Live Death Row Execution Video

Damn, there is something really disturbing about that video. If I wasn’t so cold-hearted, I’d never eat another burger or steak again.

I wonder what those cows are thinking?

What’s that brown stuff all over them and all over the floor? Shit? Oh gross.


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27 responses to “Live Death Row Execution Video

  1. Hoff (aka heg)

    The JEWS did thyis. YOU Robert Lindsay think you belong to the ELITE and this is what the jews ALWAYS do to the old Elite – thye JEW kill off the entire old elite. And you Robert Lindsay is just another goy Useful ldiot down in the jew made massgrave.

  2. aah

    I gave up all meat three years ago. Never felt better. This is a travesty. All to eat a fucking burger. People eating burgers should be put out of our misery.

  3. Dave Coe

    Even though I have seen a lot of these videos before what really made me question eating meat was driving through the central valley on the train and seing the condition of miles of cow backed in like sardines and the lakes of cow waste. Most people eat meat but we should atleast do away with factory farming.

  4. tulio

    I don’t know if I want to watch this. I like meat.

  5. Ó Dochartaigh

    LOL Sucks to be a cow!! I grew up on a cattle farm and have seen this kind of stuff since I was 5 years old. I agree with Dave Coe, factory farming is disturbing, and they don’t treat the animals very well, but we all gotta eat. I think all people should have to kill their meal at least once though, there would be a lot more vegetarians I think.

  6. Read Eric Schlosser’s ‘Fast Food Nation’ and you won’t eat another e-coli burger ever.

  7. tulio

    I was just reading the Youtube comments of the video and I think many people project too many human emotions and thoughts onto animals. I support the need to treat animals ethically, but people talking about the expression the animal’s face, the animal’s intelligence, knowing it’s going to die and all that stuff. I have a friend who is very much into the animal rights movement and treats animals like people that have the same emotions and thoughts as we do. I don’t think there’s any comparison. I don’t believe these cows have a level of intellect that would allow them to know what is about to happen or ponder it’s own mortality. A cow only knows to stand in a field and chew grass all day and shit. I’m sure they think about little other than that. It seems to be almost entirely single adult women that are most passionate about animal rights. I have not met a single guy that gets all teary eyed over a cow being eaten.

    Many of these PETA type people have pets since they love animals so much. They love dogs and cats especially and guess what? These animals are made to be meat eaters just based on the shape of their teeth and digestive tracts. So you still have to slaughter animals in order to make dog and cat food. So is it unethical for Fido to eat his Alpo as well?

    • Bay Area Guy

      Many of these PETA type people have pets since they love animals so much. They love dogs and cats especially and guess what? These animals are made to be meat eaters just based on the shape of their teeth and digestive tracts. So you still have to slaughter animals in order to make dog and cat food. So is it unethical for Fido to eat his Alpo as well?

      Indeed. How do they resolve such hypocrisy?

      • Alpha Unit

        Maybe Fido’s a vegetarian, too…

        • tulio

          Well, Canids were designed to eat meat.

        • Alpha Unit

          True. And yet some people insist on giving the dog a politically correct diet.

        • Bay Area Guy

          Well, all I know is that I love me some meat. Perhaps I’m a heartless prick, but I personally don’t care how much animals suffer before being slaughtered.

          One way or another, I’m going to eat meat, because it’s just that good.

        • You can’t feed a cat a vegetarian diet. I believe it will die.

          I mostly just eat chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, seafood.

          I eat some pork, but not much.

          Very little beef. The stuff is simply not good for you, period.

          I eat lamb about as much as I eat beef. Goat even less.

        • Bay Area Guy

          I mainly eat chicken, pork, and seafood (mainly in the form of fried calamari and shrimp).

          I occasionally eat beef, in the form of bacon cheeseburgers. But generally, I’m not much of a beef person, unless it involves cheese, bacon, and barbeque sauce.

          I never eat lamb.

        • tulio

          What’s wrong with beef? And if there’s something wrong with it, shouldn’t Argentines be bearing the brunt of any ill health effects since they diet is practically drowning in beef?

        • That stuff is not good for you. For one thing, it gives you colon cancer. About it’s relationship with heart disease, I am not so sure. You can eat it about once a week, but I would not eat it more often than that.

          I eat it once in a while myself. Every now and then I will eat a steak or a hamburger.


        • Bay Area Guy

          I don’t know. I’ve just never been a big consumer of steak or hamburgers growing up. The only exception I’ll make is a bacon cheeseburger.

          For me, it’s just a matter of personal taste.

          I don’t know about the Argentines. Since the country is majority Mediterranean, one would think their diet would not consist solely of beef.

          But then again, I’m not an expert on Argentine or Mediterranean food.

        • Health concerns about beef. I think extra lean beef should be ok.

          I ate all that stuff until at age 35, I developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Now I really watch what I eat. My BP is about 110/70 and my cholesterol is very, very low – 154.

          When you get to be my age, you need to start watching out about this stuff. People my age are starting to drop dead. Even people I know. It’s scary. Even some of the ones walking around look pretty fucked up and old, and they are only my age. Another thing is that high BP, bad diet and high cholesterol has a tendency to kill your dick. If you’re young and have a perma-hardon, you don’t care, but at my age, I start worrying about my dick. I want to keep it in good working order.

        • tulio

          This page has some interesting facts on beef w/ regards to colon cancer. It also addresses the Argentina question. They devour more beef than anywhere in the west, yet have a lower incidence of colon cancer.

    • Yeah, good point. Though I think they also make pet food out of already dead animals.

      I don’t think those cows really knew they were going to die. I imagine that cows do have a mortal fear in them, just like all animals do. Who knows how it represents itself, but it is some sort of mortal terror for survival. I think if those cows seriously thought they were in mortal danger, they would have been acting up a lot more than that. There were a lot of scary noises up ahead and I think the cows were just reacting with anxiety to scary noises.

  8. Ó Dochartaigh

    Deer meat taste 100% better than beef, plus it is leaner, has less fat, and is better for you. More people should try it, but I think they have a hang up about eating Bambi. I think hunting is much more humane than slaughter houses anyway, at least the animal doesn’t stand in its own shit and get pumped full of hormones its whole life.

  9. guilt

    if you feel guilt, donate to a “clone the meat” foundation

    really, its the only way to end this

    and while your at it, nuke all of nature. far greater suffering occurs by animals everyday. If this is bad, the logical conclusion is to eliminate all life on earth.

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