He Said He Would Lend Her an Ear

But this not what he meant.

A truly bizarre story. What in the Hell is with this chick anyway? The White nationalists are going nuts over this story as proof of Black depravity. True, Blacks can be depraved, but this is not an example of such. If anything, this chick appears to be not right at all in the head. This is about a crazy person more than anything else.

She only got 60 days? Damn.

She apologized profusely? Well, that’s nice, but you still need to do the time. She’s apparently dangerous, and 60 days ain’t long enough to let her think it over.

She lost her junior high school teaching job? This chick was a teacher? Jeez.

Pretty nice looking chick though. Too bad she’s a fuckin cannibal.


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6 responses to “He Said He Would Lend Her an Ear

  1. hmm

    Man, she would be dangerous in bed.

    Flip a coin, keep your dick or not.

  2. Bay Area Guy

    Well, this story certainly destroys the anti-racist myth that while blacks commit violent crimes, only whites commit crazy crimes.

    Believe me, there’s enough crazy to go around for everyone.

  3. daynemercy

    Some people are just plain scary…

  4. randy

    total hottie

  5. JJ

    if a male push is prick inside of a female once , could hiv occur??? or do u actually hafta have sex (like pus8hing in 4 times) ???? please I hope u answer this as u get chance …

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