go there a sharp contrast.

    In a word….

    It is a dump!

    Afghanistan and Pakistan had a war/ conflict – WTf is India’s excuse.
    Why can you not be beautiful like Sri Lanka, or Malaysia, even Philippines, Madagascar! Mauritius… Etc.

    You can NOT because culturally you are ill equipped to do anything a bit like your IT peoples and call centre staff. You are drones programmed to be told what to do and incapable as a people to build, design and innovate.

    Shitty Shocking, Shmelling, India.

    Shithole of Asia.

  156. Jay

    I think, Lindsey you must have been really fed up with your time in India.
    But ironically, I do not disagree with you on many of the things you’ve described…! I was born in India and lived there for 20 years.
    This is a very pessimistic perspective. There are some amazing things about India but overall the bad things shadow the good..
    I do agree though the poor are too stupid/ignorant, that is the main problem India faces as a country and so they resort to being a slacker or a corrupt individual. And a vast majority of Indians fall in this category. Sad but true.

  157. Hubli Guy

    Im from india…i agree with a lot of points. I really thought that people would mature with time but it looks more like they are like animals in here. I love india. But frankly there is nothing wrong on what lindsay said.

  158. DK_Bose

    Just have a look on small examples of Indian caliber….

    We(Indians) have reached to this stage in just 66 years since our independence. On the other hand US/UK and other countries took 200-300 years to achieve nationalism. I know we have lots of shortcoming, but my dear friend no developed country was rich by birth. They learnt from their mistakes so do we. Pardon my english because it’s not my mother tongue (if I used my mother tongue then you could not understand my point)

  159. Cc

    I have to agree 1000% with Robert unfortunately! I am European and lived in india for 2 years and this country and this people are just surreal. India and the 1.2 billion idiots. Because in fact no one cares about anything in this country! No education, no respect, no professionalism, no manners, no hygiene … And then they think themselves the best of the world! Hinduism??? Where’s the values of true old Hinduism? The only values in this country are purely monetary! They live 50 years ago and no one in india wants to change! They are all too much worried to lie and steel from everybody than worried to fight for a better future for india.

  160. unfortunately stuck in india

    robert you fucking bastard u are the coolest fuck ever. i am an asshole indian, still i agree with you, these shitfaced donkeypoo will die of sodomy one day i know that. now if any one can prepare my passport and visa…i am stuck in this pighole. i wish i was born in a civilized place.

    • Oh that is so sad, my Indian friend. My heart goes out to you. I think you are probably a very good person to want to get out of that place. Any decent person of course would want to leave.

  161. ShutupYoubastard

    Tere maa baap ko uss din jaldi so jana chahiye tha (English Translation – Your whore mom and pimp Dad should have slept early THAT day)

  162. mayank

    First of all i am an indian and on a high level i agree this country is a shithole and most of the people are crude and crass. the people who are saying lindsay is a motherfucker, they are saying this because they do not seem to have a choice as being an indian the natural reaction is to defend our country. But, objectively speaking, india is indeed a dirty and uncultured place. Lets face it when you give power to slaves they won’t know how to make use of the power as they have only seen slavery so the result is those slaves who got the power (read goverment) will be corrupt and will treat their own people like slaves as this is what they have seen.
    Tell me a good thing about india
    we are far from countries like Singapore which got its freedom after india, can we indians take some time to thik about this, the answer lies in our mentality, an average indian will not worry about the bad things happening around him as long as he is not personally impacted which is nothing but uncultured. indians are deeply selfish, uncouth and crass people. i can write another 2 million words but why to crap a country which is already a crap.

  163. To all the chauvinistic fucktard Indians here :-


    Do you fucking realize that your country is the 4th most dangerous place on earth for WOMEN ?? YOU MOTHERFUCKERS !

    I really mean it literally because you are PROMOTING the fucking of mothers&sisters by being ignorant about It!

    Its disgusting on how patriarchal and conservative this society really is!

    And the worst thing about all of this is that women tolerate this kind of SHIT instead of doing something like American women’s rights movements they remain tamed like ANIMALS! so Fuck Indian women for not speaking up against this shit!

    I FUCKING HATE HINDUISM! its a misogynistic,elitist circlejerk social system!

    • Pepperroncini

      Yup India is shit; and the people generally defending it are the upper castes because it is their system that they zealously maintained to this day that has totally screwed up the country. The morality of a country’s elite can best be seen in how it treats the less fortunate.

      India ever since independence and actually well before it has used starvation as a tool to genocide the lower castes. The extreme povery of the caste system, which by the way is adhered to by Muslims and certain Christians , has led to overpopulation and an unimaginably dysfunctional society for the poor.

      Indian and Pakistani elite are just beyond wicked and callous; there really is no other way to describe them.

      Good on Robert for not towing the mass media line of Indian Americans being the darling model minority because if these upper caste Indians who come here had it their way , they will turn America into the same crap hole India is. The only reason Indians succeed in America is precisely because America is the opposite of India.

      • The people who defend India online on anything criticizing their country are generally moronic,brainwashed teenagers with colossal ignorance about the fact their country is an overpopulated 3rd world dump which only because of their own outdated social system.

        Not to mention their Virginity fetish&lack of education about female sexuality&sex thanks to the shitty colonial era societal rules,seriously Britian has become one of the most liberal&multicultural places on earth and yet this country is STUCK in the timezone of colonial era.. even though its fucking democratic! Its like they don’t want to become a better country.

        Its pathetic really because i expected India to be little bit better than other radical Islamic theocratic countries where women get sentenced to jail for being raped… but NO its not better than that!

        I can at least understand why pakistan is the way it is but the way Indians handled the country makes me wish that british never left and shot gandhi in the head.

        Now this is what really pi#ses me off the most India is the most densely populated countries on earth and YET these idiots pretend like sex doesn’t exist and treat it like a social taboo.

        Well as if that will take care of teenager’s hormones and other biological functions these idiots know jackshit about.

        I really hate India because it had the chance become a better country unlike other middle eastern countries at least theocratic countries or poor countries have an excuse for being the way they are India does NOT have an excuse for being this much ignorant about their own problems.

        They don’t care about hygiene,they don’t have any human dignity to empathize with their own people,they don’t care about women’s rights and they act like as if 70% population isn’t under poverty line.

        The 30% or so suburban Indians are the most despicable human beings on earth not because they are more fortunate than others but because of the fact that they brag about their country like its something good instead of being a sincere human being and being fixing their shit culture.

  164. vuefv

    fuck u

    • Ok Gunga Din, you’re banned. Back to Bharat with you.


      • Your Dad!

        Robert Lindsay! You are so lucky that you are not saying anything where all wars have been instigated..Thats why you have all blassings… Please make some cartoons and see the forgot the result? Indians would not sting you..Do they..? when British plundered India..Did they? May Sharia would help you soon..I grantee you..It will open your eyes!

