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Good Article on the Israeli Flotilla Attack

I hate Stratfor, but the guys who run that site are really smart, no matter if they are tied in with US imperialism or not.

This is the best article I’ve seen on the flotilla attack.

The flotilla was an obvious provocation designed to break the siege of Gaza. The flotilla folks were told they could sail into Israel, have the stuff offloaded, and then Israel will ship it overland to Gaza, but the flotilla folks blew the Israelis off.

Like the famed and similar Exodus incident of 1947, this was a gigantic trap. But this time it was the Zionists as the prey instead of the bait.

The whole point of traps, honey, booby, doors or otherwise, is to not fall into them. Israel fell into this one headfirst.

No matter what went down, and each side has wildly different narratives at this point, Israel fucked up bigtime in the court of public opinion in many ways. At the very least they could have waited to attack the ship until it was 20 miles offshore instead of 72 miles offshore in international waters. War is the continuation of politics by other means, notes Clausewitz. And the information war is often at least as important as the hot war.

With that in mind, this is one battle Israel lost.


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IQ Scores of Oppressed Minorities

There is some interesting literature out there about IQ gaps in minorities and in particular in oppressed minorities.

For instance, in Japan, Burakumin (a caste-like minority) and Koreans (an oppressed minority in Japan) have very low IQ scores and poor school performance relative to Japanese. The Burakumin have a 15 pt gap in IQ. However, it is said that when Burakumin immigrate to the US, in the second generation, the 15 pt difference evaporates and their children score even a bit higher than Japanese.

Japanese Koreans are also said to do very well in school and on IQ tests in the second generation after migration to the US, but they do poorly when they are in Japan.

There are also other examples of IQ score differences between close neighbors in the same nation who would appear to have similar genetics, for example between French vs. Flemish speakers in Belgium, Irish and Scottish vs. English in Great Britain, and Afrikaans speaking Whites vs. English speaking Whites in South Africa.

Children of immigrants of all types seem to score higher than those who stay behind. This difference is mysterious and apparently cannot be accounted for on the basis of selective immigration. Something about immigration itself seems to stimulate cognition in immigrants and their children.


Sternberg, Robert J. (Editor), Grigorenko, Elena L. (Editor). 2001. Environmental Effects on Cognitive Abilities. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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Evidence For a 7.5 Point Reduction in the B-W IQ Gap Since 1920

This is a very interesting piece.

Hereditarians often say that the B-W IQ gap has been flat for 100 years, evidence that it it genetic. However, this flies in the face of evidence. For instance, Africans have IQ’s of 67. Caribbean Blacks, with 9% White in them, have IQ’s of ~71. Yet American Blacks, with only 15% in them, have IQ’s of 86.8. If we went by White % alone, US Blacks would have IQ’s of ~72.5. So we have 14.3 IQ points in US Blacks that is not explainable by % of White blood.

As the article makes clear, the B-W IQ gap was reduced by 7.5 points from 1920 to 1970. Since 1970, Blacks have reduced the gap a small amount, by 1.8 points. So in 1920, US Blacks had IQ’s of 77.5. It’s quite possible that earlier, their IQ’s were even lower. This needs to be taken into when reading older lit by White Americans about the stupidity of Blacks (Thomas Jefferson’s observations).

Going back a century or more, US Blacks were indeed not very smart. This low intelligence may be reflected in the relative lack of inventions, scholarship, etc. However, now, with dramatic rises in the US Black IQ, we should see a lot more Black inventiveness and scholarship than we saw in the past.

This piece adds support to my previous piece showing dramatic changes in Black skulls since 1900. Black skulls have become much larger, and resemble White skulls more. Some of the changes were due to diet, but others were due to genetics (selective breeding). Hence, since 1900, US Blacks have been selectively breeding with Whiter features and higher IQ. This goes directly against popular cant about dysgenic effects in modern society. With US Blacks, to the contrary, eugenic, not dysgenic, effects have been operative for some time now.

Hereditarians may wish to quibble with this research, but the author is Charles Murray. While Murray takes a strong hereditarian POV, at least he is honest.


