What the Heck? Juggalo Funeral

Repost from the old site.

A real White trash funeral, complete with booze cooler casket and the bereaved dressed in their Sunday best.

There is something about this picture that really bothers me. Those people with the Insane Clown Posse t-shirts are known as juggalos. Juggalos are the fan base of the Detroit White hip hop group Insane Clown Posse.

Juggalos have lately gotten a reputation for being associated with a lot of crimes, to the extent that they are now considered to be a White street gang. But only about 15% of juggalos are involved in gang-related criminal activity.

The dead baby. Yuck. Ninja down!

There is something just so wrong about showing up at your baby’s funeral wearing Insane Clown Posse t-shirts. And the coffin looks like a beer cooler. And if you look at the really weird markings on the coffin, there are two aliens engaged in a shootout.

The story around this baby’s death is that it died preterm when the woman with the dyed hair was 6-7 months pregnant, due to her very heavy use of drugs. She was supposedly a very heavy drug user who took all sorts of drugs every day during her pregnancy, resulting in the stillbirth of the baby preterm. Afterward, she supposedly sued the hospital for killing the baby, when in fact it was her drug abuse that did it.

What’s even worse was she called in to some Juggalo radio show and talked about her dead baby for about a minute, then started bitching about some merchandise they never sent her.

Below is from her MySpace page. It’s worse. Here is a closeup of the cartoon images on the casket from the MySpace page along with some text:

The “psychopathics” from outer space are going to protect this stillborn baby from evil? WTH?

Here is the funeral announcement from the MySpace page:

Juggalo Ho posted:

R * I * P

*Anabelle Lotus Krawczyk*
05 – 11 – 2008

Mother ~ Julie aka Juggalo Julz
Father ~ Joe aka Druggalo JK47

BORN ~ Mothers Day, Sun.

May 11, 2008 10:39am

DIED ~ Mothers Day, Sun.

May 11, 2008 10:52














FUNERAL HOME PHONE ~ 773 – 774 – 4100


TIME ~ 9:00AM – 1:00PM (Service starts at 9:00AM then we go to the cemetery)




CEMETERY PHONE ~ 847 – 678 – 1631



You’ve got to be kidding? “Ninja down”? The mother’s name is “Juggalo Julz,” and the father’s name is “Druggalo JK47?” Tell me this isn’t true. Something about that is just wrong.

I realize I have been told that it’s un-Commie of me to make fun of White trash, and there’s nothing really funny about a stillborn baby, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

It’s always sad when a kid dies, but at least she didn’t get to be raised by these parents.

LOL. Not much I can say to this photo. I started busting up the first time I even looked at it, and it’s about a dead baby!

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145 responses to “What the Heck? Juggalo Funeral

  1. randy

    this is a quasi-repost isn’t it? i remember watching a juggalo-dead-baby video and it was one of the worst things i have seen. this is probably where i found it. you always have the best videos!

  2. Offtopic

    There is nothing sad about the death of a baby from those parents.

    If the doctors “accidently” sterilized her, the world should see that man as a hero.

    • Raine Nutive

      honestly unless your a juggalo you have no right to say anything i have one daughter and a son on the way. being a juggalo doesnt mean your a bad parent. being a JUGGALO is being part of something bigger than yourself. something pricks like you wouldnt understand.
      MCL and my prayers to the family.

      • Wade in MO

        LOL OMG

        ” being a JUGGALO is being part of something bigger than yourself.”

        PArt of being a bigger tool?

        “i have one daughter and a son on the way”

        Should read “i have one daughter and a son on the way to being morons like me,”

        • W

          You forgot to address the worst part of that comment.

          “something pricks like you wouldn’t understand”

          lol, as of not being a jigiity dippity doo doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a team player. I’m sure you do and I do too, and we can do it without clown makeup.

        • madison

          This reply may never be seen for whom it is intended, but in hopeful delusion I speak either way. Being a juggalo IS about being part of something bigger than yourself. It’s not just about the rappers, the music, the merchandise, the drugs, or even about (as the article suggests) being a certain race. We vary from poor English to highly educated, from rich to poor, but really I’d suspect we all share one trait: we didn’t belong. We don’t care about each other’s backgrounds, we may not agree with each other’s decisions, but we stand united together from different backgrounds. Yes, we’re classified as a gang and yes a lot of the patrons of which are into drugs and doing really stupid things, but while I’m sorry to say some people just don’t give a damn, remember not all juggalos fall into the go no where fail at life stereotype associated with us. I’m not defending the idiots, of which I’d brand that title even if they weren’t juggalos, just saying remember not to judge people as a whole until you know them as an individual. It may sound like an outlandish request, but really it’s something they try to teach you as a child in books, tv, movies, and school. Unfortunately, much like our black sheep who never quite understood putting chemicals derived from battery acid into their bodies is a terrible idea, some people never quite caught on to not judging a book by it’s cover. On the note of the mother of this unfortunate infant however, if she was doing drugs I truly pray she’s learned at least some kind of lesson from this tragedy. Of all mammals we’re probably the most dependent on our parents at birth (and especially during maturation), mothers need to realize their bad decisions affect the future of someone else. Above all people need to get it in their thick as mud skulls that aside from affecting other people, there is no good reason to sacrifice your health and well being for a few moments of numbness.

        • wtf i listen to ICP as well as heave metal and you think just because they listen to a type of music that they are idiots what do you think of metal head they worship (Lucifer) the devil for people who don’t know i also listen to emo music but I’m not emo at all i just like the music don’t judge people on what they like how would you like it if every one was to hate on you for what you like you would get pissed of and go on about how everyone is a hater and bla bla bla. Lord Graham out (yes i am a lord i have land that give me the right to be a lord)

        • I am better than you

          No its for the best these morons never raised the child because the mother was stupid enough to fucking do drugs while she was pregnant. These people are just fucking retards and juggalos to boot.