  165. Mishra Kol

    @Robert Lindsay I am an Indian From Kolkata. But I completely agree with you. I search the internet “why indian shithole” and google showed your website. Though I didn’t read the entire article. But I agree. We are cheap mentality because of our system. I am now outside of india but whatever the problem I had faced always from my Indian brothers. They theft my money. They always lied….. Really shithole….

  166. Jason Cosway

    I worked in India for a few months and hated each day, each minute you could witness a dichotomy before your eyes. Arrogant professionals who thought they were specials, shopkeepers who treat you like a king and ordinary Indians like a piece of crap. What hits you first on e you move away from the new complexes is the smell, the poverty and hundreds of people living as f they are outcasts of society. Indian men have a dirty mind and are very perverse with those who had never been out of India asking about white women?

    Prostitution is rife and my work colleagues weekend activity was to get drunk and hire a prostitute. Consequently I did not do much and tried hard to find another face to India so tried visiting historic sites and while I was in awe of Islamic history and the written history which I may add was always belittled by the Indian.

    You soon realised they are neither a tolerant nor honourable people but a people with a massive chip on their shoulders stuck in 2 worlds one seeking westernisation but trying to adapt their Hindu faith. Those who were successful were those who displayed zero practice in Hinduism and were 100% Western so much that it looked artificial.

    The problem with Hinduism is that they have no real history and as a people are desperate for their own identity and blame The British and Arabs for everything yet Arabs settled not along The Ganges if anything Persian and Turkic people should be the brunt of their inferiority complex. Behind all this I suspected was a hidden fanatical teaching twisting history one that is neither secular or fair to non Hindus. For someone reading all the hysteria about India it was really all too peculiar and troubling as I sadly had nothing nice to say about Indian people and culture. It makes you realise that India was being “marketed” as a great friend of the Western world ( previously pro communist) and from all Indians you would speak China always popped up. It makes me wonder if India was marketed and supported in the West to increase investment for the sole purpose of containing Chinese rise. If there is any truth in this I do believe a mistake has been made as I found a highly incompetent nation riddled in corruption, crime and caught between 2 worlds displayed a shizophrenic personality that would become its downfall.

    Today they feel by shedding their Indian”ness” and becoming more Western is the answer, perhaps this is what India of the past did when more culturally and economically rich civilisation came to conquer. If this experiment India fails I can see Indians blaming The Americans or the modern Western world for their incompetence and failure in the same way they blame The British and the Islamic Civilisations.

    This is why I describe India to be a schizophrenic culture and nation, changing goal posts between culture, history depending on who they speak with.

    Largely the cities are filled with a Jekyll and Hyde characteristics, backwar men in suits trying to be Western and women too and it looked all a bit plastic. Adopting another’s culture was where China went wrong pre opium wars and was the downfall of ancient Japan but also the Ottoman Empire for that matter. It is better to keep your culture and modernise from within not to replicate another but it also made me think if Indian indigenous culture is actually what holds it back and hence why the inferiority complex and schizo behaviour of this nation.

    I compared what India does today with China and Japan during The British Empire but This where the similarity ends because Chinese and Japanese civilisation have a rich verified history and a glorious past where as the Hindus do not and direct you to unverified legends.

    I see the Indian psyche as confused, bruised because of more empowering civilisations conquering them through out the ages and leaving their foreign identity / legacy behind yet they can not point to their own history.

    India is trying to advance as quickly as possibly in the way it knows best through cheap labour, poor materials and in complete ignorance of the poor people living side by side tall buildings.

    India is a dichotomy and it need to educate, feed and house their people and then move forwards.

    It is all a bit of a muddle and a mess partly because of a confused in consistent faith and culture.

    I was very disappointed with India and while the British and Islamic histories are fascinating to see and read there was no real evidence of their “supposed” great history and when questioned further a pattern emerged, the British and Muslims destroyed it yet their impact on Indian nation is comforting and It would be shocking to see what would have been if that history was not available.

    A week living in India and meeting rude, unwashed, arrogant fools you soon become home sick quick.

    Needless to say I did not extend my contract there.

  167. Shady Lane

    India is the armpit of the world.

    And the Indians are the bacteria stinking up that armpit.

    Fuck all Indians.

  168. bamaboy

    i agree with you 100 percent india is really a shit hole and this article opened my eyes i am getting out of this pig sty and i am not afraid to say indians are shit i am an indian myself but i have seen the culture and soceity its really crap love proper education isnt allowed here but we can go home and fuck our wives 10000 times and make 10000 babies then give lecture to the young generation or to the poor happy boy who was simple kissing his girlfriend that what he did and open a police diary against him and ruin his future thats india!!! fuck as soon as i can i would get out of this cesspool and go elsewhere and indian males are stupid bullies too they are most dirtiest male of the world they are too sick to understand anything else.and indian parents always napping their babies so that they remain stupid until age of 50 then marryat age 50 such a corrupt and stupid system we have and i am not atall proud to be an indian infact i regret it too much…….@robert lindsay you are a great man atleast you bothered to say it out loud really i agree with you ..

  169. den

    Fuck the Indians
    They fuck each other life they are always jealous of each other
    Fuck so hard to all the people of india they are the shit holes which are so holy that they fart in each others mouth so hard..
    Also Fuck the britishers who made them cry and try harder to raise civilization india is fucking bad country where the SLUM people are so fucking ass holes..
    Many SLUM peoples beg in the morning slave a girl in evening and ride a audi at night this is one of the millionth example of how fucking mother fucker is india..
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    politicians fucks white collor people rich people they fuck middle class who barely stand up on their foot they fuck themselves and they also get fucked by the slum peoples by bulling them…..
    HOW SHITHOLE IS INDIAA who got independance by british but not by herself and the fucking fucking peoples peoples who called them self as GOD who only visited india and not the hole world their is no as such jesus,krishna,allaha..etc they were just the people who struggled in their life and the stories became more famous…the power is only one and which is nothing so live the life how you want to live fuck those peoples who make your life hard to live give them a dose which will make them kill by them self so their will be no murderer and no killer..Help those are in need give the warmness to those get anxity attacks this is all because of the fucking moron people who make those people sick……..Dont worry about GOD he is an idiot he will always fuck your ass so hard that it will be unbareable to you to just FART 😀

    And Asshole take it easy on my grammar which got fucked up due to this fucckkiing shity indians>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-|-

  170. Harsh

    I am shore your one of that fucking Pedophile Person who fucks the worlds children all over the world and now you get Depressed about that your getting Impotent and thats the reason why you r writing Fantasy stories about India. I fell very sorry for you i will pray for you. And last but not least the Viagra pills you r using during your bad sex is Produced in INDIA and it contains A part of Cow Piss Formula NH3 Amonniak Nitrate so dont get surprissed when you hear someone is drinking cow piss you pisser.I feel very bad by writing things like this to you because its not in my culture to do this yes man i said culture thats the second part of our Asian an African soul. jai HIND.

