Myth: Whites Are More Likely to be Pedophiles and Child Molesters

There is a long-standing myth perpetrated by Blacks and White anti-racists like Tim Wise that Whites are more likely to molest children than any other race. This goes back to some stereotype of the creepy, nerdy, weirdo White guy who can’t get laid so he molests kids.

About time we shot this myth full of holes like it needs to be.

First of all, let’s look at child abuse in general, including sexual and all other types of abuse.


% of total child abusers:

White                            51%
African American                 25%
Hispanic                         15%
American Indian/Alaska Natives   2%
Asian/Pacific Islanders          1%

Relative to their population, likelihood of child abuse compared to background population rate:

American Indian  +100%
Blacks           +92%
Hispanics        no difference
Whites           -35%
Asian            -67%

On an individual basis, American Indians are most likely to abuse a child in some way or other, then Blacks, then Hispanics, then Whites, then Asians.

The high Amerindian rate is probably due to the utterly collapsed nature of Amerindian families and societies as a whole. The high Black rate is because, well, Blacks have elevated rates of most crimes compared to Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Amerindians. Low Asian rate is probably because across almost all crime stats, Asians typically have the lowest rates of them all.

As you can see, not only are Whites less likely to abuse kids than Blacks, they have one of the lowest child abuse rates of any ethnic group in the US, surpassed only by Asians.

The argument that Whites are more likely to molest children uses these statistics:

Those inmates who were convicted of committing violent acts against children were more like to have been White, a percentage of nearly 70%, than any other race.

The figure is from the Bureau of Prisons, 1991. In 1991, Whites were 74% of the population, and they were “nearly 70% of those convicted of child molesting.” In other words, Whites are about 7% less likely to commit child molestation than an average American.

The problem with the 1991 report was that, as usual, Hispanics were lumped in with Whites in terms of crime perpetrators, artificially inflating the White rate. The 1994 Justice Department report finally disaggregates Whites from Hispanics.

We can compare the BJS Report to the 1994 Census. According to the 1994 Census estimate, the US population is broken down thus:

74% White
11.9% Black
10% Hispanic

Extrapolating the Census data above to the BJS Report, we find that the Hispanics are broken down thus:

26,077 Hispanic molesters =

23,743 White
1,480 Black
303   American Indian

The results, % of total child molesters by race:

Whites    56.2%
Hispanics 23.5%
Blacks    19.4%
Other     1.7%

Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

Race     Molesters Population Ratio

White    56.2%     74.0%      - 24.0%
Black    19.4%     11.9%      + 63.0%
Hispanic 23.5%     10.0%      + 135%

This lines up with anecdotal reports of high rates of sex crimes in areas overrun with illegal aliens from Mesoamerica.

The myth lies shattered.

Hispanics are 2.3 X (135%) more likely to molest children than Whites.

Blacks are 63% more likely to molest children than Whites.

Additional evidence comes from child abuse reports which were reported to authorities, which honestly are better because excellent anecdotal evidence from Black websites and interviews with Black women who grew up in the ghetto inform us that sexual abuse of girls is rampant in the ghetto. Some of the women even say things like, “All girls are molested in the ghetto.”

However, in the ghetto, sexual abuse of girls is considered so shameful that it may not even be discussed, and hence is seldom reported and there are few arrests. The whole affair is covered up with massive denial. This rings quite true with me as pathology of all sorts is elevated in ghettos, so why would child sexual abuse not be so.

This may also explain the relatively high percentage of White men imprisoned for this crime since White men who commit this crime are much more likely to be arrested and Black men often just get away with it and are never caught. So victimization surveys ought to clear this up for us.

According to this study at The Root (Drake et al 2011), Black children are reported to authorities for all types of abuse 75% than White children are. For sexual abuse, Black children are reported to authorities 26% more often than White children are. Interestingly, Hispanic children are 14% less likely than White children to be reported for sexual abuse. It is interesting to note that the study only compared children from from 2 parent families. If we included Black women from single parent families, the rates might be even higher.

Black children are 25% more likely to be reported to authorities for child sexual abuse than White children are.

Black children are 26% more likely to be reported to authorities for child sexual abuse than White children are.

Where did the myth come from? It’s not certain, but for most crimes, especially violent crimes, Blacks have rates that are up to 6-9 times higher than Whites. For child molestation, these wildly elevated rates for Blacks are not seen; instead, the Black rate is close to double the White rate, not 6-9 times higher. So in child molestation, Whites much more approach parity with Black crime rates. This greatly increased White rate vis a vis Blacks compared to other crimes may have given rise to the illusion that Whites are more likely than Blacks to commit this crime.


Drake, Brett; Jolley, Jennifer M.; Lanier, Paul; Fluke, John; Barth, Richard P. and Jonson-Reid, Melissa. February 7, 2011. Racial Bias in Child Protection? A Comparison of Competing Explanations Using National Data. Pediatrics 2011 127:3 471-478.

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347 responses to “Myth: Whites Are More Likely to be Pedophiles and Child Molesters

  1. tulio

    Who are they defining as a child? Because some of that stats on that page seem to be defining a “child” as anyone up to age 17. If an adult has sex with a 17 year old, that’s not what most people envision when they think of a pedophile. They think of some creep guy hanging around playgrounds. I need to know what exactly they are defining as a “child”, because by law, if a man has sex with a consenting 17 year old, I don’t know if the law draws any distinction between that and an 11 year old. It could be the case that white men are more likely to sleep with VERY young girls, and blacks more likely to sleep with older underage girls that are essentially women, but still considered minors by law. I don’t know, I have to know more about how that breaks down.

    The stats here seem to indict whites:

    * Those inmates who were convicted of committing violent acts against children were more like to have been white, a percentage of nearly 70%, than any other race.
    * White inmates were nearly three times more likely to have victimized a child than black inmates.
    * About one in every seven Hispanic convicts had been convicted for a crime against a child.
    * Nearly two-thirds of convicted child molesters and/or offenders were or had been married.
    * Child molesters and offenders were more likely to have grown up in a two parent home and were more likely to have been molested as a child.
    * Approximately 22% of child offenders reported having been sexually abused as a child.

    • Damajah93

      I’m always suspicious when a person posts a blog attempting to “exonerate” a particular race or group of something, because it speaks to their motives. To be sure, any crime against a child, is particularly egregious, because they are considered helpless, and our society is particularly harsh against perceived crimes against helpless populations. First of all, deaggregating crimes based on race, serves no real useful purpose. A criminal, is a criminal, is a criminal. Unless you are going to use race as a mitigating factor, I don’t feel any better being robbed by a white person, as opposed to a balck person…I’m still being robbed. Myths are powerful things, and they do contain some elements of truth. Most recently however, they only seem to be particularly egregious, if they are about white males. I’m not saying that this is ironic justice…if you control the media, you control the message. Black sociopathy has been transformed into a cheap form of “infotainment” designed to feed confirmation biases, bigotry, and fear. The Time magazine cover article a few years ago, featuring a “darkened” sinister looking O.J. Simpson, is a classic example. The issue was less about justice and a fair trial for the accused, than it was selling stereotypes. At the end of the day, we should strive to treat criminals and their victims as individuals, instead of assigning them to a superficial biological construct, and assigning value, based on race.

      • Grendel1013

        Would you leave your child alone in a cage with a Tiger knowing that statistically there is a chance the Tiger wont kill your child? Statistically over 56% of the Black population has some form of STDs ranging from Gonorrhea to AIDS, and Blacks are 10x more likely to rape a White Woman than any other race, so would you risk your child’s life by allowing them to date one to be “Politically Correct’? knowing these facts how many people here would trust their children alone with a Black? That’s the problem, people need to wake up from their feel good Liberal dream and start to face the facts, Blacks are NOT the innocent victims the media portrays them as.

        Look at the Black flash mobs across the U.S that are targeting Whites, and the media plays it off as ” Troubled Youths” and does not report the race or the intent of the attackers. Race IS an important factor in all crimes and statistics, every crime SHOULD be reported including the race of the suspect/convicted. People need to know who they can trust and with what, even if that means what race they can trust with their children.

        Don’t like statistics that state FACTS on how Blacks really are, then Blacks need to look at themselves, stop blaming YT, and clean up their act.

        • DYAN BRUNEAU

          Blacks are 10x more likely to rape a White Woman than any other race,
          Are you serious? May I ask have you been prejudice all your life? I truely feel you are basing your personeal prejudices on the statment you made?

        • DYAN BRUNEAU

          WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? i get mine from the FBI stats. White males have always been the HIGHEST as far as sex offenders in this country, 70% are whites, which leaves the other 30% to includ, blacks, M&F, Sopanish M&F, asains M&F. I think most of the people what make comments defending a certain group are just defending them because they happen to be born into that group?

        • jason paper

          your a racist!

        • I Laugh At Comments Like These. As The Facts are Smear Political Tactics To gain Notoriety ON THE World Wide Web. As a ” VOICE ” Your Domestic Terrorism Group / Organizations.
          as with the other guy i told him the same i’ll tell you .
          you have been warned you ” Gentlemen ” are being Watched.Monitored.Tracked.
          Oh yeah NO – This Isn’t a JOKE.

        • CherokeeCajun

          @Dyan Bruneau

          “I think most of the people what make comments defending a certain group are just defending them because they happen to be born into that group?”


        • aubreykianna

          you know you sound really ignorant for one blacks do have high crime rates but you forgot to mention why a lot of us hate whites u failed to say anything about the KKK them mf still burnin shit up downtown and setting black women on fire point is dont be mad about the crime rates when you guys shouldve left us at home then you wouldnt have that problem u took us from our home then have the nerve to complain about the hell we raise its called Karma and shes a bitch

        • AuroraMoon

          Blacks are more likely to rape white girls? Really?
          I’m a white girl living in an area that is 75% black, and I have NEVER been raped or attacked by any one of them in my whole life. I am now 28 going on 29. In fact the only time I nearly got sexually assaulted in that area was when it was caused by a white thuggy guy who came around from an lower-income area. The neighborhood I lived in wasn’t the Ghetto at all, in case you were wondering. It was a middle-class neighborhood kind of place. And it was a Black guy who came to my aid when that Thuggy guy tried to coerce me into having sex with him via intimidation.

          Around here, a lot of the rapes, violence and so on forth are often reported in the low-income areas where whites normally live… the trailer trash place (which is where the thuggy guy came from, incidentally).

          Isn’t it more likely that crimes of this nature tends to be committed by people who had very low-incomes or were poor? So race basically has nothing to do with it, unless you buy the notion that ALL blacks live in the ghettos and can’t down jobs… which my own experience tells me is not true at all. the place where I live is full of very nice-looking townhouses.

          so you have to take into account location of the place, and the income area around there. Most likely that’s the type of thing that affects whenever a person will commit a crime or not. Because where they live can affect them a lot when it comes to mentality and “rape culture”.

        • Storm

          Your reply is off-topic deflection. Raping white women, flash mobs, stds have nothing to do with child molestation. You would think it’s absurd if someone said whites who file false workman’s compensation claims, murder family members to collect life insurance, open gunfire in public places; have herpes, hepatitis, genital warts, and lice are more likely to be pedophiles. It appears you are the one who doesn’t like the statistics and the statistics “are” the majority of child molestation crimes committed are by whites .

        • CPG718

          This does NOT alter stats about white child molesters THE LOWEST OF THE LOW! White men have little regard for the safety of a child, they traffic child porn and spend great sums of money for the chance to rape babies. SICK SICK PEOPLE! I’d rather have an STD than have sex with somebody’s baby!!!! Sick pervs! Die!

        • The problem is that you are not posting any facts. The statistics say that White males sexually assault people more than anyone else. So, if your tiger metaphor is correct, then keep your children away from white males. Like it was commented above, people being harmed in any way doesn’t feel any better to the victim depending on the race of the attacker. Blacks aren’t portrayed in the media as “troubled youth”, those would be the White children shooting up schools, and killing themselves, Black children in troubled are labeled as thugs in the media. How else does White rural or suburban America get these descriptions without ever interacting with Blacks?

        • julian

          What a load of of rubbish ! The vast majority of child abuse namely paedophilia in Europe is committed by Caucasian men …..that’s a fact ! And offences involving underage girls namely 12 upwards is committed by Asian men and white men.

        • julian

          Quiet simply you are an idiot and let no one tell you any different ! There are intelligent racists but you are not one of those most definately ! If I was to hazard a guess you have no teeth and live in a trailer park !

        • Conspiracy Cat

          Well said!

        • Jason



        • Daryl Brown

          First I would like to say a crime perpetrated by any ethnic group against another is despicable, sad, egregious, heinous, terrible, etc…… Unfornately we as a collective society have a propensity to have preconcieve notions of other ethnicities based on the actions of a handful of individual perpetrating these transgressions. I believe it should not be about race, but undeniably it is. There is a “Ying & Yang” in everything. There are good and bad individuals in every race. It seems very little gets mentioned about the good but an adundance about the negative. I’m an optomist and realist, but my heart tells me that things will never change. I aspire, hope and pray that someday we (THE HUMAN RACE) can. Even animals in the wild learn at some point.

        • Naho

          yeah sure whatever racist asshole, Who are the shit stains doing the mass shootings? Whites.

      • If race doesn’t factor into the equation, then why do the annual CBO and DOJ reports specify crime rates BY race in the first place?