        • I about died laughing reading Madison’s reply.

          Especially the part about don’t judge people as a whole until you get to know them individually, I’ll take that into account when i talk to a KKK or black panther member.

          And while I’m sure there are “well educated juggalo’s” I’ve never met one with an IQ above 30, and you certainly aren’t making a case for it with your bad spelling and outlandish tales.

          The comments on this page are almost funnier than the retards who killed their own kid before it had a chance at life.

      • Harry S

        Fucking CAPS LOCK, how do they work?

      • ninja vince

        your about a hater dude i got a duaghter and aint shit wrong wit bein a juggalo your just all up in your own bubble cant see anything else than what y0u been fed wit a silver spoon you fuckin prick aint shit wrong wit it so before you go talkin shit look at what you talkin shit about. mmfwcl peace fam

        • ngb530

          HaHAAHAHA this guy even types in white trash wigger. Either that or he was trying to to sound out the words to spell it right and was like, “wit? wit?W…I…T! Hey mom look i did it yaaaaay!” I have a question for you ninja vince I have heard of the I before E rule but in retarded white gangster what is the rule on using the letter g? if its in juggalo its a go but after IN its a no? do you have something against typing I-N-G… just wondering. best wishes from the boy with the silver spoon to the 30 year old man living in his basement with a wooden spoon. This has been super harsh Troll time with NGB530

        • nominay

          ngb530, come back! Oh man you just made me lol. I don’t normally lol.

        • Being a juggalo means being brainwashed by violent J into thinking you can only belong with those people..but the entire human race has been accepting each other without regards to backgrounds for a long time..except for a few idiots.. i used to listen to ICP in the 90s but they got really lazy and lackluster when they changed from being champions of nerds and the bullied..to being the bullies themselves. Their ads for teh gathering are nothing but psychological proaganda to get you to give them money.. they dont even believe what they say themselves.. If you think any one group is your only place to “fit in” then your view of life is very very limited. But please..keep giving Violent J your money..he needs it more than you.

      • Maddy

        Doing drugs while you’re pregnant does mean you’re a bad parent though.

        • luke

          fuck yes it does, what are you white trash? when your pregnant your not suppose to use drugs or alcohol. Have you heard of FAS? it means your a bad parent because your harming your child. You are a fucking piece of shit.

        • Night

          It doesn’t make you a parent at all. Case in point.

        • Alex

          OH MY GOD YOU RETARDS. OBVIOUSLY you don’t know the whole fucking story do you?!?! SHE DID NOT KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT FOR 6 MONTHS. HERP DERP.

      • Right!! Let me see this person that posted this whole Thing in person. U have balls on the fucking computer . Give me ur address Lindsay fag bag. I’m a Akron Juggalo I ain’t No chump I’ll kill u and rape ur mom!!!!! my names Nathen moynihan and all I have to say to y’all is whoop whoop!!!!!!!!! Hope u and ur family are staying strong• Lindsay… I’ll do my job as a Juggalo What’s ur address bitch?????? Call me u fuck 330 8444825 give me. Ur address u fagot I’ll s how u how white trash we juggles are. Some ones baby dies and u have shit to say but white trash and dick in ur ass u fuck. Call me Hey family all family look me up on Facebook Wake up. Or here’s my email fizz3lm@gmail.com

        • Ok psycho, you’re banned.

          Merry Christmas!

        • Haaaa! I love Robert Lindsay’s comment: Alright psycho, you’re banned. It’s just prfect: Totally succinct and biting. I love this guy.

        • Oh, any time! Please just keep staying funny. I love that it is issued like a royal command. It’s very “off with your head!” I’ve read them before, and it’s very satisfying when you give it to some deserving jerk. Once it was: HAND. Loved that one too.

        • Greggggggggggggggg

          “I’ll kill u and rape ur mom”

          I think this kid just proved the point we’re all trying to make. Setting a real great example for his peers. Fucking idiot.

        • Pezz

          Aaasand THIS! Is why juggalos get a bad rap with pdople, because once any one sees a black sheep the whole jerd aught to be sklaughtered. Right? Oh heres a great example! A couple of terrorists take down a vouple towers! Why dont we go over there and fuck thrm over? I mean thats thr thing to do right? Or how about this, sandy hook! One kid goes bad, clean out the school! Just to be shure that we got em!

        • Fuck A Jugg

          Thank for leaving your number, you TWIT…….

      • Allison

        Living a life for the Lord is being part of something bigger than yourself. Being a juggalo is supposedly being part of a “family”., Having each others back and always being there for each other. Wow, the Manson’s, the Hell’s Angel’s and Bloods/Crips also call themselves a family. I guess there is nothing wrong with then either?

      • ryan toxik keith

        wow all I gotta say is you are a close minded asshole we’re all white trash go fuck yourself I have a career an income and I’m doing something I love I got a girl and I got a baby on the way so our we are fucking white trash and you’re sitting here writing about these people who are obviously grieving no matter how they grieve they’re still hurting they lost their baby you have no right saying the shit you said I hope you rot you dick

        Hell yea

        • Jugga-NO

          You have a career an income? What does that mean? You have a job that you derive income from? Doesn’t every employed person? Is flipping burgers really a career? That tub Julie was using her baby for free merchandise and concert tickets. Members of the Insane Clown Posse even called her out on it. Reading is fundamental. Moron.

        • Natasha

          I bet you were beaten as a child with a grammar book since you hate commas and periods now. I seriously hope your kids rebel against you and learn basic grammar. You should be embarrassed for yourself because you show yourself to be a true ignoramus. Sadly its always illiterate fuckwits like you that reproduce like rats.