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Proof That Steroids Are Bad For You


This guy thinks he’s all bad, but look at those moobs! Those are bigger than a lot of women’s. Are women into moobs? Do they actually find this attractive?


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Israel Attacks Flotilla, 10 Killed, 34 Wounded


10 killed, 34 wounded on the boat

The Israelis were attacked with axes, bats, iron bars, slingshots and knives as they tried to board the boat.

Well, that was dumb, flotilla folks.

Israeli forces initially responded with paintball guns and stun grenades, but these did no good. Eventually, Israeli forces were given the go-ahead to use firearms. Even then, some of the Israelis had their guns wrestled away from them, and flotilla members fired on the Israelis. An account from the Israeli POV here.

7 Israelis were wounded, 2 critically. 2 received gunshot wounds.

In Turkey, stone-throwing mobs yelling, “Damn Israel” tried to overrun the Israeli Embassy.


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Do Asians Have a Short Bell Curve?

In race realist circles, much is made of a so-called short curve in Asian IQ. That is, Asians are said to have few geniuses and few idiots – there are few Asians below 70 IQ (gifted) and few above 130 IQ (gifted). So, while Asians are highly intelligent, it is said that they lack a large number of the sort of extreme geniuses that really move a society forward. On the contrary, European Whites are said to have a long curve.

Quite a few geniuses and idiots, and therefore more likely to produce truly innovative and forward-looking societies. White Supremacists have jumped all over this, as they are stung by IQ studies that show NE Asians scoring about 5 points above European Whites. By emphasizing the short Asian bell curve, White Supremacists fight back by arguing that European Whites are in fact the most superior race of them all, and NE Asians are inferior to them.

There are a lot of problems with this data. For one thing, it is not holding up well in the US. Our very top universities are overflowing not just with Ashkenazi Jews (IQ = 112) but also with NE Asians (IQ = 108). One would think that the competition at top schools such as the Ivy League would be among the most high IQ of them all.

Let us also look at the data below regarding gifted programs in the US. As you can see, Asians, especially but not exclusively NE Asians, have a higher % of students in gifted programs than Whites or than the general population. This would not be the case if Asians actually had a short bell curve.

The graph below is confusing. It shows what % of Asians, out of all of those tested for the gifted program, actually made the cutoff (probably 125 IQ).

I have no explanation for some of the results below. Why do Amerindians have more gifted than Hispanics? Why do Hawaiians and Guamanians have so many gifted, but Samoans and other Pacific Islanders have fewer, when both groups have the same IQ?

The IQ scores may seem confusing. They are set at the new ranking of US IQ = 100. Scores were formerly set at US White IQ = 100. The new ranking pushes US White scores up to 103, and pushes everyone else’s score up 3 points. But the scores are still the same; only the scale has changed.

Asians are overrepresented in the gifted programs in the US, contrary to WN propaganda about narrow Asian SD and relative lack of gifted students.

For 1997, according to the Office of Civil rights (1999), 5.64% of the total enrollment was enrolled in gifted programs- 9.41% of Asians, 6.79% of Whites, 4.43% of American Indians, 3.38% of Hispanics and 2.43% of Blacks. East Asians (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans), Southeast Asians (e.g., Cambodians/Khmer, Laotians, Thais and Vietnamese), the Philippines, Pacific Islanders (e.g., Hawaiians, Samoans, Guamanians and Tongans), and South Asians (Indians and Pakistanis) were all included as Asians.

Examination of data for those assessed and those who qualified for GATE during the 1998-99 school year indicated that of 14,778 students tested during the year, 3,108 (21.03%) qualified for GATE programs.

Examination of data for Asian subgroups showed a wide range in percentages of children who qualified, with Chinese (50.47%), Korean (47.44%), Asian Indians (45.45%) and Japanese (41.30%) well above the mean for the total group assessed. Percentages for Guamanians, Hawaiians, Filipinos, Vietnamese and other Indochinese were above the average for the district.