        • Dyan

          I would like to clear up one persona opinion as to my opinion about this subject. They said i would have had been in this group to feel the way i do. Well, im white not black as you assumed. I grew up in a southern town where whites and blacks did not mengle together. I was also taught Respect before anything and Never prejudice. Since most prejudice is taught by adults that raise us, most people do not know why they are prejudice other than they were brain washed into that manner of thinking. I see some who maje rxcuses as to why they are prejudice but it is just to justify their actions. Another big. part of prejudiceignorance. In the first place, genetically speaking, the black gene is the dominate gene and the white is the recessive. For those of you who do not kmow what tgat means, even if you took the effort to learn you nay be si brain

      • Amanda Ariel Rainault

        This is a great statement! Some of these comments switched from the REAL problem to a past problem….racial disputes. To be honest, one thing Whites and Blacks don’t understand is that from day one the Jewish population were the biggest players in slavery and also twisted Christianity and created race wars. At that time about 64% of slave owners were in fact Jewish owners, with about 36% White owners. The ships that brought the slaves were also in fact Jewish slave ships with Jewish Captains…

        • julian

          Very interesting point, I was unaware that the Jews played such a large part in the Slave trade !

        • Black Gold

          Actually no, Jewish role in slavery is well known. However, thanks to the ADL and JDL, its taboo to mention.

      • Subliminal Star

        Well, what it is, Damajah93, is that Time Magazine used to provide quality news stories. Now in recent years, that magazine has gone downhill and has become a journalistic cesspool of tabloid sensationalism.

      • Really?

        Did you guys even read the article? You all sound fucking stupid. Of coarse the percentage of white men who committ rape is higher in america and europe their is way more of them… thats like going into a forest with 70% maple trees and saying well it seems 70% of all the trees that fell this year were maple trees, they must be weaker trees. You complain about false stats but when you take into account blacks are 12% of the population its scary how much their actually doing.

      • Char Char Binks

        You say deaggregating crimes based on race serves no useful purpose, but you don’t seem to mind the original mistaken aggregating. You make me suspicious.


      I know a number of white males who were sexually abused and never repeated the act, my two sons and my brother. In the first place, most rapes are by Power reassurant, 69% of rqapest are this type, where 30 % are power accertive and 1% are the sick one who mutalate the bodies of the rape victims. Most sex crimes are based on “Power and Control” Not sex.

    • Rhio2k

      Yep…just yesterday a woman who was “befriended at a local Walmart” by a white guy had her 8 year old daughter kidnapped, after the bimbo trusted the guy enough to let him take her daughter out of her sight to “buy her a snack”. The guy turned out to be a child molester. The girl’s sexually assaulted body was found this morning, and the pedo is in custody. Had this woman trusted a black guy, the most anguish she’d have to worry about would be whether or not to give her still-living daughter mcdonald’s or prepare something at home. I find it amazing how often caucasian women get all tense and wary when a black guy greets them in passing, but COMPLETELY let their guard down for even the skeeviest-looking fellow white person, as if she’s known him forever rather than 3 seconds.

      • Child molestation followed by homicide of a 7 yr old girl by a White guy who met a woman at a Walmart? I need to read about this case! I am something of a true crime buff. Where did this shocking case occur?

        • Rhio2k

          Jacksonville, Fla. More details came out recently. Turns out this recently released registered sex offender Donald James Smith just struck up a conversation at a dollar store with the victim and her mother, then made an offer of taking the woman and her daughter Charish to Walmart to buy some clothes for them. After spending a couple hours (!!!!) in the Walmart with them, he offered to take Charish back to the entrance so he could buy her a hamburger from the McDonalds located at the entrance. Her mom stayed behind, picking out outfits she though Smith was gonna buy for her… while Smith hustled the kid to his pedo-van and drove away into the night. Does nobody possess “Spider-sense”, or even COMMON sense these days? Not to sound pessimistic, but THAT gift-horse should have had a biopsy, to hell with just looking it in the mouth.

      • Jules The Mule

        This is another example of typical color blindness.
        Don’t black people do exactly the same as this white woman does ?

        • Dyan Barrett

          Yes, other races commit sex crimes, however, since 73% of them in prisons and jails are WHITE, that leaves , white woman, black women and men, asain men and women and other sub races to be in the remaining 27%, So, your answer is Yes, other races do commit sex crimes but look at the Proof of who does the most and who does the least???

        • Nope, black people are more watchful of their children when it comes to their safety.

    • The majority of state statutes state a child is anyone under 18. Therefore the reason for such high sex crime rates. #2, Someone should do a servey of Black Women asking how many have had sex with a relative before their 18th birthday. Your so called stats may just become mute.

    • Einstein

      Guess what, there are 7x more white men than black men in the USA, Duh.

  2. Bay Area Guy

    @ Tulio

    There are a lot of unanswered questions and the specific age of the minor has to be factored in. I’m also wondering if many “whites” are actually Hispanics who get lumped in with whites (you know, just as Hispanic offenders get classified as whites for most other crimes).

    @ Robert

    Thanks for this post. I think a post on black serial killers is also due. The notion that only whites commit “crazy crimes” needs to be refuted.

    • I KNOW Whites aren’t the only ones who commit crimes nationally. that would be absorbed. however as an individual who’s actively involved with the various ” apprehension & detainment ” of such crimes we see the SAME Individuals all the time & some crimes are just MORE Prone to certain Areas . Demographics . Age. Gender . Political. Etc.Etc.
      – there are truths that yes there are times Hispanics mixed with stats with whites increasing the numbers a ” LITTLE ” more but NOT by a HUGE margin in point is this gentlemen White Males – White Collar Crimes.Rapists.Pedo’s.etc. BLACKS – Petty Crimes . Theft . some 40 – 50% Rapists. now drugs is EQUAL across the board. White Just hide it better ( smarter then there black counterparts ).also to add. this is also depends on Area Demographics. the More of a particular ” Racial Group ” the more of that particular crime is going to have a ” High Increase ” of that particular Crime Committed by those individuals. in the Suburbs – White Males with pedophilia.molestation. urban Area’s – Black Males with pedophilia.molestation. the numbers vary depending on the area NOT THE RACE. we Know this. doesn’t mean 100% white males in suburbs just means its Usual Modus Operandi of that particular region. similar for Black males in Urban area’s. in rural areas its in the Middle Ground so its not exact. lastly – Not all Suburbs are white males are 100% – molestation.pedo’s. various different suburbs across USA have an even level playing field of black / Hispanic 50% – White 50 % are pedo’s & molestation. its just easier to just say AMERICA is a SICK FUCKED UP COUNTRY AS A WHOLE And I Work For ‘Em.
      – thats why me & friends of mine have been making plans to Leave.many people don’t know why Eduardo Severin Left ( co-creator of Facebook ).gave up his US Citizenship not just for ONLY money also because there are Nothing but Jacked up Sick Assholes in this Economical Downward Spiraling outta of controlled Country.

    • Rhio2k

      Most hispanics ARE white. There’s no such thing as a “hispanic race”. Hispanic is simply someone from a spanish CULTURE (how you were raised, your language, your traditions). The RACES are caucasian, negro, and mongoloid (asian, east indians, native americans). And for the record, Spain is in europe…pretty much where caucasians ORIGINATED. Spaniards took over Mexico a long time ago, turning the place from native indians to indians mixed with caucasians…or your usual mestizo mexican look.

      • BBBYpsi

        Most hispanics could also be considered some sort of indian. I would put mexicans in that catagory.

      • jfnz

        Lying despicable anti-white pig. Majority of latin american descended people are of mixed race ancestry, especially who’ve immigrated to the states. Try spending time in a barrio and calling those people white, you scum.
        I bet you wouldn’t be saying this garbage if the topic was about illegal immigration, you typical liberal hypocrite.

      • jfnz

        you even contradicted your own self by calling them mestizo, idiot moron.

      • Hispanic is actually a combination of Asian African and Caucasian. Also Caucasians originate from the middle east…And the system you are using is considered by most anthropologists to be extremely outdated, since you know it was formed in the 1700s, and hasn’t been updated since.

      • Char Char Binks

        They’re only white when they commit crimes.

  3. Dave Coe

    Maybe whites are most likely to have OCD. So people see some guy with OCD and assume he is pervert. Just kidding……………… Its probably the media portrayal. I noticed on the crime show CSI they always show pedophiles as being white. Not sure if its an anti-white agenda because they also show plenty of blacks who are rapist. same with movies when pedophiles are portrayed.

  4. alpha unit

    The parents of America can rest easier now. It’s all been broken down by race.

    • Uncle Milton

      To Alpha Unit:

      The parents of America can rest easier now. It’s all been broken down by race..

      Alpha as you probably know the most likely person to molest a child is someone who is known to the child and/or parents… not a stranger.

      To Rob:

      Gee another milestone falls… White are falling behind…. not number one (per capita ..) for child molesters or serial killers….

      Well at least we are still ahead in spree killing….
      Want to see someone go bat shit crazy and kill a bunch of people at once for no good reason… bet on a White guy…?
      But damn those Asians.. they grabbed the number one spot (in the US):

      • You mean we’re not #1 anymore? Damn! I was hoping that we could be #1 in at least one crime category. Shit. We Whites just lose at all this cool, gangsta crime shit. I generally think we Whites are better. We can’t even beat these other races at crime, WTF man? I’m sad for our people.

        • Uncle Milton

          To Rob:

          We can’t even beat these other races at crime, WTF man? I’m sad for our people.

          I guess the consolation prize is that Whites invented the nuclear bomb.

        • Arjun

          Don’t worry I’m sure you still take the #1 spot for serial killers, white collar crimes that steal hundreds of thousands of families life savings that force them to live in a trailer and comit violent crimes. And to top it of political crimes that impinge on American civil liberties. These crimes of-course don’t cause any harm…… I’d rather get shot by a black guy, at least I know where thats coming from than get sucker punched by a white guy with a smile that puts me on the street.

        • No, Blacks are more likely to be serial killers than Whites are.

        • Don’t worry, Robert, there are plenty of crimes whites excel at: white collar crimes and embezzlement, arson, property destruction, teenage alcohol abuse, crystal meth and heroin violations, hate crimes, and (as noted above) random mass shootings. If you still need some help remembering we can pull out the history books and write down some of you guys’ more classic acts of criminality like genocide and land theft.

        • EPGAH

          Blacks beat us at arson too, burning down whole CITIES, instead of just a building or two!

    • Harv

      Anyways, Evil, racist PIG. looks like your bullshit backfired. You people make me sick. Karma is a bitch. Get ready. You pigs can’t stand the truth. It’s completely fucking stupid: Yeah. Ok sure. ‘White people’ are just the best, they’re just ‘better people’ than non-whites. Here’s some numbers and shit COMPILED by ‘white people’ in case you need proof. What a sad idiot. The sad part is, this EVIL pig puts on a cloak of decency every day and mingles with the rest of us (black white yellow etc) overwhelmingly DECENT human beings. What a piece of shit.

      • Harv

        Oh. Moderation.

      • You’re a Mexican, right? Listen up, I am sending you back down of de border, down Mexico way, ok? That’s right, we’ll even play a mariachi song while the Migra sends you on your way.


      • Just want to point out, there is actually no known correlation between race and Mass Shootings. The psychological aspects that lead to these things are equally prominent in all races. Sociopathy, which is what all serial killers have (spree killers are not the same, a spree killer kills a bunch of people, within a short time frame and gets caught within 72 hours, or offs themselves. Serial killers work their magic over the courses of months or even years!) is found in all races at about the same rate. There is some debate among mental health professionals as to whether Sociopathy is really a mental illness or just a behavioral one.

        I have my own blog about mental illness, feel free to check it. I ramble abit sometimes, and go waaaay off topic, but what ever, ive got ADD…among other things.

        But yeah Serial killers through out US history are actually pretty evenly divided between blacks and whites, once you factor in the population difference. I mean if you have 100 people, and 25 of them are black, and you have 25 serial killers among them and 10 of them are black, at first glance its ’10 black killers, 15 whites’ OMG whites are all serial killers! but when you factor in the info about population density, you get ’10 out of 25 blacks are serial killers, wow. but hey 15 our of 75 whites are serial killers…hmmm’

        Also just a note, I have been accused by a black person of being a child raping racist because “All whites are”. Which in my opinion is the same as saying “All blacks are criminals, because they are black!”

        just saying..

  5. Matt

    I think the reason for the decreased difference in offending between groups, relative to rape for example, is that the brain damage (or analogous) that causes men to become child molesters is probably equivalent in all groups (or else fairly randomly distributed between them), but the actual offending rate is due to an interaction of this and the general willingness to rape (and possibly pillage and so on, if you buy the idea of an extended criminality factor) where the general willingness is a limiting or dampening effect.

    So the desires may be fairly equal (or else randomly distributed, since its a random developmental brain damage thing at least as far as I know) but the actual willingness to commit crimes factor tends to lead to the more criminal (and less repressed) groups offending more (and whatever correlates with criminality like IQ will probably track this a bit as well).

    One way to control for this (if you cared) might be to look at the child porn offence statistics, since the groups that are less into actually doing criminal acts might have a more equivalent (or even higher rate) here. I’m thinking of the Japanese phenomenon of “shota-con” and “loli-con” here in particular (basically little boy and girl cartoon child pron respectively), because the Japanese are such an insanely non-criminal society.

  6. Offtopic

    DO you have any data on how succesful the perverts and serial killers of each race are?

    I would think that some of the “upper” whites would make amazing serial killers.

    The unabomber, the jewish serial killer, was the greatest serial killer of all time, in terms of how well he achieved his goals.