      • being A HUMAN is also being part of something bigger than yourself.. its sad that most juggalos think giving ICP money is the only way to feel like they are part of something.. all creatures are part of the cosmos..thats pretty big. That coffin and their dress for the the funeral are inexcusable..as the baby didnt have time to like any music at all..so all that crap on the coffin us just crap the stupid trashy parents put on there.. juggalos are mostly as dumb as this one.. mostly.. there are a few exceptions.

    • Juggalo jake

      Your a FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! are you trying to say the baby would grow up to be a wigger and how are juggalos wiggers?

      • ngb530

        know its bad to reply to super old comments such as this one but it was too dumb to not do anything!!!! How are juggalos wiggers let me count the ways. Is it the baggy pants or the way you rhyme or the way you do drugs just to past the time. Is it in the way that you speak or the way that you act or they way that your mouth has as many teeth as your ass crack. Or the rows in your hair or the cloths that you ware, or just the stupid inbred stair. Oh how many ways are juggalos wiggers with every dead baby that number grows bigger! Or wait are they just white trash now I’m confused… get back to me on that ok?

      • Justin

        I can imagine that if I were to see you, I’d suggest that you see a dentist.

    • TheTwiistedSiister

      You are a sick individual and I hope for the sake of future generations that you never reproduce

    • Lette

      Maybe u should be sterilized just for being a judgemental dumbass

  3. fabian5003

    World sometimes can be a scary place. Despite the fact the death of a just born is sad, I like to think this was the best thing that could happened to the baby. I hate idiot parents. We all should born sterile. Then as we grow up if we really learn to value life, we can have kids. The world population would be extremely low but I assure you, everyone would be a great person.

  4. Even as a juggalette, this pissed me off. She blamed the hospital and shit, then got on the radio, crying about her baby(while probably high) and then started asking for merchandise.
    Can you IMAGINE the shit that woman put us in? She’s one of the reasons why people think we’re all drug abusers. Excuse me, but I haven’t done a single drug in my lifetime, thank you very much. She wants someone to blame? Turn your fucking finger from the doctors, to your cocaine and marijuana.
    Then wearing HATCHET GEAR to the fucking funeral? How stupid. Look at everyone else. A shitload of random juggalos went there to pay respects for the new fallen family member, and they at least had the decency to dress nicely, when not even her PARENTS did.
    Fuck that. She deserves to be locked up.

    • Chi_Town_Juggalo

      i was at that funeral and i personally know that bitch she can fucking die asking for free shit what the fuck is that right after your kid died you’re crying about not getting a fucking shirt.

      • ali

        all juggalos deserve to die thank god this shit eating baby died i hope all juggalos are tortured to death

        • Juggalo jake

          ALI are you trying to say a baby who hasnt even had a chance at LIFE will become a wigger and saying this INFANT who never had a LIFE can eat shit you should burn in hell im a juggalo and i dont agree that the mom should have been wearing hatchet gear and asking for merchandise and blaming the doctors but you dont even know us and are family and if you want all of the juggalos all around the world to be tortured than you can become a toilet slave cuz you EAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Justin

          Why are you so hostile to using periods and grammar?

        • Joey Pellegrin

          Geez… You Want A Thirteen Year Old Boy To Rot In The Depths Of Hell? Thanks A Lot, Man. We’re Not All Like That. I Just Recently Became A Juggalo, Having Found Out About It Via Homestuck, And I Can Safely Say That I’m Here To Stay (I Call Myself A Subjuggulator, Which, If You Don’t Read Homestuck, Is A Portmanteau Of “Subjugate” And “Juggulate”). I’ve Started To Appreciate Life More, And I Now Realize That I’ve Taken So Much For Granted (My Own Existence, Anyone?). I Thank My Mom Every Day For My Life, And I Do My Best To Improve Both The World And The Lives Of Every Creature On This Planet. I Have Only Met Three Juggalos, Not Including Myself, But I View Every Lifeform As My Brethren, My Kin, And My Family. You Don’t Have To Become A Juggalo, But I Encourage You To At Least CONSIDER These Views On Life. Before I Go, I Would Like To Say One Last Thing: I View You, Too, As A Part Of My Family, Whether You Like It Or Not. You May Be A Total Stranger, But I Will Always Feel Like I Know You. We’re Also Biologically Related, Considering The Fact That All Known Human Beings In Existence Are Descended From An African Woman, Nicknamed “Mitochondrial Eve” By Scientists, Who Lived Approximately One Hundred Thousand To Two Hundred Thousand Years Ago.

    • JuggaNaut

      I agree. I am another drug-free Juggalo. What that <and I use this term lightly) "woman" did was disgusting. And that she would ask for donations from "juggalo family", when we can all be sure it would be used to fuel her addiction further, is morally repugnant.

      • lilmama

        Not one of you that call yourselves a juggalo or juggalette is actually one because all you guys are doing is judging this woman. Fuck it stop degrading this poor childs death. If some else were to have a child and lose it no matter what actually happened everybody would feel sorry. Nobody would say lthat baby deserved to die or I’m glad it died. You people make me so sick. Grow up. You shouldn’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. Not one of you is perfect.

        • jessicado

          I am not being judgmental at all when I say I am glad this child died. This bitch continued to do drugs and drink while pregnant leading to a preterm birth and death. Are you aware of the birth defects that are caused by drug use during pregnancy? If this baby had lived, it probably wouldn’t have been a very healthy or happy life, so yeah–it is better that it died in all honesty. Let’s not even get into the emotional scarring from being raised by those morons…

        • Erica

          No one is degrading the child’s death other than her own parents you fucking moron. This fat bitch did drugs the entire time she was pregnant and did NOTHING to ensure the health of her child. SHE is the reason why her baby died, so yeah, she deserves to be judged and called out for it.

          It’s pieces of shit like them that give the rest of us a bad name. I’m a Juggalette, but unlike these tools I have an education, a job, I don’t do drugs, can speak English properly, and would NEVER be stupid and selfish enough to do a boatload of drugs if I was pregnant. They disgust me and it is no wonder the rest of the world looks down on Psychopathic fans. I myself am ashamed when I see trash like them.

