How Do You Get HIV Anyway?

I figured everyone knew all about how AIDS is transmitted, but considering the dismal state of sex ed in schools and elsewhere these days, I guess not. Plus, with all the focus on “heterosexual AIDS,” people just want to scare you away from sex period, and they don’t want to get into details about how you get it, because then you might think it’s low risk and go for it.

So it’s time for an educational post about HIV.* Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know this stuff. It’s not as if they’re handing out brochures on the street corners.

A commenter asks:

Also, why do gays get Aids more than Heterosexuals?

Answer: They get fucked in the ass by other guys. Fucking a woman in the ass is also a great way to give her AIDS.

AIDS = Anal Injections of Deadly Sperm.

That’s a sick joke.

Semen has a lot of HIV in it. When you fuck someone in the ass, the anus is very sensitive and has only a thin layer of protection. There is often a little bit of bleeding during anal sex. The sperm is ejaculated into the anus, and it just goes right into the bloodstream through those thin walls and tiny tears. Generally, this is no big deal, but if the semen has HIV in it, that’s pretty much a guaranteed HIV infection .

The guy who is fucking has a much less chance of getting HIV from the ass of the other person with HIV. That’s because the HIV has to go into your dick, and that’s hard to do because your dick is pretty solid. Also the HIV is mostly in semen. There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.

When a guy fucks a woman’s pussy, well, the pussy evolved to get fucked regularly, so it can take a good pounding no problem. It has really thick walls. So even if semen is ejaculated into a vagina, it’s kind of hard to get AIDS that way because it’s hard for the semen to penetrate the walls of the vagina and get into the bloodstream.

Sometimes if sex is really rough or violent, the woman can have minor bleeding in her vagina. Sometimes there are tiny tears in the vagina too, and you can for sure get HIV from getting fucked in the pussy, but it’s not all that easy.

All of the women getting HIV in porn got it from getting fucked in the ass without a condom. That’s a much easier way for anyone to get it, even hets.

It’s hard to get HIV from giving blowjobs. There have been a few cases, but it’s rather rare considering how often the act occurs and how few cases there have been. All known cases were in gay men who were giving blowjobs 100’s of times to scores to 100’s of men, many of whom probably had HIV.

There’s lots of HIV in semen, but it’s just swallowed and goes into the stomach, where your stomach kills it like that. It would be hard for HIV to get into your bloodstream from your mouth or throat. Maybe if you have a really bad sore throat or better, a little bleeding in your throat it would be easier.

It’s basically impossible to get HIV from getting a blowjob. There is almost no HIV in saliva.

Handjobs are safe sex. You can’t get HIV from giving one or receiving one.

It’s really hard to get HIV from fucking a woman’s pussy if you’re the guy. It’s possible, probably more likely if she is on her period because there is bleeding and your dick contacts the blood, which has tons of HIV in it. Vaginal secretions have HIV, but only a small amount. It’s hard to transmit HIV from a vagina to someone else.

Objections have been raised to this, pointing out that HIV from straight sex is common in India, Thailand and Africa. However, in Thailand and Africa at least, there are completely different forms of HIV than the types of HIV found in the West. Those types seem to be easily transmitted heterosexually, but the type in West seems to be hard to transmit heterosexually.

It’s almost impossible to get HIV from eating pussy, but one guy got it. He had sex with an HIV-positive prostitute every day for six months, and that was his only sex act, since he was an older guy who was impotent (Weird!). Realistically, it’s next to impossible to get it this way, much less likely than fucking a woman.

You can’t get HIV from finger fucking or banging a woman. It’s safe sex.

You can’t catch HIV from kissing someone or getting kissed.

For the reasons above, HIV is almost never transmitted via lesbian sex. One case has shown up in lesbians, but those two women were doing things like shoving dildos up one woman’s ass and then sticking the dildo up the other woman’s ass. Sticking a dildo up your ass can cause bleeding, and if you then stick it up the other woman’s ass, it can go into her bloodstream via her anus easily since there is some blood with a lot of HIV on the dildo.

Another thing we can look at is HIV infection in swingers. Swingers are people who are part of a lifestyle where they have sex with lots of people, sometimes including group sex. All of the HIV cases in swinger males that I am aware of were in bisexual men. A number of swinger women did contact it from straight sex with these guys. There are plenty of women out there having sex with men who they know are bisexual. This is definitely high sex behavior in women, since these guys are at high risk for HIV.

*How do I know so much about this stuff? I’ve been studying AIDS since it came out in February 1982. I remember it before it was even called AIDS – it was called GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Back then, they had no idea what caused it, only that certain groups were getting it (like Haitians). This gave rise to jokes like, “What’s the worst thing about AIDS? Trying to convince your parents you’re Haitian.” LOL.

Around 1992-94, I used to go to a medical library at St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, California. Those places are really cool! You’re supposed to be medical professional to go there, but this Black guy who ran the place and he liked me and let me in anyway. Mostly he was freaked out that a non-medical person would even want to go to a place like that.

They had a journal in there called something like, The Journal of AIDS. It’s the ultimate journal on HIV. I read about 8-10 years back issues of that journal, 100 issues or so, and that’s where I learned much of what I know about HIV. Most of the above post came from my readings in 10 years of that journal.

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  1. tulio

    This all sounds solid but what explains the astronomical HIV rate in southern Africa? I can’t believe that they’re all getting it from gay sex.

  2. Freud

    Thank you for putting me off my breakfast Robert.

  3. Freud

    Robert, I don’t like knocking you for the sake of knocking you – I think you’re great guy and I’m sure if I ever met you we would click, I’m afraid here is yet another case where you are wrong.

    Firstly as Tulio pointed out HIV incidence is astronomical in sub-saharan Africa, and there the epidemic is entirely heterosexual. If it’s damn nigh near impossible for a woman to give the disease to a man, then the disease would have failed to take-off, as simple logic tells us. Likewise HIV is the leading cause of death amongst young black women in the USA. Yes black men give to black women, but where did the men get it from? Is a large proportion of black American men really bisexual?

    In DC HIV is at African levels?

    Likewise an heterosexual epidemic in Thailand was stopped in its tracks, a number of years ago, by public education and condom usage.

    Is bisexuality endemic amongst Thai men?

    A heterosexual epidemic is also silently creeping in India, infecting millions.

    All the evidence tells us that woman-to-man transmission DOES occur and has terrifying potential.

    It simply hasn’t broken out in the white world though, Robert. This is probably due to behavioral and cultural factors.

    • Ged

      He’s right , what you wrote does not explain the situation in Africa.

    • randy

      “Is a large proportion of black American men really bisexual.”

      the answer to that is yes.

      • tulio

        I doubt it. Blacks are way more homophobic than whites.

        • Rafa

          The theory goes that it’s the homophobic “straight” guys who are most probably on the down low. Their homophobia usually backfires. In their quest to avoid being suspected as possibly “gay”, their overt macho persona is what gives them away. IMO, if someone is trying too hard to be thought of and accepted as a manly man by displaying a certain degree of aggression against openly gay males…then that someone has probably engaged in sexual intercourse with other males and feels extremely guilty about it.

      • Yes, all reliable information is that these Black guys are getting it either from sharing needles or from down low gay sex, of which there is a *lot* in the Black community.

        • tulio

          The downlow sex happens in prison. Though I don’t think all of it is exactly consensual. 1 in 5 men that goes to prison gets raped. An unintended side-effect of the war on drugs is that it’s creating an AIDS problem in the U.S. Most the explosion in the prison population in the last few generations is due to the drug war. I imagine prisons are full of HIV.

        • Rafa

          BTW, there’s a special airing on PBS tonight. It’s about AIDS in Black America.

    • In Thailand and Africa, there are types of HIV that are totally different from the types in the West. These HIV types are apparently easy to transmit heterosexually, while the type in the West is not.

      • Freud

        What makes you think that these strains won’t eventually wind up in the USA?

        • It’s certainly a good question, but last time I checked, they were here only sparsely, if at all. You’re the anti-non-White immigration guys, right? Well, here’s some good propaganda for your arsenal.

    • nobody

      “Is bisexuality endemic amongst Thai men?”
      I don’t know if endemic is the right word, but it’s much, much more socially acceptable than in the US. There are also quite a few ladyboys.

    • da truth

      black males got the disease when they were fucking wild animals back in Africa. Plus half black population are crackheads that use dirty needles and don’t give a fuck. or they were born with it from the crackhead moms. The truth is spoken

  4. Dave Coe

    Is the reason lesbians have a low rate of HIV is because its hard to get from eating pussy?

    • Yes. Also other stuff they do doesn’t give it to you either. One case has shown up in lesbians, but those lesbians were doing things like shoving dildos up one woman’s ass and then sticking the dildo up the other woman’s ass. Sticking a dildo up your ass can cause bleeding, and if then stick it up the other woman’s ass, it can go into her bloodstream via her anus pretty easily since there is some blood with a lot of HIV on the dildo.

      • Isn’t that HOT? One chick shoves a dildo up another chick’s ass until it bleeds, then the other one pulls it out and sticks the bloody dildo in the first chick’s ass? OH FUCK YEAH THAT MAKES ME SO TURNED ON!

  5. Ken Hoop

    The guy’s pro-Israel politics are repulsive, but Michael Fumento wrote the original accurate book about AIDS, “The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS.”
    Pinned the queer lobby’s lies on the mat.

  6. Ó Dochartaigh

    Robert, I don’t think I could have gotten a better, or funnier explanation anywhere else. Thanks a lot.

    Also CDC statistics seem to back everything you just explained.

  7. Paul Grenville

    On the info I’ve read, I could give myself AIDS without ever exposing myself to HIV, and without having sex. Just take AZT in high dosage. But I don’t intend to try.

    “The most toxic drug that has ever been licensed for long term consumption in the free world. … AZT is a prescription drug and according to the manufacturer itself it causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS. So I would say it is not arrogant for me to say that AZT is AIDS by prescription.”- Dr Peter Duesberg

    Robert, I hadn’t realised you’re highly informed on this topic, far better informed than I am. I support the majority of this article. It’s common sense to stay away from immunosuppressive activities like unprotected rectal sex with other males. One of the common consequences of promiscuous unprotected rectal sex is rectal gonorrhoea. Semen in the rectum with or without a viral load is well-known to have immunosupressive consequences, especially if you combine the activity with with taking amyl nitrite poppers.

    Who’s right? And was the original research on HIV scientifically sound?


    Dr Jay Levy, UC Berkeley, on the AIDS epidemic;
    The dominant viewpoint:

    Who’s right?

    Defending HIV as the cause of AIDS:


    Etienne de Harven, electron microscopist, pathologist, cancer and virus researcher

    Both sides are worth reading. Make up your own minds. I’m outta here.

  8. Paul Grenville

    On the info I’ve read, I could give myself AIDS without ever exposing myself to HIV, and without having sex. Just take AZT in high dosage. But I don’t intend to try.

    “The most toxic drug that has ever been licensed for long term consumption in the free world. … AZT is a prescription drug and according to the manufacturer itself it causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS. So I would say it is not arrogant for me to say that AZT is AIDS by prescription.”- Dr Peter Duesberg

    Robert, I hadn’t realised you’re highly informed on this topic, far better informed than I am. I support the majority of this article. It’s common sense to stay away from immunosuppressive activities like unprotected rectal sex with other males. One of the common consequences of promiscuous unprotected rectal sex is rectal gonorrhoea. Semen in the rectum with or without a viral load is well-known to have immunosupressive consequences, especially if you combine the activity with with taking amyl nitrite poppers.

    Who’s right? And was the original research on HIV scientifically sound?


    Dr Jay Levy, UC Berkeley, on the AIDS epidemic;
    The dominant viewpoint:

    Who’s right?

    Defending HIV as the cause of AIDS:

    Or Etienne de Harven

    Etienne de Harven, electron microscopist, pathologist, cancer and virus researcher,

    also here:

    Both sides are worth reading/listening to. That both sides rubbish the other viewpoint doesn’t interest me: it’s a fascinating debate. Avoid the HIV virus, avoid the toxicological causes of AIDS – you know it makes sense. Prevention is far far better than an uncertain future with AIDS. Make up your own minds. I’m outta here.

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  10. In developing world India and Africa, the reusing of hypodermic syringes plays a significant part in the HIV prevalence rates. This could also be a factor in the high HIV-AIDs rates in the Hispanic and African-American population of United States where heroin use may be higher than average.

  11. So me being a straight guy my semen contains the virus aids? Or do I have to contract the infection for my semen to contain aids infection I’m a little confused but found this very intresting.

  12. Ken

    If u say everything is true, then why is there so many peoples infected with HIV? What is mainly the cause? What is the exact definition of this?

    Regard Ken

    • Simple.

      Men are getting it from sex with men and sharing of needles. Then they give it to women.

      • Daisy

        I can’t believe that you are honestly discussing this in the year 2012. Where have you guys been the last three decades?

        • It is very hard for a man to catch HIV from a woman. It can be done, but it not easy. For instance, a number of male porn stars have caught HIV, but they have apparently all caught it from men or from needles. They gave it to a number of female porn stars. To this day, no male porn stars has caught HIV from a woman or from a female porn star. That ought to tell you something.

        • Robert Reynolds

          Daisy – if people don’t keep discussing this stuff, how will new people learn? It really irritates me when people say things like “It’s 2012 and you people are still talking about this” – that’s the very attitude that breeds ignorance

      • kansas

        Thanks so much for knowing the facts cause me and my husband have been together for ten years I’m positive he is not . It’s a gay man disease only gay men and women are at my doctor office and people still cant see through that . People are slow I tell them look around why is it only gay people and women here they so slow they say i don’t know. I feel sorry for all married people that are positive and think they husband got it from a women

  13. Gay State Girl

    I know Elizabeth Meyer Glaser contracted HIV via blood transfusion, when her daughter Ariela was born. She subsequently had sex with Paul Michael Glaser to produce their son Jake and she did not pass it on to him. Jake is fortunate to have a genetic mutation that does not allow the HIV to enter hiss cell nuclei, so he is still alive.

    • If you are with a woman with HIV long term and have sex with her for years, you might get it from her, but even then, it is pretty hard.

      • Ken

        I am Singapore.. Can u pls tell me, what the chance of getting HIV from a infected female from 2 times unprotected sex exposure?

      • I agree. My cousin was engaged to a real nice girl that he was with for years. She didn’t know she had been infected by a previous boyfriend who apparently got it from iv drug use.
        My cousin and this girl didn’t always use protection, I don’t know exactly how often they did. The girl passed away years ago (Very sad). My cousin has continually tested negative. He is now married with a child and continues to remain hiv negative. But man he musta been soiling his trousers waiting for that first test to come back!

      • There is some confusion here and I need some help Robert Lindsay you said if a woman is positive on a long term relationship with a negative man for years it still would be hard for her to pass it to him, but from another comment you were still suggesting a guy to get test because he was expose to hiv on a 1 time encounter.. Can you explain

  14. Goerge Cmapbell


  15. Goerge Cmapbell

    Since my youth I had been known as someone who get sick all the time. And the doctors always diagnose that I have Typhoid,Malaria etc. Then until a certain time I was having an inflammation of the stomach. The doctor said I was having peptic ulcer. Then recently I fell sick. The doctor said I have HIV in my blood. I am so confused. I want to know If I am really infected can I still marry a woman without passing it to her? Though I don’t know how I got mine.

    • Best to contact experts, not us.

    • lakshman

      hey goerge , hiv aids is also transmitted via blood . perhaps if some1 else’s blood which had hiv aids , had entered yours through a cut in your skin , or if a needle used by a person with hiv had poked you unknowingly you might have got it . anyway scientists have found a treatment for it .

  16. Goerge Cmapbell

    So,what is your own part or kind of work then……

  17. i did only once with a female, and the condome has broke and i took my pennis suddenly within 2 to 3 sec. is that a risk for me? and she is a prostitute and her hiv status is unknown.