  171. I Am Right

    You’re a troll and you succeeded. Getting attention at the cost of others is really immature. Look into your life and see what you’re doing with yourself; writing hundreds of articles no one reads and this was your attempt to get more readers. Instead of criticizing another country, fix your self and get a life.

  172. Brils

    As usual it is the small populace of whites who will be contributing to the world with their inventions, discoveries and innovations and making the world a beautiful place. These turd skin ,filthy, bad smelling, unhealthy, genetically inferior ugly asshole all rush to populate the white countries to make it another sewage dump.These ugly , skinny,genetically inferior,turd skinned no-use assholes are good only for overpopulating the world.

    They are fast growing in immigrant population in white countries.Next thing they will be shitting in all white countries sidewalks.And they will ask us not to step in it.

    whites population is dwindling.these turd skin, skinny, ugly assholes are going to be majority and they are going to make the white countries into another third world shithole.

    these smelly, clumsy , ugly, thin ,smelly food cooking nasty assholes are big disgrace to humanity.

    They lie and cheat to become immigrant.they fake their resumes with many years of experience to do IT jobs.
    these turd skinned assholes always think they are superior than all others.

    They prey on white girls to produce turd skinned babies.

    STOP immigration now before white nations become shitholes.
    No innovation, no invention, no contribution with 1.2 billion population,nothing comes out of india.and the population is growing faster than any other nation.
    they just dance and sing like jokers in their so called movies.
    Dirtiest People in the dirtiest nation. If there was a ranking of dirtiest nations, India would take spots from 1 to 10. Visit the nation for proof. Enough said.
    Low intelligence. Out of a billion people at the most 10, 000 are actually intelligent. These are the ones who make headlines around the world and convey the wrong impression that the rest of the country harbors geniuses. The education system is designed for rote learning. Most of the so called educated cannot come up with an original thought.

    No intelligent innovation from this country. The art work is stunted as are the most of their artists.

    Their scientists are for the most part not creating anything outstanding. Just holding academic positions for namesake. Even their Space Research Organization is still behind the 60’s achievements of the Russians, despite importing all their knowledge and equipment from those Commies.

    Indians have false pride and ignorance that they are always ‘smart’.

    You might have come across the following posted by Indians numerous times in various blogs which proves that Indians succeed ONLY in Western countries –

    “38% of doctors in USA are INDIANs.
    12% scientists in USA are INDIANs.
    36% of NASA scientists are INDIANs.
    34% of Microsoft employees are INDIANs.
    28% of IBM employees are INDIANs.
    17% of INTEL scientists are INDIANs.
    13% of XEROX employees are INDIANs.

    Co-founder of Sun Microsystems: Vinod Khosla
    Creator of Pentium chip (90% of the today’s computers run on it) Vinod Dham. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH ”

    Examples – Mittal of Mittal steel, Azim premzi of Wipro, Ambani of Reliance, Narayana murthy of Infosys. All these Indian billionares have emulated Western business model.

  173. peter

    you bloody mother f***er think about ur own sucking country.and by the way do you only know the word banned in English vocabulary

  174. peter

    your country sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks
    to the core

  175. peter

    bitch please shut the f*** up

  176. Agree with you on neoliberalism and trickledown. Stieglitz is a good source for understanding these inequities. They affect us all. If you are Indian, fight them, change your politics, and win in a more equitable society.

  177. Ifuckinghateindia

    I am from north India, Kashmir. and I hate India so much. This country is full of cow piss, overrated movie stars and shitty things. That’s a lot of shit. Keep going on!

  178. Anonymous

    You fool, you think your stupid article is going to harm our National Integrity? Does your country even have any culture? I hardly think so, you call yourselves a society? You have a very narrow and pessimistic mind, sir
    Learn to look at the bright side of things
    Anyway, whom am I explaining? A bloody blindfolded racist
    Ban me if you want to,I don’t care

  179. anku

    A only country in the world where u have to pay brive for getting death cirtificate of your close one….

  180. India is the stinkiest country in the world.
    India is simply garbage of all.

    Screw India!
    India is just nothing.
    India is not even a country.

  181. Charutha

    I’m an Indian and I think what you said is quite right. However, most Indians are never going to admit this. Everything is corrupt here, from top to bottom. I hope to see a change someday.

  182. A educated Indian Bo

    I’m an Indian and I think you are perfectly right. Most Indians are never gonna admit this. They are so ignorant that they will never listen to anyone and think they are the great on earth. Just ignore them

  183. A educated Indian Boy

    Sir, your article is very nice. I am an Indian and can’t agree more. All your points are 100% correct. Just ignore the ignorant asshole Indians who are cursing you, they just think that they are the greatest in the world and they know everything. I had experiences with such people. The rape cases are increasing day by day. The the Indian culture doesn’t allow boys and girls to mix till their marriage. And due to this low class Indian men get turned on when the see foreigners and can’t control themselves. The main problem is the government and the ignorant ancient society. The people here just want to stick to their past ancient traditions and cultures and don’t want to move ahead in future. I so much wish to change my country, but I can’t do shit alone. And the worse as you mentioned is that the people don’t care about developing the country, most of the people are selfish and don’t give a fuck about anyone. Finally I am moving to United States next year. I hope that India will be a better country in upcoming 50 years.

  184. Hang yourself

    India is indeed a shithole but so is your life! Look at your pathetic self! Look at this pathetic loser, he looks like a 40-50 year old virgin crossed with a paedophile with no life or job, spending his time wanking over his mum’s panties, chasing ladyboys from thailand and blogging. Stirring shit up on the internet, tough guy? I hope you finally got some attention. How about I send you a noose so you can end that pathetic existence of yours?

    PS: Btw, I am not a Hindu, I’m an Atheist, so try to come up with something better than “I’m banning you, HINDU Hand! *Speaks in a retarded american redneck accent* What the fuck does that even mean? Hand? And like I give a fuck if you ban me; do you think I’ll even come back to read what you had to say? You’re worthless for me! LOL Jesus licking monkey balls christ! Are all bloggers retarded as you?

  185. Rodders

    India is such a burden on the world – I say rescue all the animals and nuke the fucking place and start again, it’s the most humane thing to do. 1.2 billion will not be missed. The planet cannot sustain these devious wankers, they are evil fuckers with no morals and it fucks me off big time when they enter our western worlds as immigrants like a cancerous plague. Fuck them all!

  186. Suresh

    ATTENTION MR. ROBERT “APARTHEID” LINDSAY SIR, at least us INDIANS got the British out of our country! Have fun living in the basement of your mom’s potato farm (Kaplin,23). You look like the dude from Honey I shrank the kids, but instead you shrank your wee. India, and our “shit country” is better at Ireland at every sport, especially cricket, except for beating our kids and wives, you guys have us their. (Jordan, 25) Your a virgin blogger who met his wife over x-box live.