        • Gay State Girl

          Love you jugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Natasha

          There is a difference between imperfection and injecting drugs into your system, murdering your unborn baby. By this same token you compare us to Hitler, right? Cause nobody is perfect. Newsflash-there are different gradation of imperfection-from leaving a toilet seat up to murdering people. Your comment makes me think you are another nasty horrible junkie mother.

      • Juggalo's scrub my ass.

        Who in their right mind would be desperate enough to stick their dick in this cow unprotected in the first place?

  5. Bambi Harris

    look im a lette and this was fucked up i feel bad she lost her child but it was on her for abusind drugs she shouldnt have blamed the hospital but i must say that its fucked up what people are saying about her like how she decided to burry the baby thats on her there was nothing wrong with it people be bad mouthin and they need to get popped but it was her fault for the babys death but it still hurt her i know so people talkin shit about her need to shut there damn mouths
    -love Bambi

    • Raine Nutive

      i agree bambi

    • Not a dumb Juggalo

      Ngb530 you’re my hero! What a pathetic and disrespectful baby funeral!!

    • jessicado

      If you are selfish and stupid enough to take drugs while pregnant, then you need to be able to deal with people calling you a moron. If anyone deserves to be popped, it is her retarded ass.

    • Juggalo's scrub my ass.

      Had she not have shot her mouth off expecting free shit people wouldnt be shitting all over her now would they? Juggalo Julz is a murderer and should be shot numerous times at close range with a shotgun.

  6. AussieTeenJuggalo

    I just cant believe that there are even people like that who have the nerve to call themselves a Juggalo or Juggalette. I’ts people like this that will give us a bad name. Sure it’s sad that you lost your baby but you dont point the finger at the doctors when you know damn well it was your drug abuse that killed your baby. And then you sure as hell dont cry about it on the radio and then BITCH about not getting merchandise that you probably didnt even deserve.

  7. TwiztidDreamlezz

    I met these ppl like 2 years after all this happened. I actually ended up going to there house (not planned happened on accident) It was a disgusting, small apartment with kids everywhere, no one had a bed. One of the kids was sleeping in a playpen, but then there was another baby sleeping in a stroller in the kitchen where some woman was chain smoking and talking to her bf about going out and getting heroin. Then joe was in his room doing coke, which caused his nose to bleed and he put the bloody tissue he used into my poor friend’s pocket. Disgusting. Oh yeah and these people also caused the fight that caused Twiztid to walk out early during their concert. Disgusting people. I wish I had paid attention to the address because I would have called child protective services.

  8. psycholette

    These people are disgusting. I met them thru a friend of a friend and ended up at thier house after a concert ( which ended early due to a fight both Julie and Joe started). Their house was disgusting. They had 2 or 3 cats and the apartment smelled like there were 20. There were 5 kids and none had a bed. 2 were sharing a couch, one was sleeping in a playpen and a very young baby was sleeping in the kitchen in a stroller where a woman was chain smoking and talking to her boyfriend about buying heroin. The sink was filled with dirty dishes, and the bathtub full to the brim with disgusting water. Joe was doing coke which caused his nose to bleed and, thinking he was funny I guess, put the bloody tissue he used into my friend’s pocket. If I had known the address, I would have called child protective services. It’s sad an innocent child is dead, but it would have happened anyway with those two as parents. I’m a juggalo, I love my fam and everything it involves, but there are bad people in every group and these are bad people. Please world, don’t judge us all based on their example.

  9. Fatpatthaclown

    World please dont judge us juggalos and juggalettes for the neglect and idiocy of these two people. These people should be locked up and never given the chance to be parents. Ive got alil son myself im 19 sure ive done some drugs as a teen but no what it happens i heard my girlfriend a fellow juggalette was pregnant and i stopped for the sake of my lil sooon to be born juggalo. These people didnt have the fucking common since or right mind to do that. They shouldnt blame it on the hospital or the doctors its their damn fualt not the doctors. Julz and Joe quit the bitching the the hospital killer your lil juggalette its your own damn fualt get some help before u decide to have another one. Then call yourselves juggalos you ignorant pricks.

  10. Fatpatthaclown

    oh ps i do planned to be buried in my gear just as i lived my clown shirt black jeans and my necklace

  11. Wade in MO


    Sorry to hear about your daughter Annabelle.

  12. jehu

    there’s a lot of HATRED & IGNORANCE in these comments & story. Hey Rob, congrats on laughing at a family during their worse hour. awesome. you should feel REALLY good about yourself. a f’n INFANT dies & you think it’s funny that it’s parents are juggalos. by the way, you’re assuming an awful lot without doing ANY research on this couple and their story. you’re pathetic. i am not a juggaslo, i just think it is completely classless to kick people when they’re down. let’s hope you never have to experience what this couple is going thru.

  13. Wade in MO

    This is what would have happened to the kid if it lived:

    Seems like the kid got a good deal.

  14. Elden

    Thats Sad. I feel bad that an infant died because of drug abuse from those fuck tard parents. Being a juggalo or whatever is fine. But don’t let it leak to your children. And that child’s life would have been terrible and wear there “gear’ to the funeral. Wow that’s just pathetic i feel. No band or anything should determine your life you are your own person. I hate to say it but im kinda glad that child passed away so shit didn’t have shitty parents like that. and the fucking stupid casket. Clowns? i was hoping this was like a joke video and shit but unfortunately people like this exist.

  15. Mac

    Wow…..i’ll say this for ICP……at lease they provided a place for all the retards of the world to gather under one roof……now we don’t have to wonder if someone is a retarded douchebag, we just have to look for the ‘Hatchetman’ sticker and confirm it! Thank you, Violent Gay! By the way, Faygo sucks! But Juggalos like it because they obviously have no taste to begin with.