  18. JasonS

    If you have to ask its probably risky, Consult a real doctor. Some people just luck out and don’t place luck as the value on your life. Read above in the earlier notes that a guy was only giving a prostitute oral just like the anus the epidermis in the mouth is thin so if the epidermis on foreskin is thin you are very venerable to infections. especially if you don’t clean the penis. If he had sores in his mouth and giving oral sex and she might have been penetrated that could easily given him HIV. Be-careful Love yourself more than Unprotected Sex. AND by All means Have fun. Oh and by the way it is impossible to know who is on the DL that why its called the DL so no one has to know and with this gentelman thinking he could wind up with a bloody vagina that has been having intercourse with a DL male of a different nationality. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE NOSE GOSE WHEN THE DOOR CLOSE follow this moto and you will always do the right thing.

  19. Gay State Girl

    Do you get HIV from fluid on the outer edge of the penis or simply through semen?

  20. ml

    Hey Robert, Question: when i found out my boyfriend was cheating on my me doctor says, your pob. ok if hes not bi, so this is beacuse its not that easy to get through vaginal intercourse ? i mean honestly, if it was, wouldnt every het male have hiv/aids ??

    • It’s so hard for a man to get it from a woman under normal circumstances, it’s just ridiculous. Most guys are getting it from other men or from needles. Period! Why don’t you go get tested?

      • ml

        yes i did.. im fine.. but i was surprised when my doc said to me, is he bi ? i was like i dont think so. Then my doc said what u said.. has to be bi or drug user normally to get it.. so robert, WHY do they have everyone thinking its so easy through normal vaginal intercourse ??

        • LOL, mostly the idiot Gay Lobby. The Gay Lobby wants everyone to think that straights can get it just as easily as gays. Also, the religious Right wants straights to think it’s really easy to get that way so people won’t screw around so much. Lot of dumb reasons.

  21. ml

    Got it.. so stay away from Gays and Churches…I agree… LOL Thanks again

  22. Gay State Girl

    If AIDS is only transmitted through semen (typically through intercourse), it should be more common among heterosexuals than homosexuals.

    • An Unmarried Man

      HIV can only enter you and infect your blood through your bloodstream. Normally, in the healthy woman, the vagina is not a pathway to the bloodstream unless there are sores or other lesions present. The reason HIV surfaced in the gay community was because anal sex is the perfect storm of HIV to be introduced into the bloodstream through torn asshole skin. Anal sex is traumatic to your bunghole.

      • Gay State Girl

        It does sound far fetched. Both parties (ejaculation and deep anal cuts) would have to be at work for it to be transmitted.

        • An Unmarried Man

          Rare but I’m sure it’s statistically possible. But you know how human nature is, the one time it is transmitted this way everyone will overreact about how a hetero couple gave the other AIDS!

        • A woman CAN give it to a man. There have been a few cases in the US and France recently. But it’s pretty rare.

        • Gay State Girl

          With oral sex, its pretty much a given that it will enter your blood stream. But gays pursue both forms to the max, so I can see that anal was probably a leading cause as well.

        • No! It is NOT a given that semen goes into your bloodstream with oral sex. Or if it does, it’s already completely destroyed by stomach acids. It’s very rare for semen to enter your bloodstream via oral sex. Your stomach acid is almost like hydrochloric acid. It just about destroys everything.

        • Gay State Girl

          Many forms of bacteria and viruses can be transmitted via ingestion. I don’t see how HIV is any different.

          Ariela Glaser contracted it through consumption of her mother’s breast milk. I don’t know if semen is different.

        • HIV IS different. It is VERY HARD to get HIV even from swallowing semen. Just not common at all. It’s a very fragile virus and it pretty much needs direct access to the blood stream. As I said earlier, you almost need to have some minor abrasions in your throat from allergies or maybe GERD. Otherwise, you probably just won’t get it.

        • Gay State Girl

          How come it is so often transmitted through breast milk?

    • kansas

      Not heterosexual boo!!! But homosexual HIV is in the guy community. It a lie for people to say they get it from a women that 99% not possible.

  23. Gay State Girl

    It is possible for a man to ejaculate into another’s mouth, and of course the virus would make its way through his body, but through anal sex?

    • Holy Frijole

      It is possible for a man to ejaculate into another’s mouth, and of course the virus would make its way through his body, but through anal sex?

      HIV is predominantly transmitted through the blood. (Number one way to catch it is through a blood transfusion from an infected individual …)

      Anal sex tends to create many micro tears in the rectum facilitating an exchange of blood between the two partners. One is markedly more likely to catch HIV if you are the recipient of anal sex verses oral sex.

      • kansas

        U need to learn more about HIV u don’t no what u talking about we r in2012 you don’t get it from a blood transfusion they test the blood if u HIV u can’t go to the blood bank and give blood and u can have sex with someone that HIV and still don’t get it no your fact before u post shit

  24. Gay State Girl

    Manual sex? Penis fights?

  25. Gay State Girl

    I guess breast milk is ingested in larger quantities than semen.

  26. dadadada

    do you know anything about these “types” of HIV in south america? (argentina) how likely am I to have it if I’m a woman, I’ve had unprotected sex with no ejaculation inside once and gave a blow job without protection once (still, no ejaculation on the mouth)? (different guy though)
    I’m the stupidest person on earth, and I am having the test tomorrow, but still, curiosity is killing me. What are the odds?

  27. Dougie

    So odds from getting it from a woman with a lot of lube are extremely slim?

  28. Dude

    Nairobi prostitutes and straight men who don’t do anal got tested several times between 2005 and 2008 and none became HIV positive.

    Are African HIV rates exaggerated in order to get western billions?

  29. wilson

    thanks dude ,i had sex with 2 girls unprotected and got really scared , not to mention that wasnt there first either thanks! _wilson

  30. kansas

    It’s all the truth(: people like to talk about HIV and don’t know anything about it I am a HIV positive woman that have been having it for15 years I got it when I was 15 wow!!!! I know!!! I really wish the world can read this cause this is real talk I have been sexual active the whole time I been positive and women don’t give HIV to men at all I don’t care if you have sex on your period,in the butt women just carry HIV I have 6 friends we all are married and none of our husbands have HIV .let the truth be told this is a guy man disease guy men have sex with womrn and give it to them and that is the truth when I go to the doctor its only guy men and women no real me are at the doctor u no y cause they don’t fuck men so they don’t have it . It’s a long story but men stay away from men and u won’t get HIV . Women check these guy ass down low men that Like to fuck men and women I hate guy people no lie cause its not right u guy bitchez to give women this shit stay on one side of the fence that’s how we can stop the spread of HIV cause women don’t give it to men cause if they did my husband and kid father would have been had it but they don’t and my doctor say se agree with me that it is a guy man disease.

    • Rafa

      I agree 100% with you. The problem with mainstream culture is that it would label you as a “hater” for speaking out the truth.

    • really women cant pass hiv to male than how people r infected by vaginal sex .i live in korea n i hv sex with sex workers .how stupid i m thatt without having condom i hvn ur comment i got relief .is it true .i shouldnt worry .plz reply me soon

  31. Sam

    Hey I wanted to ask you. If I had protected sex. And after that got a cold sore abd a little flu and a red blotch on my nose. Is that HIV symptoms ?

    • No. Where is the cold sore? You had sex with a man or a woman?

    • Sam

      On my lip. With a women prostitute. I been sneezing alot. And days earlier I had a very very very small cut on my pelvis.

      • What kind of sex did you have with her?

        • Sam

          Vaginal sex with condom and oral with a condom

        • Dude

          Relax, there’s no way in hell that you have HIV. Surgical gloves and condoms are made of latex which gives adequate protection against infection to doctors, nurses, and fuckers.

        • Sam

          Ohok! Even if days earlier I cut my pelvis while shaving a small cut lol so no pussy juice would go there and get sick lol so I havnt nothing to be worried about

      • Tulio

        By oral, I hope you mean she did oral on you. I can’t imagine anyone being dumb enough to go down on a prostitute.

        • Don’t worry. If she is say a call girl or a massage parlor girl, I would not worry about it. Don’t know about street walkers. You can’t catch much from doing oral on a woman anyway.

        • Sam

          I meant her do oral to me. Ok so on everything you have said everything seems cool and it’s not genital herpes in no way thnx

        • Genital herpes you would break out around your genitals.

        • Sam

          so in your point of view I have nothing after everything I said lol

        • sam

          rob, i still got that red blottish on my nose its like a line…hasnt gone
          what cud it be?

        • I do not think you have anything. I have caught VD from women several times myself, so I am quite familiar with the symptoms and the worrying, wondering and waiting when you get symptoms after sex. You can always go and get an HIV test if you are worried. Why don’t you just watch and wait and see how your symptoms develop. With any kind of real VD, the symptoms just will not go away. They will be persistent in some sense, and they will simply linger in the male. So just sit back and see what happens with these symptoms. It does not look like any VD that I know about, and if you are HIV-worried, well, go and get a test. I’m quite sure you will be negative.

        • Sam

          I see what your saying only sneezing for two weeks now but it’s winter Thanx though you answered my questions

        • The red line on your nose? I do not know. It’s not HIV though. It’s probably something else. Why don’t you go and get an HIV test to set yourself at ease?

        • sam

          thanks for that and one more thing, i also have RED SKIN BLOTCHES ON THE ANKLES, any idea what that is?

      • Aakash

        The sores could be Herpes. But don’t worry 20% of Americans have that anyway.

  32. SD_fight-back

    Reading through the comments. I just wanted to say that I can’t believe how many times “caught” is being used instead of CONTRACTED. Especially by the author who declares himself to be SOOO educated about the topic.

  33. Aakash

    Hey Robert

    What do you think about the HIV conspiracy theories? I think that people like Peter Duesberg and Kary Mullis need to be listened to at the very least as the scientific community was too quick to ostracize them: especially Duesberg. Ironically, Kary Mullis got his Nobel Prize for making a significant contribution to PCR which is the technique that helps amplify HIV in viral load NATs.

    While Duesberg is flat out against a cause-effect relationship between HIV and AIDS (and theorizes that drugs such as poppers cause it), Mullis believes that HIV is just a passenger virus. I just get a feeling that there may be more to AIDS than just HIV. Also, it is incredibly difficult to trust any kind of statistic coming out of Africa on AIDS related deaths. As it is, there are millions of malnourished people out there. I am still skeptical on the “if” part of the relationship between HIV and AIDS. The “Only If” part sounds ok as HIV has been observed in everybody with AIDS. However, not everybody with HIV dies of AIDS and some people live healthy lives with no medicine taken for it. So obviously, there must be other factors. Is it just the immune system preventing a HIV infection from turning into full blown AIDS? Possibly but I don’t buy that yet.

    Also, some interesting links for an Australian skeptic Hiram Caton’s articles. He is an ethicist rather than a scientist but reveals some flaws in the quickness at which the cause/effect relationship was applied to the relationship between HIV and AIDS.

    • I think this is all crap. All these guys are idiots, and they are all wrong. Duesberg is the worst of them. The rest are just wrong, including Mullis.

      • aakash

        That may be so. But I won’t discount them entirely: especially Mullis. From reading historic articles and opinions, I get a feeling that the entire scientific community was too quick in jumping into the HIV implies AIDS bandwagon without having a clear experimental path for verifying and contradicting the hypothesis. And why would a guy like Duesberg risk his career being over (and indeed it was) to come up with a contradictory voice to all the hoopla then? Beats me. Duesberg is no ordinary biologist and was at his peak then. I still believe that there have to be more reasons and not just HIV that combine together to cause full blown AIDS.

  34. sam

    aakash you said it might be just herpes..coldsore on my lips whch is gone…cud i get that with her doing oral to me from with a condom…it couldnt be right?

    • aakash

      No dude you are fine I was just fucking with you. Fuck the AIDS paranoia is making pussies out of men. Go fuck dude. Just wrap your dick when you stick it into her pussy or ass. Other than that, NOTHING can give you a VD. Damn bro. I just got a number from another southern chick at Target and I intend to bang her like theres no July. Word.

  35. Ray

    I’m In my wating period I had vaginal sex with prostitute unprotected I just stuck the head in barely. pump maybe about 4 times pull out and nutted so I’m worried never done that before always wore a rubber

  36. William

    hey um Robert i got one question i’m wondering about. If my spit got into my own anus would i get hiv or std?

  37. so scare guy

    hi there and sorry for my english but I’m so scare, wonder if some one can help me in the risk of getting hiv is..
    about 10 days ago i was with a walking street (women) and she do oral sex on me with out a condom, she did for about 5 min, then i touch her vagina and ass just around in the ass but i did introduce my fingers on her pussy,til i feel her vagina lubricate, then i stop.after this i masturbate wild she lick my balls, for about 5 min, after this she suck my penis for another 5 min, but bc i was so drunk i can’t finish and she end up for lick my balls for 10 min, my dick wasn’t erect all the time it was kind of sleepy and i did not finish, then i orinate like 20 min after and wash my dick and my balls so good. is there a big risk to become infected. it was my first time that i did this I’m so worry that i cant sleep or eat, i gonna do a hiv early detection on my 21 days for the window period, please please, some on tell me whats my risk….. thank you so much.

    it was on wisconsin and she was loosing a tooth, but i didn’t feel any scratch or any wound on my dick…

  38. Katy

    So if I’m fucking someone with HIV and he does NOT jizz in me, can I still get it that way?

  39. Hey Katy, I am a gay man and have dated several men with HIV over the last 20 years and have not contracted the disease. Don’t just listen to me but talk to your doctor as well. Don’t give head if you have an open sore in your mouth, bleeding gums, or dry cracked lips. Never have anal or vaginal intercourse without a condom ever, and don’t use cheap condoms, i.e., truck stop bathroom condoms, get the good ones at the drug store. Avoid sex while drunk or high because you will inevitably let your guard down and think well just this once. The exchange of blood and semen is the danger. I even go as far as not to swallow if you get my drift. It can be done. You just have to educate yourself well because you are essentially playing Russian Roulett.

  40. Anonymous

    I had sex with a prostitute in hotel on 21 June 2012. I received unprotected oral sex and had protected vaginal sex. While having vaginal sex my condom slipped off almost halfway through but it was still covering the half of my penis. I ejaculated inside her wearing the condom. I didn’t see any blood around her vagina and I didn’t have any tiny cut on my penis. After 3 days I got cold, cough and fever. My fever went away the day after. On 3rd or 4th July I got 100+ fever cold and cough again and it stayed for around 10 days. While having the second fever I was suffering from urinary tract infection. I went to a doctor and got a urine test. There was no infection, puss or blood in my urine. I got a blood test after around 18 days of my encounter with the prostitute, the result was HIV negative. Now I have chapped lips a very mild burning sensation inside my mouth which wasn’t there before. I also feel a very mild pain/burning sensation while peeing. These things are going on for a while which is around 2-3 weeks. Are these symptoms of HIV? What are my chances of getting HIV? Please reply as soon as possible. I’m trying my level best to stay positive.

  41. Anonymous

    The doctor told me if I have chlamydia or gonorrhea then I should have some pimple time thing on my penis or some penile discharge and I don’t have any of these. So I’m not sure what’s wrong.

  42. Anonymous

    Hmm, now I’m really confused what to do. Whenever I look for information on internet regarding chapped lips and slight pain/burning while urinating, it shows std/sti related info.

  43. sam

    thanks for that ,yeah i am soon, and one more thing, i also have RED SKIN BLOTCHES ON THE ANKLES too, do you have any idea what that would be?

  44. Anonymous

    2-3 days back i noticed some red bumps near my ankles and they are extremely itchy but they don’t have any fluid. Could it be anything related to any STD/STI or HIV?
    PS: Sorry for asking so many questions. I’m really happy to find a post like this and I really think that you are well informed regarding these matters. Thanks in advance.