  7. veo99

    U whites fuck ure sisters, mums, mother-in-law and have sex with animals – u introduced to the world all kinds of deviant behaviour so u cal deliberate all day and night – write one million blogs about beautiful black people but we all know who is the lowest of the low!! Nasty people!!!

    • Thx for the comment honey.

      Black power!

      • Dave Coe

        Robert, what ethnic groups do you think are the most perverted?

        • Dave Coe

          I think the most obvious would be Jews since they run the porn industry but I heard the Japanese were pretty kinky to. Than we had the German Sheiss fetish. Blacks are pretty perverted to. When I would in HS I overheard to black chicks on two differant occasions say their boyfriends lick their A-holes. So I would have to guess Jews first followed by blacks. The Japanese have some pretty sick stuff like bukkake, orashi, and lollicon and there are panties being disspended in public vending machines in Japan.

        • jason paper

          White males, its only obvious

        • Father

          I believe Asians prefer their butts-licked more than any other race, I read detailed study on it in a college textbook…..

          On a more serious note:
          *blacks are 4.3 times more likely to molest children in the US than whites.( )
          *Blacks are 13 times more likely to engage in incest than whites.(U.S. Racial Relations; 2009 pg. 218)

          The jews role in child-porn/snuff and child-slavery is overwhelming:

          We can’t put the scheisse fetish on the Germans, as it’s produced by Jews and the major percentage of that porn is sold into export. Pornography was filmed by straight gentiles in Sweden but it was not “hardcore/filthy”. Judeo-pornographic society is the one that degrades women, children, ect. and that is why I believe Jews are the most perverted.

    • Wade in MO

      ” u introduced to the world all kinds of deviant behaviour so u cal deliberate all day and night”

      Well, after sorting through the almost incomprehensible niggerbabble we find that this moron thinks that whites introduced nasty behaviors to the rest of the world. Anyone who knows anything know that this is bullshit. The Muslims have had quite a few homos in the past. Some african hunter gatherer tribes have said that over half their males have participated in fag activities. More could be listed, but I doubt a moron like this would listen.

      • Just give a shout if you need me to translate niggerbabble to redneckatude for you guys. By the way, any chance you are including the ancient world in your calculus because homosexual anal sex isn’t called “Greek” because it comes with a side of pita bread, and a good ol’ fashioned Roman orgy was never a Mulim joint. Would say more but I got to read up more on Catherine the Great’s equestrian delights… now thats a perverse horse of a different color, ain’t it?

        • ed

          Lets face humanity in general is full of sick F$@%$ks.
          Everybody hates the Jews including the Jews.
          I never had any issues with the Jews until I met a few.
          I like alot of Black people, i dont blame them complaining about
          slavery but they forget it was other Africans catching and sending
          them into slavery. Look at Africa now, its a mess, they cant handle
          democracy or freedom, they work best in a tribal setting.
          The rich whites gentile and jew are the sickest though.
          White greed and power are the source of most evil.

    • AJ

      It is evident that whites are more sickening than any other race when it comes to sex, but you have to figure that other races also follow the same pattern of pleasure. True, you don’t see many men or women of ethnicity getting off with animals, children, family members, engaging in acts that are most disturbing and vile, but it’s a realm that some are coming into play when it comes to utter pleasure. Drugs, in America were the same when it came to ethnics using it; whites introduced it. However, it was the weak-minded individuals of those races who could have either left it alone and not follow the leader. Choice is a choice, but you don’t find much perversion among ethnics.

    • Char Char Binks

      You’re projecting.

  8. This is a very informative blog. Truth is blacks are responsible for the majority of the worlds sickest, vilest, most evil crimes. They are savage beasts that pollute our society. Nowhere that negroes tread is safe and low on crime. Our society will never be considered “civilized” as long as we have negroes roaming free in it.

    Furthermore, this blog is backed up by a very interesting thread on a forum called If you Google “Most Pedophiles Are Black” the thread in question will be the first option presented. It’s a mighty interesting read.

  9. The Cynic

    I clicked on the link. These were rates of CHILD ABUSE. Child abuse is NOT just about sexual abuse. The link itself defines child abuse as maltreatment, psychological, physical, neglect, AND sexual.

    Here are the exact words of the headings you omitted from your post:
    Child Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse ~ Substantiated
    below that main heading is the subheading where you got your statistics.
    Rate of child abuse by race:
    White = 51%
    African American = 25%
    Hispanic = 15%
    American Indian/Alaska Natives = 2%
    Asian/Pacific Islanders = 1%

    From what I see on “To Catch A Predator” and the fact that you cannot find any information about child sex offender statistics on any government sites make me think white males may be disproportionately committing these crimes.

    • Wade in MO

      “From what I see on “To Catch A Predator” and the fact that you cannot find any information about child sex offender statistics on any government sites make me think white males may be disproportionately committing these crimes.”

      And this comment makes me think you’re a dipshit.

      The idea that they US govt would try to hide something to protect white males is a total LOL. If they had the figures you wish, then they would be all over the news.

      • You Know …… Its sites Like These With All The VARIOUS ” INTERNET TROLLS ” ARE Easily Angered With The Current State Of USA ECONOMICAL SITUTATION EASILY BLAME A ” RACE ” Rather Then Just Say Ohh – Yeah – That’s Interesting And Move On. GROWN UP Already.

    • Uncle Milton

      To The Cynic:

      I clicked on the link. These were rates of CHILD ABUSE. Child abuse is NOT just about sexual abuse

      You clicked on one of the links, which as you say details overall child abuse.

      Here is the link that shows incarceration by Race and Ethnicity:
      Look at Table Two – on Page 8 for the data that Rob cited
      (The moved the link that Rob provided so it’s dead..)

      As Rob noted.. here is the break down:
      The results, % of total child molesters by race/ethnicity:

      Non-Hispanic Total (Blacks/Whites/Asians…) = 76.5%
      Non-Hispanic Whites 59.36% = (76.5% x 77.6%)
      Hispanics 23.5%
      Blacks 20.7%
      Other 1.7%
      Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

      Hispanics +96%
      Blacks +59%
      Whites -35%
      Other -58%

      Other would likely be Asians and Native Americans… with the former having lower to markedly lower crimes rates across all categories compared to the rest of the population.

    • Andrew

      Dateline To Catch a Predator being a production of the uber PC controlled disinfo manipulated MSM was appalled when a far higher percentage relatively speaking of Gay men (than their 3% to 5% of the male USA population) took the bait. A dissproportianate number of Gay perps were not filmed or left on the cutting room floor. Remember these were not Pedos, but men who thought that they were hooking up with “more or less” 12 to 15 year olds (as most people online bullshit more or less). To Catch a Predator’s exclusive sole modus operandi is having Adults (including the Petite Barely Legal (Huster) decoys aged 18 & 19 always) entrap people for “Statutory Rape” violations.

      Thus the show exclusively targeted men who have sex with minors… and more black males are inclined to engage in homosexuality than white men & are more likely across the board to engage in incest Nationwide than Whites (outside of select pockets of Whites such as Southern rural trailer trash & satanic sex cults). Also White young adult males under 30 have more caution than the non-concern (relatively) of yound black adults in getting sucked off by a white 13 or 14 year old slut. Years past in visiting Black Urban areas one would regularly see little Jr Hi black girls with big bellies or pushing strollers… unlike white girls,.. And more often than a classmate of a white girls, it was young Adult black men 18-30 something knocking them up. And black women have per capita abortion rates several times higher than that of whites. Just look at all the black women appearing on the oily televangelist circuses (TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Pat Robertson etc.) saying they were a victim of pedophilic or early Teen incest by a relative, or often a Preacher daddy. That white guy who claimed to pose as a black guy in the South in his “Black like Me” (not the film) alluded to some of this. Of course PC Hollywood in Forest Gump says only white Southern men do wrong (mass kiddy diddling) while black people are the Angels.

      You do the math.

    • @ Cynic …..Im going to inform you know.I’m way to educated and intolerant to answer or give a ” VOICE ” to these individuals on ” Prejudicial Blog’s ” such as this. you wasting your ” Precious Valued ” Time on People who have nothing better to do with there time.
      which is why im writing in a reply to you and any one else with a brain that understands this ” Smear Prejudicial Political Tactics ” ….Don’t waste your time dude.

    • Char Char Binks

      On “Cops”, the producers tried to keep blacks off the show, and include more whites. I wouldn’t doubt TCAP was like that.

  10. Uncle Milton

    To The Cynic:
    Here are the locations for to Catch a Predator:
    The demographics for 10 out of 12 of the locations range from over 80 to over 95% percent White. For the other two locations, Fort Meyers is 56% White and Long Beach is categorized as 46% White. Not much of a surprise then that the majority of their predators would be White, n’est pas..? Also they are targeting a demographic that is looking for predominantly suburban kids online… hence more likely to be middle class or upper middle class. I’ll take the government statistics over the selection and editing process of To Catch a Predator.

    • anthony

      you have no facts to back this up you are clearly a white supremacist trying to make a case that “darky” is the villain of the world
      child abuse and abduction/ rape are separate categories
      you didn’t even bother to separate beating from rape etc etc
      even today that statistic remains in tact white have the highest numbers.

      • Dyan

        Please people Lets get back to the OVER ALL FACTS, not pick certain cities or states or even nit pick certain sex crimes. The FBI stats, say that approximately 73 % of SEX OFFENDERS ARE WHITE MALES. That leaves the other 27 % to include, white females, black male and females, Spanish male and female, Asain male and female. This is the stats for people who are in PRISONS and JAILS and the ones who have been there and are out.

  11. The Cynic

    Why the hell would I care what you think? The US government is WHITE!

    @Uncle Milton
    BJS link from almost 20 year old statistics didn’t work. All white men are not bad ppl, but this entire post is a waste of time. It seems very fishy that their are no contemporary statistics on sexual child abuse and race.

    • Wade in MO

      ” The US government is WHITE!”

      The government is not a person. It doesn’t have a race. The idea that the government is promoting the interest of whites (especially whites who aren’t rich) is simply ludacris. Why else would it pursue Affirmative Action policies, small business loans for minorities only, and our current immigration policy? Why have they been pursuing these policies for decades. Your posts only prove your complete disconnection with reality.

      BTW, Check out the results of the 2008 election. You might be surprised.

      • The Cynic

        This comment is too dumb for me to waste giving it a proper response. Reality. How bout you take a dose of it?

        • I don’t know either of you, so from an impartial position, let me tell you:

          His comment to you was an absolute bulls-eye rebuttal to what you’d said. The only reason you’re now claiming it’s “too dumb” for you to “waste giving it a proper response,” is because you were left speechless — and I don’t blame you. “The US government is WHITE,” doesn’t exactly have the air of genius or deep thought. Or any thought, for that matter.

          Actually, the irony is that you would say something like that, and then have the audacity to criticize someone else (who ACTUALLY had a REAL POINT to make.)

      • Why do people spell “ludicrous” like that?

      • jason paper

        The founders of this country will never let another race take over it… would you?… and what race are they??

      • Char Char Binks

        Obama must be white.

    • Spud Koolzip

      The U.S. government does not exist any longer. It has been supplanted by the Z.O.G. – Zionist Occupation Government. Anything and everything it does serves the jews’ larger purpose of exterminating the white race and enslaving the world.

  12. Uncle Milton

    To The Cynic:

    BJS link from almost 20 year old statistics didn’t work.

    Well 17 years old… 😉 Did you use mine or Rob’s link…? They have moved the PDF since Rob made his post… or you can go to: and search for “molester”.

    All white men are not bad ppl, but this entire post is a waste of time.
    Why do you believe it is a waste of time…? I am guessing Rob made that post because about once a week some joker shows up and calls him a White pervert and that child molesters are overwhelmingly White. The data shows that the rate of child molestation by Whites in the US is either below or at the National average compared to other groups… and not well above it.

    It seems very fishy that their are no contemporary statistics on sexual child abuse and race..

    Here’s a report from the naughts:

    “Race. The findings about race are also inconclusive. Several national studies have found that
    black and white children experienced near-equal levels of sexual abuse [2, 4]. Other studies,
    however, have found that found that both blacks and Latinos have an increased risk for sexual
    victimization[6, 18]”

    I searched for the actual papers that were cited in the document above but one would have to pay to get the data. These are surveys…. which have their errors… but one could argue that they are more accurate than citing actual incarceration rates. I would like to see the source data but I don’t want to pay for it.

  13. The Cynic

    @Uncle Milton
    -Both and the link is still dead.
    -I don’t understand how 17yrs contradicts “almost 20.” Anyways, I think this post is pointless bc 1) the dates are almost as old as I am and 2)the first link posted doesn’t say anything about race & SEXUAL abuse.
    -All of those conflicting studies tell me is that, “The findings about race are also inconclusive.” I agree that the source data would be nice.

    Sidebar:I asked you another question on biracial chicks that u nv managed to answer. Did you miss or didn’t feel like answering?

  14. Uncle Milton

    To The Cynic:

    -All of those conflicting studies tell me is that, “The findings about race are also inconclusive.”
    Given the nature of the crime… since a fairly low percentage of molesters are actually caught… that would be my conclusion also.

    -Both and the link is still dead.
    The link I posted is a PDF file.. if you don’t have adobe acrobat reader or an equivalent … I believe it won’t pop up.

    Sidebar:I asked you another question on biracial chicks that u nv managed to answer. Did you miss or didn’t feel like answering?