  187. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    All you really did add swears and offensives to an existing comprehensive article. Heck, you didn’t even add anything of importance to Kelley’s article. With that kind of written creativity, you might as well be editing speeches for Sarah Palin. Do your self a favor Lindsay, get yourself out of any form of leftist thought, and join the goddamn right. You aren’t smart, edgy, or thought provoking. You’re just an angry prick who calls himself a leftist. Good day.

  188. shaunak

    i am a indian and even i admit that india is a shithole.and it will remain a shithole until the end of earth unless the british colonise india again but it is not possible because UNO has banned imperialism.that means we areDOOOMED.FUCK MY LIFE. I HATE THAT I AM A FUCKIN INDIAN. I AM AN INDIAN THIS REASON IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME KILL MYSELF. EVEN HELL IS BETTER THAN INDIA. THE PLEDGE SAYS -I AM PROUD OF ITS RICH AND VARIED HERITAGE .HERITAGE MY ASS.I MEAN LOOK AT THE FUCKIN CAST SYSTEM. IN WHICH PEOPLE ARE GIVEN WORST TREATMENT EVEN HELL IS A COMFORTABLE PLACE FOR THOSE(UNTOUCHABLE) PEOPLE.

    • India is a shithole because Indian culture is evil, and the evil derives from its Hindu nature. Indian people themselves become evil people because an evil culture creates evil people. If you recognize the evil nature of Indian society and the Indian people it has created, guess what? YOU are not evil! YOU are a good. YOU are a good person.

      So, really, Indian people per se are not bad at all. You are an Indian, and you are not bad at all, in fact, I think you are one of the best people in the world.

      As a good person, you should not kill yourself. The sad thing about suicide is that it’s mostly good people who blew their heads off. Sure, people on bad spectrum kill themselves a lot too, but really way more good people blow themselves away than bad people. If only bad people killed themselves, we could perhaps praise it as a therapy and possibly even license it!

      Do you get what I am saying? Please stay alive and feel free to stay on the site. Indian people like you are very much welcome here.

    • well you can move to the states, I understood for pakis and hindis is EASY to get the refugee status, all you need to say is that your life is in danger because you are a dalit.
      So sorry for you being born in that piece of shitty land.
      Saw this and could relate to you.

    • Your Dad!

      Shaunak! I am also Indian..i would recommend you to emigrate to Lahore from Krachi..God bless you!

    • Your Dad!

      Shaunak! So you are Indian..a brother of Kasab? Please repair the shit hole of your country..then talk about India…,,,,And if you think that you are fucking Indian then please emigrate to Karachi back to your brother Kasab..oh sorry..he is in Paradise now with 72 virgins…hahaha…i wonder when are you planning to go to 72 virgins in Paradise?

  189. Before blaming and giving your opinions.. Just look at yourself..What is your culture.. we are oldest colonized society in the world. we have invented and given many things to world. your bullish laptop wont be working if zero(0) wasn’t invented in ancient India.You rascal.Many foreigners (companies/organizations) have patented our inventions by fraud. You fool.

    The way you have opened this post itself is crap, way you are responding to someone’s reply is crap.

    If you don’t have strength to justify someone’s reply then it means you are itself incorrect on the way you published the article.
    You bloody nonsense don’t know what is the culture.

    Jai Hind,

    • What is this crap? Can you answer me? Can you justify it?

      • Nina

        There is no justification. The indoctrination of these people starts in early childhood. And why? It is very obvious the the upper castes like their ready made servants. Just recently there was an Indian diplomatic arrested and deported because she tried to keep a slave in our country. Keep that sh*t in India.

    • Hey “white high caste” when your slave dalith finishes cutting your nails and cleaning up your ass, answer me why you fucking animals treat people like crap? Is because your shitty believes? I wipe on your blue good !

      • Your Dad!

        India! Lets talk about your country…

        • Well, answer me this first? How did you meet your wife? Did you rape her first? Was it gang bang style or solo? Romantic or rough? Then what after you sent her to the hospital did you propose her?

          And don’t bring my mom..she is far expensive for a nigro like you…or are you “white high caste”,. those who daddy sends abroad and give a shit on dalits?

      • Your Dad!

        India! We treat them animals because they are your brothers and sisters..and you belong to stinking and filthy Dalith cast….Yes its because of our holy beliefs…Happy with answer? Now flare will help you to calm down..God Bless you so called fake Indian..

  190. This much frustration comes only when someone is afraid of loosing something or pessimist. Think globally. Today Indians are working with world. Read about NRI news, how they are progressing. Even today indian companies in abroad giving job to locals. Those days are not very far when foreigners will come to our country for employment.

    You are from country who taught you to say someone such bad words. our culture is powerful and vibrant that you will have to birth 2-3 times to understand it(dont know in next birth you might be a creature or an animal)– very sure.

    If you have some self pride then remove this crap article.

    • Nina

      You mean the same vibrant culture than aborts female fetuses to save a little money, and then resorts to gang raping the remaining females because there aren’t enough women to go around?
      What a fine upstanding country of baby killers and rapists you are.

      • Your Dad!

        Nina! You better emigrate to Karachi from Lahore..They will enthrone you…and please do not spread more will only burn yourself with your intensity…

    • You haven’t answered my question “high caste” why you treat people like that? I really shit on your karma …

      • Your Dad!

        I noticed that a lot of unchallenged Judges are here…I just would like to ask Judges that..anyone can halt the war in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and almost in all African continent and whats happening in USA that everyday we happen to hear about shooting? If not then how come we can redress the situation in India? The only thing that can help the entire world to eliminate the societal handicaps is Education..People blow themselves up with a hope to live in Paradise…… Why? Just because of ignorance and literacy…..I would encourage Judges here to find rafter in their eyes rather then to find straws in India…If you people are really worried about India…then Please do something about it with positivity…Other thing is that, try to find something positive in India..believe me there are numerous…That will help to feel good…Greetings for your Judges! Cheers!

  191. Nina

    I have noticed a trend. The only word in English most of these Turbinators know is the F-bomb. They probably only learned that so they would have something to yell at their rape victims. I commend you all on your fine command of the English language. lololol

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      Why not take up Lesbianism Nina?

      It is fine way to live. You can be angry, you can be hip, you can be creative and crazy. And best of all no more men!

      In Zulu Land we are taking the buttocks by the horns so to speak and making homes shaped like our buttocks. The Zulu Lesbian modeled buttocks sit on top of the horns of a giant concrete bull and are reached by way of a lift to the anus area which opens by way of a nice round hobbit type door. The two buttocks are the wings of the house so to speak and are in fact a giant replicas of my own buttocks. The door of course joins the two wings and each wing is different. The left buttock is the living area of the house and the right buttock is the play area of the house. Don’t ask me why one is left and one is right. That is just how it worked out!