  45. sam

    thanks for that ,yeah i am soon, and one more thing, i also have red skin blotches on the ankles too, do you have any idea what that would be? please reply

  46. Kaarthik

    Hai doc….plz help…i had unprotctd sex with ma best frnd..we bth r males and 15 years old…we try to do anal sex,and i penetrated my dick into his anal…but didnt enter…we didnt ejaculate any fluid during sex…is it risky?wil it create aids?pls reply

  47. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot Robert. Btw sam, he just replied to my post so I don’t think the reply would be different for your one because you pretty much asked the same question. The reasons I was/am paranoid regarding these things because after the incident I went through fever, chills, swollen throat, cough, headache, pain on my neck, muscle pain, urine infection, general body itchiness, red bumps on legs, chapped lips, very mild burning sensation and itchiness inside mouth, 4-5days of night sweat during and after fever and dry palms.

  48. Anonymous

    On the other hand most of these have reasons to be there:
    Fever, cough and cold- The place where I live, almost everyone is going through fever, cough and cold. When you get these things usually you will get headache, pain on the neck and muscle pain.
    Red bumps on legs- Yesterday I found a bed bug crawling near my bad.
    Chapped lips- The place where I live is extremely hot.
    4-5 days of night sweat- During fever if you have medicine, the fever breaks through sweat, urine and poop. Maybe after fever I was still having night sweat due to after effects of the medicines.

  49. Anonymous

    Urine Infection- Just after 2 days of the incident I drank immense amount of alcohol and the next day at max I drank 1 glass of water which might lead to dehydration and hence urine infection.
    Unfortunately I still feel discomfort at least 20% of the time while urinating. There is no burning sensation or pain. Its more like pinching or stingy feeling at the top of my penis near uretha.

    • blind

      Anonymous, it seems you don’t have HIV. the red bumps you talked? usually happens all over the body for HIV. And most HIV infections comes with NO symptoms. All your symptoms could be from fever, a simple HIV-phobia(mental) or both. As the doc said in the original post, it is hard to get HIV from vaginal sex and you even had protection(although it was half-off in the middle). And you didn’t have any cuts nor STDs. The vaginal fluid, semen, blood whatever carries HIV virus must contact your tissue directly. And the seroconversion symptoms usually occur in 2~3 weeks, not right away (2~3 days)like your case. If you are so concerned, you can get 6 week test now. Those rapid kit tests are about 80~95% correct after 6 weeks. conclusive after 12 weeks.

  50. Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply.

  51. Anonymous

    I went for a HIV and other STD tests today. I will get the results by next week. Hoping everything will be fine. I will keep you guys posted. I’m just too worried.

  52. Anonymous

    ..Can you please explain me that why did say “you don’t have HIV”.. Im really really worried…now im getting night sweats again…

    • blind

      Anonymous, I totally understand your concern.
      And to answer your question..

      First of all, you don’t know if she even has hiv. If she doesn’t have any virus, then the chance of you getting it is 0%.

      Then, as I mentioned, the bodily fluid(semen, blood, vaginal fluid) which contains virus must come in contact with your tissue directly. Even then, it is not that easily transmitted. The only part of the penis that’s tissue is the head of the penis or certain moles, pimples from some other STDs (such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, balanitis and to some degree, syphilis).
      However, according to what you said, you don’t have them. And it seems that your head was covered the whole time and only the bottom half of the penis, which is SKIN, was exposed anyway.
      Unless, there was something that you didn’t tell or didn’t know, it’s hard to say you were exposed.

      Finally, even though hiv virus may seem deadly, they rarely survive in natural circumstances. They die within couple minutes of getting exposed to air and they even get killed by saliva. It seems deadlier the viruses are, harder for them to survive.

      I don’t know what type of tests they perform in your area, but even for the 3rd generation ELISA or ORAL test, there’s a 5~10% chance of false positive. Therefore, make sure you get re-tested if the result doesn’t come out well although I doubt it.

      When the result comes out to be negative, let this experience be a lesson to you and try to keep monogamous relationships from now on. And don’t forget to get the 3 months test to make you feel completely safe. (Usually 6 week negative doesn’t turn positive at 12 weeks most of the time unless the one had cancer, chemotherapy, etc…)

      And although it is highly unlikely, if the test result turns out bad, don’t feel bad nor devastated and get the 2nd, 3rd and rna tests to be sure. Even if it still turns out to be positive, keep your head up.
      Nowadays, having hiv is almost like having a diabetes or hepatitis. As long as the patient keeps his health in good condition and take medicine(there are great pills like Viread) he can live a long normal life and even have babies. In some cases, even without any medication, HIV hardly turns into AIDS(or takes a really long time like 30~60 years). Yet, I don’t recommend taking that chance.

  53. Anonymous

    Thanks for you support. To be honest I haven’t checked the condom after sex so I’m not sure about it. She pulled out the condom and I haven’t noticed anything different. I didn’t feel any burning sensation while doing it.

  54. Anonymous

    I can’t even recall if I felt her vagina’s skin for a single second but as far as I’m concerned I haven’t felt the skin because if I did I would have felt a burning sensation right? I hope the condom didn’t break. All these fears are making me think everything in a negative way. Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

    • blind

      It is true that HIV type 2 is more common in South East Asia and Africa. But still, there are people with HIV type 1 and as I mentioned as well, you are basing all of these as if she is HIV infected.
      Even if you were having sex with a person with HIV, you were using condom.. Your risk was minimal.

  55. Anonymous

    Thanks for everything blind but unfortunately I couldn’t even sleep last night and just today I notice some white painless bumps on my tongue and I was bleeding from my gum while brushing.

    • blind

      Everyone has some painless bumps on his/her tongue and bleeds from gum while brushing from time to time. And it’s been more than 6 weeks since the event. It’s really rare that seroconversion would be happening now. And even if you are infected and going through seroconversion, the most common symptom would be a very very high fever that would require some people to go to emergency room.

  56. Anonymous

    By the I read some article where it’s written that HIV-2 is harder to transmit. Then how come West Africa is mostly affected by it?

    • It is EXTREMELY hard to transmit. It started in West Africa, that’s why. It never moved beyond that region.

      When are you going to go get your HIV test so you can stop all this worrying?

      • jero

        No . It is easy !!! Do you know that many women from netherlands etc. Great Britain fly there , make vacation and have sex with men (without condom ) . Most men there have unprotected sex with foreigner women (Prsotitution) .

  57. Anonymous

    By this Thursday hopefully.

  58. Anonymous

    According to my blood test result everything is negative except for Herpes Type 1 IGG (gG) which is 2053 Units/ml…..the doc said it’s nothing serious and it will be normal by itself, no medication is needed. He asked me to get another checkup for Herpes Type 1 and HIV after two months.

  59. Anonymous

    Though he told me that If I had HIV then it would at least show some signs in the blood test result by now. He also told me that “there is nothing to worry, you are fine but just to be 100% sure get another test after two months.”

  60. Anonymous

    I know that I don’t have HIV and thanks a lot to you guys for assuring me before the result. Just for the curiosity I want to ask a question “Does the presence of Herpes Type 1 affect HIV result?”

  61. Anonymous

    Thank you for your quick response…..

    • blind

      First of all, congratulations on the negative result. Let this happening be a lesson to you and try to keep monogamous relationships. Fooling around it not worth to worry and spend money on tests.
      Having Herpes or other illness doesn’t cause any false result. Even if some medication or illness cause any false result, it’s usually false positive. There isn’t any false negative nowadays.
      Like Robert said HSV-1 is nothing. It’s like a cold; many people has the virus, and it will occur when you are stressed mentally or physically.
      (The fever you experienced could’ve been from HSV-1 or the fever and HIV-phobia you had could’ve caused HSV-1)
      Now, there are 2 types of Herpes. HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 usually occur in oral area and HSV-2 usually occur in genital area. Some people still believe that HSV-1 is a “good” herpes and HSV-2 is a “bad” herpes because of their “site of preference.”
      However, they are basically identical and the reason people are more cautious about genital herpes(usually HSV-2) is due to the society’s perception.
      Regardless of location, herpes is herpes. It is only a “cold sore” and is a virus that can be treated, controlled and in most cases avoided even with a partner who has the virus.

  62. Scared

    I am really scared, please help

    I went to a massage parlor girl where she offered me sex
    she put condom on me and I tried to penetrate but i was not erect so I was not ableto penetrate was just trying to push.

    then she gave me hand job with their massage lotion but that also didnt help she then put the condom back on me and came on top of me and again tried to insert my dick but again I was not able to penetrate as I was not erect.

    after this I masturbated and she gave me a hot wet towel to wipe my dick thts it.

    now I have 2 questions

    1. after 2 days i got burning in urine with sligjt pain doctor tested for chylmadia n gonorrea both came negative n normal urine test also came clean gave doxyline n mu buring is almost gone

    2. after 1 month I got small swelling below my right ear but the next day it has gone but whn I rub it it slightly pains my question is did I got Hiv? m scared please help m ashamed of myself

    2. after 1 month today I got a small swelling just below my right ear which has gone next day but rubbing on it feels slight pain..

    so my biggest question is did I got a Hiv?

    I am ashmed of myself as I got carried away, please help.

    • I honestly do not see how that is possible for you to get AIDS.

    • blind

      You were never exposed. No HIV. Don’t worry. those burning sensations are probably from too much rubbing.

      • Scared

        thanks blind thats a relief I will never in my life do this again I m a happily married person

        • BX Monger

          You missed out and should have boned her good. Most of these MP babes are cleaner than the avg chick you may meet in a bar and bang. Some of the older MP babes that only do handjobs will put out on occasion and it’s the tightest p*ssy on earth. 40yo single Korean babe with no kids and rare romp occassionally likes being ravaged!

        • hey man dont get scared you are 100% safe .Enjoy your life and be carefull for next time.

      • Scared

        blind, I did hiv test just the day I completed 6 week the result came out to much it is accurate?

        • blind

          It depends on which country you are living in and what type of test you took. In Australia and most European countries, they treat the 6 week test as conclusive and in the US, they are being more conservative and still keep the 12 week test as conclusive and says that 6 week test is about 85~90% accurate. However, I’d never heard or read any report about 6 week negative turning to positive at 12 week mark.
          Plus, you were never exposed as I mentioned before. You can always take the 12 week test if you are so concerned. It’d make the phobia go away for sure.

        • scared

          I am in US and they did hiv1 antibody and hiv1/o/2 abs qual test after 6 week

        • blind

          It seems that the test you took is the 3rd generation. It’s pretty accurate at 6 week mark. I don’t think it will ever turn positive, but the US doctors always recommend 12 week test. For peace of your mind, just take the 12 week test for the conclusive result. However, you don’t have to worry a thing.

        • scared

          what type of test they do in Australia or other european countries wherein they consider 6 weeks as conclusive?

        • blind

          They also perform 3rd gen.
          12 week conclusive is just CDC’s guideline and perception.
          US CDC is very conservative.
          They are recommending 12 week test for a 0.0001% possibility,

        • scared

          Thanks blind for the information

  63. hi iam 23 yrs old my brother blood groop and my blood groop same she had 2 childrence completly opperation is complete so can i fuck her with out condom ?

  64. Great thread! Very informative 🙂 Just wondering how accurate would a test be after 22/23 days? Thanks very much 🙂

  65. Cheers for the reply! Much appreciated 🙂

  66. jameson7

    Reminds me on the taboo and fanaticism around cold sores. When 90 percent of the population possesses the virus. Good to be sobered of this.

  67. jameson7

    I’m actually surprised that AIDS wouldn’t be transmitted in the vagina or mouth if semen is it’s primary route of infection.

    The vagina is absorbent as is the the mouth via sublingual absorption. I suppose the main difference might be that these avenues have immune defenses that can destroy the fragile AIDS virus?

    • blind

      Saliva kills HIV virus easily. Especially the ones in semen since there aren’t that much virus there like blood.

    • Semen to vagina can transmit it. Not easily, but it is done. You can’t get it at all in your mouth. Not even semen in your mouth. You can get it if semen is swallowed down your throat, but that’s a very hard way to get it. You have to have some sort of cold or allergies in your throat that abrades it enough so it goes in.

  68. Lala

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve read your article and a few comments but I’m still a bit concerned. I’m a woman who was dating this guy and we had unprotected sex around 4-5 times over the course of 5 months and he ejaculated inside of me each time. I have to take a blood test for an insurance screening and they test for HIV and in just very concerned, what is the probability? Also it was all vaginal, no anal whatsoever. Thank you for your time, hope you respond.


    • HIV can definitely be transmitted from male to female, but it’s not so easy. I think the rate is something like 1/1000 times you have sex or something like that, but I am not up on the basics of male to female HIV transmission. If you had rough sex that caused some vaginal bleeding (this is relatively common with vaginal intercourse) the risk is definitely elevated.

      What race is the guy? Did he have any risk factors?

      Your chances of getting HIV from 4-5 instances of sex over 5 months with a random American male are very low indeed.

      Go ahead and take a test. You probably don’t have it though.

  69. John Hawkins

    I gave a guy a blowjob unprotected (first time, I am a guy myself) and he came in my mouth. I spit it out within thirty seconds. Since then I developed a sore throat right at the 20 day mark, but my doc said it was tonsillitis and gave me antibiotics. Today is day 28 since the bj, my question is do I need an HIV? Besides the encounter with the guy (was drunk and took a dare) I have been in a monogamous relationship with a woman for 10years and my last test for STDs was good as of June 18th 2012. So do I need a test or am I just letting my mind do all the work of scaring the shit out of me?

    • Hello there my friend!

      It is very difficult to acquire HIV from giving a blowjob. Only a small number of cases have been reported even among gay men. Even in those cases, the transmission was from swallowing semen, and the men had allergies, etc. in their throats that caused some sort of abrasions that let the virus in. If you didn’t swallow, I say no way did you get infected. You can go ahead and get an HIV test if you want to, but I don’t think you’re infected.

  70. arman

    heloo sir am very happy to see ur msgs here i want to know that iam frompakistan and i fuck a girl whose hiv is negative and mine h.i.v is also negative so is would i get test becz i know girl status is negative

  71. mamal

    Dear Robert
    According these posts if a girl with HIV suck my dick without a condom there is no risk of HIV Infection to me and HIV not transmitted through saliva? Is it true ?

  72. Male circumcision: from compelling evidence to mixed results to bad science when it comes to reducing urinary tract infections and HIV!

    Don’t know what to think of it!

  73. DC

    Hey, whats your take on the new book out the Homo & the Negro by James O’meara?

  74. DC

    Are you goign to write and review of it?

    • No, I do not think so. That sounds terrible. That guy is gay. I don’t like to read books about homosexuality. It’s too disturbing.

      • hey Robert,i always read your answers and gets knowledge about sex and disease.actually i fond of licking pussy of special teens i do it ever week..last time i was licking a virgin teen she just started bleeding .what shoould i do tell me i dont want it to happen again..should i dont go deep or i stop licking and eating them???????????????

        • Considering where you are located, I would be careful if I were you. If she starts bleeding and you get blood in your mouth, go and wash your mouth out with some Listerine or other gargling agent. Keep some Listerine type stuff in your house if you are doing your sexing there.

          Honestly, it’s almost impossible for a normal, healthy guy to get HIV from eating pussy. I’ve only heard of one guy who got HIV from eating pussy, and he was a pretty unusual case. In general, it’s simply nothing to worry about at all.

  75. DC

    Have you heard of James O’meara? He’s a gay white nationalist and believes that homosexuals are the natural cultural elites and that the left is trying to subvert gay potential while the right wants them shuned to preserve their “Judaic family values.”