  16. lilmama

    First off, haven’t any of you drank and then had sex? All it takes is one drink to hurt your baby while you are pregnant with it! I have a 10 week old son. I did not know i was pregnant till i was almost 3 months pregnant. This is to DR.REYNOLDS, you must not be a real doctor because just like me you can have your period the WHOLE time you are pregnant! I am not saying she should have done drugs you guys are right. But this isn’t about this poor daughters parents, this is about a little girl who passed away! Anybody who is saying that baby deserved to die, you people really need to grow up, and when you have children and something bad happens to it, karma’s a bitch! That’s so childish and immature! I brought my son home in a hawkeyes outfit, does that mean im pushing my life style onto my son like you guys are saying that they put there daughter in?! As parents if they wanted their child to be into ICP its their choice! Not anybody else’s. This child didn’t deserve to pass away, these people were not good parents but human services could have taken care of that, she didnt need to die. Any just so everybody knows being a juggalo or juggalette doesnt mean they are horrible people! ICP is just like any other hip hop group, except they arent always talking about hoes and tramps and beating women, they talk about hurting people that have to be sooo stuck up. Also they talk about life! I know a lot of GROUPS that are A LOT worse! Who cares what the parents wore to THEIR daughters funeral! It was their choice why do you guys judge these people so much! geez! Lastly, that is a childs casket, so what if they decorated it so that their beliefs would protect their daughter! You all just need to grow the hell up and stop judging everybody and think about this child not the parents!!

    • Gay State Girl

      You made my day.

    • lilmama

      Hahaha too funny, you really saying I’m fat huh? I was 115 before I got pregnant. Was 152 when I gave birth to my 8.8 pound baby and I am now 110. Almost every woman in my family has their period during their first trimester. Now some woman in my family are a little big but no where near huge! So nice try read up on your information and try not being so judgemental. My family has a bleeding disorder that can effect our cycle! I would like to know what kind of doctor you are so I never have my family go to you!

      • lilmama

        Incorrect, I am 5 foot tall. My sister is 5’7 and 120 pounds and had her period during her whole pregnancy, explain that? You wouldn’t know if I could afford you or not, but hey that’s totally okay you’re not worth one cent from me. You have to have at least 8 years of schooling and then 4 more to specialize in something so you would be at least 30, you’d think you’d be more mature! People who read your crap I hope gets another opinion than just yours! You don’t have to get all mad that a person knows more about something than you do… I know for a fact you are not a doctor or at least not a peds.

        • lilmama

          You are such a child that as soon as somebody corrects you, you insult them. You don’t know shit about me and you really shouldn’t act like this. Damn.

        • lilmama

          Ha actually I’m a college student. I am alsi a stay at home mother. My husband works. Not that I need to explain myself but just so you know. You’d think you’d be a lot nicer then this. You’re way to stuck up and a jerk.

        • lilmama

          I would like you to tell me which state you’re certified in and in what do you have a phd in. A lot of really great people come from a trailer park just for your information. Also people who don’t have a lot of money have more love in their house then you must have since you act like a prick! You need to grow up, do a little more research..

      • ngb530

        Wow WOW you guys need to calm down. You know its a fact every time a fake internet doctor and a fat collage drop out argue a little Juggalo baby dies right? So please calm down for the sake of the white trash population out there.

      • jessicado

        LMAO at this whole convo and especially ngb530’s input. Effing awesome.

        By the way lilmama, periods aside, this woman was doing drugs after she knew she was pregnant. She BRAGGED about doing drugs while pregnant. She showed no remorse. She is a piece of shit (as posts by others indicate who have run into her family in recent years) and still is one. This baby is lucky to have passed on.

    • Juggalo's scrub my ass.

      This is about a little child who was murdered in utero by a selfish drug addicted mother, who tried to use it as a way to get free shit.

  17. madison

    Not denying the fact that this couple needs a pill that cures stupidity, however, from a medical stand point some women don’t realize they’re pregnant. I’ve even heard of mothers who had previously had children and gone into labor didn’t realize they were in labor until the ER said “um.. you’re having a baby today.” You’d think people are smarter than that, but who knows. Another thing is over weight women can have quite irregular periods. It could be monthly, it could be twice a year.

  18. N C

    Hey, you took that funeral announcement from Something Awful, don’t you think you should give credit?

  19. Black Dude

    The male Juggalo (Juggalus retardus) is the most common breed of ICP fan. Clown makeup, as well as displaying how awesome a juggalo is, also works to mask the major acne issues that they tend to have. However, it is likely that wearing makeup all day is the main cause of their acne in the first place, which explains why Juggalos are still dressed like clowns when well into their twenties: To cover up their pus-filled sores.

    In their youth, Juggalos often rebel against “The Man” in unique forms of protest (By saying “fuck” to their parents and teachers, and even going so far as to dress like clowns in school, assuming their peers do not administer frequent beatings for such behavior). Due to their accelerated education through the teachings of Insane Clown Posse, many feel fit to leave school early, opting instead for a life of cheap drugs, picking fights with other musical cliques, and trying to father a child in vain. In the non-Juggalo, or “Hater” world, this places their entire subculture on the same intellectual level as children, which perhaps explains the appeal of becoming a Juggalo to those beyond teenage years who suffer from serious mental retardation.

    Juggalos form the crusty flakes of shit around the asshole of society. Their lack of formal education or goals in life (Outside the compulsive accrual of every stitch of official ICP merchandise they can get their hands on) means that their employment prospects are on par with illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, the mentally retarded, and sex offenders. To be fair, many Juggalos happen to fall into at least two of those aforementioned groups, with the exception of illegal immigrants due to the Juggalos’ rich Aryan heritage. Despite these stigmas, Juggalos have a broad range of employment opportunity in many fields.