      These fine lesbian designed homes a are state of the art and have everything your Lesbian needs. Give me a call. Let me take you through my anus (so to speak!) and give you a tour. And once you paid your deposit you have the keys to my anus (so to speak). You probably never had a sales pitch like this but hey it had to happen one day! Sales pitches come in all shapes and sizes. My sales pitch just happens to a giant anus sized sales pitch!

      Nina what are you waiting for!?

      • sharon

        No end to the rape – gang rape, both cultural and based on ancient Hindu mysogeny and the place of a woman in a Hindu society certainly a non upper caste woman.


        Think twice if your a lone woman in India

        • Your Dad!

          Sharon ! If you are a lady then please take a vacation in Pakistan…Cheers!

        • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

          White women certainly should not got to India alone. In fact they should not go to India at all! But sometimes they do and we need to prevent them! Why do they go?! Crazy aint it! Still free flow of people and ideas and all that! And with that comes a lot of danger. This blog is doing great work in alerting white women of the dangers they face. if you absolutely insist on going to India contact me and I will prevent you from going. Or tell Robert and he will prevent you!

          Also never go to a Muslim country (especially Dubai!) You can end up in prison for kissing your boyfriend! or get thrown in prison for being raped! It has happened!) Also stay out of Africa unless you go to Safari. With safari you will be surrounded by lots of people who are on safari with you. Also stay out of Haiti. It is just like Africa. Jaimaica has some good resorts but stay in them. The Best course of action is to stay in the West or Japan, South Korea. These are best places for a respectable white lady.

      • Nina

        It’s pretty hard to be a lesbian when I’m married with 3 kids. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I tried to claim I was one.

  192. Sharon

    Your Dad

    In fact I have been to many Islamic countries including Lahore.


    I will say this India is a shithole but a hell hole for women, per ergs everywhere.

    Indians are self centered arrogant living on others contributions to a rich vibrant sub continent. Beyond mythology your history falls short in the real world.

    Sums it up you people live in a fantasy world like your perverse mythological stories and religions.

    India is a very poor country very under developed and no place for a woman.

    So there you go…

    • Your Dad!

      Sharon! Are you Judge? Please Please find raft in your not medicate Indians…we are shit! Its fine!
      You made a statement **Indian people are not beautiful and as someone said the better looking one’s are gift from the British, European, Islamic, Persian legacies.

      Indigenous Indians are not attractive at all.**
      I am Indian and my wife is Norwegian..My brother is Indian and he has British wife..Whole world know the beauty of…So please! Pakistani try to improve the future of Pakistan..instead of tarnishing the reputation of Indians..

    • Your Dad!

      Sharon! As you mentioned that **India is a very poor country very under developed and no place for a woman**
      then please settle down in Lahore..and do not send Kasab to know what i mean? Other thing is….Whole world knows the beauty of Lahore and Pakistan…so you do not need to exaggerate that in words….

  193. Sharon

    Error on second sentence…

    Hell hole for women and perverts are everywhere in India.

    Sorry U have my opinion and Indian culture vibrant but shit country your faith is best left to books not to be practiced with really unacceptable practices.

    Indian people are not beautiful and as someone said the better looking one’s are gift from the British, European, Islamic, Persian legacies.

    Indigenous Indians are not attractive at all.

    • Your Dad!

      Sharon! As you mentioned ”Indigenous Indians are not attractive at all”
      Thats fine..Nobody is insisting that they are beautiful..
      But yes i am Indian and my brother is also Indian..and he has very beautiful British wife..and i have very beautiful Norwegian
      Please find some work for you to do instead of tarnishing Indians reputation here….
      Just do not travel to India..That is all..Indians are not inviting you..are they?
      Other India will not be shit country by your shit comments..People makes their own judgments when they travel to India..Why you all guys are so concerned about India?
      Are you guys are brother or relative of Kasab?
      Please find out now who is Kasab..And i am fully sure that you know him…so you know what i am talking about..

    • Your Dad!

      Sharon you mentioned ”
      Indian people are not beautiful and as someone said the better looking one’s are gift from the British, European, Islamic, Persian legacies.**
      Please tell me who made this statement?..another brother of Kasab?

  194. Your Dad!

    I wanna ask guys guys do not have anything to do? Whole day you criticize India….If Indian people are not beautiful then why do not you post your skype id here so we can see beautiful you are…I am Indian and my wife is beautiful Norwegian…my brother who is Indian also and who has beautiful British wife….

    • If India is so wonderful, what are you doing in Norway?

      • Your Dad!

        Robert lets talk about your country…then spread the virus of your country here….how about that?…Let Indians solve their issues…I did not say whether India is a wonderful country..I have been in many countries….my experience says that we do not have even single country on our earth that may be portrayed as a wonderful country..Other, as you asked what i am doing in Norway..
        so my answer is that I met with Norwegian girl in India and my brother met with British girl in India..we both got married and now i live in Norway and my brother in UK…
        Robert hatred breeds only hatred..if your purpose is to tarnish Indians reputation then its your addition, I fully agree that some foreigner ladies got raped in India..but its not something that happens only in India…..Indian girls also got raped in abroad as well….we should only think about problems that how we can eliminate them…racism cannot iron out these problems those are a handicap for the entire world..Do not stereotype all Indians as rapists..Other, try to find out about the contribution of Indians in abroad….they are the most educated people on the planet..and there is no doubt of it..Come and see in Norway….
        i do not know whether you infer my points…..

      • He is poor refugee, who ran out of india with the tail between his ass, now lives at expense of the welfare of a nordic country.
        I am so glad there are no hindis where I live…so glad.

        • Your Dad!

          Yes India! You are trying so hard to represent India..why you do not try to represent your real country..Pakistan? Yes you are lucky that you live with your brothers of Kasab not hindis..because you and your brother have already killed hindi’s there…Cheer!

    • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

      Look Your Dad I am Indian and I agree with Sharon. Indiia is no place for white women. White women must stay out. They enter at their own risk.

      However, she is completely wrong about Islamic countries.

      “n fact I have been to many Islamic countries including Lahore.” Notice she avoids certain areas. Lahore is urbane. Watch this.

      Try going to Taliban Territory in Pakistan. They will have some interesting ideas as to which wife Sharon will be in their line up of wives! Sharon is quite naive and hell bent on demonising one group of people. She is every right to do so but the world is big place and if abuse of white women is going on elsewhere the question is why the focus on just one place? Some hidden agenda perhaps? A painful experience? Like the mind of God we will never know.

      My view is that their lots of areas of world which are dangerous for white women.