Laotians (15.79%), Hmong (14.12%), Cambodians (12.58%), and Samoans (7.32%) fell well below the mean. Higher rates of poverty are reported for three of the four: Hmong (63.6%), Cambodians (42.6%), Laotians (34.7%), and Vietnamese (25.7%).

APA Subgroup                % Certified  IQ in US

Chinese                     50.47%       108
Koreans                     47.44        108
Asian Indians               45.45        109
Japanese                    41.30        108
Vietnamese                  29.76        102.5
Hawaiians                   28.00         90
Filipinos                   28.00         97
Other Indochinese           25.00         93
Guamanians                  21.95         89
Total Including non-APAs    21.03         100
Laotians                    15.79         92
Hmong                       14.12         85.5
Cambodians                  12.58         92
Samoans                      7.32         89
Other Pacific Islander       5.56         89

In conclusion, it is not yet proven that Asians have a short bell curve relative to European Whites, and there is considerable evidence against the hypothesis.


Cheng L. L., Ima K. & Labovitz G. 1994. Assessment of Asian and Pacific Islander Students for Gifted Programs. In S. B. Garcia (Ed.), Addressing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Special Education (pp. 30-45). Reston, VA: The Council for Exceptional Children.

U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. 1999. 1997 Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Compliance Report. National and State Projections. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education.


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“The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment,” by Peter Beinart


This is an essay that first appeared in the New York Review of Books. It’s generating a lot of passionate debate around the journals, mostly among Jews. It looks like it’s going to become a pretty important work. Anyone passionately interested in the Jewish Question as it relates to the US and Israel and the symbiotic relationship between the two might want to read it and think about it.

I agree with Beinart’s essay.

I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines myself for some time now. This setup has never really made sense. Zionism is nothing but Jewish fascism, hence we on the Left oppose it. Nevertheless, the super-liberal US Jews, committed and impassioned liberals all, support this fascist state that in so many ways opposes everything they stand for.

Well, it’s tribal thinking. They’re supporting their people. But US Jews won’t let Whites do the same thing: support our people.

This was always a foundation made of clay, and it’s starting to crumble. Young Jews are increasingly estranged from and apathetic about Israel. They act like the less they hear about it, the better. And it makes sense, since Israel represents the polar opposite of the liberal values that young American Jews uphold.

Jewish liberalism in Israel is also dying, as it never made sense anyway. Liberalism in a fascist state? Come on. What’s happening now is that Zionism’s logic is finally starting to manifest itself. Zionism has always been fascist, but at the same time Israel has always prided itself on being some kind of liberal democratic state. The two views of course are incompatible.

Hence, in recent years, Israel has been moving further and further to the Right and towards a fascist politics more in line with the founding logic of the state. Sure this makes sense. A society founded on fascist ideology would seem to logically support a fascist politics. So lately the Orthodox, the settlers, and out and out fascists like Avignor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu have become increasingly powerful in the Jewish state.

Orthodox Jewry is profoundly illiberal, and Jewish fascism would seem to go over well with the Orthodox. So the Orthodox play an increasing role in Israeli society. In the US, the strong supporters of Israel are increasingly the Orthodox as the secular liberals sit on their hands, close their eyes or put fingers in their ears. A recent pro-Israel rally in Washington DC attended by Paul Wolfowitz drew 10,000’s, 70% of them Orthodox.

The Jewish Establishment, including punks like Abe Foxman of the ADL, still cheers for Israel nonstop, even as it moves increasingly towards a fascism repellent to most liberal Jews. The Establishment deals with this conundrum by denying Israel’s move towards fascism, cheering on the fascists, or redrawing the fascists as democrats.

It isn’t working, and young liberal Jews can see through it.


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Doing it Our Way

I don’t know why, but this I find this really disturbing.

More weird CGI stuff.


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She Will Bite it Off

Damn that’s weird, man.

What is this, CGI?

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If People Can Drink Cow’s Milk…

Why can’t cows drink human milk? Seriously. Good question, no?

I'm not one to don calf's suits just for the Hell of it, but I might do it for an occasion like this.

I assume you are wondering just who this chick is? I don’t know her name, but she is some kind of an activist against dairy products, and this is one of her strange stunts.


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