    I know it’s a sensitive subject for a number of women at Abagond’s site… but yeah…IMO on average the percentage of biracial (Black/White) women that White guys find attractive is lower than the percentage for White women.

  15. The Cynic

    @Uncle Mil

    Cool. Oh, and I have adobe reader

  16. Mary

    This is invalid, yunno why because the stastics are from 1991 we are now in 2011 20years later!
    The statistics for ‘whites are much higher now’
    75% of the US population are white, and 80% of the convicted pedophiles are

  17. I think your post is in important one and it’s high time this anti-white myth is shattered. I did want to point out that, while you show us the racial breakdown of child-molesters, you did not (and cannot) do the same with pedophiles. A pedophile is defined by a state of mind, an attraction – whether it is acted upon or not. So, in theory, it is still possible that whites are more likely to be pedophiles but that they are better at refraining from acting upon their fantasies. In other words, you should have titled your post: “Myth: Whites Are More Likely to be Child Molesters”.

  18. Dota

    I recall reading somewhere that Homosexuals are more likely to sexually assault children, regardless of race. I’m not an expert but I still feel race is not the most important variable here.


      That is NOT TRUE, Homosexuality is due to the chromosomes that developed in the body as the child was growing in the womb. I’m sure you felt you read something that may have been facts but the information is only as good as the person giving it.

  19. whitepeoplelovemolestingchildrenandcats

    What a joke of a post. It is a proven fact that white men are more likely to be molest children, animals, their family, and even inanimate objects like cars. White men are sick fucks and history has shown time and time again that they dominate as far as genocidal acts, mass murders, serial killers, and child rape goes. Is the poor widdle white man feeling a little limp because your white privilege is being revoked? WAHHHHH WAHHHH! Little bitch. LOL.

  20. Brian

    A lot of the Black Rappers rap about having sex with minors.

    • jason paper

      Name one? i laugh at how you sterotype a group of ppl and then label them that.. is it because most young women like rap.. LOL, your funny and a hater of rap music, the biggest/fastest selling music ever bought by every race, especially whites. thanks!

  21. Brian

    There was a black janitor in my home town that molested his boy.

    • Bob Todd

      Well shit, lets kill them niggers!
      I am sorry but your whole post is untrustworthy. It is obvious from the comments section that you have a negative attitude towards non-white people. As long as you don’t act on it in an illegal way that is fine but don’t expect anyone to believe a word you have written who does not already share your feelings.
      If there are differences in molestation rates among races it is likely to boil down to things like differences in level of education, income, family structure, etc. Otherwise you are implying that some genetic factor linked to the amount of melanin a person has correlates to deviant sexual behavior and there is no scientific lit to back that up.
      To be honest I have some prejudices of my own against some non-whites but at least I can recognize them for what they are and act accordingly. In fact I have met some really nice black people who I would call trustworthy. You really have to step back and look at the individual, his history, his demeanor, family background, etc, before you can know if you can trust them, black or white.
      You made the point of putting your child in a tiger cage, well would you put your child in a lion cage? That is to say that you would not allow your daughter to date a black person but are there not white rapists too? Would you let your daughter date any person so long as they were white?
      Anyway, these kinds of attitudes are common today but will disappear, most likely, in the far future. With travel easier than ever we will see, over a long, long period of time, the mixing of humanities genetic heritage until there is really almost no way to distinguish race. Of course we will undoubtedly find some other differences to shun.

      • jason paper

        sounds like you have a problem with black people, get help and get over it! We are here to stay since we built this country… hmmm!

        • Dyan

          Oh are you an Indian? This country was stolen by the whites, whites sold other races, and weather a lot of idiots with no facts want to admit it Whites are highest on the sex crime issue.

    • Dyan

      LOL Well, that a great reason to think because ONE MAN DID, all have done it? LOL STUPID

  22. Brian

    Yes more homos molest and more homos are black. Look at all the ones that are pushing to legalize homo sexuality. What color are they? Mostly black.

    • More homo’s are black, cracker you don’t even believe that shit if you went to prison as a white man and I went as a black which one of us would be sucking dick first for our very survival, you, you white faggot.

      • Whoa! Stop! Now you’re getting me all excited!

        • Daryl Brown

          I’ ll give you kudos, you have some good one-liners. I don’t think it was wise to make that statment though. You’re only validating his statement about white males being gay. Don’t get too excited, whoa nelly.

      • And whose dick would be getting sucked so that he may live to see another day? A black guys dick. That’s who.

        So basically, what you’re saying is that a white guy would have to be forced into a homosexual lifestyle just for the privilege of life. And he’d be sucking a homosexual black guy’s dick in order to earn that right to life.

        So basically, what you’re saying is that Brian was right and you were just trying to re-inforce the fact that more blacks are indeed homoseshulls..

  23. El Topo

    To Mary

    The statistics for ‘whites are much higher now’
    75% of the US population are white, and 80% of the convicted pedophiles are white!

    But of course you can not provide a link to back up this assertion, what a surprise.

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  26. peanut

    Penn State and Syracuse just put the topic back in everyones mind. Its confirmed and well documented that White males are pedophiles, not all but a much greater percent than any other race. You are so transparent in your attempt at trying to put it on others. You obviously have bad feeling about anything negative associated with white men

    • Since we White men are #1 in just about everything, I would not mind if we were #1 in a few crime categories too. Hell, why not? Just to show the world who’s boss, you know?

      In fact, White men are much LESS likely to molest children than either Hispanic, American Indian or Black men. Only those inscrutable Asians fiddle the kiddies less than we upstanding and morally upright Caucasian patriarchs.

      Why don’t you give me one reason why I should not ban you right now for “hostile tone?”

      • Adolf Hitler got people to follow him because he had a practice of telling lies to his people so frequently and so loudly that they finally believed him even if they really knew In their hearts that he was telling them lies, he would message their ego’s telling them how superior they were and that it was their right to conquer the world. Mr.Lidsey, you know that white men are the biggest perpetrators of baby rape in this country and probably the world. In your response to my comment you implied that I hate white people but quite to the contrary I love all people what I hate is people like you who constantly try to divide people with your hate speech and every time I hear you people do it I’m going to ruthlessly get on your asses.

      • Damn I just got a good look at your picture now I realize why your so pissed off with the world, you look one of those dudes that took ass kickings all through jr and sr high school years probably by black dudes which is why your constantly trying to compete with us.It probably also pisses you off that your white, and black dudes actually get more white girl pussy in one week than you’ve gotten in your entire life, When you realized that, you obviously tried to moved on to black girls because you thought that certainly you could get some ass there your thinking being I’m white their beneath me even though I’m an ugly ass white geek”they will be dating up” even with a small dick uncoordinated cracker like me,when you realized how untrue that theory was you started this blog because losers always try to tear others down to try and build their miserable lives up.

      • peanut

        “hostile tone?”?, what Hostile tone? I did not say all white men but more often it is white men not men of color. Rather its coaches or Catholic Priest a high majority of molesters are white men. If you want to ban me because you disagree with me than that’s your choice, and makes no sense if you are sincere with your opinion of the topic or you just have an agenda on changing what the statistics truly are relating to topic. You have a racist tone when you said that white men don’t do any crimes or at fewer rates than others.
        Asia is the capital of pedophilia, Western white men go to these countries and buy children so Asians are apart of this as well (the ones that sell their children).
        Just be honest if you want to change the majority opinion of white men and molestation. Instead of putting it on black men which is obvious because most people know some black men commit crimes but hardly ever does any black men molest children.

        • Yeah you got a hostile tone.

          Bye now.

        • DC

          These morons don’t even post statistics which prove them wrong just idiotic stereotypes. Even if you look up the Sex offender databases the majority seem to be non-white.

        • Paul

          Yes, white people are more likely to pay for sex with children. White people have high child prostitution rates in Ukrain. But black people rape babies to “try to cure HIV”. What you think about that? As a white man, I think the media has really portrayed us badly.

      • “Why don’t you give me one reason why I should not ban [Gregory Dowdell] right now for ‘hostile tone?'”

        Here’s one reason:

        You let people discuss “afrreakan nigger faggots [raping] babies,” and “prancing shit-colored monkeys.”

        You condone (by not banning) others who describe a “need to have low-iq nigger asses lynched,” and who describe the content of comments by black people here as “incomprehensible niggerbabble.”

      • Huax

        A lot of whites go overseas to molest children. Europeans go to North or West Africa, both Euros and Americans go to Southeast Asia to pay for sex with children. Even though Japan is richer and far more populous than Australia, the overwhelming majority of people who pay to have sex with 12 year olds in Southeast Asia are white Australian males.

        • Huax is a pimp.


          A lot of whites go overseas to molest children. Europeans go to North or West Africa, both Euros and Americans go to Southeast Asia to pay for sex with children. Even though Japan is richer and far more populous than Australia, the overwhelming majority of people who pay to have sex with 12 year olds in Southeast Asia are white Australian males.

          A lot..? Care to give figures…or did you pull these out of you ass? Or do you know this because you’re an Asian pimp who procures children for these men..?

          Even though Japan is richer and far more populous than Australia, the overwhelming majority of people who pay to have sex with 12 year olds in Southeast Asia are white Australian males.

          Uhh maybe because Japan doesn’t enforce laws against pedophiles…. Why leave home when you can get it locally…?

  27. Damn, now I know why your pissed off, I just took a look at your picture and you look like one of those dudes that got beat up on a daily basis in jr and sr high school,probably by black dudes which is why most of your negative comments are towards us.It probably pisses you off to no end that black men get more pussy from white women in one week than you’ve gotten in your whole life. At that point you tried to turn to black women because after all they would be in your words “dating or marrying up” even if they got an ugly ass uncoordinated little dick cracker like yourself. When you realized that anyone could pay for sex even a pathetic little man like yourself that lost its appeal. Now like all losers you have resorted to talking bad about others to try and build up your miserable life. What a sad man you are Mr. Lindsey.

  28. The Anti-Stereotype Party

    Great article, very enlightening. I just wish there were not as many trolls here as there are. Of coarse some people have to defend what dignity they have left. I would love to see more statistics on this article.
    Truthfully, this is one of the least-known stereotypes. Mostly because people are smart enough to realize that you should not judge someone’s immorality based on race, but on the individual. Of all these, I know that if a guy doesn’t get a date, it’s not because she thinks he’s a pedo.


    During my studies in criminal justice the FBI stats were that 70 % of SEX OFFENDERS were white males. This did not includ spanish, just whites. There is a myth promoted by white males that black men are always the ones raping white women. Has anyone read anything about slavery? Now days many women prefer black men anyway so rape isn’t an option. Since Black is the dominate race, based on genetics and the fact that black contains all colors and can produce from the whitest white childrten to the blackest black, that leaves the white race to be recessive. All this is based on scientific FACTS. I do have a theroy about why white men are so high on the sexual offender list if anyone is interested?

    • Algae

      Interesting statistical play. I think it really implies that whites are less likely to go to jail for charges related to pedophilia, not necessarily less likely to commit those crimes. There may be other factors that result in certain racial groups being more likely to be arrested and serve time for sex crimes.

  30. NiceTryWhitePropagandist

    This is complete and utter BS. I have a friend who works in the NYPD sex crimes division, and he told me 79% of all pedophiles are white males, this number excludes hispanics. Nice try though. Not only that, almost all of my white friends have been molested or raped by white people. The fact is white people are much more likely to be involved in a sex crime, whether it involves animals or children, or even date rape. It’s not racist if it’s true.

  31. Arjun

    In conclusion after having read your article and posts and further looking at statistics of Whte criminals who are found guilty versus Black criminals as shown by RACIAL DISPARITY IN SENTENCING: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE JANUARY 2005 (available online just google it), I can safetly conclude that inspite the obvious racial profiling by the criminal justice system if still 54.1% of whites are found guilty among all sex offenders prosecuted it just goes to show how much higher the actual statistic really is and my chances of finding a White pedophile is significantly higher than of any other race. Its well known also that violent crime among Blue collar workers is more which can be attributed to the lower socio-economic status as compared to white collar whose population does mostly consist of take a guess people of white color. Should these very people decrease in level of social income the violent crime incidence would be significantly higher. However the disaprity in the level of incarceration would still makes the Whites statistically look like a better race. So instead let look at this biologically. Blacks tend to have higher testosterone levels than any other race and so this could be attributed to their more aggressive action and flashy appearance along with larger Penis size on average. However a close second to them is Whites. And the least is Japan and other eastern countries. So statistaically speaking whites are not too far of from the aggressive bandwagon. Just that because many of them are on average more socio-economically well of, their need to commit crimes are less and thus masking the true violent nature of their lower socio-economic counter parts commonly reffered to as trailer trash less obvious by lower rates of incaceration by a prejudicial legal justice system

    • Dyan

      Actually, the % of sex offenders in prisons and jails was 70% WHITE now it has gone up to 74% of sex offenders are WHITE MALES. That is the FBI stats. Some people get their information for other sources and I have to say this. The innformation is only as good as tyhe person putting it in, so you have to find out who had credibility before you quote their stats

    • Huax

      Good point Arjun. I’m sure many whites get away with child molestation. Throw that in with the fact that plenty of whites go overseas to rape children and we have a real picture of white society.

  32. sritama

    Children are more likely to be molested by a family member or someone close to the family. Hence most child molestations take place intra-racially, not inter-racially.

  33. TJW

    Most US pedos are white. Your stats are world wide.