      However, white woman have a high Minority Victim Index when compared to third world women. If a white woman suffers half around the world I know about. If a third world Shri Lankan woman gets raped In Dubai by her employers it is business as usual. Routinely, in the Gulf states every day third world women are raped by their employers. Does anyone give a damn? Racism anybody? Can they not even play the race card?Do they not even exist in the minds of people as human. Perhaps they are viewed as animals. White women are viewed as humans.

      Third world women’s victim Value Index from a global view point is very low. Their pain counts for very little political capital and so is ignored and people just keep on going to Dubai on holiday blissfully unaware of anything. However, if a white woman is in trouble in Dubai it makes the world news. It is just the Global Minority Value Index at work. She will be helped by a world wide media effort, backed up by political pressure.

      Where you stand in the global Minority Victim Value Index determines how much help you get. Third world women are not western and are the lowest in the world in terms of reeving help and can abused without any fat oil sheik losing any sleep.

  195. Your Dad!

    Zulu Lesbian Construction Company! So you are also Kasab’s relative..and that is why trying to spread your virus guys got no work…

  196. Your Dad!

    the founder of this website is ”’BROTHERS OF KASAB AND HIS DESCIPLES***

    • It’s disciples fucking moron!!!! Not DESCIPLES.
      Go and rape a dalit and kill a little girl you will feel better. After all dalits worth nothing for hindis and pakis

  197. Your Dad!

    I have noticed that here on this website many concerns pretty much about India not about their country…Are you guys got no work to do? Just do not travel to India..Finish! Why keep on playing the same beat and all the Jazz? Lets talk about your country…what is good there…Or you guys are from different Planet…Because on this Planet …i do not find a single country which is a best place to live and be safe…
    I have found and discovered from you guys pattern of behaviour that **you guys are disciples of Kasab** So when you guys are gonna blow up in order to meet with your 72 virgins in Paradise? Kasab got already..He has been waiting to be accompanied….

  198. Your Dad!

    Watch this founder of this website

    • How old are you? 5?

      Buddy, rewind, first of all, I am not Paki, I am atheist, so I give a shit on religions…So that shit of brotherhood give a shit…just cut it.

      Second your country sucks…really sucks, a power? Not a chance, you guys are cheap, literally…

      Third, congrats for knocking up this Nordic lady of yours, she should be ugly, really ugly, not sure what is less ugly her, or shitting blood…

      Lastly not only Pakistan hates your country, everybody does, not because we are jealous is because you are savages, you rape women, you kill your daughters coz the single fact are girls not boys…Man kill yourself and do us a favor you fucking ugly negro!

      • Zulu Lesbian Construction Company

        And why is hatred bad? Hatred is a fine emotion. It is strong and full of energy. It is wonderful thing that so many people and countries hate India. It is good to be hated. That is always the best way in this world.

        So Why is it bad to hate India? It is not a bad thing at all. It certainly does not harm to India whatsoever.

        What is wrong with hatred? Nothing. If you want to hate, then Hate but hate stronger. It reminds me of a saying of Martin Luther if you want to sin then sin stronger. Whatever you want to do just go for it but really go for it.

        Hating India is just the thing the doctor ordered for some people. I hope the hatred for India increases and I am Indian patriot! So if Indian patriots encourage the hatred then there is plenty of scope for the hatred. To hate India stronger, make a long list and then hate for an hour every day. On good days go at it for a couple of hours. I met one guy who I preaching hatred of india to and he went at it for eight hours a day. He is something. Learn from this guy and increase your hatred levels my good friend Dalith. You are a beginner in this hatred of yours but one day you will be pro. I will be proud of you if you can hate India for up to eight hours a day. Do it and make your family proud and make me proud as well.

        As regards your atheism. This is wrong. Hatred for India is right but atheism is wrong. Why is it wrong? It is irrational.There are many rational reasons as to why there is a creator and to not look deeply into these reasons is the reason why so many people become atheist.

        Firstly, the design argument. There is clearly Design in the universe. If you accept the patterns of nature than you accept the pattern maker. This argument is in its simplest form here. I will discuss it in more detail if you wish to continue with a critique of the design argument.

        Secondly the fact that the universe had a beginning at about fourteen billion years ago means it is not eternal and in fact it is accelerating away from the singularity it came from at an ever faster rate. So if their was a beginning of this universe we are in; what caused this beginning? These are just two arguments Dalith. Think carefully. Being an atheist is serious step and a wrong step. Now how you answer this question: “what caused the beginning?” is the first step to accepting a more profound understanding of life and the beginnings of the universe.

        Indeed becoming an theist may give you a more profound hatred for india which is the case with many theists. Theists are the best haters of india plus they are the most rational people around.

        • Your Dad!

          Zulu Lesbian Construction Company! I got your point…Please accompany your Kasab..He has been alone in the Paradise with his 72 virgins..

      • Vikas

        No body gives a rats ass about your opinion no wonder you’re down and ugly. You call anyone a negro hahahaha thats a biggest joke…
        Negroes atleast have a face but you damn fucking animals are way filthier and nastier than negroes…Those rapes mentioned by you are done by your savages dickwad you damn ugly callous australoid bastard get a life

      • Your Dad!


        She is light Blonde 180 and i am 172 ..Now let me tell you she is this much beautiful that if you would happen to see her then you would be surprised how come she loved me…Other please watch videos on youtube how many beautiful white girls travels to India and end up marrying Indians….Your cheap comments would not halt them to travel to India and find educated and lovely husbands….My brother also has a beautiful blonde white wife from England..He also found wife in India just like me..Hahaha now flare yourself in jealousy…Hatred will just kindle you….You can be at ease unless you repair your filthy attitude..
        Other, please see have some issues with your mind..have you been unemployed so long in Karachi? Syria need your sacrifice ..Blow yourself up there…
        Please accompany your Kasab..He has been alone in the Paradise with his 72 virgins..
        Cheers! hahah

      • Your Dad!

        Listen Dalith! Go and find your hole…we all Indian got you….we do not give a damn what you comment here with your Kasab relatives…..try to watch on youtube how many white beautiful girls travel to India and end up marrying with Indians…haha..your shitty messages will not harm the reputation of India and their people…And also find out from data that how many tourists(specially ladies) travel to India and specially from Europe..In English we call them victims..Rapes does not happen only in happens all over the world..and if you think it happens only in India then just do not travel to India…Why India concerns you (Family of KASAB) so much?…now burn yourself in jealousy and hatred….haha

        • SHUT THE FUCK UP!

          Indians like you are the reason why everyone hates us!

          And rightfully so you are a fucking arrogant imbecile who doesn’t want to accept that your country is a pile of shit and it DOES NOT COMPARE with other developed countries in terms of living standards and human equality only because INDIANS DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE!

          70% of India is Rural population majority uneducated&malnourished they depend solely on agriculture&cheap labor they have no internet access to tell you how fucking SELFISH YOU ARE.

          the urban population pretends like poverty&illiteracy doesn’t exist and boasts about its country like its not shit LIKE YOU!