  76. Hi Sir Robert Lindsay.
    I’m from Malaysia and i want to ask for your opinion and perhaps guidance,dear sir.
    Around 3 years ago i had protected sex with a prostitute at a hotel massage was a bit costly of course,the first one was around october and the second one was around december. Both were protected thats for sure. Then in March 2012,me and my ex girlfriend had unprotected sex for 3 times. I’m getting my head all fussed up over this (i’m paranoid yes i know).
    I’m scared that i might have HIV symptoms. This is because,i have checked on websites and they all say that HIV do not show symptoms to everyone.
    I live in south east asia (Malaysia). Location do play a big part in HIV transmission. And also,my ex girl had sex with 2 other guys with unknown HIV status,the only thing i knew was that both of them were her ex boyfriends.
    Dear doctor,what are the chances of me getting the infection if she’s a positive. Just want to get an ease of mind without going through the costly test.

  77. Oh yah,what are the chances of me getting HIV?

      • SuperTroll

        Dr. Lindsay
        about a month ago I had unprotected Anal sex with my girl friend.
        Now her rectum looks like a fucking Baboon’s Ass with red sores and mucous running out all over.
        Should I be worried?

        • SuperTroll

          By the way Robert I am the former Honyok, I just changed my name to
          SuperTroll. (just keeping you and your gentle readers posted dude)

        • SuperTroll

          about a month ago I had unprotected ANAL SEX with my girlfriend.
          Now her ANUS is extremely swollen with PUSS and ozzing bleeding sores.
          with assorted dingle berries and matted butt hair.
          It looks 10 times worse than the nastiest Baboons Ass you ever saw.
          should I be worried??

  78. NEFE

    There are at least four conditions (Biologically) need to be met for transmission to occur:
    1. HIV (as a whole virus or as a provirus – i.e., within cells that contain its genetic material) must be present in an infectious body fluid from the HIV-positive person
    2. It must be present at sufficient levels to cause infection
    3. There must be an effective route of transmission
    4. Virus carried to another person via this route must reach susceptible cells in the other person.

    What do you think , Robert ??

  79. Dragonwell

    Hi Robert:

    Thank you for your informative website!
    I am really concerned that I might get HIV infected.
    I am a Chinese and had an unprotected sex with a white female stripper in a gentlemen’s club a week or so ago. I could tell she probably was high and does drugs on a regular basis. Don’t know if she has HIV or not. I did her twice in that night and came inside of her twice. I knew I had a small balanitis or red swollen on my foreskin.
    I am really scared now since her vaginal fluid might get into my bloodstream through the balanitis. What is the chance of me getting the HIV from her if she is HIV positive, which I don’t know.
    Please help answer me.

    • You are probably not going to get it, but you can take an HIV test anyway if you are worried.

      • Dragonwell

        Hello Robert:

        Yesterday was exactly 3 weeks after the risk event. I bought the OraQuick in-home HIV test kit again yesterday and did the test. The result was again Negative! However, yesterday at the same time when I did the test, I started to get sore throat and chest congestion, stuffing nose but NO fever NO headache and etc. In the evening the symptoms got even worse and I can hardly sleep. But NO fever and headache, etc.

        Do you think these are the symptoms of HIV or just simply cold/flu? if these are indeed the symptoms of HIV, would the HIV home test NOT show POSITIVE? I am really scared. Please shed some lights for me. Thank you!

        • You ought to get rid of that damned foreskin if you can at your age. It very much increases your risk of getting HIV from a woman! By a lot!

          I really do not know about the early signs of HIV, sorry my friend.

          In most cases, the test ought to be positive after 3 weeks though I think.

  80. Dragonwell

    By the way Robert: I bought an OraQuick in-home HIV test kit today. Even thought the risk event was only about a week ago in the US, I was tested negative. That makes me feel a bit better though I will need to test again in 3 months to ensure the accuracy of the result. What do you think the result would probably be when I test it again in 3 months? Thanks a lot.

  81. Dragonwell

    By the way Robert: I bought an OraQuick in-home HIV test kit today. Even thought the risk event was only about a week ago in the US, I was tested negative. That makes me feel a bit better though I will need to test again in 3 months to ensure the accuracy of the result. What do you think the result would probably be when I test it again in 3 months? Thanks a lot.

  82. adrian

    Thank you very much. That info really will really benefit me in life soon. Thank you and have a blessed day

  83. Blac Stic Man

    So…I was banging a tranny and getting a BBBJ….toward the end, I slid my rod in her bare ass just for a couple final strokes (not even 30 secs)..This short interlude was heavily lubed up and after using tons of lube with a rubber. Chances pretty low on my end??!?!!?

  84. Lulu

    can one get HIV if a man puts his pines in and out of u once and he didn’t even stay for 5 seconds?

  85. Stone

    Thanks for your informative forum. How do you think people in India are getting HIV. HIV growth rates are among the highest there. If you think, Indian men are practicing unsafe homosexuality, then I dare say, you are extremely misinformed. And unless women are vectors in India, the growth just can’t sustain. So it’s pure hetero sex, with transmission from both genders(maybe with a different rate, but significant enough).
    I dare say, HIV transmission may not yet be fully understood, atleast worldwide and when there is a lifestyle and cultural difference. In light of that, how helpful is the guidance that’s provided across many a HIV advice sites, when against evidence in South Asian countries, most try to say, hetero sex and female to male transmission has an abysmally low chance?

  86. Stone

    If it comes to light that established safe practices in America, are good for the type of HIV which primary is prevalent in US, but not for the Asian or African type, I presume, a lot of the stigma may come back, making it difficult to have a normal life in the social atmosphere. Unless there are numbers which build up, to that level, I presume, denial is a good way to keep up with that social acceptance and mobility.
    Is it true that the Anti retroviral treatment is most effective amongst Caucasian/Whites and does not do as much for the Asian population, in terms of survival rates?
    I think the sample set we are using, frequently to do all the research is highly biased with data from the Western world.
    HIV might be discriminating based on race and ethnicity and may not be a social leveler.
    Unless the White mainstream hetero sexual population feels the risk, there will never be enough funding and focus to solve the epidemic. The economics is hopelessly biased.

  87. ram

    hi sir i have problems with condom ..whenever i wear it my penis doesn’t erect 2 days ago when i was going to have sex with prostitue same thing happened erection i went in n out 3 times of her vagina which was around 5 seconds and then penis was erecting so i came out to put condom…but again it did not erect so i did not do sex…is there any chance of getting infection…thank u sir

    • Probably not. But prostitutes in your country do have HIV.

      I can’t emphasize strong enough your need to get cut, or circumcised. Hardly any of you guys are circumcised and that puts you at great risk of HIV from a woman.

  88. hlindleton

    Mr Robert Lindsey

    Thanks for the blogs, I have beenn reading through and have not found my answer. Lat night I had sex with a sex worker, In Nairobi keya, The first time for about 5 to 8 minutes. I ejaculated and carefully removed the condom using some tissue. Afetr sex i went in to the bathroom, put water in the condom to see if there was any spillage. The condom was intact at the tip although the condom was spilling at the base. The condom had broken just less that 1/2 cm from the base of the condom. I took the sex workers number and we have been texting , she says she was tested last week and was negative, she also reccomends that we go for a test together ( could she be saying this just to ease my mind??) So i have agreed we should in 8 weeks or 6 weeks, We also had sex twice more on that same night as i was drunk, i also carried out this water experiment twice and the condoms seemed fine, I tend to put water inside, and wipe with a tissue, squeeze and look for sppillage. This time I was unfortunate it had broken close to the base, and i feel her jusces may have swam all the way down to my urethra, the tip of the condom was ok ad had covered my tip…………..What do i Do, very stressed at work, should I wait 3 months or I can go earlier for a test??????


    • You don’t have HIV.

      Your condom didn’t even really break. If it really broke, it would be broken all over and there would not be a lot of cum left in it. Doing water tests makes afterwards makes no sense and should not even be done. If the condom is not obviously thrashed, it didn’t really break in any significant way.

      She’s HIV negative.

      There’s no way, based on what you describe, that you could have caught HIV from her.

      You are having sex with Nairobi prostitutes, who have an astronomically high HIV rate. I hope you realize the gravity of what you are doing, correct?

      Go get tested anyway, even though you don’t have it.

      If you use condoms, you just are highly UN-likely to get HIV from a woman. That’s all there is to it. If you use condoms, don’t worry.

  89. HL

    Thanks for the reply
    “If you use condoms, you just are highly likely to get HIV from a woman. That’s all there is to it. If you use condoms, don’t worry” If I use condoms I could get HIV as well??

    I have checked on the Nairobi prostitutes and have seen Kenya has 4th highest HIV rate in the world. This calls for a change of plan and life changes. Alcohal is what leads to these problems, I wouldnt do it when sober, the Girl told me not to drink, that in Nairobi, if u drink most likely one will die, I have decided to take the advice and be a good guy………..Ill take the test on March 16th as we had sex on december 16th.
    I just pray and hope for the best. is it true that sex without a condom with a HIV person has a risk of 1/300 for the negative person to get infected!!!/???

    The way i explained it is how it happened, I tend not to have rough sex, prefer it slow in case condom breaks etc.

    Your doing a great job , illl update u on my status. Finally is it true that the viral load is highest at the window period??? The girl could test negative but be in the window period?? I have asked her is she is sure she is negative and she says i should stop asking unless I had sex with someone else. she actually started getting bit pissed off as I have asked about 15 times, and keep asking!!!! I dont want to scare her away cause I want us to test together, but i keep asking??? Woke up with bit of aold today n felt feverish!!!!anything wrong u think????



    • Fuck it man, you ain’t got it. If you are using condoms, even doing something as insane as having sex with HIV positive Nairobi whores would not carry a high risk for vaginal sex.

      Are you cut? Are you circumcised?

      • HL

        Yes Im circumcised got circumcised at a young age. and I cant see any cuts on my pipi…….i always check to see if any cuts etc…….thanks for the reply, the odds question was out of curiousity. 1/300 ???…….march 16th what a long freaking way!!!!!Another thing how do i control my sexual urge got a big sex drive, watch youporn here n there, n now im stopping alcohal drinks for good hope this helps. Lord knows i dont want to go out like that nar mean!!!

  90. matt

    Hi Dr

    Ihad sex with a sexworker in Africa two weeks ago, It was unprotected like the man above I was drunk…..I am from UK and here on business. I took her for testing the net day and paid for it because I was nervous , she turned out negative, what do you think??

    I did come inside her, and at the hospital she was tested for Syphillis and clymidia where she turned out negative for the STD’s. 2 weeks later I have no gonhorea symptoms. She is willing to come for a test with me in the new yr. What do you think the chances are? I am circumcised and have no open wounds on my dick, she says she does not sleep with guys without a condom.

    What are the odds that the tests could change, i tested negative on that day too!!!!! was a very fucking dumb thing to do need i say so!!!!!



    • Odds are pretty low that either of you have HIV.

      She doesn’t have sex with clients without condoms? But that’s exactly what she just did!
      If she otherwise doesn’t do it, and you are the exception, she probably doesn’t have it. In addition, she tested negative. Odds are she simply doesn’t have it. In fact, if I were betting, I would say she is negative. If I were you, I would not worry about this at all.

  91. matt

    Tell you what if God decides that I get through this which I feel he will, ill take it upon myself to live life carefully and Ill learn more about HIV so i can visit schools and spread the word, Took life for a joke, and I guess i did not appreciate the fact that Im healthy. its a shame its got this far for me to realise at 27 yrs old, need to man up, and be real with myself. Life is no Game!!!!!;-)

  92. Ben


    I am in los angeles and I met a asian girl from malaysia. We had protected sex but my condom slipped off at some point. I might have been inside her for a few pumps not sure. I don’t think we did any anal but if we did I had a condom on. I was drunk and I could have accidently went up the wrong hole from the doggy position maybe?

    What are my chances of getting hiv from this? We had sex maybe for 30 minutes. Im really scared though since I saw a post above where you said guys get it from girls in malaysia. This happened in los angeles but she just came from malaysia and lives there. What do you think my odds are? Thanks

  93. Ben

    thanks robert. but is it easier to get from a malaysia girl then a western girl. you said earlier this was a place where the type of hiv is easily transmitted from female to guy. thats what im wondering. i also read malaysia has a low rate of hiv too right. thanks a ton.

    • Well in Thailand and in India, HIV is going female to male. In Malaysia, not so sure. And not if it’s easier to get HIV from a Malay girl than from a Western girl.

      Anyway, I don’t think you have it, but go get tested anyway.

      • Bill

        4 years ago I had unprotected sex with an ex gf 6-7 times. She just got married and I came down with an awful flu this past month for 2-3 weeks. I have built up so much anxiety lately and getting testes tomorrow. I also developed chronic pressure urticaria and dermographism at the time of us having sex. Are those related at all? Help ease my mind before the results cone back

        • Hi there dermographism uticardia is not caused by HIV. I think you would be a lot sicker than you are 4 years along if you were HIV positive. It’s very difficult for a man to get it from a woman in the US anyway.

        • Brian

          Bill, perhaps internet forums with non-physicians are not the best place to have your health concerns addressed.

  94. ben

    Thanks. OK so I’m confused. Did you say its easier to catch from a Malaysia girl then a western girl? Thanks 🙂

  95. mo xanax

    Just found your blog. I wish I would have found it years ago when I first started scaring myself that I had cotracted HIV, the stuff on line back then was all extreme right-wing shit. I live in a foreign country (Asia somewhere) and am quite invested in this place but HIV is a deportable disease. I started to scare myself in 2006 over a totally no risk encounter for 3 years and ended up developing panic disorder which I still take meds for. In 2009, I got tested and it was so hard. I was fine tho. Years later, I started frequenting massage parlors, rather, one in particular, where condoms are always used. Been like about 30 times, almost always with the same chick. I did this because I couldn’t be bothered with the drama that comes with most relationships. Well, now, I have met a girl who is cool and my anxiety is playing up like mad. The anxiety meds ain’t working now at all and I feel like I don’t deserve anyone. It’s guilt. Never knew guilt could be so strong. I can’t talk to anyone abt this and am getting near suicidal. Everyone says “prostitutes” are high risk, but my buddies have caught all nasty shit from “regular” girls they meet in clubs and I to this date have not even had an itchy pair of balls… the “sex workers” are vigilant when it comes to condom use. I have anxiety disorder so bad. I am trying to get the guts to go get tested again. Do you think my “protected encounters” with massage parlor girls as opposed to street hookers trying to get money for their drug habbts means I am a low risk category. Logically, I see no risk at all. That’s why I did it. But now, the anxiety is playing up and I feel like fucking shit. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciate.

    A lonley, psychotic guy somewhere in Asia.

  96. ben

    Thanks Robert. I just found out this girl is from Kelantan in Malaysia. I did a google search and see this place has a high hiv rate. Maybe one of the worst? Im not sure how it compares to say Los angeles. But I am really scared now.

    This Kelantan place has a high level of hiv. I mean it might be high for Maylasia only? It said at this one site 28 people out of 100,000 have it? That doesnt seem too high but what concerns me is most of the transmission seems to be from normal sex with guys and girls. I will admit that the articles state that mainly the woman are being hit hardest. Should I feel like my odds went up since this could be a different strain of hiv in Kelantan? Thanks so much for the help. I really hate being worried right here at Christmas.

    • Nope. 80% of cases are in males. Obviously males are getting it from gay sex and IV drug use. Only 20% of cases are in females.

    • Study up on it. HIV in Malaysia is being transmitted primarily via IV drug users, in particular heroin users who are sharing needles. That’s why it is mostly men who are infected. Not sure who the women are, maybe female partners of male HIV drug users. It’s probably not going very easily female-male sexually in Malaysia I would imagine.