  20. Black Dude

    It is true, though hard to believe, that there is a female version of Juggalo known as a Jugalette (Juggala syphila). Their appearance is remarkably similar to that of the males, which is why many don’t believe Juggalettes actually exist. Identifying a Juggalette from a Juggalo is like determining a penguin’s gender; the only way to find out is to administer a blood test or a genitalia examination, both of which represent a significant bio-hazard to nearby countries. The precise mental gymnastics that allow Juggalettes to reconcile both the instruction to hate “haters” and being the obvious object of hate in all Insane Clown Posse songs are unknown.

    The largest form of Juggalo, Jugalettes are invariably morbidly obese, and as breeding programs have shown, this problem in addition to their cheap drug addictions means that they are unable to successfully produce live offspring. Their natural habitat is the Gathering Of The Juggalos event where they run around topless or naked.

  21. Jason

    All I can say is as tacky as it is to post a funeral online… the fact that people are just disrespectful about another persons grievance time is a sign that your spineless gutless cowardly heartless soulless demons and I pray for you peoples hating on a dead baby and the family shows how far the human spirit really dwindled down and that we have no regard for other people.and I pray that god have mercy on your souls and pray for the family for there lose no matter where they come from… mcl

    • jessicado

      I don’t think God is going to be able to understand your prayer. Please learn punctuation so that you may save my “spineless gutless cowardly heartless soulless demons”.

  22. Skeevie Nicks

    Juggalo or not, taking drugs while you’re pregnant is a bad idea. And even worse when you blame the hospital for it. Furthermore, I think what bothers people about this is that they dressed up a fucking baby in a gold chain with a hatchet man on her baby clothes. And effectively buried her in a beer cooler. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. And it’s always sad to lose a loved one. But in my opinion, this funeral exposes a clear lack of understanding of what is and is not appropriate. Also, her myspace post is riddled with bad grammar. All of us are part of something bigger. It’s called the universe.

  23. Juggalo: “I never fit in, nobody gets me, and I don’t know where I belong – better like shitty music!”

  24. I feel better that the baby didn’t have to go through living with these white trash peices of shit

  25. vieraskävijä

    Literally water flowing out of my eyes as I’m laughing so hard at these people and their evolutionary development.

  26. Billy


  27. Juggafooled

    You do realize this whole thing was staged right?

    PT Barnum was right.

  28. me three

    juggalos be sad…

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  31. Wow

    I’m sorry for the loss of the baby.. I’m also sorry to you small minded idiots out there that are running their mouths about juggalos and juggalettes, sure some people take out way out to the tilt such as this family had but be a little open minded! Some people may see it as a gang but its family man! Thats all its about is family, they sing about things other people don’t but their music rocks!! I own one psychopathic thing which is my purse, and i wouldnt think twice about not letting my kids rock out psychopathic things..


  33. stacy

    I am a long time Juggalo and this is not right these 2 should be ashamed of them selfs

  34. Ravie Payton

    Being that this is years old, and still huge, I will make a succinct post. People hate on things they don’t understand. Juggalos are not understood by the majority of society, because we’re different and refuse to conform to societal norms. But, Some of us, don’t do drugs and are productive members of society. I am raising a 3 year old with autism, going to college at Ohio State University, and at 19 also has custody of my 16 yo sister all while I run a social media consulting business. What happened to this lette and her lo is truly sad. The loss of a sweet innocent child should be morned by every human. Before You make such astute judgements, make sure you know the full story. Also, people mess up constantly, not just Wicked Clowns. All of you boring, government koolaid drinking conformists are known for having quite a few druggies, and people who lose children because of poor choices as well. Look in your own closet, before you continue to judge what we willingly put out there for the world to see without packing it away and hiding it. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWKCL

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  36. DeathBotGamma

    This truly is sad. I personally would not defend someone who mourns one second then complains about not getting a CD the next. When you talk like a moron and can’t use a spellcheck program you cannot be taken seriously. The easy thing is to blame others but when you point a finger at people you have three pointing back at yourself. Accept your own faults and stop blaming others.

  37. juggalotom

    First, to every wicked clown that comes across this, hatchets high for the lost. To all others; Fuck your twisted idea of a “NORMAL” funeral. Do you really think that 200-300 years ago everybody buried the dead in a box that costs as much as a fucking car while wearing a fucking tux . NO!!!!! they nailed some fucking boards together and through them in a shallow grave while wearing some rags . So fuck you if you can’t show some respect to a person who lost their kid just because they don’t dress, act, or mourn the same way you do. you. Why don’t you go talk some shit about the fucking whores that get fucked every night and when they get prego they go down to the ghetto doctor to get an abortion and then throw it in the trash. Or about the mothers who would rather buy a 8ball(not the pool ball. A particularly weighted amount of drugs) then a meal for their kid. Another thing whether or not she was a avad drug user is beside the point. Look at the world as a whole and how many people in this world have not only caused stillbirths, or developmental disabilities by using drugs while pregnant. Or about people who have directly killed already born children by giving them drugs, and i’m not talking about drug dealers, i’m talking about fucking parents who keep their kids bed in the room opposing their dirty meth lab, or the ones who deliberately give their kids drugs that will kill them. So why don’t you stop fucking talking shit about people and the family they represent that you know nothing about and go do something fucking productive with your life. I say it proud WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!! and MAD MOTHER FUCKING WICKED CLOWN LOVE.

  38. If you knew the female body you’d know that a female can 1. Not have a period till 16 or as early as 8 years old. 2. The more weight you carry on your person the more abnormal your cycles are, I am a heavy set girl myself an I have had 4 or 5 months go inbetween having no cycle whatsoever (and no type of sex either, was abstinent) 3. there is a entire show dedicated to women who didn’t know they were prego’s till they actually gave birth..so any symptoms she was experiencing she may have thought was from her drug usage. hell she may have even been told she could never conceive. I have a friend who was told she would never conceive a baby, an she ended up having a baby boy..an didn’t know for 2 months. Now I’m not condoning her usage of drugs, that is stupid of here an sad that a baby had to pay the price because of it, but I’m just saying there are some circumstances no one knows about..