          THERE IS NO UNITY IN INDIA North Indians don’t care about South Indians&east Indians and discriminate them because of their cultural&racial differences.

          THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN IN INDIA.. they are generally considered undesirable and most women who are dependent on their parents are considered property and they are most often forced to have sex with their “Arranged husbands” and often are blamed for being raped.

          AND i REPEAT Marital rape is NOT CONSIDERED A CRIMINAL OFFENSE IN INDIA! SHAME ON YOU and all the Indians.
          Sure British&Islamic invaders did damper India’s cultural progress but there was something inherently wrong with Indian territories which made them susceptible to invaders…THEY WERE NEVER FUCKING UNITED!

          All in all you are a fucking disgusting pig who left his own country and shamelessly boasts about it like its something honorable.

          YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO SAY ANYTHING! you selfish cunt.. you don’t even pay tax to help poor Indians get educated all you care about is your NRI status.. .

  199. Your Dad!

    Dark Knight! Please find your hole and try to repair it.. leave India with its problems..other you mentioned about Islamic invaders…we can see their influence still in many countries…specially Africa, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Burma, Afghanistan, Indonesia and many more..and now their virus has started contaminating civilized European and western societies… So you know i do not give a damn…just flare some videos about how many white girls travels to India and end up marrying Indians…
    let me tell you rapes happen in India because of Daliths from slums not because of educated Indians…they do not have time to commit such rubbish…you can make a search to find out on internet…
    now please go back to your bro KASAB! haha..let me have my one week vacation now in Barcelona..please do not spread more virus here….nobody give a damn except your brothers KASAB in Paradise! Cheers!

    • I’m not a shameless coward like you!

      I have something called “Human dignity” and that prevents me from abandoning my motherland even though it is a dystopian nightmare.

      You think Hindus are angels?? they’re assholes! their religion&culture is just as fucked up as Islamic culture.

      Patriarchy,Dowry,Honor killings,child marriages,inhumane caste system,polluting Ganges,banning sex education in schools ALL IN THE NAME OF HINDUISM!

      and what the fuck is up with your obsession with white women? i don’t give a fuck about your fetish!

      I care more about 70% of population which lives in villages and other urban Indians who honestly try to live a decent life without scamming others or going to Norway like you!

      Indians just literally throw all the garbage on the street,you call yourself a proud Indian? then gimme a reason why there are no fucking trash cans in the capital of India.

      NO ONE gives a SHIT about your pissing contest with Pakistan.. India has more important issues to deal with like…

      POVERTY,ILLITERACY,OVERPOPULATION and chauvinistic assholes like you!

      • This man gets it, it more Indians were like him, India will be a different country. Cast all religions out and you’ll see the difference

      • Your Dad!

        Dark Knight! India concern you so much 50 years old Virgin? Please incubate your virus somewhere else..i did not mean to end up everywhere with you brothers of Kasab….Now please eat up your own wooden house you bloody Termite and do not breed your virus here…it will ignite your emotions more and more..and then you will end up sitting on your own ashes…You know what i mean…You bloody Termite/Cancer/Virus/Bug of Poop

        • I live in this country YOU FUCK! of course it concerns me deeply,unlike you i actually give a damn about the country&culture i was born in.

          Unlike you i accept that i live in a 3rd world country filled with corruption and outdated patriarchal values and i don’t cling to that and pretend like its great!

          Its time for suburban Indians to man the fuck up and deal with it instead of pretending like these problems simply don’t exist!

          A farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in India wanna know why?

          Since Independence, Indian regime has been treating farmers/peasants as slaves by prohibiting them from prospering and banned them from exporting their crops to foreign countries for profit.

          Its simply disgusting but you don’t care do you? the only thing that matters to you is fucking foreign women you selfish cunt!

          I will be “Proud” to call myself an Indian when my country gets known for its scientific discoveries&social liberation instead of being known for filth,corruption&social inequality.

          You should welcome constructive criticism if you’re a honest person. but you clearly aren’t you are an intellectually dishonest chauvinistic MORON!

          Have some humility and maybe it will help you realize what India’s actual problems are instead of darting back and forth with nonsensical posts.

    • You moron are you soft in the head?
      Daliths exists because your stupid religious system created them!!!
      You asshole nigro, I am pretty sure you kicked a few dalits when you were a kid and your mommy encouraged you! Now you see it normal!!
      Look at what you wrote “et me tell you rapes happen in India because of Daliths from slums not because of educated Indians…they do not have time to commit such ! “”

      You treat them as 4th class citizens, you created them! Fix the shit nigro!

      What’s your IQ? You really need to get a job in Norway!!!! Dammit your ar

      • Your Dad!

        Dark Knight Essay writer! Do not have anything else to do? I wonder so you are solving the problems of India by spreading the stinking smell of your fart here on this website? You brother of KASAB are great….Why do not you just blow yourself up and meet your 72 virgins in the Paradise where your Kasab reside after having vacation in Mumbai? do something do something do something for your India rather then making attempts to tarnish the image of India..You stinking fart, filthy scum, so called Indian!

        • At least dark night is doing something for the country.
          Not like you, that ran away with your tail bewteen your legs, and begged to helga the horrible to marry you, so they can’t deport your sorry ass….
          Have a wonderful evening “nordic citizen”


          So don’t you DARE life a finger against other religions when you belong to a religion which reeks of pure dogshit.

        • Your Dad!

          Brothers of Kasab!

        • Oooh was that too much information for your tiny pea sized brain to comprehend you fucking shit?

          I hope Norwegian authorities publicly execute you NAKED for being a disgrace to human race!

          I love how you don’t even care about the suffering of innocents in the India all you care about is your pissing contest with Muslims and rubbing your chauvinistic cock onto anyone who dares critique India’s hellish conditions.

          Have you ever heard of the saying :-

          “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” ?

          I know A-Z about Hinduism IT IS EASILY ONE OF THE WORST RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD! if Islam is shit then Hinduism is BULLSHIT!

          Hinduism condones Slavery (Caste system),child marriages,marital rape, it demonizes sex and is deeply patriarchal in nature,Hinduism&Islam are like two side of the same fucking coins!

          I am a South Indian (Dravidian) FYI we are the ORIGINAL inhabitants of this continent and our states are more prosperous than your North Indian States and yet you continue to discriminate us just because we don’t speak your language and look like you.

          Your abominable “Vedic” aryan religion has nothing to with my native country or culture so go fuck yourself!

          its a real joy to see that north east Indians also are fed up of being racially discriminated by you fucking North Indians!

          Sooner or later India will split into 3 parts and Pakistan will nuke the fuck out of north India. serves you right for being such inconsiderate assholes!

  200. Your Dad!

    Dark Knight! So you are doing something for India, by spreading your stinking smell of your fart on this website?
    Hahaa you cheap brother of Kasab!