  97. ben

    Thanks Robert. You are very informative and I know you know your stuff. But at this link I found it says malaysians are getting it by sex now:

    I see conflicting reports too and read about the drug thing too. Then this article claims the woman of Kelantan are effected the most with around 48 woman out of every 100,000 woman having hiv there.

    Here’s the link to this article:

    So if 48 woman our of every 100,000 woman have hiv is that higher than say the odds in los angeles? I am trying to gauge how this city matches a normal city in the usa with hiv rate. I know the rate is high for malaysia but the united states has a higher rate of hiv than malaysia.

    Im really confused but the article that says a lot of the cases of hiv in malaysia are now from normal sex scares me. I know hiv is very hard to catch from a girl in the usa but it seems my odds could go up quite a bit from a malay girl. I wish I could get tested and put this behind me but I gotta wait at least a month and it’s only been a week. I have a horrible feeling in my stomach that is ruining my holidays. Any helpful support and I am grateful for this. Thanks again 🙂

    • jayjay

      48 out of 100000 is 0.048%. Quite safe I think. And a lot of them are married and get their infection from their husbands whoi fool around in Thailand- the sex capital of the world. If your girl is unmarried then she is probably in another sample space and the chances are much lower.

  98. Not really. Malay women marrying Thai men. The Thai men have HIV and they are giving it to their Thai wives. That’s what is going on. 48/100,000 is not even very high. I don’t know how it compares to LA. Probably about the same I would say – .5% of the population.

    I would imagine that only ~2% of Malay HIV cases are going female-male. Just like most other places, most of it is going male-female.

  99. ben

    sorry to post again but I read this article that says that 47% of kelantan woman have hiv?

    This must be a error right? They mean they of all of the hiv cases 47% of them are female. I mean the chances of a female having hiv in kelantan is something under 1% right?

    Sorry and I will stop posting after these answers 🙂 I dont want to bother you too much as you are so helpful.

  100. Ben

    Thanks Robert. Would you be very worried if this was you? I wore protection but had a brief period of most likely only say 20 seconds of when the condom came off. Should I worry more since hiv seems to be spread easier over there via sex? Also we had sex for about 30 mins but this was with a condom on besides that brief unprotected period. Thanks

  101. Ben

    I have what I think is a good question Robert. Sorry to keep asking things. The Melay woman have hiv mainly and men cannot get hiv easily from woman right? But the article says that men are crossing the border and getting prostitutes in Thailand.

    But since men don’t get hiv from women easily how are they getting it then bringing it back to the Malay woman? Im guessing they are tranny prostitutes or men? But the articles dont say this. Hmm….so basically the guys already have hiv from these prositutes and then effect there girlfriends or wifes. Confusing.

  102. Ben

    Ok Robert I just found this and it might explain quite a bit.

    “All of the women surveyed were infected by their late husbands, and 80% were married to injecting drug users. However, they continued having unsafe sex with their husbands even after learning about their injecting behaviour,” said Marina.

    “Some 53% of these women were still not sure if it was the drugs, or the act of injecting that caused the HIV infection. It was evident that basic knowledge on HIV transmission risk is low even now among these women,” she added.

    So most likely these woman were infected because the guys used needles. Perhaps the other 20% of guys were bisexual too? Guess this does make some sense.

    I got to wait at least a few more weeks to get tested. Would you be real worried in my shoes Robert? Thanks and hope im not cluttering your thread. Hopefully others find this info useful too.

  103. ben

    Robert, so basically the woman are getting infected by men doing high risk activities right like needle sharing and gay sex? Sadly the woman are getting infected because it’s easier for females to get the virus than males? Thanks a ton for your help. I already feel more at ease. I will just be glad when a month has passed and I can get tested.

  104. Mamal

    Dear Robert
    I have sex with hooker with condom,but after end of sex when i remove condom i see end of my penis spatter with her pussy water bloody(i think she is in period time),now is it possible to have infected with pussy blood on end of penis ? or end of penis look like a head of penis ?
    Thank U

  105. Crystal

    Hi that’s pretty amazing stuff , you’re very well read. I hope you can help me with the question I have. I slept with an older man from the carribian yesterday . He put a condom on and the condom broke. He kinda knew the condom was gonna give away so he pulled out. Mostly he came outside but he thinks some cum accidentally maybe went inside. We weren’t having rough sex. But I’m worried , if he had HIV what are my chances of getting infected?

    • Women who consistently use condoms in vaginal sex with men are very unlikely to get HIV. Consistent condom use cuts female rates down to near zero. And surely condoms break sometimes with these folks. So since you are using condoms with this guy, you’re at low risk. Caribbean men do have some HIV, but it’s mostly Haitians who do. It’s not that easy for a man to give HIV to a woman, but it’s not that hard either.

      Your chances of getting HIV from this man are very low. But you can go get tested anyway. At the very least, you will have a recent HIV test to wave around.

  106. Jack

    Hi Robert,
    Let me first thank you for your great work on enlightening us straight men about the “real” risks of HIV. Having said that I just wanted to run my concern by you.
    I had a exposure 7 weeks back with a massage parlor girl(protected sex, girl was white) in Honolulu HI, and I lost erection while inside her, thus when I pulled out, the condom was half off still covering the glans penis(I am circumcised). I dont remember if her vaginal fluids got inside the condom towards my urethra.

    Thus I had a HIV-1/2 antibody blood test done 2 weeks after the exposure which came -ve. I also did a home based Oraquick test after 7 weeks which came back -ve.
    Do you think any more testing is warranted?

    How much of a risk do you think I had to begin with.

    Thank you very much for providing this great blog and educating people.


  107. Jack

    Thanks Robert for the prompt reply. I was thinking of taking a more expensive PCR RNA test to alleviate my anxiety, but seems like it would just be a waste of money. Good that I can put this episode behind me..

  108. Jack

    Robert one more question, going into the technicality of how a man can get HIV from a woman, even if the infected vaginal fluid enters the urethra shouldn’t there be a way for the virus to enter into the bloodstream?
    As per my understanding there should be a tear in the urethra to let the virus into the bloodstream, thus making it harder for a male to get it from a female. Is this understanding correct?
    If there is no tear in the urethra and even if the vaginal fluid enters it should kill the virus. Just my 2 cents on the topic.
    please clarify if my interpretation is off-base.


    • As you imply, it is indeed very hard to get HIV from a woman in the West.

    • chad

      Robert can you tell us how it is so hard for men to get HIV heterosexually. How does the penis transmit the fluids into the bloodstream? Unless there are cuts on your penis of course. I also read somewhere that when you ejaculate wouldn’t the virus be expelled from the urethra?

      Last question how many white female non IV users at age 20-22 are out there in the US. Thanks

      • I think HIV goes in via the urethra, but it’s very hard to transmit with the HIV subtypes that are in the US. It’s basically a blood-borne illness, and the HIV subtypes in the US have very low titers in vaginal fluid, and it is very hard to transmit that way.

        • chad

          Do you know of a study that breaks downs heterosexual transmission between anal and vaginal intercourse in HIV positive people? Especially on the woman’s side. I wonder what percentage of the HIV positive women have never had anal sex.

        • Mazima

          Robert I have your question. If my girlfriend is HIV positive and we have sex with condoms after having sex I see blood on up on condom and on my body. And my balls .can it infects me

  109. Of course HIV goes a lot easier via anal on the heterosexual side.

    • Carol

      I’m a woman and had unprotected sex with a man of unknown status, he pulled out. We did it 4 times that night 4 weeks ago. In scared and cant stop researching, i know i was stupid thing to do. What would be my risk?

  110. Enrique

    that is so wrong HIV virus does not stay for long and becomes inactive once outside the body. all your theories are wrong

  111. brahms

    African sexual practice is quite disgusting (bestiality) so its not surprising that HIV is rampant there or that it originated from there. I wonder if the modern preoccupation with deviant sexuality is not a reversion to the primitive state (not a good thing – I feel the need to emphasize that for some here).

    So what Robert is basically saying is that AIDS is entirely a gay/bisexual disease (assuming you’re not into deviant sex). It was brought here by haitian gays (or American gays on sex tours to Haiti for sex with boys) and it should be solely a gay disease (were it not for the heterosexual sexual deviants). How many billions have we spent on AIDS? Sexual deviancy and immigration – thanks progressives.

  112. andy

    I had sex with a prostitute in kenya, she supplied the condoms, we had vaginal sex, the first time we had sex and condom broke after 5 minutes and i was inside her for 10 seconds, she gave me another condom , this broke as well after 6 minutes just as i pulled out to ejaculate!!! i had been in her for anothe 6 seconds without a condom, the sad thing is i realised i have a small bruise under the tip of my penis, which i did not know was there. i then used a durex fro my jacket and it did not break, , the condoms that broke were kenan manufactured condoms, we were both bit drunk so i had not noticed.I got so scared after having sex with her at 7am i went to the doctors at 14:00pm they did an elisaHiv 1 and 2 test and i was negative, because of exposure the doc gave me combivir PEP, which i took 16 hrs after the exposure, that after noon i had had two beers 3 hrs before takin these cause of the stress. Im currently on the PEP 10am and 10pm now, the girl says she can go for a test with me if i pay her $40 in kenyan money, what do u think of my risk? if she is hiv positive, and the PEP? What do you, i know i really messed up and since yesterday i have not beeneating or sleeping, should i take the girl for the test or it does not make a difference??
    and i also do not want to sleep with my giorlfriend under PEP or if im infected. Im so worried what do i do, is this PEP good??? please advice me on the risks and the PEP??and if i should get the girl tested?

    • What is PEP? Anti-HIV drug?

      Your risk is not that high, but Kenyan prostitutes have a very high HIV rate. It depends how easily the HIV type in Africa goes heterosexually. The one in Thailand goes easily heterosexually. I heard of a case of a British man who had sex with a Thai whore and the condom broke. He actually got HIV from one exposure from a broken condom. Crazy.

      I do not think your risk is all that high. You may as well pay to get the girl tested too.

      You also ought to be circumcised.

      • andy

        Hi Richard

        I am circumsicsed and the little cut/blister was under the head of my dick hardly noticeable…………the girls willing to for a test , I want to take her this week………….the one exposure was cause of the 1/1000 chance, thats so unlucky OMG. PEP is the drug that can reduce chances of getting hiv if given before 72hrs after exposure………why do u think my chances are not that high?? what if she was hiv+ , she did not bleed during sex though

      • Tulio

        Do you have anymore info on that British man? I’d like to find out more details. I also wonder how is it that more hetereo-spreadable HIV strains haven’t made their way to the West given how much international travel there is. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Look at the way other diseases get spread all over the planet.

  113. andy

    Thanks ill advice you on the test results whe n she does do the test, is it possible she could have an elisa test and turn negative whilst she is positive?? and if so what are the risk levels???

    lets hope she turns negative, I dont think she knows herself………this is a very dumb move by me in this game called life…..I hope i aint checked mate myself, alcohal and sex does not work!!!! All in al I was in her no more than a minute in both times

  114. andy

    Hi its andy unfortunately the prostitute is positive, just found out today!!!

    • Yes, but even though she is positive, I doubt if you caught HIV from her. Have you been tested yet?

      • andy

        We had sex on saturday morning at 7am i got tested at 14:00 hrs i was negative via elisa……….Im now on PEP and have been since 14hrs after exposure , and will maintain the dose, for 28 to 30 days, get tested at end of week four, then 6 weeks fatr that, then 3 months after that, Why do you say you doubt, im worried cause she did not know, and when she found out she wanted to finish herself,I have been adviced to take a pcr test apparently its more accurate in four weeks, as well as an elisa ………im so scared, dont know what her viral load was, had a small bruise under the head of my dick, was in her for 20 seconds, now she is positive, her condoms broke but mine did not, that worries me too…………….the fact that they broke twice, and one broke just before i came, ……………..

  115. Ram

    Hi i am ram i hope u remember me . Sir i tested negative after 8 weeks , is there a possibility that i test positive afyer 4 weeks .. Thank u

  116. andy

    Hi Robert

    When is a persons viral load high if they dont know that they were positive??/, please not she drinks n smokes weed!!!!!

  117. The asymptomatic phase can last 10 years? WTH man? I have no idea about any of that. I am dubious about all of this asymptomatic phase stuff, but if it’s real, it’s nice! You get to have HIV and you won’t even feel it for 10 whole years. Yeehaw!

    • zac

      so pretty mucha bunch of shit on the asymptomatic phase…….gotcha a lot of the websites I’ve visoted have said thay ppl go on healthy for ten to fifteen years not knowing they have it…..

      • Who knows? Maybe you can go 10-15 years asymptomatic. I know very little about this sort of thing.

        • zac

          I beg the differ…..u seem very educated on the hiv topic……I understand your sarcasm

        • tucker

          Hey there! Loved your write up. Got a couple questions 1) how many people experience ARD that have HIV. 2) In the states, how prevelant is tertiary transmission and would you believe someone if they said they had vaginal sex one time with a girl if unknown status or does that just not happen? Thanks!!

        • What is ARD?

          What is tertiary transmission?

          Almost impossible to get HIV from vaginal sex with one woman one time in the US. Absurd.

        • chad

          Sorry, I meant ARS. And like HIV transmissions from a low risk group to a low risk group

      • Ali

        Zac, the average time it takes to go from seroconversion (i.e. when you are first infected) to a CB4 count below 250 (i.e. full-blown AIDS) is about 10 years, give or take. However, poly drug users who frequently swap infected needles and receptive sex partners – so, gay men and straight women – who practice unprotected sex with multiple infected individuals will have a much shorter latency period, since they often wind up being infected by multiple strains of the virus. Look at Rock Hudson, who died in the early years of the epidemic, for example, or Freddie Mercury, who died less than 10 years after he started partying in NYC, where the virus was exploding and felling relatively significant swathes of the homosexual, Hatian, heroin-using, and hemophiliac populations.

        Anyway, I’m glad y’all are talking about HIV/AIDS here. I’ve noticed that once HAART became available to everyone (late 90s/early 2000s), and especially, once the public schools moved toward abstinence-only education, the virus fell out of the public consciousness. I spent the better part of the decade working as a freelance reporter on the public health beat of several newspapers, and one of my primary missions was to stop the spread of the virus among members of the post-AIDS generation, many of whom cannot remember a time when the virus was considered deadly. It is always on my mind, as a bisexual woman married to a bi man, because some of the stigma toward our community still persists – and let’s not forget, we can never, ever donate blood…

  118. andy

    I had sex with a prostitute in kenya, she supplied the condoms, we had vaginal sex, the first time we had sex and condom broke after 5 minutes (it felt tight and as though i was rubbing on some rough place) and i was inside her for 10 seconds after it broke, she gave me another condom , this broke as well after 6 minutes, i had two strokes where i felt her wetness just as i pulled out to ejaculate!!! i had been in her for another 6 seconds without a condom,i then used a durex fro my jacket and it did not break, , the condoms that broke were kenyan manufactured condoms, the sad thing is i realised i have a small bruise under the tip of my penis, which i did not know was there. I realised this when i woke up later that day, I had cleaned up with dettol antibacterial after the ordeal felt a sting but thought nothing of it,we were both bit drunk so i had not noticed.I got so scared after having sex with her at 3 times lasted until 7am from about 6:30am, i went to the doctors at 14:00pmafter getting up, they did an elisaHiv 1 and 2 test and i was negative, because of exposure the doc prescribed combivir PEP, which i took 16 hrs after the exposure, by the way in the same after noon i had two beers 3 hrs before takin PEP cause of the stress. Im currently on the PEP (Combivir) 10am and 10pm now,.I went back to see the doctor at another hospital 3 days later,Took the girl for a test and she is hiv positive, and I think she knew it.(thats another conversation, she had lied all along, we got to find out she was seeing a hiv specialist at the same hospital , we dont have access to her records but im thinking of taking her to court, as my doctor stated) on same day (day 3)the doctor carried out hep b and c tetsts (core) and vrld testson me and they all came back neg and they gave me pills to cover syphillis, gonhorea, vaginitis, syphillis jab etc After 80hrs of exposure doc also added alluvia PEP two pills each morning 10 am and 10pm alongside the combivir, he says it wont harm and was not happy with just combivir, The cut under my glan hapened during sex, doctor put it down as trauma/abrassion-i told him i did not see it bleed, he says it was caused by the girls dryness.Today is day 7-dry cough not much, and mild sore throat. What do you think of the PEP? What do you think of me having a PCR test even though my doc says wait to finish 28day PEP and then do the test 4 weeks or 2 weeks after? Whats the chances of friction causing bleeding to the penis glan? what are the chances of HIV entering the cut? I was in her without a conddom 30 secs top, they both broke, if not i would not have sex without one!!!!!