  39. Kimmi


    I love how just because they are “juggalos”, they are automatically bad parents. That’s like saying rappers are bad parents as well. You hear more about them and their drugs then you hear about ICP. I honestly rarely hear anything negative about them minus the whole Tequila chick incident.

    To get to the point, what you all should do is pay attention to your own lives and leave others alone. Just because they had a funeral for their child that is out of the norm doesn’t mean they are bad parents. Try going to other countries where funerals are a lot stranger. Oh and before you ask, yes I am a proud juggalette and an even prouder mother. I am a damn good mother and always put my son before everything. Just because I am “down with the clown” doesn’t mean I am a bad parent. That is just ya’lls stereotypical assumptions that you can shove where the sun doesn’t shine.


  40. Wally

    Why can none of these jugglies punctuate? It’s so hard to read. Motha fuckin clowns whoop!! I is down4 life!!!1!

  41. Texasbecky1

    Um, I don’t think they are moron scum hillbillies due to the music they listen to. Haha I think that after I listened to this bumpkin “mom” complain and cuss an be a rude piece of trash about her “free”

  42. Barry

    I read the comments with interest. Apologies in advance if this turns out to be a lengthy post. First off, I would say that it is a tragic situation when any infant dies. However, sometimes you have to balance that with what kind of life they would’ve lived. With the mother doing drugs, etc. during her pregnancy, the chances are very high that the baby would’ve had some birth defect or other horrible situations. Imagine the life that kid would’ve had in that situation. So, I would have to say, that the baby not being born was actually the best thing. I know that sounds heartless, but living a life handicapped (with terrible parents) sounds like a far worse torment in my opinion.

    Some “Juggalos” (who’s spelling was atrocious at best – Daniel Webster is weeping in his grave) should realize that people won’t take you seriously, if you can’t even form a proper sentence (Ninja Vince and Nathen Moynihan should take notice). However, ToxicRainbow’s comments came across as thoughtful and well-spoken, so I wouldn’t immediately dismiss her, just because she said she was a “Juggalette”, because she actually sounds like an interesting person who can hold a decent conversation.

    I do believe that society is judgmental, and people are judged by the company they keep. Not saying that is right or wrong, (personally I think it’s wrong), but that is a reality. So sometimes we have to look at our associations, etc, because inadvertently, they may be holding up our goals.

    A sad situation all the way around, but the bottom line for me is this: Some women, even though they can have kids….shouldn’t. Kids are a major responsibility, and if you are too immature or selfish to support/care for one, then don’t.

  43. Blade

    Juggalo or not you should never call a dead baby “yuck”. That baby did nothing to you, you should be ashamed of yourself! Rest in peace to that poor innocent baby.

  44. Sikopathik

    Just stumbled across this.. I just have to say this makes me sick.. What is wrong with people. It’s a child’s death not a chance to pledge your allegiance to a fandom.. I have been a juggalette from dog beats and this is the shit that gives us all a bad name. To set the record straight not all of us that call ourselves lo’s and lette’s are as fucked as these two. Losing a child is something that changes your life forever and not to be taken lightly. It’s heart breaking and this makes it look like a joke.. They should be ashamed. It has noting to do with the music they listen to.. They are just down right idiots. Being part of something bigger dosent justify how these people act. There is no reason to decorate a child’s coffin with band stickers. The respect level for that child is zero.. It’s a life you lost.. Not a shout out contest. Pathetic…

    • 15% of Juggalos are a violent street game. I’d wager 60-70% are stupid white trash and you fall into the 15-25% of them who can read, write and learn life lessons… The problem with ICP being, the people who get super obsessed with something like ICP and, take all their music and teachings to heart, probably had no real upbringing by parents who don’t have ICP to blame. They are stupid but, they are loud.

      I was watching an interview with some news guy, I forget his name. The Clowns seem like real dudes but, the way they talk to kid fans that are 14 and under, is too real and lacks elaboration. If you are raised in a certain environment and spend all your time around a certain type of people; you might start thinking it’s the only right way to live… especially if you are impressionable and young. I know I found myself with the wrong people for that reason… of course I didn’t think they were the wrong but, once I moved and removed them from my life. I realized I could make my own way. I blazed on while they blazed their lives away… 10 years later… 15 years later, they haven’t grown an ounce.

  45. You’re baby died for no reason? Your baby died because you did drugs for the first 6 months of pregnancy. Juggalos are fucking idiots… unless this one learned a lesson which, it sounds like she didn’t.

  46. Timhole

    Is there any evidence that she was on drugs during the pregnancy? I don’t know what to think about the funeral. Different people grieve in different ways. I don’t think many of the comments here are any better than the way the couple handled this funeral.

  47. Juggalos are heroes of freedom, according to libertarians.
    I am not making this up.

    • I.C.U.

      Your obsession with Reason is quite fascinating, Mary Stack. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t develop a fixation on reason, instead.

  48. Trenchi

    Now here is a question would you all be bitching and complaining if the casket was covered in crosses and the parents were Holy Rollers?

    But I am assuming that since you don’t like the music you have the right to judge everything and everyone?

    • Fuck A Jugg

      I am just as disgusted by people who claim their child’s religion before they have a choice, let a lone in their death..

      To me it is just as offensive, because I believe religion is even worse than ICP… Not to mention.. half of the followers of most religions are mindless sheep. Again, same as ICP fans.

      So, now that I am still bitching about it, your comment means shit.