    • Your Dad!

      For the brothers of KASAB!

    • Your Dad!

      DARK KNIGHT/Kasab brother from failed Pakistan! Let me advice you …just sniff your fart rather then incubating virus on the websites……it will take you nowhere…you will just flare yourself..
      As you stated….**Sooner or later India will split into 3 parts and Pakistan will nuke the fuck out of north India.
      Did not watch the video of 93000 surrendered Pakistani soldiers who were freed by Indian Army?
      By the way Pakistan got split already into parts….Bangladesh and Pakistan…And soon its gonna splinter into many..Your country got many termites just like you and those will eat up the entire country…….Shall i send you more videos…its informative because your Pakistani intellectuals are saying how it will be splint into many parts and why Pakistan the lands of KASABS turned failed…..Your natives come to India for having free treatment…You guys got no shame? Regards! ..

      • Go fuck yourself you Tourette monkey! i’m done with you.

        I don’t give a shit about Pakistan and you can keep spamming shit about Pakistan all you want no one cares.

        Have a happy Hanukkah you bastard NRI Indian Jew!

  201. Hey soft head stinky , shouldn’t you be banging your wife, instead of repeating over over over and over the same shit on “kasab”?
    Are you gay? Does not make sense to troll out when you can fuck a beautiful woman?
    (here comes the kasab shit again…)

  202. Your Dad!

    i always end up talking with brothers and disciples of Kasab..and that piss me off..I did not meant it….Just it happens always….Enjoy your brothers videos! It might help you guys to have some sense….Cheers!

  203. Dave6234

    Scholarly written!

    Couldn’t get beside this:

    HORRENDOUS DISGUSTING APPALLING… any more powerful adjectives?

      • Your Dad!

        Dave6234 Robert Lindsay! Thank you buddy! Make some sandwiches out of it! You will have good digestion! hahaha..I am thankful we do not need to make sandwiches here in Norway and England..By the way enjoyed videos of your family..its so informative!…Cheers Stinking fart brothers of KASAB!

        • All right Dad, that does it, you crazy Hindu nut. I am banning you. Back to your homeland “Norway” with you!

          Jai Hind!

        • Your Dad!

          Fucking Robert Pakistani! I am not hindu..i am a Jew. Please watch some videos of your country and their people..I have posted will help you to open your eye..Fucking stinking and filthy germ!

        • Your Dad!

          Robert Lindsay Pakistani That is the reason why USA attacks Pakistan everyday with their drones to kill filthy stinking terrorists…..Now whole world knows that Pakistan is a terrorist country! Enjoy your flare now! Regards!

        • Dave6234

          Sure thing Dad! I’ll send them over to you. Ohh and BTW how’s your Synagogue? Hope they haven’t burned it down eh!! 🙂

    • If there is a river Styx.. Ganges is probably it.

      I never understood one thing.. Hindus consider Ganges a holy river and YET they fucking treat it worse than their toilet i just don’t get it.

      • Zulu Lesbian Insect Research

        Robert I know I am banned but you could you lift it so I can reply to this Dark Knight person. That would be just great. Thanx. I will use Finland as an example of a country which is not corrupt, not a multicultural paradise, not polluted, not poor and full of intelligent and beautiful people.

        Anyway I believe this Dark Knight is representative of the West and is possibly a white guy. Nothing wrong with being a white goy, I mean guy. I am not Jewish but hey I love the jews and their alliance militarily with India. Anyway, part of the problem DK is not seeing is that India is of course uniquely evil and the problems he brings up are not unique.

        For example the pollution in a river. Many rivers are polluted. The fact is India is third world country. Now third world countries suffer from pollution. Ask China. All that western exported industry has devastated the environment. Poor countries tend to be none white and poor and the citizen are physically ugly. China is a poor country. It is none white. It has pollution and it has ugly people. India has ugly people and it has pollution. So what else is new. It is not Finland. People need to realise this.

        Now on to the sanitation problem. Many none white countries do not have toilets. The sprawling slums of Iran in southern Tehran. The continent of Africa. The poor of slum and rural India, The poor of China etc. So you have poor people, ugly people, and unsanitary people living in shacks. You can get pics from Google of all three places mentioned and it is not a pretty picture. Again India is not unique in this.

        Then there is the idea of pairing the ugliness of the people of Africa with those of India and this is well silly; hey both countries have ugly people so what else is new. The third world is not Finland. Judging it by those standards everyone fails in the third world.

        Then setting up some inter third world rivalary is just silly as compared to the white western world they are all abject failures on the good looks front, the sanitation and pollution front, and the poverty front. The third world is not Finland and people who post so much rivalry type stuff should be intelligent enough to realize this. The idea that India is uniquely evil is a sound concept that needs exploration; but then do not bring in factors that hinder other third world countries. Once you do that then the whole of the third world comes in and we see people saying bad things about their third world brethren.

        Maybe this is some unique way white goys, I mean guys, have come up with to trash the entire third world. Take a country like india and see the fireworks. Wow…………. now see the whole place is not like Finland. That is just fine and dandy as a strategy for setting up verbal fireworks and we can play this game forever.

        • No I’m a representative of Indians who aren’t fucked in the head with chauvinism&blinding arrogance, i know its hard to believe but rational Indians do exist.

          Your comparison of India&Finland is moot, Finland doesn’t even have half the population/land mass or cultural diversity to make a decent comparison with India, mainland china would make a better comparison with India which is doing much better in terms of economic growth, basic health care, infrastructure and literacy rates because of proper governance.

          And about the non-whites being “ugly” it mostly has to do with “first impression is the last impression” syndrome

          If you have a country which has poor sanitation, health care, infrastructure, sluggish economic growth and majority of its population in poverty & illiteracy, chances are they are NOT going to look the most charming & illustrious people on earth and people would prefer to lump all the other educated & healthy inhabitants of that country with that “first impression” because they are the majority who represent the country

          (I’ve done the same with Africans&Mexicans so i can’t say that its a crime if others do the same for my race & country)

          You wouldn’t say that Japanese or south Korean people are “ugly & dirty” or that they belong to an “inferior race” because their country is as prosperous as any other white majority country forcing you to reevaluate your racial biases.

          If India gets its shit together with a resolute authority & economic policies like china’s, it sure as hell will earn Indians more respect from foreigners instead of being know as the “Country where more than half of the population shits on roads”

          if you’d like to stroke your ego for belonging to a privileged tribe/culture/race you’re welcome to do so, although history has shown us that anything can change with time.

  204. Jai Hind! your dad, I was tired, I know you are really stupid, but well posting over and over same Kasab shit gets boring you know?

  205. Pepper Sanchez

    Was at a dinner a few days ago and some lady asked me about India and commented how it’s taking an important role in the world. I agreed and said tech support was indeed important to us all. She was pissed.

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