  119. andy

    Cause of the cuts on the mucous membrane………………..thats all thats been in my head!!!!!HIV gets in to the blood stream via the mucous membrane!!!Is there anyway it could take longer than 10 seconds for hiv to find a T4cell??

  120. andy

    My exposure was on 2nd of february 7Am

    • kevintotallydeppresed

      hey, from indonesia..had uprotected one night stand + oral sex with hiv+ girl on 12th december..after 10 days,i had a real bad fever for 2 days and i was hospitalized.soon after,my elisa test 8weeks post exposure came back negative..and now is the 9th week post exposure..i had real bad itch going on all over my bodt,extreme tiredness and a bit of rash on the upper side of my body & my belly and gas after every meals..what do u think of the chances that im contracted? im worried sick,read yhousands of website every single day..super duper sick of this..thanks for the answering,robert

      • Looks like you don’t have it, right?

        • kevintotallydepressed

          i dunno..the symptoms were too real…i dunno about the generation of my test..also,i heard the girl once worked as a waitress at some bar in philipine,i prsonally think that she got it there..but someone told me her ex was a heavy IV drug user..i am so scared because i am going to get married next year…can u please help ease my mind if u think that im fine..i do realize that my anxiety and deppresion really did a number on me…btw,happy valentines day to everybody here..thanks for replying this message

        • You tested negative on an 8-week test, and now you are worried that you have HIV? Makes no sense, right? How could you possibly have it?

          There is very little HIV in the Philippines, even among bar girls.

        • kevintotallydepressed

          her antibody test result is Reactive 577,00 its no joke,rob..i asked her friend to take her to lab and performed a test there..she is freakin positive. that is why the whole situations freak me out.. bottom line,she is positive

        • Ok you had sex one time with an HIV positive chick from China. On an 8 week test, you tested negative. That means you don’t have it, right? Am I correct?

        • kevintotallydeppresed

          both of us were indonesian,rob…she’s not from china 😐

  121. none

    By looking at all these posts, i see that only desperate retards get the disease

    • Ken

      HIV – positive men in Africa are advised to have sex with virgins in order to cure themselves – some of them resort to raping young girls. This proves just how evil some people around us can be.

  122. mamal

    Dear Robert
    I had a sex with a girl from uzbekistan in duabi , i pick up her in the bar and we had sex with condom ,and because a erection problem i changed my condom 3 times and last time with a hair gel i massage my penis and then use a condom !!!, my problem is i have a more Stress after a each sex and something inside me talk to me that you are infected.I think i need a Psychologist , what is your opinion about me? am i infected like that with condom ? am i need a Psychologist ? thank you for your comfort.

  123. daredevil

    Sir, If we fuck women in ass hole ,we will get aids ?
    ple……. tell me….

  124. mark

    i must say you have educated me so much on this topic.
    i always thought hiv was guaranteed through single acts of vaginal or anal sex, unprotected with hiv+ partner. it’s good to know that it’s really hard for men to contract hiv through unprotected vaginal sex with a positive partner.

    i have had lots of unprotected vaginal sex. never did IV drugs and my ass is a virgin. i never even had anal sex.. -_-

    i started to get a lot of symptoms verrrrry similar to hiv. night sweats, weight loss, apettite loss, flulike symptoms, anxiety, headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, etc. but i found out all of those were withdrawal symptoms for stopping marijuana cold turkey. most of my unprotected sex was while i was high so you can only imagine the stress i have been going through because hiv and weed withdrawals have very similar symptoms.

    i am going to get tested this weekend when i get back home. i’ve had many sleepless nights thinking i was infected with hiv, but after reading this article and about 90% of the comments, i can say a lot of paranoia and anxiety has been lifted.


    although i would like to point out that even if it’s less than 1% chance to contract hiv through vaginal sex, you can always that person. i am practicing safe sex now, condoms on every occassion.

    “wish i wasn’t circumsized cause i can just slide that extra meat down and put a twistie tie on it” – Martin Lawrence.

    • Lesley

      Re: “i started to get a lot of symptoms verrrrry similar to hiv. night sweats, weight loss, apettite loss, flulike symptoms, anxiety, headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, etc. but i found out all of those were withdrawal symptoms for stopping marijuana cold turkey. most of my unprotected sex was while i was high so you can only imagine the stress i have been going through because hiv and weed withdrawals have very similar symptoms”

      …and heroin withdrawal… 😉

  125. Sam

    Sir i have done sex with a gay but condom torn inside i found no semens when i get out penis Is any danger happens?

  126. Dan

    Hey Robert, love your site. You really helped me get through a tough time because I am super paranoid about HIV. My GP even told me that the sex act mistake that I believed to be risky was nothing to be concerned about. I couldn’t have sex or show interest for 17 months because I was so scared. My doc even went as far as calling me and suggesting that I seek psychotherapy for HIV OCD. But as I research more, I realize that 62 percent of new HIV cases are from gay and bisexual men, the rest are gay and bi women, and then heterosexual minorities (most likely drug users… sorry if that sounds racist but its fact). Furthermore, I am shocked at the propaganda that schools constantly spew out. I truly believed that one drunken mistake would lead to my ultimate demise, simply because I was conditioned into believing it. I do admit that I was nervous about the test results, but after a 17 month window period and having absolutely no std or sti, I have great peace of mind. Thanks for giving me the courage to go get tested. You trivialized an illness that, let’s be honest, for heterosexual men, should be trivialized. Thanks again.

  127. Roberto

    Robert your a genius thanks for the break down of this, i love pussy and always will its safer than ass

    • Thank you very much my friend!

    • NEFE

      i do not agree
      cause there are more HIV virus is in vagina

      and we don’t find any HIV virus in anus / feces
      assuming if you are having a safe anal sex , without bleeding

      is it right , robert ??

      • Not really. Anal sex with a condom is probably pretty damn safe. Problem is anal sex without a condom. There is usually a bit of bleeding in anal sex. Anyway, the anal lining is very, very thin, so the semen can just go right in that way. And anal sex causes microscopic tears in the lining. The semen goes right in that way. The problem with insertive anal sex is that there may be some blood in the anus that can get into your urethra.

  128. Anon

    I’m a man who had unprotected vaginal sex with a white escort/call girl in a big US east-coast city. I would estimate my penis was in her, unprotected, for around 3 minutes. I know that, ordinarily, a one time thing like this wouldn’t put me at very high risk, but I fingered her a lot before the unprotected sex and I’m worried that I may have caused some small abrasions in her vagina (though I didn’t see any blood). I am circumsized and I didn’t see any abrasions on my penis after the act. I know you can’t comment on this with any certainty…I guess I’m just wondering how likely you think it is that my fingering could have caused any significant abrasions in her vagina if I didn’t notice any blood. (I’m not certain of her status but she said she was negative…I know that doesn’t really mean much.) Thanks.

  129. anxious guy

    Hi recently i had my first sexual exposure with a girl ,belive me it was not more than 1 stroke i knew i was not wearing a condom ,i took it out immediately ,but i got worried about hiv ,i told her to take a test as (ELISA) and it came negative ,but this hiv thing is not going out of my head ,i have read ur article and it says its difficult to get hiv in vaginal sex , i don’t know whether its a guilt or really i m having a threat of hiv .its been four week and i am planning to take test at 6th week,plz help what shuld i do ?

  130. MAMAL

    Dear Robert
    I test Elisa (ECL) after 2 protected sex i have. 1 sex 4 month ago and 1 sex 11 weeks(test in first day of 12 week) ago and a test is negative .is it enough for my phobia ?
    Thank You

  131. John

    Robert I take great strength from your site I have been worried for 28 years I had vaginal sex in the 80’s got tested in 85 neg but worried about 1989 as I’ve heard it could take 20 years to show what do you think

  132. MAMAL

    Dear Robert It’s me again 🙂
    For walk on my life, after a 4 months ELISA test with negative result ,I test a PCR-RNA test after 5 months and it’s negative again.Now my question is PCR-RNA after 5 months is conclusive? Or ELISA after 4 months was enough ? I read some resources that any test such as ELISA or PCR-RNA after 3 months are conclusive is it true dear Robert?
    Thank you again

  133. It is plenty good. You really need to stop doing all this worrying.

  134. Iget that but a u saying that when u sleep with lot of men you cn get hiv

  135. josh vang

    Can you get HIV from getting a blowjob from a girl who has a little tiny cut on her lip and there are no cuts on your penis and no blood ends up on your penis is it possible and if you call me retarded I don’t care I’m 16 and my girlfriend did it to me and while she sucked me off I noticed she had a really tiny cut on her lip I didnt care at the moment but now I do so please answer

    • Why don’t you both go get tested just to get a baseline?

      I suppose it is theoretically possible, but the truth is that no way are you going to get HIV from a female sucking your cock.

      Was the cut bleeding?

  136. Walter

    How about the incubation period for HIV, is it really always 10 years before major symptons? Some say 5-10 years.

  137. Chax

    Can HIV be transmitted through pubic and/or testicle pores if you had protected sex while she’s HIV positive and on her periods?

  138. senzo zondo

    I’ve been having protected sex with my girlfriend and we’ve been together for 6 months now. So we decided to not use a condom just for once, without me realizing that she had lied to me about her past, we went for testing just to make sure we are both safe and we can have unprotected regularly. She tested positive and I tested negative. So then the Doc asked us if we had unprotected sex nd when. It was about two and half months or three months ago, then Doc said well if it was transmitted to me it should’ve shown and said I’m safe. But now I’ve got this rash on my arms, and I’ve researched and found out that its part of the symptoms and I’m really worried! What could’ve went wrong, because we had unprotected once? Please reply via my email

  139. R.Khan

    Dear Mr Lindsay
    I am a 34 Asian man living in England and I am also a virgin, me and my fiancé also a virgin she decided on giving me a blowjob without me wearing a condom. Now she says that she had no cuts in her mouth, no ulcers and also she never had sex with no one.

    It was quick it took about 10 or 15 seconds and she swollowed just a bit now does this mean that do I need to go and have a test done or should I not worry at all, I guess I learnt my lesson for today as next time I will wait for the wedding night and use protection.

    Thankyou for your help please reply soon


  140. prince8364

    i had an experience of rubbing my penis with anus of someone . He sat on my wet penis with my clothes were on (cotton trousers)and he was naked. He tried to get my penis in by rubbing in between his butts but it never got in and was rubbed only , he didnot even touch the penis by hand in mean time i ejaculated . if his anus was wet and my penis rubbed against it what r my chances to get hiv and later on i have fever twice in two months …… I m much worried about that Plz help me

  141. prince8364

    Also i m a circumcised male waiting for reply from u Robert

  142. prince8364

    Thx for ur reply …………….. even if some leakage from his ass hole ?

  143. Self-Hating Indian

    Interesting analysis. Are your findings based on sex with condoms, or without condoms?

    I always knew oral sex didn’t pose any problem to either party and straight vaginal sex with condoms, is always safe for all practical purposes. Anal is a tough call and I thought that apart from the receiver, the other person should also be at substantial risk. Thanks for clearing the air.

    Just because you can’t catch HIV from high risk sex does not mean a free licence to cavort with prostitutes and swingers. There are many more unpleasant STDs to account for: syphillis, genital warts, gonorrhoea

    One good thing about living in India; as a heterosexual male, you do get laid a lot. I used to work in Dubai (UAE) where it was difficult to meet someone from the opposite sex. A British couple was arrested for kissing in public. The sex ratio was like 8 men to 1 woman; I had to quit a high paying job because the sex life as dry as a desert.

    The Indian women aren’t easy to land in bed (unless in their late 30’s and 40’s) but the wooing process is fairly simple unlike the United States where you have very formalized stuff such as prom nights, asking a girl out on a date (the very concept of date arrived in India in probably the 90’s). Of course, such open relationships are caste-based and women can be upfront racist because of the typical Hindu mentality. But, many gigolos happen to be Muslim males since they’re quite popular because of their handsome looks and polite manners. In the sexual arena, there’s hardly any discrimination against Muslim/Christian males. One of my Muslim friends has a Hindu girlfriend and noone minds it. However, Dalits and lower castes would not dare look at an upper caste Hindu female in a lustful way. The entire media machinery of India disapproves of Dalit-upper caste relationships. However, many upper caste men especially in villages are at liberty to rape Dalit women, use them as sex slaves and prostitutes.

    We do need some form of social reengineering in India as such discrimination should not exist in any civilized society. However, Hindus are deeply entrenched in their caste system ways and this is the biggest taboo of them all.

  144. regina

    can one get HIV through deep kissing or sucking the dick

    • Not really…I would not worry about it.

      • vk

        Hi Robert

        I had one time protected vaginal sex with a Latino woman of age 23 in US CA she said she was free from STD but i dont believe her. After 4 weeks i started getting muscle aches, fatigue and common cold , slight diarrohea , no fever or night sweat. I got hiv elisa test the next day after encounter because i got scared. Should i do hiv test again? Am i infected?

        • You don’t have it. Get another test at 6 weeks anyway just to check if you are worried.

        • vk

          Hi robert
          Thanks for reply. My blood tests for WBC and platelets showed normal. Does 6 week test show the correct result for hiv?
          If i have no fever and infection after 6 week does that mean i dont havee hiv?

        • 6 week test is 99% accurate. As far as your other question, IMHO you don’t even have HIV.

        • vk

          Thanks.. i have muscle aches in arms and legs. There is a slight pain in upper abdomen on both left and right. Only that is concerning me..may be its because of stress. Its more than 6 weeks now after the exposure. The condom did not break but after taking the penis out from her vagina i catched the penis with the condom in my hand for some time. Is there a chance of the vaginal fluid to enter the body during this time? Also how much vaginal fluid should enter body to catch hiv?

        • You can hardly even get it from a woman, the titers are so low. There is often bleeding on the woman’s part to transmit.

  145. David


  146. Always happy to help you David, my gay friend.

  147. Jairmey

    Robert please answer this last question or someone else who would know. Robert i told you about my one minute exposure in the black girl. And ive heard numerous times that the symptomatic periods are 2-6 weeks, then when it turns into aids. well its been 9 weeks and i had ONE lymph node in my jaw line that the nurse couldnt even feel. And my back has been hurting for like 4 days straight. and now theres a little blister on my index finger. I have severe anxiety and i also have impacted wisdom teeth which may have caused the lymph node. it has gone away now. my question is. do you get symptoms after the ARS period?

  148. Jairmey

    No I havent! I have to get up the courage to order the home test. ANd what do you say about the body aches?? stress? Im interesting in what you emailed me about also. I have the money

  149. Jairmey

    But yeah. the way i feel. Its certain i have the fucking disease man…That would suck if i got it from puttind my dick in a girl for a minute!!! no cuts or nothing on me!!!

  150. jon


    I finally got the courage to post on your blog after reading it for a few days.
    Up until now I was just scouring the internet for situations similar to mine and apply them to myself. The hard part is that most sites I visit just ended scaring me even more. However, this blog seems to put me at ease.