      And yes, when a baby dies dude to negligence, negligence supported by the “juggalo” community (apparently). You idiots keep defending them just because they are juggalos, same reason we are hating on them.

      You should have all been aborted.

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  50. Dr. Reynolds pretends to have a Phd but cannot spell or type.. lol wow.

  51. California_Cobra

    What a bitch! There is just no words for what a horrible person this thing is.

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  53. Howard Ng

    She seems to lack the self awareness to even understand her situation. So society passes her by. She has no value. She fills her life with drugs, sex, and the happy circus atmosphere of the Juggalos. She is sad and pathetic, but what else does she have to engage her. Who will utilize this bankrupt denizen of the underworld? We are not willing to limit her freedoms and we are not willing to help. Even if we were, could we find a place for her? Perhaps, we should have an solution before we condemn her

  54. Howard Ng

    Interestingly, I stumbled on this old thread while searching for information about the cat killing bow hunter vet. I was searching for some shred of evidence about her remorse. The global village seems to be out with torches and pitchforks.
    But I digress. This is such a strange and pathetic tale. I only felt the need to comment on the sad life of this young women. Try to imagine having nothing; no education, no skills, no talent, no drive. In short, no future! She seems to lack the self awareness required to even begin to comprehend her situation. Of course, she uses drugs, sex, and some society willing to accept her. What else does she have? We are all laboring under a biological taskmaster. The less we have, the greater the need to cast our seed in hopes of the successful life of our offspring. We are too civilized to use the German approach, but too busy to either help or engage these dregs of society. It seems rather hopeless, but rather than anger, I feel pity.

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  56. That baby is lucky she died. She would’ve grown up to become a whore or a felon.

  57. Krawczyk

    Sounds more like Polish than “white trash.” The Eastern European experiment in mixing whites with Asians has not gone so well.

  58. Johnny

    Howard, I appreciate your thoughts on this pathetic situation. You wrote, “Try to imagine having nothing; no education, no skills, no talent, no drive. In short, no future!”

    Frankly, I don’t have to imagine it – I’ve been there. To compound the problem, I had been thrust into a society I was thoroughly unfamiliar with and did not understand at all (American culture) after having been reared in various foreign countries from the age of 8 & coming back to USA at 16. That same year, I simultaneously lost my virginity and became pregnant by a man 7 years my senior. He was a Cretin, obviously – and I was a lost, scared, emotionally wounded little girl who had just lost her Dad and seen her family disintegrate before her eyes…now I see all that, but back then I only felt shame and guilt.

    I was ‘forced’ by my family to marry the man. It was what “good families” did back then, you see.
    Shame and coercion were the tools used to somehow, supposedly, magically and remarkably preserve the family’s good name. Cool, huh? So I did as I was told. I dropped out of high school the summer before my Senior year. I was 17 in July, and my baby was born in November. When she was 6 weeks old, I got pregnant…the first time I’d had intercourse since the birth. When my first child was 11 months old, I had twins. I had just turned 18.

    At 19, I found myself with 3 babies in diapers, 2 black eyes, and 1 old car to use as a “getaway.”
    Having been effectively abandoned by my family partially due to circumstances beyond their control and partially because the whole family had exploded to bits, I ended up living in that old car for a couple of months. Back then, disposable diapers were uncommon, inefficient, and very expensive. Basically, they were only used while traveling if you could afford them. I often had no way to do laundry after I escaped the abusive father of my babies, and many times I ended up using my T-shirts as diapers.

    Fast forward…I’m a grandmother of 7, living in a little cabin my husband & I designed ourselves and put on our 100 acres of land – all paid for, free & clear – getting ready to retire early at age 54. I’ve had a successful career in medicine, althogh I did not attend college until my children had all left home. Neither did I remarry until my kids had all grown and left the nest. It is possible, albeit often very difficult, to rise above the storms, slights, and indignities of life. For years I lived in shame, guilt, humiliation, disgrace, degradation, and ignominy. I felt I had no right to my very existence.

    I worked at menial minimum wage jobs (often 2 or 2 1/2 jobs at a time) and steered clear of drugs, alcohol, etc…couldn’t have afforded it if I’d wanted it, anyway. As the years went by, I did begin to use alcohol. Excessively. I was a functional drunk. Not an alcoholic, just a drunk…which is less respectable than being an alcoholic. I did it by choice, not because of addiction. It was my chicken-shit escape. I’m not proud of it, but that is the way it is. The way it was anyway.

    Life can be hard at the best of times. Some of us choose to rise to the challenge and eventually overcome…some of us make excuses as to why we “can’t.” I have empathy for this couple…but they make their choices just as you and I make ours. Being poor, disenfranchised, abandoned by every level of society, degraded, hurt, and relatively unintelligent didn’t define the rest of my life.
    Unintentionally or not, my life was effed up by my own actions and my own choices…I was an ignorant child, but I still did it to myself. By the same token, I eventually crawled out of it with no help from anyone.

    The blame is all mine, but so is the eventual triumph.

    I don’t really know why I felt moved to share this with you. Maybe just to say, “I wish someone like you had cared enough to give me some encouragement, to just see me, when I was going through my own personal journey out of Hell.” I feel for this family…as bad as it was for me when I was young, I never had to live in their world. I’m grateful for that. I wish them all the best in their own journey out of their own Hell…because it surely is Hell, whether of their own making or not.

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  60. Judas

    The “psychopathics” from outer space are going to protect this stillborn baby from evil? WTH?

    How is that any weirder than believing she is in a sky palace with an imaginary god and all her realitives with wings?

  61. Joe

    It’s some damned funny pictures. It’s kinda like all the hoes and their boys… Each time they poop that hurts coming out, they say they had a babe and get a random name tattooed on their fat body and call it a day. In 5 yrs they have like 15 babies names and dates tattooed on them all because of a bigger than normal turd that’s gonna get flushed anyways…

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