  34. jason paper


    • Banned. Haven’t you been here before, dog?


      I’ve read over a number of these comments and out of all of what I read, I find that the average person doesn’t know the difference in homosexuals, rapist and pedophiles, they think they are all in the same sexual group, they are not. Pedophiles want sex with the unformed child body and generally when the child starts to develop hair on the body, the pedophile loses interest in that child. The homosexual is a person who’s chromosomes lined up in development before birth, which developed into a homosexual , no different than when a heterosexuals chromosomes line up in development. The rapists are is person who rapes because of Power and control. It is a fact that in this country, according to FBI Files, white males are Highest on the list of sexual crimes. Generally the rate of white male sex crimes is 70%.

  35. Child molestation in the Afrcan American community is very high ,yes the black male often takes the under age female as his lover and companion but lets define molestation in which many would disaagree that one being of the age seventeen takes a female of a younger age being that of sixteen to make her his partner in sex, highly not a case of molestation.But when you have a situation where there is many cases where the white man who engages in sexual conduct with that of a child who has not yet reached the age of puberty,these stats have been proven to show time and time again.Those are your pedophiles

  36. hahawhiteguysarepervs

    White people love raping children, and that’s a fact. 99% of all pedophiles are white male. Deal with it. I bet the person who writes this blog is a pederast.

  37. berkgaard

    This, like most things, turns out pretty even in the end.

    • mott 69

      DO any of you idiots know how to read stats? Until very, very recently, about 85% of the population was “white” (which apparently only means “something other than black/brown/yellow”). SO, if the pop. was 85% white, and 85% of rapists/molesters were white, that would be merely in keeping w/ the average and would prove not a whole hell of a lot.

  38. Yes, most white men are sick and twisted pedophiles. This is even supported with evidence by DOJ statistics on child molesters. It is a fact and not a myth that most white men are pedophiles who prey on innocent children. Keep your children as far as possible from whites. Your children are next to be molested by sick white teachers, cops, coaches, and priests. Sick savages.

    • Dyan

      It is NOT a myth that 74 % of Sex offenders in jails and prisons are white males, thats FBI FACTS. I majored in criminal justice, psychology, child psy, and adnormal Psy. I realize that along with prejudice people on these sites there are very many that are just plain IGNORANT. I cant help but laugh at both because the connection they both have is also ignorance of the FACTS. To the dumbass that said I must be black, Im white, a mother and grand mother, my husband was a sarg on the sheriffs department, two cousins are police, one retired, one cousins husband is on the police department

      • nominay

        That’s probably because more black girls ages 8 through 17 are willing even eager to have sex with those donkey dick black men, and in their ghetto culture there’s “no snitchin'”.

        • mott 69

          Aren’t you Jewstin, “nominay”? Be hatin’ you some nigs, eh?

        • nominay

          What I hate is the ghetto underclass culture and what it does to blacks. It makes them dangerous, uncivilized, and devoid of a meaningful life. I think MLK would’ve despised what his subordinates did with his movement and the ghetto culture of today would’ve made him feel shame.

  39. Adam

    Dont try to spin the truth. When a black commits a crime its usually on an individual basis. When white commit a crime its usually on a mass or serial scale. Sandusky, James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh, KKK, and even the guy who wrote this article. For every black child molestation case their is about 100 white ones.

    • dr sam

      all races can molest a child there is no set percentage of paedophiles yes white ameriicans have higher child rape conviction but if USA had 50% white population and black 50% the ratio would be very much the same amont of 3% difference americans are stupid and cant think this out intelligently.

      so enough with racism crap besides most paedophiles have consential sex with 13 to 17 wich is classed as statory rape and a percentage convicted paedophiles are inocent.

    • Adam.. you are so right.. blacks do their robberies and drive bys and rob stores, whites rob banks, shoot up schools and movie theaters and hotels and serial killings, they do more mass murdererd, kill themselves when they lose a job.. that aint nothing new to black ..lose a job.. get real.. whites kill their whole families, molest their own kids, and do way more cowarvrd crimes when folks are expecting them ..such cowards!

  40. jamie jakes

    lots of pedos on here saying its ok to sex kids? disgusting

    it kinda proves the point these are all white people posting here trying to say its okay to sex kids or set ages on kids cause they clearly are attracted to them. id say whites are worse than blacks.

    • Holy Frijole

      To jamie jakes:
      lots of pedos on here saying its ok to sex kids?

      Ok to sex kids…? Is that English…? The author and the vast majority of posters on this site are NOT saying it is ok to have sex with children. You have poor reading comprehension and atrocious writing skills.

  41. Whites are Lunatics

    It’s a white male sounding off in a Blog about Black “paedophilia” whilst conveniently forgetting the FACT that most PAEDOPHILES are as PINK as HIS lunatic arse no doubt. LOL
    No surprise there…

    • All right nigga, back to your porch and your 40 oz now. I am banning you.


      • Daryl Brown

        Your parents must be awfully and I do mean awfully [😦 ] proud of that third-grade education you received. You proably still possess the certicate after all these decades. I can only imagine that it’s extremely difficult for you to formulate multiple sentence at a time. If you still have high aspirations of eradicating this hindrance, don’t despair. There is still an opportunity to alter this impediment. You can still procure your G.E.D. (Good Enough Diploma) and finally make your parents proud (insert sarcastic “yay” here). I sincerely hope you succeed in your quest to overcoming this debilitating affliction you have. Who am i kidding, no the fuck I don’t. LMMFAO.

    • shut up krakka.. back to your meth lab, your little 3inch pecker being exposed and to your raggedy den of incest and pedophilia.

  42. Whites are Lunatics

    This nasty freak looks like your stereotypical paedophile. You also look like you could do with a good wash you ugly white swine. LOL Now get back to that child porn your kind enjoy so much. All that superior white civilised culture. LOL

    • I agree, whites are more pedophiles than any other race, they molest littl;e young boys and girls and babies and they do incest way more.. just disgusting and they kiss dogs in the mouth and beastiality.

      • Holy Frijole

        To Ja Sassy:

        I agree, whites are more pedophiles than any other race, they molest littl;e young boys and girls and babies and they do incest way more.. just disgusting and they kiss dogs in the mouth and beastiality.

        But of course you have no data to back that up and offer no rebuttal to Rob’s research. Classical failure of logic… saying something a hundred times doesn’t make it so.

        • AJ

          The more I read articles and run into those who write shit like you do, the more idiotic people like you sound. When you look back in history, if you’re that educated (which I doubt), you’d see that the majority of diseases came from you because of the animals you fucked (remember you sick fucks had sex with sheep and who knows what else), family members you raped or had consensual sex with, bred within the line of your own sickness, have extremities shoved up your ass and/ or vigina, or other foreign objects that belong on hardware such as kitchen sinks and so forth,
          Moreover, when it comes to belonging to something here in America, you weren’t here first. Get a life and get some knowledge; if you’re not already having it fucked out of your nasty white ass!

          SICK FUCK!!!

      • Huax

        I’d be interested in seeing statistics. I’m fairly certain whites lead the world in bestiality.

  43. Hmmm...

    I actually stumbled across this because I couldn’t believe some of the worst cases of child rape and abuse where from Hispanics or Blacks. I am not racist just stating a fact. My whole life I have been told the white man is the raper/ molester but after reading one sad story I found that other stories linked to non white perpetrators.
    Ex. Brianna Lopez case 5 months old father mother and uncle rape and beat her
    Ex. Naveah Richardson 9 days old father rapes her
    Ex. Reginald Davis rapes 8 day old daughter
    The list goes on and on… These being some of the worst cases.
    I looked up the statistics because I was shocked.

  44. Hmmm...

    …. Also… I live in Canada and our First Nations population has the highest rate of rape and incest. This is of course because of marginalization, government abuse, as well as loss of land, money, freedoms and perpetuated abuse from colonialization.
    Abuse begets abuse more often then not sadly.

  45. checkurself

    LOL! Another HUGE HUGE HUGE child abuse scandal. This time it’s the Boy Scouts. Guess how many of the perps are white? ALMOST ALL OF THEM! LOL! Stop raping kids, white people.

    • Holy Frijole

      Stop raping kids, white people.

      So are you giving all other racial and ethnic groups a pass…? No rebuttal to any of Rob’s research…? Yes there are some whites who molest children in the US but as Rob pointed out they do so at a rate somewhat lower than molestations committed by Blacks and Latinos… Sandusky et al notwithstanding.

      • Dyan

        The FBI stats. Are at 74% of incarsarated sex offenders in the United Ststes are WHITE MALES. Tgats a FACT.

        • Holy Frijole

          To Dyan:

          The FBI stats. Are at 74% of incarsarated sex offenders in the United Ststes are WHITE MALES. Tgats a FACT.

          Well first the Department of Justice collects statistics for US state prisons, not the FBI.

          Second in your post earlier this year, you stated the figure was 70%, not 74% as you now assert.

          So which is it…? The answer for both genders is 56.7% for Whites which is less than the White percentage of the US population. Granted as with any race the overwhelming number of inmates incarcerated for sexual offenses are male. But Whites are incarcerated at lower rates than Blacks or Hispanics. Here’s the data with links to my sources:

          Forcible Rape: 16.24 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Other sexual offenses: 26.21 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Total Sex offenders: 42.45 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Overall Percentage of White sex offenders = 56.7%
          White population in the US = 72.4 %
          Whites are incarcerated for sex offenses at a lower rate than their percentage of the population.

          Forcible Rape: 58.57 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Other sexual offense: 58.06 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Total Sex Offenders: 117.17 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Percentage of Black sex offenders = 27.1%
          Black population in the US = 12.6 %
          Blacks are incarcerated for sex offenses at more than double the rate of their percentage of the population.

          Forcible Rape: 12.68 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Other sexual offenses 30.11 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Total Sex Offenders: 42.79 per 100,000 incarcerated
          Percentage of Hispanic sex offenders = 13.1%
          Hispanic population in the US = 16.4 %
          Hispanics are incarcerated for sex offenses at a lower rate than their percentage of the population.

          The figures above add up to 96.9%. The DOJ didn’t bother to break it down. The balance matching against arrest figures from the FBI is likely made up of Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. Asians generally have the lowest crimes rates of any racial/ethnic group.

          Sources – DOJ Prison Survey by race and offense for state prisons Table 16B:

          US Demographics:

          Sex offenders are not broken down by race or ethnicity at the Federal level so basically we have to go off the state data:

        • did you read anything he said in his post? Hispanics are classified as whites under the fbi data. Which together makes them about 80% of the population total. Which means they have a lower rate of molestation than the whole. A fact

  46. After getting done with the Church, boy scouts got BUSTED! No surprise, but makes me wonder how many other “respected” institutions out there are covering up.

    • europeanfootball

      All of those boy scouts pedos were white too. LOL, isn’t it funny how that got swept under the rug so quickly? White people covering up for white people. LOL

  47. Holy Frijole

    To Thamir Ghaslan:

    After getting done with the Church, boy scouts got BUSTED! No surprise, but makes me wonder how many other “respected” institutions out there are covering up.

    Madrasses in Pakistan perhaps…?

    “Pakistan has tried, without much success, to crack down on the madrasses, religious schools, which are often subsidized by Islamic conservatives from Saudi Arabia. Now a weakness has been found; child abuse. Many of the madrassa students are children under 14, and its common knowledge that some of the clerics and teachers running the madrasses will sexually molest their students. In the past, not much attention was paid to this, because it was so shameful. In the province of Punjab (the largest in Pakistan), there have been 500 complaints about such abuse in the last six months. The government decided to act. So far, 14 clerics have been arrested. ”

    The solution is some places is to make it legal… gee golly the US at least is trying to tackle the problem:

    “Something got lost in translation when a California man arranged for his 14-year-old daughter to marry an 18-year-old neighbor in exchange for cash, beer, and meat, reports the San Jose Mercury News. When the bridegroom failed to pay the promised $16,000, 160 cases of beer, and six cases of meat, dad called the cops—landing both men felony charges involving corruption of a minor.
    The local police chief said such arranged marriages are common in the part of rural Mexico the family hails from. “It’s kind of a clash of two different cultures, but I have to uphold the local law,” he said. “Everything they were doing would be legal in Mexico. When I’m in Mexico I respect Mexican laws. But you respect the law here when you are here. This involved a juvenile.””

  48. Bay Area Guy

    Huax is back!

    We must all get on our knees and worship the perfection that is East Asians!

    • Huax

      Now now BAG, you’re on your knees long enough during the day.

      East Asians are far from perfect, but they are definitely the lowest crime group. East Asians are far less likely to get a kick out of raping children or randomly murdering people.

  49. AuroraMoon

    As a white person I have to say you’re making the rest of us white folks look bad by banning people of color who were trying to discuss this issue with you in a reasonable way but not banning all the racist trolls. If you were truly looking to enlighten everyone’s minds on this issue, why do this??
    It’s utterly laughable how you’re trying to make it sound like white men/women never commit any crimes at all. You should had been more honest and say something like how the rate of pedophilia varies more on which race is more likely to populate each country. For example Japan is mainly full of Japanese (duh) people and very few immigrants, so it makes sense that in THAT country the pedophilia is committed mainly by Japanese people. likewise with Africans, etc. you could had did an comparison of how much pedophile crimes are reported each year in each country and see which countries have high/low rates of pedophila.
    This would certainly have showed everyone that whites aren’t the only pedophiles around… that this disgusting mental illness can affect pretty much anybody regardless of race or nationality. And that in America, if it seems like a white crime, it’s simply because whites are the Majority… so there’s a higher chance of the guy being a pedophile. Just like if it was in Japan, there’s a higher chance of it being a Japanese guy than a white guy. That much is a given.
    Instead, you go down this road that makes it sound like you’re a white supremacist trying to defend the pure white race. *shakes head* and you wonder why so many people are taking this tone with you? It’s just plain embarrassing, I tell you!