    Anyhow, here is my story: About 4 and a half months ago I visited a prostitute/escort for a “massage”. During the encounter however she had me go inside of her. I wasn’t expecting more than the usual rub and tug and was surprised but stupidly enough I went for it (unprotected). Had intercourse for about 2 minutes before I pulled out. Got to the bathroom and scrubbed my area with water and hand soap.

    The woman was in her late 30’s, black, and I am 100% sure she smokes pot. In the western US. After freaking out for a few weeks I took a test at 10 weeks and came back negative.

    Here is the kicker, I do not know how I rationalized this, but I went back to the same girl a few days ago. This time though I stopped a lot sooner after I began to think about what I went through last time. Only about the top 20% of my penis was inside for about 10 seconds (unprotected). Afterwards I immediately showered and tried to get my area clean.

    What do you think my chances are on being infected this time? I am trying not to panic as much as I did last time. I do not know why I got myself into this situation again.

    Thank you for creating this blog and any help you might have for me.

  151. JJ

    Hello there,
    I was reading mostly all the posts nd comments about Hiv/Aids nd i started get worried about myself i am from Ireland nd i had plenty of unprotected & protected sex with mine ex-gfs so took a break off because i was so worried that i may not get infected its been 2 in half years i didnt had sex for long so i masturbate on every weekend now only but my main reason was i tho was infected and couldnt sleep properly dnt eat nothing out of mind after reading all infomation from your site gived me courage after all these years and to go for my Hiv test nd i got negitive got so relaxed today i am feeling so much better and i promised to myself no dirty laundry thing again i thank u so much and God to give me chance live a happy life. But man it was a damn roller coaster ride for me after all these years.

  152. Lesley

    I heard that the first group of men that were known to get aids were unbelievably promiscuous, a hell of a lot more than most people, gay or not.

    This does show that there is probably some sense to some of the warnings in the bible that seem outdated these days e.g don’t ejaculate in a man or an animal (don’t have anal sex with people or animals), they probably knew it could have health risks attached to it.

    There are some documentaries on you tube with people saying that they don’t actually believe HIV is what cause AIDS and that it’s just a passenger virus and that the AIDS in Africa thing is a huge scam with many being diagnosed without even an HIV test on the basis of being skinny and having diarrhoea. If this is the case, it’s ridiculous, a person like that could be suffering from loads of other things, dysentery, stomach bug (from drinking dirty water), starvation…

  153. asker

    Hello, I had sex with an a Nigerian girl, i was using condom but condom breaks and I fuck her maybe few second(till I noticed that gum is broken) without protection, also have blowjob with no protections, It was only once. She’s a hooker in emirates, is there any chance? immidiately after sex I clean my dick with soap. Also every day Im using vitamins, exercising etc… I want to ask is there any chance? because Im really nervous and I cant wait 3 months when I can test for HIV, these 3 months of waiting will kill me… thank you very much
    She say that she is no infected, because shes not like dirty kind of whore, she was askin If I have some infection also after… so?Please help.

    I do not ejaculated, no blood no nothing.Thank you.

  154. asker

    Thanks for quick answer Rob! Yeah I had 3 months ago before coming to uae, It was first and last time when I slept with a hooker, never ever more!
    So can I be calm? no worries?
    You promise? 🙂

  155. asker

    Im also circumcised, forget to say, and she was hooker as i say, so no worries? Just write one more time No worries and you saved my life man:) Thank you a lot.

  156. Most hookers in UAE do not have HIV anyway.

    I am not worried about your case at all.

  157. pots

    Hey, Robert, after a 3 months protected sexual encounter I took a test, and of course it came back negative. Even though I used condoms, just wanted to ease my mind by getting the test. However, I have read in some articles that HIV can take 6 months to show up. My question is do you think it is necessary to get tested again for another 3 months?. Another 3 months would add up to 6 months.

    • Give me details about this encounter?

      • pots

        Okay well first I am from the Caribbean. It was a guys night out, and we went to get laid from some spanish sex workers. The guys selected me to go first so I chose one of the csw. We went back to the room. She ask if I had a condom, I replied no, but she took a condom out. ( I forget the brand of condom). Anyway she put the condom on my dick and perform oral, then we engaged in vaginal sex. After I ejaculated I disposed the condom. I really felt guilty and ashamed that I sex with a prostitute and the fear of HIV haunted me for months. The encounter was May the 5 of this year, and I went for a test on September 2nd, and it came back negative to my relief. My anxiety re-ignited upon reading in some articles that HIV sometimes can take up 6 months to show, so this why I am asking if it really necessary for me to take another test in 3 months time.

  158. pots

    The Caribbean Island of Trinidad. I still get really anxious, I have to keep on reminding myself that my results came back negative.

  159. Joey

    I am a straight man who is a bit bi-curious, but i have a huge fear of HIV

    Mid september i was really drunk and went to a guys house he must of been about 50 and we had anal sex for about rougly two minutes and he wore a condom, i felt the condom before to make sure it was not ripped but for the last month i have been a wreck, a total nervous wreck. I literally am paralyzed with fear and convincing myself i have it even without any symptoms. I am scared to have sex with my girlfriend until i get checked but i am too scared to get the test

    The guy never said he had it and was giving me contact information if i wanted to come over again so i highly doubt he had it, but it doesnt stop me being scared of this illness

    Could i have it?

    • Hello. I really do not know much about transmission of this illness via male to male sex. I doubt if you have it though. Have you ever had an HIV test before? How old are you?

      • Yes about 2 years ago and even then i was terrified, i am 21

        • Go get another test just to get a baseline. You don’t even have it anyway. You did not get it from this encounter.

          I get tested about once a year, mostly for women. I show my latest HIV test to the women I date. A lot of women nowadays ask for a recent HIV test before they go out with you. It does not have to be that recent. Often they say an HIV test within the past year. While you are at it, get tested for Hepatitis A and B and if you come clean, get the vaccines for A and B. It is worth it, especially if you are going to keep on doing this sort of sex. The sort of sex you did is very high risk for Hepatitis B and gay men are saturated to Hell with that illness with rates up 75% in some places.

  160. Thanks i think i have anxiety issues that lead me to think i have it, logically i know i dont. You have calmed me down so thanks again!

  161. Advice please?


    I’m a 23 y/o male. I was giving oral sex to an older man, then he touched his own penis before touching my anus. He did not finger me, only touched the opening. Am I at risk of contracting a disease? It was quite early on but I am worried about pre-ejaculation.


  162. alpha

    I had a sex with random shemale 2 days back, i am curious about it because i did it without having any protection, by mistakenly i cummed in her, it was an direct impact, i just want to know that is this can affect on my penis? or can i get hiv aids due to UN-protected sex?

    • It is hard to say if the insertive partner is at risk of HIV from insertive anal sex. Some studies do believe there is a bit of a risk. And shemales have an HIV rate that is quite high. However, some gay men who always top say they have never gotten it though they must have had sex with many HIV positive people. You could have gotten HIV, but I doubt if you did.

      Nothing can happen to your penis other than an STD.

      When was the last time you got an HIV test?

      Wait 6 weeks and take an HIV test. I bet you are negative.

  163. Wew, i thought its always easy to get hiv from pussies rather than asses…thanx a bunch for the lesson, quite educating

    • Glad to help!

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      • Turkish

        Hi sir;
        Firstly thank you for all information u have given and affords. Iam married and havve 1 kid.
        I didnt see much comment about russia. And everything i say happend in russia.
        2 days ago in a business trip ; i had party with 2 girls. Hookers. With 1 of them all the time with condom. Only oral sex without condom.
        With second girl. I couldnt come and take of condom for 1 min tops. And i came outside to her body. She didnt realise. Mostly hookers in russia they dont even do oral without condom. And scared of illneses etc.

        I will make test in future to be sure but as i understood it is low posibility that i contracted virus. Cause we dont know if she has it and i didnt come her inside and heterosexual sex etc.
        My idiotic question is ; do i need to worry to much ?

        • I would not worry about this at all. Have you ever had an HIV test before?

        • Turkish

          Thank you. I can comfortably make test now. And better for me to check std s as well. As i said; i stayed inside her 1 min and that made me paranoid. And it was doggy style and didnt tell her. Maybe she realised. I dont know. She was 21 with a daughter. Whatever.

          I took test 1 time in russia long ago. And 2nd time before marriage 3 years ago in turkey. In a special dr s office. That time i made all tests. Even they took some liquid with a stick through penis hole. I wanted to check all. Everything negative.
          And before marriage in turkey both partners give blood for hiv test. Goverment does it. It was also negative.

          After marriage i had affairs. But all with condom. Sometimes oral without condom.

          Iam circumsiezed by the way.

          Thanks for help and hope u have wealthy and happy life

  164. You are very welcome my friend.

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  165. kisan

    Hy sir,
    i am 20 male from nepal and had twice protected vaginal sex with a nepalese women (prostitute unknown hiv status of 35 age) and eneded safely without breakeage and in second time after we eneded safely i saw some blood on bed and i asked her about it she said she was on her periods and i didnt had any cuts around my penis and testis and that blood touched my underwear. After exposer of 1 month i got flu(winter season) and i started fearing of hiv so i tested hiv of that women n it cames negative.
    And its been 3weeks i again had sex with a prostitute (nepalese girl of 20) 10-15 seconds without condom and after that i used condom and ended safely. And i get a little bit fever jus on hands not on whole body and head.
    Sir please tell me the probability of getting hiv infections.
    I shall be much obelliged to you.

    • You didn’t get it. You are not going to get HIV from a one-time encounter with a prostitute. However, you are in high HIV area, and a lot of the whores have HIV in that area, so I would be careful if I were you. Have you had an HIV test recently?

  166. kisan

    sir still i’m not believing that here in Nepal hiv rates are high because its not a big and developed country and is still small in size. and i didnt have any recnt test i had my lifes first unprotected vaginal sex just for 10-15 seconds and after that i had twice protected vaginal sex as i said above . sir u had medical test after 15 days so me freaking out of that virua would tansmit to me. i had a little amount of fever on my hands and stomatch not in whole body and sometimes i tgink i developed the symptoms of hiv due to depression because evey minute i just think of it.
    could i ne infect by jus 10-15 second if that girl is positive but i think she isnt positive.
    waiting ur reoky sir.

  167. Hamanthan

    Dear Robert lindsay,

    I had sex with a romanian girl a week ago using protection then after 2 hours i again fucked her but without condom for less than 20 socends then i realized i’m stupid then i remove my penis and used protection…

    At this case what is the probanility of getting infected by her if she is HIV positive??

    Please can u answer me ASAP

    • Hi. You did not get HIV from this encounter. Have you ever had an HIV test?

      • Hamanthan

        Sorry for being late

        Well yeah i had hiv test on november 2014 it came negative, and this sex was on 2015 February , last sex i had was in 2013 october and it was protected sex.

        Anyway now last sex was on 2013 although it is protected and i did hiv test 2014 november and came negitave then this sex happened on 2015 , i hope it is clear

        Please can u relieve me, i’m not having any symptoms but could this little time (20 seconds) be dangerous if she is hiv positive , i mean can hiv be transmitted with this few seconds…

        Note: i’m circumcised

        • Hamanthan

          I’m sorry

          Not 2015 February it was on
          2015 May this month

        • You did not get HIV from this encounter. I am quite certain about that. I suppose you can always wait til mid-June to get an HIV test to make sure, but I am quite certain that you are not positive.

        • Hamanthan

          Thank u so much
          You are the best , i feel optimistic

          I will get another test soon
          And will inform you

  168. YW Hamathan!

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  169. Suresh

    Sir,i am from nepal,last 3 Month ago i had sex with sex worker,i think condem was not broken,but i could not wash my hands after sex and nearly after 30 Mins i washed my penis with water only,now i am afraid because i used same hand which i had used for opening condem from penis after having hiv virus live for Such long time,do i have hiv as i had fever next day after incident and went away but nearly after 10 Days of incident i had fever with100° Celcius,i had sore throat,i feel sleepy only,i felt i am fine but still i have loose stool some time and white tongue is i have read all these are symptoms of hiv ,plz doctor help what should i do,do i have hiv or others disease.sry for long comments.

  170. This was well said blunt and to the point. Something that should be used In teaching.

  171. JC

    Hey Robert, now i have a problem. i really hope as soon as you read this, i’ll receive a reply here or on my e-mail.
    I’m from the philippines. I had sex with a csw of unknown status on the 2nd week of june. Initially i wore a condom, but removed it halfway due to lapse of judgement. Bad thing is, she’s on her mild period ( i mean mild, ’cause blood is not gushing out of her pussy horror-movie style, it’s not noticeable, except when i put it in) and worse, i came inside her. that unprotected sex exposure lasted like a minute. she said that she is hiv free. I took an hiv test on june 29, and came out negative. it’s been like 3 weeks now. how can i be sure about my results? how can i trust what she said? what is my risk from that single exposure? right now, i have a mild cold, but i think it is due to the rainy season and/or the emotional stress eating me, or worse. pls help me. what are the initial symptoms of hiv anyway?

    • JC

      to add, the reason why i got tested is because i suddenly got scared, REALLY BAD, so much emotional stress i felt myself getting old and rusty. Seeing your blog, i had some reassurance, but it want to hear the actual answer from you, yourself.

    • Fortunately, few prostitutes in the Philippines have HIV. So you are lucky. It is not good at all that you were exposed to menstrual blood. Wait 3 more weeks and get a 6 week test, and that should be pretty good.

  172. JC

    Robert, I had my qualitative immunoassay test just a while ago and it came out negative.

  173. jaynifa

    hi, six years ago i tried having sex with a certain guy, dont really know his hiv statutes…he couldnt go through my vagina because i was a virgin so he tried going through my back(anal) on forcing himself to penetrate he came on me but he didnt finally penetrate…..cant really remember if i had a tear or not, am written from nigeria. any risk of hiv…again i also want to no if i can get hiv through rubbing of penis on my vagina but no penetration but he also came on top of my vagina any risk of hiv?

  174. kapil

    I am save boy i did sex save lady but i know now she did sex with unsave boy few days ago thats affect me or not please reply me…i feel so hard

  175. Maria

    Hi Robert,

    I live in the Philippines and I had unprotected sex 3 times with a former colleague who is a married man. The last time was on July 10th. He always pulled out before he came. On the the 3rd time when he pulled out, he was only able to come partially so I gave him a blowjob to wipe off the semen before thrusting in me again so he can ejaculate completely. He still pulled out when he ejaculated.
    What are the chances that I get HIV from him? He’s not the type to do IV drugs (he’s afraid of needles) and I don’t think he’s bisexual. I’m just not sure if he had sex with a sex worker. I plan to get tested next month as I think it’s still a bit early to get tested now.

  176. Paul Allen

    Hi, please could you help. I had a threesome, me (male), a female and a bisexual male. I used a condom twice with the female. The bisexual guy came inside her the first time (approx 20 mins into the session). I fucked her twice with a condom and came inside the condom either side of him cumming. Stupidly, the third time i went in I didnt use a condom. This was about 20 – 40 minutes after the guy came in her. During this time 20-40 minutes, lube was used, sex toys and i fucked her (with a condom) and he fucked her again too (but didnt ejaculate). After this period, I entered her without a condom and came.
    I know the other guy has gay sex, if he was HIV positive what are the chances of me catching HIV after he came in her and I went in after him (unprotected) 20-40 minutes later (within this period, toys, lube and sex happened but no more ejaculation). Im scared, please help.

    • Hi you need to make a $20 minimum donation in order for me to answer this question, ok? I am getting tired of answering this stuff for free. You get up to one hour of HIV counseling with that money.

  177. kiran

    hi Sir i did sex with a women with out using Coudem but she told me she had sex with many guys even they didn’t took safety But they don’t have HIV is it any problem.will b there

  178. Vick

    I am fucked, went to Cambodia in a nightclub and brought back a lady and had sex. Unprotected intercourse lasted less than a minute before I got worried and pulled it out. She finished by sucking me me off bareback. This is the most regrettable thing I have done in my life and am worried as fuck. Today is day 7 and I am down with a serious bout of cold. I am sweating as I type this. Knowing Cambodia has one of the highest rate of AIDS / HIV , I am living in terrible fear and trepidation

    • Hi how are you doing my friend? I will counsel you about this situation, but I require a minimum $20 donation. For that you will get up to one hour of counseling. I will also follow through over time as you test and we see how this all plays out. I will tell you though that I am not all that worried about you.

  179. Syed Muhammed Ali

    Dear Experts,

    Worried and scared about HIV and cant able to sleep..

    I brought one sex worker and we did not do any vaginal / anal sex / oral sex.

    Only she gave me masturbation.I had sore type wound at the end of the back. .She sat on me and gave me massage.May be Her vagina was wet, i did not notice but if her vagina is really wet then am i at really risk of HIV in this way, here i would like to inform you that she worn a very thin nighty trouser with very slim and thin underwear ,so is there any risk for me of HIV, if she was wet and sat on my Open sore type wound.(This incident was happened in March 2014 end)

    i live in Oman , every two years we have to give medical tests including HIV,if medical test clear then you are allow to renew your work permit visa for further 2 years.I went for medical on 14 th May 2014 (i.e. 4-6 weeks after this RISKY exposure).I just need to know whether 4-6 weeks Elisa test should be conclusive after this incident.

    The worst thing is , they will not show your results.If you are positive they will inform your sponsor and deport you.But in my case they call me for renewal of visa.I am really afraid that might be is it false negative or in reality i am free from HIV.Whats your expert opinion.

    Awaiting your reply.Please do not ignore my this e-mail.I am waiting your e-mail.


  180. David

    You said “There won’t be much HIV in someone ass, unless there is bleeding.”
    But rectal fluid can contain a high concentration of HIV and, if it comes into contact with a partner’s penis, can lead to HIV transmission. HIV transmission through this type of anal sex does not require blood to be present in the HIV-positive partner’s rectum.

  181. Badsha

    Hello Robert sir u r doing a very good job may god bless u…sir i m frm India me n my 2 frnds went to call girls home my both frnds had a unprotected sex her but i didnt i weared a condom aftr 4 5 strokes condom broked i saw within 3 4 seconds then agn i weard a condom and i left all sprm in dat condom and my those 2 frnds are HIV negtv but i dont knw abt dat call grl HIV stats bt by seeing her she is looking good bt sir i hav dat did i get HIV infectn sir plz tell me i m worried..

    Thank You

  182. WOW


  183. Edrick

    if someone having the HIV virus ejaculate while inside but take out quickly and only some sperm comes outside, will the person get the virus?

  184. Charly

    I just wanted to take the time to Thank you for your post Robert it’s very informative!

  185. Andy

    I need counseling how do I pay you Robert. I will discuss my scene over the phone.

  186. Unagi

    Hi Robert, if i have unprotected insertive vaginal sex and i get sipihilis (or any STD), would i surely get hiv too if the girl had hiv? thank you

  187. Ranmeet singh

    One month also I had sex with 3 prostitute without condom in 3days, without condom in which they haded bleeding internaly, but the Blood was not there on my pennis, can I will be affected with HIV

  188. Kick

    Dear sir, i had unprotected vaginal sex with a women for less than 2 minutes and i pulled out my dick, either me or her didnt cum, my penis is uncircumcised that i can pull my foreskin back, i ejaculated in same girl 8 months before, where i dont know her hiv status what are the chance of hiv sorry for the poor english plzzz reply…

    • Hello there, I only do HIV counseling for money now. If you make at least a $20 donation, I will follow you all the way through to the end of this and give you one hour of HIV counseling.

  189. Kareem

    HA! So All you have to do is avoid getting fucked in the ass and you’re essentially safe from HIV. Good to know.

  190. kim

    I had didn’t really have sex because the male couldn’t get hard he got up not a whole min we kept tryna put it inside me but he kept get soft its wasn’t all the way in me so he just did oral sex and that was it so can I be at risk for HIV it been 5days and I’m scared

  191. Michelle

    Can you get hiv from sitting naked on someone’s penis … I’m a women and both of as where naked but there where no penetration.

  192. Sunny Singh

    If have fucked a shemale by mistake without using condom. But I have not got any blood on my penis and also I didn’t cum. Do I will get HIVAIDS

  193. Synecdoche New York

    I’m sorry but you CAN get HIV by vaginal sex. In fact, straight men are more likely to have AIDS than gay men; you just need to watch some gay porn and you’ll notice in almost every video a condom is being used. I’ve never seen a man wearing a condom in straight porn in my whole life.

    Lest me list what bodily fluids DON’T transmit AIDS:


    Let me list the ones that DO:

    Blood (including menstrual blood)
    Vaginal secretions
    Breast milk

    Now, almost every time a man fucks a woman with AIDS in her vagina, he has a really high chance, as vaginal secretions are ALWAYS produced during sex. So, during straight sex, a man can get infected by 3 fluids (Blood of the vagina, Milk, and Vaginal Secretions) ANY dick that gets into a vagina without condom will get infected.

    Now, let’s talk gay sex, during gay sex; a top may get infected by 1 fluid (Blood), but; unlike straight sex, in which women ALWAYS generate vaginal fluids, blood is not something that happens always in gay sex, if you’re a experienced bottom, you can take an average cock in your ass and enjoy its magnificence without bleeding. A gay bottom can get infected by semen, but if you’re not as sex obsessed and misogynistic as many straight men are, you can take your dick off and enjoy it with your mouth.

    The only reason there was such an AIDS epidemic in the LGB community long ago is because we couldn’t have romantic relationships (Thank you for being so kind to us) and the only way we could have sex was in gay bars, in which group sex was common.

    Robert, I like you, but you should get your facts from a good source like:

    and not from some weird AIDS journal written when people had no fucking idea about it and almost no research had been done about it. Hope this is somewhat useful.

    PS: And please, straight people, don’t be narcissistic misogynists and wear some fucking condoms, vaginas can give you AIDS; just be a little less impulsive.

  194. Tushar

    breastfeeding of a hiv positive woman can infect adult male ?

  195. I do sex with hiv negative person and I am also hiv negative if I do sex with another person so is there chances that I also have hiv positive

  196. Promise

    Making live without condom with a positive guy,but when he ejaculate he comes out of my vigina.Can I be positive,I am not bleeding

  197. S.D.

    There are some indications that people of African ancestry contract HIV more easily as a result of some adaptation that makes them more resistant to Malaria.

    Empirical data does seem to prove out some susceptibility.

    Anal intercourse is the obvious way to contract anal sex.

    When AIDS breaks out in the porn industry it invariably a result of anal (Or double-anal) sex.

  198. Emma

    Hey I gave a blowjob to a guy who had reddish part around his dick. He was a stranger so I dont know if he has HIV or not. But I also had given blowjob to at least 8 guys. I know its not a big chance to get HIV from giving blowjob but one of my teeth in the upper front is not a real teeth (I use a fake teeth from the doctor) and I also use braces so sometimes I have an open layer around my cheek or my lips because of the braces. Do you think its a big chance to get HIV because I use a fake teeth and sometimes its open when I give blowjob? Especially because I use braces and sometimes theres an open layer. Please answer me. Im 17 years old and I worry about this

  199. Usman

    Sir i had a sex with my gf bt i pulled it out bfr sperm goes in will it ban issue fr her im worried abt her pls advice

  200. I had sex with my partner using a condom and it removed by mistake and i had minor cuts in my vagina . Now am scared that i might be exposed to the virus . But his test results were negative when this mistake happened . Now i am scared maybe he was fucking around with other ladies

  201. Chris

    Very interesting articles Robert…I have got a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

    Can I smell them if they smells something bad like fishy? My ex bro-in-law have told me that I would only get tell when I smells her virgin that smells like fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

    He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

    And he said that most black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a black male or with someone who are on the drugs?

    If my partner say she have shag a black male or with someone that are on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

    If my partner say she is sick or she is on the pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

    • Very interesting articles Robert…I have got a lot of questions that I am interested to know. How would you tell if a woman have HIV?

      You can’t.

      Can I smell them if they smell something bad like fishy? My ex bro-in-law have told me that I would only tell when I smell her virgin that smells like fishy or very cheesy, then I would know she is infected??

      A fishy or cheesy smell indicates some sort of a vaginal infection, especially a yeast infection. A fishy or cheesy smelling vagina does not indicate HIV infection at all.

      He said that if I look at her eyes to see if she is on drugs or something that looks suspect spots on her body, then I would know she might have HIV?

      You generally cannot look in someone’s eyes and tell if they are on drugs or not. You can’t look for suspected spots on their body either. One thing you can do is look for track marks or needle marks, usually on their arms, but they can also be in other places.

      And he said that most Black male are HIV-positive. Should I always ask my partner if she have shag a Black male or with someone who are on drugs?

      Absolutely not true. It is not true at all that most Black men are HIV-positive. In fact, I doubt if 2% of Black men in the US are HIV-positive, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to know how many Black men are HIV positive.

      If my partner says she have shagged a Black male or with someone that are on drugs, then I would know she might have HIV?

      Absolutely not. The vast majority of women who have had sex with Black men are not HIV positive at all. In fact, the percentage of women who have had sex with Black men where the women are now HIV-positive themselves is no doubt quite small.

      If my partner say she is sick or she is on the pills, then I would know she might have HIV?

      Not at all. People get sick all the time and they also take pills all the time. I take up to 10-11 different pills every day right at this moment, but it is usually more like eight or nine pills. However, if she looks quite sickly, especially if she is pale and emaciated, then you might want to see if she is HIV-positive. However, many other diseases can also make you look like that. But if someone looks like that, one thing you know for sure is that they are quite ill.

  202. SS

    Hi, I had fingering in ass for 1 minutes to my gay friend. yes he is HIV+. I had HIV PCR test from accredited lab called SRL RANBAXY in Mumbai after 14 days which came not detected. My doctor said PCR can detect within 72 hrs post exposure. Then after 5 months mark, I had Elisa test which came negative. It all happened in between 2005-2006. But till now I feel sad and keep thing over n over about that incident. Even my doctor say no need to worry after my PCR test and no further testing required. But still I did Elisa test at 5 months mark or in 6th month post exposure which came negative…now I want to know fucking fingering can’t catch HIV on your website. Can u please explain all this if I’m at any risk till now…it’s 2016 now. As you are expert and have 25 years experienced in it. I will be glad if you reply on this. Thanks in advance…

  203. Robert

    Robert I had safe sex last night but I didn’t notice that my condom slipped off into the vagina. I then reinserted my penis into the vagina after two strokes I noticed that the condom had slipped off am I at risk for hiv or sti

  204. Robert

    I left out that I didn’t ejaculate an then I put on another condom and had sex till orgasm but I took off the condom and I had my orgasm by masterbating to completion on her tits

  205. Spermy Worm

    You get HIV (the virus) you don’t get “AIDS” (the syndrome, or collection of issues that may kill). Also, the most common way to get HIV is through ignorance.

  206. ashib

    If a girl receives different men’s sperm in her vagina, will she be affected with HIV ? licking women’s anal hole cause HIV to the men who does it? what are all disease will cause in licking ass hole of women. please give reply….

  207. If you are licking a girl’s anus AFTER another man has ejaculated all over it then you are a sick and sad human being.

    Even debauched male porn stars will not do this.

    Porn is a litmus test for HIV: Outbreaks in that industry occur through “double-anal” in which to penis penetrate the anus of a female at the same time.

    The anus tears and HIV blood then infects the male partner whose penis is penetrating the anus. Usually the vagina does not tear as it is designed to accommodate monster cocks.

    Anal sex is what spreads AIDS, mostly.

  208. I read that there was some study and if a man had sex with an AIDS infected woman, it would take 700 times on average for the man to get it. That is how rare it is to get AIDS through heterosexual sex.

    Now if you use a condom, even for blowjobs, then damn, you have literally zero chance of getting it. I’ve fucked like 30 indian women and always use a condom even for BJ and I am fine. I did get some red itchy rashes around my genital area but it went away after a week or so. STDs are mostly exaggerated by feminists to scare men away from sex.

    • That figure is from me extrapolating from the Padian study. Actually it is much worse than that. You would have to have sex with her 700 times to get even a 20% chance of getting HIV from her. To get HIV from her, you would have to have sex with her 3,500 times!

  209. Johnny

    Thankyou For the great info . I think you answered this already FOr me during your reading but I had a situation that I was fretting over .

    I went for a happy ending massage and in the heat of the moment I decided to play with the woman’s vagina . I also got riled up and shoved my penis between her ass cheeks w lube and humped her until I came . I don’t think my penis ever touched her anus but my shaft and balls for sure . When I got home I seen an cut on my finger that I had inserted into her vagina And I freaked . It wasn’t a deep cut but it was layers down w shiny pink gloss . I cleaned myself w alcohol n showered. Today my cut is scabbed over

  210. Pasha

    Sir i had unprotected sex in ass with a girl for so many times. Both of us never had sex before this. Do you think i may get affected with HIV?

      • ROBERT As a young man I used a prostitute and of course we used to condom but this dulls sensitivity and she said that for an extra $10 I could rub the tip around her anus as I climaxed.

        Within 5 days I had genital warts and my dong did not even ENTER her anus. Getting warts burned off your penis is not pleasurable.

        I used a condom to have anal sex with a Spanish woman (Her request) and there was a small amount of blood and fecal matter on it afterwards.


        John Holmes made 2,000 pornographic films over 20 years from age 25 to 43.

        After the Wonderland Murders when most pornographers did not want to work with him HE DID ONE ANAL SEX SCENE IN A GAY FILM.

        He contracted AIDS.

    • PASHA

      Anal sex with a woman who has HIV can lead to AIDS quicker than a gay because women are usually slightly smaller on average than men and their anus will bleed slightly easier.

      One one occasion during coitus interruptus I contracted Genital Warts from a woman’s anus only by rubbing the tip around the rim of her anus. Genital Warts have to be burned off your penis and this was not a pleasant experience.

      If you have to put your dong near a woman’s anus always use a condom.

  211. Omaria

    Plz i had sex with a girl yesterday, and before inserting ma dick. i just use de tip of my dick to rob her pussy. then after on i used condom to ake sex with her. after on i was done. as i was about remove de condon to dispose i find some black vaginal fluid with semlling odour. if there chance of me contacting disease, because i used ma dick to rob her pussy.

  212. sentale brian

    its the best research

  213. Geebee

    Hey Robert,

    I deep throated a gay guy who also roughly thrusted his penis several times down my throat to the point that my throat became slightly sore and was also slightly sore the next day.
    Could this cause hiv transmission?

  214. sam

    I did fuck more than 300 times with a same girl . But she did fuck 30 times other than me can I able to know that am I having HIV or not?

  215. lili

    if a man’s and woman’s private parts touch , but there is no penetration ,can aids occur??

  216. JJ

    a male push is prick inside of a female once , could hiv occur??? or do u actually hafta have sex (like pushing in 4 times) ????

  217. Myfakename

    I am an American who had unprotected sex with Chinese Malaysian waitress without a condom in Malaysia. She was not a prostitute. I dont have herpes, I’m circumcised and the sex didnt last long. I should also note that she was aroused and wet

    Malaysia is more developed than many people think and it has a lower rate of HIV than the US and far lower than Thailand.

    I was tested 12 days after and I was fine. I’m still paranoid though and I will likely go for another test soon.

  218. Danny

    Damn man. Reading this have me a hard on!!

  219. I did fucked a transgender (hijra) before 2 days ago I m very scare what can I do now?

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