  50. europeanfootball

    White people are pedophiles. Deal with it. I looked at that Boy Scout pedophile list and there were only like two black guys on it, and every one else was white. Jimmy Savile, and his pedophile ring were all white. Plus, in the South, it is commonplace for white guys to rape their underaged daughters. That’s why there are so many genetic diseases in the South. I even bet that you, the author of this blog, is probably a pedophile, seeing as you go so out of your way to defend white people. It’s called deflection. You’re trying to deflect the fact that every single high profile and low profile pedophile case, with the exception of maybe a few, involves white men or women. White people, in particular white men, are pedophiles. It’s not racist if it’s true. Deal with it.

  51. Dante's Inferno

    To Aurora Moon:
    As a white person I have to say you’re making the rest of us white folks look bad by banning people of color who were trying to discuss this issue with you in a reasonable way but not banning all the racist trolls.

    He bans people who do not follow the comments policy.. notably you can not insult the author. You can make anti-White statements (using words like cracker, redneck, or evil Whites is allowed..) repeatedly and not get banned, also several of his guest contributors are people of color. Calling Robert evil, a pedophile, or saying he looks like one is not reasonable… capiche..?

    Instead, you go down this road that makes it sound like you’re a white supremacist trying to defend the pure white race.

    Uhhh no.. he pretty much makes it clear that there are White pedophiles..just that they are somewhat under represented, did you even read (or comprehend) his article..? Sounds like you didn’t.

  52. This is a joke

    Take a look around the other threads will reveal that this is a narrow minded ultra right wing cultural incompetent website. It is these types of right wingers that ruined the last election.

  53. Ranger

    Who cares what race a person is? The fact that a child is getting molested means the wrong person was trusted. 100% of molesters are the wrong person. Regardless of race. You want to start profiling by race then you miss out on all the wonderful people in that race…and there are more wonderful people in any race than not. The change has to happen by whom we trust with our children.

  54. Teresa Rincon

    The low age of consent in liberal European nations and their tolerance of men like Roman Polanski might have something to do with the perception. You can’t have criminality in an area where you’ve legalized a behavior. OTOH, child pornography is legal in Japan I think, and certain Asian nations are big markets for sex tourism.

    • NotRacistIfItsTrue

      Child porn is not legal in Japan, you braindead bint. White people are child abusers. Period. They try to cloak it but the proof is in the pudding. They make high art of pedophilia, like Lolita. In Europe, you can do porn if you’re 16, so actually in Europe child porn is legal.

    • Ok nigga, I am banning your Black ass. Back to corner with you!

  55. NotRacistIfItsTrue

    There have been like 7 high profile child abuse cases, including even more revelations of the Catholic Church, the New Jersey Jewish child abuse case, and the Boy Scout child abuse case since you’ve written this ridiculous post. Finish wiping the egg off your face and face the facts, white people enjoy abusing little children. It’s not racist if it’s true.

  56. NotRacistIfItsTrue

    LOL, every single white person I’ve ever known has been raped as a child, and/or has expressed interest in dating someone under 16. It’s not racist if it’s true.

    • Having sex with 14-15 yr olds is not child molesting or pedophilia. It’s frankly normal behavior for any adult of any age. OTOH, our society has decided that they don’t like this behavior so they made it illegal. Hence, it is a crime, a crime best called statutory rape. Even having sex with 13 yr olds is not really child molesting or pedophilia in most cases. Once again, it is simply a crime.

      Anyway, Black people fuck FAR more 13-15 yr olds as adults, thereby breaking statutory rape laws, than White people do. When it comes to fucking underage teenage girls, no one does it like the Black man!

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  58. I hear/read mostly white men who molest children and white women who have sex with their underage students. I would not be surprised if some prejudiced person is lying and trying to put more blame on black and other races.

  59. coward

    Actually black “teechas” fuck dey stoodintz all the time.

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  62. neanderthalslive

    Squabbling over which ethnicity hurts, abuses, rapes kids more…the operative word is male! Testosterone reducement surgery and a few lobotomies

  63. Richard Boult

    After reading these comments, its sad to think that people still think this way in 2013. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Your race has nothing to do with who you are as an individual. We all evolved out of one race. But after reading these comments, I would say some of you have not evolved at all. There is only one kind of people I cannot stand, its stupid ignorant people. They come in all colors and sizes.

  64. Rl lee

    Whom ever came up with this star is probably a racist white man . Not only do white men molest more children that are not related to them but they also petiphiles and incest their own! All child pornography is run by white men . The tv show to catch a predator is 90 percent white men ! All paligamists are white! Yes whites aren’t in prison because of their own dont snitch rule about their sons and uncles and brothers molesting right in their family ! Take a survey and ask women how many where molested by relatives and white women will be 80 percent. You white guys disguise yourself as soccer coaches youth coucelors and worst of all priests! And how many butt loving Jerry Sanduskys are out there and the white men don’t tell! If white men where in jail for the most nasty sex crimes against children instead of covering them up like you have done the homo priests for 500 years you would out number everyone in crime! Don’t try to mix spanking a child with wanting to have sex with a child like Jon Benet Ramsey ! Those relatives know who screwed her and they like most white poeple don’t tell!

    • AJ

      Good thing we as black people don’t just go around saying all white people are bad because white men molest kids so damn much, blacks couldn’t even ever have that title, white America would not allow it.

  65. AJ

    Who ever did this study already does not like blacks, he just defending his actions, far as his stats they are bs, blacks are historically locked up at a higher rare than whites, for the same crime, so it’s easy to blacks commit more crime, far as child molesters being mostly white they are. Just look at those cases only you will see the truth.

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  67. Travis

    what is this study based on ? exactly nothing

  68. jack boy

    Can you cite any links that mentions the above shitty statistics or is it one more of your incoherent delusional rants, you worm???

  69. sweeney

    Most of the white child molesters do it for years before anything happens to them. It’s easy to scare white kids and they never talk. Alot of cases never make it, and another reason why your % is much higher is because all the Catholic Priest cases. They never get in trouble. So there is no myth.

  70. Bush Killer

    Not sure where you got your information but… it’s a fact that whites are more likely to to molest a child.. why you ask, You see it on the news EVERYDAY. Perhaps we need to be more specific, like saying white Catholics or priests. Now try and tell me its a myth.

  71. Bush Killer

    And also.. I don’t know you personally Robert but dude, to be honest that picture you posted … if that ain’t the picture of a chomo (child molester) I don’t know what is… you kinda fit the profile my friend, just sayin

    • Ok cocksucker, looks like I am going to have to ban you, Black man. Back to the hood with you and your down-low ways nigga.

      PS. There is no such thing as “looking like a child molester.” I have lived on this earth for 56 years, and I have not yet met one single man who “looked like a child molester.” This is because I do not have the faintest idea what a child molester looks like.


  72. Dyan Barrett

    I think the subject should includ the percentages of sex offenders in this country not just child molesters. It is a fact that 70% of the sex offenders in prisons and jails are White and thats is according to FBI, prison, police files. I personally was fondled by a great grand father, a step grand father tried to grope me and at 13 three men around 21 uears of age kidnapped me and raped me . (onluy one raped me plus I knew these men). I am white and I also majored in criminal justice and psychology, so my comments are based on FACTS not just opinion.

  73. here is the problem with your math. Youre trying to use percentages, in a matter where RAW NUMBERS is what makes the issue bad.. For example. if I want to remove the amount of people with guns off the street, and I look to take them from mostly blacks because 80% of them have guns, But there are only 10 blacks in all the land…I HAVENT ACCOMPLISHED ROMOVING VERY MANY GUNS have i? So you saying BLACK molest more than whites? BLACKS ARE A VERY VERY RARE RACE AND IN ALL LIKELIHOOD, A WHITE MAN WILL NEVER HAVE A BLACK NEIGHBOR, OR FRINED IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES…at 15%, AND living in groups areas in the country? MOST WHITES have NO EXPERIECNE WHATSOEVER with blacks…ON THE OTHER HAND, there is NO area where BLACKS dont have to interact with whites. THAT BEING SAID…HOW MANY MOLESTERS ARE THERE!?!? RAW NUMBERS………OF THE MOLESTERS!?!?! MOST ARE WHITE. And what we dont want? is MOLESTERS on the street. So looking at 20,000 molesters, and seeing that ALL 3 of the blacks in the country are in that list? doesnt make BLACKS somhow WORSE than WHITES!!! LOL

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  76. Turned on my TV the other day low and below, a creepy, nerdy white guy massacres 6 people “because he can’t get laid”, LOL. Still better than raping and murdering children hey.

    We are like beasts.

    • Dyan Barrett

      Sorry to burst your bubble, BUT 70% now a little highter of sex offendeds in jail and prisons are WHITE MALES, according to FBI stats and tracking all the records of men incarcerated in this counrty by different things, the First being what race commits more of those crimes. No Myth AT ALL. I studied criminal justice and psychology along with a few other subjects, like addictions, genetics, origin or religion and origin of man.

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  79. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    The truth about the race of child molesters is presented via statistical tables in this post by Robert Lindsay. The vicious smear on white males being highly likely to molest children is strongly and effectively refuted. My own experiences, via local news and word of mouth, show that Mexicans are the most likely to be out molesting children. In fact, they are so likely to be doing the dirty with children, that many of the Mexican professionals I have come into contact with believe that everyone is a child molester.

    Talk about projection! The data here confirm my experiences. Great post!

    • Dyan Barrett

      My response to you and everyone else, Go to the FBI stats, the criminal history of who does more of certain crimes, based on race. For instance, there is a VERY HIGH RATE of seriel Murders, that are White males, small amount of women in that catagory however the reasons for men and women are quite different, women do it for money purposes, men do it because they LOVE to kill. The STATS speak for themselves and they are based on FACTS or arrest, incarceration, trials and convictions.

    • Dyan Barrett

      Im sorry, Im still shaking my head over the responses when people say ” I Believe, this or that” or ” so and so said this or that” or ” I listened to some guy who he BELIEVES certain things” and they base their opinion on these basically WIVES TALES, diffinately NOT on FACTS. People, STOP carrying on old stories, someone has passed down to you Unless you research it BEFORE opening your mouth and pro=ving to whomever reads your response, that you have no clue as to what your talking about. So and So said Such and Such, OMG, that is so IGNORANT!!!!!!!

  80. Guest

    Koreans ‘Biggest Clients of Prostitutes in Southeast Asia’

    Koreans rank among the top clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia, ahead even of Japanese and Chinese travelers, extensive research suggests.

    The conclusion comes from research by the Korean Institute of Criminology that included field surveys in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines, study of UN reports and other relevant documents, interviews with local social workers and neighbors, and arrest records at local police stations.

    According to the KIC, social workers in those countries claim that Korean tourists outnumber all other nationalities in terms of the frequency of their visits to prostitutes. There are no hard data to support those claims, but a tally of tourists who frequent bars linked to prostitution and accounts of sex workers appear to confirm them.

    In the Philippines, for example, a total of 920,000 Koreans visited in 2011, making them the biggest group of foreign visitors. Cambodia saw 340,000 Korean visitors over the same period, also the biggest group except visitors from neighboring Vietnam. In Vietnam, Korean tourists make up the second largest group after Chinese.

    In its 2010 report, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said Korean men were the prime clients of child prostitutes in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

    The U.S. State Department’s annual report on human trafficking also points to Korean men as being the main clients of child prostitutes in Southeast Asia and Pacific islands, and added that the Korean government has yet to crack down on offenders or attempted to curb the trend.

  81. Guest


    White commit so few rapes and murders compared to blacks and hispanics that they are now seeking to skew the statistics by labeling these brown hoardes as white.

    In the case of sex offenders, as opposed to “Latino” criminals generally, virtually all those defined as “white” can be seen and identified as nonwhite just by visiting the sex offender registry and looking at mug-shots. But few people will do this. And, without mass protests and demands for racially honest designations, the statistics won’t be rectified.

    Just as importantly, such tricks also minimize the crime rates of blacks and the white/black crime difference, since a large minority of criminals with Spanish surnames would otherwise be accurately defined as black.

  82. Guest


    Japan has finally banned the possession of child sex-abuse photos, making it one of the last countries in the developed world to do so. Previously, Japan was the only state in the 34-country Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that did not ban child pornography.

    The penalty for possession of the material newly defined as illegal can be as high as 10,000 dollars and a year in prison.

    The ban does not include images of underage children in Japanese-language comics known as manga. In Japan, manga is popular among all ages and a multi-billion dollar industry.

    The BBC said analysts noted widespread resistance to the new law from people in the manga field, free-speech advocates, and publishers. The Japan Magazine Publishers’ Association, which represents 90 different publishing companies in Japan, came out against the new law. In a statement posted in June, the Association said the law may “put a strain” on people in the creative industries.

  83. Geoff

    Your math is shit. Learn about statistics or don’t post drivel on the internet. You don’t understand probability beyond the level of a grade school student. Your point isn’t necessarily wrong, but your math makes you look like a dumb shit. Reminds me if all the morons posting white supremacy stats who demonstrate they have not advanced beyond a grade 12 level of math. Idiots. You too, you fucking moron. Go back to school.

    • All right jerkoff, I am banning your ass.


      • Did u ever watch too catch a predator? I suggest u do if not

        • Men who fuck 14 year old girls or who try to fuck 14 year old girls are not pedophiles, you moron. It is 100% normal for any adult male of any age to be highly attracted to 14 yr old girls. And it certainly is not abnormal to want to have sex with one. Doing it is illegal. That is a legal matter, not a psychiatric one. In the psychological profession, an adult man who has sex with a 14 year old girl is not displaying any signs of mental illness or mental abnormality.

  84. bingo

    White people are perverts..Jack the ripper..son of sam..the list goes on and on.

  85. This article Is bullshit and full of false numbers …nice try tho.

    • Nope, and you are banned, you child.


      • Go watch to catch a predator and tell me what race is constantly on the show getting busted for tryingto bang a 13yo boy/girl..and I hope thats not ur real picture because u look like one of those pedophiles ur picture has a rapey vibe to it

        • And I find it funny that u say “im banning you” to all tge people who are kicking ur ass with ur bogus fucking stats..the fbi have much more legit reports than that shit u made up u are a joke and more than likely a public sex offender

        • The problem you moronic Black is that you have not yet proven that my statistics are wrong. Perhaps they are. I would not mind they were, as there is no shame in being wrong. But you idiotic Blacks have not proven it. They are banned for being rude, not for suggesting that I am wrong.

          PS I am banning your Black ass.

        • There is no such thing as looking like a pedophile. And I have met maybe one man in my entire life who “looked like a rapist,” but that was a special case. I don’t rape anyway and I do not care what you think, you silly Black.

        • The fake girls they are trying to bang are 14 years old, not 13. A man who tries to bang a 14 yr old girl is not a pedophile and honestly there is nothing wrong with him at all. This is a legal matter, not a psychological one.

        • Subliminal Star

          itsikarisagain? I have to agree with Robert Lindsay. Whenever you bring up the topic of adolescents as opposed to small children under the age of 11 in a discussion about child molestation, you’re really venturing out into a gray zone where there is going to be a myriad of opposing views, even among the experts here in the United States of America.>>>>Click onto

          For example, Dr. James Cantor may endorse your viewpoint regarding the existence of “teenage child molestation victims” inasmuch as he leans more towards the Puritanical perspective on this issue. However, Dr. Bruce Rind would immediately discredit that same assertion of yours inasmuch as he apparently subscribes to the school of thought that just because something is taboo, it may not necessarily be detrimental or evil.

  86. owns by google

  87. Orlando coombs

    I assure you this is bullshit. Cause most pedophiles are white, and particularly white males are the culprits. In fact, European men have a very pedophiliac nature going back to ancient Rome and Greece, and even during slavery in America. Almost all of the pedophiles you see in the news getting busted almost all are white males. Yes you have molestation in the black community and yes it happens in all communities and in every family too. Incest happens too. But as for that being a trend exclusively relegated to the black community, hell no. Cause I know of a case in Chicago where a brother raped and killed a 12 year old girl in the neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. And the community got together and hunted the dude down and killed him, literally stoned his ass to death. They took it back to biblical times. And the Most High called us to do that to purge our land of wickedness. And that’s how you know our people are Israelites. Cause certain things the black community won’t tolerate. Blacks won’t let a known pedophile live and walk amongst them with impunity. Cause I guarantee you someone in the hood gonna do him something, guaranteed. That’s why registered sex offenders gotta stay out of sight. The white community may tolerate that but the African-American and Latino community won’t. We don’t play that shit.

    • John Cool

      Nice so blacks are fine with mudering each other and rape which is massively more in black communities than whites. But they will stone a guy who molest a kid? Give me a break. Plus if whites are pedo why do we have stricter laws than arab countries who marry little girls? Arabs not more pedo? What about japan and other asian countries who draw naked little girls and all? You’re an idiot. Pedos for whites are still in a huge minority.

  88. John Cool

    I laugh at all these idiots who come on here claiming whites is higher are mostly blacks trying to hide they have plenty pedos among them. Greeks are actually more arabic than white back in day. But I wont focus on fact Muhammad who was arab was a pedo either. I’ll focus on blacks.

    Contrary to popular lies, most are black.

    Pedophilia and child molestation is rife in the black community and I will use this thread to PROVE that. Every source you find that says “most pedophiles are White” is PROPAGANDA to promote race relations on the basis that blacks really aren’t that bad. Fact is blacks are not only bad, but inherently EVIL. Blacks are only 13% of the population in America, yet as I’m about to prove, they sure do commit an obscene amount of child rape.

    South Africa: The “Child Rape Capital” of the World
    [link to]

    Child-rape epidemic in South Africa
    [link to]

    Baby rapes shock South Africa
    [link to]

    Child rape ‘epidemic’ in Zimbabwe
    [link to]

    Child rape escalating in South Africa
    [link to]

    961 Child Rapes A Day In South Africa
    [link to]

    CHILD RAPE – A Cry From Africa
    [link to]
    Click here for over 100 pages of PROOF that most pedophiles are BLACK:

    • Subliminal Star

      John Cool? I don’t hold any particular opinion on which race is culpable of the most sex crimes against children. However, reading your information about South Africa did bring to mind several articles I have read online that report that the United Nations named Papua New Guinea as having the most human rights violations of any nation in the world in terms that this same nation has the highest number of men committing rapes and all sorts of heinous sex crimes against women and children. I don’t know why Papua New Guinea is predominantly black, because it is right north of Australia and its surrounding countries are mostly populated with white or Asian people. Some of the news clips I saw on YouTube about Papua New Guinea really shocked the heck out of me when I heard some of the horror stories that the women and young girls told the news reporters. Of course, I’m not using that country to draw any kind of conclusion about which race has the most child molesters and child rapists, because it is only one nation out of many throughout the world and it is not that big of a country. However, I just thought that you might be interested in that piece of information.

  89. Joe

    Ha ha ha, look at all the white people trying to pretend they aren’t child molesters. Nasty.

  90. Common Sense

    Just amazing how poorly some people understand crime stats. You have a majority white country like the USA and within that country find that the prison population for a certain crime (child abuse in this case) just happens to be the same race as the racial majority of that country. How is that surprising, and how absurd can you be to seem shocked by this?

    I would bet that majority of bank robbers in Japan are Japanese. So would it make sense to then claim that most Japanese people are bank robbers?

    In order to correctly break down the information in order to determine which sub group commits a certain crime within their own group, you need to compare the crime stats with only that group. In other words what is the ratio of total population group A to criminals who commit crime X who are of population group A.

    If the population of a group is 74% of the total population in a country then logically they should make up around 70-75% of the criminal population as well as 70-75% of the population of citizens who are not criminals.

    When you have a population that is only 12-14% of the total population, they too should only make up 12-14% of the prison population as well as the same amount of those who do not have a criminal record.

    The easy way to compare the two groups is to see which, if any, falls outside the expected population group in regards to crime stats. If one is over represented, that would prove that group has a larger element of criminals within their respective population group.

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  92. Chippy Garrison

    Everybody knows that whites are pedophiles. It’s in there DNA

    • Toe Jam Football

      And your links to peer reviewed scientific papers… are non-existent.. I guess.. you didn’t look at Robert’s evidence to counter your claim.

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  94. When was the last time you heard of a black person being arrested for in the newspaper for molesting children. It is always white. When is the last time you heard of a teacher having sex with a child. It is always white.Yes you can not trust a white man with any child. I can prove that to you?

  95. TheTruth

    It’s hard enough to get a black father to stick around and help raise his kids and when you finally find a present black father they’re more that likely trying to molest their kids. No wonder the black community has so many issues. This also helps explain why a lot of young black males go around pretending to be tough. They’re overcompensating to make up for the fact they used to take it up the butt from their daddy. That’s quite sad.

    • white devils deserve to die

      It’s harder to keep sexual deviant white devils like Jared fogle the subway pedophile from little children. White men tend to be attracted to children due to their small dicks and inherent homosexual nature. That combined with their need to fuck animals it makes perfect sense that white devils are being self exterminated

      • I guess the 33,000 white women who are raped annually in the US are lying when they say the guy was black. The one black woman who was actually raped by a white man could not be found to verify her story.

        Blacks are actually brutal and there is no excuse for them. They try to hide behind the old story of it all being the fault of Whitey, so in South Africa, the rape capital of the world with a rape every 23 seconds of the day, who is to blame?

        White men in general have far bigger dicks than blacks, which is why blacks stick to gang raping 91 year old women to death or scorching young white children to death with blow lamps.

        You have no case. Blacks are in the main far more brutal than whites, whichever way you try to slant the statistics. I defy you to find a video clip of a white thug giving the “knockout” to a 75 year old Black pensioner. I won’t be expecting your evidence any time soon.

    • Char Char Binks

      Momma’s boyfriend is more likely to abuse a kid than daddy — fact.

  96. I see that even when you explain the difference between absolute numbers and numbers expressed as a percentage of racial prevelance, you STILL get the knuckle draggers failing to understand the difference.

    For the benefit of the thickies:-

    If you 100 people in a room, 90 white and 10 black – and 5 white people break the law – and 2 black people break the law, then blacks are more likely to break the law.

    5 white people out of 90 – means that there is about a 1 in 18 chance that a white person in this group will break the law.

    2 black people out of 10 – means that there is about a 1 in 5 chance that a black person will break the law.

    Yes, 5 is a bigger number than 2, but if we can move on from advanced mathematics just for now and look at the difference between absolute numbers (5 white people and 2 black people broke the law) and look at RATIOS then we realise that 5 our of 90 means that you need 18 white people per criminal.

    With the smaller number (2) we have to pause for though though because this means by the time we have found 5 black people we already have 2 criminals.

    Still not able to work it out?

    Ok, we have 8 people in the room. 6 white people and two black people. Three white people have broken the law and 2 black people. Some idiots would STILL say “white people break the law more than black people) but here in this example, one third of the white people have broken the law – and EVERY SINGLE black person has broken the law.

  97. CPG718

    This article exists only to cast confusion upon the truth, the bottom line is Child Porn is a large industry that grosses tons of money. That industry is driven underground almost SOLELY by white men! Black men did not organize a society in which pedophiles can purchase videos that depict children being abused, and even retain a large team of lawyers to defend the rights of those within this pedophile society! Black men did not use their money and lawyers to take men like NBC’s Chris Hansen off the air because his shoW “TO CATCH A PREDATOR” targeted them! Black men do not pay tens of thousands of dollars to fly to countries like thailand or taiwan (whichever country it is) to spend a vacation purchasing little boys as sex toys. I visited 11 different state’s sex offender registries and had to look through ocean upon ocean of middle aged white male faces before seeing one minority and they were not always black minorities at that. Furthermore, the Bureau of Justice Statistics posted this offering on rape offender statistics (link =

    This cut and pasted DIRECT from the posting:

    “Based on
    police-recorded incident data, in 90%
    of the rapes of children younger than
    12, the child knew the offender; twothirds
    of the victims 18 to 29 years old
    had a prior relationship with the rapist.
    The FBI’s UCR arrest data, as well as
    court conviction data and prison admissions
    data, all point to a sex offender
    who is older than other violent
    offenders, generally in his early thirties,
    and more likely to be white than
    other violent offenders  characteristics
    that match the information obtained
    from victims who describe the
    offender to interviewers in the National
    Crime Victimization Survey.”

    So the Bureau of Justice Statistics is lying? Is that too a myth? If that’s the case then, I guess all the good ones about Black crime stats should be expecting a “Myth” article in their defense too correct? LOL we wont hold our breath.

    Lies are falsehoods, or untruths, often used to cover up the TRUTH. This article is clearly, and truthfully a LIE.

    • Listen jerk, I am banning your Black ass from my site. You are not even very intelligent because you did not even interpret the quoted data correctly. Also you insulted me. Violation of comments rule that results in an immediate ban.

      You are just wrong. Victim surveys show that Black women are far more likely to report being molested as girls than White women are. We have interviews with Black women’s therapy groups in the ghetto with the women saying, “All girls are molested in the ghetto.” Blacks say that this is a sensitive issue and it is mostly not reported in the ghetto as they think it is private and shameful. Black men will screw anything that moves. They are far worse than White men that way.

      Hispanic and Amerindian women also report higher levels of molestation as girls than White women do. Almost all abuse in Black, Hispanic and Amerindian families is within the family or with boyfriends of the mother or friends of the family.

      This article exists only to cast confusion upon the truth, the bottom line is Child Porn is a large industry that grosses tons of money. That industry is driven underground almost SOLELY by white men! Black men did not organize a society in which pedophiles can purchase videos that depict children being abused, and even retain a large team of lawyers to defend the rights of those within this pedophile society! Black men do not pay tens of thousands of dollars to fly to countries like thailand or taiwan (whichever country it is) to spend a vacation purchasing little boys as sex toys.

      I will agree with everything written above. Fixated pedophiles seem to often be White men. However 92% of all molestation is not even done by pedophiles. It is done by non-pedophilic molesters. This men are just criminals who are taking advantage of vulnerable little girls because they are an easy target.

      To Catch a Predator did not target “pedophiles.” Once again you show how retarded you are. They set men up with fake 14 year old girls. Men who try to have sex with 14 year old girls are not “pedophiles.” It is not “child molestation” because 14 year old girls are not children. They’re not little girls. They are teenage girls, adolescents, creatures that are neither girls nor women and that incidentally even at age 14 have an extremely high sex drive. Little girls don’t have a sex drive. Women have sex drives. Teenage girls acquire a full mature woman’s sex drive at age 13. That’s not a little girl.

      It is just called “screwing a teenage girl.” It is completely different from molesting little girls under the age of 13. The desire to have sex with teenage girls is more or less ubiquitous in all normal males, but most control themselves and do not act on these feelings because they do not want to go to jail.

      You don’t even understand what the word pedophilia means and you can’t figure out that screwing teenage girls and child molesting are two completely different things.

      And with that, I send you off to the corner where you sell crack or to your next Black Lives Matter rally, homeboy.

      Keep it real nigga.

  98. White people are the kings and queens of molestation and rape. Even Christmas is a cryptic celebration of pedophilia. The dirty old man that cums down you chimney(throat) and leaves gifts under little kids trees(bum hole under penis) and in little girls stockings(underwear)

    White people are the masters of molestation and rape.

    They even violated their own God characters Chris and Erin.

    Read Canada’s Cryptic Story at

    • It’s hard to care about a people after they violate you. I read the stats and see that whites are not more likely. I’m just saying there are some corrupt disgusting white people with influence on this world

      • jfnz

        as post your garbage on white invented technology. you’re free to go live safely among your own in the dark continent, scumwad.

    • Salger

      When will you leave for Africa? You can visit its lands with way higher living standards and lower rape like South Africa!

  99. John

    Why are hispanics so in denial about incest than african American

  100. 79XLHonda

    Thank you Robert Lindsay for running the numbers, and sticking with reality instead of what is socially acceptable. What all the fact-denying, herd mentality trolls on here don’t realize, is that they are on the wrong side of history. There are differences between races, and someday they will be studied and understood without social stigma.
    Unfortunately, until that day arrives, you will have to deal with the same “righteous anger” that Galileo and Charles Darwin had to deal with in their day.

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  102. Freyja Griffith

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth.

  103. Chinedu

    Since the typical child molester profile is a white male, according to HDB orthodoxy, this pathology is genetically hardwired and therefore irredeemable. Should we then take steps to keep white men away from children? Should we keep white men away from the priesthood?

    Moreover, since white women can’t seem to keep their panties on around underage boys, should we ban white women from the teaching profession?

    Most HBDers talk gleefully about circumscribing the freewill of other races (usually blacks) based upon alleged deleterious genetic predispositions. Well, it’s a two-way street. Whites engage in a range of pathologies that could also be ascribed to genetics. So if society ever decides to take action to clean up humanity, they HBDers might find themselves in the very concentration camps they are pining for.

    • “Since the typical child molester profile is a white male, according to HDB orthodoxy, this pathology is genetically hardwired and therefore irredeemable. Should we then take steps to keep white men away from children? Should we keep white men away from the priesthood?”

      Did you even look at the Data presented in the article? There’s even links. The firs one is broken but the others seem to work fine.

      • Chinedu

        I can post my own links. Ask the FBI who the typical child molester is. They’ll tell you it’s a white male. I can’t believe you’re debating this with a straight face.

        • That’s because Whites are 66% of the population! So of course the typical molester is a White male. However, Blacks are apparently twice as likely (92% higher) to molest children as Whites. The rate is also elevated in Hispanics. American Indians have the highest rate of all. I have lived in White communities my whole life and I never heard of even one single molester the whole time I lived in those places, nor did I hear of anyone I knew getting molested.

          Plus Blacks don’t report it. The are articles out there on the Web discussing peer groups for Black women who got molested as kids. One says, “All the Black girls in the ghetto get molested,” and the others all nod their heads. They say it is often covered up because Black people are ashamed of this sort of thing. It is often the mother’s boyfriend who does this stuff.

          Epidemiological studies of victims of sexual abuse show that Black women as girls have 2X the rate of having been molested as White women.

          Keep White men away from your kids! LOL. What adult males are you going to allow around your kids then? Black men? LOL. Hispanic men. LOL. Crazy. Why not keep all adult men away from your kids, which is what nutty parents do nowadays anyway.

        • Chinedu

          Here ya go:

          Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy

          Of the 413 people arrested as part of the agency’s “Innocent Images” investigation since 1995, “only a handful have not been upper-middle-class, educated white men,” said Special Agent Pete Gulotta who serves as the investigation’s chief spokesman. “They’re almost all white males between the ages of 25 and 45.”

          Not only do white pedophiles target children in America, they also take their show on the road to other countries:

          The dark side of sex tourism

          In areas where child sex tourism is rife, single white Western males can automatically be looked-upon with suspicion.

          And this appears on billboards in Bali:

          Vacationers: Watch Out for Pedophiles in Bali

          Keep your eyes open. If you see a white man with a bunch of local kids, take note. If you see a Canadian sexually exploiting children, call Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-8477) or contact the consulate.

        • Robert basically sums it up. Again you confuse concepts, this time it’s percentages of ethnic groups in the crime with proportional contribution.

          You didn’t even pay attention to how the article points that out. Rather you preferred to pretend you had any upperhand in the topic.

        • Chinedu


          According to the FBI data you guys love to cite so much 80% of pedophiles are non-Hispanic white men.

          Every child sex-trafficking network and every child prostitution ring is virtually universally composed of white men. Every time they bust a child pornography ring they’re all white men. To Catch a Predator, again, white men. There are black priests as well as white ones, but only the white ones seem to be boinking little boys.

        • Okay, two problems.

          A. The crimes you gave were in regards to specific type of pedophilic activities, ones that could be confounded by economic status. Second being the ability and resources to travel to exotic locations to commit such crimes.

          Here it shows how MOST child porn activities are not done with computers, so online arrests aren’t even representative of the situation.

          While I couldn’t find data on sexual abuse, Blacks are indeed higher in overall child abuse.

          Race. The findings about race are also inconclusive. Several national studies have found that black and white children experienced near-equal levels of sexual abuse [2, 4]. Other studies, however, have found that found that both blacks and Latinos have an increased risk for sexual
          victimization [6, 18].

        • Another William Playfair Web

          Chinedu –

          I am called an evil Jew who wants to kill White people sometimes on this blog…so I’m not really racist…but do you honestly believe that there are no instances of child molestation among Child soldiers in your Native Africa – or even Native Nigeria (Biafran war).

          It may not be genetic, it may be the child molesters come from impoverished areas (Hispanic immigrants still poorer than AA’s, explaining the numbers).


          An evil Anti-White Jew.

        • That’s CHILD PORN, Chinedu. Right, most consumers of child porn are White men. Blacks are not into that stuff, but Blacks still molest children at twice the White rate.

          Personally, I would be a lot more alarmed if I saw a Black or Hispanic man with local kids. Black and Hispanic men would be way more likely to hurt those kids than a White man.

          You realize that 92% of molestations are in the family, right?

        • Where’s that 80% figure? Let’s see it. Are you conflating child porn with pedophiles?

          I don’t know one White person who is scared of White men because they “might be a pedophile.” It’s absurd.

          How is it that Black women are twice as likely to have been molested as White women if Black men do not molest at higher than average rates? That’s the figure we look for. The victimization figure. Not the arrest figure because that stuff’s not reported in the ghetto.

        • To William,

          South Africa is often where you here of child rape and kidnappings, but in the case of Nigeria.

          Globally apparently South Africa has the highest by males.

        • They had a lot of Hispanic men on To Catch a Predator. Black men are way more likely to fuck teenage girls than White men are. There’s an unbelievable amount of men fucking underage teenage girls in the ghetto. It’s way higher than in the White community, but no one reports it because it is considered normal.

          Anyway, To Catch a Predator isn’t pedophilia. They are pretending to be 14 year old girls. Men who fuck 14 year old girls are not pedophiles. The word for men who fuck 14 year old girls is “normal.”

          It is correct that most people in child trafficking ring, child prostitution rings and child porn rings are White men, but so what? Good luck convincing White people to “beware of White men as they might be pedophiles.”

        • To Robert,

          The 80% figure was from some news report but I couldn’t find an article or study verifying it.

          In fact, that link on Prevent Abuse was the only good source for comparing rates, but now it’s broken. Do have any other idea to find a source for comparison.

        • 53% of Indian girls get molested in India.

          The reason men go to Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia or Thailand to molest kids is that child molesting is so epidemic in those places that the locals hardly even care about it.

          We had a pedophile on this site once who said he had relocated down to Mexico because it was so much easier to molest little girls down there because so many Mexican girls get molested and in the lower class to working class areas, it is so common that people don’t even care about it that much and it is rarely reported to police.

          Molesting of little girls is now epidemic in South Africa. A recent survey found that 100% (yes that is correct) of Haitian women report that they were molested.

        • Chinedu


          When talking about child molestation, I’m referring to very young kids. My mother was in her mid-teens when she married my father. He was in his early 20’s. That was not considered abnormal in their culture.

          Child abuse occurs more frequently in poorer households regardless of race. But I thought we were talking about sex crimes against children. That transcends all income categories.

          You’re claiming that blacks are twice as likely as white men to molest children SEXUALLY? Sorry, that doesn’t pass the smell test. Black men just aren’t into young kids the way white men are. Frankly, I’ve never understood the fascination white men have with young kids.

          And, by the way, those black girls that got molested in the ghetto, what was was the age of the perps? Molestation doesn’t have to be adult/child. Plenty of girls get molested by boys in their own age group. Aspects of black ghetto culture do demean and objective girls. So 13 year old boys often will molest 12 and 13 year old girls.

          And I think you have it backwards, white women are much more likely than black to keep mum about sexual abuse. Rape is called the silent crime because most white women won’t report it.

        • Two studies showed that Black women report being molested at the same rate as White women. Two other studies report that Black women were molested at twice the rate of White women.

          So there’s your victimization studies.

          A 13 year old boy messing around with a 12 year old girl is not child molestation. It’s more like childhood sex play or even just maybe teen sex.

          Black men just aren’t into young kids the way white men are.

          Yes, but reports from Africa and Haiti show unbelievably high rates of girls getting molested, so it looks like Black men are into little girls after all. Also victimization studies that show that Black girls get molested at anywhere from equal to 2X the White rate, so it looks like Black men are just as much into molesting little girls as White men are if not even moreso.

        • Anecdotal reports from groups of Black women from the ghetto who were molested as girls quote these groups of women as saying that this crime is not reported in the Black community as it is considered shameful. I would say it is much more likely to be reported in the White community than in the Black community.

        • “And I think you have it backwards, white women are much more likely than black to keep mum about sexual abuse. Rape is called the silent crime because most white women won’t report it.”

          “Thirteen out of 14 black women who are sexually assaulted do not tell police, federal statistics show. ”

          “The Department of Justice estimates that for every white woman that reports her rape, at least 5 white women do not report theirs; and yet, for every African-American woman that reports her rape, at least 15 African-American women do not report theirs.”

        • Jonathan

          “We had a pedophile on this site once who said he had relocated down to Mexico.”

          I guess you’re referring to this thread where commenters Goodzilla and Wayne were making all those ridiculous confessions.

          It was shocking. More and more people are coming out of the woodwork.

      • Char Char Binks

        Negroes ai’t got no use fo statistics, foo!

  104. Another William Playfair Web

    It is certainly interesting you were able to find these statistics.
    The combination of Hispanics being counted as “White” unequivocally, and the fact that Hispanics are highly racially ignorant as to what they are, creates a conundrum, so that really, we could assume the only thing the stats are useful is like saying “Blacks commit 37% of crime as 12% of the pop” or “Asians commit 2% of crime for 5% of pop.” and those to could be contrasted Blacks are x times more likely to be criminals…but not to Whites/Mestizos, because their crime rates are generally mysteries.

    • Another William Playfair Web

      point is- Hispanic classifications are bullshit to begin with,
      and White numbers are screwed with.
      Since there are very few Black Hispanics and Asian Hispanics, thats really about all you can discern these days- and actually, I believe Asians are counted as “others”.
      What a cluster fuck!

  105. William

    Using the national adult demographic numbers of
    84% non-Hispanic White+ All Hispanic, 13% non-Hispanic Black, and 3% everybody else
    and this link;

    we see that Blacks are over represented in all crime fields except DUIs, where they are slightly underrepresented.

    “Others” are underrepresented in everything but “liqour laws”, in which they are proportionally represented.

  106. Jason Y

    Robert is correct NAMS molest like crazy. Of course, that doesn’t mean though I still don’t respect NAMS who don’t molest. Also, such molestation would explain the massive homophobia in NAM communiities.

    • Jason Y

      Robert also brought up that NAMS are more likely to want the real thing, hands on, as opposed to a video production. However, a video production is technically a gang rape of thousands of viewers because they’re paying for someone to do it for them.

  107. Salger

    Showing an interest in having sex with girls (or boys) who are post-pubescent is not pedophilia by actual definition. Anti-Whites such as those seen in this post’s comment section are conflating the male leaning towards highly fertile females for mates with pedophilia. The trotting out of “To Catch A Predator” shows this, since as already pointed out a noticeable amount of the “predators” were straight males looking for post-pubescent (and so highly fertile) females.

  108. Char Char Binks

    Negroes and SJWs think math is racist.

  109. Jacqueline barrett

    I can’t see that the myth is wrong because. ,73% of sex offenders in prisons and has are WHITE. I majored in criminal justice and psychology. When I was in college it was only 70% but it has increased. I also did my own research and the same thing was the same.

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